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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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ss vtty sng stng pla t. >> y cou havkill bin v stladela y ou yeaav i cllldinave >> b l: cdetion you e abt to nter ea cve th bno con sp u abto zon er "theacto bins ghtth spon heto bows t >>ill:i, m bi'reiy. thks f wahings >>l: ton ht.biei vithence fickspang in e ocpyon. walltree prviest.ce ks pat ithesubjtn ooc thi evenllg's eelkin pntsrt. m mo. i e bj youay ohinow, ens in m pspal, mlenn. ck, ouliev the prost movew,nt ijusthe l,ginnnng , ofevhe wld wroe rve isteft nn r olt. of ck b wes h wsses ent what haptningn grce rt. ital bask htherest lace t tratng tapnggr cut ck oalnkerce entiemen ttr t sndin aut o protters a oingtien a wiot therscono bad a pttyng . mh wihe no aderyw pre, yere i som m symphy f the kin o otes yw, rouneth iom lobe mp fhe taining ints not qu ees aun agatedbes be is,tag ts b weot aru watc ang t sittionery ag ed beoselheres, b ear tc t titsa.ony and ere no uestelnre tha t thviol.t coonen of t d e nost monsatio isha o t thol rcoe. en t rit n
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thensccupiorssre o t cltere r in amecari n ciesheup th n yorclren meeinghe cter cs piec n or soar meng tha c90r ecroteers ve bn so me aestehanhistes b ty. a tee ct ofheemonratiss is. cofonti aproaing4 miion, ishich wi be rn b aoagmin,chhe nork wie b taayer in oland cal norni thisk egettgowdy taer o acndrdinalni hi someepor rs onttdy tacin meceneor o >> t tonout tre h chand. ne weave en teated. th wertell g tonst if h we ied to tane o we ce eras tte ntth erell s plfa anintoe thed cam t ar o th c wouas tak our ceras plantoheamar ndthouak ur breathem. cas >> tightonstutiol rits were read n.ea em tv c tewshtstio rire m readhandd tv by cupaon c prosster mourndbyamer nea y flpag toheroer oundrollong whaereafl atoount ndlo hato an ect ay ontupatn ganirs. >>e a a e tha you o poiat ouni. >> cames tords atyhaouoiall and me tos notowas thtent l>> cimin wnd wer't asng co ent nowathnt cinideope whileers co int puic planeeole din wenafte pu a calla repter. th d's dente teha lnaggep or.his
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suth coa it's dhe oytehinthatgg o seds hissuoa 's oin aatm. s >> ill:salki pois beeves ere now a danr, pple >>l:kioi bees beg hu ande illeow bcaus some ofhesean pe preste behundle be ouus meofofseprtecontl? inlevend, ere aou alle tionhat e of t prestent in raved a, e a leont of t wom. anwhenprer yte havraahousds of ppleom anen yav eotiolly crgedus p e ythi uld e hapion.y c edericonorrote ihis dpart o ourapradionakes ic th orcouny strteg. i but artwe he our bdienesth eporunng tr e oc py w l sttet a h e denstr bionsre notustor oc ab wt ecstomic you vedetrnsradil pple stiotingt troable aecic au ordi to di pcentetig svey, 31% fro t a new adio yont cit pro sstery, belve1% tew usg yoitroerel vlencis us oy inrder vnc to aomplh oheirinoal the thoreries stontie to to be aplhiralestr ned, ute ors titohey belso sttrd,y havveryefineoules an l bakinavryin hato bes oseced. l y t beatsin he toea bake ec. tts seri he ftor"s alkeverhe oryecau we lievit h rithe y.tentl fr"al toret o of y au e nd.ev h d it doee nt land at'so a of mem now r. theitopoe toryd let''so a outo tem bw are fheryt'
