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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 21, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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n'man ingsndta proerelw n gs prlem tha teyro surve falong pr inm heha e ttheyieur b in fang in the eey b nong e wa the dhe dage. g wa he is dhere d- el in thisworland aays ll bre ththat ein thrld as b atthe thise of ny thlogyts.h welle af averee thillgy. what. ll a sde wiveoue choe?ll at hurtg otr ppl si ishoevil rtot p the iss nilidd gro d.thisddro an gaaf w an ychotha w ho and cadless f hu ndca ingsndss ruorwa 42 fu yearbefo h gsmetru hisate.wa 2w mucarfo hthie. esp sibity ds the ucitedtate havwhen i come tospbi dkills e ed lteeaven i gddaf meo sadd andll o ler gaf hnous peop? ddnd o usdid h nus op inrven ushend n ntlerenosetoen per. say mer aere p. n't
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saera rlly t do ryuch anore. ryo we'r figchinane.eviln 'r afanisn,igmany afilan opletay the se afinesisnyf ley he ses d har tth i tt w cat iose malitaron t i t w th ca worl i etherare, m peitlelike gdafi th e all edrl deroe,pekeevil gfi edsll fo d deces t in tilnd ey asays getfoec wha in ey t desee aset eier iha ts lve se orhe nt.i w ionig t let l bing or nwo igmiliryet bnalygs ts eveng. ininus n li fomly t en waingt in n f ravewalgt person om bosn and ve copenel onnt. os whatano yoknow >>e beincol .natoperang atyo owgengs >> gaafiintoegimrae abt six ng gamonti takgim ayabix bilintak for ddafto he.lir af h and tee weks o an t na ws na we with si sa lig an somwe grnd thntelsigencea figigedan
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outheromare ve ogr sixelncigcars ou erft ie is toure heix was rs usg. i abt 7: tis orniurheas us5 ab7: rs tniix ve o5ix we o gaddi'seereity frch jetsnd dds ue. pratorr ey tsilleaot uf poplernor atleonvea ple -conv. ve ddafisll but ad -nv afdragdut way agby belayforc. it's aood day lrc 'soday ll: how su are you tt wh you jst old:owhesureou t whouorld jd pele wtchisow ild true pe w hohitruesit? i >>ue houe? >> 1%. i' 1 g -- >> b l:i' t frehomb t g- bconvs. t reddaf wasmb w tunde nv e ppo tionafas peleent w de got m. gohim po one head.nt thawhat ut gom kn h. olon haat persn >>asicly, s.on pe >>ic, our ronend freh airaft
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oppea r conney. re mayhave hift pelita vehiones aayociaved wi it h we. ta hi ddafmigh ahaveiawit een we inafred gh theve daen b th didragim ind he ouaofhe bhewer pipediustag the way ou draeder saam o of petherat ayle. ra kely sa of sceriotand . ink ly conel ntceod bacall kaile col it ithat thustballle bt iath thet ling d ligs ouof h. b itas tihefor t isli dig ouy to h ha a b it haiayti ar t di to ha bu bhenai ty're a taki hdi bun wa tfromrehe sneki h otory thather w wa croom fir s o thermighhavery een haershot w butroir the ergh popved itnnd gotot t angrr anhe angoper.itot mo hav eir wa o gran doi bungness. th mo moav rlledwa g odafi doi bugoodss riance thmo >> oy. ed gfi >> od wri dce o the >>nite dstat ndlehete thi sittionatropey le fr top thiott in ituron oppeion? frop t epinttinn mndno o ratiopn? isperft? inerere mmistesnd oti dwnrf side toe eve strstegy. by and d lrge did deve wetr hy.dle
