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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 23, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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the you g strs th>> ec:hat' bst reheout! g ene. t' had a gre te o "th . ad fire" t oth."fi bob tato oman."ou fo head .obato o ♪♪foad ♪ lcomto "d ey" i'gregutfe ande a ming> o yoomlive "roey fox i' eg fenewsnd sdieos a a:00 a .m ngyoveox i r ep eat,ws thi s di a liv a prram. i amur nt ly repott,nro of iv the vent aveeprm. am eurntntrae ofnrof e nnnte staon dssed like a ee o fall nnta ded liknge a aeer of ll whe satinhort sho art w to an whsinevhort ho whs c g up o t tnig's ev show old powh?s up >> touig hav'sto g yourroov owon b oore u ge pd,? amer>>a.ouav gouov a n be sgevey sws 0% oerf americs th skvey0% ofothoul be amicth lelid.othoe li pl doesatchin rli show nplatchirls into ow meann gis?ir iean d aat
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d guyeats a u shy yawuyea s y w uff. thaou ay. f.ell come, re ha ou >>s thiy.heou elom w me happ>>yshiethi day. yea but t wreer mee pp y od ohis.ay youeaeanut t t telme there n ohi speci a oun to tdare >> i uesshere sn't.hipe you gss he reda isnss?re't gr ysshee? >> ogryhas this a? whado y ea o >> y t arehiurresly upset? out hais ynd i just d y rere thlyk it us tett biga t nd i deus.t youon'thinktsth tittig g a eal, gredeat. ou 't>>nkhatids i tiss? a l, gre >>t >>idt iss?rin >>ort'ss bihd. >> oory.'s >>ind abiga nbihd. the o >>gutfd eldigouhoald t i d notno tha >> etfryd octouobhoer 18t t d ot hawhol fil wou ld gat>>r oct oboundhe t8t tnd wch ol f maraouthon oatf happnd tay wch a maraon o ha jonioves a ha i"nind onees year my pen g a copofha i"nd th oe tim hear m onth g lov ae c bothat" t oth andove let's j usboay"hat ttle gregutndlenett j t ha
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bedith slele oren hgis faclen i spe belld yhear lki o h f rwd to ts ay nd y soupe dorn't enki mention to itay y ou>> ion'take tdo mt istake mti agai it ho old i't een? t mta 51 y rs yaioung. hod en? 1 y rs y>>ngappy eri man's rtay. py >> eou a m's . >> adamnig. >> letam's welcour e cuter l tetn a selrf gst eang a keitten.ut a im herf iteah tt aann k te brow. ihe d ifok were roc he owoulde rocky. ifokereoc h ld rankyd h. stink of flu a re lu re h my rtiepsiflu a de , bi sullu an rhe i s sha he giv debi sul per an i s giv gav mcgnns cut. g ms t. wrer musicn a cedn. d hes asld a swr flaerpeusic edand n.longin t heasla cer d ng tgoodo seou pinch. on eer f ront odsee, pch. he n ofil aal fry ontf h ptest il al osignthatakeccy ll pte re. gnate onllg them, i don belie thlibal mia
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ong the i die thibal mia poppycock. d ppk. bdeash,oung ucat and uyed. bdeasou atndd. rerm cpora wre we thas rerm crare we h-dge a thereas lot saw moref. a re ast no landotave on t "awnew yore tim." it iyour w w no td o t " wrld. thyoe weim lika l o ifur w t the. >>ea lld. yesth.we ika >> l fin od tt hdthe. >> beeaeve.ll it a mesemenwit n a>>in thd veme . be >>e.ou a a m ement with m aenitn mome. me >> pple >>ad a m meenhith the ha a movmeen >> phat'e trued hi >> tt isotot true.ha men >>t'ue i>>tis me thotru crunchys wh s yes t> i ttthchysruhys acrdinesto t t lattchal acp polinl, tat0%t america ol thin ari in marijuanaho be lezed. mijho be d. seralyve sinhe whithouspromsed to answer s petions var usitusraomp a tnsr wayri tihes garernmentra cler tthe ppl yss he g wherh senjecttomates f ive te of phe t 10urssrently in whs ct
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roesti f.e it iof t0ot luregalntiz iedn ro i pot.ot lal of t oemands to p rmly a tcknowl ogeem an tratrest al a presewlncs athatn 1 30at0st pses ig tuat and 30 gaing igtundan jaga fg ast. erne seems te f ja hu fns at. s te f hemp, 00hu a agreed at red pdas s hhoulp,dote a eedtsy rda sulde t > wou blamehem? > who would bla bhemehe who ou w slahockhe a you byhe ll on sarijckna aouhe i ohoug t haij wasnasly what t wod beho ug ti amasven rslemotel no? am ve >> n rot wantsho sa set ngo? am n pro l izntatiosan,ut i tnk a itms psiblto b aopot lizio an tnkro lital patbln. b >> i aee you o tanhat. bun. e in.>>ou tt.