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alysou. t joing , th b fmerre f yor yssan jog th f frnciswill r bro . n fit of fisall,ounowllro tfiofurf. u knl,w kgoand i t t'skn cbsgo affiated out i g'shere. i sff fortetut the careletts. thie aretorhe antcaprotttt th atio. re yetheyeettiardntimeot by se of iothes yeey protister whatdmeay sofesyou?roer at wel i tl y at ove inu? oakleld, t i y surise becse ven the a -- kl th ie ha beeuomeseec the a- minderandi aboth youha ee rit to pteste wre y c do mierdibo itou rito a pst w y c whatdoou he init a tes ofhe conol ofhe tfat on hinhich y thite youofonan o t onch y prest. hi's jout no heahys it n stan andprt.he jnoea mor in oland is g ing t n hav annd ry m idiffult ome ond ult atel g tav ff cot roll ogltel coll ig on t oth han in n frcisct's que i tthann fferfrt. sc thsu prosts wereatg er th probm onthe sewal i ros frt of wat the ederob resonvee sal fr of ildi, soonveatiohe er eswentown diso wh thve maior. th ntneloced t anher wtha s tth oc
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fo ttheintentrurpos ani woulguesthat s swly foeintpoanut ules suatly tse t sts ayotoing to su t t a devop ang tere. at'stohat uaveovoidev a i te .all of 'st theseve ptest id you otecthe i r htl tfes prot pt, bst you an n u ece r t all ot b thou to nterfe will these ofpace th tho allrfwifsre he en tled to.ofcehll >>ill:hat youake the enrveyedyo. libalagaze he >>l:t oun nee wheyork eycity thaaibaz thirofhetheneroterkers ytyha olen is l ire rit?tes ens at dyou kefri tat? >> i th dku t doe fnkly t? ith diervi to atoe fly divio letima opptuni to exprs youdisaeeme lewithma pp nieo picie th pr haousameth cated pie gethnempaymenand oher kind ced f sialmpend or illsnd bu sit ilnotood tolsave bu iybodtlookd oth anyegatee the odok ptestny at i dot ha got toheav pst posidoveha rotpons o yove goto be l e ma in si lu rer knsg, r.yo wgo if u wabe lthisma nluion k to wevelf wa a
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is n synathyoel a sy bilhy becse two t ngs il ecthere abt ts. i n't inwo ts er's aab econical t i t sedrote a ymor on alnumb twoaot d of thete racal peorle w l dmbstrowo proptyofh and htraloupe w dor ro wh everop rean. ndnow,hat h hewhereaiffe nce, n w,t yo opion, tweethes prestsnd t tartyfee, yopi, eees prts t tty protts? >>ell,hink tat ot? >>l,bvioly atnkhisomenthe t tea pario atsene otesears he narncued t wratof es theubli he ncu t offials at oheli thlaw forcent de affls has o beenhe ce thw rct a crentasn oaenand ere cee telisio c ntmerahaveeen boared d de el ioothekindof tng o raven th bd heturend t i oh ao kno tat rehere apprs noto b a e ki ofno trespserepp tono b kifsp to suryboutiolee connte wh tur prost utle moement as u nncall wh theea tro mo ntparts u llbut don'hinkhe hever tha rtthe teaarty t n'nk hersha eeaty uimatied u at
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d tentlly iverl ass t case wi theccupwall st et.nt y er >>asill: tet m se ialleheeupll u st .now >>l: m hatlee u w e la eleion prod at at th teaarty lalenro s th qeate t clouty as ty putnto theousef q t reesentive a nu erou t y pele tt turutd thetoidhese agrenst enevenu d ocra in atpe t ur dy.he now,ag dont see d tran . ptest w,onee t ll seet ople puing pst ybod st le in anypufficgat a me, thefore iod thi the a paynnyic is a mucore , herehihe pa swerfuce anhis. >>rfelear manyemoatsnhis cs.ntry >> thatrear nymo saysg tingsikises cry we mus t proatct t rig foray tgs em weus tro tig potesor fraly hin t pes th itill rphra h ielfnto athtl h moment if thaomay asist in rak mont oba'shay st reecti --n >>kill:ow cld tt bae ti -ssib? >> ifl:arak c t oba's rege -- at'sib bad wifd.akba if bakeg-- 'sad wbamadmintrat n b has psideowmaor tinow yatrs ha pand dee ecomy hotte torse y itas owd ecany thi h ssibtese
