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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  October 22, 2011 2:30pm-3:00pm EDT

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a g unyho s pnts aup h he gad. jon: joe ben goe thear j wonhoe ben oerant. anib erwh mouthraie aniberus ou raon slaerthe po. id the media t ake isslaueeritthh eith r? the m anotr we t of a inticsity the th occu ot walwestref prost aers.ics yanot tr we of unbr idocdalreros. bied otupwe ort y tbrd bi instamup ypres ston t panhis we writeres fox ntew ps wentbur, jud wyter milr. ox n tionbur, j riew editor ilic h on e to lar jicimh pink erdi la j eranonrvativ epi maze anddi dly beesonrvivee columnit d dly kite b porsum i' m jon otoxews watchrs i' j isnox rewightsat no isn rhtno pride oba oni hree-dayampa nprore js n buitourhis week meeingaypa st jops in n thbuarurins awe and ming virg stins. i n yingo buard pinliacnd s uprt
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rgfo hin ngbupc billi son dlar jo bil bli onthpriden jo briticized for en theaxpar moye's spdiri ocin the f tpshich thpamo loospdi a ond tou tps ahi awf l oo a ndlike cpan a op >>t car ly ckepaningn op ani us>t sa c aragn, cpani ever eeann ansagl bhan ertheania an ogl b he'ha n tr elheng aroun od o a h cana antrel bngro toutingmecan na b js. tti >> j: thca's jn mcc ai w ows ometjngbo jth j esidcctialampans a w bus, b doe hesaveet a pnt? idalpa a mebu boe eju are p? t me mia ju akire these queson if rep lins ki w tse tinges esee fip tepli would co tundrins ogf tusan o fee ip t doars, wldou ldcot eydr? o t an o lof ts lwdo gois,ng to ban it ueey it wa a lo issuthe lwstimeoi it came b it waup. it'soingo co inuesuo bee ean i iue a cndam it's an . approp 'sate ngsuecoecauuesebe the i at's mpaignashe gunopnde eauhe it afgnctsas aheolunutyrying at g s af >jo n: j t so ens sa moatwoul honop. t w > j snortcarona as virin >>ell,atgainul h'v teot rtro t aoirin
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>>l, in tell u, eotry whi h tse us the te tools, e yry ow ushe e--to s, >>nclung cowadianse >>e- >>luadiawe thasetaye w. that'noteally hisha fault houg the secretteallvice h buyau e bus andey y ug know sretce i d 't t bu thaan it'fa y knto bme t presidt, i dno t lhat'fa h e' b treid iov seng t puse o h buses,seng t pu orit? >>seer not t?(laht) >>er >> tereotstg. >>therhingo la fochtus on re st>> >>erngousyoc fundi ngales for fdi al investmes. didt lo f at orat th. >>n in reinstin smetudy o of thid pewlo rt es rc. cterhi s >>inre in ek ady loo o med thew r covage r allrofhih ca aidatoo andheotm l ov ine his a rforht ihat tcaheat ndm l prent, iints rort ys t ihe gti t, it amme d,hays the repubcan ndides a getng me med, heep n vorae co rage haidthe aet m preseent. heres a voracologe. e ees prt.iden srea pitive. prcoveidnragesheren e pscivreene. aordi ohe dveatgeren ne scativene overag a odifr.oheob dama nive
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ou twereditiver.ob4-1 ou iite t past fiv mohs. >> tt's a classicase of st f. t sdo y alaou bicievehe stu of youryingyes. en y loo y h b tvehe s did ur ngs. th yoohere t dbvus ob lemsthum one, tybvus cost uch amsid netum and te,y media ousttlhet the areid aet nd aminin somhing ike dioutl 12he00 syou sethe f th tinreomrenge ertain 12 su he f romi nt nthewspap ts arereerin brocast netwos th are mi n ap mu a morimpoant an t rest f throsest nwo thre muorpot t1195 stth med outls an al--1195 >>oouhink t t pouysan intoheal-- pridoent'sou pornktray tal p of hse lfto as aundeogpridn t's or ay media? lf >> aell tnkhe other th g he doing,a? his >> pollllhe oer umthrshe tin report said holl ll nbers w dow n nd t r orthatid was n evarsluat wed asown eg at w coverage avahaats stight covege segi thk t sdy vera ais om--s stht it's heve s sth tng withdy the omecomy, i het' eno s tngit h wa s b t n e wecomativ covege f him wa i b thinkivpr ob abve f im ob ably ihisted h negaprti it isbu obalsoly it hefct oga rtieat ty a solite b.
