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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  October 23, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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hck suppssio a aaterhen pp eiod an e schz. fo new ycx. hos foikeewuckabeos thin ites hilousbe in tt deive ilvotes. >>ou know wt t dveok te >> iw w lirals i d't. websr lils defes it d't lik bsr sothinsaideftr donik so tinid pro r ke lauteron a a tro ol aur a rrate wh o alimac at hu wrouswis ansoma jokhuus isis anomeing nny keokseg y >> ws on fst >> ve m wn f tsam e mirst >>heuy i tirstlaceamst >>he >>uynirst stcehyre >>ouskng mst, i do t kn. >>heresk are m demids doorkn mere treoem ologe? forehat. t hang aens og of rt. hu mor.ha ans beraf outo cufiscr.e of
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what rau we earn but c doscf the at wanoe b en usutfohathe we hane to god se h sen tf l. humor. d i llen notive upum m.eor i oteour ppuss. m th isaer forrhem ss tha th i adefeinfoheirm posion.ha and felks emiro beosin. a wund d s ei ater wdha an eigiray ock. evenoen eig k. en ben wt blang o us. >>ts lik w ala oidef .un >>for asike 2ound anr taing er y. 2nd it ig y n. en tha i 9 nall c me ihand a wom 9 il cme rpe i a iom isot i r mpory to tha w ian.s >> have a ays orto khad w.f led >> joe avden d i as tink l hs a good e aren the i hde tk g. and wha h i a od wasrehehiing is g is.d ha i sayas igs . ay ain't te i so joe asay't iestooeo.
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>>y i ands tn pesentot p ullnd t p es ofnt bon jce. iflhey on'tof votor b j. fy the'tot spreing re'shat he said youhe reg 'st goteheirlan sid ou l'sotirn hav rtyerodamallynd wateav d yod lamssly wte pele wheth insu nce. h, l yh.e w th's wt w sue. re abou y th w wo for o the lasou wo 31 yr ars o thehe heas beeepubca pres31entsndsur watth and heeirubca eests cleer tnatnd heyle h te be. i ve bny a hbe replicasinc i was i t been andepca incever ks new tnhand thwatere i drinknder kewir w thbreatee out t dnk w b eaou dir t? ihght wante it boir be ih t cleaantet for ourrandildn. eis i aeaorurndd greatppor nit ior me t shortor youit noth photof t sho myranonouetti rdythtoor hisn fstti ralloen. don'think is fught tlo. n'in iuitht t
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tellg joso maertow lljooa stels lberare. el i tnkra. ty t oug t tuit chokg down pun for dugi ter andt eokjoyo punor d life. an libels w ey lau ati. coervaves e be w doi moraut f theicaus hacovas heoiorasil f eioffeusedho hava badil cas feava oadas codianonspati. ocalm dn lers co andansti te lm lae dn lerndose of laetamilef don' tak yrselo seamousl you n'ill bwak yel a gas t.sesl u noifoul b awantospeas no goheadnd blontw you angoad go tolost umikeckab.coo odlico theoxkeabeeo bk dco goheo myacebkee bk ooyebknd rp. wil smil eitr r way >>nd havileou sil eit hrdf tay >>av temminto min? h t it i a te b de ifin m? youre a i me o brdefouusiss own as.
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t ma ony pele d'tnow whaiwn we a ma talnykingboue d wwe what t t a saleetsngouf nw yk ci wo tind t out huc sts y cipeop kwdut out h immnentuco ma? op k>> y utmmntave ma any? ide yaenyde wha immint d mneans nohadea. mi d hav myoe it?ns >> otea is not av aet?ovie. >> thes ncepot of imminen die men, are ouep aweof ommhaten d tt m meane >>ouw oaugh met o that e? an >>ghe ot backe up >>t i a ckupeaty sho >>n i f. okay, iho tnk i hea o f kay, t i iea o >> termminto i mn, are >> u areer o whaint tha . mre >>o, u i a oouldhataveha cue at y i arealkildboutte c yre no,ki overut trearneo, r mminayn rackui t rene y in are o heckui con ep y a oon of iinenoain. wh ien isn.he whavore bk.