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e>> potut i dt fo horro r s movkeie put it "cu rb youfor hrorov enthusia" anlovcu m yin th iaan itov shoulot be in the workace. it shohod nobe outot b ihe rk honoizin o you ouldt dothen ciin u lddohen y gout sinomne yla yourut s girl an he ne fi t. ur its bafor gose l t he 5. fi youose yitba ar mbe io tn a ca5. g up in he munieng. y a io th agh ishou be gal, it ca is gad.p m it ni a. goi ntth iou e l, ino w a ist. o p eot e atoi wento co legeino witha ho p caus o drugs he antcogeithap us me danruinglsexien. butheyidn' do anwhe vus frennds.ho bue sueyessn'ful, aut drunk whvufrs in a su wseirdl, wou dre a jk when y ou a w drdnk breoozeut wkn yoenu s ymou p you are nice, bze but pelnes s wel pou a aic boo y c t el ge outhere a selocli a b an cgo teeting s.geut he i'drunrighnowocli an teeng bu pi'otungh jwust -- andeoe smokbue i p all j dayt b ase ite doesn't h eok ihe aayse sti igmta. es t t's make lheegndti put
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s aksome sti laeg onop yut hav bnig h ncemeti a ju.op hav w bl, yeah,igh haes t e.ju whereo youta n wl, yh, te. galiza on? re obvouuslytaome opleant legize becse hegayza? bvst llye gee ing legh.t ege echey i on lge knog w .y ofho pele. ere a mical iseonornoofho . e mdsalat iesor and cancer tits >>eah,iee'lls buy a tant. i ierew ed a l>>oth,llfuy t. seous eople iho ierewav a gali zi itses ple oioly ta awayhe lizit pfit forhely dr ttarade a.he it sms ut pfitor drde. - - s u seems cotent -ve- ms e waon drugs isot cotewoing,nd tt's hyhe wa nuruers e haenin awon'tg, t tses phels mni nus ha in less we hr a bout ttse t tseng ni butheris n pol itssian i n h a t oulif tetnge w ho wl dbuoer ol anytng a iut i unlesyou ou arifronaul. w d ron p yt a i 2nl012.esu ar nl. he wan t o. n 22. that 's w re y w havane t libearia com inat tog whe yrave th beiaom t th lteens. i thi this ltes.ew found t to thiranc i wryinto ew fgurendut wre d it c tonc w in
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om? re an wit m dthtustehe docuntar pvi h? an mhtte sinecuss -arhe h phion. ne - dont really putsverying in t rsell o put phostogrveaphs and the ndful ooihoovgrerhss, a e it mndadle mhioveranant mad ntro anoer m.t ro a m neyo cy,01 a y oune syongor a01 yor a voeove all asvove was aittleio l as w a tl what isioor hat is theutwf drugs oris p rothw p denruis enthusias >> ty arbot equal pen b.nt si iate ro tar ptostequ enthuas. th aiepeat tauro tiff a pndsnt ring theptau t and ng he c refra isever my cifet rof tef donev beevthat a moy t % d beevat amo % o t a-gro of8 t-gro o f29ayt ou beegiz8
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e l 29est nt beour i be 6iz5 and l ovt. soasiclyhe fun s arts ov. so ic whenhe f peoes d. eneo. we sllhebe able to ske a bowl sllhebebl t ske i n bow publc. i wld le apoze i n to a ofubur viewersver w 6 l5. a af vwe 6 exce you m youon'teed to alo ce y tohoseho a p p and ou't d t ovo5. they re alltoowse a to pta pnd ivov ey >>ll what t anntaoys meos t --iv i am pr leg wizhaatio a.nn mos-- a l egwhizy dioo.hey ays nnectt toemp? do y isyemp lwayaynv ved?tt top? isp aynvve 8 -- 18,0 snatures8,0 snares aow stri hemp torow. i tnk towre ia mh ri h at ipfew.row hemp t t there i mh wi be he p if cars,e hempro h tre building wihep cs,em hempp lici d th whoilng wldill eat emit it ithhoonr wroldpilea tto them . itr ro >> thas hems. --hat ishe dis erce bween pot a -- i he
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hemp di >> i bon'tnow.en popleho a proot tal yomp ear ff i'tw. a utle aro hem ityo iars thi mutical fiberem th canite us fnyin t m al buib all it isssociathtean wushin ar rea y annbullintgerss siao itan't barehaeatgoonn er thas s becoausehe fndit't ha therooused tove ha it,ecse man.nd ered wn't theveont,ition n. itte on wn'theio te >>nes >> tt'shat alwsea >> yes t'hatlw iade y ieenutfemp, d it whe butiggef nighare. it thehe pressge cldn't handle gh it.e. th p ld kn'ep htdl fli t. apart. it i k cy. >> a amrtlad y ou e iditedy. >> yomselfhe y eted yolfhe >>ts sh >>t shish-appy >> iis ais c bpy o i ais crap. b >> bapy t w can weust rrecthatig brey? w c ane us conitutn sot mecat ofre hem on ut
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yonsay m tha a ofem "red e" yo ay ew terillry a t smokered" er ltryeratkeotic om wd toreed areatotc > wto potians tolamerre baho m e itaipon?tis tome lotsfls tayba. mitai whilmany a metsrifns bmels tay wa strt fotheno c il ny awhoame thebla the wagovetrmentfohenove oa mhee.lahe ve nt tour%fse sur mvee.d sa the tedfal goverseen sisd th biggesastheulit for theedalov saging e nomyndth 3ge0% sinulit f t it itheig fan alsang emy 3 sin ie inanitutalns leha jp moan and p atin annutro lwn do j thameanmo a phennro prewnfeea dohaan paheying tre oupyg whyo u r a q stio whenyi y t ow t ansr? r q iohe alnoughome b lame tns dc al bme d fa it foroo much gulaon a oths fo t liorleoo r mulation. la athfo li r reularioch tt waone a pollg fi giv somree twa einsitntohe folks ll fi oc gcupyg wa s seee susicht aso the f nugget tha t pywa1% see sa tsuys tldhe s nuppot violce t1%achie the ir y agdald. s meol tile,hiehe ag. meowe, does occying
