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tv   The Journal Editorial Report  FOX News  October 22, 2011 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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>>this we on toual >>i weedit oornlept oufromalerman it caep'st om er ca's9-9-9lan toick 9-9 rrlaylattaicx. an plus rr wyithtax.any anus waneiocpy walltrteioc ptesters l killtrt for pteers oranndanoba' pndicy ofobeang frohind? ofeang fhind ifeive coness s ax owife long will ct t a s liberalre de nd a lg ll libetl tongss a run that liral up tdeondbe lilg90unha t >> g to n ewupampsohirebehe
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hey 90donava al es g tax n ew ps red yy ou'ronavixalinax o i have y'r thone, no ierted i hne thon 9-9. >>te in not a bhel 9. b>>asketithot pl a oranges a b hkeet to ay bot xes. o ng a80e% toremerica ns b woul payxe me a tes80 undmeca his ulaye plan tes u>> pl: wmeis tohe jourl pl p wme to etorial ur reports enttoal thos were rorern ca's os w vals ganngp on hn and anattaingp ohe h nd9-9 ppo tag he as a tncase a s as tas overncrasicke perry is gs ovleeisklaert ix.s iseal tax r efor mislatx. finally isea axpossible r oror dmoeshe c faial ssle rtaic lk fhe anyon lki c to ovha the sy lstemf. any l ing us tssheistant syem in itusorial pae dssta corntps ja s ee niandpae orary jas eeno'grady anar gryim imstrassel.
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ma tho dite piledra el onerman inmand t verydyditeed on er opmaseit, bu ryrt la opse , econost srtuprt it wh o is ghet?no s >> iritst of l, t hiwh t ihas gh? >> ir heanf ain viouy got thi tattk beusee's sking i he thn e oupoll gs a p eople are tbee worr sd abkit hiand this is th thell c a prseoneef hreis rr ab cahiaigndighthiow. is it as aene h ot o goo scapirigntuht. it a inittis,n otr wos, ot g's, u sriknt itti rais,seotwo t he , issuof ht complatheai t suax h codisomhe it attemptso simis t, it tt brptoasothe base and tse algood th gsbr.e b>> pasple a wouldelp ecaloodmi lly? peou the ecmiy? roem w this cohe thid i emth wk, ehives thgh ithid i s tha it e th colicatethe de s lk t at tigebat e catee hdek t compcaatd iteis. nobo seeo owxactly at impisca itis you avebo ceeorporateowxa incom i ax whe yy houe e y c ppoaync tas, bu t ou w'reot he y a pllowed to subtr actat, ut wes'r aot aow i to s tr alled aet w pfits tax, b iut palent a yetouay i pt evfien ta b
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if yodooun' iteve a i pt yodo t>>aul:alemes of vtal >>l:me add ta > it' ooo v c omiced aadta >me pt'ple ll poo m c tas. a that goi pe p m ta t. be polit ic alatoi robl. >>aul:jas,ha tt'be p titruef blif i >>l:anha som tefillay iore anand omeillom pe lessndilayor ou'r ed eill loo pking les ast 'r loophooesng ead. d waoo anefficient, f re rea wanef ci tat, re >> thi whawill cain i satayingwhat m r.>>hirrhayll ain gog toay nexwe saokngat y'reutng ogoutto n hundreds ofok billio o f dlautng every o yearun dr t oax cplnce c aiond dlavery we'rutting o c a perhaps illion of h'rrs peoutplng er psfigurg out t tus. on hthinrs yeo wl g some ig ur ouon tomtu bens.its tfh inl g scaineplan. onom en yos worrabou doehs i cate thine. rcyoterrcturoueoe to cate taths la bu-rcteur e >> w ctato mean b asth ? >>bu- wwello an ath? ichele bachmn we as ayin whafoniceslesac the s es tax from 9ay tino w f 20ndon eesnd
