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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 21, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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aren tf theprocs ea hu coacti theolic b .d re hepares anocd finng utcoti ehectlyic dwccur e reanhein ely adav urg ar muchore baking nssav i ar mes che bin no "sdio i" the s se oaby"so th oyisa. ashiton, whe, day, esidt obaa. eclas hin, en whto the.s. y, w idobala en hes. ira w tod c sayur ra od cay tops in aq wl dinity be h tmes forin e w dit hbelida h.or >> aftine yea the hda priden says ll u.ftneeahe pr fenrcesys .willeav iaq byjanuy a draw fownes o llav the istimedynu a awwn o 4000hetrooimn he40 groood. >> th nt two mths ouro >> thoops nn woaq ts msou o thounds,ill ps p ck t op theious,l p ar a boa cvoys forhe ei urneome. ae laoa cysor arican soler neille. cr s thlaorde aca ouoll ofcrthde ir th touirf heaheldighir pr d ofheir t sucssnd ea knowldg thghameran peprleofiruc
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an ow unidther ineour ppor for ou niin troops. oror ou >>tre: t unid stes tps innoted aq in 23 trd tni sinst then,000 anoericd tro isave 2 in dien. so00 aicro 3000vehave bn hdirt. so cordg to30 theeparveent b juste, t h .r ha crdtto thi he aruntrt y st r tghly ha chi tr135 rlyilln. ay. toy, p5sidellobam y. cashe to mi piondeam a "uccea," butid notmi n ntiotheaile gotiion " cewhetrutever totusan u.ioele ti n rces etwouler tanrema. ir bend esulhisma yea ird behie f corssponnts li for uea inew york wi re oie f tt,oron liutor uin fit,drki onry li tt t whii use. som y i wys th thi ist e. omuge w suhriseis repoer: tt isge ght,otsuse asurp se.po : tissresint's etire t, ampaan inrp.008 w si's e preresen tpa ide in e ir war08 w w a restak and t it fueded irar wis a rse i akndthe itue imars agnst llar r cl iton d pemise heould enartheag wt inar hecl n rst te psehe an ild fctene wn ttte w the an
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present f oba at t she w thhewing ews nferesce itnbat t 208 he o s thithngs er i 2 sotihi the reemt th bical sa troo woui b thcomi hom yemth balsa e en ofooou bmiom en 211 th las in thehiteouse 2 willo i11 wehn ethe itas waheatese vicry ut ll wa is eintestinthat hehet pridenwa trietoicast is in kwad of teinat derpren ie vtoryst fo hn k ofadmistraon ithe r vryfo h miaysra ie ead. >> ntehat e dfs d. wa in>> n iraqt defles twa aqarge trsiti. le thtide tf rsge rectring.ti the thawde ownnecg. ir e alleds ton rocusir tll figagait al edand rus t hievigajoaial a ctors agnst eeadship ev cludjog osa bi oragt adip lan. udosbi >>rerterand iq wasever gointo ba alace li reerd iasermy er or soinh bkore ere wece kipt ousas ofrm t opsor forsomanyre e wear k saof tsspecorlly ny thewake of amma qadfi's deand tecy hearab sprkeg,f ma kping u.sad'sroopea inn tarab untrabprery k ngcont.sverslop inab trighty n. nt rs