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i meefcthere r are a l of ite tngs ing ong ndme there he ree a t of lhapp oiness w ts g g ndhe im. a o sppess s d be ne. ga ti. s>> ll t sedd iae r eseanerc . ce er pointed ohe ty appeaia rea ce on pnttelevisionhe on ted si dcom, butot toxwsom oadc asts thco're barder t t nir. dcts >>on:ind of n ithe tantde nir. poin b>>ut:d intlo >> lo t sdy in iel was lo most i c>>onclio a s dy i wheli s. e mea co idn't c waiclt to a jump oli meitco'taito mp c o findsit hsh cer for c famandsher fmsc, t stu dy amd shows oma a themsviimtu ow ma th ae' t t magviim rd victim th o negivess mnd couldn' rd ic wa to e thstu t oohrow ne bassnd in c tldhe of 30wa yeao rsth u to owof critis ban t tolibel. o 30 ea on fray tobejudyl. n ay pridtte o dy in fr onprte oof t pre cor a ifr tadree thetaent chat t iraq war ad e or aha trallqul o r byhe end oe aear andul uc os it in sh whe it'ndse
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eahisan dministrati on ideitnd i nh 's areatt's sviormists tide?nd w here as a iatn fat'ors as ? gre defearet forim in t t' s an bj tire tha dtea hfor t soldiersthe nrshiofbj ti s,hahetilary hadsorse hi remmend, whi w as kpiilngarad betw 15 and reen35 w00hi troop in iraq. tw 1the aact th mte35r00ro is n aq s he t ththe ap eptedis ovesrhe th e we ekend anaphe whi hou deed i o t prme minister we en ofanraq idhe w hinoou wreot de i t p meining tote mrak p osofsiblq eid f w u totay iraq ndtoheak posble pridt h ttomay ke thiaq he cisi. so, was prasalhet ttimang hi out eadf wsiha tou h , as albeenet ati neg ate s toryt dor wm. a eneg senng sitry and t ress a shld nng atch him on ss hat. >> on: shy mad ehach h o n ann emen int.he pss r oom>>: ma hath t pre there, nd nn tnenhe p rm no at le ttre tthe, ndquesntis, t rstte >> y esknow m- -te >> y hiis aowfterig yea m- of warhiis a er theig m yedtregis i nhe w wte hoe, i d henow ytreg they io sonany ingshey w ho do i wh youo inw theress ey soroomy ndgs anny oue shi sdoo whouinhess omnn coeequencehi so you would
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coecqut ce they you w boue able tk ec qu tion >> jth: anthen bhe ae deathk o quon j an moenmar dthqaddafi, ithat a mor opportunddy foi, goopresthforat a thpresid >> ihink op. rt unfooo theress sorthinkey thpr es ppeng he, th's c iernk. tohe m ia n ratierveso sinoy he enhe th me ca c't qte pk u pto m o nti it becmees c'tdent q ite p uecpen iths thi adm is atioec int allyood ecil pele . hshi is notioo g d a tlyd ply.le. he raqi otino a aartl y i y. a ipmaqtic finlu a artl codnork i tutheipeamac pcessn t middle east sco k ishamtleut and resetith sst mrussdlia issts amsastnd, rbuet it n ki psspl ie sd if ts sa stguy, ad a texas ki pple ccent tnds y a t casbooo eccvenryon would e cat, buec esevery hld a at , ceecse hlira ob odyees thli.ra >> j:oby who wth a.ob pea ce j ob piz. whoad tne built d t heiz docra uho t toneui say t u it's sasteful gd 'slad chnogyas afundlow it'ds one ing at'sdorki. >>chon: terein andg.owt' if y o likto k p up n g 'ski
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mea >>es: re during.g e ek yik k u p n 0 tou wmesia and din cckek t u si the w aatchist ssi awe asur biaths wsh. cht i ne are the ne deteas h tping you.p cide? hng y ou rick? again-ri >>ick,the newspar-- >>'mag >>k,spea ngne anoer repcan>> date ge pre tsp weekit h heno r nsame dat efas, the gere sam te wk mequesions ahe t samamedeia reaction. esns a he ar sthes debesia helpi re te. sec or areseb hesel t be me pitical t oheatide t sh shobe pital tfeatsses? id sh s fees i wishehad s notio n wha iwasik i be w sn eotion hera sidse of t b gun. e enridvpe tn. bid as b dturbg ragast the reasblic. d th mdrbia traur agasteahef re ic ea th n mt onews ttch. aea f ttinto kaw. ons h. neslowettlstyl soup in fr k camell' ne ow tlextrylrdinupy ta e sefratioaml' cr ted trom pinmiumta se iogrednts. crd p um sl ketede.s. nefromampbl's.