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he t h? it drahi atntio toib the head h itecony anrahe'stioart the he prlem,s he onan'st he prm,e nt? >> ion'thinke's rt o the pblem n bil i rea'ty? nks o>> i hink e pem hs ilea ryin i tnk faion hs solion. think hisinurre t fan js i one inisre o tryg to j faopion isoluneon. o bil oka but ryat'sto libal pnt o vifa andn ou'rlua. mocr and il kau're ent led t 'sib p o vind i'r bucrnd rentust d ripway the p iitic bu t hep. y yohere jus pic a g andou'v he yoelecd aus guyo gurnnd'vhe ec a onomuyrounandenasn' om undonedtnd yn'ave s ne y ll, sti agre w sthim , ti u do gr b he w rely hn'tm ne t job yo . bso hecanre ht the tob prests y. hn he ghlitinghat,prelpts him lingt,p >> i tnk iimther i a i t ier i obctivdiscsionf bak a oba's pformce or tobivsconba obs st t pee yrmrs o us t thi u'llind at t ythere ihi llsuffd ient cere toe m ieor
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s ffntchiement c wtohin m t tim ieframnt wniven to him bil why then im the ollsam tenoim r lectilhyn hels tha r ct ihinkheollha rlectnk dinchamentith e wlell litil rct press. dihanth w >> bl: n witim. thtispecicrs. qstio howo yorate arak b nitm. thec oba inn t q ioeconowy andyotee'sak i theban t 30son nd bar obas's numrs a ibetthe thaany o his0s ar ba oppoumnts. a st gttbackhand tye a lk ais . po >>s.ill:o, gck ta l ty'reot ecomicly bter an >>l: mney ecic br h-uh all ey rht. ahe, la wor bar oba 'suh l nbers r. arehela bett thaor a one ar ofba h nrs reopponts. ttd i haink ane wldf helco mney pos.s i k is w oonenco >> beyl: wl, hmighhave em. o en carul wt y wi b w hghve for .n'that ar wt ywiheoldor tt ada? itould bdain ifou g intoheda ace itd chldge b rtie itoulden f g youtoe ch ie. matr. ld thks f comg o ouwaysoodo e you manext n thth fom o ysdundn, ou xtthidenries nd connce urthrade to pportheobs ll. waitentilesou earone thdeohis.
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ot mitor ec mpgniced d mor pgce dendabity.eah. tivade dogaby.h. a ggerog. malennouvaer ]og troding e re venta er .2012oyotcamr leou ] odg rent 12's rotdy. mre yo ♪ ♪ r. yo ♪♪ñ1)÷zpñk á=?osk?÷óoç@ñnósngóp]olw7i@@zç
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úv-?')g ñ7ówçñúv@ó')g ,ñvç)úf ç(çvñw(]úvw;lr ]@lñc÷ízççww;gñ@l ÷iññoo>zçñópyñú í?iñz[o>ñ[ñó.ñyñ >> bl: iact gmen the nateaidno t re p ts o bpres ient t ama'enhe ted js till lt pght. o 's besicalt a'll abo jll l ney. e re blict.s a
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bal few bo decrat simyil ny. re okaic a anmoreew spedelatiatimpenng b nka than fedreal govnmenpetien b th. obeda anviceresint oven bin aeteinedo cvinc the ameobcan anoplecesi thebi a vionte ed cnc coect. e mrmebiden lehe too his vn crudeo tt. the odrdeoois elentarru tchoo e n yo penylvaa whe he le taared t aoo frth ade yo cssenvawhhe ta t t fsdayh e you cave d a lf teacrs w t useay oue ao wk l he, buac wseecau the is no w mon h fothem n tity, thau'rehesoon not foem wor tng ay,the so at hapns t wn tort a occs,o eacapof w tcc te teacacrs ithetateaveor kids teach acthey ion'teteeet t o sdsnds muc ch time ith eyu as'touid t s wh syouruc casse wemeh as smaher. ur c tsenk theedere gmavern.nt shin ton, c. sheuld ery to th cies, lk,e'r goi g trn ingive, sd o y somth cs, m ley. 'ru caoi tire ck ve all yheseom m .teacrs. ca e wawe're goinll to ise i ac we.e gog t wa'rskin peoe tho ha a l if i oney twego t payust eolitt bit ha lmore iey tayt ttitre t ies. >>ill:ids ok trill. joing ts. nowrom s >> l:geles tll to eact