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oldans ineor b and dnno ofe l end you earnt.nofou rn iave to lovil for hping iut.e oov wor had hng f . the but wad imment f maihe iserio aut ymmt shou knoaihats it meaio. a y i am from the gouernmnot att ea hereo immhe gnm aear - er hel you. >> imrrom -el theou >>ovnmen and he t temour proheerty and enmovendou o .he t canheyrorotynd tt? ve oyes,. the ny. iinendo tains s, ahe lawhat a iowen then govrnent taka tawt a phevatproptyovt iak t p watldoperve i a greate pubcs w puveose. e arteoverenubants pue.o cl ose wner b's60tsoearcle o we bing sine in derro oegxpan a netern r a swa a heridn a l s dwan. p. bohenelco l d od t hav yith us and boco dersnd t t e terdaav y trehsnd was rs tda t s rez lionnemporily
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at i tezast satus lnn onpo tly i govementryin ttoake yr susn t ventine y shop ay. bas allyope a gotnxte ion as daly.eot theyeantn us outammedte and hav a eyt lstle mor mutneyedte from hem.d av it leor my wtrom omm. 60 pernt o what w thmffer0 mer o tha th rocaer m and now to t 50ernt. rca ndis i w o aow50g. us t pro ed i a obtowns t a builroove som whbt. its bil note setedom bwh. a g dits ep iotheet rigirecon b. a >>f gd t ioverent igsecon >> a t publ pueroset li aoadr wablrueri sag treatmadt plant. wa th hav s tortmtlivet. you thavo jueizatn.ou it w a juatractn. ana l w of a pele rol ov.ct an u di't. lf yeidol yvotay di. oy, y ys c y havit o y cav llts faly busins at m dadndausins
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mad une staed ov 5 yrs ag annta i ov wa yrsaise ing ts pl was dowwa hersse an kid tpl a work herasandower i kmid not rdy a rk giver itd up. i >>mot rhat did tivytryop.ell yotid i tinyheyl oered yyo i $47y00 oed y to roce anmovell ofhe47 eqpmenand to y rocan areveookit o veraeqendundr t yusa toreoki that what ra wdr tsao tir at at jusifition w lookg athe tictuirstsusion okrthat mor thatuheywere feri. whathorha wasyheirusttionre . ri at >>heyas refed tirstonal wits >>y an refedef t teetit and netiat anef he's tet thend ddlin ne outat hehe >> a din youaidut no. d no aouou aredo. i no aitraon. w lo isre ioing to take ara .befo losou fel iikometngngoak fo wi f beetermant resve wi thehis,ob?mant es >> w n he ces, a?ross a >> gi m w cput ctiono ass a i gian m cut
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onobta a new iacilynd rmain busess. taew ily a not rinooki uss. for amorer ot kiceptg an lors. are ob i appciat ptan i anonppat balf ll i pper an nersthan bf fortaing up. p er ll rs undanrstaorg andp. ecogze immindnt dta maind i aogze lmiitim de ai wa i tobtn l theim ppert wa tobt ildhe prt a toad o d brge b wt ifhe govdnmen o takbr bt w awa and ntov toenuildak a sppinwa ced ero at'sld not sinhe ceubl busi ss.'s thot isbl pivat devsilop.nt a th gos people le p bobateveedp to a std up andgo en thoeohe l tob peopdo may bstpnd wnlkinho arndhe t op stayet b was winr manttou nd stto kw wtasan n i k ws:heomou thout waom ouwa $0,000. ey will ge you $00 il geou15,0 a pectou t te it. i h,0e aou ct do tne. t t. ntin to f ght hhe goo. figh [app use]ino f
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t>> a tregore gh ppe] a m ty rorts abou the oupy m wl rreetts protoutorshe and are o theyust w et otrs a anganobrehet ang ihere legitate argunts. xreegite gu news. chaieent toheew hat t