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th proce aleoi? doe occyi thro aoi >> y kw, nmally my no y k nmall -- i am enamore of- ihe emohe toome politicns inudg pridenobama aomit ch hrisinteudyprenream startg toompa the ccupchyes, is rs wh t teareta partis. to pahe th shareups, t s e w tea aerar. doou a ee wh ththt? sre >> tyon share tame andonger a. wth tyre tame aner it was mtion i what you re the, th word ptitas it rehethordt thin. the a panto in sto p e regution ando the otoccuppy w re guon stetplean mornde t o upgulayon w steteore am ilaight? th are two sepate t >>re ty?ight >> i't gthre two s stoe s. ri t.>> t rst hea the i g g t and so
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realeri gernmt i t eahend al cuable ger nm id thn weearhey reuts ancuheyleanli sth womrey do a m an hemyansan. do m h kno k.s crazy sff and hey oulde ornos craiv r ha d y ld thold oplethe smaiv oplehere are ey shaing ththd at ileisheigovnmt,r le re e e th s sayg it is ig th is businmss 1t,4* i c't g the th ay cts.sig >> iis re wisith 1 *ou. c ghe don't thins.idshou be>>rewi th you.nd ctive.t in idou ites dangerous nd theyhoulbecte. lke up untilit an rotheyre ming lea s eyul fikeups, a u tiln ty n ey m g ve aea onon mafie inheir a 4 ty wh aat dyou nayon to tt? ma inir at's 4 senbl >> dhat u undsoea tt?ble. i 'sth eve thoenhtblfhat >>t ndbl i thtiveonho mtdary j ntce. on mry j . militaryervi is a ltle rs b ilitry wvilakee ltl thking. >> thi it w iewa yed yoth. >>high hav't iwad i? >>av p given ty bme i g enamerics for b tme econoc messhoul't t yer biceor ou eincog dcc ssuly ?o d
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m ju picng u that queson n.? >> i i n eeljunt u hat tion . es n i whnite helse aisor onodaid whe h a or th ptesters, qte aodai frtrat by ethnomyhateer doesot rard hr wk andfraty emy es rrespdonsilityk nd so obvus t wte house spsi ty a ltleonse dso o t wte se i nk id l iesonsedonsi th witthe a pay.iid i s sobodysileas poi the inthit e pa th. decon t he parsoknddyas oihe hean follow histhe.econ t p >>e also aihed theolwis proteste. you re s>>eghtai t serote coertion sthaupeoe ar ght hang ilivig s rems and coeron ha eotcarns aoss ameha r cou ae, le, wsed a the asoit. paper ?ou le,se a heoitap >> theareavin tha ok if y w>>antheouein answ s,okon y a itouro sws,on a guyse lasame iros guyufse l iuf >>l, y l in >> in rdar boxillage illa ertain pts e midtowandta hls kitchen e have tveng box owd hls it ienil she eo
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plve fromng b at iaw wn th mov emtieopl f i wthov twas i urohey knowhe vern nt is iad. he thnowreiming the rn i govement buthe a pay hthreornereding he that vearkentt. bue pahorred atke they h turnea bnd e to t eyuss. t ne th areotiv bnd t an t ounc thre t nc >>ounow who cld ute ou noth oho tm? n o paul. tm? >>ou knowho cou aunite >> k pl? ouhis eyeowni >> nice u ar sing p morl?on paulst ne ar singor the ul otcyall reetandhere wera l theyeaal parties etd re he wtuashe he pti heshe antioverent ave alo see bo of em he. ti >> lotfer yt e loeopleike sem bebouse f ey a h m >>ot f rael aeoe heeflct tbehat.e a theyre m at the f el a a theylread t at.t big bus esey mthe f and has all t ha t.eyad a ti tignk t bhe g cfu w hed asll t ey get t he tnk t goverenl w lici whiet areet'sut it.ov les cuitow nci thiore's 2 .it lecutow
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a l ohegendasore agu llatis ao mor rulesgenda s onof toretio ns that bwti aor ul min onofetio tt g inometngike 7,000 s gnatus andngllik e er7,us0acogtus andll acogsith eir i-140 to approve 5ei i and a tpplyo for aveadnd5 a an alyadnd >> t is b sign. t big >>inly going toay sothin goi to in here ishe tng that di't p mff ute t tng t atmade me cdickle p. fore camtto the sw de m ewent on twitt a ream t s ntnwihe eetedommorati of e rst eedde r ra was tf ir first rep t fmedde r ep occu wal stree .asir fst rt mshould y b e cusialhe s weeor embedd? ou ld yme o be heat's w ridicou em dd thre not d oodul ts' heyth arere d nodot dults. t mpey
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setesis easier t recor fromhe fal l. eier >> f p corote fs to fal prtuti. f pshou thete phototos be eaked prforti theompa the see ouhehos ke rhepaheee stal bch fri is opng men fro bmch sicinrig i ng pr mtitus. roey ameed t pinlihe bopring hotus joh a ondhe p cihety'ste bo g but sly ifohn their ciep'sea of nd st i- if t tyir aepa rependffrs.- ify peffrs. ifheyaveeen aeste send te, ou hifehe ty makeeee a thes reaze ty arnot se theinoug h sietyak, ed they a thea t arot danging heir wnesg ty , d thtliveyof ath .nggir thve a therwasilarrogr in th90s,utt ct e er scity $1000argr sntlen tths, after ct uy whose am etyas1000tlen prteintednduy w shouee d.e king prd s ngha >> who >> is t mos wpeal d in the wor ♪ t m >> yalou a tos t spe cial t or g inhe orld♪ >> a the ios opeeral w in ld is♪ as sal a she y oouer ♪ w ♪ecau theostispeci dog s a inshe wld iyou. y♪
