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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  October 22, 2011 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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not no >> is "f & fri ds" i"fri" rgh no >> wt areou r lauing no wret? claonaug stiesotes a thenlaf htses aopst a enf h l nds th apray a ovehe pla. th>>da: th isayhat a hvepens en y havla a. 6:0 daths sw. hns yav clayn: i:0urne inta. s wierover ght,ay i om falnentnto wier t, free ng, eryoal onowitt sang teeey, yontt eedesa a t snugyde anu lst nit. >>ve: eepoer w l ni >>: epo w nfroed thvice pside mingp ovrothethce re pde coent. ng p >>alovyn:end t rendcot. f al: u.s t prdencen iq. th is.s prce i thontsversl. causwe e pridenntrsbam us pr waened topull u.s tops ouam aqnd hewaoll camigne.s out o tsou at, ere we h negiatisam neut
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ev o as rentl , asee augt,eghatti evsuggsted th the rtlas predent and ug tht iggqisd mathhen areeement tond th av se ihindisa forecur aymeo s puoses so nd ioran wouuryot mve in a puesoightg ioulou n brk m t a ang thehtgepareul nr aroupheare >>clton:ttart uder esidtushup w in cln: 28rt lai ur eid groshdwor wnorhe 2 ai widraw in ro 20or b thbush adnist tionwi awdn thebama20 bminirati thohhtsh it ouldad ston co anhema ni tireemhot, tt minul co icki an pnt? emthat tis m tmmun ykilaus p th? the .s. atroop c tld be unere yd hausngin tothheos. wthop c e aqi w e whateve otheyould wk th w sti ets, ho wve eyld wgunsth atev nded andsts, ho be immizednsrom ev ira nedndaw. the bemmraqedm saira nw. tha ill e n>>da: ouhal tros haveno daou imronityvelsewre wre they see bhey imtyew wy seb wouyot gnt th thasamemmuny hey stay behoud. g herethishameun ey wh ayeh bton ha reto y abt ouwh tops bnhaomin h me end ab ou the yar. ts gues i youin h saynd wh a
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ethe y. otionin esouhe stay thrwh a moehs o ngoti oionon whehe levehrge i agnstou amo the o ntin he deadne i ve igt loing,when a heis esti of ad immuty r meslog, aen tif mualbrker, hen itmes vry a hardo nd w outbrr,ofntit. v at is rdhyo i be weve eut priden.alwa wteds to i gete e out the prndenwa o wd thetoearet a t he alwe ohehenegoatio tor allap so t mistesl he beenadegoio oveo apo tst he otra edene veriod alis: tt di erenra than ow "odw yo timis" ts i en de ctinan nothat "eyo im priden alowe thto dein ot t collse, t ey pren a trwed,thn ll, earnt, a tr iaqis gn rn a td mal ii,is sd, nowe w ll not ve yal so imnity he w waedoto lee y5,00roops im buty th e alee aqis00opsaid buho, th is id wa nnegoableso, eh esidt tri towa in it n lgoele , a id vicriry yh, weitare l eavi iraqic b y wehinde thvi aq b sndenesth ses --. >>clton:he iues ld from-. the epub
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cancln: iside l a i om eirheisagemenub andnde ru ao, year sring heisagennd wearuf th ar sge present's desioneath i resct w t th eest' prdeidenon is tingo d andees wuldthpr en li a tg e to dnd thee d engliemen ebut to it ahemart way ng en hop wet contt ue ork a hrdrt toigureay o a opwaywe andnt rlek hforus urrms o ofynd pvidi r secu ty brause sof p thidithin cu bse exnds wi ls havhiin soiersn exs irhanwi lav sors ndur. r dave tan epubca ur ndidvee, m thelebachnn ub roey, les r ho idall mlech ro, s ho sayi thilisks gaiin aq and nly ti yiillhi llfks tsai d theyightil de sion t yr fromnow whehe e ctiohe ishtupe on weil f ynd omwheout. eio is od wer f bd.t. >>ayto whas rubr b argu g, a wha>> aretoha yub sayg gu a abhat sererity yssueay ecifallythey on'tabavesety aiueowercontl. thif dolyotey't kowveow toai flyerhent th aioraft kthat wilywe wod dai ft ther isat winuando thgswe wld d
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terey arno an toth w spe tar to ope alis: a ll shs tt th o pesidt's arova atiis a hash dpped t th ev pids ava ler stiwing ha d iteds at 41ev peent l sng fo thitat1 11thpetuart a thefoidh i by th quter rtd ahey iby quaer ndqur peent,ownrom uae la torrow ey too pe itt,tnom la to peowent, ndou coo seet pet, obvisly cdippee om whe wa swo viy nto ppfice wh >>ve: iswawo is pticuro impoceanceecau her weare >>: ju autis a pcuyear tpoceau frerwethee eljutionnd t aar predent re do t bo welwhenelouon tve are nt appralo atinboinel ten 40' bt itprill t coueinof tonth0' blead gitl u touo nembeth2012 at ad llshe n talbeand wha12 the onomis dsng. al dseshand fathsith om th d. unemsoyme ratfa th >>ayto wethave hrd emmeat abt >>toee h eb slynd scaal. s nd w thdepamentf engy is ca. dendin atheparpae snt ofnis deinar s ofloantha gin t eltric c
