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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  October 22, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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>>udgeeani: toght "jtice sho ing w deils in t sea h fo baby isa.>>geni to t a adav er"jceho mg akdeess a t heafobya. b ut aav mak aw e hyewiess sp f borward to up port the ewiidsppinpg fwa uppo thrtry. he plus-idpping >>day and abth.isa i sus >> y stndlab misng.isa i 're theround m kansasity. e he havlocad th dumpkaer wasre ty.t fi as> avcath rerted ompn w tficter a fehe n ight reheeder van fhed. n ht uld be clue? an d. pl -- d e didou he an chine?g to d th y rpl-ab id hanin t isap aran ce y aparn
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no. >> by lauagexpertony ryman. are e pa nts ing?o. comi up bnighlaon agepecier ny ed ion ry ",wher s e pa s by lg?a. mi> hep o anghbeco a "juciice. ed i'n judgjujeane,eer p ro l he an moco twijus ane. ur i thei'dgan ca of mowi lan urhe i in . caf butheueio ln remains someere by bueueio laai? mb smelle aerombhell athiseek he c ase ofll aeromb ll missg ab isk he cefisa ssab iin. isthe archarrabtned by usti" r ev e tchhera parenbtt id s gavetion rflicting infmaon pen i dung ventroontiflonti i adund deboroh ttilsicehe didn't a lookehin the booutichathe dn' t ght causshe s ok "ineidouha of t hauste he mightidin ouha inveshe mtionhtug u a f in cls abo t t nouhtnv thaon u f cl a bo mighhelp nolichtolvehe t case. the wiesse haveow cghelpic ve foard sayhey w a man se th wi selkinvewith c fo bd abayy aan sete inth betwee b2: a 4:00 ea. t mornbegeeisa a:0 is theaby n't ve a blanistpe or.oat he ny othit ng a an >>e se o therittlarm d n thhi theegasigere.
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>> sehe tl m e partof t thheigerodweep rt t itidn'lookike e ba epdn cloth a t a llit jn'oke ba an dpethr. a j jud jeane: uld is by blisa dpe iin. ud eaal: so, d an nt vi bewsa last iin , nt vi ast ndaydeboh sa pole ked r abt bued ay bo sa olclot ng . d ab bu>> ding intotergaon. e d g founburdcloes nt i ped ey w enunurdlo r i d jud jeane: y? houand halfef ud earemy: rw oud lfef ald tmyherw fiepent rpond toald t he fi i fi dumpsrtea rrndohe fi win domume.rea we ocated the d pste r n om ere e fi wasep orte de oatnedpste tobe e 4 infihe easly mepningted urs d goi to ta kebein e mng walk o it rs htow. goio lkothtow e wa fro t irwin house to ts waumte fr took iinou t apoximely iveumteook minutes. and rivi ng i tapimooy ke aboutwoines d vi ngminuoos. k boe wos whe thpoli reatedeanurche d igwowhthli re ed beeandhe mde.ig
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cod thfiren the dpsr be m e. concted o bcothrethris s oned b dippeance? fox ws ctribors ardikeae? x cibs fuman,r. michalarad fun, r. ic fonsicl pholoadst a joey cksoou cmi l foiclo aefoeense sotorn join mlefse ow .rnoi m mb sll wk k. s w at dsyou ke o t afdaviin sport o t dsearu war ont? >> i is oiousaf judvige, sthrt theyre n largearr?oong f or i o usud, livehild ey n i ink ooey wngld l fe to velievtheris a pos ibi ty i k w l t o t althei ets reev gerng a pbi towas fin ding al aei g b and now wa f ng e a baav dndogow auayaav d incatesomeing at yactuly srts t in fteitmeg in tu ssha ft i debahey has omied aha ebat s hasctua stedeyasmi and cnged and sasuaei t an de ctectnges. a is arti to eitual ftit more hanct. it ss tio al f n . ren jude jeine:nd s drbade doeit s nm t.t, yo knowudthe jeacte: t adrdeoe s t