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♪auhetciog in w iu. >> i tel yomhi th orinall>>ad t the yappy birthday tmethrill because weappy real ize yortayanlaytecse beuse u wi be ed salo e yoanlayt s twobee wie d s " eye sap s.two e s p l's g bk l t'so it. k od o bad i to shame to t. thespeop? b t sme esop >> yo kno i intesng thathey y yoget o yreoeno uaty yot oree t irpa o f e, bu t if yoareir a repeat e,ofer y wil b exposed.yoe a ep >> tt's waysy ot of yil eos. ts ayyot >>hey arrepoing at prostuti is >>arpog he ostis re. especial in the nornd. anit rse. bausef the peal nheor ecomicownt.n. than's tit pt i seam nothe ecttinicg.nt th tenhe pt ei no nmy isad inhey en sa now inosmy g timeohey ar pinowfo ir sex. g im wh amo msiinfoex. whm the i aagain t ste
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ageinin invved moraly. but iin iertidor bause t am perrti sme as a to bau se regulate mr sme as gute one's personaty. >> it hpsne >> it hel m i t h helpsou. iead - h- >> ef hit hasreed tea -- warobe efitas t wabe >> he is foregalizatio b >> i f there egouldizioe someha invo inthe lde seha smoking i tvolln the ti. i wt to say tkioy flow t ti. smoke et wto not t pumopylo ouristsn he s air. et oti gumssp proitut n is rdts he ofadirut. g pis of theroem w thdebas were t rget wng hideo enthbas w rgetid atf yohadhi where ery me y spo y go - -yodhihe y ypo y go - >> wt toakonou a te >> wthinyou te soorett butou a no i ttehi cdion .inu sottut shldno ise teopl not gon shldseeo
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n id? is pr fre fal finds me dy w p is w filli to ve s f witdsh h f m on. w is li e isap. s ityes,et h fo m thera nst th say freas, loser wohohe ner ge lait. now youre th ay eagog toer be w shamed. negeaiowou toe sme [ld.ghing] >> w [l that g]is test argunt er. w tt >> hav't been lgud e in ma fiv d>>s. hav'tee n we he aotd of i ges mmayiv hoe. my w e do hn't ake i o wfhens ere e gsts ho ty wdo t he. w am aut t oe gs sfrang gy he so one. a t -- sang frl soeo g. so oe.n t t sotg so weavo take re. ontote ur soouolin cou ieske . ve ge toourt schalunge e auoritintous couc t t gtort012 p sialnte iaauit prcoaruct at'sne s01ry wn' pbesint doinprar 's sn'be in wille beilli to c on air and a cclltehi bse "reli t c o ayethire humanitaan ard mata a
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> is it turni o fem is i tuthur i wen w ohoreem h kuen w? i eak of rli tv. itsi k rliv. asitou t shows ke "realasou t hsewives" may sws be trebme f andesewis"ayf e mean gls amot otf smeve fyn girl11 tf 1 7 an glsmo of sgead rl t 1viorncouged nd ward on l hair puing aoroud ine gss rd n lrowi andairlami epuone a in g bu yoursel eou gewis bnd ebehaor ionne reali. buouel saysgene b ha iea s shte-- say one te shri, gis a--ombarded s o in rigi aom rd alittey t iv tnhaws girlsn it cpetetition t w th o anot he irlnstesnfup crtpe andonh
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collorio othe ite iterpeatesf auprtean girl ll orereo type. itpees t isll rlity g t eo t t detrim talis 1 r234 t* lk athis t cliprom triml 14*eal h aousehiogss fipm orae cntea hse f ra cnt >>has sad auay. i >>n'knows i sian carry ony. w. i thatade ow fee ilanwf c.ry b, y at ce laee tlo be. a woman i tend t y aee c b w doou thinken t tseea aliee ow ncouourageea tesnksmong tseeai ur s ?ncra reaty tesis amo b s brel?. my aveaite t a rlityhow i el cing ithmy theavetyho stars" an m notngurhe wen-hey atare" suorti ve omot e oer e wve-he athou theareomti ng.suti o en o is oted e o t otheou cryheeomti . thoughhey re o ps robaedy hetearrys joy b ecauheouyghlly p ba way t
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hear ms ror balaull but wai tnk - ti tn i bt wod ha the ot os tnk i af tnct. i the ows ere e wwoenha arehe o os ul moued a ranafng.nd e s e di wsgtingre i m wouould a reeanhat a irsg angnd i wouldnkiou eeulha s i ir ner a i wout likehat. i shoed nhaerit is en uring ket.hat bavi r.ho i thiennkur tgheyouldee thaha r. and the i air rohir y ere ldey w tldha say oh m y d he d. ro >> i the w e w a m sirr o m e, y knod.w what l ihe w wouldo. a r why did i m yno sht a ul .edic ble jhyid mh th t ngedhaicte b me, there are a ofthheha celebritie,es tre arcond aemng o bflyin a over el rithelace it ithe t ng ond d bin t rey a ne nceetwo s t ie to d ma the mon off p eoplt e bullng ewoh oter t maheonff pple >> nd thell who eleotsonhey aron tisheere b ulliedndheho n they first p .ar ts bed he fst >>t made uho we a toda 2 ma u>>tanadtoee w a televisi .da mae lesi in ouacend in seacck. look at m eseow..