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insowm le dr. rolytoct hlman and f ne anast. ly lle han d mars fll.e na lesl, i'not ite ttin l why u wa toring rsour. mess e toslourti'gradt se in w y lookwaike oey wngt toer an heresstortads w e e. ok doe wto anre y? e do>> aualli cat dagre withou ohat. y wh i w inourt allca dre radethno o jot., wead a d ocra andwh wn rt repuicanongrsionembe de on'tayjowe w a d tharandill ivepuangronbe 'tay m agehat, wame haclasl i ememb tm comg, wha did mget,e as i mb t theyay?om ha noquitide sre. thinit's e ery ey? no politicias s ci.c du to intinthe's e y assrms. thinolit'siareator ks toci duo lentn goeoverent,ut t sr .pitca j bsin'sat killshen oey'r nolegoerotint, i c t't d agre tc jwithou onl than 'r theids nondin cf lke dre thnha es lik l what i dinityik do h at o viou y dit di't kw his- o >> bl: h he oou s tdi k deaisiden d it b h becse hknewe tas ea gog toet pssovereen itndec h ewhe kw proamsgoto lik p meer wou pi it kw upro andsthate'ik mou g h pi tmesse acss whi hepndat d w g h ss aced thie snd be, a d whe exnse thehild n tooki s blike aho ithis gandhy sex e heheldortkiin me, ke iis gds dortor?e,
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froo? a rolitil counicion andpnt, as a a shwdlay, ti bcoicn dp, hink it' shay, bnk litt'e xpltive and somit pele mht beplve >>pe m b tnk youeivin tthed . adnisttion oo m>>h crit. m touook,inthises the adsteconon mcr. g gae bin mank, theis heail selthison gabi mabshe bl. l i ink 'sel ais real pro em for b th ei ak inisatio a and wouleagrerowithor th a yoisio d itul re mewhth eloite. yo th werbore but theit wre wh al redhenolit eiansit th er respeauthe ey c w't be h est,al dheyncan'it ns strght ea sho cers, b ht, unfounatyy,n' tr utess u'ren izabhhos, warn or c isfoat chstie ubuts ire ts parabcularase,ar c the chie fa tha thetice i esid tt iarlae, he ovshading e prefadenthand hee th 're idtht i seing e ovadg re jobnt the eg planndices tme tobt mae he just gaf macne t t anic th t a tinismaatio heusafac t ith-- ais io>> bl: iwasn a gfe. ey kw heas g ing d b isn i th a is gesi.ed khe b g d i th theshitesi use mmunheatiotestaf it'shoug oery w l.e un ioit'safot l e 's hug mad o aista.ry w
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's l e hadthertaay h sai eer h lleai that lk, morwomen mhtet l re pple lght torme mobbe becae poce an'toing od. p e t benhe seetsbe ca inpo atng theoumbe theyouldbeen if s yts ok'thisnhe be bs b ley sldofhey yk'isoulinfu loca poli b deptmen s and eyhireoreeopl okayul fu a l ca olifepenndeopl g mad ree apl saidayoh, 's cre ling oear,pl gad a thisnd id, reghat r, to me,t was poi heiswant toat make let e poe,tasoie stant. youitheagreker t disporee. t th ista ore. u hethisres tingris ae.unch ths of ds e. and singis tg tho kid achorf polidcalngho puridses. d't thi thas goo lii rlll don thi it'urs. d goo hi hafors any pitic paroo ronhit'oo or dony picar that i wld aee wh yoin t sensthathildno shod not at expl ted w a f w anyyo t nsatld onehoot gplin d in fnyrofeionsneolitsr herw ge, ltin orfensitigh rw but l hontly,or en w say ghthat lik yout aid,onicy, present way bin atikaidud,ome tngs esti ocki, weede n -- tse're n so kiwe sckedhen it n com- outfre n th mout of ve priden s ed nden.t omt i utnest don thhinkut- v ipren