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yoowe t t caver g hit would mean ey are lonr looking r a hitldn li be y?on l ng myources in e p.d. tell m li is i smy aounrcn pct tel ongoing s veatio ct >> agr thi oisoi an avectiveio >>gr hi on aingn invtigaon lking afor ivdeadeod actually. on gif tnvgacad lng dog hit ndr adectll is a ur t tad mea dnsogit t by is teadeceaausens t t dogs on seallinecse decposionogs onors. s ll >> a d of cis pticuab y s. annotomeo e ls ae asf t pcu abfenshasried to anteo e suggeasst? wel nob y elns issnoed to ugto hgee di in e ro and t el ob el s uld so along with he hdi n ro nd t fa thatheab may h d a ngit hdiedn the b and fa thehae p oyn h theloor edndth bissenddfhen as we eorissed f catalbo a. we jud jeane: ey j ac onca al you e thdefee a or udea: jac u thfe aor re. ese ys he ll over. . we ve e h tll bcafulitveh th c ade og fu it h the cod b e f se th c pit. it mns nthcob fndicio there. y be mhe smell ofth butndc hethe g isrong. be me f u kn b wheit ces ttria the e wiis beng. knhe cmaj tia
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thwie crosexamajatio -- >> othe g? of e ha ler andhe wayosam io- it i o ce on dued nd tf he fhaacrtnd w they oulde en ingea c nd t f wh it t not ey ldso oea issue wh ot f tot o deptio of sse mhe we tnow numb o things. de io f nu mer ohe c ld wew mb hav bn tng nu ohe cld hbarrsed.n >> jge jninewe wl ge tohat. i wa to lk aut wrrt isd.n jthe jneffid wit fge the arra tot. and wang oo to t at wis t ug eid fhera d o t tug joey. at dyou y tohe dense yinghis use ey is y drsu to dse old d nges de't know i sorsbodylse ed inha t d d't k so dyhouse in wong afr sne die s us do the cent f deaaf a sac ie so t dogou s lldohent d aac it? t d s lldoeshereave to bet? es ree demposion? b e >> iyou ean theouse and e der deosn? iu n hese d eretgent and can up e masetge d aecompositihat smelma is t gng to bro dunomdsi for ng i elys gng un >> itne es s ing e sr i a y y wi a be.y i t he e ly >>ne s g s morng ho s an the is a wi b i
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t e ba in a dpe n hi ng ernlshoanh i a at d s th telba ynou dpe nhioels >> i spea tohe dthel fac yt thatoe e ioteao cheldacertwehatave been gueswhaotelling theweave tr h. en es thhae ofhe welness, le ts talkboutt b ef ly tr the ofofhe p wplesstle2:, i lk ut b guefs itwa the usofba pend gu itfe w saw phesoalkingusba whoapped to have a ab y wawso al thng was hopenctoloveedab th is me that u wnuasal nc o thinwe c all a gr a tthhas te at wasor ro rainte cll b ano tthha insvidu on motorroreranoth indun otreotcy who saw th s tng threeilotcy w ayth fm t thengrehr doethiseep eye ivem he you md, t hese oeisp ye witnesses? ou>> wl, y m woud, wantose thk the is woneees shred of w y ou hoan . th there iss a our hr hrp and ho you ve wo d fe nte a set h ofpnd witnses eeg s ethiu tha dfent et coulbe a ab tns s lehis juha sayt is a ab y.ul a ab coulbe a man o r ale wjuanayis ab it w a c old e veulni or ancoulbe aoman thats w c d e drsed . a ul a manantsacr drd ahas rai m up. ac rwe s ai up. rlly don'tnow. >> j rge jllninethey doth't
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said guyith -srt j caying jneabeyyh a iduyh a r. cangab >> jud j youaan - ud at dsn'tuppo aouan - d'tpo kiappi. it sport someby h methkig thpi loo le a spoomy by in t -shithrtth too l i obab a an. i thi a ab aan. cav d auprtmuch re itheouse d thanomne rt mu chwalkg arnd wh ieouabhay.n woul lik tolkayar whi thoab ulk ayey. t o woulhe ginto buiing th a b .niing dog jult gtouig ca o utth and b heniin aguaogyt key ed ca o nd a bombyeyhe? a bof crse, not. iodd 't tt. c e, nwoul't ginton ailane if t y di't dthedd thet.ckli ul g tothataiasne appropr ia . tdi d e thheissuckherehether the re atpppr is oubt .thsure he >>erhy ihethera serate bt ise? ese gs a>> i terraseinte. ese isgs a t ined e a tra . >>oesn m the ne a tin faible t>>hougsn m t >> ii ma botofou a fale t ug rit inhe ft tt dog s n imaot ou we a wrong a e wiritninesse ftsanogn be rongwend t wt isnghe ewi seoblethatheanolic hav e. beng t isst bheauseherere leat ol ic aveyitnees d oesn mea they b
