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tv   Bulls and Bears  FOX News  October 22, 2011 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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ut yenatrations,adce f t adcerom a y-yr-raols,nd ad ace mrom a mate-yr-grandmthes a mpepecte. m >>ide y sanhes m ct >>wins. y s claon:he aer thehowns. ow la:he aerheoxho and friendco ox a 'leefr ynd torro mni. ali'ln: torro h m. li a great h weend >>ho kw, a gat we9.nd >> k employntmecand evyo em doioyng jnd evyooine. >> is vyle thatne ivat i styr js tretust at net it'shes plicreus sector ne jot's wveli stor jove lostuge nbe and tt'shat l tugs ies ab t. > t aftt'ers thahey got d.c. i goinabg, tt.naon ftapal t ihe g.c . w t in t citonfapal iea h infeah ari, th avege comption the, 126 agrd.thve f out oco wkmeoncathnse, 1 utsigr thed.
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flt oy tt's kca ns e ob le sihe , evyoy'm tt' re nd oble ttne r, t s byolsnd 'm rebea l'set r ig tneo t. bls theulls and bears teas eket rg to tin sm iteh,lsnd joneaass mekax fe istsmit toddon mschaum erferoism the ddblac bay gup halongitroh the acacnt b asset namentlo stt acntss artimeand ntsan ot a ortimed n ni a aor a tmeheas partnt. welc e, erybo. aor tott,he pasvate sec r irt. lc e bofine a w e n dt, m p vate s goverment nebs n d m ve ntbren noras o bsy, guyhebrovnmen nt orows bet. e gornent ys e eauy ovnm n tht bestsobs,ot tbehe pri va got secr. th alstrighs, yeahri tt,ri toby. uec know al tghhee recovery ban . in 200 9kn and triecvateery ctor losndve mlionrite jobs thgovement c re aosbo mli 100 000,bs yet, thve untmploym centtbo 00, t,1% u mp ymp is stugglingt j over %. is sugin g wtre doingvegr >> ay w san. oigr wene mploymenaytas flen s. we autne hmpalym of e fstleatnes. >> y aut hkn ion stagr
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with y senat re's ion gr chacte za on ttht the en priveector's is fi, i te t tthin the int e t edpr tivo ecto r ke ou loo, k tast year ine t th tedpriv te sotor a n e oo adding asea rjo iv a slbto andd anem al ty' add aedlbobs andthean publ stor lo stt y'300,00dd0 a thehe past yend tblse stolo e30000 not t he igheasnd s tti o n t n t ubli dolejo. ti fefight ters,olicoffirs li firsrespjoders. teaers an tfs isig shtt as,icfirs dersnsspers plaeay fs hean tis economy t say wdean'tla f affd lcoinnog tht job s athlevel. ff 's gng t thobmpthsociveet an d g our t saty. tob isn't tsore a rson an d urrsaty at ?obsn s a t rhereso nis mtateamhe s t teare ers ucatn mpat for b he prertyeaaxesn t rgio at and pahe feeay prertylues t ioand min gac kd ae nmaayl valund hed axin revenueacsre a a l otle ss. lu he axwe hadevues t mmpyees tha ltle . re led othat d hol and w m havempo adyest to that new lrea oatty a d wndte's sayi vead t t ew also he weats t aoirete' yi ecicalljobs t t eso he unn jo t andir fillcobsursehee unjond ionobsco dseonateohe pa
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y. ob his not dateo cnyhe citism y. atts wo e.s ot >> w, toy,itusisanays thaattts theyre b asic ally oongustanay sha t awye and ieyn biclywashinoogtng. t buin yefand iwainbufaot o dera jobsay a l o mor era jthanhe pva ct a. youe got toreright. an pva . look you oual gk a t t.2600 ok ok aou t o aer jobnhe fedel go00rnme rig now a t o and ju silynkt a co dego metheig mowe d siy5,kt a coea rhe and 47%or tha the pvaeaternd ctnd 7% broadhasthe vate chnian,akes ore tct ndro dole. 85 hnad.n,ese >>on't ell ur guys >>at's >>'t,0l uys yeaatrnd >>t' s loo tnflation,0 iser y r th jus t seoo tnfaltion er no we' re n ot j singetid n of t ger nmennot wbse'bu n theretclely has to sofp t g er enck otsomef t salari. ere h >>o but e sol in the e, o me t thatlare.ei targete d>>t he thi s bi. at are teteached fi fihiters m. ian income is tehe $4000 a ye ars mokaynnc thi is is k w$4he00 b aigyea ay hdl t hi num kr.he b notith benefitsotdlith beumfit ot andite'veot abefiitotf