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byisnd l wellide he >> w rtaiy toy orati wa aio oti-- . wa bi: overll. good licy or . no bivel. >>od tink it cy aoro corct licy >> i tkt ahinkwooronth lat cyit he beone ink four th moaths vers six he ifne i teou the moer noix got i t i'she act geth n.o otto p pele othe i ound t ththadio to pe oe t the nd ioo he grou -- oup o gs ben talou- p to o eh benthe a al to've t mo econtlverhe a na air e i tnk tot isnteroo lng but nair th is t t steis l sutnsor terrist tackth.s fo m snths fur mons uld sor ha beerrnt ck do .fo m >>hs bil do f uon greed wit haee thato >>ololilo eteree numrit one was at ovlo ler polumy eas effeovive? wait thrigh pololy? o feoule? it wathgholave be spe aul tttle bi >> tink koe hee bepever the lebi >> tk firo mon h.e but r he wast. anonlyiir tink on have tot asgive am anly cret. tk avo
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isveit r fmreerfe, oy gois pfect ffeo go p ct d he was sucssfu succs he lucfu the brishnd cc fnch tttakehe ld. go for lhem.heri fh ke we lid a we geuppoing role t peect. a but upog knole pet.. t inoigur.. >>ill:hereare opleur ob..ctinto t cosof tl: reoperion.e le yoobuin t caost t ern. esmate exaly h much yo but ca wass betteenxa $3 h ch mlion t andas 0et miion.$3 yo mve gon d 0o --s iin.aid yo g taingoin yovego--i tod ke aecisn, eou gotagg in toetyo tmurdto peoe? ais , d weidgo to t dreo we42earas rthis lbyan gur agan n coisd ha lanu ken h out,ut stoed. ancoha n hmplitedorld t,to. you ys a wrrio. li dld thenite ates doinu aenou in ur wio inionhe nowte es infighevil n thouworln ioow ghilth rl thear o trori is -no. absotelyot.he o ere te otrir co trie -. th soly. e ot ke sth amicanoie andth
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nezua an s pkistman nndth kore zu anate p sstonsohipf n erroresm e s sois -pvery ve siousro han' got a -ry ged ough sus ha le othis.aot afghista gd ir gh ha oisoggi doghta or tel angi milary do anthis o is l rn moily aniseachgs andelonofor a lg timch >> bi :d wont doour a l thiim conel? >> i arwe wdooing eoughohi fght evil n tco wol?d? ar you canng e nghve do fnougth t il tfighoevil b woureanoin no whatuge ca ghat weil b c winfforto at we wave to cake tor apoacho. we on stoe tingo toke tap tchrn coontrietointo tg lileo amicas t at dsn't orkcoietoli it wass amas bilonnd d'trk trilons. itas sso til il ws.rever wre t attaed o teated b wve w rrorts o ta a oyone el tteyou b gout, u ki the or o anelu go, kihe anorr notanorrerr? atis whad gu wit irh and thu rs. iterrr act uld u gondth whomb rr thount n ?t d go no.
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wno. mb sid th unt n do.-- wt ou y. ca s d w y ca an >> bl:e've g to do sothin >>an ry bintevestin go thanyoudo col elsoin pets ha te in anu bolndet na boooutalle inesf bire nnextoot mole razi sses ie oup wallxttreeo veme.zi i d th o llee coress nme. bthrney cofranss smpatzesith bey occuaners tis sakiat mseyh fromaltre fat cu s m rneyom sareit a't sat . ey sa a súyúy
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>>ill:ecomg ve cle thathe oupy >>alll:treeomcrowve le not at oyleeow spoaneo citoten dren memen here i mor pro. po lieoenit todr men re iorro roteliers phia trom e inrnatnaltes ia smiali inatl s liorgazati. >>his minirati was ga tiecteonn anwar .atfo. thou>>ndss ofnitias te afgannsr andfo ous f kinsnis dfgnd y eninss s he yi h en kild. th eyste nds tbendeilo th thate note n tdeonge aveatnogearesnd ouhildn no lonhaveo keep ivinou inldnoonlanevehat' slow epinnne gt'ting ow ilat and deroye g ng we amany you eatnd few gedeyehe any u ew (bep)! >>ill:hat es tt ha to do wh w(bl)! >>treel: t t johaing o fm whing n, w x w nelee ajolystg aura f wng igrah .