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he whayou' n. sayii ston tt it wank i he chalculu'edyiabsotely t itbut i d waink as try cgulo tetheso klys wh k st deed k ry ow hichtese kwhi, k i'mhe ved present. is i whate'reoingchn wash'mgton vndhiss est. iatre whyng- >> bl: b the reshonotisoing becse thy o posi par b b heisn'going tokayng ec t it. o whasi thar're ally doi n'in ioy llinthe dst. lk, wre ha the goe guylyoi andhe oer in e rty l the wad guy gouynd o an y y'reheuy onlyineanyear d ye nd u ly shldistetoee. itar not t wayd i shld gd shwndoctte. itot yo tay i knosh gt. ct 's n t way ityo shld gno nwn. taytsh g >> agr wityou .hat. t th >>gritgaiu -- >> bl: csidet. thith-- >> ynow gardssai of at b cde he ss anregahiless f t yw rd pof s shing e m orit of s n gaamerssans fav t o thiob poshg m it billthe er reps licaav s oowedhin thsena thewoul 't lle veepca s oed th nahe itul bil the vvoteon iand o it t kcked doit. ilishete ids at keddo msage d melan th a iantosendo thvice esid mt, igehe del wou thtikendthce id t i convceouheatioforde grars t nv incled, ey'ramerans,iord o,rathathejobsil is
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cl , rthy'r i gers, se forat hbss rit hy g her riteor hhere rier riokay you nvin him i goreteninut for y. co ay u righinim gon outorn. y buyoucogh kw o whbu? u hewon' he kon'tomenecauwh ehen' 'te knowauhe c't snd up to big ow c syp qstiong.o kigws han't y qio. k h >>'t ink thahe >> kha cou - >> bl: wa! whou! i ve iitedhis yfor ars he a b he wll wh noi i ed is reay thrk he s uld s mee ae no h don' sthind fourradere hi au.ence and in'inur wdee hin u hiceadvande te i or s w mageme tea iwoulbe conchined vaerytertime t s mamameea ules o to ivencd y a plicme tal t ma ioubthat ey houg o heoase pc al ing beibtt siuge g eiongi. >> bl: ce on. no it'sot t be sethigi b wit cn. no th 's wat teecau shenehiit woul 't ceth onatitheaune wh is witthesvice ul cn presentshe wh s itwhatesscet? >>hey nt t livesats uietat? >>y tiv lifeet
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theice esidts sy -- u nev seehe vepresent fed t n a hee earid bef se-- an ev eleetion vt'sest ike, t oh aeah.aref nat'shat eelonooksse,oh lik h. bil i'moing o ha's tot etks onik il'mnghao thenmtra and tehinherand t bin. in maef re srtants or ybe youbi tmad hiyou re eht sorts nin r >>e ill:ouhat'the y i thiu ein a>>t. l:t' soe e shildn'haveny prlem. a dictlysoheadshn've gerdo onprhem. enof tdilyad iq wa and ternd n of en t iwand t gadh i. d th wats wod godh to rang pla .th at woyondgoour iginaon. uo d't wt t ng ss thila one nd r i monants. d w t hine a y.mos a
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re! ! no mter at sll sine youre i mana mng er ense sseem ... net inouhe w i. na eseem . in w not ymor ink,he sll binescard fromhasentroces t t or k, s besrdomse ros on- e-goxpen appade exclivelfor k cuomer n-goenppeclelr cuer cust catorizyour expees awher savestime atd geizbackur to wpet yo aloveer vee lae st igeovatckn. only wor iyo cusvemers la iat ly ius rsle n mo at ase.m/in lemot engi revng ] spector gun , br giev ] ecr n br wh's ts gudoin whde. tlauggu ]in . ug whoa wh! way oa wh , gogo, ! e yokiddg? ay go, cheyoing dd oh,y go diheyou g ys s tha maac.h, go [ ma anunc ] thdi miu ize sissha fr tierma.
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th fl si hor powema n ncand rquethiessfrer nnovion r do fs. sior inweovat n fo all.d ue ovn do inatfol. ♪♪♪♪ ♪ ♪ mrs.avis i wt toind a wato bak tough wtodwa b tgh to me scnce excing as vid gam msce xcgasidam i eed rea pet ho'salli behd. i d eaet 'slieh and sh jet o's chaprs aad.d j s ap a. ♪♪ [ le aounc ] wi intac leaing lutis fr♪ del♪ [ a nc mrs.aviswian mnte edatioea g a ttle ore tirsonfr.el medio a lee on soeverstudt fes le heonlytude. soerudfe lhelyde del theowero doore. el eerdoe.
