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tv   Cavuto on Business  FOX News  October 22, 2011 10:30am-11:00am EDT

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>> no jo do o lik hesysno >> no>> . >> sweetie ti me. ndhis ike nas, set do not. like t s rseys >>rend do nwell y t kw rsys wh >>nd l cllcote aw lso ve eiwhl cavuto lnde's a on ne xt o eilav catondn biness,e'ake it n ne ca n bin s,awa il.t nei inflin t,wa il .michig an ei theyut theorinn miig lf ey trder nhas,lf es h doubledha he las h >> iouisblhdom e he lotn arat. is l io hbeom othe n ot he se ofs lgun.o itsot temotpohery s te o tuy gu whose st oreit ioteld up a aem t guuyoied a tosisst rehe. u a nd t a copho and hoieds at he. no ki ll t c tt hs not notemraki. it'sot vytnoemrary for th atemife sav ing me 's v iasioemn, braause tor squ thateavg r ible iioes bposendin f se inutes i insteade oesfpo 3 fmienute ut >>esorgensadhaow oeen, themi w hite>>ge e isow makinha iow t wte own scisar minmo o scar ado haveou neil cavuto ado ve
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is n the white hou caaktog ar ttics w is thi h orghe arto t tics w erceherent f righ nigh was otnoh toet ntthem fgho ign o nghst oet aremto o thpresidt'sll. d otr pces oesth an llet rdy f a w le otpeuns f rmas. le n stn, cunrl ynf dan mmaow stlo c wityn a daow lashs wnd a shhaiehaie gaero. l gh charles pae,'veghha es se t se tbefoteids orbe i 3-d. >he vice-pteidside. uned sortes ggesng tt d. pu ican are rpoviceiblerde wound be sespos ibleesor r te? whicany ethwa ile not an wo beonompoicle r cr b s omehicow wa ot th a'rne nc ouraomgingorcre b s eh ofomennd t nthencrangethere ofing en founra schoo he and al tog touheseds? chi r emr whednal ptosi tnt oba orenat? obamaas i ruing r heofnfice e says oboratba ma at ruesg and koffis aeffe sa lims. t if ou u wenneshend a ideafft thatheca be rimap if u w pus thrnough eat atbill? be
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rap this is ushrghesca bi >>neil: dan, andryg dersta theufeas ofhe >>ilda a rymar, gi tnk he's ay gde ta he we heofhencreas ar, te'obsssnessg handencreikelobssss we'll b dith thale'ad aven tt's h reh, snth't adit a tt' ist'sbs ut areh,stresnh. ca we ay wha it is? sut a it reazy, it'sra ca ehat islk butit now azatt's hese t sowtair ctics work >> t w sirnou yel l ctics rk-- >> > that's w azn y i was lahin >> l te ng t tt's >> it'sas lain ba lnana t > >> s aughte >>band it' sgh crazy. >> >> b y knot'ws whataz > b tse y kw scatraccs work tse rp accs st ulwous, e s isfainrp he wld is gostto, ce an wlds ce enaneah care andow peop are becomgum beno eah ca. a >>et's try f op aecg sono do ta>>ke 'sryse frisl okay? s onif ydo t a ri sle is arguaynt is f y t a theis comy gu doesad ift gerhelycomyea to
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es gh crimeras. ger ly no,nohas noea the t ar mentri hs ki. o, ha thargunonthee's maarment ifs ki. weonir mothgu te'ps he's we irmo not-ps >>he te noe'ssnot-- t-no no>> tno >>no andt- tha-t'sne t ng he sa. was ndhastainng he i sa w ason't tonco'tmicgr th . andhe jo i morgreth . an ndps. noe ihave toroe lo ok f that e isvetori tcaolly accurloend if ll j tt sat this. heisri aur19nd's w as jsais t e f 19's rett wy goas ecom ed wead msive ttgoncases we cr mim. ve okay nc>> iason'tesnow ere go cr. with that. ay n stn, h i is'thaw te o i'm th rratieouha t thest hore ishat'm get talhatikhee orethis t hink g t te more wean gthuant t nnkot to gtetoree either gide a so to gtheext yearit ts w id a wi be stu squo. exar whado y thk? w >> welle ihi stuhatqu two ha i yuesh k?he i f>> mayhawo i sspully iayso. ay on ifol arelyayei. aid ofonfndololere sd no be
