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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 22, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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r anyouimre suc tssfun cry omed waour anupprolucfu ratgsise. wa rhower, ain tsroase,ate.he - wee is ae te, -f is the daysf donateby js an youhe are ay noavin gatucce the dote yo jare anoure tubleno i waintake gce abahe yyo se temb 1, tle waswangtokeba smb posabc pl th1, asto shed ttosaid cat t pth sh ttd t pridens ecomic pn -- econpric pengramecadic notadny p-- effe and 37% on pam sdtotad acfeallyndur7%he s enomy acso yly hadver e 80%myf t peop say g wh you y head r do0% sndin t opaywhou h $8 doilli on s ine smulu pgram8nd everhingliounav don slu sin pam s no m eerng posiveonin fferce, ingsre jt as no m baor they havoseeotte er w, segss j as relt baheavtef w re yr picie y memb, biladewas lled the pastie qrter mbbides t shedld he het qereen refcted sh hhose numrs and whanve heefed t fm t kiingseum ondf nha e lan w f sma t aig sho. >> of thf e la numrs, wma you a sayho
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i>>th meaum, ifhoseou a theay i nueaers i tfl yosehy t a he last js pla nus t wyoch i t my la wa j reflectlahe w i smulu bil m waefct of sluil febary-, abt h f,of but 80%idn' lkeeby-ab tt h fenut im%ctn' l he tse trygo oim stimus 2end hs wot wry th e 80%im b 2k h ato wll. ey a goi to th%ay, brk someing nie.m aoioy, megie. noo wha iut m m. oo halumnn thwall see jonal. m m lookg at jo mnlan,thllhe s present sing,jol.kay i okato had n, aile est s sg,imulayrograd s let' tlehe sul same thigr s a in.t' t this sehi stilus a. h many is provionshat ties repts h my of st picie tha ovnsat notepad anf piehampac foot e mplean $5illiac t ele la $est emenoutli tf 477lat ent llio77 plagoeso ctinu th io paylllaes toax cnu hol ay. th atayndernes the tolveyol. f
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cialer ssurit butheveince w nted heal hiday s it dectber,he ecenomy w ndas n hay ecr, emy n goenppreably bter. why goot re lympory br. yeasus don't he or peanensu impt.ot ratr th h iesti o pe en rchang aew c ormp atatevth, th are isingtito ha a pay cwn treir evthrengredicard db, y t r squiel iway.dird lo d, th is toing t ui i wor i he toy.ell y, thloe isth as ng t voor tod o hexcutole, yth is a yeerdain voongrods, o ocu ts, inhe sene, oye thedagr o esidt's t m asurin enhe's oowhe taking t ids smulu2 mur asur'sand eaki itpa ang t ssendlug2 ito urd heki contess and nd obvi isly,he mtons perfu mostopul pri vi hy, m h ishe p fu $3 stulilliri to ephat h h hs ss $3 li dpepo test hm ling sf dp tteacrs. w, ts is lg eal ac. ama ing. tis oalht to rd thmag. bi os. i ad till. oeorig ralth stilusbi i tl. ill,ig ichtishey heroke up. ere l, hy hke stitl b.p. e stion stl. 2 s on
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sa thathe cretyf saha ede atioethall not aocat ndso tateed uioessllot the inta aat t s ste steport usor he k-12n th ta arega t or on s t s rt basi o 12thxpenture agarn tor si o ople- penre pupil a nes th thetate le p fisl yeil a n oes thhete 2011 is yein oer wds, ve y to o end ucon 11 o w, yoe201 ad s youuc didn01 20 a11.ou then t sa thad the steill sport or ken-1sahathe shel peenta o o lin srt k-1evens avpelabltaat e oal ororeat en therceage avbl e frtateat fis lth ce eyear 21. f te en igoes o tois ay, ve yar 2 dohat ies ooro013 a, y ot wel excu m3012s wel el next cu ye m. soi2 mea in her rds, weel xt e have soo giveean $r 35s,eilln to t ve stat toeep theoe fm $ finglto t at teoherspbut he or fdero reive eiund havyote torst rer spd as ree uch neydavo spass y speh y st yeand grant y wil ype spen that mucea mon nex gnt yilear. u wo t ha enoatire anyuconex ter.hersn or r towoetha tseny ney,his t ps u thitersor to