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>>ady fe loernd m a soci ism.>>y f buoishere me mo a t cim. occbuyre m ll seet pte ter tncc that >> fox' st pteharl t isac at x'rom warl strst an joacing m n.m watran welce ba.og did mou hav n. goo time dow lcba ther dav >> [plause].oo tim >>owike:efo we er get i the [au ]. ll seet otes >> e: fo waneeto snd i mthe o st ouesr t telle m o aboummin t dt mlln dheboin d genemanrom mnnsyania it is aenllan syia too i oftuati.oo >>heoverent n teft youti
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>>me. ielieret nhe tou supme c rt ad. spliivotelin i up c mike had liewte hamhire i peop inikhe audncendad theamre wi rember opnud tet jusiche suit hadwiem hre t aus peole trieitad ho aeo ieeclaimmint. >>f you arela suportimi. the>>oureupti walltreehe ptests opion to a llee pstpi a dree. imnt d mai is de. im dais ubelivabl affesvere peoe. iteverlibl a ectsfe peore weoive you an'tts seo w iet i the ans. u t sic i ihe pa. mik welrs.ic >> pa or ikel. be >> cllar filyndr th c wanar foy p ma the. than mik p youustma rurne fhem ther aikout s rnenrest fg tng er anaot a ofusnst tngho anaon'tangf wn tre wt to kno w't mug t w ieal t ano groupuf ial legimate ang peoe ghoup he rig gite tngeo b ang h and h muc
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ig t bngnd huc ist ppleookifor someing do. is is both pekir meg o. ere b ath litiate gris heree when y a l critizeerihese re en y fol. thri arefhe ecosemy ways thherecoictind of e priden oma's ys ecoomic tipolif es not pr wenork o's theco havic liot legimatek gripes. ey aheav u ocugid ateris. a the cat string ucu a togtherhe ccaerent ngthouts a the aoger orgized cen t th are otou ahe a doirged i th reyou he orgizedoi lab i i ther u a hrgnededab i erederion a ache andthn laboern uon move ntshendththat a lbo org uning ve sthemor aat bger argni emnd purse. a br it is geing out ofur. han >> ike:itseg ts iutfnannter ew>>e: with t a iuy name griffeyer >> th a i leuyft myeeeriey obsee. e i aye a welr oe o the a to el rir fo o fivhe y trs. oldrifo the iiv wodake y. ldhe
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lo ing ikhe andt hping sll sineses. iten slognd a hrageng s wt nes.ent t inge007. wt t coved int every d and7. ovtil afctin eus nry.nd pele a noril w tafin n is ary peou a th n g. w he i qtis j ob y tth come dn g ther >> m e:hee his j a t jomb. d >> haer m r hbse wong ay>> peop nee r to work and leo wg be i t p sioponeeo ofor havang a l jo i t pd thsi o guy qtsavao jo sle th ouide ruy tee weks it ile absu .oue mik t we wsavet ano ier tervw th su y didikeeno wit h rvth aqu yid ar. i heit t achve . wl tre i h artselieng ach ging u wlre lieftsfieon. a i fo uexame, ef inow tha i foam am homess a i iwhaould lik to g mf fme ae i strldtsiko g ut f becse th ecomy istroad, it iec th aco trskled, dowtfft. i the ric a are treowuieff goi r heeic anhere porerieoi r anre geing per poer. and tiddlesseg a po. d tdl poor. a
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dxcu my rencoo (b epp) cuy nc we' (bp)ee a t t? e' mik i amot sur aha t ik w a enchnd sur tha gdnes we w didn hea cht.ha gese tedn meea aut yr encnter. tee a l o aolks a yr downc there h g out lndks a usiowth me di h ut tentn touggesi the are thkinge aut ntto somhinggeigg. he reey rthllyng aon't undomstannggg if rouyiste't to tm.ndan yo have tif lisnteooim t to yoav t puis outalio pont. wall treepu got butle olindpo . e avage uyll dideetot and ble o i avesidt nd huing. i whon'ts youee hug. whiddl't amecaou do the? dlthisme rec siondoashe is hur blecon coll peoe and 20erce lleoannempyme in crun. nstrtion i cen'tmpeeen tm tr theon. ii tee clege knd i t sheou cge k ow ihe s nork citabo veme n oanizkinghemnd citbo attemeng oizgm o rolutnary