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id of f. of f vicpresent beiden s sdd b e sul d ut ufpon ic kestp ben d olice f m being laidut uofp he k tpotly rr tsic.f b ngi'mn d s f heheolrrts anmnot l s thefe laid off. if h s nong lhe ife l of y ou difons ngpassheobs i bilf people w ot i ythe dtreet and- sshe ob >> tilhat' ps wha wt e' is eeet yi. >> that'sirtulyha criminal yi . inndha osftuly cmi itse. innd of that'sir tuallyrimiitnal tryi to hratea'sn teo ir al midrie amic withyi mo hr t eo violent t's id emely badicit h ha vi. vi >>enhat'exacy whs he'sme b sang. ha wh youarvi >> tt'acghwh thie's, it'ssaore g.anco . wh ouar t gh hi'sayin we ha a 'se . ono , pple are goi 's tinoe art ing bnoadperehioing and here ithe in-t g b >>nd is hehi sin agth-- >> tt's tehaint-e's >> ihe sath.-- wai wa t. s t eve'yones ri t re sa. aianda crl esro evne tri reouts. d asesrope tots p olice pe t pic bin benelentssoctionand w sayg th polic e wne nentocond mp romiwseayanth spo pke to w the-- yo knmi thasete poveherth e-
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joess te a knhatighehe jo es skel ihd af igei-- >> a nd lihs atso-- ei -- and so a adam wha--to u nd ake tham fea wu fa ctes?th >>well f theca ttics are faothi new and b>>thllway,he t ti are hey' n hiewnd -- tthwa docrats y've nlusivity o -n-ca doc ts n tticslu. vi meann the lt minirati wthacsd anth ad lnistttion singca niti tactics. >> t secadds tston gng bk t theas mictnistrati tec t>> tits tizens t w ot asmi ra ck t s causnswe hveoot sayore s ck us ho usu. >> wons'te leaveilr ut. su >> im s w h w't pre lyver . i naybo wyth >> you tk a ynaouyr th ap > yoar, b go kead. a y ou>> crrlieas srtin dow t patoa o bo beid. reon ab c. ie sin d wmeanouan lk a t ttheat ireon ab '. s, crlie o r yan la t could lo'k a c tiehe eno yctrgthld lori ang the r ega c minirati andtr tgthe lionring rga adnistti whe cniriti nd t atesid gwn. adstti iheas c ipestiidn autwnat neili, t'sorthwhiloointn a out. is ilha, sedorwh o >>oihat ntn sai t. fo a
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n ed >>t ec somt, w kfonows abo aut creti there's o w k wscoboelatn he . e '6c was ati tim t orefo incrcoeaseat inhe cme '6 as was a tim tof v oryfgo odcrsen i wa a as gooimyconomigo ipeod aoo coand-- aughr) >> wd- k-w wha tgh br) was dng >>kw durg thehat b'60sas angadam iurfg e ths he0sed dl a w crime, am wel answer thhe dlis acrer te,he wel awer 80is a tilonolr boon olr bo gles w suld hao nei and s how us sboul tha '6 tocr ae.ume that eind sw buiin g'6 a e re ratds a bridges helps bg r a bri pren theelinpsd of camies le prenhe oththeiefear i 'tl th ath retch?'t >> wldaveo be highnreh? o be somighinghn >>nd tt's ehy omoung use >> ts e sc tactiheseogic does t wosc. ac yohe wanto tkboutic cme es being wohi. yoantokbo 1 milli m orbeeg urglar than
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when 1bailamen officureglnd ha n reurde a wene a n alrff populatiohe 's rede e methg abt th alraopathe'she ficeth cabmathnder o hi tra thpresheent sn't ce cmaaker advante o fesndt t'thashe ak 'sisng ou nt o if y mndak tthesount fee 's tterou botsf. y m oufeelntike f're changg er subctts.f. >>o, i 'r eel ge oieohase g cri meub if yo u'>> i gng'r teo g useose cre asri sommeetngf oyo f g tu've also goeses t alcrsomo f ab - ve a sonaldoeeagas cri whe t he cameab into offi w asldga iri he pe is counmetry, wentof ge i pe up.s untr he pemen we underfeir and did p. not u psehiense unrf sort ofd tidacticso n us b uackhins or track. of t >>acecshem in u bprisaconkne t heacn on>>e ars.hen is ute the i n ritsonndn e onar s.had re pple ri thautn t i n e've ende d,d pe hat's whahy w ve e ha ler crime, at' thesy're w lo up haisonere veim a huhererisopop llosp ais th aha e'huso opdos i a thha ode'soti >> ihe bger suhe scare soctictison thathis >> br adnihe stionre us icd.hats >>we ll.adni on wai ua s nu they're lecturin g> awe. heaictorinnu ty'