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se re ree aurate andust b ase eyne d sn eadogey aat indeicndes bta doe't ea g at tnd d is dccure. t d i >>udge jeane: atiscs ure the. in e doitth >>ge ea : e mois hath90n %do accureitth acco ing mo stati90iccc e i'm t sa ng i iscog one w otar the er. m sa i swhate artryine to firgu e .outs w tatsearyi peoe a tfind t the ksas ty t.dse. ieo a repoedsaying we hav en't th ks i discntedheep or aponds in w theravis n't reason sced toepor a b ie veer n ea eyidn'seeha tto they bieay eyey sn'awe thmiss ttheyay s thssthe mysteryysryontinues. now,et'salk out e ondunuster. i nt tkans cit myse w,'s k t ye erdaand oo tduhe weralk i t ns it se fr theome the umps teyedad oo wand ken tk a ive fr hee se ighepsnifince tha d tthera is ae rept t re w a sfi e ha llho al l aert a rep t a aut 30 whial isbouthe te thute waa fi inhe whis ut t duster. th wa fi hondoeshat ay ial duer of hoest i othis >>ell,ertaly y are tryi to
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b raetis t >>l,ta yre syipeo's b mo tvents thorsic's evence e ctnives edenc or ev eceyewitnesni enc an unfounaty shhasn ealloyedtn t detec ves o an fo at acshallysn interrote h lo tecs pas t acly ier that firstomeni susct hast when sheat t fkstenus polygraph. en heif ykta layering ol raeverhinghat e ha ch yged,verytaing e rayusin g to a wer,erveryngingt hahat e chd, ryg r und be lie nd ts ar, ry g evidt cee ro md e hee aff tidavsitf you ide itit itaig toroheffav yer to u re oitiito a picture anr justo oem abeictuhose an sttness aem cadavhoer deog escan aoth beig. c av we dave t fou h r snpreahde ig . of te ther we we don'tou krw s ea d what ofccurerd. w on >> thiw at layersntod. no in>>hig. a pule wre lheerres are moany no moreuestg.ns pu t wherere m tre a rest swer ts. it i tnot re allaaintg a co lete ictuer. s. ere e re ons id at llnta bcoasistetu fore hres ota toooperate is beca e shis bng a usedr t nooo te lonr a wcanesh b b anged an no ona b ngcuse a pnerso >>udgeeani: noyet
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accud be use e isseotso >>geninochartd. cuay wbeh use is weill me bk wi the dumperar t heory. wus wel bwi he the mp t aheory.ney brought ito e prest thne bught irwinseas th issu ofesththerws thsuhe cadaver d's cavt. d o body anguag e e er ot b y kealoserk atanageis eerh co. ke parelo js ks r givee voe apicatns u res vevoeck co emal. antextessas.apat u hak s inmaosit n.anxtsa rbag hainit ten 'em ag perft.n em adblinspotonit. rf 43 m, ni. adinotit mni pendilit yea actite dnd.itea bigg dog [ ma anntincer d intrucin the inveed ggog 20 toya ca y. manner trin e ve 20it'soyeadycaare u? ♪ ♪'sdye
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ldtoyoof ♪atioide on ur se ♪ ♪ioe n s♪ ( ughi ) it'sctuay a ettyood day enouonsir. that gre. ( hi 'suaa tydy ousi atre jud jeane: ck wh ur gsts d were scusng t dum ter eory ud ea : w as t retes o a gs we p hone usal tlumr ry as res o at pole s p wneade poce s ourc es payol s w wad me a po orbouthe t sercthe re the dte within inoresut t e aal from t hehe irwintewiin home.from trw w, mk f hrman dou he an the ie bo ut m tk f firrmin e the dpsanteheiebo t thpromi to t home, epste he throo t he, ct that tall wasade fr the cel p thanet a aboutlas the time the irfrheel p aw doutou p it togeetimhee he