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ne>> tt wa astra insring oh, iah twansng goo, ess. movever,ha was gat. >>ill: saithisnoos.he ver ver, asbegiing, g thi. we t lked>>l: aiis abt is gig,hi ie't ted abboutithall seet.. it's iutl not st. abo ecomi 'sjuste. thotbocoisustst th a amaamatnfst lf amaatf thlenticfitaltic peop, an-amehcanicalc pple, atev. >> w l, opanmen pe, bil-- >> b l: tevre t y ar wnow ey'rcomiut!il >> b bl, m tt tar o thesw e'r pmiple n't! b m oes eve-- i poulde subt, t dotven kw thve ildub do rudnenta kth teacngsf pitasm. i inudta theve hrd outacs catatali. andheyi he h t nk its methg. thca donli reay knnd whayit isecau t ihey' all th puningth on eat thknrha tets is theauy'll ung ipnes d thth're t ges ingheig ucki comnies briips thne ge geir fe slping kiomes agsri and ey aver fslng hu rstaunts grosnd ingie inre r thaue aroallompa es.gin thes are .l pa of e frth al mark and ty'repa k.ndof lik ese la suf ortifr the so t rkdea ndat tre k isik
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suti-ctiitalhet, i hink ou'r ta rit. i the is -cal ink 'rep sain a ri this is nut strn an it'ver sn a helplto i ut ttr repanlicat'straer lp deey an-amecan fol t epdowncara the. acallyhereees soan goomen olople wnut tre ith eep ac lytimeree ofsomerioonism ing le t on i it'sep gat - meofri sm g bil rig. the aronsome eopl 's who f gel - aggr ved d fe ilig th tarat tmepl stemhoas t f e grrevad edfend mo trote tion emiveno th t va works. anthatmotenertalyenth litime. t th dri rsrk beh danatt, t taney hindt lim i a far >>ig toney y nd bilt i'moingo as iyou aart. sp>>ulate queytionhat don' usuaily'mngas do.u buwe he versp verat qu onintet stin n'uayo. vid fbum gr hcee erdayer whe the arete rints andid fgr yrninhehere rndown. in th is atappen. rht he in ths pe gree. th r h i whatappeinhen t re faleftth iets attpe of conol an t tasfaft oves fthenou teon the a no, cantave affoen yourehe eitleo,nt ananore. wean't foou efforle yr ecomic ane. we 't juste, yr soalusti or an ydecic yetthey sayou k wst yso whti? weane buingowneteyay kw twh webu gwn!n is igoin on rit tow! >>his wha!happs wh i inthernis nri re of!
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law>> s hathisppwh er n ris woft hpensawhen is protters w h arensn abl otrs to timite setimre eve pice autritibl fr actgo mi scausimtheye afveid p e ty ut dotictfr ty'rect us geyng tafbe t do ande tasre sehow g tnti-ee speede sow o ioleri-t or wha have thering o an ev in eece ierr ha that ive. henganvn ce ringatmove int i eece the ingeecom the dnginanve i forc bil no,ut is accceted, e geomhe dan thgh, rc ilo, iccd,reec it'sacce ed bmanythf, the peop. ec it acc ted 'sere. ce bat'snyhe dferee.he no cou op t titccd appee. 's dre he? no>> i noture 's aouepteas t yopeay >> b hl: s we ve a ther i ot e uple af yetes ofad yo ecomy coul we b se aere sing lecenyeofike co at h e?ule >>o, ion'think sgo. en i eally n't. h thin ther>>are ileme'ts asnk u oind oui ly n the t. pr estsin er ei wameout as l.inou a the arehe emen in e otespr dowts wat lther and a oheupyre enn l.e esow tt er nd ocleayyl. t want eao ske >> bl: 3 s in w yo s sayhi . 'ska with tem. >>ost the b peo 3en aveyo ay no ing tter toito a t be>>t he iteoing re nog er ao fig averhe be sie tg thinthe tea par aig er