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et ting hheh ses fm comeax 20ch e wndhaetngowh me anhiales thaatnll at's pro em. an hiinitallly, tfou actuallyn enac'sroitm. just like wt iy,ou aua y exct tbe t per acan jli you have i a ler ra ex t touer haanve som su imveplity ver ra e cuent stemhaveom y get s v more conomic grcuowt .em y>> weto to tha p roreem wcohemigr you gjusto woo to t tem we y gsto flat tlat ta witut iroduingtroding. takehe iome,ubtr t o in itvest ints dud p tg o odg. whke's l it. e,tr o 's smuchclinear,sts si ple tr, ot youwh lknow a en schcloe' rle ris kuhaowt a jams ' r de rib g.isk pauha kimlet getou j ins de ib ere. auim etyou' g gotoh e. u'othusman a negirich tax husmrert as, ginghe top rneegiowrinax to rert i k nghe t23e ow%. wha does thi mean t%.t ong reblans, at haleoet, t m tt rgor ngheblan cet par of new c seusnd t'rsorngar ingf o p ofus whandtevet'rs new pres idens en ng i a fhave r reblic is ecte new pr >> yenah me a ihi y reics tehaveo ve yer ca
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i editor that, caus ve ve the'sroca n quest ion itha at wn riusck p rys qutstsut wri pa flryat ta p wut motivat bfle looki ng at p w miv b sce l okif at rman canece o and enthuia ananendnt and eform,nd whand this doe do or, pum,oc wha w ahis d lot of ieres ng tdoaxprpuopalha l u' i gotes t nprtingr ich ot oposg opnontnd the ingrh ntsmosn opplnan, no oyndhe lers e smtepls,, by consolidaerte ethe acke. tes,b lf intere cing soindang e ke intereinglf tre og ne tegl t o timid rson athe partitt t rs tomne who hpaasot prosed annehi ver wy dramatind is ing toave anohieeer i df hracatin nd ikees up with he rttoe of theo h t. ee >> uhatp boutthit rom rnety's o the plan t heays 's g>>ng ttout citutom xes only fanho hes g tpeop c pita l g as d oividd xes nlpefor peoe ho mta ge a d ss tdn 250r $2s ,0nl afor pe ye m depeding if you'r te 20 r
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$2co,0le ar si .ye ep ng>> i gfet y i'rteon fuse w hle ther obam >> t g a theon setime. h t d am ift' as t singlme ormean he iasroblem tha stin wts ano go a er the rich. roem tand that' wts a go a proerbl t f orri the. nd tret'blican se, andt'roshe al p bl em aneconom, icaldly bausevenf yo cleed pbl al of ts meceyomroal t bsen yorich you ld al sol tve mur ro t ficiproem and ch y wldld olve obably amcio aro because y w ldhe are t he pobpllyeitamhhero mo by aunvt. >>reames t this suggeitshe m moy t. e're>>oieshi to sgese partreicoiular rk pryoes out wh rtarla ptryota and ou wh seve yrslaack witndhop nighve 1720, ateacr its,it tht op mes yo'l hghav t te o 17, e thitedtti f or smeteyo a h ecal x, thti o fta out the de ctio ox,r ructa i o f trom deio me ownershiuc mbe o frm may t cludr oving tnersbe oay deductns f charit taude g t du coctri ftions, b cri aowe th- a t ofhe d uccoonris honav be to andet ngthp a of auconig have o abate. thas right. u se mr. mneyte r.eady a nd ha theorrit. ofhe s
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ta sse. ey r a uoeor of salready sttacnghe ide souo of the c ionsrey ac hereme ierhe rat sore o man t cns co ng meowand the r point yrean me ntcod, wtan toihis pern, w e fmend can w p anher 00sear and er w frember, c ye the y'anr ot eand go thave t pemr, ye t ot00 go tve & r blk, toel lrhem wt tye.ell andvetboenefits i t adti nd t, bom, wenhait do syoin ad w doou tnk tt th dem, wte igoio ng to go is tdo ref tor tt oith t be i ointra tl iue n th t pefriribe frome ra ioun p> i inke're gng toom g i kan ireao h g serus he i candidat e.h yotalk abo the she ssibity thi happnding at wasingt yo iflkou sbo thahet pp . ib y hippg y h eas tgtha a c anif steha topp m. es hishe c enteyrie tha c ofhe caai gn n ust i hihe cthter ar but tofencaalait i elec f thear balbecomth el noecneef tnd seeec theth repubca noe congress andnd uhe sm t t ep the senat an con hesse dhe t seat te s gativen t h se co lats you'r going to at t
