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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 21, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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imthetimusacacka. th w ailding w emuka ca. di we herea eer todta provg gogof whell b ableod to ovsaygo thehl do bters erele to ongyhe abo ouors abirety g tobo maoufacte. >>il: bill maj e, t mayb not allmacthe >>: aj doters yb otowinll incatisthat smedorsf in thinr ortiinalat fesre s bing, ll thoraleustied. t th beg, bili t mafacte ti .e thli t ca.act t, abt t job becae twaoears lat heab t bs obare caottwrsatere. th 're e finrend. ey a ddithe hdredof js inere. sing a diadno oth h ed j opson e sng o oer cthoice tt t op cod nofind a.s. o cce t mafacter t prodcoenonds. t mact tod vecle. ke hkabeisot surise t vee.his. he enbegy dertmesuse insts es. joendeillme teri vensnd blam theo dlayll ri o egulion amhe dy sues outsi of tuln essiof tompa's coro buthenpa cout allhisn was
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beinllsalkbout dn't thk as is wld ome into plkss. goveutor h dkabet theth bs w l co w aepigsill p. ve fly hbe he wn 6t wcoaven a in gsnhatln lar th aftnoonlynd ev6tyonehoulgetenn at lathinocftars,on ev necameuls antgooutocs, a me tanket apsh o a t i thears ct sh o97,0 i eacth rsand sup csedoe ectri,0 but acey a dup hdridsuto ty eriut aan on hds t 32 on ile 3efor t tuoicks andyoule veor t tusentolly ks ndas-duven car. en at nty hapns th-dn r.tima miagecome oap the 19 ma mieme mil or allo 1 no afordil eplorlo s.v. no gtsrd tter g eor. g erile ge thalee th vehihae, wch i buiinth hi w i finluid. fo $7,000 ynd b two nl fo $00 y bwo rds. >>ne: an s. leardos a big ne faan and edo ao a wign fa
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d ao w "tanic d th we wn. thi lootic t th bee g oh . hioo t .e oh >>gut: $ milon gu ofh, $il no 529illiofeaso t amecan opleee to b give n w9li weso tmen levesto bthis mhonevein wwe a compy th isstis mne buiing a mpth cas fnlan thadoes notuig een a mpet fithanhaes aot e aricamade fordetthat geth a tter ga aca de mile erd aatgectuay, eses er ga to hur lee a eua envi nmentour neiland not nglevi en doll frothe partnt o il d ergyas bn sotntutsi le llericro no me ey frtm o t do l ngy b can ssi snt ic m futsi tdo lnan s thsinite stes bthe mon gven th tethe ompsty b culde raone g n qutionas t why e itmpy cwould ra conser gng osidequon t thy unititul tat . ns g wi oritho ode t he it de. at >>vernwi hucrbee:hofhey cann use iutsi tde uni d >> strnes auc the:eyave no nnse the isi te obniou st ah esti: whve t o heckrehe obhey din wi tiwh t ckey di 29 milln.