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anha g t el icmpans cincling an ahunk chanoingcltog a coanynk c lledanng acoy ced sker. no you tink atis gre er noou rit? tk we wiuil aericre ectri rs iri theweniteiil stes. a ic t etri tu s iuthete tat coanyt . cide to manactutu tcoy deheantuars .ns fiand. . fi>>ald.yn:alf a biionas alven:o thcompy an lfe a debirtmen of ergy h n dethndedhedecimponan b demeayinf gy h th the oneydeed teyci bay, todin thtualhe wen toey ty,finldodut, it aleno stay her andhenl hlft, i a billn lo ayernd stedere h bause ther awere lllotre bse lot f erreotupplrs gineing ok pla at isood neg nowla if th h t e thatthisd moy di nw i leavhthe cotry. tha o >>ve:di n b thaveoy. 9>>: milon b an wth maith tese il omis wma frthhe ce t peesidt
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simir to is tos earfr wh e shin pidoct mito t ar w inct syndrtori . >> t s pdrside and he ri ne r t pdeoubtndthat weould h wre a nebt nateld wr chater e n autotiveistoof thihr cotry. caus we tovetonew fhieal w notcoy. usly dhew bes ftal wor wrseot ha th d stesor inova rs, ehath st desnersnd tts w iatva, thiss aboesrs toy. t it ws is outbo wh we'to aout twhe' atin thisdmintratn, reitina w is chterorinat oeincono. >>da: whrbout o atno wre bouda thiut admistrion. w at c com baouto un hi the dmce ptrsiden. becse h comwent ba to s isheill pdereaec hnt to thounds s lea amecan manucturg ous job it hreatmen ero nuur manucturgob hobs.ato nuur >>gisynmost tublis. pa e fnlan >>ingynsts tey say tlipa ey loedarou f inan g thunit t ay atesor alaclo toutn cod hnufaiture his andesheyacoul tod
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fae s notndeyul tind amanucturd a nupablur >>clton:hat cld trubl cln: at buanotr c cpanys bldinru the rs i t unibudot cny stes. th had bin to eo i tni fiand? s s. d e hathado ictuoffi thed? dha fo s.u.tuhichhe getette gasfo.uch mietagehan tte s ectriice ancar. t >>da: an is wi eriost r.ou daan it $96,0. we fgot toentihat! 6,ally t iswe fto fortheti ericat lyis rkeror e >>al yn: ice er kar isal: e uted ttinarg2 miiss pe ho ed ey sa inmipeho wevesa an ve anysisan owsit actllynlyanis gts 19 sles r ho actyly the gord wl ge mor9 s ho aherd w hanor at >>ve: ve yon iven a >>: yo fisk en laty? sk >>clton:e wll ta abt eat jobssue a cln: we wta ibot th
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steobobsue a bioaphye nd wat i heth stids abo predentbamaiohy wplayg on eatou were lkinborentma ab t, tayon re in nufaurinabg tase alis:and w th fainse adlis. is auoritds sather isinth sig fou pl i the li eathauit osaer a steig s atorou inplhe wath o st sornwa- waingt sta tha wa diover inhe hel wagttaoomhaa w majitdi werle in hhe legiaturand eomistct waj wcove id th nther pa ofthe giur d stste. thcausof d thveth is nerpafe autthsyus is dis pnned heeaveno a ut wiisnd t ped ve aikid td ds. d cot dumen n sho at . cad ercoog den pied u n theho entsf aeadad by inpithe uth ts beoom dab bineisa' arenbe m antheyound aaira'ofurpen anshorey innd tome smilarto erp ones er orthern t samethe sla fantas neeari wen ersahee nt disaeare ri win ather twi itne sa hre acomeerorwawilaimg ey saw man nerryi h a mewaim sa nak n abyyi tee mis frhe irnomeaky t onmifrthe
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nit ni l >>ni.nd prieton rofeors thuste forrionfesisor rly tecondt, hand0or oths or pryeste e nd hdoffirs picyofth stpingprte queioni nd fifris pngy ople an t yst saing ueni nfai yis lean tai tar tsblac dai hianic he w arstedarlastac ekn waingt fterhiic wrefuarng tedst ave e wastepgt he serreme urt.fu t ok oue notrep doo sdme t. u sateite.ot pect toooit eth tis te e. weend. cto e exrts pric t 3 hu pieeswe d. tis exsr 3 urmaniespacraft ill t me ashi doalon an aacftl hi -mildoonpath a en d ere wi fallilsth a d e wi ll mysery. a we dohemyy. e harydo weend? the sallit unch inha ort inwed? e 199saitndarts ch oin a intissiorin by 99rman the itedtstate and ohe a tsiyu.k. anheo, edtend t yoard hk. yord on h tay.n t.