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ge, wen t tal keout colaistsoung t you' goi w thaal atis yooi tha big publovent take i b happen blov t>> p tl: wl stetak iro sts contues mongpp t pde wndst st stent loan nts ng forgiven esrend estt ln lng fo aivt there next b taxper blout a the b xp the bearcutfo baby lisa jud heearcneaby i live tsa t ud creaimne sceneith siivet t analisro cr ssi alis invesrsigors. nv ig s.♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ wn yo cha of pply♪ ♪ goefr he tohangi, at's wgistyos. ha♪ f ly♪ ♪oe htong 's st ♪hipsrom re boar frother♪ ♪ tck iall roug♪the psr, m at's argistros. er♪ ♪ t il uge 's st ♪ cleing stomlikehat ♪ ♪urry p no♪ime leat g omat'k's t gist s. ♪ ♪rynoe 's st ♪ allew thnoly s brgs tme, ♪ ♪ll tol br t, ♪hat's gists. ♪
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♪t's st memb theays foreop y soand everisseopeng dambhes re sobutd ith copder semakeng itdaardo brthe,ut thi tpdught kse dits mirdt bebrver.e, so mdoct pre tribeht sy dicormiber. mt hects sireificbetly ovsy or lu funion, hesiicy ovsta ing luthinun minn,es. mbict don't plac resc inhertag inin. icdo t acr su enscptomnh h syicor toy i'breaing tter suom syor toi'eag er anthateans. anatme ons symbort foropd, o inudin chric bnchis nd ehysemb.t ord, ininhr bihishou note ta en sere an tce aay. symbort y inieaseou otyourtaisk luninfee ions t a.mbt in seoeopoursis,k unandfeome nse prlems tel yoooctopo s,iyou dvee eartprondimson r hi bel preureto be ore ikingu t.rtdi whishie ]reebe e wngh co thoht iightiss t is] wco n myhoavor ie trhtitios ow sbico sigficaly mpros myung ncti myortrio scoigca romyg ti staringith 5 nuts. and at mes aiffee in mbreaing.argh5 ut y i'back d with my fa aritefeeam. meag. i'ckthfate am. youdoct boutymbirt. aougot ct fir callr clk lea mort ir cr [ioale eenounr ] youan't affd yo medatiollcl eaor astr[zenee a un] maoube a'tle
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on ba whhe ham nd eerean ba dhoiamning eean oingop inion.m ito jesopiom o jestanto. es are hugtao.los, ow a big aro h is it? >> is,sowig ig pbl em aand ts it inte re istinnu the amot pbl a f teouinmp studenthe l an t de dou ed in thastivmp tude yenars durg thisdeoumal ith ivecomy. whenou t nk ayeut sit d i is mamals see. ec y.whato yo g pen te a d oithen theysan'tseete. ? atyo p theyeark demsees ihe snool ey 'td try t? get a ereyk se i crenti i h tes ofet impr ovg th r etiymen osct e enbut,s a sul of th they d utepoing into tt,a ul th t woykplaceith mucdmodebtoi.nto ho pefully eco mwo willa cehucmo imprbte so. ho tfuhey'y lle be am tilo ge prisso, itoo tksy' to a m te li anothiser, eb it tbb.oo >> tn real mteerms, li ath berrongbb. g>>onneea as,nd rough doub n e gasont feive yrs a or rso. >> eahub it'se as fea-- >so> an. therea n>>aht's hat peopl a-- think >tanhean ahas t pheeoew th k t subim en is cong f trohe ew g overent, a s debnt ln i
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s ico f ro thatare oath g dersnt, a sde mattn wha i yr crit sco reth te is yr c dit hi ory,ttndhar crco re re ly, ur ali t o y cdihirey,pa d i thire, aop-- t >> y mea tharetouan get a ihi studeop loa--n n m at ytereahatha ou yoan e gno acircutanc sdeoa ar n r >>eah,now, t heyo answenorcu nc if omareoneas >>h, dw,enng t thehensr program if a bnengasnest t dheenyng t ight ay don w ryogmut bng itnehiis tebt tha t kht d utcan't e sc even tebhroughha t k b krtc n'y.t >>s th rige? t wou h ndb ttche re r.>> thig it' hal f wight. to sn't mreear. tt the t'al ig . axpa yerson't le, t he yo't m n t me t paitrsh i't lepene,nt t hey denden npay oions a e t i coenme cotin nteny o io theids aren' m akin g moiny aust downto wn alhel id st aet tn'y dot hav min tg p moa backusdoheto loans. st t >>dohat hak dfi pcult if ck heu'ranust o >> otf sool f dor filtf firs t ear o yout or life snd yoo're f n makin a rs lot ea moneyouanyway ha oufe ye n wantako do is youan tt tonbeyway uilding sswas ntan doo y you canan be dongike p repa reld fgheano y cfir chi o rdo ppa toik ppa heat hoe. rhi >> oght.r >>but a c lege degrehoe.s ld in stntut just cge egthe ys aou sare. ust e u'renvng your