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's a zinghat slup cet do. neompbs. angt co. woul't dthat gemarrd? noi wodn'tse tt ngleilesredicard ul dat gerrnowo't t leesdird ice ng. kno it f. ie ore .m. th t capal o nonturt cardou en... ie tubleapiles o on eurry prdchas e.. [ aron is realelarres e pas [ on i'ms ighteaere rrrry. youe noearng ubleiles.'mhte y. ou noyourne se ling lefor eslf. rlly?ousengr . a pid t? wt, a we riny?rep hool [ ma annncer p tget e veure rdw ae in p ol capaloncom manner t ve ae eardoub mil oapeveronpurcmse ery d. aarub ilat'sn yo walt? oas gerna rc ey th d. huh. 'syoal g th endls shuhmp ourost pulapromion ated lster the's smanyhoic. dlshhe gsts ve iurt laomn at l er[ me anunce ] ithe end sss nyic imp day gt rs lo iter manceit nd ach ayou p ke ayr o wayerou le, ke n a swu t an spicshriay l alfor 5.99 n swanicri y na is gelarapp alr 99ani sefoodiffently nas lapp anseodfely
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were i an rlacing the curnt x coweitor rs. langhe and c i 'mcooio gti a nd i shel basto t has gti app ales d orang n a nd pelayast aspp taxe s. d yoolosengll on fou ar p stdi fro mta pspti yose ocausfyou red le stdi f i'm looking forrd t findusg u ourd facts o th. 'm oo ng i'l tell you t hathe ndg r f ts fas arth. >> ck 'lelagailou- he and'm sp eafangar i ck ai peakg. nd theewssppe >>'m akg.spng . hese >> j: we he>> repubcan andite go at it g o jweep ain in noditho pri amee itat ge d tr ng tlockp t innothri at rty' nin io ntrnd t gckantd upne anothn a sy'iesfiond g taupckneorenontnen ase t shaiesf rsonal n ny itan their e ntprenevio tpprances ogonetr.nny i t irso is ther prioediapp conrasensncus r. abt th win thi s tim ieth ediaonns arabndthinjihim?ime j usarabtji the winner? i jky't cteheious wi er abt t l of hey' las ctteus ab t debate. heast hern cain cin g under ba. genuinecrut r oinn t cin nd stat enbout gayen nemrria t aboation,en tutay m ia9-9-9an bon,
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ths a useful pro9-ss9herean discoverin whoth taeo ufu a p ss nd wt tyknow. >>di aovin theho debateoa wt a he vo dtersoe h vors andet a ose nd pso a l at e th rangs. l a ese areer ypow fulngs. ti for an e nt t areer myosowfu pple thou t w outi be ora a n t ya. m so, g atp e ou w gentlen and ya o, g lady at >> a this enis benll aiant m edia dy stte a b t rs k berll aa thia kd o stterealizk er a riousl sethou ky, realized he coald n win a sldesebateou, y,t rlized mbe h c coldn winin the adete ptost m h de cteldspin w. he soe p w inherein wh a w inre liwrahtratego rtle romney. at o tlhe lood petty. by grotieynd mitt looromney'spey. sk gndndit sthowingome lroey nd swi eimself. i lo tha e' on t er self lo ha of a coba aer mittom of lo itor t fst tim mit the ist whaor y tou m fig tim call .oi onhen t w y mmedi lloinn t
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sort omef sgesaitr rtge media wan anod b mt oomme aan w od bs th tthe m sti ll bng th t pushedmenton'thinkt'sti e mangstre mea, i hishnt 'tnk s 's mahererepuics. >> t g ss roots icreps.lins, tt twould- gss oo itts reflecte ep , >tand ey'reul m itlignedreec ith m tha n>nyd dyy' else m i li gn ink at e-- h t thany tse d iates d sk ve- ha pue d exadesly wt everne h beetalng abputmenyou e art see e w er hpeopeealike a abenu t eeerman ca in op evyby ge ait aboutern ca ve tev staybge awengit sombo fair bicueio a not t s weat dngficu s and ir realizingueio aot e's n dcunduieaeazior pme stime nndt's notuirprisingea or thir t mende't'snountorrpsi office, t nio sge unor they e biand think they ofce, servio a s puos they bi d andhiri tck ty wrote for se naonalosevie nd t wroor on ne, >> aftat theonneyo ba . ftat t e . oprah-izatn i aostraiz a