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to ts encrage the sy,tes to t p shireore uhieachs o onc toge p the so rebiggech oo p t sarie so ery w king gg m andoman in arica sho iie e s wugglngg to mnd anget wil h e aca to i p m s tgleo go rnme or t fferil ho big p m t crea n thgormer ebter thaig ey'roblited eath ftha nrday 'r lid puic eloye f me moy and n to he mo of pu eye tm. th mmo dsn'tndake sen h mo fit's t th d'tealleen 's mntenciveffor d it inheill. le >>f heoesn menet aveor itn acti witl.the >>he arica sn ople af tiite pol aics,ca 80%le didt litimusols,1,0% 80% nidt l ikelli mu toike smulu0% n, ifheel togisleive anda, he' slu htifg a llven sle a losa,ge' hemocts a nos ocprobly t bthing goi intoobhe e tctio b mng b the reblic coidida s to eio b mause ve y govnor bhe rney whoreic c da n't emoove bisse yumbovsr ryho t e upherm caimb creed aittl bitf a uprm conaisi ovehis re asititl o tfonsibortven,s ti o reprentavert bhmanis pr retartedo losg her sff - bi doant kn if 's t e, butreedos
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er theercetions s - rydoknffecf t ut e ce onpolics. vern ricperrechas ten a li. swg or rnicrrs twot eh o t ar, hat sw ory behat hwot eoing o for himt thebet fac hthathe rublinsng dot seor to ve aim heacat d rzlerli >> wdol,seo loo a widn' lk der likee had wazzoo wn' fer 197 ke hz f eier. mmy rterent 97wn t defe. ei .i am ay oluteryt tonfint tt atfehe e ofhe am d aut thefi t at ef rebliche priry pcess wll mina somody who can re bictri p ss priden wll naomybam an toy, b h prenosin tm romtoy in h e re in tlear piticpoll andomin re genicar picll rep lica in td real cle peniticvera ofepca t lls.alle picra f no ofhe replica a well nownnofreeepca as a s rply llwn aneesrisp as t s plyesidt is. thanresint'sn bsp sha a t pid s. toy. th hasi you'souch b oha an eenti totrut haou hech on e catit ut win yheunni forain re-ectionion t grer stimusrogr, thpend g, -e thio treefic and he d bt himegrth h ndn up r tthicnd d hfforble h car
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--up t amace. he c'tore run onar the b ac omesc cuon achemplimentso hwille uck,esing acliingnt hllorradte k, hisg publan ogonen >> tellead this. i amoing to bl oen ge youlh amngogou hypoetics. eake ggrich alls p apoic sake m p gatictoetti tls a nonati, wh didou tsal at hitoti to? >>e's adnotiwhid t goo debatehi rfor>>nce.s haso takeooete t doratee. ase rforncesin wch h h t de aparedn al. he s ores w h h t rig oneaped n. a he m sy t igbate--en. it' te gtingorn t'ene attks theedia gbut ngn astteen shnhe a theia t monowlgeab andnh ahe we-infmed rsonn tmo staiess wleel.ab nd nee toake ff the we nf d stagonand tt aits l. ieenoe ownhe hl ag d etin inowt a new i mpshe anwnsout h colin inhenoweedso aewe shanuts cin nergic i ds theampan in thearly sat he i inrg ihe 9 e mines opainhely sat thdeba sta end in swsin o much iorma onthba andtas mh ss ch ima nd infoatioandm and perice ahe ds in the
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foiodnd bate ribut a's dinheirtuly inviblen te th e eat ytatus.nvle uan'tust nthea ts by 't sht ing for 10 o tby2 shg or0 o2 debes and oteb impss ithearly stesn a v y d mp a iresseely was chi vgoeceny ass and afan. s hi guy id ten me,ewtingrh nd ist gog to w. i idy te,tgr is reagoy?to w th's ai prey stngea st emen th ai sa, whdoouayrest hat?st en i'm n tsawh brd ohet? seum'mnd t b s ourda saker um ngri spe s thedaay lookin s er at the ripeheoin dinaur olleheion. u dot sndinratday len. do schico, n anarlyy pimar stat ooki ic ntnhely din paurar collattionyouki neainr iow new llonuea hampire,outharonaowew neva. >> ypotmpticae,th2,o now y are va >>otca runng heowan cn's yre cpaig how es h win i nnhe c wst do y c igtell im t w h do? in i you nee w to g y s iousll t a o? st ouee t g sus a sotinst sin youelf.
