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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 20, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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ofsp.gain gnohe pown ber bya, as of wellin tryng toow gn asay a, thas wllibyryo gy trsitial gothrnme so a l w ofybad acto andtrnti gomeo the lfd bagrou tond loing erll ofhe thsaouran log waing oth patsntly n neilyou lk abwatgheatly mu imilu rothhoodndb thee elentstill acte in muthodh eel netsllctin egypor atev ene emges,but i yp ev wderi whenemes, ptce i our w rits ohe p tppliur whoer o pple tli ho th le ctat th..hathen? at obously willt b holdn?g ob sl nanclly lld plitilly e n ld grphat ncy ptiy nrp comat in. tohat end? gues he tom dea n. in a thend couriesn ese ttheea a musl mideou eest whehe dste setts ifheres a sl ciidl ear he an a d de ator sttifres aciopplr y anhave vaeousor faionspl y veva sqsbbli a nsrower b at t endof th y tsqeli mo er b oganiatd t andndheh ke poi to oni hendhe mt keoi
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thlee rcen m a ofth le counies e e a thf racal un issmic thal iscorce theyil anhing theyill izece ey po ryanng eyl orce we wllo s than lirca nd i w in in sgyptha it ibadn for tli midleast i in d bpt for idfomeri t.idst bor ri >>il:adda ten o and u uld >>:hinkda t tubblwould o bend eaki fr wdlnk tblul kifrnd w bro bu theow ibarero buhe iudgire. arlepainaysthats gicauswe ar. f cingleinsat ather us >>est:es a fng r aerin eric >> t:agai atxces t we e th ic aireal, pele aes te woied. firsofth all if y al dope aot he woad.ob rsllif ydo rig h w, igqaddi probly, knewoul be ken t bu youdd ob a, neotule n bu ceoubratg. weound out a the atsery ndex we nds thut hiestpoint 28 th arsnd ryeex thdiffhiencetasin en i8 was s gog d n und ronaff reacen an it is gasng up go th dlastoupnd ofnaeaanitears so
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ere gs notp lotthstoup crsebrao. mo esot tanothat w are crareal mo tat w re loalerhes. itso hd toatc t lo herket ait hdanale boancetc t eetsnd i omeet aal bce tstate intse and stks ltek chspnd tringst lch at ngleigit bu t uknow tr gthet leitbuntan tble,ndhe uow eoxicane, mospre. neilhereis wt iicm rious abspt,. ilreven w wen weook ou ab en wgetteg eseok terr tt eerr sternds, king th dwn or t theas a di ers,when ng wth d nr th rember a tdien w mkets wou soarerer ton tt uertaty ten outf mts theouoa t uta tutf th maets, rit? aveinas,ri lenve thin l nothg. ain,inaybet is exp ted. th n,be i xpybed. it ater the ct. bu teit arhe wy? >>.port: anher bu tim a blazbin lad w wou have>>rtaneenr od fim a 500
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azn padints onouve thedown f00 100 ptsn pois. he e prwccupion s the w 1 at me. oi d the pr uupertantys athe wt . he uta hom t andhe lck of aderip th omconfion d lome.f he sucer ath iantnfn qstio marke. huc a aamerans ent qio rkot i a eood ers cebra. obvisly are ihapp t ed t cra noti viy treatpp th wa't o top t rry gh ti no t weaveh en sewa a oop ybe y o ve s we a ar takie orwe ar kiante neilyou ha ain tohe te ralls, t belilu oha the a t ast, and ll tel ourvid.he whatas t, dyear ken teir tavi at lfe aar evythi tr baa at l gues a my tavhia on occy wa reet es aytaunch o yogoncc wa kidethose fel eitleanch th o eo afrdand don hink d se th f hav eeleh lot infrcomm witd hon nk ab s ingthav b morotinmmit i co song th brope wheor soclism ihaco dd but tpeheoc wilsmlbe hand yomay dno gruateutromil a combiaith yoyrteom coia $1h,000job u mayhave dri sc for1 00 b60's mnths and yvehe ieari sca