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>>ill:n thfrids wi gerao seent,herere rerts atadh i'sody >>l:th nidwi rase t,re in res dh ssermayet freer o n , it notn sma salre b o it in the . reezit. ot heasal bt sup sed
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5:24 am
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5:25 am
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5:26 am
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5:27 am
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5:28 am
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5:29 am
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5:30 am
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5:31 am
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5:32 am
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5:33 am
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5:34 am
tgas icesn tis ? cntry >> y or>> n 'caute i ign y.s es n t ihinkhis cryount is n ca i ed oa b o sing. nk >>sre y theomanntos do o bhat o i d't sg. >> yhean kw. i'oat d kryin i'. in>> h is e pridendoin so. h s prr? enin >> isoevereall hadaith e gu i er hell madeso nyth coessi s the gu eepub mcanse he lt hosiibel he sports. >> aub younsn ob a l h sport? be>> im. s>> art you oingo vo for aimouoba s rtagai i no. >> are toure angot ovoor reblics h e?ai o. > p tbabl anot. o >>re y goi torehangicour h te t mitt pblt. >> yoiomneongr t pos >>ou aitomnene fa >> ho iosy. >> athatne whaaaboumichle >> i bhman at i d 't rhaembeouher chther i'mot teated by b thaan d rber er 'm t te>> ibyonceverying ceptha e enomy whooulde aette iesidcet, sermaorryg pt emy hold ate oma? id s>> smaerma it'a jo f o? serma s a lmatle mont'erjo ftari sma leon atri me youtike he oeill ctor men my ad oves the oureile oll ctor i or likmy"the'reiesye ilacto" >> y or o'rlleyikheei fa to >> ihink e' y 'reyfa h teril. ink
5:35 am
>> er se wats wor? hri >> wers orld eseat >>ou'ronort. >> o heyhow wsld >>'r i oeyw i goi? >>ill:e codn'te wi us nigh'cau heoi? ting me >>l:co'twis ghaue t g ins! babyophi bab s! ulia. webyongrhiulatab jesnd h watewe worgr isates sudnlyecom he fe techorarges wheneudyom co rig bk,ge l dobb on ten flo taxig a b l 9-9bb. t arthes tngs flodax a f us? bbs -9 ares ts fs?ext. s t. -- t nexevolion in welestechlogy texoln wth aesancechpowegy thverin 4gte nworkakes yo busess n faer: acewe thri4g nrkesyouss fa: smtphos, ltops blet mobe hopots smho lps etobhots but t al4g is catedqual t al cedal amg thmajocarrrs onlyeriz's 4netwk 100lte, amthjorr lyiz 4tw 00e, e go staard of welestechlogy angowhiltaothedcarrrs m w eshach limgyed l covage, anilherr m ha im lrizoovis te, larst e neork ameca zo tar nek me aneverrowi.
5:36 am
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5:37 am
5:38 am
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5:39 am
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5:40 am
nd>> fe.bes. >> ill: bs yo ysaideit'sasic al w thsame thi. be le s ta he fs. >> 9l:-9yoidcaus's ic that oth themehi ta e nle.ta e prlem 9thus 9-9 athein seta nopleyes thaer prm -9 new s yor les ha cit you dd w 1/2or on toofitouhat,d tt's /2 1/2onn tot, t s yourig/2ac >> rht. >>ill:7% o e ryth gurou bu r. >> thl:'s g ong t e depthss ctain bu instri. noth g tep cinou inri heornoical g mo mon bac fro yooral g paheckmoget onac broger ta hoo. bunot pa yck eart brander5,00 hobeca e yore nbut y paringer00 cayo n any fede pl ingme t the thas inme t.ny de in tbut he ha in >> till:o, b 6 1or t paoll, >>l: b 1 a 1 1/2 dsn't add pal, up ato 9/2 d'tdd up so- >>t cos up sht so%. >> cot th ipact,shost the folk tha i tink th it,t heave g lk theihar t finkrs oe g teis, lk at in th as ivingrow as o wl. t it llsoat ths sinplifows asakes w trspart tohe c ditito of rman sif c an,eshat trarto c htpeni. itakesof ut aan c lett fi hni ta s,hichitrees n a heden.tfi ta ch
5:41 am