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>> a we maa he f ri a e trkingheaateheite. fi tr andng if y li in t te e.rthet we are nd inif yall.lin i t la hewe ocreber.n l. tempatur i ara elinocgr.ike whe ty houl mpurearthe,n inke the whper t 40 i newul yoe, citandhe r in40leve ind aewoitd 3 innve a chico. thtempatur are clerhan 3n e pa coue of ic thweekmpurre crn paoubut,of th is wekre weshou be and is t,ur fstthis weoueanide-read br ze for fhis sson retcng fome-ad ortibrs ooris the sn teri norttcast f arossti sou oof t grehe lasnd i orirtt the a ss uthet soou e tnreaiti l ike he atlaa, heso gegia, e deangithi l tempatur in ela 30 ad itgea, ea with be mpur quin 30 a itecipatio day rosshewie tion a fui ip isioated y howess aoss intonior f poionsf thnort ast disedwe a nesstorntysterrackg po comnsgthrt t om t neor roteies, buckom t goe is stem hasros,obu mstur and ythioe f smas ilate m ur thnddersrms hin f okloma iaterte thrsskla er on day. >>ve: e vipresent
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usong s rey. taics>>o: vi drestp ppor usr prsidenobamstasr jobsbill but do or prthenumbsam a upbs ll utwe wl mtdo thean wmb aays up o, whey mhe w doys no"nd ey caing t jodoo" cag jo ben >> t momitch bthe husnd d kid tomchtoeus in thwalltreeid prottersut wtntil y th llheareehater huanddoes otor ars wil y arthudes a ling. li. fore re noattewhatmall busiss y aren, manogingtexpenats sells to..siget y thereay. mangense ..t he. noanyme. in themallusins ca fr cha intducejot
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callr clk lea mort ir cr [ioale eenounr ] youan't affd yo medatiollcl eaor astr[zenee a un] maoube a'tle t helffyoedio trne ma a wo t el it's ven gger an ihoug. wo weome 's pron essier. iug doou gs inre awestree s? rosi do g in ap. re erytng fm trel tiler to ma mor hos. an whenytour f is trvere ter so iyour ho anperfent. r s re iur. whwant a piure th f? rf do! do! whntpi e f you ind? go to me su! ths ! oud?go msus eryby sa"awkrd." otecng yr faly f .yb sa nowk tha."s prresse. ec yfa f callnor clhak topry. ss llclto >>da: vi predentiden acsed scar tctic to davirentinen pporacfor d ear joill tico d shnot
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orackir jo do.l >> oushtkido ued >> a raas opsiti u a.a gues get itopti saigh . esys, ettt it sgh stight don'scre arondith , listthto n'rero me,th sd st ra we, s tee tes anherera are w e tnumbs. lo t at eanrere numrs rdermb lot isum . rapeer is up s bulary is up. pe >>ndisifup bu reprylica donsp.pass >> e blap 8epcaon re?ss murr wi b 8 re, ra rill rise ll urwi creswillrice rral se do u thcrk ll is apceoprie fothe ce pridento seo th l guagis aprifoe if pren su lagif suay? daveweave trepoer wh aed tha queion, ve eetor t ofpouma wh ahauen, evts er andmaadio tlk showvost. nd odio moing. t at ow offdst. yomotheg. mos affou the cmmenyoboue rospe in a rticear? c >>enest: wl, fitouoff r n is ic? >>t: w fimplely ufnford wiisthe fact le he uorayswiwhateichanapes
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havect oicersat 1ch peentesut i ve orns erthey 1 haet dcread i by s 11ey pernt tionhaly vlent deay imesre 11downer an theon v lont so if yes arewn ing thheas ao soif y reference,ou s uldg btheight the fac . fee, bu s toldugge bht hehat t repuacicanarty ibuogeomeh o the tde t of puan thty i pist beehuse o ey d 'te antfth stbee t d c anoernt $3billn ceck to tail o c no e stashen are $3ll c drakingo l oefics ta readen rerag i ic unbeadmingfhe oice ofhe vi i predent he suld ow beng oeette o thadmivistraon suld trent be sd stdingythte thmira sd be comnts. st>>dang: thumbe toms.acts da the hatobe t igre. e "whingtsn po" dian ha instigion d t.b.iig. "wng po diys t rap reinign t th.irea we do as tap you raid w le h eaid wedo it houd w it hripl. at is th frstointard pl toet you are gthing f totse antd apeto r.refence u ou bearer d gmngo wi a rigebout fee d now,ihere a ig cuttics.ayi w, re at a t vic ccspreseni d t t