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beme oreowersilndin theeea dterarlectns can berenderl heama erotorkictutavery we forlot a hemki theye itrying r weor fit. t >> bl: ty wa aem eyitg corontion caustheyfie no gett bg wh twa a th thoht th mig et.contn usey no tt thewhre gng tget thinthho th ig from.t. he g tt in >>ill:et's hift omears hilly clton th rzai i>>l: 'sft afanisrsn nd h manllcln cais nameomes ai i afisn hn up. ai ro the meesape. p. ro he>> o of e reblice. candatesi thk itas hean of reic ca . nd es>> hthman itin. he >> fmerizzaa hn . coan frza oecute. he srtedometng cled ut godfheher' sedet cdizza dfr'. the zaesidt sange s thi newsli abo how e idsar. c sn -- donhi eve wsnow boeowames o c --l th onresivents w es al o thhesesis alse untrs. >> nywatr tha s polics. bil i tnk wshou se >>waha zzasli. il t wouseto asarzaza. heeedso get so pza a
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y, thes isdset gd. so ybe shod ha p m ae t is catali her gso whave e hohalots m ofizza li er >> wirstvef a ists smisive.of za ere noeal peasos. >>st a i tt hiary intoishade. e otolso rept udlyi gus wh was t himenty netod elieryep lyguwh kaszai. ry interesng eer thoh. wh ki. ies wou hilry cntono ho af r heanwhain?ouil c on 's oiousafhe h wilhen? ring -y ri not uilt o theus hil poll --isin iri -riheotltheolls he up llover rominy. anbill loo ils thk heheanperom anlloo i ca, if hehhe goi to th seris ctend tha i tink a caif het of ppleoio h ri thi c he nduldha tk b of pe th youcan' blohie offdthos b thoun' lo estis. ffos yohaveo gi our alls thr ti yo dueveespegiur dll th uzbista uehas peen aimpoantlly o ou. soou g to zbveta t m ths r apoty o du but vertouless we'vhadso go a tth lot sma f ksdu i the t rt rooss'vd t ot omaestaishm ft tys for iheoo a lo timeelli otas thmttyeor go tlooim havsubli pri tt moragesgo we h t t retavbri whores hussi te cha ha w toetinsi w0 nd wch ha coulspeno all th monnd w gueswhat w all heul reaenyll sma h
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onpeop who p bablesat kwlleahema opho pbl k priden of e sta dd. th hav prenf gmerita in rhaps d thav losi her dinan stas in g e wrild.n ap th's w peoe are lsikingert d heanantain cai wand. ty're th weoindre lng he o sickaif thdesta tishmret beuse wha ty didnd hiarylint o is ckthivintahm beoicee ha t di somof t whi houhiynts ncerinboutceain' om t hiou polari. biler we' seeutn' anks direpoly ariad oth resi ntile' ama dee can ks conreessm a rneythsi ank ea spathingan wh th onll ssmeet eyrote ersk e sthndgoth w thof the a tak sgt mneytes fromh he aak ll s meet y st he e hypoe.isy? uartarneis poy? tltl n tl
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>> bl: flow segnt, th pridenobamand rney anksympaetic b f tw eg, prthe encupyamd ey ks pall siceet te propysts. >>he mt im rtan st thi we n dros.
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>> miman rhiht ne i tho ofs r nin lders ip,hof letng lrs pplet knowhat undstan pheir stggle tha we owt nd aan onheirir si. >>stleha welme the a walntreeir si >> ener andelheal d'teeagre ernd th evythi d somof t peoe say. reagre evhiom teo wite y.the nera thrure , buthas bit tralatee raru bu ins poliracal tetivi if 's ing havinhelimpacl vi f >> bl: tt's eryg av nic exce conessmac rank is b t stendygo fd-raer tay ic he ceonn nsm yor cy atnkis nd t fra t he nor ho c of atarle meys, t aenio vestnt b kerhof leadvieyr on a iowall ststet. b r esidt oba isvin raing ll nely $t mil.on f idobis his reelaition camign ne $ fril fallis stre elonat catamn r withl ure tanale fobusissat anthor sar vary. uust tal sawfosiou eyrow an sar a litleawther soeyw liet'serake rney firs he'sur p, cle'srelaonshe eyrs with'sim a pfar cl binesla issh th ancerr d o b"theesfact."is we'vhad me sotou . er o nohehectomes o'vd own a s i dou't no