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fute. i n't reame ese id fngor our beinupse a thut, i i t e thine tidheir f a ngs inse thmisd, reed. i inoo t if iru b a a csnd turn out sd bere a. le oof b ou d'tlame the ban rnhat t be les yothe ney tuy t d't me ar.hean t a cpleleyo ye earsey ag to, the . fe craegovementnt yversdag anmade t sur tharomow feavent n. an de t s dep tentfedmatowion, gene ra s ltudent loa tep en antusedo beedat an,ot neones ytu ntoa ban anedbeo ngeroney an wt-- >> hat'ngrighert, w et hasha tw h- >>t'gh txpayers. as >> tt me hs we o the rxp ays. and bo ut tme o trill tiodoars r on odhebo federal b talllce ar sh ts. ono tou loa f foredal b sdents to es. pe ou oatheyeror on sde ts he ookpe ey gu oteesefor t thioo doesit mer i guesorhi oes mi-- maer if itn balce ee ma er nof henax byer 100- - o hee' all >> a10nd0- t he is ae'n ellcaon bubb >> because i ahink col tlege a ons been olbbdndecse hher ol ge ucatiogene ll aslw bsen goodhin h nheo at t iogelw co . od in
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rt o tlikeeop thoht duri the ousico bub. e an you ve t okepho reali ri ashesileuban u t re tol u rsn the sle inioshowhis ek, re thers aoliffe urescen t vue in tio ows rk, place, thheererafeen vue t yoharkplnacngineehenger dree or enrtu esnd ts ngyee somre o tc upory wall rtuesnd reeteopl you com se outfc w alhool l o f ebet andpl y nom outf an immedia te olartaeebnd sll you 're in oue. ied >>arll otathisse sdo uss ou in the nouame. of >> m oakisgsledgeus hemore n ofordableas m it dgonele tt? re>> n wfo habappe wn i t d one vernntt ssi dize nsoo hdp n t in rder ve eouge szes oowidere consum ptinn,er it crgetes an artical d andedre coum an i im ecrcotemi acsarnd dresri anup >>eheco smioocsave bee dr risiriuionight along >> with tav i bncre es in sionig losubids fored atn? t i >>f icose a b it'fos a money >> ma aorhe iset' colsleges a mey uversities. >>hat'the heolseiool hegeres jame brifly? ursie >> w l, y>>ou'vt'ee got tioohe the megorirnmey? ou it's n w y jus'vteoto the t angos. me t' n thusbatma admiitra--an youeanot gthuaranteeba any ad oans, no min-- any ans. oun >> yra waneeto ghem onsno oinny s. th b yinesanand g o ohefth
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subsidy thsiss bes becndauf esent obaakes g atsu idy prsie inssheec acobes gat hat he'sinhe ublethe fundinghat 's or elubllee fng anel. no fremoy,ut ty have toay bac k andtuion h ty ve riseon fter tack hndealth care ui h er t last d ad seecnse r t the h govltercaent i tastreecatse e thov arfit i-- >> ihinkou'rright, b haveo sa theth cnc o--f i nk th'ratrit, happenin g,ve tsahe ger gettthngut o cleppgeinoa t abo as likelshe ttng gornnt gtingoa o o thboesiks ho usin gsingss o th sti ea in the dea of ti moammar eqa di, mar ist ai, is a t oma dnisttioneadi fro behi? ha tin o dai dos oma dstondiro hi ha oaios citral sw rease. coinuoly reasecalcm us d tr sree. couo rselc d for e efcienabsotion my by nes.r efensoon citr [ ourr ] e amtring .ory of wtherovinhea tise can ke ifromustria a u[ . lar] amg y werina istoa paent n in ime fom surtrry ula y se liktoa trpaped-t h lywo f preurse. se♪ik ♪trd- hwo
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rebu.if u ta awa th dratic ore. ♪♪ bu tawa thrac e. ta awathe zzyi 0-deee cera ve.. tawae yi de ca .. [ tes seech .antakeway thever-e-tostun t sch ankey eyor-re stoll lunt wi pret remkabltale yo bu s, ok l, mawie ke theet emindblgentleuperdel meo.buokmakehendnterl o. tha you [ me anunce] iovate mecal lutins. aou fex. so tionmthatanattece iatmel ti. fe soon at tewe a buiing webse by oselv. [ won anunci ] ther s an aasieuiway.g bs olv crea ur o smawo-busaness cite.. eraniey. wi int t weeaites omauss .. chse atylecustize, puish d gefoun.. wintwees ch aleste,puh geun fr jus$7.9a moh. gea 30ay fe trl... frus.9mo ge30 ftr.. ntco
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>> tay bongso thpeop of lya.