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te rut ryparttype i dotee avage mertcanspe odo any rvacee downs tre o basally y proi r whaeow i t eentily aasly oi badha i ecomic suati. eti a mik no oad has wecriticn soreti out i ik ton oas w ten w ie com t bk, i wan to y lk to w yom b abo wtanou soaw ando yherhoulbo the w s ragaw b der diulctedheag chare, bhat w diedave art him won.e was vingroub gettimg ouof b in .e morng beuse backurt bad s ngubttou bn e slrnp nubeer be confckms tt sli wanu up b theorninf twithu.o ba pai can justt if nee to..f mywaack'p a lihele nithbaai n stifee..myk' li re se. anby t timi geup inhe mningi fe gre! s an t ifimou hgee ba pai in mtossngnd tfen atreight r if hba aike utiresswith toat hten gy, e slp nuer ureth en, slnu bed uld yo solion. e slp nuer b's d sed et iit'syoir oln. chamrs wch pvide slnueal bpporand t yose i's am w pde l ord yo in ctrolf thfirmss. d thbed c perolct f thcouprms be.use ch se th d erjust findendeny toup bee eir
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f wao p erfi elyourfoad b k, cl no urll t b num cr onnoour reenor yr fr tumonr en yfr formion t wi dvd brocre a pri lis rmn wivdoc a riisll r ht n andou'l alsoecei a $ savgs r nnd'lsoei $av cardust r inirin abouthe eep mbered. rdt ininou e ask p out err ri.-fre 30ightn-ho tri. k t rire30hthori ca nowor yr fr infoatiokit d a ee caow yfrfoiot a $50 vingcard 0 ngrd ca now úúxx caow xx
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bearg a vedyuie oype be audnc how divee iie the geou tha udu se i w dve occ iyall sheeet. g ou >>ha tt is hese poi i icc wasl st. >>maki bef te.soi i unasploynt h kiefecte unnorioy com hnityn a devaatinteway . is i riomty a va ainy i vr mol aicly v rwhit molrowdic ituaanwd > aa an star. > aor a e40on whitkidhat rere a40 itdt olle edatednd tha is t probm.le ed yoeddon'eehaslack t ob cons uctiyo worn'rs dow tckre or aan nstiorowonst tctionorke and avege aeopl fro anystioke d rave. pl yose whiroidsny that gduat ra from olleyo and ttshi pstha of gtheat pblem om wleh tnd t mtsse. pf e yo don pem w t get mss yoonheet iressnt rl otrag iss i rak oag outrag> me:ow iak much shoulduag be m fusod ch shinon?hld >> ithoulde fod
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in? be foc iedul o wale oc reet andasngn. ll seet oal etnd i st cryaptasm that isaile oryy ta wasmingt. itatsle o wagt it vid pnt ihinkha tyave p t reale anthis ink i t whey thee t alan is mi it bit.hehe wh yee on mitall seet.s wh y o nocapilism l st i was ae t no worpism ias a evy tall orreetirm tha w bail oev wld l aveeteem oha of w usiless. o >> wd eou o met a ofeporrs. f met aedior f matts and aac foxewsdi a ttan aac ox ofwshe te a and of t snsor for gegeoros whand d y so.oror >> i a geos ha d y a >> r i ater for george soro a rdoesror h support >>e doget wt ro toes bnterewe iuor o wt i a m ntoot b reer towe i> b ierewed a n oyou b rep ireseeredoro uepseepesero urs. doounow o nnow.e
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s. do >> notwere o t n b intw.ervwed. whado y >>ote thinkfhe bntrvd. otes ha y wha didnkou fi nyesin go.ha id notereo booi go u ot cane s b ifoo you oun utan f ythi. >>ouun don sak. >> hi media >> mtteron can s s. if >> thedound mernythgan gd s i ere?th mik tndtth gas aoot.e? ik he t wasot theo at. b inte ieweas >>he ho wld n b te conwerm or den h w nhe w akingon mr qenesons w i ahougng mia m qesnsatteyst ug m geor sor. i ten't owstha yal toror dia i wt chog g you tha i a w fund by geoe gouha iorro ondyeo car t h proitial anda d ifar h 's gng t pti aa nterewfe, gwill tnterew h. er >>ike:ou ller dn't h >>e:uch o. we dtxpec bterhyoal o ec bral itonenows itette ithanwst chare.te in tno ar b t relsedoo b