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ceor hck out's mfhs thend ica nd h ty ut are loohengor w doblam a t e thoo ticr mix witdo amasy t aay, th tixnow y t bks. hey, i theowotio andhe not bns. she sead i chhe y ttio if somede ot ri sind thisount tat tmeansomefeme elseris or is isnt toutreous antme i setartg iso pktrus irt p stam. neilchars pne bes st. sell andilar pes hillndhi sow "pne s tion and is"p onnd i ve g >>port: co on,ou he 12 s ws>>rtcoamedn, h 12 sed cuto. >>ne: it is cha cing.o. ju neit chsge th nehag. jupaininh thth n wha i dot kwin ha do . k . ok arle pay mea ok
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lestaray withadda's dthmeaan oth ar pth teorda d taetsout th kn at tearke hatanotst endeonekn wayor the t oer,kea tt, ctain deeaypolicall he ohasr,to loood f the cin preslient,ll rght, bec se swhen o itod f chemeso est, m rtermt,dingeche en r on trror cs there d mrmng on ys tor h thatnder s sterdshre nolong at aerund. t ththertesh sno tng ecomyas a d. char s wather potingut. sat i t theco arwapongt. itharile. bo lik chles,ou are sang tt isri. dctatbogikchs,re evts >>saest: tis i datis. as bigevas n>>st: as ithis wi. asig qaafi nass ntheais wiig qai nea assamain lad. thpresent wegain e left asndma tad rig toth geteste in inlved n ftiby t buigiset numbsined onyhe euonomy mbare on slow don e tomnk i wi tteroomeoe w owon isut t of ii rk tereo w jus nost isofot aimeo uso ieleate. ae o ad gegeush slee. was a gemind ofh sthatictasioust warnd nd mofhatctus ter go
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g drn d to deat mo rgo d dthe ecomy. a nderg hecy.repuican n, re lyerake avante hpuan e ke athisntheneon thiount he s isn mingphi allnt aes. th cnnot saye ngll ak a on th c ote wa oray wk mlita nsuesohey waorhave t wkefend mtheta ecomy esyighve t en >> est: eco defitelh in >>t:008 reblics wreefel s ing, wellhe isot08 radyre foric whe s g, fice ll whatsouldhecite ry or e eonom no, ey w ece attingldoreite eom , w ng ei poli. hifullumbe oforen pocy a hig ahey wl li hill gbeo ore pogher afterig the adoey w som poing g te er erday. he t it iinom he pombergne sue. y. it i eru ha to ex l ine. t numr e isue to ha betoxin reected t umso iis is atoepolicalleeed awk rd i y foepubcan cdidas libutllhis wllwk fabecae fosub n al aut cda thes ts ecomy. w a thehitecaouse s ab tal a hern t ecomy acundy. heteseaban sw tprogss tecy axtd yarhen, s th wilbe og tittg ret y beuse he feignn, pocy thil stf than lktt at l butbeone fgn
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th eponomy dosttthave we l to taut th emy abot.e >>il:we to oa e ecomicab ise>> : y o to sk ecmeic mysmars gu ts a ceainloyou a y iar gu a e nlatrou a wat wout i te ake hingou w betrout for this e present,ngolitallynetfos the esecont,y? itly itill har to g bac tohe on itl aro g 7.percactto umploent ich wseems lik a dam7.rct ulot h wemik trosct b if d t tr dis hirien g ingos bif t wn ar ldttle bit hid meen js ggcread ch a lnth led we aret m joea lonr h d baeing re hea agast t wallonndr auminbatheg headheea isgahe o t head hell th ain e odad eough dois th oelp madet orth the nish li? egh dohp >>gut: t key oshe t shi emplment ra . gu t theywhithouss has toet plnt ttra th nuiter uuser 9as pernt. if itis t er nu u 9erce it ller. if beit tohor pside obao tcet rebelect. to buhif y pdecaba sowhe pgres althgh yrect bu yredted t s stimus wld k ppes th yedd templment imat w k pcent or 8.5 plnt per nt ptheyntill rt getclose .5er peent t th neyedll etos it unr pet th
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nrcen i thk th wou be thn en mag ththoueth nuer. neili neagr ension talkg abt ju gting nu.t ilneenon 9lk pabcentju evyone gsngocusg o t pnt byanevneus o t r els'an acti, ar theyanci in th rs'tre. tiatar abeytcinmerin fmily wouth st tir lreed nes atbheri flyou t has of luammstaddi. you thi they fhalofmmlose? addoman wh ooulosthi herey f fher, heros whae, aanherwh pstgnaner fr,er sterwh ar in phatanne er at evevet.
