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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 22, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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od aeron >> gregg: i g gg> jrett. welme to regg b:ra-wgg jtt.our elme b - wside america'sews hequarrs rededent o aric cebringhear anot er fntei p oolicyicrybrin as otibya fei b praceicsy f doccy s ib yawhat bce esecwi i have dnoc hcy bid f at rleioecn.wi h n>> h gp d f presi rialelioteer ranre cn haste erne fromnas finhngifthro ttoppi a nuer opollbut r eninthngthpi a conunt ollrsiatomnts has co ncreiaasedmedasspoig
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. reed >> sonedd deadly sharkpott. b geareaty srktt w hit a gatopar wt a toistesnaon. e attoist ont t hunfo theesnaon .man eatatonfohe nerat. > prent oma ffillinger a pr t cpan prose to pulmal f tfiopsing t byhe e of t ear. c pro t pull s it r aisibyng e rf fla gsr.ho say it rthesila fdgngay gerent he in badgng dads ger nentp fo the i ba j d bp it's thaenge the say t by 'shaenge ar sy ready ar for >> y r hdyavo fhe >> y job h ouelves yocan' r jul on t ou lv esmecans yo n'the rid a good b o b t athe ns en 'she a good b athur en 'sesnsily.ur > mol hennerg is livenns il wy.hingto >olen nehi iiv mly.n wngto y does theresident tink no is t time t o ds trede brinkno t tm troeop ts hom b the sategto thend tro war h aom
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he seg sheceededn. t ar ha camigd s pceromiedse. t brinthear t a cuoted pmi reinonseibar endanduo ow he i frenswingib t ehroughn ind >> w heve alad fng rem tovredghor ie than>> hundre aoulnd topem ovan iraiorc h ane hnd taken f l top rraponsibilory focth h seceurty tenl o their o c ntrryns.ilfoec thans to hehe eradi cntyry. saifisf me aannd wtoomenhe inradi unifyorm saraiseome hav w aom an ce tifom fge tirwnraeo futu. no theest oanur t toros ll tirwn be h e fo r ttuhe nohet our holidlls. >> m hlyfo w thy now? s. aolndraff ia mls s way n? eyoun' come a tan ff agiaemenon seg ro tectionoun'ome ag meeninegroctn ptect me from lits f arinolromdis stionedit n fnoldistneraq. > mol some reblans say >ol thisasaome re failuressa isasfaiplo fmacylu by tba administratn.lo cy the we negotia ti ts forbadmisn. difren enarthweeleg uias morseor outt. f n mol:ar uor ed ser ou esidenti ol cdites s t d preserent d id dtiiplomatte s t am suld h eset pu for som d
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kinatd of sd agreementpuo k fpor a in coingt ofro aopseentnc.op a congofrosn romneyut o atamentheroey o uvoidabta quemeionnt is wth is i ned puolidabaluen k wa ied r palaineptude inne notudtis -- >> andhe p iut atatetti s in e--ry w here a tndhe uheted p atesas lerteat a e pelere ud es l er atompele dictator's rul we ve ut dta trooso r eur e aut peal oo trssioon and a e t pl tr sifralendro nge d tocracy and c oraly prorotrngt w dra i nd co ptr irt w they say irt's sheeythened ir's iluce bt' predent sama yseen riing hluo bherent trooa ps wilallo t.s. triin h o cu on r oouildinillour t own.s r ldecomy o. >> mcoollyenberg. tnkou. grg:he u ted ates maslyrg tnk aiou a big gr pce ud esasor o big prence icen iq. igow prce iq.timate 4ow00
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tros prea o acrmaos the ountry. roea o acr sti heeran t ax payeunrsy. ugh i t $ax13ye5 miion peray h incehe $135 w bmin.ioner ce w troop ddunghe ira rnd m ore than tro 32,00ng mhe ie av bndeen mean iur 3.2, >>he w it rawaof arinca trps cldose big>>he w securititywaf ca chlenges tr c foseigecity chenraq sas theed foes snd o tir o for thfirstimq t buev fo s a os tir u.s. oorro thrsm prar bu toull t of a pr sll wing redtol oftq crebat speraon wsin r afgnian. pr cidebat omaay s eralasofg anindownhe m isprsionde the a osla s oll plling outin ourwnro monhe witn tht re e p yinrs.uturro ittht pridential pmary is >> getprng ienntalo h is nada rep ubetlica have hvoteead t vo ted ntoaoveephecaavresintteiald caucus vood ftoebrueary 4thhe aftsiental au seralan fdaru 4 threatedfte a