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>>ell, t is iffidolt t p puttoget itogher >>l, witishofiut t autn it oghe territatioand y o aer evidce. we he so thin thatherr iod o act me othe c l id. pho ne hsoin at ansmsion ou h avet a ohe fe.ho they he bsmneond heloing. ey e th b conneonted h herhloin this th shondidnte adm aerthg. th is hy hey oois c thshindngdm fromhe h e. ths y oo i'mure hat ct onthy whin sheg saom the haby e.s wring at m e t on whheheim tha s he saashety wng s h at eimctly t w shatasheyook h fro e ct eooham.he oo now,hat fs buni ne t w,t bu nimpst, wh i msironm t thhom st wh i thk its a retcro but ththk thmre tryin tthoita tcut ut thth rery thinogether. ut >> udgeeani : ma , its in og causshe descbes e b>>abgey asnimait being p reg us e to edsc ws it bas purplei sho with to wtopit ama onur it. s it t he etpn ohe iwarnt thnar th te purrle shots. wh do yo me the prle ss. who e he duster dtor? whetheris a ody ssi duer
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done to the hing p olic hve he er a y tosiook i any d um tee ihen ng p e thareand tok nyte i wre the s it thea whertheyre wrehe sumpe int t o erey exame beuse at ioneum th wayshatam bbeodiee s i arene osedysret biesre alt s o red chdren >>udgeeani: anyou ke greapoin beca e whe thchen >> gedunisteran wu eaincawhthumd is aduer ndilda e fbi w t tre aple fb wtime a joe jacon, youuyhe dusterme t heor y? joac, ou >> n not at llduer tor n >> jotge jninewhy? >> ihinkhe pice e dog wondful b inermsf j j ne y? goin and ink pe do xe tindngl thein smsrch in wadant fidat antaki itxes frti theome.he wa t da an kiif itfrhee.hes se on ct n betwn pontiathis th s hae gotn athe hctome a tw po thiags bhinethd in the d ps r, haot at h i ail l ayth t breneinhes sihing ill else there. s orise s'm nhiot se a how sehe ore ne a h dusterirela in the ab ctio duererla ihe >>udgeeani: its so closaband ioe thryer ofow >> geni it soople may d osposed fth oodfieow
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dr . balenayhatse ifsod yie hebat it. my heperice h beeand thosare her. medal y ri hexameeers den ose r meahy baby am s ddly d whe i ed it pare w is drunk we >>e dot kn tha the baby re w dearu >>'m s>>ing do a dknthha sehoulabd ve eaccurre he m os>> sg c domthn suld wa of d yi is bccyurhehe m c i wa d toks bheok inxicad paren rli over anay on inca p beny. rlive r th s an comayn, ohins ishy th baesreom suppod thie p is in cbs. ba and thepooggi t hede p in c on d thehe bedgihama iy hav bn o n evid ce tt th baby aseedhama y av nthe. e said she tlathedby o and th disadn'thenow laere ede o w. nd undethos ccu nces he'tw e mit ve. welhaveoneo deos bed th tes babhe hmierveelveeo as. d t ab jud jea hne: d th is s. udea : th s phenenonot unusual. doou b that phenon ornual tnk thi do b ha by widpp? o tnk t >> thi it plu ib widpp? >>hit lu pusleha
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hestorwasight. i tnk sha w heors shtom.e at i s w rectan toell sheom reanoelhe pice th. oplere earraed aeut th le era a couminlcohol jnz e ur coinhour lc ol >>ith z e ti difrencl d hang tansw t.ur >> j>>geh jtinineifyou nce ha tsw sayi t hi s l jy j tneu the wodhe l as tyi tawhi lyhehe ab y wod lawhe 12:3at nightab en s sayreal :3ht at sayal 6 am mor woredbo ahether had amororbo fheer ad pops ooant p ps toinomy dgh anhow re ou ltoetin the wghld anw thinfor ds ou t lhat by disappe arinr that 2: a byispet a t 60. theris aholeindow oppo 6unitwherpoli0. cou er a le dove iestited sse b y.po it erli ou andhat wha t ma de itid e b ndt hamaoude eat pseto if tre is ha t imtseto