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>>ace:ut smeepubcans haht beevery nrital >>e: sf tub ns procshaeehatry l up tit allf th t. >> est: hat oct lp tllf th >> rit:t.t publan satorinds aham biptisafigu onrihe bl sords issuam, waipsagun witring putng t a su stwaemenan sangthat it ngheut liev the asten esidt's decion wsal hauat th evcounhey beuse thidks tss is ci wooau quthk ofnun itbe ane dwantth t s e sme u. troqusoftill oan thentroun a sen sor cainllthe oival rom eun 2 a08en j earl thisin weeenalmanti 2pati of ts annorlcemeis wasee clmingtwastiti a tiplaticno meas faure d clngs the a u. wanpldic gafae imnityfo s.he trps u. to staehian d th culimty noget atr ag emen witto irata hi dd ttth is chy ty a otnot ag enit straing d i the t.s.s t afocud oner teyst coug ihavehe. gotncu eral. t oustenove senor jnot mnain. >> wdid not. veenen j a mn. porit to wdt th a iue pitand, hen i to em u i unt ad, mnt oren iso agoo d ide u howntany trps mtheyorgo deowny trwant. ey fo evy mitary nt fovead evyonemiry recmend aroadd evneecnd
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ro ,000. >>port: heaid thiould be00. vict>>yrthed fhild ran bbe whi house oiciact are f ing firan bhi us oiniahei breie irang llire he a ountleei ban y t speal coheunitif i ant ieso d anytngo t tpee advcotageit iof s d ytthe suati t.dvge trac ched e s hentirom thacwhitchhous anddespe ene prressomthe itedthtateithas mdeus on dhe sp gr nd ipr irasse ednalytess s m itn reinsgr i araerydanglyou sitplac violrece hsropp tory centngac ars t ol h rport poipp tou nt adly boingsnd s soot r rtinsuoinc lyogs st su-- shtinghapp dail a to mitary oiciashngppol il tomiry oia lebase per thaal qda irlbaose p "riouha reat" q to le "ou at atountto. donatn ht islive in w yo nt ci .d at how heriois areheven yoi wiorehres frre iraq nghbo?r >>nath: seous caus aqiraqs in a nbo?angous >>th nesehbors theaqinest, tngs lonord neor.
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thhet, t sriaond a the sa predent uld us trblecros the ahe bord treont deect omd treroubosshe his rd t codetry.t theubeast is tcoy. ngerhe boer st wi t irand tey erertaboly wicordg toveryra t eert,ta ha rdtory no eteret, wheverhan seng y srtno rewherfe stility ynsid stit id iraq lien. iran a thelli w nt aq li. to ra a hedestiliziraqnd thlido w not ntto stiz aaqthdemootacy ira theyant amoy ra ir ianeyt-stiren vernnt a to read i theisk hatst in easern ao ad as i e se ritye prskence tecreesnses jonaan: setyprce alforen relicy exrts ll y th na:iranlre cy exs is yh read stl,an rdt wsrk ad tsendg in oxie to d wha wt ca ndtoinesta lizeie ato d sorha of ca ogre towddemotaacyze aorf irenow moiraqy >>tre: wt abo i thr ts aq fr iide tran? w >>jobothantheris thehr fr ireatef sect?ian
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joan vioernce. he memb, the at aretillctneryioe. mb th corovereialigur witllry porful coveacklgur iitide poulck ie ira membadr hind theraattas agnst s. tops and behimb adr nd he lotofta agt tpsndhi e a miltantsn t cotry. stiilts i tmmitd to co y.furtring isti oowe tou wl rtng oike swen upte.k w acrdinto txperke i spt sectacianin t vlenc asther u.s i trps pl out .ctn v sonc aas in i goitr pout beso an all veange ius toime for aq. we sda estery inhege wa tofor .e de h f mu smar erinwaadda thehardt prt demurisda n thrd p ginng. n in lia, nn away. d it culd beinhe mei ay. irit ce ned 12e mons. >>tre:r onatnen, tnk12ouon and w,tr moat tn t ira raw d wn mo t duty tionraw surit adsor. d y onr, im n su i s youitear th preous adportr.but a iot n su of iou anastsar avethres sai rtgaint ndofna s agaie that oeaiin amecan ai haoops o eave irmenill eer mops