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kn thimeyeesguy. n younow is guy a d is h som knbighiye shoy. ouw uy >> y h, heomgs. ho's aartn at an nvesent yhe compy. a bil istnten aest s pri mortge g ? mp >> ion't now out s t he aer sri wearthy g guy i 't w t bil. weahy g , spheadin the ney oundnd hsea uyactl hat he ilea gspin e y nd hall tltreeat occuers el prostinee ag nst.cus e ro in corct. ag>> bt.l: ectly they sto himf he w t or.own b e thlye! eytoimhe rney whilen th syathing eyes t inst mole hou wit his ndyhiout, tnsmoouit lite s oneyt, >> hd onitecon baey fnk isey ereme h on werf guy on >> bl: iba f i he? >>es, emes rfuy vy b i e?werf. w>>, lse ou elain v thahe rf haa lo toe ein doha wi faneha aloo eddi >> bl: a theblewoi uan a >> ty bl up. dilot o wi b aheew at. u t tblp. ge the t excded omi . an kin of finciagehe rorm dxcd pu hisame oin tfiia rm efor puise o t ofor watree bil dod fnkf wa yesee >> ill: hy i hilod fo pow ful? es 's n theead t >>l: i mmite atll bauseheowl? publ nans hentrod the use. t >>e haaot
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itat bse bls ofroaye ovee. fann>> andharedd whi aofve nn stndl maddrhi a instuti s. st stmal tor th da bil evethounsti st btoney hew themp or dalped r ilveoudidn b y pride em oveight he r illedhas edn per. didt l e anypreower.vehte ls rig p. . >> bidl: n l he'askinyeror moy fr the w l st et ig b ne'ki guymofrhe wst >> dsn'towerttrauy doney't?erra bil yea i'm renterted y they ll s eet ilopleearen' m maerhingd n th bary fnks' st len' hoe. ma>> ing't tre notar fs'n ilied ho th iat t he? isott n ied posble th th h is baey nos e sinues -lookthou kno wh iba cano to nu -ok yu. no u'veeen hatwh've de to u. anto wa unt youee w yt i d tovenat eu if dto wantouou d w't pty i d upome if mone is tt not d pn iupliede thr t? ne >> b l: i touldt thaot i fed. at ihron't nderand b w ild ha the wll f stet pple aren i't er d rchi w th on wbarn'sst h puse.een >> ecauhi thealltreeon pernle a far he. lt an so,>>auheleeoo, ispe aar lan bary fo,nks. >>ill:ut ty'reuppod too, loong out far e frybos. >>l: and trepo to ey'r oo n.ut f w pridenobam tha esbond sier'ro n uerst d. pren heameedshaot o mon
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fero ust hi he dsreeltion cpaig oon t f y wou any wlhi s eet el on peop c givigim m ey ouny w s wht h sop iv ve mntibines why uld ey gehim h ve moy? ibes >> t re iy alwad goingoe a constuen on ll smoeet t iwhicwang e a ver nsenn s suptrtivof ic mocrs. erneray spkingupiv docra. in fac thecr ra wsp a mngh out d raere, yin assace thhe wal stet, ll w of micou pe lee, ystssthal bst, a rubliofn btione it i not b h rli trationly gen a bon gr it dotl of h moy,raut ton g a gr dofmo t decrat bil isn thabecae of what calthe ge deat ilsn shadromca of gene l elattricaleyndre?ge >> y. >> b sl: tomt if ou'r a bine el iccorpatioand u gidr mon to t uy y w b t wifns'rbi g ess atrpiod gi onu g ? t l kis wf w favable gs treaent. n't gat wthey eki doi? av le >>es. eaat'st. uyint weyoiavorle >>. trtmen 's that buying anssoction th admintratn, wch isor tren atuyanocon a veryinveryatower wl indee and buyi inf encery.ryer bil yeaeend but yinfce there ilprobealy ging e reblic ney,utoo.he >> yob, bu ggivig mureic me y, t. ama. y bu vi mu bil rea my? t yes the ashi ton ilea ss $1 6 mi ion preesdent bama e hifromn he fanci s se$1icesmin rent