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eveeldooobs e wnedaracbama abous a wd oac tema preden .ou a wahe rght oeren knowaa pl re whte ssinand rnin ha giv way o sl ping noplwh ind in hawhive slayplesslnighng yid toestf sle. whslesgh yitotfle anlunea cahelpou t the, anne calilp it s fo thso any opleefor lit fo so why takleg luorsta, on'trive or orateachiry whaklua,'tve otehi untiyou el fly ake. walkg, eing,rivi engtiing u oth f act aitie. lk eg, viwhil asle, wingoutg thremecterinieit t nexday, illewitmein texy, ha beerepoed. norm behiorsay ilude aggrsivess, itatn, haeepo. rmehrs idegrve, at llucatio or nfusn. depssedatie s, worsucing io depr ssious ep edinieudin riskrsf sug ide,ep iomay cur. inalinhol sky sue,crea they risr.. alleic rctio, su as ongualor tl oat elli eaheis le riosu as guoc tr rat ly ali may e fal. sideffec maynclu unoceasara tas a, heayachefa deecaylu unsaas hedizzheess and rnindrowness zzk yos docr ifd unesin ow rigss for ou. yoocifes ig lesta for at
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nestcom. en ltar t stm. the's landf stfuslee wethan hs p yondgo t re on tfu winee of nest we hyo t tinf st
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yack thucabe yk tucbe ifou wou le t cment if mailous. l t pplae] cnt il la >>ike:ill lien for >>ewe: and lmmenryiheor hucabe repo it i heewar on d en60uce pot r iioe n stionsndvaille on a ily d aststnsil ton y st me hk.comandoi the cebo pagand flow hecondnoihe boagd fow wit - twter. t>> gdafi a osam bin gden five allndaw aeen elaminatn n wilell barackbama n s elnat wefficark ist thma n theic same isrethdent wh alogizedheamor thent bwhush agid admistraon snce on thrhets toh nti almi sraurit senhr it lks le i i n ttiime sit for me l l to tak the h sea i i teore akhe hea
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diffent.s mmr-hit we fft. he hel bac but for gnheelolicac his t leersh is ear andoric islived leshns r hisnd pmis >>ve let me aeehatisou he piso >> ve h cetedite aand it h tnk h rep cubitcans d a tepubns ankl it a boove us t reklgnizinterms bves w gttin t gh reiz valdmsarge w gin hs one ital and ougge t h beet gre ww, d ug tou kn b it wreot w is dong.t w it is hisresint a do heould iissi a ha beeblame had the ld miions fail ha heeam dervesadhe the crmiit ans iai tnk h rep dblivens shld dhethat cr a was t sepi sh dat ctic ofush as for s gog afterhe cicfhor goaer hh vue taets. its hh usuly t lt ve hotas. t is coernesuabou tt l hum rhts ds duroce a coneouonservtiveum s that a duce a me focedrvve oat a the suicalproa mh ttoc o omahe h tan. sualoa t hes o t h
3:35 am
ta predentssasn and t re gont aroasdnd jmes bdtyle >> a goro aiber js b ale dep ow a a erncerd witow thi ds priden erithi prenas udorei pocy i uh a sectei po ihay aec me like bus3. butf m ke youusook as a taon ou budingtageks a buenggereike bh . >>e'se b like >>ush. >>1s andik 43. dh.hat s>> aond tng.3. > t a t.averies. on nichinge autbamaoue casay onicng y amare cay aicans opsed yo canian wchs what a weyan had op wdhush.ann wlway s satd w iad was ameh.rin. d i lovay s tme crinaans iov thinwronin tase the cnans lks e atching.oneh e>>overr s uckee, wchl y gouto er yr rublikne, w y coeagu gohoreunnior y rpreslient d acogu the toni est give ahe
3:36 am
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3:37 am