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at i yowou. aot a deck. i youot youre highl yai d. ceo u re i'm onig tai c i' o >> wld sayhat eryby s been buled and every wbodyldayt yb has en b beely bulrig? a e >>ry ydy a not a ans ntilou by igve k?kedhe >> cp atot a someoue, h the kradi c t cked o o yousome b hken a t i crl'sea a h y red oou bhearket aroken. rlea a >> b hyhatr arke qlicationi m by ha man. qlicai n. i am not saying whose ass amot sing cked but ty whoere probablyss der ur ed boot wer tworoba b r ssoowo wereicd. thehing ttss botrs m re aboud.the usewes s whengnd b otrs t "jersey s re"ounde ewswnd cr o mtv " brsauhe"y are yog anoi ngcrtupi mhe treng. yo an butoihengsepi a omenushing tng . 50. t at'shat i weien tus mng >> i50 'stoteio m compl>>ely sagr witwhatotou sd.o c >> c grs.itat >> s. y these swsha ty -- es
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stws wset they dwsosha ey tl yo iy f-- vom es o sn w ty s mylf tyo v orn pun or punch some ooner pou oatrunwoives me e llg aou wveutiv o the haa andhey are wveut t mu handyimilonais. its re ardedveryhow. it noteyar b ausemu il aithey reitotre -ed rewryw.ded t ot ar bbecaaue thse areot happy . ey ot aren'ewt ty? wh ca tharesre? hpy >> he yo seere t sok es h syoere orthokerwise wh aumb grin?er shisappy a ll fhethwi time.h aumbri shspyheim >>ou were sng ater butt we h wave s takng a b areaktn thatttp ltiot e. h akdo y hav ba cakmen on e at low? ot uat r e y fav cme n newscom. ? toeavee- voi umail r myirec f ne i simpwse,m. toveoiilec imp1262050. at'sy decte. neall y,'s dte. th halanf ilme rort om tseall andyevy j alf rt s >> ondyev's halfimeeport is snsor by>>le ds,'s h tf or ghlyin an sinoresylese dd ts,o t pull a vlyle oinr snoanwinr t ic bll means of oin s anondwr haesse ic b m thks, fedinog as. haes th, og
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
toelp u ch se tgu plato er dithat rig fordiou. top ch tas wlah al medi re atig suorleme. pla you n ke youown ctor d ho ital what alceptdi medisureme la u keoun or hoalt pt di get lp ping r wh medire dsn't. ansavep tohousds t of pollag . wh di d't anveto us ca thitollofree lamber ow. cahille er. welme bac t's fi outf we got >> anelhing brong fiut wotanngng >>howre y >>'m gat >>nc again aow the t y e>> g show,>> ancndouga d a the stight t. s w, a yowereelli d teople e a ht t li. yesyo re li>> ware n. a yes but i is olika.yow. es w e >>.ouave s p.esut isow dot lito the merin>>oue pep.le >> i do ali t ariafelape i all right a
2:32 am
50% af ameecans thila p shou a b rhtalized % meca t p i a umeounsaltheriz0% arehe i aeer0% ehe man? eg yid yr ualan yidyral oh-phingf the w wan to come cle o-pfngth w w exater st als ce aleng us. how ds it f l toe aexersts aeep? u prehoy go dct ill fto a ds. rll p? rego ctll -- dst r dll y?ll unl thye can a bout--st r's allndarpun.thy c a>> wutt about aarp w autemil andhe ft thaem experintsre going on nd fcadehaaftetheroam w as peris g ng suspen we a nev goide to kteero w whats outher re nden we a are aevoiooing b e ndwa up, p ap. aoing behe wa --eopl >> tt's athewa you toay.-- >> on ts taulwa y 201 gtoreg.. >>on01 gg. >> yaid it is psie to anti- >>ndroaid s tlegaliti whi of i-urse is. ro eame joke i tgaliti hi lif rtseians as. con rveive jo o wa t to smokeot .lirtnsa c waomo
2:33 am
t thi its legalo thertomo p ot. t t >>hit lcanaleo ptty pot. >>n p yereers lot mathnd onics t heeot wtat thiscourage leons hefromnjoyg poo mucht isco beaguse wres yr life. om oyg >> pbsolutooely.uch >>bee am ret syringifon smo>>oluty. >> , m be s cglear.on so , e car. >> a tol it cau you ookn the ro>>ng apo tt c aurioung taltime repkn tngpo ri talme >> sor treare 6 m in isoo sor t don'knowrehich 6 mokt. n'owcht. >> pabyou s i sms counrabntuiouve tt it uld ll t promsts oru g unrntui t trer d wh t haproned tsw ishat pped d urgtrer prohiwhbiapond ist en isbag sisters -ro-hi w ba ngsts conolle t steoo - - tre. >> t cou erst iuionvele paroo is i youretr not i n f torfou iui pevele doiarhis ru i whiuchre n i gafn adts c ldpe d behiruhi deruct e, cld b e but carly dect bith abulcohcolar obvisly cohol hasit rui aneoha lotf iv vi ty oohoas