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comptend no e hary tice , wmptte does h neeean h.y tcealwki roes santoman t r s to taminabouhis young dauger hing opeatio and shed ertael ain gouoingisou ba to eughe hr. g peio thd dedidtel bot ahe gr mnge much bao ashe d dididot mja uch itas didn't screa d oprah-atn id tot me s t was mop an nma l me ki o wa mont. m >> tre ahat w nholema plar ade ki aspemo of ntat the o peni>> of ha w thle deb pe. i an ypeou'rf t righnit, et btheb cl i rean peo yple'r agh et wahingi ancl, anfoxreeoe part o . ng xanas, ddx t dat rt fda two mox. dd t bodyout, as j w fwo mo. yin peopldyeouou wt as j w tch tee o fo lneo ane w 20 or ha ver te' e u th or peop lovit a ie'f et's rah, opov j a ifsys hat' all th e mor aument t keep t' dng . th >>orumen sce feeorp 25 ard >> j : a>>nd sce f s's n ar j a ndicated s's nanymorendhe gap ndis outedre timeymor area ndhe ap i y s ee s oometngrehat meshow aevideace oed i s setbias owid o mai u aoxas
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i ws@oxxns. co dithe ce-pdent mou gethe st @ oco him die -pagaintou > gee imaghe > 9 cahe wom 9ei rapedomd- >> ve-priden bidepe tdes dirid- it lef vprende tes rn wi iing hispp len wh wiin it fe ho pp renobr t ra rob drus san calls the po a nas t cedlsia t ca re? po hosw t they'reelng som ca? wall sthoetw protester ts gey' more ng s om tentn. al st nd oro nexston ns wageh. or ereant th t cahelpoweostel oex n waand ho der he ymy ceal?ea thca lpyuey. otewoma] wer olesrol.nd r y cl? yu ma [an 2r yumes.l. [ 2iumot at wng dn'i? [ me anunce ] wa gre tas andholein atsi w ' m anhat cen hewa re low chossternd?leins oneyut c eriot he whoer ey cio
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t ua, we lievhon is t elusie tohe mita . u e evn s nd cmitmnt i not mitee si to t monea mil ary th. ctm it te teily . he se s of lueshat ive ur nion'miliary ssf esat e n n're tli oneywe ed touilusaaank. tne e fr freto cheiling aa k. toredicar to ans, ur c mitfrnt tree helitg y, etetonsdid thrr fo ilies, cit te it eth fie iwitht eql. ♪ ♪ iisitthus oeqine . len wh mak ourank dieren ♪♪ it oe ewh akurk dien saa. wenowhat mea toerve a. wewt eaove
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whnhat 9 whca a 9 won r ed and the cho ca a up, it's t two r a tho mporary, p, it' tst
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t tporympar to thet's wse t potoreryeldp a a g t se po ted re hisheeladd apnd a g p shs upnde's npootd ishend shup n killed. that not ll. mpar atot nd wish they ha n mpar wh is lik e thether wis ty si de of awh igun.ik heer ansid ofolks, gun. it's not, it'ansfos,no >> jon tt'hass t,ce-pt'sides jobidesuggtingur untr>>willonee a tn ire-pde jo de ggin rngapes aurrs i ftr tll an jo i rell which resou purrsde if fundfor sjotate andll wch lal p de gove rnfundnts r h sirte atehe refveights as holicir fice, is fhtssed. ic nd soceisrichheedss . eact ionsohatlittle-- we t t'ctsnsolile c lsely tt' wahable veot's justo bielzarrand 'twa bhaieveet'e' jst tual ly sbiingrrhedort of bve things. al s gif eheeporoflica wasay in. themt wo d f beroadcaep aca w plhed the fro pa .th wo>> hd said b ica wh ur d he f pone s .ew i t h felidt i h keuro nepe i el>>t i bizarre, flautpe bi rr birr f and any ditio o
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civilitt's o bou ndbi rrnd ny a thatio ohe bil livit wldav oe aou gr aha ctriigil elffects a gr te cy unfaual endect sscreams teunrendtt. sea >> jon the the re i sus sardott.whoas t alkion ahebohere s he mov"dd maroas tki lkg" ovd m was a 995 lkg"-death pen tyas a fm d s said -dquotth- ll, ene se took tdo s the said po s he sotai-d too k o , seoo t whh itheas bed. po she s sai s t t lasoo oone, whit n bot. thheai t l nae, we ha nw. th yia outrag naw? wha >, i diattr sw? ot>noi t s ouage ot it'sntertinghe tught thlastope s ouodge, t is p'se iserng hor thtble an a thste tht belvehe xa s pe isor ings a a you kn owthelve tnk tha she gs un ss sort ofkn o trankouhas thgsnd s aorof certainraou e en ndopleoll cin een leollhe e a knhe thathe tow aard coervavehis. >>on: enha there ishe t towd cova occuhipys.all reet ov>>en: het i s whh isunderway ath cu we ofl roettestersen he whewisunrw ark city andwe o oer croiests acss t nio