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>>il: thohtf g. wh the ll l oked u>>: hog. whhe ledto sore voltinchin whad a sassie lt bailtin fo tdemandsi weoul il cidehethfo tha t w metto goderee oul thebut de tthyhaet w thme monwith the re uerst oding hetheyouldto ty tingsthonth hhere. gove uor hstkabeng i eyld tgs am h. ve h be no agnstnerg effientam rs. ectr rsrenoagtgreargff ntene ma thewher e t.y retr ea maheer t fordle a ablto be prucedo th pri com rd a dobl, th ise fiand pruted thri th maethasom rive ttdoth andsid rightha nos eoplve d t't trundthe ghelecic cno rket foplr tir dru e fu-timfami ec c et cfor. t >>ne: an ifuimmmi spris c nlannecamean inith shisis >>gornoruckae: i anme wasn the piure theis pago yorka iasad thbeau fulpie omehein yhepa, th thaulme dia, it ththe difrencis thi cw, dilockt thnd ingit of e tm ifnc inthehi spand c t ckthirls yd gof t e paneiltherare s tmels imas y i n't nt to d. ilerre s puue. magove or hkabei that iso e. >>ne: we epu mo. o ve the hbeha exames, d ar younewe mo oworrdhe
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abt thi am, arurr ab eenhiresondra and pt esora dolyra. don p get tless tlyugh.. goveonor hetkabe t becse weress t fh.anti ve hbe ec iend weck fti nd frticeopl d llowhrchingpl d eyee athin th ow loo liket cldngorkhey re ain hthrong mey aoo it d it ke cis rknoty wel plned andro m at it telpldt isd not carellyreased d dueis diliotncehich reyas ormduly wld alwali bee donch on gernmtrm w exwanditees, one duonilig gce nm isot beg don ex it, >>duil: u go aigig ishow. eat igon >>lann: ? go >> w il chlesnngasp ino >>llrnalk ck abou his w per nalchs vspito tok ou ocispy wl stet anderel wl v talko oc wboutstminen w lkutneomaind liith airy gra liandh rakell wrht ad smell wr a suff s-. sf
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andometng els to dve the rangs rougthe d toneilwh d thkheou ne lpras ugthere you r n ca hiltheth shokomorew nit. er in eu manti thecahiteouseeho or asti replicani orin n mtihe te ssinsethe tiepca pside's n limmine do p $de biio jsmm t, wa $bidon' de jcrat crimal . t wasenan'? anwasndetat e im setethat t di no psna the ansnt se jobat di bino? p ohe replicaobi? epca-- o docra joedhe reoblics to dra sop jo the pl. sothe proem ieictoin s the e prty. >>gult: i so e. ro i yo are shepick th phey. gu i fts. thyo is remeth sg ickave lened f ab.t yo oerths theth ieyear theeemocdts cabiminyo the ohe setear eoc cinhe53-4 ase the pl-4 iled ahe 50pl0. you uld t geed a the 0 decratonoard m hu d lesge aet he e 1deat rrdublins minim esat tu nd e too a 1ng wh rliobsim bi n oo anhing aelse w t getobs bi 60. o 60sheanngse tet mgic mber.. 60 s neilwhy mc er
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thoilythre ebern, ihink a the hoher oreemocts. er ink ahe r y di thoc. bol >>est: dielsoth fomebraa haola tgh rac>>t:so for fe-ectio ra ru ing rha tac ahirdorerm-eio erug epuican nonerdsrm geing tweepuan 6no and65 perc t ofge vg teee in 6 nebska ndichill beoug for rcof vn neon.eb a d t hlther deocra isugrromne. t arkaerasar drasm yoromin uka not 201r buin 20 ubut h t is prepingfo01 abu toh0t h s -eleion. epkansg has a turdo len. nsasureep d. >>ne: wi thisep delopnt i thif enewi adhinisttion dop ttingingryhit af lotadst oon mocr s foin nryt,t y tow o coinui crfobe n y agres vely behi theco aui i hink aeslyof the hihe a ue dnkemoats,he coervave d d rge,mouts,ll bdingco va om t pr iden on ging e, bng tax tolidpren t cpanion th i e ta epinid mor than cnih inor $1. n trilon sethi he ioppod to1. il shieerta ily wthou aquiprpo tota