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ma indu 1 fci mlion tees rney. du . 2 llio 1to gerno mon t per. r y.>> bl: stheyant bamao 2 io be gnoeeleed stheyer cano b cr syeytma bele sey capalis an i d 't kw whcrher e ra d fi wan th.ap is but e big d kwhr ra fianth t igonor the rl seous neyeop whoave alysoreenhe rinupp treses y giopng thote monal. i tnkn is app usy gi t tacc fo on th pr tidento wr i ais army arou the eremeacfo th lefrenwr rm >> ill:oukay.he euartmearne eveone. d plefty me aads "t >> fal:or" y.ves rtneve ae.nghi pl m a "t eveng. fa" grst amicanews auiz. deba en ditigr.amans eat z.ips d grt q esti sba r yoti t s megrnelly qtis on yo whetr ame n dwesrn clyplen kled eir et an-moh ol babes ce gir suspions g kwingd r we opemo yol staabiruned or tspsen gng wee ytaed t repos. n a poadinsite helpake u a sharr trer? ne c. a intdtemeriade n.lp e aey'vearot ttrding?peciists i cacall or h cp. tdrie 've tngcitscall hd par tring. frracte tring at helppame htre myg.echnue.frcttrg lp hmy hnco.lex tion d fr tutials on ne ocoin px son.on frutls can ontrad og si p n.allyake diffence ift c'n whyadre si u trlying
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e ere?ffce ifc'hy nuer otr in g linee? equi tras: nu on ne ui ameratrad tradcommsionree for day mead pluset uadto $mm0 whon eyoopenr n u $wh yoenact. úú(h cúcpbc(húcúgvçñzç?@uff!;w÷@?zp.vkgw=oóñoxwoúóoxç?wffwño%0v@?@xwlñ@í>e÷?@gw=ú1xóñ÷]xonúóóñxw.oçwwñ0vvmówlñ÷ç@gpyc@m÷óú1bñçmwkñ÷8ihiníx?]onoçyokuñ1t]vmíwówcíñówkhix?pñyñmuñt]íw÷ñ
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5:30 am
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5:31 am
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5:32 am
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5:33 am
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5:34 am
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5:35 am
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5:36 am
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5:38 am
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5:39 am
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5:40 am
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5:41 am
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5:42 am
bil oka s so s ed fled lieitetecr st. he sto ilka shang. f shd ieadmiec to . he beto dringing. sh thmibreaon. uslly ebeolicanri g.ll whthhereaomeby brks i ousy ur hicse oot. >> hey ven'wh lr onebhethbr i thathey ow aut at. h o but can. >> tey youn' ln tths, thaaty a her. sto ont n tt heou t chaed.ha orrinal shetoaid ne tued t althe hghtsff wnha. she ntoralhe d tuto b ale ndts w wn herusba gothe home they bere wn. he whba intotder rns e lits onhen ey'r goin meey bree inndteal awhntr s li baon?n 'r in noshe're ch ged itin t i'mal not su ifa turd t lnohtse' ofhdt t 'm ot bil we t tha suf ur >> the nghbo lonlysold f i d.ile ha >>ill:he's runk>>nd d nsn'tbo ly d ow wt shs dng a we g >>l:'snk d't w sh d th a. e th's a gonveent cuseby thway. >> l ten,f shthdid sethith avet se th y. this ln, babshd shind ion'tant telour hi viers ttab she s i 't tno elrie t htory odomeiche vience h ryi ome asd. descbed god mhery the whviknewce r,as no oble msc d gwith mhildr th swhviceew as t oto r bole thldho sby ace accnts t ote hebothy dine shclai s a hasccs n hey ne shai sas popart deprsionalthgh sakes po artianx ty pronth pil s ifes she ook is ba anxhere did
5:43 am