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his mmen on artio heouf. creas dennuestns. w heas aio h haned the realoutst . heanhe rut-9-9 hav creed-9 av yequtionre quonas a ver snay gphic thiss thvage er t rnal gearic isthe pol tics. r rmanain 2 6,r aragef th renols. polan, min 2 roey age th rolmio .5 per is 1 3,ers ginichs 13, 9 dinh 9 ronauls on/2. l wasudy glian.inront and dtant thiasy g wannt jhn d dnt mchiin. is ithe od ns. w jthead new s ttmc if. you i looe n esidehe aragend lkew tf atou ooe plst deppea age lt phat rmaneaain d pkedetwet theann p sdxr 6tnd 10twef octoer annow ste haeen0t sling theolls a to wanlwha nobab mov bind slttg romhey ls a inhe n wt rlnd abfov bd ollsom inless n risebat perfrmanls
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lastsseekaveim aatooster an therhan a st dklinee i tnk i dst g eern a h dne tnk i d g e deine. was h bea upretty b autdee. as ea9-9-and hast utt bee b abl aeo 9-d as tful defdeet an thebl coentsn artiore goi ulef to aan to hee cots a pioblem focu onoi a to aesso e,e stik tohe pem cun a ssag explsn it tilookto infmed ndon'talk off ag e cu ipl ait oknfd w tat'tkff ets cu a ises wuest tns ieopls s minds toheth or est yo are st to iheplsob. ndto athr yo e cogresean r. pau he h a l a p ceoples wh r are au ve pas onat h abo lim. youun h pplh a ve caasaignathowbo d do y. thi ou h o? >>ca welgnow l dk, h yhi doeav a o smal>>grouelthats l h veoe passavnateboutim. alouact,atonig hve i finsshingte ut m. a t,o-caiged h iin mngon mon a bb,ca iernet mon fond-raero bse m seral ine milon f dralars the oble is, gain iselm noil d rs sure - hee oesle tos, iina i a newno hampir nd srethheso carina, no aas mewh as e mprobay sara, ould no mbutas heba suldo ld m e, btutee d oseemtoave anessa a b
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ens at oly ake em teme wnsa a e aeady s o e for t wim and ady recoect the f heeedso baden thendas a cothe he ds figu out benheas aessa. th are guut psione anellsa thganired. buthey peem onanpend aotl o ti tking to nihems ves d buey hem pend and lot o o imtie tngo tking ms s to t m ahend n ppleot outd oof timos tng nive tes. a >> n penateut san trum? at dou d fve. >>atim? anm? d f iow end l ofourm? imenowa. ow's d hadofreood debea. perfadmanc, expt t othod eb nit, ihinke as t rfncex t thgresve a o r theni i tp. nk took es a ohe unpasan tyou ve t lnch ok yrttacs, npt haan you o u t lauh l youhr y ac ats,cks a wayhaou that peoeauou ats ayha eo edon'- n'on't lik the atack or tttac n'heikashe ack t toamp outac i i a a ho toreakoput i ahrou. hehoan con gaak him an vante. noouhe h , yohe c knogaimnis nt no pr hciplyo onoositn in ia areprpl ca o anditin iaachmn, hre cand h to ab ppleho ahmor h h the o
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herm cai pby seing aat he said abohe bortrmn, hai sg e cre te id an oboning for himrt h wel se irete o hengorim canick uwese i somee suort.ank u overr sa sh paen isot su t. nnin but lo of eoplersapaisre angng in fort f herpl eorsengnt. youeter rerndoemen h e yousese. oudoen hhat? ouell, yeed t tt? ol, yd wk tt heetwo. look endsemes ar reat wo but u g okndmearalf hfathe su ortet and gll o tirlf h sutend o t ir deacto. sot isood et deto 'emsoisd buyoueed to make t bestem use itbuyud te tavin b ttm e orkt y eir tworr worin tour tworin akay r toor encrage oraddionalr sport or awhenoncge omne dial srt en got chrneothr cistis enrsemt, ihoug it s intestinthatame cy thtis e enem r ineyugt ampa nteinentate th out t it ryonors apatut t f d-raing itpealor a fromhris cisti f rai thg ght alatas a s rt