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sealda bcott t teahedve. thehange t januar ybtt t tve4t hheange juar bu4thhabuo oth statesike orio >> gthgg: 're ttin snewtes predtionthat derimoatsil g : ne in bewaconess edonatdemos . b so t hken arica psoeople re skndke aedca dplhi cong sssknd notng get dti hi do because ngublissns itheot seettelock emdora bauevliy ie tur ete heckrafintevye llur hd he the jorint and may w b td t hse of r epreseriatives a nay ye. t h o rpubreca obviouses n ye daee bcabvus.aee nowohe.2012acfor th whit housowo mosthef theop12rede tia it us pe ls astrehe iopn iowaia ahe of a eandaowt forumut a mt ro ne isanda nicorblumybsutt.t iche ro bhmannbst. he fightgan mo of an e fhttgnder man cn os a tning ter crifyan c ommes t aboinut t cri abortn.
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>meeportebo tonig in iowbo nalt al t r ubcaepte ig ndides f preowsintre ing al g f rubca id frehere g owata andreom coationut hta macain and w wonom caon t main wte w adehip ll vegas is tin to edelap whene seg t w t p e-claiceheneefe s he ealleaic is pro-efe. he i hs rellsidentea is anyo-body i wants anre artntion wl ha tonydy commt crime to ge tnt on rt on> w ahartio sho dmmott be c meegalo . that is ar,rtot be utal t.o michael at he disionr,torehe lawut t m ic telts t disonheamy' ls ttsec tio rky'erry ss he thineciois k flry t s is horee tnttctive than fl tett99ctle he was t campaiglngn. ewas cpa andstein he wh congreman sve a kinn h he has p wcoren sppteinror he chelle te bacorhmann. i s le sotgacan down um s is tgown
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umntire t sff jped irhip sffpe thiec thaid d t quiec thai nd ty nev -- q tev- > acrdg t a folwut esteay ha acrd t a 4w utuppoehd te ha pryho has got 6 pod ggrh p whhohas 8 hot paul 1h whas raunely h 27% and rne yin is 7%ennd in aad of ith o th 37% >>etoo 3 thks >> gg: goo noos r the th cain goo n ain ter m ai n winning the mai wni ng wtern rblican lde thip stw ll pti wrn ric hislo stw shampannt car h foc
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sh utpant rent f stumbles av eft me qstni s wmbheer hs raeforri t qni whe h c raori t s cvivee rent sllveeg gafsnd w heee toteg dafo.snd w he here jawineei n wre a jasen editoofhe dlyei wcaller a. n udinowly c aillser u r fro s unknown a or f uneaowthne a o teath doouhi it' been dven b dolihi ot'rereesonanlityve? ihink it'sar , it's o aernaty iixtunk of i both., it rttuainlcain bh.s rtnl tinhes wch caidate wldouik te e wcaid n wineesouike y wou le nees have beer wi. st y repouubca oef a the vepeoeeplwitheyouldike sndep ime awithheer eoanpley caildn be out m ite rthomney b he v yut m r likneableyerer. i t nk aheoty republiciksle likehe ia t a the rubc99 pla ke ithe
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ven m99or petls com out a n m t gs me screttinlsy comeut a p gples m may b sinyom pling pleacay >>izoes p wellilith beer oeell i doeit sfteer tuds n owi and aga t. his se t theuds twnd h eegan m s tthhe increasee scrutinhi ires sut somemes clums sstatemts er arer o heoms c lu cal leem for a n re electrifi ed alle b fderen to ectfiill br illegals th hpen cro heaid ijusteg joke. th hhn ro would hegiaaiith st errokests excha nge w uld.s. it hriso rolats rer ehae u.s so atisunrsod theuestn. th he un m tadhest c onthsi stementbo mtion. cthione i ss rntllymptant tboon. aot ohionocialonrvativesmp.ta t th a lat oer stf ialueondrves th l larticatfns tteeme t dd te w aterveatn ore.tee h aoc ed r theeteve99e. axh a oveedauhe now,e isudden sing well veau we anw,isix up a ldeitntl wl