2:34 am
mang r illaeg d id ottiv t solve t tma prongblemll jusaddeotanotrroblem. lv t ro i dem't kw w you had usodeotrbl . pi up bill. d k wouado pi il ase the wd a -- t d struct- - >> ussact it. >> i a>>usrosang rigt. now it is notesuc ve i ng ritig i n it is not n constvecte. youre not gng toot cesoye. ur l e. ureot buyou tll n deso oyaot wh l buu n dot wh it 18 2 ifou smoke a it you e 8 suppose ito be ske firingut wt yo u wupt to doit h youfi lngife. wyo ifhat is wac w th doit y le. your w holeif ltes i dacoo wme >>he oy peopl inoyow i wnle l imy l dehat disap>>pear oed ppl i >>moki pot t ho ug loes d apkear you hungr >>kiot t y un bill you sd oncehe f licere o t biou sor oehe f ce o t toilor >> cl. >>'m assumg tt'shat toil you mea . c >> asst'ha t >> iduteaiv. lot o marialhere tiv l >> i s gestedma talhatreou mht -- h a s>>ugstio syougeed t
2:35 am
mihtt li. -- wealiz sugiootu mili bwe attizac an endment th makes it ille attl fo sth rdmogt nthoalesk andhhat rnoal oabther ht.ry g ndt oer anov t c out wit oan0ov t mut wit potutn ait fe s ne os0 mut makit p tn much fe rdero l male t druuc >>hatou me cerool ios lal tif t dy ske>>t le ik ceoo t it sout ts ac 23 ty we tal lng aut tt ou t craclikehey abo pot i wo d thiweal a thatsrey ackey boot ed igy. wohihatsy t n wrtenn hem stit n it w wri tt owrnnn p harchment. drittserrieade f proarmme per made odrftsemead i f per h ede of he answer. >>om y don't agreensr.he cu py esird th tea yonee he partrs sre much pyof thethea me a angpaer. sre mh t iisree. a thaveng dfere. iden hoistoreakehi b ettethe dren hooehi b th's calledheho world. th cledhe wld.
2:36 am
ihi we all have tame i ing.hi wllaveam g. >> i that wt ias saying? >> eve irydyhat beor theas sin sa - a m>>sve borhe sa - as mdes follinhisurit o de happins.s wan the amell tinngs youurit do >> fppst oall, anheeou ondo kno w f ol, whyou cpare ton pnotiws y masspare mderers. t willetsetrs. mrs iletrs i n't inkhat' fair. teti and ti hen't upkt' f s, ss a a ry thati ndthey t view aall s t sa t hagettg u rey vw st aantages andata th govnmenscreng tngs . a can inter rupt? oven re t thsgovements s crewg anthin up. ierru ? you dot asfor orethvent sew vernnt. in youp.ouldt thk s doasr rn. ou ld bth tshe d thecc wall street p ple b t want goveerent solalutionstrte e tepar people wanthe ntovert s la ons governmt tear pean solut ov nmey wt t sepehis.
2:37 am
>>ot a s of ute wa w gut want moree gernmhit. >> af wast remeeem o g tguhaant mhe nm t.govements scwedp h e.m g that ventscdp h enes wh do, i c'trap headro unes twhhat. d theyake hugrae acde aea rothe unluti is tret. gornme nt.eye ug it is baf a in e tis gome. iaf >>il am not sure iee th y. >> the a pti a n havoturured aee ind ye tohe b us ese pti av e ofdhe r ason he t d to brtiewereusoresas becau of r n the bai tutse aff iere ke i do t thk heaiseffhere ts a do thve forhe b cpotishe s ather f b er i wtu thawas ven to b busesscprk tea w tuparts arnot happy s outn th s rk andea neverear t mrtart y t reathl nd ait berk t america. r ai bby theaymehecay d getaved. all i hbyrhehe detboavut ieds bg al i goverrnmebo is >> ty r tveme ain a of th s ff ty a rllfheime. o th s nerearfhe thie. er ea >> a youncscio half the me. you pend aourhoou dayio hf reing h de ly.oa .ound ho d>>y hav evreinooh a dtly that.
2:38 am
te o e i n my lif oo d ahit ihatromhe s howha o iny nds outw atshi i thehe sw swihe - w is w wit you w i s i iits rouight hre. its theig wing g up we rht e. alwa sen d ihe in youmo pot w from 18 twaen i 25. ou ot >> did fm 1 >>. a you r lly>>idng t - hot air>>. aou a >>ill s all of t han to b >> sll of n bay the w the bes pt ay of the o tuphey wall steet ing, it i s t the c oncupe italasl seet ven l of tse g,ngt g ishenc itas sts on mofsedutnnghe g s sts to beut ahe p of histo. be >> ais b. a pab.hoht was ddab tham bchhohtas tha bch were ced. i aerume wen a hedg hard t eiinng js. wen a >> igas just ing o akrde tng a js.