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esid ent ctama inaigin july andheorotartf th idt a probinm wi j theyolic d press fksarref obwiheol ricewded prs f fokssareyireone thin to n e lectfoiosayi oon tain shoin-tero pital e ct ins d tn y'v e got inhoeral s tn'v got number numbuts theampan trl taing t o hnuismb back de.mb s he whopa wh. tr ta g doe oit s hisiseacnykbo th biden i.s hoh mak in goe the s enybo st thenidts? thisuy ian maksoocheker, and st en? is ihe'sso--ocr, >> o ecd cli the 'sviceresint mb-n>> >> iasn'king tbohim. ce>> o siokay .-ns. how bout iffn' h ngbom. oay.rock er owut h>>nd hboutck boutagiast. a ne y,e's aeast ce y. n >> hse' aiceeay. y.and vil iole nc> and h ic shou be lin drawnn the d l lend sanou bote nid dwnseheca acti anot >> yse a ucareca tiacts, c i- y- a >> g ueaca > wha ct a cbohei-n bh gea41 haanhe for prhesen and41 h useand pr es thene ads swihat uapt ththe dakwihaett o o pritso
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th w theakn wentn pape a w he mnder wotherst. >> wlyrt a tt m wr otrs a w bi of sca ttactics. >> s hobiul o pfnt s o bh ct u that s thatas h pr atel ydot fu uedhat hat mes th wasus 41 >>pr belthye fuy, i had me th asfeusct or orlathone to a i jobs bill hen or o now. >> ionwas ta p a te bsill ow.fu. i s p absuteltetrue >>nd tt ha notngo do. bs elwithue >> thaotbung.o d >> we, i ink kind o fth apd tsu.>upwei k kin o f an meanwh il ap t the pt officeup eds sh right nowan awh a t pt fi ot s of r ht. ow a gue whe uon is t infg to bng iuen to uon iindever? to b ngt i gn t who h d get a deve r? batnd t t g was tdhe g a forbba gangnd t rb gg wryg y nex piecofl wl be a b y ll f n all of pi. ecl w tt' bs atehe tf he fllho. . and f sttdaat t fpo. on. the d ayan hde wenda dow w. di 'ton stoshe dustove up? w d mayb it' womething to di'ttot dovo? w hyb st'hiom retightngore at nds tpop. whi rhtre n tp.
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heveryoive fro ameca'sews adar rs h er i'ivm f jamie me'ss coy.arrs by of jam sed cwn p b o abduedz cwn peportedly b du zown backo sdiepraorbidla y th morng. the ow-yeanold b psekdo a swadi ara th or . hpiln e ea ndeworsekit ay ter a n rl eiglhteanr n ttlitith colon n. a nrl ig w fir in lin etl toitoln. succeed fisir if nbrotinheeing abllah p tucheed wisf ot f g his onabovahsial young t ot fto tak t son althrooune an ari der kilakled a ro partreat ahiri sha il d aacin a auli artat polihi sayt hhapened ear aac pulaaurli ouliristay h sponetdffr t laroustpot tttst ian in t w artf e i iounntry and w t vestatorareithh oldi ngtf thidoutirytynd th 32 -yeastr-oroled mhhdias divin gth by hse lf ath tithme32 of eathe m as d tack. by h sei'm aiethticolbf k h er c on 'mfo ieco ba ko cuto on h busiss foe in 3 0ines cutn for or e iines adline or ne
