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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 22, 2011 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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adqutersndmic le fr the n qurs eric's lfrhe capol sartsight now. icap stsht w. t fst weuro ira f ni wearsur predent obara sd thar nni iaqrss ove andre antba sd th our i topsvend aill be hom forur tthes holayl b noeverneomsor plsed eolbou noer ltheidepau. mollou h mor >> eia rublins ll a hor vy sk>>ticathat rli it aas t vight skcaat ilita decionutresint oba thtaid h e c mptagneeconnhe si prise ob tod bri the h cmpne warn pr irae t to ari reshensib endndarnra he' folling roug aones iibnd wee' hav rllovedg ug i e000av red oopsndraqi fors a tang ulpsqiespoibilory fos the curi a of ta theul ownpo il cofotry. e rithan tofhe thewnxtr rdincoyy. saific ofano ourenhendomerin in saicfurnifo. eraqime p oplein hafo. eqi t ple chceha forge tirwn th
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utur or >> u. and t iraurfficls >>.nd codn'tome raheic co'te egal precti for america sersal prtior atiod in iqmendcao s tsroo will e coiongin iome. too >> llo ge. candidas iewe i as ganda failewe i a ofiplocy. ilmittomnepututfloy. ttnettamentnt avoible queions rult of oieuen rt of ned policalalcuti or she iolpitalecutin or gotiheionsith e ira iit tinsh vernnt.ra chel bacann t oua stemen the rnase. elacn ou sten wre heenid stas lirated pple wta fro dicliarten ru we pavee kept top iro theic untr yrue toe in kret t ahe pcefu tr trsitio and prnect a a pfuragi trtind rgrowtgemoacygi aer ow aocyostl wart a wl strethentlar w reen in's
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. an in' . tha alls an thehemha tll focuhem t cu d heornmthat will beco ofmt gdafitil odycof ordi gryfi libns ailidy b edi cofibo s a fli tmse bve th eof s gdafi is f tse thry de >>h,sy, i ir oe of>> th, me i o rerkab this.f t peopre m c ereabhioingll dopay ceng dhere the bod of re exdectarodfadda sits hdredxda yar behd meda ts and hedarehmeherere an d heee quesons outreowan he h dd es as t estis abt the fe of dhat a bo. tiabth f f anauthtitie herbo. d't sm to md. anthieer d sm m i a barre
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cene . i me and c bldrre lingpo gone me sidef c tdrip goltora roo de anse t tanraoo and dic tatoanho t rulehemndicto for decdes. lem ddafiorecs. a afissond out o aisn adut oirty mtres a tertyeing kled mesn thrsday ng th aredayin gthay threin g i gat. th areleasnd sisfi g. thatheir thountreass sfi n bera d anattheyirave t ntpro.s raaneye t uh-hro. -h (naudi we (ndi hrdrom s ee divials here he scem as s wl and heyvis e c bical sai w ey hendy no balai quesons out e he dy oo gad afiess st itti the. theyhink o it iadi sti rhthe. he feynk 42t i
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ye rs toeuretheeeopl fhere d ts42s the ryehttoayre toeplre g t anheaccoing r too athiti the gille nanocog frtheto athti th autsy l the n by. fhe fo dtors lutke t the and b i was fo doround l in thehead.nd i sndnhea pledng to u and ed b tial thend bodhe a sing bl tet th are lkingod a f sg tt ecuthre lcating somimenhe f fure cu d hey aretiomeot speficbut at yre he onpecispl . hen a sapl theeactns. sahect. anhere is a wrdne of an it.res and okin at wne oaddat. himlf d in andxleereda looim dn fairlyeoo goodhaxceor thealy woo the hea odhaceheoo heea restf thbo -- s stonth isbo-- inoe sha .s thsn exdenseoinisrha is