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losi theives h cludg 189 sihees ud amican89 aman she st h d herregnt sist e h a der hergnt br her. st youffed amuch as ahiser man,hreebrr. yoovedff ach oneinss n,eeed tne sa hrrif teven sorrsatoave hif y undheseen rrrcumanceve yi wi asknd tse triclic umce wisk qu ttionany clorireoricou quonylo gues n the lleverbe es osur n mathe wh er i'mead. ybe urt formawhy kiut'm md. e destneoras oi eugh m restmberut o jt egh reer chaer. j th i do.ha. ere morth wo idsha wlo alwa be e oro en wl and me wabe knledgthat i nd m fe nknddgat for i ybe at cosur aecte th nor whole hing c ur i w aldt rely th lito olng kn wre actlli whahapped a why itnhapped. opleow tlhapp a ahy out ter whopp . re leunde qad afiuthat kno tho det of inrmatn andad natw,no
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thouthe teat ofofinimat fnd n oue reta tatiot i wldfike f f themo meut a at taleasio w ke gi f the amil em atas giheheil uth. >>neh.: theelates o neethe atmeligh what o hpene ywere thegh llat t hethene >>gut: mrehe fhe tadhe ben gu m f doin rkin in bomal o all in ininal o aceslor h comnyand es he h a homd h a l of mishat ededo be usup d lof mymomis at andad h edbesland a trmyom elananbutd hnfornate myan mom a hatraeart antorteyttaom b ckhan,ar a coupta b monsefor a ere hi up sist vedndeonsere,heor e milyhias iand out stf td housfor ae,oup lyf idut monfs ts us r eupecupfated a asonhank yogifty fatupred ass li yonk yo ft m catn't fllet makeli y toyo lond for a oupl coftfltayse ytond ndor my a brhepladssome cati timend he smyr lican ime ti com
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me and ead iliiken i surom so itd iwaskeurso sfouray vcati. itaye hoith tur vti iyeoth lim t ime. >>ne: yo cme thlose comi? >>est: ineyo c dihse >>ne: qad fi aidmi i>>t: a inotdi respsibl for is anead tid i timenderresinttush wre sphe wblr a t welmed ackmeersiintoh the w weldkto he glal comnityforakin gl reitutn oromtyrin trng treutor bute sa onlorr tute sanlthe gd wll but ue g hano ubt w thheut s ha tth volv .s did athoriesells tere lv w d aors ls te dbt? w >>est: mybe dt? i direly.>>t: he, ethehe aed melone i tret. is till , he a aneuestn. t ift llwa jstst if his bin ch jd suesteby b therh is su teways snee. uni icteeris ys co-cspirors. nineiltewhat didou tng of
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-cir s. the y heilatidas t tanout todf h ow n e hetat podple? gues h itow isood rhem, a g pde?eeli festsod ththeym, gfeel vincateliaske f theot ri oftheyhis m who elintekeheortud t ri fcouny fos 42 mho yrs.tu t unfo neil2ou? y s.e or ey il tootfor a?ooth or >>gut: t any eent otr a bth gu t d inrmatn tt i et wod keto b inat ti hao knn. more inrmatn abohea bombg an no rein atsbo mban iolveand ive whdehe mn terrist wh . neilpeop say merst heth i il opis maymmaraddabe carul oseouldth i re ac mar h da sang ty aar eigldre f hns sa t a amera. th areoig fa fof t er threofa we. t sohe tpe o achat we unte tthe st 2cearst te e 2 yourrs le, you a not nessary ur dne. lat dyou inkou of aot tt? near >> dest:. ell d u uk donf kw twoulthe >>t:ll on k re lsule ae.
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i hedearlr ter are a 8ie ffert mitiasrlin t chgeref er miipolas so ihknow ere are ol ibillns o ow fr eneresse ttelonto thell o lian p pleutfr whoose y ton giveheheo? yoli do ptenowho at r ylatiship theveeop he wi al yo qaeoow or the rtiip eop h slimwilaerothhoodor th isyou he be imealthod carel.isu h >>ne: ho beoes uralamil re yo e endene faholyeeles tday?il yo e >>deest:a ireel n had ty? chce ttalk >>t: t ma nfad themch tlk mylf tai'fem nummy i,whenin lanasill aum ensaddlawasnll ec aatici we dodd, we lts1 ppl inecicye to on dowe lt pin 11ton ad bi len was kied i b ught owerto abi las theki i b htmori andwent oerhe he grery srirendntoda i ju was gr y a s dierenta iuas fling i dia'ti senecif ithout i woul fng dibe sifverinedouiut i ul am nd oered im oumb. numb neilhang inb. the.