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ict ctics thees bl on d th c cs side fhe bn ra. whth do u sa out de th? the ite use ra who sastanng b t hit.? e e e an b th say .hat ahey a yingis thth leayat a copy a mo ng ime. >>gulet: jop bin sd hemo wi ed he. gu jriti w arbi s eainsthe ll kew whwi ht wasti li wtoar ben e thensre sde k ofh loawad gi andeo h ehe a s 0 podoa g ndntli h t am to po subm. ifthat liot a t rapto bm re renc if ati do t kn wha aap it. thecritse ncy idoknham wng but. eeydmitits th havno ia w bu abt ithav i th englhabangue aitth gl undstooby 300illn pele iguhis a coury. nd oo>>da: wh00 ill thnwhit houspe i s andi byou th. tpe dawh o ihitus lauage di yguesth it t o armoerri th neelatogeail oest th mori tateth ee anit will goo o theth teacrs uon athe biltel hatan wgohe ac u aeil tdied ystery, ed $ bilon ct, y er and $ bilon w $ il goto c d te $hersndil w go $5 bilteonrs toawilto
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therehildn a eld ucat. >>ve: at i a t picat w ll dcuss wi>>: mike i auckae t lacr o who dsswi reeske wika la oasowh t esinso athst ld a chrtianth grou re l flathran ou a polacytt ao vaeribity. and domtic vlencinhe fova oiby. domc v cnccake a wan fo cing seous chge c ker w huing th ng dessertsh at ugthheest huand. hud.eacday s fued though eparion r evts tcomeacy fu hoh ar n wel someevere tong mee wa emilwentightn ling elmee g wa ilnthtli b youee, th t hel heraymo jas finciaadvir, bou, tel er mo ae h plaed fiia fvi eve eveuali. whh met sh cont ued h lato h e thmeanfto lvee whmeshntd hthan lon evn athe re olage of 1. evat role 1 fe wl
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plned. w pl wt a ymonjame advir cado f you wa onme vica fou malennouer ] the:00 m. solar he t tras an a bule ou ]ride he0 sar traanbu dee "il slp wh it'doneacadic. "isl wht'nead. for yea wee be insred you r ea webens d ouande'veeen nore toalk th y nd ven toreelp u tok ge ywheryou nt tbe top geeru t ♪ ♪ becae yo momt isow. cayoom is .letothi sta in ur w. ethitan w learmoret keer.e. arreke.e [emalannocer for requt hetbursuffers, it'a brd n day [alnor r quhe ur ff days,hen canat wh t wet'antbrnay ayn an whwet dnk wt weant, and eep undl throh thnigh d w werevat,d®24hprevts t aci th t cad es fp quendlhear urn rothgh va®4hev tci thca fenarn ll y, l nht. ta therevad®24hr alle net. d sewhy taout he 10 vaers® hr y th 're letisfd. sey t 0 s the sf t a 2counprevid®24h fre t 2unev®4h
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re ee pvaci®4hr.m pforciffer®etair.. orerai ( phe riing okay. uh the d ne ph's pribablg totad. ayuh e ne pblta thgoodews you n't ve tpay youreduce. thods th vishi dedtibl fru natt nwid tinsuynce, uruc vhiedbl frat yoidgot su00 oe, r evy ye safdrivg, yot o nowour ductle ev zerye afiv owr ct er the her od ns ? i ld oto youroffe e r n? wo i o urfe ♪ nionwe isn yo sid♪ wo nnwisyoid♪ ( lahing 's aualla prty gd y whou cside at'sreat lang allpr g wh cde 'sat
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alis: annow e quk isan w quadlis.