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onth dispy axdse welis sandn my sp arodur nedel d isy likedu naken i t wes rnke wld beere a bual t butes i thi w case be aeopl areu nut i grihiing, seplre nrig, ey axtin ck toou a >>n rarka ble or t andouideo. thanyouer >> ruckae nd >>eo anuer lib'suc natnalrantioibl uncil is aiousoatln gio the cis mong aus forward g joinhegs ismoorrd inheibya s amssad to the uted ates grt toavya you eream aadohankhe yo ud eso much grto ou fit ofe all.nk yo i ed t mch get fiofour re.actin to what i ou t a seting om the rdeo.etito yo atre aeein sg he p ple ningo. up toyo she body forin pe ngp tmsels to s ofodadda.or >> see tels tir ofda >>eeame tue t afronth t afth osuffing. it i a offg. unlievle m ent in a
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ou hisryndife.unev mt ouisfe isel erybo tthe pele a deermid.sel ebo t th pe w aldemi achvehat ty nt. th w ochvert t epeo . see hat o r jt epeave sn.eet they j blieve s gdafi- yit ey m wh aev blet. gfi y ey bieved m w he wld b bved y were w her n wn. the y boinger firs berga whe bog frs bga in lib and theyriedo gn himibndnd tpple eyed gim hi tleegim when you hi thibout tim enouhiut tebel forc behdhe mmenelhat ns rchrouehd you min m n >> fmt ououin >> f the binng iheave bin justne i qutionnyinde a stquon tis, aed goi to get rid thitiman anoioet id hiory t llshin me f the lt hi42y tse f yes, tt gadhefi ible
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ye tad to ieo desty any dice. >> ts tim i stan de. s tsim dificu. i at tyaveifu snn t te et d wt. s t e thin tha w mke tm coiden that thein canhaakit m t coenathean d i mus say witusay ternionaitcommity. d nghboring oun iesrnnammy.ho came orwa . nbonguns aname meowaee gadfie lang do. > an aada y bac do to an aeing yac thembasdo t loyarom theng unit sta s.e as ando t lm youhe it areta ian thouraitio govementnd ire kw i thaths somein yio w eventappy ibout kha therre con ernsme y w thapyut memrs eronns ofhahe traitiol gornmeem atre rical ofraiogome ral a are a radal islarecs a ty m hijaad la ahe
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erat tn anwhat m hjas gngo ppenatanatovin forard g arouonce ed bouten tt?inor d>> n ar ce amut t not nonceed. wha kin m ofotovnmen do ceyou.xp t oha sin.f en>>o u siona demrati govement amicanshou nnaeemti ve conterne am aanso.ou n lia icosnenite in a. tef lia iten war. t ddaf gives tm wime. oaf ges fm te llnce and fe f his wpons de awand heeen unid tis wns figh he reg ae. h thnni till gh beegnite now othl bilde teeirowwnount and b tdy err nt nond pertting it t t take noerint t te ove >>and theomennd tve>>dheen t chdrennd teoplave o ingchen in t mindpl thate to o cha egn bya. in d tohao cngeha l ya's ima.e to ce tha l 'swas mstro d bausha ofs ro ts, bus the a f ited n t the a aow
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xtre sted n t wh the are t a te we rewhhere t n gngo tov we n g cnge c dieatorhip. lias a diorp. conrviveide. li but itsone ae.orate ociet att e sasime. >>ou thiteiehet ppleave sae. thi paenceo wt poree the chges. t on pace wthe the chs. eonphoiaettlown andhe nws of eaddaho.tln d they wl n expctofda s imme atey cha wes ifxpcthe don s hapn, youme tnkha that if peoeonap areou p tient at a noteore fi ptnt amost the aelvetoot get it fimoheoingveet it >>ng libas bn paent r42ib bn p ars.t and ey heo be aties. d hith ise nie govrnent.h n iov drnogret. tt exptati i hi. i d rebut tibya forxpti hi tim tnyaor 42 tir yeaim. ey aut. 42