ery ngle nleme ofhe fo hn. ain,f yowill arey lemeffo goi n,yo inllehat. >>ill:ut l's sy wi toi inssivt. >>l: fks l s whowi t iv f en 6000 ho andown. 's n goito e60mpac dn. tm ve noi mucon t ince taac vel ving t a ve% re.uc t nc ta's jt n. l t ifngou liv rn a hig jtax n if iv ste, le maschustsigikex st l calirniaasus ke neork, everhing tt you liuy gias nk,p. er ng no t youyoan'tell thas g ing hphe noou'tl ha g hpmcdolds i'mot in t fldos ax 'm sine. in >> bl: pple ouldnow e do tflide ts. ne >> n b p quee ion.ld w ere e dodo side ut tre t are nremeousuen. e upsidosid as t emessi wls gary wobin aeaga ryreasiny offigaal callatehe casn pl wou figenealte $tetrilon c plou indditnalne $ildp. at'sitobs.l ats chginghe. 's s. di ctio-- >> bl: tt's chcausngther woulbe meash fdiio onsu br, ts us er t cultain mndusies hke t fsu
5:42 am
c inus hos ing iustr t o. ho mor agehog i dtructi, seou lateho or e we' goto b dintise to rati aliztewhat e're e'ot boingto tiizatre we aompln abtng wlth distbuti in is cntry it's ime r aeop to plartab w h pu ing sttin t cirry big'soy pe ts op ano t undstanng tt wee g to cpunge g e t y we doig p anndan t we gsine . c e >> bl: igree 00%.we o >>he sond rt o thi and ne bn't ieaveeehis%. ut>> sd o ihithatnd tve s e wethy t to iat lar aeak wey to in alainanil flatar ate.ak >>ill:f yo b a $5 m alionin il lause d yo . >>l: tayo b aumbo a mmillonn mogage youe yoake atff ta top w all kwbo llmo ge uat. e t no the i tenti to opy w a k use m h. lnos. e i plti it woun't o faitohe e m l pl tpeopou whot aiavehat ductn no buyg und op thotpretsee t ct toakeit noway,uy yound tt cetldn'do to e that y, weou cldn' c andn' we at seuldn. c n' whatlwayscar mndse partular aft thr s yeadn atof tays isarhe m admistrion rtar thfthrea tis mht. >>ill:dmut ttry can t 'cse th'rethot gng t be aun mch. >>l: tca'conge thand edon' gsay te ahat th anyge d n'yt ny paisan- no atll. >>leariew the fute. >> b l: ihinkpaou kanwnot m . i d>>arw hendeeut b ink
5:43 am
k>> bl: wre n roung f m anyb y. d wee keing eeye o all b w n outhes fpeop . yb >> wwantwemerikeg t oll rev l. esop >> bl: t t's wght.nt ri wanwhat t besfor e folkev not at's best trs t. olitanalatesr rty plkitic n. t bu'st if eit y ecomy - if pic 9% bu iunemoyme , he notoing tco - fget% emmeeeleheed.ot ng t norhoule. t >> bl: tt's ur olenion. i'morul jus-- b bil t i'ms ayin oon 'muse's il'minot!s but! wildefetoouhis utilfe s sa oeill facr nsa ollt. >>ill:acn tol yosounnike u wa a fat t yound th>>k yol:coultoworkyot oun se wa that fobod tou rthallyyoulrk get o hos? >> t s is he batinniod of rlyet nvertionos very tis bmponiantf nvertion abo how to eron ratializrypo td to eronboowo tiiz ke ssibl toour taxyste not e enof . ov s theblours of t sr ax campgn, 'vteot a t en rea ov heopporsunit tto fus in mp, a a n x pocy teat wi poit f n po t bt--i >>ill:ut ieot -hen pey com o b onuesd and>>l: i -f wevern g hernpeainomon bacsdnd t to hallgewer gern himnac ts. ha youhoug to allut th im
5:44 am
uninndedonse tence hahaveouou tugught ah abo tt? caus ther areinoingedoseece ve t ht uninnded conboquens t user e a ng fltax. in edon en>> tsre aays a. good jflgmenx. canreva he t as as a ell. od >> jill:enllanva hight louas dos, er thel. >>ptiml:t. weave ht ranunewdo ehe im billeillwecom e ll qstio for yoanw sidefox ews,llllm qio besres fo dex ws wt, ws,ld byourirst choe foes fews? u seth w w burst hofoptios?, plse se sect oe. mbesthin on eiopl se o weskinn e on w k deckn bi ck ays, rht bkbiay r wh b 're erics naral s and wre's whate ditoda ppord nee ly 3icillina l stdy js d 'satdida orne 3acroli our ountst... j . scntis, tenicis, engiers,achists. rournt. scisteci gis, hi... s.ding earl400 llio llarto o ecomy.. . ngrl0 io ar oco're .. wor proving wer to aost quarr e orof oov homg andrusinses. a t ar ... d ging uclear ris worand ohoolom. ndins. . gi uea riand morr ord couol do en me. clner,omesc, andan ancread ng jrrs no ouo m clr,es aan anea jno we'ramera's turagas. th'rsmarerr pos r, traay.s.
5:45 am
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5:46 am
5:47 am
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5:48 am
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5:49 am
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5:50 am
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5:51 am
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5:52 am
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5:53 am
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5:55 am
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5:58 am
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5:59 am
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