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in li c drer weledone la est i in c flodand re w ed e blicis la t ilo iited ic ied lst weekd afr a ied pleup at rce ed l las ekaf aegas pup t e iy r00 as wieras wa i 33 ars. i e stewa t3as wior s. longsterve w kend twi lch to pr on ng inmvees wond se lbouto pr $nm s miion.ut ey a no $ ivemin.brun. ano ofcialsayth luve ishe un sa andthe leofaloesy n appl s to isaatend whoeeed reees nilespl fo mical itehod ees p posefo mal clayn? pse >> ayto ay eg benict? veng is not>>tois setorg en wot?n in ngchico. ot e is s accedf woin hurngic is cupcestccher sban anduras beenharg w thpc mdemeorr anmestnd bat ry.en rg an w mme no ormestat. an osecor l o ehl dmeefenttory. ni to ec l s l den yu.or nilis,oou n't thkhe s wif ould yave bee cs,rged intthif ld the? ee shwas thring cedn ject at th ershshrg huand. >>n ctat ject
6:25 am
a cu hud. ce, >> an ct scuet sof c a sof cuake,aybe iing onop? me n? cu e,at ibe igon? n dmest iiolee anitiffult n dsteans dosticle anfftns do viicence .vice >>clton:n r aains thegot to acln: argrentnd ans scalheed at t awasrg nott mite to a swalt a cuakehe sot wabeat g hteo aut thswhead u eandhe wa grbedat hhe frst a thith e aduld ind hichd hppen tord a fthiupca a ddch henasho h aacro theca a he. shsh nes ho b ro punhehedor he th sh behe.e b>>und theh cucupccue? pc cuake? if i urled tis at jey whicue? i amusle t abtto j do,hi tha woulamb beo,- d't ge shaetul one. at i a - dge sn i oble bu a ccake itsot actlle bu cke it tl thal weon. al >>ayto buthey ve a
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:38 am
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6:39 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:44 am
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:52 am
6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
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7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:22 am
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7:24 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:51 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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8:00 am
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8:01 am
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8:02 am
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8:03 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:15 am
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8:16 am
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8:18 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:40 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:44 am
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8:45 am
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8:47 am
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8:48 am
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8:53 am
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8:54 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:59 am
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9:01 am
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9:02 am
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9:03 am
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9:04 am
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9:05 am
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9:09 am
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9:10 am
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9:12 am
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9:13 am
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9:14 am
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9:17 am
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9:19 am
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9:20 am
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9:21 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
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9:29 am
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9:30 am
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9:33 am
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9:34 am
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9:35 am
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9:36 am
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9:37 am
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9:42 am
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9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
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9:50 am
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9:51 am
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9:52 am
9:53 am
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9:54 am
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9:55 am
wi gooe a eryin gg n caou n a wi cooouplee ofeyin woou a >> cyton cwhatre y o loeying r onhe ding wo ses? i'm c lonookiatng yor sloeog neon dg host, ve hs?ou o f'm lking peop i w st oueo wnehhis ho, h laer w saiouon h ofthing, op wi louovehhio trel la i'm wai 6 h f 2in an lthehaanod the oth 'm ing fene w outha aan heheth ha dn grale ineyes, heut ae w ser ha raboleng in 5-10ayyes, h tt, w ser bo angen-10 ias tke >> asyn: and some of i as funnthis on t an: sblofog y r nni on grana'seactions a blr mark'seaio >> ight >> asyn:hat e fuy thgs f you jourrky. >>he lye f>> oneht was in adn:t fu of tha feroukur and weeed o>>n l f neasat in td beginni af nerknde dadshe olled eba you i t b kinw,e's lawyer dae ed mba y ou can kecsie' lyerit a jis h ca ec grsidmhe t fact ty' a jish law r.grhe t >> flayt: angran hings a standi outo yoawonne >>scanytngananpr ofnges w pop diut t toonouneha t's a h an nge?pr wop i'moing ctoall him a h up. >> i don't hi iverngay h thaup [laui ter]on. i r claayon: say,ooks lik aa icauer] man. la: y,ks lik heon veniaeny nearbyn. ic is ahey onniimpoant y
9:56 am
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9:57 am
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9:58 am
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