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wewe c rewor ak i lt becaee has c r e get iting boa ofaee crasism th t nvitesetnghe queionf is cr thsm is e ki of thtit quensneer ncths ki o thatnvriablyeanc to gataffes and abow m doe iturt to g hfeims d moe it > sometimes it h's tha affe s heom winims tit b's tes t feut loses heins bes he c lesenes airorrongs was ben e 's n clear aerll tirherogsas clar fica ons nerhele ss t aboion. enow harcas er pesonally ro ifboen. e no but houldeant t po makonelyroife i ille utlde t waklde the b ie pleenalties fort?w ithe sti botcle. pnaie t? thnor tithati tt iouoolek. ath snething t ontei polyouook theysked h boaut s afgethangstn ei solayi' n geyoied ge ou abofg posio n on hat sht n. ng wn e ge aleed t oosffe iontht n gng h xpwertsn agehenle t e'r ogoinge ift g hxpts pion 'rgft >> ggg i'mio glad yrought thatp. he as ggg all'm but y croonfeugssed h eat he illut cforfegned he polic iealigh and or
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his solme leaveig ltl aen dotabtha his me whenouve are runngor doab esidt ofhe uted ates enthe aderfre t freeoror i idof u d ates e erree corle probl or ale ermil pblro? >> i tory 'smil curplebl if y >> c h the books c y a c the bksget inrm on the mattend in snro tundheouterselwithhe rhtnd peop to get sdouelth r kwlgele opo g. geleregg:e h.t n hregg:eead fotpresent f unned s htes you ndoitioen paper foorest un ss ouevyoio cceabaple foreign polic ubje ctv you t toable fororizgn it. p u h e je av u dvtoorsort. eah one hf tess ues. youave to be ea inen tssons.ant u cveta tt wio t bhoseendidls. i tht how itanone hcewise ndparid.y did t dotht? h it on hns w ou bre i d aiddo sinsman. ns mak wdecisio wn i g inntsm o.ffice akc havioeeleay i g ut t he oe optionsave etheleaay ofhe m a ter we he oio undred t hoeanda topfshe ma we ghanetan. e am ican eopldrare toingho td nt me i 'l angivn.e you
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am iandepleng of me g i electedv y.u i y are goi toav lay oute a gleed pn yreoi fo tha.avay o pgg: ha. gg a pical alys p icointd onut h thinkthe is no w nthatoner t me inan n o n w thahet ninatio b ause inan the end twhen ninat voter bauon icenntat he e caustheyiken h otw, tonce once the y f usus tey are goi h tto s ceook, i fus tan p ghe s trier o aooalk,t b on a puy tha has nri o e aerie tin p bub olic a oice. ha h wh doou thinkf p tubt? o e. i think e aswho t pnthe. tt? hie. the gfes they a mor t th egafs gfehe i atanc mey af s potica ineerie ie.nce yagehen barama wpoca i ie ruing f resident, dohebat hama to wlan a harustngsi nt hen g ethao i aost n ffe gi'llak decion he wouldeell ak riced f tha ci hwod in can r fhaake picy c akstaten. ic >>regglet skou aten omet ng>>gghatt justrobosk hou
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et anggot.tbo ou e rhung , it 's aubeen arease f ll.hungit's ene ll nc had a w consiredlan ll h in aanceonlanan vebo aan gard witn puty.vebo evada prdlingack. w ty th s we're not adoing with pngk. t thane'uaryotoingith primatryanry e'rrima gng b 'r febary 4th. whato y make of f4th. thi at y > i m mese it easier r t t cdites. i all et eiercaides a rec tryins. t ol get uap teso aew empryir n tevadoa wa set u d truoin gir the nadaration alwa in prmayhe schede. jonra htitsmaonnas pred nhma bnes o em l. e bco bhe m nada dcoebateshe to cry avorad ditatne hamp ire oters cryavoritne mpe rs hey don'tave toco y on 'teveada ton orr cryavco with new ampsdahire.or >>regg: in wi n ectn amerpse re a
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>> gglotf in kissing up t hctn er e otfis u t de. e qson >> gdgg: od to ee yson g: to e're gti >> > onfirmatio aboti the fichaoiobo mentshe aer moamm kdaao capte a dm htsow h ad.eroada hat pt t a hicr was aaued ty tr rolasionaries aau olionaes menwlelrationon the tree tripo odmeaelrason t t ee uria iris odbeg p o hold. t g g ia palkots i g pream o olve g omaltam isataib w ith all isata hat all or a liteit of catebraon o t stree atsit o cra o ttrs surataoure raoueang reunirin the bkgrod. eatherngare estis abthe exa cirhemsncesfhero dth ere ti ab fxameirrmses dib ya n lder amme khadafbutuoriesr ame seadt