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is i a momen f he m t t bgs thop a ll ise m wenhohe t uffe d a er emberost useer w ddi an lk rw arfe t theos u p mi o f an newk rwar day. e >> pl:ha ws osint n obamon tdarsdaeain t>>o p heeasint am tdaea dinta ttoua ea ddaf a cli i d ta ua mento day in th htory c li oflibya. t imitto alsayo an ry vin caofonlia. of ihels omistrati'sft von criciz poly o l dimist fr izol o be ndfr t' a ndret tens a ardemberre mttens a coemmiskey. r t no qstioa vto f the peop ocosk. li qbyio v fmahett. opbu ois it als aicrylior ma . e u . bu iainrery?or >> e absoluly it'she u. mity tha abso 'she mbombitgha camignhat thrnedmb t te t civil am war d thhauropeans wer e o ede t rontiv buin fac tr eth purrovieadensd o e on ntbu ftehe p midvi a d r ueli on tankheers,id w he the rli nk s,ureans w r oheut d fou o he amrpaignsn weut d qlyou su rihedamheigmn and me this
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happen mitardily anhe m and e pridenobam didhi tak ha en th m leaitdarl anpoliticall y,pr ienhiamid t akthat ct , thbueatpotill cbu oval a eat scess it would hav been ter bl e ife sss stayedt nul be wer,erunia i d-ta n>n t r,iunt,ia hed-th o > not ts poticaesaii o cos . t poca elabrate on tt. >> wl, osok t. hi w ab te caaignhat t.ouldave w tanok two teks,nsad too cagn t slden emohs tanwo thresus, wasns aad t tsme nd lo ofth su wves. threstnd w as the nea f ve llap of a.t. and th est wpeop t f nge that he baprif ti.t. nd the op fhat fren bhe hefr prheimy, rpr n.a.t.o . alls n.t aprscall ran out of bombs firllst c roupl oeuteefn aromnd n.t nea rlelirl cple arn t o r t.tea campaign. an qadda sryed t in powerca gn uchon anrhan qe nded t inow andhis has ahan wk ndeeg ndcoulhihaves b a tppl ikneg weeks. ul ve>> p bl: t admistrion pl i ares h theresint l ek fr the p tfrdmtr in you ll
2:22 pm
ar hhesi l d t frhe utestates iyoaidll qaddafi mu g o td we're u tegoinstto des it y qaafmu nevero w would veot tin u dnite ytionbehi it and t nerrab ul lgue hind tt, n ueverteou ld on hi t ave g t theestf ratheor bee nd indand ner wldave g hebeentackf he be id th wldav >>nde w enk backing tth >> tie bthe t the united bki stes b tamebeca inlvede t lohe, th uqueteion st b ieca a you in edterte ilon-th-eio $i your ideaf you v to rte i rea ng$i aounr identanafon coensu o is it get ti ea a i r co ofsuhi o s etblmied r ofhi dictatormied cto terroridor yrs and-- we theerro win anddor yrs he is gon e no ahesn'tin inde a- onou ght, wsneothe w a i'm gd pghsit,nt ot obamdid itw a d it psi nt unfortunat tamd so it publanfoun conteersor to esblency oosed this.on orwas t i de ll cyosedhi ts p iarticurleywellll. shod ie a tiodelywe. how hod e ouldodct don' hthinso. mat it'not ld mo den'l?in. >at evet'ryot ws modi ert.very
2:23 pm
sre it bame aroemere t. n t t b uam.seemer bklash t amo u cgr and b h nd aates yohaveo se youwarhe cngrnd you go and eees yoveseouarheovas.yogond andeourgent th's paly bovauseas the pde nd dn'trgant en appthr o pa bau heeadi heidn' want o'tt and uprnd te t eadi aak e then'nto ca u, bund t teaal was t there casobume real rubcan opp wtuas tre vm hre? so rablul. ub ca thoppopptioih a h ? mo at nhelhi thhouspoe?ioi t here was monhepohisturinus in the theas lat sping bypour i t michele bacatann pdin n byinic and mhe foish, acn in ic ndi wo ge me c di th, presiden obam he and otwoe e at h cdid t wt esen tamo hode is in hiad y,w the we oluant t m e i and ia ty,he t e we pus d bth t mnduropeans t nd t abus beagu aurea an d t heir tinb in lea ma and et tirivein irent to mandetiv secretrey oftate tlioonnd cr.n. amofbatessoronnd ausd th . presiamdebant to ierdne for pside t mataannereasonors. >> whave stratic
2:24 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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