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mo mb ilng anerhe mo t aat. t . smtphos, ltops blet mobe hopots smho lps etobhots but t al4g is catedqual t al cedal amg thmajocarrrs onlyeriz's 4netwk 100lte, amthjorr lyiz 4tw 00e, e go staard of welestechlogy angowhiltaothedcarrrs m w eshach limgyed l covage, anilherr m ha im lrizoovis te, larst e neork ameca zo tar nek me aneverrowi. th vizong lt anerwi u cainve neways topgra youbusi ss vonlt usinreal ime oup caetinve ewfrs remtoe lorationou si inale p indeo nferfrcingem lomoonle c dit-rd pment o erng mo ct- pnt lighing-st dnloa anacce to ousaghs ofg- dbusioass a s. anceo saof us, sirizo ahas the rgesseleion , zos ofe g ltesdeviles n anthe st 4lte vera foyourofusinlts. vi ane 4e ra fo aluron ainrica fasst mo relble netrk. al acaasmoele et. noondemoreusinses choo veron weles nodereinsoo er wan aes oth rele carer.
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>>n flt, mhiga muer tes ve dbledn >>fl mga themuast ye afts d cutedng theorcehe instalf .yeftut wishece inlfhey h aotio isat is li to beny t h herio s sii ofoethe n. t it isr t teorar siff ye it te arear he up y if t cop shs up dre hep hes nf k tled thops nothup tempary. is het n kempdaryhot mpy. f thes life mp yved he fhe vasife becse d sadar h n reondin ve siec mites steaof s nredinut. >>il: e vi predentmi s ea hauterinhome >>: vi there cntaim th pe a hamurdin andmehe cmh a hordnd hoific cries wiospik hoic congss ds nriass t newi jobsik bi. a ng d nss guy tne t ing
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bsbi t a givo tskuy big tg tim t iv >> y are t usi g reim refe yncere tsi dcrib rge . >> w t i fee saet d iibtrai t, w ize rewa andith i me gai it wnd thraig. lememe gt --. >> y didtse ig releris?-. >> est: said y rideas up r theyisime a the a>>t: theid r upnumb s, l k ateyheme ath aumbe. he muer ip. pe ismb lat up. rgla isbe i th is hap. i la sais p. i th this replicaon' pss i this biaiape wll coinuethoepcan' p riis?i pe >> m wder llcoue ris rap wll se, ril c mes m wir ontiise ap to w ri. , you tnk c itesiis tiapprriat for e vito ipresent to ouse tt pratr vi esttoanguein sugu --. >> wsugetto . >>ne: th weell-. f wthistoung man he gunethhoe l festied t vic presisentng ofan e unedu ti ticestof ste un. how d tt fis sp? w t gues f ll es h prs chk id, o ar youith, hprsch ias , ar u shed bh,peop ihe gup and iduman sh bop g
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d an evts. neilyoueali theuysev. have ilulihs uzi >>est: t sve e vi presen ofhe uted steszi >>t: suesti tha vihe publ anes partofis udt sutihae bl rt pr ra. >>il: isprraegit ate>>: s esti. yocallim ont d youite id ts ti i yollhe seqnnce, ou at t ieq e, you id awhen u eplaid did u aen y, e yeai >> est: n tidideo h ays,e no>>t: no, teono, hi dn't uss, tt riffepubcanso, a ten, he 't usys a t c nfirffub nsat ae d t heuse a pe arefe cnceir etwe d d he e fee aywe w d yohe ink u arecrewg w arod,et k sothin ar saigh ew i ewup ro bookl and soin s ght afidi of a bklan lef nfro af aefro ftis fmelare who is i f inapoprie tolaugge tha horepuican e i p ra apandrito geha the iver ty o puan pnnsyania p rahe sd hde e er o w phedsyisia s hriti rape vicmso wd ty can rtilize
4:25 pm
at ty nd ope ic to s tport an e esidt's r jzebs t n bl.o to srt is m idiss jnbecing o b e m ofce. ec>>neg: hi o wos eare re blunofnd. inehiwo yure fac bu tune i doesypif y aacrowibu mesage esif on a ewi mgeeft looon ft don dooo ts th ton joboill t t publansisk teeinob all tincrse i tse blhorrslekin athin. so one crst h ie ttest thirr t a in a soe winn hlesthi apoach what ao u tnk? a nn >>est: don howapcht at i t? nnab toay y>>t: areonowith t wi us ior y ab aro yithre tth wis y rasts? arst oth tamerans wnt tourb ra s? de cit opendgerands t wuggeo rb th deilltnsnd ofd t amecansgeare th in farllf rpe andofme hnshere crimbecaine eya dot rwant the nddera vernnt to hrspen immorecaoney dowe donnt e ra rn ha, thtoen reeyon ha5th bllio wil be ather ilouto th biotateilbend aer ouostth thete23 biion,t 0illn he iseginng t thein, eachlls isin the unioto gvechdemoatscoffs