ilit me fm? he whe ishek bareid ody? f wh is >>ill:hisstranlyy? le >> thl:cases anony l e by andyhese creer rre as uaps. se kn. r ba abctio froas use, vekn r rebabioroa e, ve r it'rue. bil now he f .i. t'nn it. e f.i. i goie. to ilow k fow. pret s n heth. omebf.y ioi o oke to tt hse o kr t. et th s're ningtho kneb tt. e t h>> w ot ifhe fnt door ths e g opkn t wif fecau she dornk avinopit onnd sobody lks ght rougauthe heont d in o or?so dy >> ill:s he ft .i. uglle t kno if sobody as i?hat use >>herl: f. th thenowof parts. so >>dywo t ings att jume dr thut ahe ar .me. >>mber tne, s e ba wasum msing fr a th c b, b. eroeve, baookas m ngr frh c beft vekehin rottl blant, it youe gingin eal babtl are t uan i goioue g g tak hose l abre hingoi >> bakl: uallyyes. se >>umbetwo,heyngay heir b u lycells.honewere >>betoleo, ey i ked if ey eirr ca ed llnere le thosi d cllf eca phos. th eos c ansr waso. hoso t y di'tthwantons intfereas th t iestition t di bil i d't kw munt abo thisase.nt re t i' it tll y w it,tion
5:44 am
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5:48 am
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5:49 am
ow rady ?b >>7. >> wt's urandlad? >> baker brea>>r, goo d ws buy.dl queson two b er>> beal: he isoouqueson 2 es raldwoord y ha r bnfor hdis hi ima aesightighthen ldd ha rmadeor hughiforeman ahthtn deaffas ugre gae dung a976fa gadu a6ebat the isat n sov t domihetion etern eure as novmion the e rnnevewillur be ander aord admihestraon. >> wouve likll b ter seedr. fd mira . co ince>>he couch aikrica teend fd po sh aricacoince c ahis cauntr at tse couries po don a livca s undetr the tominion d ou suesrvisn ofoniv he s iet deion hehindtheinn suisof i snt n nde curin. >>ill:hat nk fd, n doub iwho sr. rd'sur. >>l:t r fnnin nmate ub t t o . 's vot ra, rinald teagan t jn ot conl rd aneorgh.w. j bh. nl d,obdolerg? w. b whran agnst cter. at wle a whasynneagt w tew i c r. foeverne t w m ae youyeel go. t i fe foer t moulood go>> yh. fe >>ill:t's aod y tie threto . >> l:re isuestn nber ie threfirs telesed p side iialst nr dete i thrsle hisdry w pdeln 10
5:50 am
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5:51 am
disp hsionely auestn abouhis fe gting rndaped nd spony st muouereds g ngwhicjourlistskeded h tha mued icurst ed queson? hha berrd sw. es? b, cie rerts er s c,om brow,d, bt c rts he. wh asdc, kakiro esti b t abouhis h w ewhndsrimed anki t atiwer ous rl weheme t ar t re.l >>overr, i kit t kaki re >>apeder and iit mrder ouldki ed yond fav a merld ievocle dth peyolty r theaville i no,oc don d, an i tpeinky yth kn ile o,onan tk y p posekn t dea penay dung mt of m p lsefe. t ea >> ill: ou knaw,du mof m w is l.that >>l: k n wsigateal. >>ill: t wasl. >>l: daspassnate younow dsste ow ouw ieel. bil hey. l.okay so y bot h g itiley ght. thamean aycca um s yot gt adinwith onet. que ion ha go,anca ocy. doe't lk inthneuen o,ood y. oe l forour te i oerlad parorr i ola ksasar. k s mymate
5:52 am
>> bl: atraln ter you. yte bbloc akalerou hd! insus aloverhe oclace h su qualtionern992,ushce t quon elr, bl cl2,ton,hnd rs t rot d a seesf el bcl tn,ee-w r t ase t -w detes. >> wanthesyounpeop up re tbe ae to sta wh de t an dea>>anesun lopkep i t d atota w d bld anog anausi lss. t th i've dt to ha b asi. a sthonge to sicha ecomy. >>verydy iaffeed by sghe c deecy.ecau o the>>ry ifey temenus inresthat es i odeau pheing t en tha debtinstveryt ing i mor pg pense. ha bt>> wall ree ryatg hereor oulde agring ecomy. ns what wou hl e te re d ide ldehogrg co e at h t be d e onom plha.t >>ill:bee's lkinabou t om mepltuff now it's>>l:s inou ama tng. ff ow >> ncre ble.'s >>ill:ll rmaht.. sh was lercritizedor >>ree. pear>>gl: r. focu d wh heas lited peatly lked ar ag wha d ingcu wh ee at ld aha d dateg ? d ehis tes? eeili, hi s s? atcha loos thre on s jket. atlihiidech osook ren jt. and lke diracturink t debnde. l co n,dictoocyin the tswersisatceb co
5:53 am
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