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be it iend with t bendveits ad i ll s tha tref ndthbes i r easo n sha thers feralorrs m a tore ronso than op erfel yh, ok the h ealt h care eon nansnd pension y ok tre hltca li le m e slucrat pivsi alittle? li t m fedal gernmlut. at alile ther tsed g nnm a o fers nop. it' l nhan of in th t' ' n'shandn reaganndn usual lleg 'deee inhe 40's rgan ansu 50's a t he llvate he se'sor has a an0's lot ohe lerva a jobs thatseorre hev aoing to ot make a s mh mbseyhat federevoi t o wo ers caus of tmaesekewo a s h mctorey fon whiwo coury are ys us te livi in ght ornow? e yo kiddhig meou a y the d vitapen ttw? buruc cy yoddme at e e. pe the pele a worng nucecy to fi, you worke. i t thpe a or ne prat e ecfi w, orkiu ng 1 ur a d a a pr tec w kismoks in the fer a a tgovementnd tt's a nokxtinra to weks of va ti .vent t t' >> aou'rnext talking abo we o very very small aun t>>f'r tki apeop and n veryanernghema budgets e scropewndp nause ofnghe shendinthatoes . dgets cr tsseag for ceof s vinats tsmall.or >> v jonas-- >>it naal wl.e we jos-
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>> denad we 0,000 fedal job fro ' nd happens0, t00be f aro nd h peact. the al su it'sot j at is job,. ts rse withsu thet's jo i n thejo whcapito tl. jotherare iree herobhe dendentnto tm t er oe sidee rob iiv idthent beltway t ea ode i i the bthelay ntcts,ea nt ct s,bctrtorsand sub-ubntra ors, thabct'notrrstnd asonle a it'ariva b- rab.s, ha >>o yodenyhat te unonploy antt'ate wouvald be >> beyolownyt iunfoyeou be gnmen worke be wwer cut iryf mth a g fastnm or>> wre tng about ter utry m aonom and t some p ntst in w t ng bome the ecoommyd gsotoed beca us theyan't suprt tll e of t g speing a ha the causey an ssull tob tpehein'sg gng tbehe m e gosuernmt ri ob atbe locm gonmfedetral. >>s the shld b >> oc i tsdedml.isatio t han>>thsh b ior i the ptundd t sdm is atars.n >> w can' affrd i th tt >>dhe pbl he s. pva w n'ffd thsectors >> pflblouhean't p crctiticiz tss ishe oufanrst-- n crizis2000's gerentft- rker s mp pva00 sto gen wor rsersec ne and pvale s
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to decasndha sor ecneluil y,deca s feral wosrks- >> ty' fluilw. >fe rajowo >> what t how fyou explain > jo hat n t last>> tat layears, t teasertentorrslied ardrite s eceto wortrsor edclin oth thathe d econy doten't sed tec or ivat sect inthwohaere >>on dot ah t, t atjocts, tir payer we >>p o tt pterio d of jos, me. ay we pripte stor or tpay p wioof do . . at'she pblem pri s r th shryk as whe p ent do u 's p em w doha tthakhre aasny p see. ujona when y dota laket's a sajo 1.he7 y mil job l'sre. thesa's anoth1.ilon j reind. ect job thaar e a he no comi froil t sam ndtsoobur t a we dmin'tro h te tam incomo ab to e 't tthnc. if we we abo o ax on ife everybody,e wldt hao thecome erd wey,ave g wetld in tha e prive tor a nd tt'wes oe g t ofhe rsons w we ha veiven to a unable ocon ofpeop r arens w what-- une sleeon tt our opre t-- nsus sinabeit ist o nsusta inabus. ab >>ant s jumin > we sa. >>us donta knohow,abwhen ou>>t um ha a wesa. wld w>>hereonnow, bheinesouseha a wld wand reery sury bues reaa d y s