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u theie qstnssde aegain da th they phens bodsy aga d is playda for ley theub todyeega day f daey ubun somga very unusu un circ smses. v ke aoo wh saw rcndha. w heard aoo tod nwhiawura.ha hrd odia. >> a veryizarre s. > a ver the m a cldreiznreling u sp. to go ins he this m a locckerern u go ins hicolsdto mgeoc room to se t m ol gediaooor those has m rul tm ecad, mo mar kaoraf aas h isad, k a laid o hutn dtymare ai onthe floor insidehi s toragee rolo afterns bng killed ohinsag ro aer bthursday. kled o the pele are ayuring. g thpe a gat ay thiny've bee fht g g the st thupvele o bths. tyhtarg heleased w ha ots.he ty see.le ed ey aisfiedha tir cnt e. is ow l aeratedis.ed hey ve c thent sow leratro. >> y veis ihehendhi > lik ithishe h rul uor had ikis h
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hul h years. h war m hog m. > aries. say there wl be es s tre mlost morms. th mere w fosou difreor ms dtors. th f ty deci d theause of d thdrs. was bleto e eatdndciheau o fbu to the s s ma bleato letlend oneo o sfficialadm ltetlde tse buneetcoul o haval easilydm hteed been shot in anguler hot eilyeust en i ag o ctssfir oritdlyire relt.cfir as fo tridluria'm olred. t s ublicur dilay'm end tonig an theod y wili be diy han ed tveran he odrobably wi b teheamil o hfd khafy f baay bial'rame ofold ha fy a faeceret lation. th on aan it be tne latn. to athnkian i t onef shrine for an lls of o kfhada. shr thiorhod pave tayor a oda po hihafhoy fd urvee.or a ranspoiona gf fernmurt he torrow w ns dnaecarnmhioena t ro leratio w a l forwa drd toio
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lect iolat uom f tway y to in ct uom ay srttime as a moh.a s, seere inse a ta mt lock a ekier the ie bt es enteckby t gnmen herkiehe b of mmmar k daes yteou tenereou m arlearee t b yult wnd toou is ead. ar t bw tso wot to andther peopl e sd. not that howandthhoeort he l okeot onheat how gunhod hke on fndithun t ormer dicittahr w h w meicr w kled inlaormho ked i ackho k you. > thank you. gre: aewyo >hank yil reareating ntvey on pitohill it wldreing ruire mp yers t o torunll wacrompye ccks un. will it wil work tock kur il bders iafe? work k andly srk att acbrse? andlrktt witnses scring ts shk haas teelo. wicomigs ri tsh u pha t whe t.h mi vus kier whe spoed. thus
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ki wpo. utis, st sus fmula don'treaa coh. ut, s fallyla [ le an'ouncea ] acoa-sezer us sus luid ls ly [ anc ase r ghts inus sympt ls d pl cou. ts usyoptre g ou [ le aounc ] tnks. thas thcold ruthyo g [ anc ts. hathldth somhings sily e cor
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ofold, om ng it sially orthore?co ofd, we d 't t thlyk soth e? che sahirerefeed i a rd oa dierencolo 'thso chsarefe i a odien loat' 's causyou wayset two mes e pots otrav 's usu ys o s po oav fromaxiso trns rfarto hels, omistr and l kis ofinin.. ar hs, fromast od tfineinin d kiofin d th'oms not all tu gene in the arexpe advors who swermmedtely
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t'nol ge tharpedvso eredenevly you all. and soluly n foign ansaion es. evoul.d lu n fon san . doesour rd dall at? es r ap dy tol y an?earn0,00 ulmateewar bon pois aptoanrn00 ultearonoi wh youpend3,00 inhe fst 3onth wh oundat'0's 25 tinard fur 3thxt t p wh youedee 's td twhouee thugh tima rewds. so, y sele f golwhen you n ha so ch me? thh maew., se folenu hao m chassappre pferr. cardf a ffert cor. aspp prr rda erco ply w at chasapphe.coprefred. y atasphcoefd.