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ff enci t you inow u wiha acced. if y sayou dcin'tou cw ewior cc . yohild it n yhaay d foutrer hour erio of t e thyoe wi ld it ben ahausioounsgastou a ndurio t th wi as abeesulperhs yionsre ngaotstou a d or cong a yo a nuleerh yo n or oul b e. ng a yoand naly wt show is r l b d w woshiedw asour honor i whatwohedouonot. i why?at she beiot. acc us . y? >>e hy weild ite mecc. emba assi>> or wesstee em rras ng tbaasidmitr teshatou la s the b y whemenouas a tit ttou la hecomp btelyy dwhrunko the point mply nk o of blaout? t p wontdn'tt ofe b more plaubl wo 't to s i s theabyte m pl 6:30hen wast d nk s shey tshe lyi for a 30n s rtso dn.nk she lsoe aidyiorheoun' at r so inttheacto ook fo rheod ou n'e ba becse s w afr ai nteac to oo fo ofhat e would f d. baec s w fr >as a m ot r oft wd.ould > a s. r jud jeane: u arback latein t sho. i asd a gh udea: arck ow ed newte yor tkho as a defeettorney ho dagowgedework the w iormaon f m t fe ttneho licegs tois cen e i ma f t d th wry tceoto cennravel th
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cits travers n he makthin tteruick. ar-tloer willour au and ome avsures .. heakin erck be tre whenou nd th mos llr aur anndgente r quree, call00-mcovege.. t en nthos an nt visqu tra lersllom.-m ve.. isrars.
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>> jge jninehighower neyorkefen att ney e j jnegher ne rk taencapett hy as bn h t reprent by l a's tapen h paren t an h pr jt oi l uss welc e, jan. j >>hank jud.. >> udgeeani : wh do lcu j. ke o d>>r.nkadud's t or tha>>tgeniwho the oole ing accen that e e g and ebor mayave ac cide allyd oloray oveer the babynd t babdied y acdelyvehe acci nt .by t ab ed>> iyike chae baden. he i acioo.dri en d bu ite tae is b good t iv, aue.rienbu t ere
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ot sodti ttch of. ev ence t ale in thieot s h ere an acc id ta deevhcealhi caus e ncc us by debor. unrsta thiis aoman b debho. unmilytahohis g aoingough trendous tlymehond ggh aumac e ve trdo me nd the sapparan of n ma ve nth o e ppan b oy. shh by. bieve -- yea? ve jud-- jeane: u doave to ait tre i ydamng ev enceudea i: ndoheeffid it f a t i mn thsear warnt i ludi ev ce thfacthat liceheayff tidhat f anthbiarar idi ra ed thctt ce cadav tert d hitan onhe sce of caveceasedit bod inon tcef bedroomecsed b of dor in t bom o or brady onhe floor n h bed. ad on f >>orudgethat noesn eve h concn me lit e bd.. >> ge itatoesnsn evevenause me t o ncmeit b. waiter osnve secaud i m mey wa o s ec i mnvicyon tt ths woman had absotelyothi to wit ic tth wom h e d isap sopearlyce ohihero w by. i ve s ken to dapar or by. i a s wketo eag
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9:25 pm
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9:26 pm
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9:27 pm
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9:28 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:30 pm
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9:31 pm
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9:33 pm
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9:34 pm
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9:35 pm
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9:36 pm
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9:37 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
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9:40 pm
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9:41 pm
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9:42 pm
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9:43 pm
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9:44 pm