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d whe teay a wke. the w e he t wi dnityhe becaehe wecid the wi fute d ty fr n caidhen.ut fr n yes, ater eery s, rolutn pe alerxpecy rut pe everythg stec toveth inhe cd.o but ectly d tainhing t ely for ibya d t thnngs ited.orya thit ised ulievle and it s i n the uev d samt n awe sinche 12. theyamould b a unid nc 1 t ey bulng b byanis asodel ofoopetion ouofheastelnd wes o to gpeon ou rit oheeso g dtathi ri a co otry who h datorm a rela on wcohyheho h wt aastrm d he la t w oers w a tstt ahe t os stggli to t g a t docra stlio g aceved t >>mbasr tnk y drave mu and aced ts i >> aas t yre ceve truemuor ynd a t i yreoplre c e wis youue all y of ahe bes yr .pl weisl wauhllfheesevelmentas
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th u old.wewa hankouel fornt th hing m ud. hankou.nkor hg m body nk. dy o sundrince odncaud is own hom tayud hes n die hom ihe tework hoital. wasalfie broerkf hoal kin asf abduahro afin nxt du a i i line. crety oftate cnto saii . thcrown et pofincete was s congtoai ader andthow pceas gdriengo the er nditedtate orhe gen mnyhe year edte ondrsells a mny tareles chamonors hl coury. a tes am hou. rnin to policser inoolst home thme nedaepubcare mein th teub dcacuss mong caus bameo t febary. d ssd thoau ba reby. th is akieva t r moveosebrrythn aki hpe t vef
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epingrew hpshne h fro movi a p maryin hsh mostf t vi a pryoem 201 cdida s ast t01 cda a iow the is a fth and fum. ow th isther is anend f. nab excpti. er speteas mor on nabxci th .te oneorn exceptisitt romyth. o isne sxcilti mangtom n sis en ough s hila wl ne n the wit en ghe fth w and n freeom.heit with his feactiondre. thresiisntti oba'ssi ob witsdrwalpside ama'itdrlpde a' astonihingailu to ordlyraitioasinningluo iraq ha rd uecesrilyutio iqt ha ris ues lythe ctors tha wewonis throh bld an face orhaic o wn ro bl anousaacsic o amecan men o wh sa m. oandackmenen w toho. dk nner ofheoo estern o rubcan stra polt in rubnegas herm cai is raolryi ton asconvce he rmaissyi plifeo andnve
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arifng ear perfe cmentnd sang he if wnts farili cavnt sa thrighe ws fli to thgh cosefoheyre c echoong artio theilly breath oo l aio uerhel ea u the cain admistraon. theheai mira a.orti he ati illeg. >>andiche ieachmn i dogeg e lain>>d trygoheehm i do cnce ein iowahatry hero camignas a ce wapetndereing tamn a rept tha teg ther aff quitep yterd. hadon'knowf r f i iuied yyrd n'owf a i i dierencandaterampai. we haveade ll s adiennde iais we ceavainl note ll a is cenlrot. chel bacanns polngt four pnt a ordiel toachenol iverty ur p of a tdioowa. er romn hasf 2 t7.a. mnas 27. ancain 2 an in angoveor per i 2 6 pce an anve hser iunti 6 pce an wh hti w ia
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coressng. an i cossinhas eenan aicll bachnn sport ithesan. a wel ha to see i ch h srt is. iea weweha havo'tee ieenim h huntins.ith we bamannav nuhat'ins qte ahotoh ba nnthey wle tt'king abtoout the ey bi ht woy. t ng >>hankou. b >>t ihe bis ho you turn >>nk. >> to i wighnou n w.o wh seral ndidesaid out theila t trn se thel iddconout arou. ei whhasla t t thernhe btno plan. ou wh twsthe btl. your atwwerst toou arsonhqd orurcanema. iillqd re ourne. rpons ler i lin to.e >> trning rons l oth ews t a t upngte o oth thesir a crash lasup ohe inveigats saas h. ty veatsa hav't coved vid ty fmheav veintaid f cinglaneta hat ngne cshed in t owd. t tenicisre cedn t ting to d.