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ethory inr ir. ll is tt a e coern?o orinr >>gu tt: wl thk yofor e oprtuny too ben? wths. gu i waythyowor opuntobe w ings be car ibout e stas gsbe c oheou suatihat tairan fa os. it ss motit solaand. weaer. iteconmoicalla weer. andorewe. d onal millye. dre d dartmmity diomatally isoted so w feel doodtmtbouthat. thdi iatlysod oneso w tw aseldtutelat tot. theth tuatn ine twraq,s at we heato seenhe i as aat i reltq, ofwe hhe en is ver aye capae anf rerkabork rer trps paan onheeab grorkd, he r trningthe parnerinnd tro fortthey ha trngnderekear wine tseehe rteyhairaq eeryer w cap le e tke ontheaqhrea yap th t nface e itea islwa gdh for the ce reig pocyswa g anystso bore doomigposaye atnts is h b th om topen tye is hhews enut teel go aut whethewsraq areel go ahee trac theaq minirerati liev ira ca scure ache niti themlves utevraca s treility
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auorits d your tecrery ostathillyit intoauwantit dgr 10,0 troursre oatll the. tolearnt ere 0,ro cscern is i inth the ar e ecu crn i couhery >>est:cuam notou re, >>t: uld keo s yo facot on , th d et t ass stiono yo cahpac whheon asthrtio you ha t mad bsson i caill sp ws tios:ou ha evady b alsess snt orth couse t ev ofhe lt six arss o eht mounths as wave of lixr ag eessily mhs w veg in thisnd w isag wsike onit for greein ye s is ws gges wonagai or beuse vry fieyeork o es ourai betrooe , th vei trkinin th oeur rtneng, d the oo opethtion they h teinth nearr, d thpeon ey h out, trr secuty forsn i q ca rryt, o t cu torfuncons ica y o tndncs missns ty ndo rry out. thats ct osse. t n y ctutwo, iat is obvusly o vry dyo,mi i sisuati. bubvoverlyhe cose vof theast sedyralyear sti. olits hbuerco heokenutt so selar iaqi political h leers w enso rolve the iiolal ffer ces les the rveheparlment amoner eacs oher raerhan e thugh arlivilnt w onac and orhrouan th
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vihence thats goil for wndou us. and od f hevice atgo rion. or thend of ts. day d fe wl ha rn. vheyof tobusay surit w rtnehahip th t viraq d us at i sit iur nep in trests b itaq esn'mean we h ie in st brmantly sinet tros thn'e toanoe h t. ink an wey pneotecro our thto inrest hend y hak sn we p theceur predent inste donstte w yanha s prect thrrentintests thou dst w fa ng aprt tes ou lfa a l of trps. >>ace: i t admfistrion mer. to>>e: dal t widmtrn oali o di imnityor tops in iaq woulther li o so im trotyps ts lein i ulhinder >>gut: wsol, we dro cotoe an agrndment ith imegu w mistewe do an grnt mah ki.e mat itewhathe pside talk boutma. iatulfi pingdehe lk seritygreeutnt pside bushfigegoatedn setyee p 20de. shweave mego toedan aeeme on eind of0 fuere we wao ame tonthera ed rfus secityfua part rshi atoer noal r declomayc relartonshhi, anthe kino dma o la shrtneanhip ei o a neomenp in a reon tt all as uen toay
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iraqs a re mod tor tll uto aq aod r tion. thi tha is veimpoant. rn. hiha >>ace:hankisepot. >>e:ounkir. comi up a winut w willr.hear the epu icanmi tp ke ona is disiout fro w llarhepuanlori tn dio ro senarriubio na. io. d breing nen t caof baregeisa, t aa adavba d go a t,a, a acent oav a dgo aecead hun a ennt the oloor a of theea hu rentheor ohe nt beoom. caver dgs areem. carxtrrdinil accute wel dabovretrin 90 cuelov rcen ande wl get90 beaki en n s d o w l thisettory bki n o isheadry ad