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we he u sed sta r anda h eddon h savthe gh e ah ecati of onopave e we lose eti f teher lostdutios e jo las monthnd t i ateer th we'os goit tho joas th t chan o k ids thane'doi s teh matain o e mi an o k s minae inhe fuehre . ma >>ow m oy of tse mi26 00 wena inad mifustreto? >>in m my ooff t ta2600 w have we onedmintrat for ve m o f the tehers w inhahe cntri thaare o nekiininatg ouor bve the thy hate ors in c riminiharatoefor er 20 ou b achhes, sha yoni-tor >> and cna is h kng-ur nd buttnand t iling me tt ongur fede l ttve tmentngrong as m e fast ashe dentro ng s cna manuf acsttu as asmall amntf stuff a l tl cna m ufvaluadde ia'mmall t king a boutamnt tu ffthtlountes. lu de do iu thk thes a teki ang a ut maj th cnt tt entmplo.ys o th leth af p acnt aj t o elo le puon ic fnteral govementobs an amic > ith iis a fer y ono ve nt qs ion? youaid at > iouthri a re kiing r b tq a tyn? ou d don'to th , w haveki g bt lessyeder worrsha nn' mtosto of t gia w coutrieve >> h e is ometsshier yorou guyha t aren talng a tut riaht ouie w, i hs isthetehimo yun gtuy of mey en al at t as ru. over ent s ith tomountrrow mey jus t povayert the, to
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paowy j these palarieth fore, he t feseralworkers. alareor righ now bro fe cenl orkn s. th dghlaowr pay ienla th lary aycosts, jonasnhat artually ico os,y jas justn reyear a and i alee ips y gousint upec se ofar a >>ow is atheec fselt of laesf >>he s itae lar foe we've had in thef f er g sertaenlat fo e'r 20ears hanw?he >> l g'ser look a 20rsw?th-- toohek a federmpym sn t't geed u ym bu you j us sn r gaised mor y jthan >> rod bsessd you,ut mere i oan issue. >> b prive jober a iuay catoesu weth ndiv publi jc compies y suc mon o wef thubmpscomy uc onre o efcit. >>hosemyreruepo in . we e taki abo ge ing >>e ecseomyruack ndpo gett g je s antaro aerbo gemeg fromec pmyvak secndtor bs tt j an andoesroerotom fro m om va anecsfertongon fro the anes ot eomicient prortmf th . er >>onou s fuld t hpier e ieca p tf hereth cng >> s d gornme hntpiobs a y uy sca t act ke thengre ain ggo theme s yuy ssa s-t t>> wt wee a dininheg hy shos-d do 0 w bweli hireinhy pele wcan a orhodd tot0
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irre a union orkerspe wananyway tat the us l. a uon we rsneed--anay >>ob y you thehi nkushatl. we we n't need ted tch > aobnd y t ftefig wers d fit t t tch a spon ers?figs fii me shocks ee eons? menniversary sckfs 9e/11e ou think wenn serhoulryd vef fer/1 poli ce-in-we >> wre n tal sngul abouter the lie- teachers a w nalfifibote.he andhat' got t beac t rdfite gu.ys. ndha g t ay? herd wegu . . ay ? ipne ting prohete ws eing an ip tgro gan i ccused fn elective us trf neiels ecke oven eang otrf the eis o occuey wanl reeters ath oe hettom the cu wl reers fisthe s am om oupiers fi king onheal s-m and say oup ieit'sur ngthenal -mnd99%, but s wa mar's sayursy' ahe abouhelp99g t b %. ar swho righ at? e oulptpo , yodeci. %. righ poyo ci or cates anher ptopag ces anr oropires noth empyee, or es's nthustmp e, go forusins. n's gtd gofor ore eninre c muni. g r at benk of cmerini, we now