2:39 am
stup i jokte,g ak nobody ug heup we c'tall beob inwitrs he >> a cotll bee inwt >>ot c brasse, its chforuy to cssitsgo ochruy t ao tituohaon toake a gir al ut to dintunernd aha m tovo air tinr a m ov>>hat is crass >>ut tru hat >> c cssomin from uy l>>iving tru th t cat >>inrouying >> tatnerndrin cane>> autndri120. aro stute anll bee $50 a0ut i120. w yok casty.e b e the $don'havetoe thgh. yo c thedon'havey.o be hen've you lth the. hen'vebe uhehhroites. >>ou lik th o whitesye >>ou lh >>ot a of can aor d ot our fan p croites with thr appdas. r f >> gesin, whitat aut t th a pross.titus o dri bb? ginwh a >> wt abthe rigts? os tu wh ifri the wto m e wab20he rig? see he iyhereot chatrginog m ee 00. reot >>ha donin go g east new yk thatften eec ially. f or>>on o asat kneinw o sktu. at en the eodecnll wyld f i t kin s
2:40 am
vilize p arhe ofn wldanttan it i $0.ze p ofantt i0. >>ow w the >>ow ete >>ouoahhe l about e prtitu on a pot>>.bo prtu a ot given the thingare both illel an w k novewth n thinge ot rsonly aut t m, rht?ilan w no. know >> r ight. on a t r wha? o. rht. ha >>et me ot ofhishow. >>et me ohiho w. >>ealityho are makin girlmear. i lindersthod yohavre aak tor rla onhis. i yesndst yo avi b aieve t roreality sho a aons. es rs t b casve rea styna srioitua ati. men l ove arsenreas actiori it uadangti tingli t t.n l en reourcteatyws a ng tceng roa tt. kersnd trngs l t a ce rshg show, t danrsgeuss l tshinsho looathohat and wanou in lio to pooicreha osendes in that ittilion evetugh p sees illnever ur seates iitti on thatveituaon. heal y won l e terurse wat i at ua. he y wo nal reawoctlg tn at levion bause tha t'shewoeag n worsase scenaviri bo fseorha the eyo ld rs likto p stuna for t whatt wod beik if t yold ikweren thotu atwo sbeitti i e tven
2:41 am
re thoughheyill not put themlves en thve sitntion ghyl nut emesthiton >> rlly? at how have tond? >> rll ow hav >> ihought thaasn credib i phoerug tcceptifn cr ib commtary >> icc donept >> tt y r my fmmenryd. ionwa >> ty rd. >> hould y nine-year-o be me toork hoong y hou nrse- iar an mtok unsafe ftoon?ou an uafe patt?i n bwne discusseser ntroveial theor y ittn h beisss w bk, "verkl for tory mommy hr t the hwl out." "rk f mmy t n t, i t ts tlheutes i quit n th n ht,isory of the emitoyme?th ry its thonl one we bhe loome for. it thl o bhe ooor.
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2:45 am
r thmae ana ha yotears annd was reatvincik ra p.thanha y rsd ahen e s pr ess hatisik manar.ra n epres h na >>ut rigow. >> am hereo t l y tha t rig i amereo tyhat oni uitt two t fr ♪on t t >> naturly m discu thisn t - natis ist >> lhtni rnd. >>hereou a. >> rnd u ca>>re m ae f a mut ihoug htuou wen'tcahowi me a up. m i gaugn,htoue wai't parwiof t . as he uitasecause hgan, e waaitrygar t to o ane aniecse andhewaryotg phed do tnit chaeow y eelndhe ot abou him? bk. doou hdoe hi t lik c ihaatee yl m? ouim >> don sucdo m hehi iikohaatt f don uc ne mehat
2:46 am
>> ion'tnow at t ne nditns we li. i 't iw w t tble then bity wli l mns for somet.e then m ns r fll s got cit. r thoughtistohact t hat's t it at ts cntrys abuguthact t not'ts smart s.ts cry asab was mad wit notma srtrts. cntasryass m me w w slls.rt cry randohthat fcy ivate sc ool asmini rthedohat cy meor tatryscinloasutth arte bacin tor to currum, ach ds te chac tacte i thght is g i d ngrr, h withis oon.te th tht y g wch a go, oh you thoon. th wch ao, y [bleepat t e and didt ve the sam[beep t e andt srt tsamn. >>ab h has athobn. alrabdy hasthob accept so thi was otlr a hs ob gusee it lks rptig s? t as itin wasgue t lks is e ki of?hing i thatill llowim. w s kif ng iet t atsl ewow j. is aite iet t snervou js now. s aey a fraeical aing clau to eir couontr nact.. a wouran'talt a bg gre at fauo r c trt. ey rci edou tthe off aer g f seei tha >>oarinciged t banheds.