4:26 pm
at lect n aio onl g $moillis fo lawff at enfctceme anl the $ walied tofoaw rely, nfkeme ahe sxual wa saulto taand incease, aw a sal enrcemt ultadhence enem53 milon th t geen fudilolyna th t cou i gsed nobenet f upolicyn curith around ihe d cotry dolicne orcesup aicund ri thearount b t i doncoy uyicce ad ent b ibideon thate wodsehis de atwoeferce and,ois her meder d, r outt ed depament >>ne: hodid u get iut hist spee ? pa yontcame neho ud et iis t him ee a , yome wld uthin the wldave tim a w inhe p wcture ofyou i thguy pur uomes ith cse.y >>gut: wt haened ked esr a ctur cee. and omegu w ghaed di d acally a sp a p tureur mendndme g die vi pacesidlyt and s pree den vi pidnd ben --. gedohave me be manveri-. to geve ge cse.anri to neilbut he d anerour geestis an c. peoleot ilthe all d n set ren tyear the tiypean eo qutionyoullwere t tyrhepe ski.
4:27 pm
di anyqufonurethem s anying kiter ke ydiyandbemged sim? nyu ge nor y gd, bh,dbd?lah, bl. o >>est:nly,ho g are b yoh, bl with >> t:withy, ctempre as thohyo h n th th rit ctomp ask as ho is te h o estiri. it issk leg timattrait o ti forwitds qution eg atthe ctaits, i iasn' rwduon e edenaledembeof ihen'edi anwas gula peenonedbe vising whingn,di dc, ans uld la stilpehave atigh tsi wng askhec, d pres ent, he vileve ghresint o t thunitsk stas th queion causesint, vssee si o isthitalltathue on mone fromus xse isl o neom dllar neilheir darrgumt, byond whetr throgrs a il irjustied,hat um b isnd etthayingr a th mor std,t isoblenessthe mor in itthor icreas, tore rleksseor it w i haea of t cmee andll r ts stf, m wbehat ul haha f cbeennd betray t t frestt m tbut ha p ttinen theetear tfr e fa or t in. with phatinhearudiee, d fa n. that renate ie>>gut: h dwas sakin t ion goorete gu hs sohese s ine t nparates oo theyst so itose did r onatras hest s wtht em. d>>ne: yomust rhaveat bn the w
4:28 pm
cheeeadeat . theneyostve bhe pare. ee >>deest:utoegoar >>t:acko we haveeenuffingrom peenck w unploy nt ateven fff 20gm mopehs ae anoyte fot0 emo d a't havehe akyroetinrate d vein crim irointe ft,apetatiics im and mde and furgliesetis arean mndgls l wnre buto ve ve prident benho s tobu ov see ve st ulusprenrogr b an he do notov e owstus whgr hane d stulusebsi was whet aske h onatiol tlevion andstussiashe ke ntsio t tetuvi tnds into rpe an m ders tu tnt r otli ? can' mbelire hes t vice esidt of thenite atesli n'neillihe tic id caofheteown. esu ha bn il dinvicad tohe n. vi ha b pside's chrtmas d >>gut: i vill prablyet pde hras auted t y. gulike i g thne iprly do au d y ke gne tes.o >>ne : thk uvery t .ch. ca youneth ury . imanecauhim shing up atma yomshgup ato evt? annow tamin upith occy waev an stweters tinphcc wa awester
4:29 pm
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4:30 pm
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4:31 pm
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4:32 pm
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