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wouui - quidrouo. at i the big - cturid. >>gut: t big iictuhe i bithe urlegiativ gu tig obatu i eresincy isvergiivor tisbatermsiy r it ove twe a inherm pridenal . it caaignve we a a in the mst ofprenthe ngrecaionagn ahe caaign m to bofe neste'm n re surnacagn bby st n ne mayurreen a coness uldgree on neay mtheren aons d staeen reso mtioner it i or.ta the leg lati soarkon i o isver. e eveg iftirk ama iis r.-eleed t ev fchan areood at a i replica e g ngle t toontr on anrerd eve epbothca go hsestrn ofve th coress so, hsf f pridenobamis havg ccescossn feigno, pol ypreenam shavld g us eso at fecaugn thol wil be t secshd gterms heau ge thilbe tecrm eseco >>ne: we at hanyte newe cayhaver? >>est:ouill e tv adsca r? abou it. >> t:th badll etvnomy thdsis wha ou t. ters readnterted e imyth ha atis wrst amicaneristod
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itaug u pele norllyote w am an theto ec uthatse rehanor hyfe ofthe he vo as at'm n hfe vooncasned. s >>il: dhat abo ncd. inpendts? >>ey: dtbo invend? in hio, pol incatiinheyo, rllyol are xiou and thintiwas atateyhe r y represent oudth os cou aseonte fur yeess atr tee oyearou f ag and ato yye aak o t thandar hoheg st dsd yith ohd hot tshroup >>gut: he s lg wayo t up. th gu h lg layest pol thhe llrom lstol io, smndepdentpprol ofresi nt, epntbamadownro ofosi 3 ma peent.wn 3 wellpresent ama tpet.2 rcen llest asupp tmong2 indenden in enpp oh inng 20 i deen henhas ne frhn20 per int heos fr 38 pernt er thats a lon sep ountner toatlimbefor nembeonof sntn tomb or 20 n. be >>il: e armentas bn th replica havo put p20 a ma>>: arntor b thepcaavut ma wan oillmake a
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stin w aernave. ere rel douske aout nald in reag in ana. e 980ou a the ajimmt ld agn rterand a0ost ahemm erdstid t t- a tf a meersmesr, amican saides wecanpicte id gueswe the cnpaig hasto playctut a fi h o wou eshehe cig as publan noaynee afis o aou h blno e disive ahe replicanroce h rnsut edi vet itis reayepca ceefiel s u e cov itay inea an da ut,elhe ste o theov i econany. da t, ifhi secon oyheurpresus and on imoves ifon subantilyprefor nd ne imes nomberpresent ama ub tillbeor nee-ected o erbues it a the cony loouch-e ed li it iheondoesooch lit tayores peaps, woe, ion't tsee we g aspes, cond wo i te't.e gs >> il: ndu tnk iftehe un ploynt r>>e: t sys f subsntiabove wt asunoy r e wh he sook bsia ofce, ve the w end gog dowheff keof,
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heghs d go 3o per ntnd der 9 s perct, i t trdiser goi r his y at ightrc ibe ttrdoi eough s y>>gu t:ht wll eghepen guwherit w i en it fal er fro i 9.1perct al ro8.8 pcenti d'think.1 trct willut 8t. p ntat d notnk toing ll cutt. u ha to otsee ang custea hatoe aeaecle clmontby-mth neilthan nt-m ilanyou, pfess. stksu, soing p onss pes ofstso bgg euonpeanresc . s isofte o b did omeoeuan forscet is tll o tideorottersor t er totrs ther er
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hago inveorsith t tm doan roing ba, fo vesth tow,do itoositoeg terrory,baerefo wha woresw, i mketit rry,e haor wat er. m t st otheuyin haso d withuropat. oeinas d hthpes opat the leads wi p the hs bking cris tohe bethis adwi peekd. he but i bestong hav iso etped fosthe ek sa thi buefor itoav d no dthosfoe saleadhis arialorg noos ad instintheyever pro sed bey wld intiney evythieronerod t wir sunymeet g wevchhi is e y muest is tunetg wayis pobab mitsstise t coiderusyi pab se tco er tting mre in m dcrimatin >>gut: tiswasnschuled d im insit. gu tbutsched sarzy p thi an nowt tyar phige an arowtalk tg autrlk a $1rilono $1 triioil euro t se th ri rgion >>ne: ho we rohat nber s thhasone r on. ne hoguese nr sneilthatsne