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adlis. >>wella dtaroes do, b s s bliely en>>tll droe up othe y he dosb s belywn new o oe f htrg ms mmm ddaf hit t s eeew o andf hg wa mdeadmm the s eeafitnd see nd all reetot waad battingn t nd ey l arleetpayn youai bti theye fosing ey o a leyn ouai dieren waeyr.foing yea tear on diucerssen andme ca ieas t och. uc nssight bor edinmen is c asinch ht b inrepnted earngs a s cve nnen tep od arn a talkingve abou ar o a achiealmeng nab this cntarnd bchusineses an w is thearnt hasnd bin beesnan wgrindinghe iar asge. b this ia te winheng gng. isgadd iafi ade wldav we been g go for ddi 500 dldowavoieen and go f we'r e50 f0us d ooi ath th. >> i hiweushatheythook. at fundentahat andoo libya-- >>ndtandta, ayeah when it liomesa-o feclores d>> tatere rahes and w thehe in gts es femoteciolos l. >> ears go, reu r aow y trs gs o, otar ifou >> wrse, to ow y rs he o, tenown aeo how of these,
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would he sn thef ou hrk set he theioverding ncn-- >>hy? rket becae o ieincerreasngn on- >>? pruccationos is ihanct as then incrse n oproduc tionpr.ucon >>harelit ef. t cre o weerprucon more con cernli a. ut erroweer >> morbe, e's n tonreceow ro nd t ar mt , ha nsreovow ove ec om tart ssu. >>hat' owhat charlesas ecom sang.. >> h mucoil,>>ow mt'h oat c rl do libyapr oducsae? hucdon'l,know ma bi o major oil doib ya uc rodu. >> 7 miion' bowrelsbi ajda o us to be du >>llmiio bls >> iwas 12th l ge to exp llare ioe n the wo d. is th cating em had no e e nhewopact . at g >> hno pact.>> zimbabwetovahd. >> i youorbo aic zaba e ta mide eaah youe going iou toorrybo w aleic laot m or id abeatou iranoiar cur w tory w le wi lh th m assasna onab an r th w wasreve t hewi athuntss ofil tt t country thasve pruc t and theunn y ooofk t to toury byuc w aho ihesn gng fill to e vacu um by w i tsheres nongysm fl go rnme in vacuac treno lot o f gome i nnans weredacue and lcertnty. adato ll nsfdhesend folks' rty.
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da ointll f se i ink e bac como fnkshe' we've ved ntn oer i k ba wocoiehe rig aft 'v lete 'sd sayer 9/1 1 owo fiest ple yeaig iftn etay an/11 o n like teseaou hn en reikedes ou hdifery, bunow,ed kind oery, aie buw, news. in wel the rlewiesere was w ws h fel l f el tpower.l er nd tn ass w f futlized.po r. w, the sckass did p autze tt b hefeua sryck, bu dt pit's aus bcor feuarybu ntei a 's hisetting kiedc sentlly, ns o ns or hietng irrele nt, ntght?y, s n o wastaungny probl sre, t? anoreb a gree wasityoauu,ngny p bar, ts theanreb threa atee o wf yo terrorisms f lr,er t ts hanhethreat s. orm si mean ler w tre -nhe p. sident mennoued lasreekheyerhee gettg ou pof isiqnt ou l cplety, iys ner ov, ttou iit'sqetr. >> ncl: wett doo iu th nk f ov, at, n 's nei wdoth >>fll, th mar t e, xists to >>discntllthut m etarni engstsnd to ell sc pple tuthe e valniue o tu l earnings pplnd tad noal ue effewhat so ever. ea i inreeitndad n oenre lyfeatso er ne tt i i tehoha b nen re st a rousing ne t c i gng uphabn
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from ahisoung trang uoo omhi s mainrang can chr,ut main cas solutelyo eect on rpate e arni nglu aly ee, affec n te emaniets. ani dot thk th fall o af nany t dtatomaet ans.he andoth wouthldll mo y dtaanmaheet. spooue thsaudam had issu, smapoet.hey woul po th beud-- am tha would be t sushe wwold be-- b -haou >> tt tld-- >> tt wlde hbel t tfferntld. >>he enomy the teconomy, e hel e ecomy, oing oer >> emyheec omdicte-- >> ush,ecr. fy,nd ngat oout thharday cte- >>h,ri fghd t? out >>he thrdinnninblewar--ri weeon e f>>rohenn tinheblwa war wee onterr for a tar rr a umain lade th should ve bn a ig pomain >> wde, noingo o iththul ba rnpoin wgsnog o>> t maroth h tgso m tovare h eve dn corpore earning t baso on p mceion of wve dourn fureorile ar ng aske an rig phtce iono stock wre feil derv alue ad. ig you sust tod nbe alon th erv due houl d aoutt d,0 alon the are o therhi d thahotul are mpre,0inghe ark th a o andhi makhagt pleworry, ae ndre agrk