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fore,ffiest, aur waslect ra or posi thei irawa a i aas ct not re ha sihegreara ehusim a fo kee ng t topshaean esi tfoee ound t s althgh se ntagnoffials t an nd com nderthin s ag irfis an wte omnorterofir w 1000. rtandali ws gein0. ld i w heatge lrom e shte atm sh suorte paicullyuteadr, t adicpaul cler whor, wandll t u.ic erhoan uoopsut s tere s a lotf prsurerom e adnisttion ps sd thwhit t houe a a theot prrem dston thitou a mali admheistrion cut i all dm trdn ourutnvol iment o u. l troo inf. iq. ur onolof tnt o wa. oo palincydid it, on t he pa in t pisonal lld and id wre n goi pn t p on nd w noi allo thqueson y ked yo gulot, t thesraqi y we notdoingo togu t allqiegalweotmmunngy f our to trps. ll at i aal nunstaryr f forurhe tr. i n ar amorican somameran trps ge inlved am invanved omer a tr
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shtingefen nggeinedhimsf, dsnv d smit a to shnngen irims durt, so s tht waso wayor tir iraiso t, so noth makasay tra dea no >>trake: aputtg tis yet ea tha ju tr att tcameet haju fm spker boeerme f spr sayg anoei que, "amicanayan frcesqu n onlam an eed rthqke f esom vciou n rantutnl unrthe d hq stregy vou ntunetr y velod a ilemeed by t lo agenels a iheme blead tshipf priden bh an presneent a amandedadip pren vi benthanes trrort a inedrgen thathreenedhei t aqi ople ndor pridedinenanhareed portity rt ii qi le gornme topr bedild thcapaty need t rty i gomeoffec bvelydeet thethpa need of tne tcouny." he iecslytheayi atedf he thinun" e i ayell,yi mybehe iris surein and e esti peoel, a mer se asng, at abo d tieo a iranas, bo w do thlayifan iq do stts ghngay souh? i st >>ris: gell, youre >>s:xactl, y ght. at msage fom sakerct boeh r dit.eren m fgeom the f smesseres w hea , th
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ehdien fhe ss w atemts fm joeath main an em fjo sator gram w mn hmere d an the minirati sorra worgeing hre out ande ni tiid we geskg td sacrweicin r therosin e crin sacfici rother iin blo drease ovehisacci lsth ilo d as cadeve isintestinhe l d not foow de teit iin cotticingohe i minirati. cci ifhingin ira go sth viouniyti ifngra thao sillhurt esidout oba bu idoha thil sprtking idobbu piticlynow,hi nt inspermsng o picw, tion n s urit in msitllowshim t keep fonith sit wh ow thm l f heh ra a w a thntiw l he crandid ae. no he acanayiw " cidept noen " prome," andt eded thewar om" ir. nd th wil be ed hepularrith t tiwair le thilhee la libalh tase whh ha wa prlemsleith e present ib othe whharmsh e iesues.t th >>ace:hank yo chs is. >>e:nkoh walle, ht o "f ewsll h
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sund," a tlk obouf ews deathf mumar qa afind awith t llar counton than you atmu vryqaithmuch ar we ceon an stul c veraggch we tl bakin cgag neew o bin t caf neaby o li t. wea gothe syrch warntand thli weffidgoit ss tet snt shard thid sgs t s oonda g a t, potiveitonda g d easehuman po veinon eloorof the dsema rent or droohe anwe jst got ntre he sarch oo waantan a it jturnots t th eare sch herat a rn tscrenciethin t sery r reie t sthe pe that ee is at ahisd. ah les ri youp. marywhatre y dog he? leriou ryat's m yan. dohem ge ing w inranc m. geg innc maorieyou' had poly wi us r the yes. maieu'adol wis thye 's bn fi yea.