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omiso. cti si e tht hen,he -- a h hast si campgned whn, h- h 's b ause e wamps hed h t toh agsi h. o bsewa h n twork >>to cialtn aaysice h toee yo nrk th c islt go aing se bo a yo thscinsing,og asci bting rac becae isarrom ing, ove cithanngac y ca i kar youmve b . an thk ou b >> traitth ladk.hy is t ener dep tmen l>>dingai morads t you erepen lngoron $25 ou milon? d ift's suca $ winr,uchil? a ifeats ucvestnt, yinh doe t a t mpanneed urst, mony? why aoe the t pvate anedon wh ahenves prs?te es snd fny. ere ees? the pvate s f i.esto? e d mexo'she pte predents ito exblamsg thunit stas,re nt sang we a dping amthit ctamina on w a dwengave a civena rport .andice rolr,e a predente rrt obam s geding re topsutolre nt of ira b y amgeg demb ts 3 what nexra b d mbllhat'at ts ti 3 pr it exn't kno and ist' a ttiig prm. t tno d s wry. ambaadorohnolte i ws. her
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baornte ier i'm king myoneyo mo. i'considatg my sset m ngmyeymo i'i'm nst paatng hmyden etes higcommsion m pa hn igmmon m mang e mo of mon. d sen-doar tdes arjusthe s mof on sedo t i'switharcottstde. s . i'withcottde. i'thtt .i'withcottde. ani'i'm thvingtt .everminu of . i'thtt. anm ngernuf at sttra, weive u mmison-fe et srawee no-f ira d mo. is-fet -fme sra why momo inv tors are ying . shymonv rsi'm th sttra. e ng m sra
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the's ly one ttleeft i'veot ttellusie ths e let thvendg maine elm isvelmos temptll ie th ndi'm ma it,e oss.lmis ospt new m nyt, s. soy ! w arepen for sine. so! renr ne let'reroe gr freo. owinbusissesse chinto-mhine echnt'ogyro gr re insies in -mneom vhnizonyirels. susi! vonel the ing chin.. siread fill. e g in ol be. adbecalle thbusi wi theest chnogyul. b cathsi wihet no ul
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he e rgy partnt s ikes ain. is inot ump angeit's halfilli dolrs ey ort sescrea n. am iicant manp actugeng j's butlf li ole car ae noea beiamanantu jut
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blt i ar the aitedtateo at lsteiot this b i e edtet yea l joe s vensis joss. ea ce t seee sns ntrorsy out e car s. wher are tee the y js? >> ro wely t ar a out erre00 to are jn >> el lifoia athe at hdquaers. o tha as t unid stas. >> thafos th aunitetate huas. ha tni but tae ca s b>>ngha athemblitnte nlan of a t ca b p anhy?f ps. he cpany sa?hat ty coul n cny fiat ty somoneo ul nuild fi it he. th don havom aeacto, fo ld isit h h h-enthon savrtsar.tofo th saidhreeompa hesen the ss. th aproaided deelineto bpaldhet. ey d't kw why oa dne b. mbe d k becae th arehy a m comtit. ancaso tthyret a eurpe causomt heyan tave atisto of ur ildi on us conactorye a othertof di n compies. on t wheyou y tho t o ter her r ompa mps. aheredu lath t t r pagoes u a wdithla m bauseft's es u greadeec wltiohthey m wanto bse cuin o the's dea a be eaecio peyt ofanheex cu o genheatioof tea a e cars that p a b of sigen io ti kn tha som rs peo e at b areig knurioha thaom careo ingre bui io hainarinla.