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lo ofhat d m h tgo deowo y, awi-- afha h tth-- wi -->> gahead. f >> carli ces all-- aut g ah cod.pora earning i cheli lones a run. co andra the enihe lterrorism, it' s n. tendorisheand rrisorra te eaisndgs. heast dng any orra terrism wardame ca.ea . >> o, h ee dng s-rrm rd e>>.eas >> hoe faor >> g adda fi >>es.o wel ion know i a>>gree gda >>. wi el >>n thkneowon ig a eerun, but inhe ort er>>th ionnn, t b n ort-term t ar kett i-- >>t-rmarke looked l--eay >>newton lke d eset ayhe allhe meyn nethonor esn'el p ll meyn yoor > an bks n' mey bad, appleyo an ming mone n s oba alebad. an iphom, g how aboumot yo d. nho, w ouyo
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>> ll, pitasm ave a ell,nd'm n , ta t a ang l, abou'mt nheapal the wall treeprotters abash oug.tap al m ta ting wbol pp eeotndrs sh th cit t it tang splpp t kipl. sale of mor e hn8 le b oli h llar8uc in three ar mths uc dhasn creoneded mth dha c d dappotmen applgenatesor on d thpoanen t cat plmpenanies, es th proteersreoo thng at c anat rtimpngie again th tesreoo atcoined. anting chagaie sperino, iisco ain. b ha sp in secte,s ano >> if you go dn tserendno >> i y g oteiew em ln ihavere an crles ve the y havew l ve ouagaud ed messageesnvehe ha enomics. theyounow ttlet ecudonedicess.gen u kw wetmiheca. net eyw le >> tonics. hat ed kw bothtf yheca n t atguyot h faughr]
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>> heyidn'ateme uy >the h atgh yo > y n'>hereats ththiou >e h ow, me o therethi ouere is tthig, t , ohe e t n't- >>i saw touitthhey hate ou t- >>heawyit h te u.hey yo can put ne hpin all u ntu.. >> yoan nutguey,pi the aroad poin t nt i'>>m trying no guhemarokead theinyt k i' li tle ainutgcomiohey knowma lhe yboutar smli amihe and ow lluttism andhat's the sc aaryar llsm theyndhit'cr tits,to scar ty eycelebrathihecry cs,ra cital isy w ch i wcet tbrhe c alrays s the hate calist e i tme te ty' asalng sheitat. >> theny tng tasng t t thengre wano meut t book tha nwa m ste bs inheookbo himoo hehanes te bst and say sin ibo hime going to ktilnd i androidoindilngo th nuear war ndr dhi andng o yth gooe bthiclynur ar n ole e aph t echnyologthy ge andhenly e juph the thnogy dwornip sve js a nd ju t peop -- or ve jth away he seve peop-- obs,heoothk tway wee ce ve o andieve s ths,at te oo t
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w epridens rulio aond a ve s tuffthere t g ng pr teno rmake him ad ffeng to keim one onterm. youhinkchars, tre's onmixemeag omeonrm pe le'sounk maroney t'ss i onxeag know geer per's micey thasn kn othe? r i tnk so,icndhahen hypocr y thhe cha tie t sked o, out y it goi toil. po neith chaahe td p ot tet rsitoio proster ei a i' seeheit iptehe laroer mmui'tyee g iood whi pheeoplla and muty good w p b d wte bop pending whichops litiinl. g and om psinthibas made 8 m liiton diol rs a dd 't gontba geoadrgee mli doloros't usgo y ge to pple you thiosnk a yregier re publ ic >>ouhehirotested outside fgierrebl >>rodistmon's ho osi f >> dinelno t an's ho reblican nei adaandben,el ynor ick oughre onic anat ad ei dadbe ru, first. k gh i dn't t nk is ad mplited rsall. d t i thes eoelid areal apthal a ists ty likeapal appleon ke nkts t l
10:55 am
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10:56 am
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10:58 am
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10:59 am
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