ishina dsrerha brgingna >>ike:hou wllowhem brng to >>e:u w that andowmpormheirorod ts atndor irthouimpuity. >> youd a tking oupu aboy. >> ourestctivtrad policy. a tngbo in htory reestivadrole iy. a bett way hryee i to aemoccy tt toay pitaosmhanocloso tra. ta mikn istos treradefra it ik s not-redeft orkso. ot- mik there dumpg ks ik pructshend dmpalinntelctua pr tsproptyigs fro ainricaelua opigs roquen >>bsotely n. eny. thatonrsion soly n elie at sdn no a sprisat all ee s bu no a sishe bigrll arbu of theig gbooetarefhe hlpou wit oo ador h theit 22 adlectn. clrlyhe 2 visioryct cly w haseeio is a was dev tati ioss tos thworl a hevtihougss presoent ama thrl sho ade h
3:38 am
ecteug rardl sest aho of the ch lengte wit rdl bess gulaonsfhehat he w antch tngit b s ha eas d alast thee iues wnt h brgh haas ahep is f hm chi br and he putp ids on fhehiableornde ucatn.ut id bu bnttom lble, h watteo buom l he oba w gette reelecd. heheba didt g ateteec opptuty beusee ost hid g tpp soo be et h too he oths wleehat otheethw did miktookorrd he toeeingid yo agai ik k ank yoroin ominyoaiothe k y hollood ulf alline ki lld ul ollki romaes. br pit o a ang linama. brit jol. angna dolalin monend oe degion .one veten acr deoho teac fal inove wi aoung aressalne die h wi a nngo a isst i di h o woerfubook i aut the retionip a wofuheok wl a she hehe sreryon a wnhe combak.k. wh
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3:43 am
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3:44 am
d k th itasheocutn no s napitut of it,oour sap wos. f >>ow didt, yet turbe lak wo e>> fid. y >> tybe fatrak ud to tak f me to >> alat of the ak eotbaondaskeallnd i alfhemm om sbatt a ikelove tod all. soutt aid a comerclod . l. 'll e au piecef ttom fl . l tha lers tce. t fts th b ls t. ohns . td frn b 2. ewns f morectio s reio ways fanasti [lghte ys >>and ianti [lteanto tlkbout not >>d i et lers, b tutotheantaic e book ls, ball drta car okll dyou ew caryrt beer u tha canyo knewrimndeouharote ok hatyone i wrm ate tsighul, tt i n w ks a d te ghnd, ake i him n aads gu te iteimrests a hunuid of s a caru
3:45 am
ant. id f i am gdarou g t. i tt? >> mme:hats g t wt mak an mts endeinook. wak n at led y tdek.el heed sto y. t gue: iante ito bto a ueitet iniratnal ok bnd rete t evhou inatl t srsre t c yev aou me s c a . e wh hapnsnelionsp. mik whhen apearriens end, it l t youikn urtrie and endevaatetou ladout brend vaeo. gue:id >>ike:o wha as ue the: eence s whe >>te: whahe ece so wh devate nowt w visingoeveow si i >> gst:. mad h i myverying d g:. thats ad h ay prycarg ousd psiti atbecae tha i aike p sarndsg pti oca ha a g thae sndnne can pul o o a ha fromnderu nnyan t pe.ul o i ink omer i tas soi k ehralledy othetteion tha eald cy pd t eenha me.
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my cardr pend the way . mydr i wreheay my hair a tha ir you nes >>ike: hir a heha wou n a c>>sume:ate ntleen . w he cum radeted char le ohecree tonowaddar oee h to o hew waedn t ro and hhe oe room angean t head rond prence aearm ge a he soulnd setneree a a karndss a dul yet, shene ahin knd fm he ildhd hd h bacnnd fm codn't h dhea h hac wh. mik on coe sc'ten has a wh. co iden ikn iscividal. h but pern treas a co siende of iimid. tt t ern w tre ai of insure. t>> gst: you k wwhat happensnse. we g loo:ou kttars and wtapakens uroo porsticandfigu ws and anyedy that pocagu wnd me any god atutf wt m a oddersnd ty hat o aynd rs terhaely t ord to rkhrouer had tse tto thi s. mikououeread33 tearshi diikeren ige .e u wers dien . f-lov outgoi and we fovutoindas vy --
3:47 am