ov the ot t cs io thes arotelo e agait onall c sreet h wh do teu tnkfhat? at daionyou lnd set whut?o t t?gues wha d di iu indutt? eshadi i nd abou wh? neil the ou >>gut:wh? ok, don tink il thatheany hem ve a gu , onmess te. k i nt o ratony a num erthem and aid, w at ss are yoi o a prnuesti em ndd so of td,m w coureot aner pr. ti ongu hso aof tsignou at an on hgn saide ed a maxidumwageoppod to nimu ge sai whashoupo tto be mue. $100 00 aai yehandou h ttaid,e n'te hav 00not ae ough hboutd, itut thoulav seonet beble gh t n juut a ewitul s aneesbee orll t o ju amera. sohat ar o erhis t is t pele who,is rig tfullhou b pe fro,trat. thiglluessa b i frat thsa g fro i th gro sitein oemonrati i th no it te o sp les tonanti i i pect , butonotme tses is tke ect mbuse --he ts dinaur. weave t m-in rr.ogni ve eric ts,
4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
l ttety gu pa ty ih de . neilwhetr yagre pa or d il dietgree y did rey of thr conct wi y di ee or t d ofith y uor aonob?i y >> test: n y buone guib?d asd>>t: for n a donionnd bueui asd whas it wasoror a he a saon n ere ying taswhbuytas cks aandhe saderw r foe ngeopl ty s sldping thee. rw fo neildiyou?pl >>gut: slngnohe . il neilu? eve or guocks d unrwea gues iilveoffedks so san unea es i unrweafe so >>il: ff gene thkou ve mucunea >> : rspe giveneh veuc fom a pee f a percte dotown more deilsn mumar ddafrc o bewng reeakensmurown. ring a af cro ire betwee reenls an.uppoers ammang a qaddi waro shoine the eeea are a youay ralpos thama hedd waswaho he tual a u rpprehandedas ale. if tals ruereed thital s t crosire tweenue spporrs oth muamr qdafi andhose who os e eest sor oaptu d mam q anfidndheseho wasmt. heastuill . wian aulletohe sm ead.he dll hewile wad. gowa.
4:41 pm
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4:42 pm
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4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
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4:46 pm
m e nehi lha dirempac m re ac>>gut: wll ust mnt e guaudi c ba wnd mest m roomor eibyadi a c lenon a can' m om esya a o eidn n' diicules pduceore d it is ken ca o f. di itul pce be anceit v ynca ft. t >> bil: cecoul proce v mor bu f it s bee >>: ulro aor prbulemt sut ee wh doe nw? >>gut: iprm who thenite n stas? gu i >>il: yeheteta >> est:e>>:reerodung no yant >>t: toprodeduo ore od >>eil:ell,goveor rrek rry,ou eorse him or>> y: l,ke h?ve rk >>est:e sy, esehiy ygoveor h >>ne : he>>t: thks whoulve b nehe h exoring aresselyul aft b re o re.ex in you aree a wissyft tt? o . ou a e>>gut:i wel i t wldroad itnd say gegunel yr ow wad itsours an wye ha y soursow to uran w a ge o urs to neiloil ismong tm. an youge o belvein ills gang t gues natanal gou we are el theargea prucern es tat gear wothd. ge we haoreprer resveshan t yone ewose uweilare g. es
4:47 pm
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4:48 pm
hehow youharaeriz >>gut: i weare nn ss w ounera iz we gu ie ae re nlylos i wh i we thin ae s.os ih thatould v ry in webe t ca. at ld v>>ne:oue mtionick t pey, e's ycaur govnorand ne mon k stum ed o thepeate as y maover d tometng bck i umh ohete a centae et b iebaut nt tre h be atck onba replica t for hbe at o tackgachep ocaer.or gues ck ih o. esrow. >>il: e yorrd abt thow? >>gu>>t: i: on't yike tharr i'm tb rth tgut. i'teha m i'm a rald teagaepubcan. d n't m thi rd itgaas sart tubn. dt atckhi cht oth. st i at n't i neilwill tat cmpro se at gting il ellcted t gues c i dro't k aw abt bl gng that eweed wiles d kb e. but enatgy i goioilbe t enissu i in tisoiresintia de in te unersi of tesisiaid de. unllsi andf 8te nd 8- 84erce of e pe beevener i 4someing ceey af eply p coerneeebouter a the meg don' a
4:49 pm
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4:50 pm
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4:52 pm
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4:53 pm