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es inedib. moy. il >>atest:heytart wth1 nib trlion tinkimo tha>> wout:y rt ta car wof eryth gtr andon tkihenhaou spectaatioarthisame ou ethndn earl r th wouecioiseoube lk at rlthou l$2t trilon. neilto alst rilln >>est: lln r ht. u. youhing ofhela. >>t:umbs, t r. amououng off expure tombot t justouof grce bxpspaie ando ily andst portgral, be btaind ths i hndld th e by uroprtn, bankths as h vernntsncl ingthbyop u.nk a ban is rns clemengus. eu.ountan pty ri ss en tr.endo and hat ansntre fo p usni t strtesdond t hat s fous reon tailst ses illat b hu a feltreereiflsll bhu th a lt courery. >>il:thou b. itas>>:een a subjt agn a agn an b agait and tn aiolee i bjag agan aind tthe toy thle iweaw eryon ys n'the wortotheyth wl eon g tor eyther the wllet t gacke throh, t y ll nerhe taveck eir w . ro t et eter n atveo y r w eteray? y $17?illi
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merin llar is17 bngliri arxpod ust breek de andf eypo dault ths t onthinekg a de youwillndot ave d althippls onin a fectoull ain,ve aitalpl iland ct ptuga n, up toal ind pga1.5 to triion. you ll ve.5counies lerin. rman tu t wilave tun bas l t a an cotry tile t leba eece a o ygree rig now ca l retret thce age f ee 5ig0ow and reiveca heathet thag benefts f 5ifendand rveea 9 rcenof ne ffed th in meen-. >>il:thheyin jt >>: upphe y reti jment agtopp 52 >> est: nd ytint havago coinceheerma 52 ay>> yt: y av haveo coce billma ut yhe vereek t goodheyil deflt a niout ofeken t in th willodyef d aaultni you tve of thll aumb o dlt ti u bbs that arenmb oi b exis nce.atre >>il: tyue utherise. >>: co ttriey who nex to u flier ot? co>>guiet: y o ouseexo oli car o. gu y se>>ne: is o rxposare. ne is
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thatsos 20 at te eposu20? gues nouestn, t t e sasuozynschuled esoeeti tsst t weekd i ink acallysayched adowfhattie t sain theeki k ll oacly008 owtsahe ohen08 bernkeen to coressand id y ha tn passerarpe a iftooucoss donde yha t willeint est ssp mar af on deessi mucwors than hat llnttma aw.desiucrsha atneilbut day are w. cling ilt y 1,000re. >>gut: tre clg hop >>il: uid 1 n00 se gu t it op >> : lastg? n segues walstreit trars el the iso st w es thalreillra no be leth is ge a w halll whetrnohee a com in, et soone,m. chiherom h ton, b othesoe, cntri to ghinvold er h toaveo bhe heegi s crito g trars ol ing tttoe wi sheres t thiraf g w te doiot ap he wha we re wa tohi he a wo he habetsa aroffhe a tsextarweek >>ne:t thekk yneu,: andow ionsreh cupyg th ynd ocpier nsand, t tpyisth so eeeli pocerd, atde tso andli p so
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>>il: oublin ptest padise notll notll >>: bl pst pase tot occiersike unio oupyi the cau.ccrske io an oyi orhenizeamon anau ireasg nuer n anookg for thezeonn ias nu nnionok f lal.he teing e "wonhingn la pos and quot "the iso way te g ople"wre gngng t be los by d ot th eisoay uons intle g t bbeomin ly fosed u sonntlecons, b tinfod aivis fee at hec bees, t ais unscessl."ee tha a h ptestees wa of ns sstell"g heha uon pstbosswa to oake a h e? ll th u unn anssoke a potesrs h ide,thn an very ce peserso e, a ry arod silehaedlyso arorespsibl si haly foclosgowerspbl fooswe maatta
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and ere s bn no ansptati aailae. wh do mau mata d e bnof sp ttit? a hela who ma ishat hin t se ofhe eis mberst in s aof gting as tied os m rse te par w ae g ngwiths the ti o rublins gommi otear w t thcaus he >>gut: n rliuestn, g wmi t usshou unpk t t gu n qstte. w geralhe ounp t otesrsre q. hay t gel seenio mber es d ha toffial uonsee spporngio the m r use t be usof fiei us sor frasheuctu e rtbe bcause eirolital asntertuts bu bus frany, ritecauerbu unns atev thean botheaun evhe bhe -- pr or -cons uonsr artor sta up r woing ople an ns at us iarhatta p th 9wo pg centle -- andatthey eth p nt --ingi foondey and proding gioo bathoms ich ey ed.nd ro ngneilwhy won heyths h . lve? the gumeilyoneys, lot l? e meeop ha bee cov, int thi inopudin charshaeeovhi inpayninar b you di n go whyn me. b >>est:ou di nhe gofer w isone. t>>t: tae. neil theyrhougis w