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i gok a wheerui w got talan -- gaini a so ihe whinkot younow, heta--in act i thnk -- ouat's peciar w,t th- 'secr e. thiss a pritelywned mpan r ht? is s rit. >>hat'srily aothe red fg oran r? i >>t' e. a ifhehis r suc f a greeal, ere e t rivaifs ucre iesto? >>ell,l, t ye h tevaaise m ionto >>l, t h thugh ivatnvesseent mon rms, clir thh atesterkisnd cls,nli techlogygreeenerki ll ric guy ichgyee terre t lyave put ny io ic iuy t t tre te t paye havt e p iut i in a t lfilli. >>here tre ayeotav p of ricnuy with lo fli >>re a monf. ic if tss sthhlo gre dl,on thif tant s gren a d makall thth mey. t the is a r gsonhy aakl the havethoo t m. t hes rn taxheyers veit i't t tt gat o tf a dl? it'axougrs i t g o te, d? ovell. t' it verug tgh t tes fve. theiter au iustr t-- >>nd f t t fmerin peoplehe >> a forau t i mistr >> f t peoe. ri theadmilestra on s s a tory tis ho thiwilleoum thmira s srt t t mpanand eate lot ofhohiobsll s twn t lin an thd havte aotf facsryn delar
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tin av ey a gng makac itel w. eape a gg akore iamilorie edpe er. thspor carsil $ie0rand p, vythighorarnd. $ th sayd heirext vhd. mod wil be athayirt sllerfami carhat od iley wil a mak her >> y kw at i ser dmionart li il it aaker p vate y h kld i don cipany if tsit aere a pte h publdcly hd c ny comp y th t neede a aig bstuby hd and erybmpy cothd ma aeot a mey b md n, oybcoma t o m b m o handyosthem fai tbecae o it ooney but hey ndst dom aica sitceedther o are coueey f t ricyuys io seder somee ubliuoffeng ler tha ic willsake ton ooneyecau meli fe lofha gllerose y ofonhe amecaneyau pe le, ich ad n gosof choeme n in. peight, h ight nho . no heful ty whtlht me moy anpay no back hul t t w lan m >>heremosan thayt asp bt eyck tan, i a lan akin>> thereha aumptnspey , ey w al pay bacinthehe aptn ln. w mae thay'sace flish why s l hismaompath cho fn?sh ary ther a psiticpaho arer coectis? a >> pic the dmintratcon, ti dertme>> of ergy yshe tyinat deme
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f eose y em pury onhe t mi bu e lineuron pkins mi asbu a bne stak pns silon vl. b th havgivea lo of m ak toteil v docra . th onavpartver islouyfamed m tel dre srathey onrtis aed concted but ey s s theey dn' c aln anyhipsnonedhis. t whi she d c mea it w nypss. hi cessily,uoteeat wrook nut to bcrut izedssy,tehent hok to bnnecons. ut ed surure.n h ecs. ur >>e. so w ma joboexpect getut o o ma ts?ob at's thet pitet? o >>hey are ex tctin t'shereatit >>y sothinin t neireborhd ofxin t 00at jo. >> soinhen? t ei rh wheofthey g the facory u >> anrunngn? inheey gheelawe,ac u mayannn xtn yr. th areehin whaaway ey y iginthlyreinrojehaed. thas ointheredje. f g.has why vestn a comny oer this f y st behi, thomtops buihing s eir cs hre hihat thve bnpsui g re ctedryhe cs ht utomers reed he and pvate iestooms don wan to g h ny d fur perte ito oon aan l b? g iurouldtnves o-- i woun't l put mi o mldones n ihat? theout
1:23 am
hadt mginay mnaid, t nt? he eaiestrojeadionshenad, taid epteereast 201jens ty hopto d ha terodud 11,001 top car ha>> h manyduave1, ty proarced? the hhave 40 mye t t u. ro rid?t nheowve 0 >> t. ri-0.ow thersnher red fla therare .any ed er flared la he . ere taayery mn, ion'tnow yla some ghe tsome taer m i'tw d't. bu the wil beme mor to thi tme i' sur d t.t w buhe willdluor leo hi to i'earn sur tybe were is wlu l toxplationrn niceo seyou e e >>ice s see you >>laon uperceseou >>e ee murchndou h is oner surve aur hharelderr chlengto rva tirreer ontrch ing the ke ohe t pne-htrking e o legaons. me p s-harehngderrs gas. sehrr -- sheholrs h caedor thei- shol h oaters ei muoc alogid fo others actis ofmuhe brish agifoe wsparnd tiofriews crp pa bsidryeachws $.2 c mi ionidch $ettlent th t famimintlt t of
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mi milif mowlei aft t coany admttedole hckin tft t coydm ed rder hin t tnages p ws cporaon i t thege pent mpanof t fox p. c newrahann i. >>he com pgt anp, toxewnn m ico' p>>sideomp, lder me iso' pde bmings aga onef eris mico' bngga mos ef pspers mo' tiess onofos its per eson detslies and r trpsn iq wl b ho for tdees d tr i w b holays. eat ws fho theor tamils. bu couol iras. t fheove innd takeil bu oura ov? joven t e malannocer ntmery nd a gailaggiov jo had tre thaborthe ost raraland nogicar fruintry ailgi d rehar e twhic provared d car tuiir eryinaial ed. icov t r rythuaer rl blind.] thu er cshinhu] rin an th, inne b ndi blihu c inof eye anhin bili ye thr tr hadents lt. thtittrtheiadraymend ja ls fian advor iteiymja fiey h predvred r ev thenthiable hred evhehile ♪♪ an thedanc.♪♪ seehat raymd jas visan canheo foncyou. et ymja isanfou.
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1:36 am
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1:44 am
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1:46 am
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1:47 am
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