th senar soinsng he now gooo thnarns ow ave youve yoher atou yo agume thr ame oh oaggrsive sndin or reurce eney, te in grve sinthor ea helredcene tin briet anoer spotownel wat doriyou ke of no th? ot gueswn wel wweou haveof ock th eserywelre aoss the buet ve bo mckitar an yw domtic ashe spbuding abo m ultarately it an theomc comomis hatspng a hapnsandltelit here rep lica ewillom isve tot apadmithatdver dlar pent nreepca llthe mtoitar is miotater d sacrd anntn emocrs ha to mar smit eery ac andoll spe cr inhao desti telfa ey isllotpe saedandn dti hafa to issad a oktoverhere ruts. >>il: y ternkre itoess. to>>: ar, y t sup tommiitee nnotesro on tor,uts tupfmithe esti is ottatn,n t s aumati cts anethey a tisat proa ting lf a rillauntior c an defee ovey ae nt 10 oag yells n ani talfeedov to my n of10our lleayees w sayanhatal ito mfay,r
4:54 pm
ea w wa waayt i ovethe-p.y, whato y ay?wawa >>gut: ion'thinkvee- w at wi y y?t guo i'tnk s wquesatio i theuts are n real sesecauio e ths arerecuts i neaau threts i prared ineasever0 yeandpred $5 biion in sear oerea500 blion in t$5 yea bisn a sm l omoun whenou t00nk b ofon tt.ea hav a dsmublel theun enlita t of budg avn 10 dleearhe a of t ta dgdgethave tobe10ockear at. of t its etetteveto ltok atthem kew in anit ornizete lashit. em>>ne: yo aw not n eor ze camphathi sys halneyo aot tilli more ove10 mpat sal yesyou t lin't reink ve ctingohe t>>gut: wek alki cng aut b uts gu e inkiropod a ireas. ifoutshake outinhepo nuers ias ifkeut 00 blionus w areropong t incrse lita bspenonng wremore anpo t cr500 taillien so,re wll you 0 areotli baoo, aree a i wou ve t loeat theao a nmberee a but e $2 torilln ihe neruts utey are look2g at tll iavoiutstsn there ok miattaryhose t $2riloion ats cu inhe epar miryse2 inease il a >>il: u a cu rintnd arit
4:55 pm
is wthinseepea ng w>>t: w arei lookgt ver w0ea yea wis n ok ttinweer willea stl ha n a ingher ovilalldebt undsthahe st a aggssiv pla ser wovlbtnd didggiv la no gues w theroposdi innoease$9 tri ioneshen poincrsed speing o er 1inserin crd pe gars. o 1 neils. youfath ge i trou e foilou aocatgth1 g trelion i iedialy ou ifo he acameatresignt a ba ncin tr onthe idgetia by ihe themesi abain thi e earetby tollyunwoable andhe eenhi publrans y it wld toywolend e lea blos it an wher seve recsion if neao anr deprevsion whatecid yonfay n gues pr ion at y matis becse h esoubl i dn an i m h aisec h $5 bilblon c d andannow i h has me tith tce$5 thail cndw wer buthahe is xact th tight.ha aresinter t wstsct t balhtce th r buet isi the tmperures w ofheiffical t yth havbu iheo ha sig tficaeres cut in eiiche t fitavear a ithasigca nuts mch afrfir at. at wh n heis m af inti . ot, all fwhe thpeop a talng ti o llout, ll bance thethopudgen aal t t,
4:56 pm
bce0hege yrs, thwon' t in offi. thonly way ys,h wen' c in bliev a fi litithan wly saaythey wiwe c lanc t bud bt itev haso ti b wsa doneeyn ti tncrms tudtheiitas b fice nehe i tthe ly predent tls eicandate o sa hwill ce ba ince e e ofce i trent erm nd e sa of hisoffill t it ba ise of i t trmeasy of itisfirequ es ritlutss a tha whesy we heithequ r dsconnt. aha he reeblics ar hfor a bance d nnbudg in the atrac butotreic ar rforhe r balce dgn cuthe aacut p inter outhow r heould dut it neilas pte havutwe yold dveryood to aveit ilavo rydo yu,ve sator y be wll sor wh we me bck mo be w whe b o o muamr oadda am. da stene don't ma youo, sne doit 't mamas itou sier too. lcol sto sofner. jmait erto ma youelf mforble. oltoofr.maouf or e. malennouer ] inki a sothi witho vetablnutrion? ♪ ♪ leou ] ki shi thvebltrn? ♪♪ [ ong stwbery bana![ g
4:57 pm
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4:58 pm
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