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>>reggthissrey scary att>>ggis b a gatre wy hitearyha kil a ntt amerin fat wtehe wes iln
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coame of austral. w thisishe oa o second srk a atttrack. the is lt day sco e ma attk was dheing yt dayim lf e nea a w d pinuly uristt.imlf pol iceeae not r pelulead hisistt. na. the dy wolasce cootred ry ad h boer. na oth e w witnesses d ibco theda bo. ghat wnees whete as a gea t feet wte alos. ey are a n se 's fhet lo sam sharehat kille ahe smm s n rbaron oer 1il0th. amm nrber 1 >> tt:ew b t cu wn on i lleg> al w:keew b cui s kwneeng on i aegontrsyke on pil hl. kng measre aultrdsyeq ore elpl herl.s to r as backgroun d cckseqre im grtoatio sta bs okg tundirck empyees crimcs y tio m seatareo t w mpes ris t bakfir mereing a w gaping hole in bairmeeca'sg w aor fce. gapng olcaseestell is liv nmeca i'sn. losng esseeit i l mor on ts. in >>orte osood to site y.orn ts. > ccorte d t too y p. rea center ere re or 8 mliegeaente e imreignts mp 8yedight heli america asimts mp ydr.ige
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aricaas rresti about% he totalme rircasntiorkutorhe, of ours eta ametaime whorheof nat nrs eeloymt aim r her boatnymt r. in n ebot to ct th. robl in of e iegal tot th immigrants bl bei hir o ifneg tal t county mm rahe daren oeifir helad t tou ysecityou dyarenf remar launing aec program y r ungroam 1996 alle e-verify.996 it le c eheckves fyci. serity nber tnsur ty cckresety lrly thornsizedo woryhere athat pointly oredorre att poi eerifoluntary itehboolunryit h 50,000omniurnt paicipatin b ,0 iom awmurakernt g ir wip itin b wod beandat s mn fer wllt wobe sineanssesat tso felpll stimute j nees rowth. ti i t the e-vrify m b ewt the mos tt t popar w e tif mre bee jobse iostmeca.a we bsmeca. a we' sayinthathe js
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ow held a be'yllal s woerathe shosd g heldllalne wlooyed hog amicans. lo >>edeporr: oious n amic s. verneappy abo>> torhi ous r ricneturepy busboines t o relies hvily creus ones o wrkeothof t ries bhdelyrsigoning h bike.ot fmers fbrom ora toigg h bi cafo iafrs fm ra to r rcangr e-vify wldrramatically rrow-vhe pif omprayetiellyand ow pou cripplempyee thear mi ngou dusy.rile tal mostar aca usill al e l mort tt ica ruid fill thse job e veln i thet i ared f th j eve unelo re >>e'renot ting ameri nnelo js. >>re wereot tingme tinnlo j obs.j werot noby wanlo to js. com o a wo rk obr winano t c vineyas. a eopl thawok rerilng to v eyea rks pl mhayil to h pa e s com acrostsf bder m fromos xico r repter:ow the lroegmalork fcoce act epasr:lr b t leglor asse byf act t casonreiol b coitte next i wse ta ce to thel
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cote rep lxtica i hou w and wwiatohe be ke ingeplcaoulo e a on it. >>keatngti: casestegl, t onk yo i >>: se eg t> gre ggyorica ts pullg ou of iraq wha t greoesca t ths.s. hav ell touohof waq fha the tho.sands.ave oivhoes tha w fe t los ho dsare t weecri ngos reicry.ecring or iicry. it pital stalematea i treat pital stama ea malennouer ] bli tas tes ev raguss ose ego. ego?but ve blen buoung ]gu f yeali. ases evags e o. o?t bbu fea thinng ] wonr wh oth estiablehoic i'vmade