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e imct tt lol buness bofriwew ha on mmunies. im t lo buat'ssshy w exteed $7.8illi han uns. 's wte .8 li tomallusinses acss t coury toll ins so ar ts yeac. tou beuse e mo we lp tm, so t ye thmoree he mak port ity ssibbe. e moe t threheak rty ib he didou er fini lasmonts inices sad, n oh bui dihepickidp e ur dni cleasingntinesdn a hadoh youbushoedishinck. dle gwel i me yo a servion at ae suadi plaou arooed thincorn. lwel m in yoat c e,a rv onbett getk tosuhese nvoias...rothrneln c ttetktoseoi.. h ll drighafte mang yr fvori pankes. h dghte you maow w yt? fri ans.m gog toidy ur se ofhe oiceu w gotoy s iofan't oear ceu ecau i'mlso makg yoa smthie [ ma annnceri mar'tottr hote & rortsaunows'mt'soakyosmie matternnor ereroxarto ttome te t rir gtsbal wsvoicsprocs err ox mso t y cafocuton s gvingl ictheioccusters. with erox you' t reaca cu sfor ngal b ineseists. thoxu'ea r bes [ lephe ris ] aaaaaaaaaaaaaa auo reir? [ phri] aaaaaaaa aure? gar.. hu up. ...y doe ha o ma a'sn ounamer hup. so wre lstedfirs. doinhahe p ne bmak.'soume yaknow gies uan e we. led rs u knin fed p can b gis edg ho yaow gi u e kned wean, fe x shgis aus pardg
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ddy, comen thwate mebo didt bo th tveloty y, mewitth24/7teustor su ort toboelp idve tbom tlot/7to suto ttootodaddp prom ted! lookt me m swming tooddom! somedy, t heoka pome! swng fema annncer the avel ity mearan, e.hepo frothe ice to t roomato tnn trier e ely an u'lneveroam lone oe e too tri [ juor ] pla d pr essi'lal vebaskamballneor 1year ju ]todla i opr si65 w dy'sskestallants 1arod o and w get'sy fitancints om capal. b i so g stund etthfi goeinway yondm ankiap.. b g tu notthnly oend py ple ndney,ki we hp th savit. ot y pjunie ] gy,engiers h fothd waav to .t mynerguse. ni ggi chesl ]fo wamoro effimyent rgghtie. hel uniostaypen ter. he] rfijunit ] tiand elrve re ciotomeay.n r. o yore n jusgettg nan al citalni. d e cme [ chyoyl ] nou'rusalsottetti huann ca nochjust ]oney'rknowsodge.ti hucal. junr ] capal. there n jusbank s...nosteyowe. un] e'reapuild.s.e n[ juusor ] heed ild busess reld ju ]aneyhe d uss >> od rning everne ve feica' new s rn g er ad qute f i'm jamea'ews y. qute
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it'sree thhey ser vead tin e l 99 it wthheerthe usmer b 99 isbut thy eloy andhe bcompe ag nst e 99 is oneth othelo biggendst proem mp agat wt -m99t fac t y nee th bge p mpetg agnst lot f w-m t f all siney es a thewind up etagt ot unfng l of l manell a hend business outf unbusingne. o maandllt'she s mallsissusutesse and eir siploys who he nd heen sll the most csern d bor utoy we wal- rten cheinosgtew yorkbo city wha this l-rocesssework abt. ty w >> ahi esveyturodyss showes wn wa l-maab ct.ame i a e tody a s cny ma c i there were me al a csineyes tn wh theyam erwe ther >> tt's ght causnewhen twh t thhey opep t er spp in t s t us en ceer yth h oav tti reta silpp abme ntce yti sur undi w -mtat ich ab eatememoreobs f turdi w99-mt h teres percen frs. theye outhe, theres a rc caenta. sticssu out theey ou d th's w thehe prosster e oucather icsu o he th d't likththe wdeheaharoter l-maou is ertual makin th 'tsomeoneik hea ey'r not okimas tal tak bsme theoe'tar a'rboutt kit t th. th theyare cang a peo ae ut ng mothney. > ere sey acaua ayeo sdymo y. e unr cyns nntion ith e arocns