4:24 pm
th t hnityta why ileytherug aense w ty hve h ty to tayy aer nev lseave? t h >>est:ay aell, tevis le? is soof >> t:out el, tagic io ovet nts,ic righ >>neve:s, wl, th gh gen ally ne mo w. th >>est:nd thereenly mo mong.>> t: eyherehe cnter ofmo. 50 actis thapped t cser pasf ekenarou50 th orldtith ipp89 tas en oucounies oveth00ld iciti in une uns edve stes ati insaw un t hatsoday fm aetirw ts aywest firirgia wld nit st ha r th ptests becseheyrg w wit beoldha andhe th pstworrdec eyout wi losbegdnd hesoci secuty.rr neilwe h t aosemoctheci cu. il h ocbillnair he yeerdaynd heent dlln,ir a heda het d bi liralnd he sae wuld askbihat tiirl beef he as,nd h t wkedd toskt a t ef h td odispportnateumbe a yog sp rtpeopte, anbe h codot get see ofyowhat cessopyan hcoet d ssatsartnt.the
4:25 pm
meage. one knrtshat ee bee i guese thae. is ne ovent ee isimpfyin eshasve i mp thin is oly be a nth and u lo iat the ainthis oe hgoalnd ichlo tohe napehe coersaon d eyal h ae. neilwhat isecothesa nvertion atheyent ke ilatis bloute gues ty waeron ur eyt cntry tal insad but of h es tivea mo tax cry breks oalns tof ri hand thvee wh amoax dogell rehe t ecomy ieyantd t alkthwh a abto l at w wel d forecy the rt t ofk bopleho w areel dor strglin randf le woing. reneilindetand b thetrind donot wog. p il itdends bhe arcc tlyt as p u ant so a gorct is y andas otanrs areso ao n, bu g od th nd e ainst ot there n baibuutshow g h ey asteelhebout a pridentaihosw contues eel ilou fout ather en sa ntnkers >>ouest:hey fo noteuppo sa him. er >> il: s>>t:heyy otpodo. >>gu t: wm.l yo alk>>g to: s ey the ong. os. guby a wyo lgelkto esee eopgar o a l foing ep dsillionewith fog liti and my vot for d ll neesidtht oba an a un ti nd pe mle. otneilorare yo idoban sa anghis grp is antperesi.nt? ilguese a lyo of aaarty s an gris libtaris iolventinsi? t
4:26 pm
es lf otesty espeallyanutsi of ib riw yo i butvemong t t you esopleheypely vsitedof for hangyout a ng they thoug thouith sley a vd or diffngencend t aey are eyughh s ffustrceed. tre >>ne: s thtr blm. cme ne th --lm c thbloocome off the oama-- th oobloomeffhe gues it esn' mter who oa you t in oo t syemur est n' mlitierl syhoem u in tisyontrled by alltisy seet antrd b byl stusianss. oesn mte b wh thehopesi . or sn mwhhe drmspeut ordr --this meonwoulelies i- tis pr ess.on ul neilyouli i id yo tare pr frs.trat by hatil heuas ne.yo egues im frgladat peoyetree hold.g hifeeto tesadeoire. >>ne : ld holhingetiso t fe toe. ne thfireolandepeang h lo eo ather thred jo bl whea hhe o sete re actederis jobjo b bl h forhater easose heedsannob b even et srat paytoso h longn th . en >> est:lookpa es are ng pele w areed up th th>>t:ok re policape wre stem take th o li emple em ke
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4:28 pm
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4:29 pm
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4:30 pm
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4:31 pm
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4:32 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
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4:41 pm
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4:42 pm
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4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
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4:46 pm
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4:47 pm
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4:48 pm
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4:49 pm
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4:53 pm
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4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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