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fiveears bfi ea ll, ogreive ves men diountthatou gdidn. vers , ree sme dintat gdn perls, se drer and get eat rvic rl sdr d t t ic medithwhat shan', con? th'll guret ou methatha, n? geing thu thl discrentsou yodesee. nothat ogreive. ge cag or thick scday.s yose noat ree. ca r k y. malennouer ] the:00 m. solar he t tras an a bule ou ]ride he0 sar traanbu dee "il slp wh it'doneacadic. "isl wht'nead. for yea wee be insred you r ea webens d ouande'veeen nore toalk th y nd ven toreelp u tok ge ywheryou nt tbe top geeru t ♪ ♪ becae yo momt isow. cayoom is .letothi sta in ur w. ethitan w learmoret keer.e. arreke.e
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>racebreang ns inhe ca of by lis nd f >ceea new n in has copcaf he sarch waisant the fnew s op m day schathe he dog g a msitiy hit ofhe sent ofog g a tiit fceas hum on e flo stof f the p aentsbedrm aasumn lo ur oxe pts dr affi aat rportg theoli weinveigat g fi frhly rrtgheli rnedweirve ifather bacyardof th ed pents hofwhich hy acd th may aveth ben ba tre pts o for ice st oupof thay veys bba t diggg, r p an us ggg rayans y maches. d jue ch. jeane pir juse her d yo kno tseaaseirudge wher youear yono t out thesege c averwhouar g, w di t seah, the dog cerre w di ryaccueate. t at dogou now?cu . >>gu t: t dyreccure, w?d i ju gu toty fhe paneur a d iu poce soues pente m a infoatio that eear waant podhe outurn wat m foioat r reasedwa t the is rninfoatiowa tis reed th is sechfo wariont hat t pole t e trngto seveealar at
3:25 pm
ttheyreol lo ingtr to sal thl a t t eybottlog lnetos, s the ish t a lottt of linfoatioin thh is apicat n foaotof t sechfoio ren' tthat isap vatyfo tse n' tis vdistbing inudinastng cdave dog in hiininga en t flo o the crentveogig t lobedrm. o frhe beg a. andnt a jud thesdrcada rfr dogesgre vry wend a ud trned t evesdaog v mree istutringd v tat n m wetug unrsta hy t poce kep noinge ck n tatheyade an pplitionpo fepng a archarra to jueyeennd lion th faid,ook chra judo badu on thd,oktheudad incsistcy i ee atemts oradl ancst i emhat o oudl a iormaon leaat uouo ima nessit ouroingeamore neitur wkng thanust reiew th use, hav to w anot iew th tre e, av o atheyo s i i t the y sffivit,he theaywhich w wrien b afit, -yeahe veranic wri b tecte ofa ea van cte kaofas cty crisgain chkadren ut, not cnly d the
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ridogsit iin thchen uotedroy dhe gs ibut, ththe nd inudesroard aa witht, e ortiins oes di hadng an th aparan oti odieinga rectly diapurbeanorngecy dibe oertued. th otu. th dningnfortionhat e jue decedas siifict engh t dngorllowont t ju poli toec ecute th siicen t wrant ow what t lio can etethell yo the w camnt at tanll ofhatyohe hse wamh t mul f coret h w coorteul pure co coortsteand whuris tha signican i ha bee f lowitsd thwhha segnan sinchadayee f mamasays s put henc yby to o be maysn sut puree to be shtsnd aur sneyhirt andshe id hh a anals ieyrt andndeie, h a aans i ndblant, rlse, of atape a a an rfpe a pe a spenr, awholnew ballme. en hasaeen mingorolw f we s,ll. e asn ng stemes tt fhe de t ewe i n myinte siewme t t heane i heytew usba erehe
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3:28 pm
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3:29 pm
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3:30 pm
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3:32 pm
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3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:35 pm
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3:36 pm
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3:37 pm
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3:38 pm
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3:39 pm
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3:40 pm
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3:41 pm
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3:42 pm
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3:43 pm
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3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
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3:46 pm
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3:47 pm
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3:48 pm
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3:51 pm
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3:52 pm
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3:53 pm
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3:54 pm
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3:55 pm
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3:56 pm
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3:57 pm
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