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in ]onwhth tileic'vde [ '8 dan mus pla ] [ sis ] '8anusla malennouer ] ooseastechoo pre. si] leou ] seteoore be, ok. [ port ] .passgers emgenccreware epar. , . [ rt .ss rsthey e inemlacnc ewae we arn dnows wach. eyinc awaite waitd minwe. wather.s a uck. ugho te froherebut whoiter iitdriving th truera k. ghteroreto iivthru rig bel thelaneow. igelhene. is i-- is ijustnbelvabl i he bken indinstgearelandebl ino thbed. bn inar de [ ] e mdsiz nian fntie [ wileh fuou-si ] paoad
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m iznd tiwing fie innatiofor ers. nov ion r alwifuipad tng nnior s. ovn al ♪ ♪
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pat: boom o t atboou or meor t topf thnewsour f.l. g oin acroorss t topthws th pon ginac t leagus tavg p a few tms tplayeasav in aew bta tom ay btaan t se. gre:rown e. re pncero hied fro an h unspefiedilln i ro nns yord.ln heas pri norn saud. ara ad now p w isn xtudn le? ow
4:30 pm
accding toab he hadeen ecccving t treoatmes f ccer h sineen 00 vi t >> pmeti: fome bks being in to00 t ke p: bigge bks b lngosses to gre dt.tig a nerepot l ssegesin t white d hou nepo sge itome may h be upto 60% maye o 0% > new e i e lya. celratihe dnfallf ictator elti a d dnflalf the ta lreratn tomrow t throahe eadlat tomw thoaould adld bpy o. b icknel.he spoanor the k lastouner ambasdo to sheor unit nat ns.heas trickood to aasalko you.he itat. ckd hoo diffkiculo isu. itoing tohoiful to estlioi to someselanc of t e deac s tresela deahud gaudril tked a l abo democra britd in a doc reality?
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4:32 pm
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
but reg pu iing ou top ondutf iraq puandnoublouingown o troops inf aq afanta ndbl thge istrps in stra gyafta >> ggg: t th misewitchtra t >> g p: istan.witc h ama dmistrionn frida ptan. inteifyi a it'strrnsure onri aktan do morto cteyira t'downsnr soreme of t t roakstn o oup a cndra mit tswn tnheso.f t t trostame t e p a witts t l. t t t te.s. t w t lrn it f.s. crery into, unrnited s ites f w sectly ng agere i ntouned tal w sitngergeyniont t i itanteriontroian tqani. rowashat g tni st g dea hqani. n the a aching w hqani d neg tteith terrohist >> l's lk at the f ts.git oter face of t l lk at ts.lw o ke sacseo tk tohe bad yslw and tryo g s tmo t toto t b t ndry caolmm t dow t ca lmosteoe wt toay you d shuld ta . teo th pro tem iay w yeri that f shd ta cad and thtro ioesn't worrik. t l's lk at dpene atoesnor
4:35 pm
this slmer tne obama isadministtionold secre ba lint tha t eymi cstldon hec me dis ns w h tnt thald h d w thaqqani twor ey respoed atta inqqgi uror es u. eas in attfganian.ur clearly u d.n't a eith c tar adminn'is watorn is a th a in teiblen i teibleegiaon ttics o eg bia tti o str aty. b hey hentrearned from oer dmin ytrionseaedro clea orlery t sintrns h qaeaniyan be treed as a nma gup hqa w b re asma g up tycal dan by sitng acro the te om ty uas. dan >y> gitgg: we'll rohe b tee talki to u ggge'll you more binhealute. u me we'llal be e'al tki wh be ambaadoroltoin t nex pat w: hihllar cltobavoorngto tex e u. .r. wil c onathiearo c l spongraq as tu. w mes s towardas tdemoacy. mang tho rar tard moy.he t wrd uppveeas.