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nnn yonh city n j loss in he umbe of y arety ere w alssarha chee umin a of a ion thi hate tho wse ce in i hi t nuhoer- could gonedygainst the nuer.- equ calld ti.dyga st >>rend bute avedeoplan. ful quotal omone. don't >>nduted plty? l weot o tmoalnely d'toe a th eris ait b ite o taloe th mpac atoitma b busineshen alart ves i ha tacso ma b inwronesgn wh a l it tlal bt s ha ctpetison. on getgricedownh i l aittlrea cit'stiood onr thcons . etceow you ok at storeshigo 'sd th nsopening up ralar t u d tto lkinabou hunhidrgo i not engp thounds t job lo ngsi de inouun othe nbusiness tt oouns oblosi because walhear ibusnehe t on becae wamartring peoe ca us thealarea i tnkhe cat'wasrtng eo grea t fhear a e icoomyt' ea fecom >> ty gethnd tetechomy. tway geth an teth that'he hest true anha theophe1% dontr't s at wal- rt yheou lk at theon we abse tt wal- ykic atuthe o l-maweeoee t ic ttuhey're m ormarivers oe ty' dmvingrive o we prices ttan l t ssf wejobs. pces
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tere a l posiv and f netive jo . woulsay t th econy, a p osiv ndi'mla we ha eneve waulmay rtthon 'sot a llm w ge vy forwamat 's all g vyvery fdy, ey a whohe are. brea: ty. rit, ryjonas,, t aheho wheld is not e. reerfe tct. in t drojoi has, in w i wasmartot ca se fehat the. y t ro hahan don hisrica ywa artca trepeatedly cathaon tisri of thsand o mli aiperes wly cat theistos o areed th nd o literelly wllio of bs ei o ye in eas, nedot a aas lite y ario f net, n a syeman s, n buasnesseop t 's ne t, peect rld, b busspne'sne pe yot caot b p any f ag nst l-mayo andca nototay p at i as n b a nett mandot befiary or m iilli nons o bf a housetolds w ait belyor m lion ts mainou owusds abl we klyp fd the tab tlea causeowble t re 'sp f ad al t-mearab us thre. tre >> a thiis a calss-m eric sucssstory, toth. am a whito an,he w icucor he tatoedn,he w thisganization >> a oncwhoreta proedteing is hee argani etiyeho ancoreroust dhearir heayethnsance premusm skock andhe re d ir h h pa-timance eloes em jskusckt gndot re al benits ppaulleimd esltusethe g afr a ng h toryf henavins pled pret goolabo rela ons lt he ey'v kindafa hry offintart t oetoo bola
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s back sde nd'v tndhat's t ort tad foral-m st an tndir t t's emoyees. >>hat adout e ise fo or -m an te ir99 ty pem lyeri s>>t t isfofo aot 99in.y p l theri abssolely and ot th's w i sd in thin. eginheng tbsy' indy nd thstra wli sd thethsun oin d h nd helpi rahe stomers, onn thothehandhey' h tingh hpi ployeesn ast ler of thhe rndespey'ct hsng an does h aurti o tir sll r pe sisses an>> a peoe in hine g a sll jo a wal-mtsiveryes t e aeoine th opeup. mustjoe aot ofal try tl. >>thnd epemp. loes sta o l ote>>stin eg. mp don'workt wamart loo at w is einpr esng n' rk waytrtoo they' n wsrotestinng anyt--he >>he wng typrofst people an those pele ou>> watr not f ve aobhaopn wort thpe w-mat the n there's aob ha wmethg wrg wit the >>hat'got w be e lhe re wo th ks thguwryswi.he >>t'rendt ye feell t p n wo athekscheckoguut. ys e tnd yeeig tn at pchcekos. abo ut t tig pe o aecover pcebo o aecover amecansre aays ady wk ha for betr fure. sice aripre fincia we founsed b ak ins 894,y whaoretfu. si aprfiia
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>> mingp, is here flaonnd i 'sng iheolreding thouwa et anda our s econoly ng captiv ou wausetnd h oow all tho rin gon pt presou act uall y hp h y a tin presouctllyp y
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10:23 am
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10:24 am
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10:25 am
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10:26 am
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10:27 am
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10:29 am
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