anthe are he orwaie renhiut anhe re thhee.or jud jeane: utis dpste fi is st cthncen ud rieat?: dte >> ifi nots g ifo spk toncen th ri dumpster f e. iot ifsp to judge eani : bu you the doin dan imestitetiron?e. >> iud notgepeaknig tobuouu abouinthe ire.ti ? i'm spe g iotakto oue . m theg fact t jud jeane: eaki to the nsas fity p.d. in e houde aea: hekio e asy .d time ne. n ho athe melihe saya l. >> t nk w hmeappe.ned w he ne liayl the >>m snks wthathe h wpedo whe s op and ind at te itathe w iser lat er t he oropndnd tt i is meboat ce in throu the t ndowthe ndowalwa hav bo cn ou hetremenus aunt o foworene siowwaav ev enceemen at f en fierprts se evce pnt fipr eothi. p ntfibe. so t pole would h e a hi ouldbeave l ke d a ttol a wldf a e t ngslde lke at af aentl to t s th timhaveoundothing to a en tindiote the was bre -i nthimvend hi t o rougthe ndowthr gh di the as re -i scen wdow which uge wowouhr he own sclot wdo wchfvince tha wt i n otfvincha ppen. jud jeane: at dyou make f thfact hey td meen udea
9:45 pm
: d thue tim es kethcty ny mmedy ca thrgh tthim wdow.medy ca hr t 12 aolel some12dy c de thugh se aolow.el at igoinon h e, me cth mh ark? . i in >> hhey mar isay somebodye >> y thugh e wiow. i aynot omnlyod iy tere souc h thh wi. iden t yutside t somo inuc t eenindoutde and i sa in inab aria and in cabls and erything d comi in e wdow. nd eu enryupin cragwlingn t mi n w flr antoucthe enraing c tpe fl anyou ucave eir, ou leave fiber c pe an the you re gu oinge , leautibhe ont danoo tr yoyo wlre g lngve ut he ev ence hat tchetthe yo wilow a haiandib going evcet hee ou wi aai d ib >>ere g thengonce thai ve i ink ouere a nd f oc>>use heceha t i k e a pennd a ft this point.en ahi s the asonhatonrns me is p nt . wh youocus o one are onout m i cl e wh oouerus one oue instigion s to b ecl brd. inign to jud jeane: ys, want s ay habr you so m ucudea: , nt n sexay ohaou so bod m anage n
9:46 pm
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9:50 pm
s kn? t >> n i m n the is o wa s hiha do at s knowsny in g m kn n mthanthiswa d s no i me m an it was n evme -- it neve ianwas n it i f vee. ey kt sayg s nd t k is a part sg ofthr j ob . aart itidn't rllmakehr a j. itn' r ll ma dieren. a >>udgeeani: hodoeshat hit u?dien >>t h avin g b>>auge niehoest it s >> hing so ttimo tmo stc. he itryi to ke stc. contact i yi wio her eye cctit h her cta an she wi dsn h't resyeipit her anesn'tesecipcate. i tughtt waaecipca. lit tl thtwa bizae otr h pt. l aven 't h adza aotn h opp porni to balineer tten muc hh. a npp tat cld jt bhow k baneer t uc rmal c j bhow reacts. al jud jeane: u fi h r ct credle bloo ng towud aeat: fi h
9:51 pm
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9:52 pm
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9:53 pm
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9:54 pm
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9:55 pm
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9:56 pm
th fact hat the g de k the o r. deshru t lsth mct that tg thathe kinof t lingou ru d't mhathat re lyinnow t ingf t i t de.'t re or tarent is we i t i t frustrionf she l ea sortant s ther i p sifrbitrlityn shef s l s blke outow c an ere s pesibityhe that notblng hkepeneto hut c e dahtereue t tt. at ot li hne u hnls he daer t tt. kwshe er li u s dauger is, thatwser b ou ug i s, >>udge teani: les te a looktouhat ga>>.geni let a wh eokct ds ha s wh cayouun thas t again. s >>caere uu slring tour wds again re y>> stue mbslnglingr >> don thi so,o. do u rember ytumbheng er io>>onhio, o reerhe weer? >>o. is posble u haa we acko . >> it poss bilios juse likeha ybodelse hen u dnk youko t os li usn't kememb the hingthat odsen dnk ppen b t, nc e agt aimbhe ng at has thintoo w m y en t,nc agdauger. s thainiso w m ug. ha when shrugs.he >>hat mnsheoesn' >> t if tnshe alcol had soehi'tw do w h er daute arlcis hng. >> havno wde h i d really. wh she>>aiav i he n r i dewhhe i
9:57 pm
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9:58 pm
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9:59 pm
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