4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
kd ome 800 are k sealln msin with 8 0000 orefhem tught to beith buie in nort or o t iugt to cbuomn rtor di c before nle bore alks. >> ggg: louiaan ksalkigut g o: ouia isaner ki utending0 yrshind bs or a crdinge di n0omt.nd slas mon acr cdiout. oer d ason c teing prov tt h dry james tenprov that s hperythreeecams w n ha s t ristre inec 1s1ast rist n is1as relse ce d a er r hee vetued d h conic aon he e as ntced h t l ce whou h p role ntcee >> wce phoside says the k ple toowerinrime is > pdeaythe passing to preriden obamame's i js bill. psi replican prenay h oema i p byiil pitics epl aanay houre poweryi panel ps wighsn. a wrts ro per with pelri ywhs wlls een whosmetoch n os melawhat bchan tha go pcticnd o sch lw is b t
4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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4:40 pm
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4:41 pm
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4:42 pm
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4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
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4:46 pm
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4:47 pm
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4:51 pm
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4:52 pm
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4:53 pm
i d'ttrt. ow d. >> erydy. h to get ventinedy h t you ve tgi ge one evevtirydy. i'm u t o one w ve ctary. ne s.'m o w w gnelente in theeal w world? nt[ lae hter theeal rld? la er a rht. a 've. g a ptsbu steeler e whleft theame inred andtsbu teen hereet urnswhft tinreend borrod hetns celhonero haineorr tod ll hife elne telne tois hife dot taveifonssion. otave thslaonssn. was intheds $a,0in meth,0id? th >> isn tha out rageousn. t he wnts to me sur tutge his kid i ws ct mually fiur. thi id speclly wcth aly te. iurs inhe.f.l. ec y w>al aendca isn ndinheheik.l. at 'min aendi'ikinki
4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
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5:01 pm
parea.s' aorneand jujeeal her s's w h re aus ined ment s gre w: a ar i sdded nt fa well torea a superedar lt weekgo faller l hisek sday. >> pti: t fit,ros fendg hi disio s toy. end p : theiar in ndhiraq. dio o ternd eearl ninnearsf wq. rand aost 000.s.rl tinopsrs ki wed ame cans wdt t at ee0. t oustroo com ki he.mens w w th predent i ouooushiom ba aga hst thrent cla is tthehi bagala t iraq areot teady t defe aqre dy th tselv . fe thpresen givgis weey thdreslvtoda wh didtheesiv s?ee >>i. es thda whaqiidorcehave ken s fu resnsib ity >>r s uritth i ce veheir n nion a tfutesowib y s itit tim to bng llir n uns. a t oopsomeitimto b asheresi unt pse prisedurins t datsi mpai. heays he tros cpreedinome tat from airaq, inhe ts meor thero cme holiomys, d asq, then u. the dws downroopfrom li, afghasista ithe u ll all o d cou ry twnopomtarghtat ll oou t ar loing inwlod.g a tllio dlarsonar nw
5:02 pm
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5:03 pm
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5:04 pm
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5:05 pm
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5:06 pm
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5:07 pm
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5:08 pm
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5:09 pm
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5:10 pm
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5:11 pm
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5:12 pm
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5:13 pm
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5:14 pm
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5:15 pm
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5:16 pm
5:17 pm
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5:18 pm
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5:19 pm
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5:20 pm
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5:21 pm
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5:22 pm
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5:23 pm
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5:24 pm
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5:25 pm
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5:26 pm
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5:27 pm
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5:28 pm
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5:29 pm
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5:30 pm
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5:31 pm
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5:32 pm
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5:33 pm
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5:34 pm
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5:35 pm
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5:36 pm
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5:37 pm
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5:38 pm
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5:39 pm
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5:40 pm
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5:43 pm
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5:44 pm
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5:45 pm
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5:46 pm
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5:47 pm
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5:48 pm
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5:49 pm
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5:54 pm
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5:55 pm
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5:56 pm
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