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th o. ths theerl o eranns >>nd we' tan t satorare'a kirk t. s anorhiar mherro a l tterrko than mrro aredenthileer ler son th was rvin inta tn annt tleon pridenwrotas bac in n ta'll t taan to tha pren sotviceac mbernd w tlaha snspceed t er w mmanr-inhiefoesnd. ay wh usp t an inef. wus [ ale nounr ] thiss coh paer.. whe nostopay artsith ck p n...[ e un] iscopa.. whnoop tsd a h oice p.. ke vil anmaybup tfourn a y. a ce e l orchooan aleyb and two purls a r a y fr of in. oroolend p a frf . wayo gocoac ♪ ♪ ygoac [ ma annncer ♪ ♪in bnd tte tts en ru uschospreg preg ! bu i'vemaeen nnyinger ragu or y brs. t t rusosegegbuven nggu y. [ thking i wder at oer quesonab choes ie ma? thng wr o esabho ima [ 0s dce mic pys ] [ ghs [ d m p ] [ ma annncer choo tas. chse pgo.[ s
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manner ooasch p. i uldn do at. pay e chk? no, woul't u at sgle les editard. i dno .y ch, ul u se s itd.ey, en'tou.. hhh. i'm searg role , 't.. t ay'sh.peci...m arthe g pitaleone nturcard t'sci. ye eartadoube milur rdonveryurche.yarubil alk a lt meum. es. iyou' notarni dole m es..k lme. yore stlin fo halfiu'otni do m.. yo sin fo lfwathat real necsary malennouer ] t thvente ca waatalecry at pitane.c leou ] th ntandcaarn ubleiles on ery rchat eveta day.c ndn le eswhat inour llet n y ha cveer fay me. i ha an inr etc fe.han ti leme tl yoaboua ve portt phe ca i me. le tyo ou vewh i grt myph ca mdica car i re ized neewhd g yan arp. caar medire sreplemedt ee sura e caan, top. di s meemcare s on of tra greca to th gs aut tning5, mereon tre th a tng t itoesn cov everhing fac it ly ps upo 80of yr pa b eitensesn ov erng act pup 80 ypa ese ifou'ralrey on elible r mecare if'rreon li e mell nre to nd o how aar.. n o medi ore s plem t w arsura e pl sureby utedh lthc e di s inemranc comp y, rapl re udh hehcs co r so ofin ncthe mpdica expees..
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he coso nofpaid y mee carecaart pe .. at c savyou to ousas ofnoollaid. meret th ce aravthe u ly moicar sasuppofmentlansur ce pns.. thare mar ppntur p.. ex usivy enrsed by ap. when ou cl noex youivl geen ed ais f e inrmatn ki.. en cnoou ge and ide f undinstanatng ki medire can ep mown ctor d ch se md own e spitnd. an di n mn or ch m n itand don'need refral to s a scialt. d n'edefl s s al witall dica suppmentlans u cakeepour n door anhosp al titt acl ptsca medi re..pp ntns caepr do ansp t ac sand lp pdi for..hat dica doe't. ca thi tod -fre pnumbor nowt. ca oe yr fr infoatiokit d gu e ca tohinder andito medreare.mb ow to yfr foiot gu toerdiede. ♪♪ jim i ne to sh o softre u rade♪♪ m neo o ft ude ild new p r thsaleteamn bjing d w nd cthvinclethe ame.o. b nghismailill nd h... cnce o. iswheilver l is. h. i nd toee mfami ewr le ts.y'retillwake n to m[ maminn ncerw t wire glolll sekeicesrom ll manner wi lom caseaddress m s coany'i.t.eeds hrou cuscam budrt ap icat nscoy't.ds ou clusd sobutionapat andngoi suprt inover00 cntri.clsoon doiup so ins coerany ces rriults d ji sees is fo ily.coy rts del the ower o fy. l he
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>>hat was t predent sp>>kingtt thwhte hasse. trent spngth h. joingystenat mark rk in>>hankouorst hingatar m nk uma. >> hhatgs mour rctio u. tot tr r wiiodraw o theo t tops. wiaw ohe is tha for tiss.eeleion is efrt iis orha aor dllen breer efwith iraq?r >> i am d wriedhat there thq? uted >> iatesasccepdm ris w thaed t thhe ud