2:47 am
eiha >>arinan . >> a tn got the fnd he ws he wit ahe fn g t tht a job wwoul't h w f tbe rea j ul en hable enle gs >>or. sure. >> . >ill thisnsre ppl t se. it igran fashi>? t prorebly pil that thead i it inot roy ail viral athe t veo it it a val isymos of veo it iso o- spt pple living the les acrdinto wthe mie o f p lghe es e le ilacl loin w o thohthi woul bee l alo l e. co houl a the co aer m tcghereyp o a scener >> yreyp but youook at the en veo >> thlifes noike a mt ieouk he it wn't thrat th feno itasedfloy. wthr itas dhe wf manlo ofy. the peoe. he kps his banin the w mfhe peo bae.ment a ay ks eis bheel ba menimu amage. th's w the dave mumag uniforthms. w he w i said jer cgrunor. at's wott yai werde j okinfor,igr ?. 's yere
2:48 am
inr,ig. >> y c s videos o le, anpele a ry>>in to h seid o e, ese y nythinanpemomes in ry thei tliveoe theyeverome ut e ikyethhainmein ca useilifeve't l e t t.eyere ike >>reus youfe s llk tt.. th g dnghi s is auaouy s lk .not hn cldthhissy t n th wan isrifi and cainpoli bsehe guy th w isot wris anyfind pants ca in li>>uy is w any tt'ans auay te. caou igi if that'ts y acly hpened? i bgiy efayhahet w wea ringac hpe d? a long oa t. by heno wne wearingng a ct l a ong thoat. i doineng wnyri a gtoo th >>he a iad peo dple. g >>head pe. >>haou. >>ha i noticed byhe way y i a slk neric w iis a tri e,islk teib- it a n oenve rd in boteib threeit c a ontrienesve >> i avto a ingi fboorhr csayi it.ri >>m i oing i t aoregi for yit. rht >>ing me f a bak don't go awhe. f b sai ddoo.goe. ai
2:49 am
catal e's w cashewar car ges y a % aual nus cal s sharar o yo earng0% m ye caa .al us ccor ng treseyochrn ev mryboca lik morcash or tseevboikorsh we mostverydy..we stry.. ♪ ♪ woulyou ke % mo cas ♪♪ulu no!moas buit'moreone! malebunnout'er ]rehe nne capil oncashewar car le outhe ]ard nr pe le piho wont hed pe w50reh. at'sn yo walt? ah!'syoal [iggl ] ! [gl
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2:52 am
>>can u ld me you ears r a t? >>n l m ouhave b listeng a t lot p unksve balngismand not tot wahi their pk.ksal prent futurnde n sonng wahi omiro-calloualts re fur ieng m thcaghi wld gale ttsmll a mider,ere is.thgh w g t ll what ta her, hele hs.e y'allon
2:53 am
o avatanpinion t on we 'a ha beedoin at tavpi w hell h e yha'alleeinon . t thonlyhing you celle yll idenfy wh ison lin thlyou 10um en w oisne fox nsle in row o f s leo bter an me?in r only spher o b r i mush cho their lyph er pitripe uits.i h o i fhe heaul lpiipui. sco s. i f hu are welcoor t s mind. u a jure neldeco to get ttave nd off c ju annotedeo tot gav f jat ante tt hu jat i hehu tay ty mind my hnd myy md at.mynd mat. >> lt w t lebas bea up a srtless fatuyas o bn a ncou aver sid sewk.le fuy o tmz repts the p aiourrot snto an arg ent itmn reparts the teot secntity kicked t m at th oarut theuy teec ry kdkedmis out t sht offndr startdedailing befo peoshe oro itp. s rt ve aooai lngooav er fo perotp. a looaver
2:54 am
>>haee a you ing? ha >> mikike,ee m aike.ou g? >> to p, mikik stoe,p, m sp,top. top, lk atto m sp,to lat bette low. >> t le ery ette low te aryri americ pudmerican, i a rite ic lebud.meca er tim he g out some.bodytso b eat t hime up. gut >> the t hisowhatdy i hoi bim utoigcls for>> anyhewawhat wh doel ti go f tonignyht ubs? d o tightc gbs ao foreoe toig e nots?el rities. tc aor ey ao for ur hotrduyselri es g to o a por sdend theruy * g too shiendhe at goo a*ero him ing a nhtcl ubatoo >>e mroht get ld? g ncl >> mht g >>e couavehat devere >> h could c ecthadere
2:55 am
hou ect it is50 tually wn u ar in tsha stri thatossear is al w likear50,0 tha n owri wehassreear etsng b ke,0 toan ia n setereore typ. b i candia nn i wouiald lik so .to tl the w ld tit, yesania n we wou lreery tolt w a w tet, y are we vere kind. abut werees also a d ivis ioved. u c led t e a hiers. dis lea hoserrsillick y a os ertheyil havlscot y iri a na ey andavot th are ii very vlent a th a uhe gso v par vle wh, uhn't t me wro. p lov them. i am t hosmer i whi. ov t >>m. am didn'ostouivehiro.m>>id triveappe? m >>t isrencandcotch >>is thncedcorehh s iir quebec. the ey are noth sue hoser y a n. >> hhaer myakes. sse. >> ha e ies iha-leb thatas tberenc -l eb it ou town. at t theyere n gnc tow t th havou aowunea eve ryeye g tday tt town.thav >> i amea leaveingore an i
2:56 am
y thout i uldow ln.rn o imge i oui d l o hors ihoan'trsve come you w. we r outf te.'tve e canou notthe per son o r sautd hiwasne.rutches? anoteern sahisruhe >> we ll he th postam wrapp e hthost. ks fap f
2:57 am
2:58 am
2:59 am
ac to dyevyor the po game wp>> u tev orhe >> n adpoioame sw? u >> y t arts>> o n novemrad 1s a sw cd fun ny t sttsy.ov 1s s c un pab , dostouy. hnything ing is wee ab yesi am h rnyeiviinnggn awd og l wg islandor myesam r vicovege aongte ag aw o idy ve agtag >> gin hat is goingn th yr sht? >> gt sain tsoin ysh? >>sa h youn scti. >>xcelnt. houn >> bill, qscuilyti pg.>>el. >> bl, q pg. s


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