whatas a v-- lotat a proems. gue:i tnkot tha isros. oue tofou. ha i n't ow ws. >> me: i am ou i t w.ot m chagingou im fo ts. ha ng gue: i d't fo kwhy t uei ver d tught ofhat? kw yes,ecae he r tht wasft? oer tn s, ca fatrendas inheeginng t ni d n't atan tn datin h. dt tursu mat h p ents sdsu m n dian pts bue chairmad me n >>ike: he an sai heouldhamameike >> e: toeai ee f whaldoue thoht wasto a arte f ihaheovieho. as >>uest hatshat iie he >>sttaid.s at'shat heeaid. aughr]d. 'ste >>ike:d. ghove youlaug at i >> oe:f th tngse ttouug is i othn tarins tbout dia >>utuestmy antia was ian the >>st a ficeoras iour hrshe he ceidn't mntnr aoe. i tnk n' me'sntnter atedn yo. an t sai you ares czy.erdn y
3:48 am
anandaiou he wasre rghtnd c. ias d wrg.e as >> rike:t onef treat a wr >>e: i ne tessat rea ans othehole rria sas beautif oele daught geneiar and bifaht on nehile hadnd ho mnuchfilad choy grao mhou ce inra carrant ininurar daugnter a grad conern i ao, goug aracer to t l ttle a b.o >> me:o,o t lle b mo. gue: i go and g mik uei weond call m g gr dmotikr go.e c llgo. gue: is t tgroto.rue >>.ike: ueis t prose. ue >>uestoh >> mye:ro g.odnes. >> ike:>> ysty can mak tha une >>e: yan eve sak hhas u o, gve s ing. h gue: i wil g say fanstic g. >> m e: aue alli o til maybersanic m all o t of t sdio mrs audnceill et a t mber s oo dneudel cy's mr o bk d wh they lveereoday. c ansall of b
3:49 am
whhe leuray telanisln o dien wil gooel enilo amawreonom. gue: youeall rlly g itawon .>> m e: y ue ayo wrill k rwy g a itwondful ok a m y tnk a yri kor comi it i ndl a t deght yo mit i meedet u. >>uestthan y. >> me:ee onef my >>stavoraneor y mane lgy tme. or s da jo l is t. aching hdaen s fo a nechg a he kellynd hisfoe two aly sonsill jn theis t lite ckerfor nsl j marvinhe gayit err clsic,hat'nextarnay clc,t'xt
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an ane mey. u adleoing tooo loves it a me h s a rengoithovtis h hwoo. st fiv te yroht y friv t y n. moanhero druer y andicha moe guar ruen dnd yha sar plagung >> d y srdr sndar teela y rs ol sr >> banng t oo a ol >>an oo aand. >> i w a micy mound dru ki >> i w>> yic heouoneru wki bond yhat now. he wbout w y bdt d y w. pla guar.ut y >> d ylat gu was.icha ack>>n. >>ot youras dasha mckc. >> itouut ana inn mnce. t inm tryingoelpnne. o. butrngillilp jean. o has outs jn. aso t. an doiheoonwkll o ran th hooie. >>eav tonw o tho etot. >>andts a ixtu>> od
3:54 am
gosp andtu o&b spndndoutrn untrgosp.&b antn i itrsp hop in the t ublan i ti i wheop then ishe t bl peleness tiandhe i aheis injting le gssd d a nj ngfrusn fusn gf hom >> us cugetustomnu t>>eset tnd faly ristn stse >> me: i le thea music. stst se 'll a c m i l from it aheuc.ll of t l a cienc fillmtet a a t copy anc kellrighs cd ao the elghd ahe ll letes pla l cut.s la♪♪ut ♪♪ ♪ oh, ♪ mer. oh, ♪ weed youer. wd mer.ou noteh, -er we te - we
3:55 am
♪h,h, mcme. ♪ mc. ♪h, thisinhat the y♪ edo be.hiin t♪he no, no.e. dinn ♪ ♪ wre do,o. nnll♪f the w d bluekieso?he ueeso? ♪nd t windhat ♪ tlowsin ♪t o mwscy m♪cy o m m m te oh, mhing a n' what the usedh, to bng ♪ an'hao,he n no.edo b ♪ no. ♪ itsn the sky thend imaky. ma ♪ oh,ercy mer me ♪h,cyere ♪h, thisin't hat ty us to behis'tt t uso ♪d aut thi d♪ h a mhhi buse can she and. h msean she
3:56 am
d. ♪ oh,y,y, m ♪h, m ♪ my, lo. y,lo eet eed yrercy t yrd mey rht n y me r n ♪h, ♪ ♪ercy mcy m ♪ ♪ oh,cy mou mnow thi s♪h, ain wha th usewo behiinha thsebe te mer, me. ♪er weme nee you mcy ♪ rigeer aneerighnow.ou mig anghw. ♪ oh. mcyercye. h. mcy ♪ kly ri. k i me gdnes thks foinngsnd hmee ges thu had f aoodnime tni ht. c taly add. ad
3:57 am
ethiss tini ucka e f comta the fo is newkaetudihe fo good nig and gew bless. di ♪ ♪ odignd g l s.♪ o m l d. o ♪ l w nee y mecy. ♪ee yme.
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