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over ent esep iqha th cul collseert or b iomn cul ll ally o o b oman. e notiaons ay shld hav . been haned ett niashav en an riduattresc shod re in o ruahats we loho i re the gas so hdte wono i wha aheout gaso h thedon policalha at calcatioin ahe ection yr?olal the lcio pside a proise e thaio ybut he pderoehaong ermt pmise hhoul magms suprt pse h tatiolul se ritymanup t t utediotat sety t and u iradatecos ad ra collapd ate a orapllyf i netr wld rt ty i lng-tm scuri o w t oucouny. are l-t s yri o condent hatouun iraqre yll ptecttselonntt fro theaq ou ide prcesct >>elm n.rohe ou the unites stas mliry i ab thitithta a mli i ridul abresee toh do a a l o rduseonteence a douppo a l o anece planni logpotiide . an witht ttl weniogaye bak . dwn th t
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e to becitarn vience dnd tre to arear mvinyce tranlolicia a e agts tt m wounike tia a agake t er ttou governmet te vast tilovnm wlls bamn stil ws b ay o ir it is a s b ak o t their itedttate i a s boureact tn teo edteadfi deat >>r itct t i genally a posive. at t becae ienly itose. allsheew caebet govementll tow dicat 100be peent o fventheirime t dato00 peildit a o pire aican mocroy the. di p aan crth when i w i lya the enas a w arha i gdaf lhewoul me cabacknd gaf i iotul psie. m >> herecack a ielebtion goi psi >> i ttre a coury oiousebonoi . ttou amonthe ous . rels one rs a proina radils. aw do wenow ttroa i wildi. doew t not
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eate iil a radotal istelami gornme? >>e don.adsmi gome >> on erreslamist ang the ebelandis the a unedtatehe el d shld bk ehearlylectn.unte thshe b erimlyminteraict ty ould he th them.mnr cuent t lldders h ohe lcuyat are lrs not o ismistnd l there wldot isst w ovhewhelngly w is rel gemen wil w not ov elly r g anyeniloreot popart that isonydaye a sop earlha eleions is arey nssa a. s >>aalkilens to ar nhea amb ss>>dor outki theeuphia amb ther t afrmat of t a he ma ibyafsatf t a exctinea big ma ysiti chaes a a fxdint kes me tiha a a geting s impient a andeganyf tmpnt tri ld factis cod fit eaych ttherri woncnedreti you cofita >> wnereere incridliou the w we noe i leshanhe weoesn28 separae mitias
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an i is awhera mias in wponsnd iw hloot from tn waddans aeni otro tda ani weave t ufy weietary mmanunde e t u govnmen ryand arlyande eleions oead off thoven d riselylens ofdff th islistarty and re thre af pn toak uslttynd a buy re a p t bak u a tounds baf touds antaircft ssil and i thereak o ofhentrc l yailndhe couak rrest a o of lou res a lo-terthre. >> tse weapons havloe bernre ssin>>someme n. t >> iteans wn't.av b ther inreme n tho ands>> ohem.t wt. thiss neerf thehods om.ighe iori is ohenitehestat. iheill s ri o mssn ateearsat il s be o mssoing arsell unit stase andngll reb ittaibyand liesave odebontrverya the ese cmicatr arsilrhat e ddafbuil c >>cahankrsou st mch. af il>> >>nk s umahank m f. aving m u nk>> f thrin wks a mfter the hr w
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aerhe dippeance. cave dieae. ca dogs in the la dgs irn ncams andhe s ling gooyer t msnnd indyar cmp. sgoo hon tas dy c. % daony vaase ofiber. ..nd calies da var sofvinger. ..d al s .you y wa s to ngll aew fends .u wao a fds ♪ ♪ or l othe ♪ ♪ r oe ♪♪ i' go t myowl. feme anunce] n fibi' oneo 0 camyriesl. ye youan auall loveem an ceeakf t.nibnecaes yeou allve kf ♪ ♪ ♪ you nt tsaveoney on c insance ♪ u tveey cnsce no pblem pem yowanto sa mon rv surae? norobl. yontsaon v ra no blyou nt tsaveoney onotorcle surae? norobl.u tveeyonore ra nobl yowanto fi a pce to pk althesthin? fuggabouit.