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ndroci tynd the worlied. d ath t n weendro o f eacrlki ath support fm tac lkiarly spo m tliberal prs. l m, that movent idibal g s. much hat m attenidti in t ch bennin buture no tt>> sene isow and t be dinivute theov age sntiso t awond cagori, fes dt aniv ee he e tnt t fest i o carifhean lee d his l teshe i ce he land nderl an so s l tou get d eran soheleers of a weird get ki likleer df nya eirddeutche, ty kiik ed a kent dny statedech ymome nt. a whe foutaolge s tudents me. re kled he m frtyrhi olge s de and t ktredhe ptyrotesterhis an t onby o btr o pte aersut that on o b in o ttas fox newsr f seg ands i ferew pple n andr a wt they th ink egd and ew p plhorreied nd theesul and put a in thehek aap and irr d heul ndthk t nhere a hakng the ragehe ge aative way. >>on: d dyl ratanentate y. ou a >> : e-il tone d the r soalle leade rs othe neveme and tere wha it
2:53 pm
saidle lde ho you o aree ll od . mende ha i'm tin tidhe phoetitouiore ith. 40,0i' t tsignatures i pit psume af r,0ight days to tgn urb psu drafe tigotaysnitiat te a publi b nvsaon ith tenoorniate a p durb tomor ro ditayh aut rb tor olang d pvate aut meyo p vaily to purase vernnt. m eyand 'reoing to nn ncil to pe e fo ati rnf. t g etd mreeyngnn nc oundion d i foti intenfd to g as f hises ns e tondn t int o spr eadiasccisatesionseven. e prhedireccatn ri ane youhe have ha i can expressouave im c plea ere adseim apppria for a ea mia person? >> s tipp pridiaor a fest a mia treers?ov ag>> oti wid i f c a ee beovl and conseativ cove cge a conrvates a be a th ceccse wivst etve aonat a pr este hone thethircc stetment al teonehe rnt msa a don't like wt th're m he ag. d l and weat tt againnd aga e and heopleho lg.e tsnd nd tagret e aiitn iargaeoi things d le llike tarsing wer f orre thee oipr tesngste. ke >>on: rste wer f>> wllhe d an ratig seste st >>: te of an a wivist danatjonasts s
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t 'sof a aais pt lis jrnis l i esououy, d'tis nd odd h d o th iy, d 'tfits wh the thedd o hisd o ow. i ts w agreehe wit ois .at bu t aee w at dibulosutreould b aroiate >> jdi: wesuave re takone ld re aea te j wejuste ecakausene ty' ea antcatoli doe snst't mecnse th t proteer can' takntecali oe adntag mof a the goo t thgs t ptteig businesn'aks n ofadr. ag aheoo w 'btht we ttartt bin s wi the uaraofeed w pre thearpe.. 'bwert wihera d pr t pad and hestalpetion let'get ace min fota liadtimed alon t't e it ain add up tfobettli carmet at betr pre add tttar atetpr and grealookg ro tranorme d eaokro anme mo savg. me dog. hat'the wer f thhome epotmoav mdo t 1 of t' e or 1rmont spe al fthancimeot 1f 1 nton perpe fpurccises of $0 oror wh you se yn r pe rcme desot c dit $.or whou y d ct . we'ramera's tura gas anhere wh we d toy: suppted 'rarlyer mils on raseadyobs anre whe to ppd lyacilss o coury..dy s ... ientts, chnians, enneer macnist
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.. ac oou.. . nt, nis,ener ac..staddi neay 40billn dolls tour enomy. ..diea40ll llto ewe'rmyat w k pridinpowe tolmosa quter 'r wofprur hines awe bus esseto.. osqur ..and vings clner des to w k anofscho h... a usse ..d ngcl r anstomoow w anwe chold d.evenore. eane domtic,bundt d crantingmoobs w. c dene. neomc,nd crngs wee amica'natul ga wee smamter a'wer,tuodayga len mo at ga.u smr r,ay lemot .u jennshar hereci witshar who aileit temil nnar he whcisentitt toarindy o le t ilwho nder whyer sp wa't qte t sam whntto dy threci's n the ecip .. o erhh.hy s wa q tam th[ fecile a nounche ] ip ..itho. swaon. the oth oks ust st whfe mak ag sonc. ..howa. mm ! e h s t femawh annakncerso the crets swson. mm manner e etswn.
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