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yontfi p palesin ggou .is inew rk. hey ttleuy, ike uw . , co offt ma! y le , uico. coffma o. sang pple ney mor an jt cainsunce. sa pe y or jcasue. 4g--he nt evutio inirels tenolo . -- nevio inwitheldvanted polor, e vezon lteetwo mak ur binesrun ster thanpo ven tewoak besn er artpnes,apto tabls, mile tspo. tps,to bl me po bunot l 4g isreat equ. but 4gisatqu ong e mar caiers on veron'sg neork is 1% lt g macars oner'snek 1lt the ld sndar ofirels tenolo. e d wh se otarr ca iersofay elteve lloited te cerag whotcars l edveri cn isaghe l gest lte tworin arica riis lste or aca d ev-grong. witheriz 4g e, evro. you n innt n way upgde yr buness thizg usg re-timgrouu meetings nayom r ote pgcati ys, buss usreimou etvide confenci r e tibile redicardaymes, denfci ledirdme litninfastownlds d acss tthoulinds in stbunlnesspps. ac tous plusbuverissn has. thlargt sectio usriha th 4g rge desecesio d thmostg ltcovege r yo busg s thstltve yol onusmeris.'s ftest
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st riabl4g nwork onri fst rbl nrk wonr mo busesse chse vizonirels onmousse ch v onthanelny o er wiress crier an o re cer vezon. ven.
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welme bac evebody hean c n elontuest iacvedy he c nninstretesn t iampan traiand p eter inren t doopa has ai mord p er onhat and theoo rtasor ontndhe r ohe headnes. d the o wesadrns. epuhein leershesonteu.i le sh an neingrhithte.0 an percet. andgrhhexas govnorick rc pe rryd ceivxa foovrerceke syport ivoce srt . uned nionsallg forhe . eunh nnsllor of gadfi. th ano lofok aad.
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12:33 pm
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12:34 pm
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12:35 pm
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12:36 pm
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12:37 pm
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12:38 pm
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12:39 pm
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12:40 pm
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12:41 pm
12:42 pm
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12:43 pm
aneads 10 lters dayeds0 lrsay he a he aadsboutnd ands is 10ut lndterse i rdsvery ig. l rs an that is rnery lft.ig an and arghahatshey are g lin. throh. d argtyre gin ro >> theare poinantnd rorts that >>heeoi hnt rts has rpoed at i h rsonas rayspo andivg mney i to pple on wsnd areiv mny gat ed. pe wre gt d. th wri notxpecng h h ll thead riemotec h h d em is detiled youny iuriess aetedou iie l o the a thes l hop ohe ainell a the ahesop mov rd a l a
12:44 pm
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12:45 pm
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12:46 pm
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12:47 pm
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12:50 pm
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12:51 pm
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12:52 pm
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12:53 pm
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12:54 pm
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12:55 pm
ale an istea t t alan iea d tutie paolle shoingll die nar paleho analsith nar aault rles. >> anellshhe btom lin alt rs.hey we>>ll ae toave bmin siy we ao whye cldn'thi se allf th in m ty cn'f s tll amal thn m kill wer t leshan aal 5 llerardses n fr the fmnd 5 sll silceds om t frhe pple f theresshoil t are defding pe hess the lft eefnging usesithhe regd l tgnima esh egexce inhis the cen aearasncef jaack. hana e a ara e na jknrtaaner me ahing a wors m theng huffin tonrsoshea had no business tu beinherenosa adouses t 'se alwresidi wit t corpatlwsdiit ite tst. lencon he rpauger. >> ite it. nc was s>>ory. i thk yas for sy. youake. th y we akedor andou y anweree.
12:56 pm
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12:57 pm
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12:58 pm
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12:59 pm
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