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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 23, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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ovseass. an aduin reali i boo abo eveovas jobanives rntimlieoobo etailabouhis bateobithes caer aim whae h r llyilous at ethouht abt priden ca aha hbama ry ouabpren. he fivmatart rht n.. ♪ivrt r n ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>ric: cplaing >>c: read cai present oba's j pn, adthe sesippetba j dow p $30illi e ll l sked pehe senowe lt30li ni t. ld is tngememenre oba l saidniet's b ak ttem uoba re blics ca undeidtandt.'s b yomigh notnderand e big reingicutca evedend tyoghot erd e$35 llio faid. g gve t anda: 5 ioaieah. i don tnk thi ind a rpri. th on thi i wld ri thne fai w reblics picd o tee aimocrs th areic wicried o tabou cr getthng a relecd t w ed bl k thoubill et can s it' rec tust blreputhicanllbut an s tst't i 'tpuant t sout i leglati ther s at sategonhe ght degti
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er mtly s theegefto t d passorti of the myill,he parttular a t o ssmilltinairf ashe al, rtar p t llirr.s snt p r. s get replica toote ains itnd get betenepocaoe y if it ns doe't gtet basse won iftill goe gapee >> kberlse thiis n wo nworkg.l g theyeeeed n tri . k rlhi nis rtoriis ld a rk eyd nriired rri a tireed hystia fremiden st f.en. is iolital. kne h wldn't g it i paedit. i thene h ent wetyn' g t llecvelypa he h tout ihe i upnty in lit e ecly eces o s hof ip henouldushit es s th thrgh. f >> b: yoknowhate ildh thk ab t th jths hrll.. blet'yomoveownt toherethabth j it'. t'veore t' goin u ar rig. e decratthat inoted ar ig agait it. todehatat re-ecti.ed th isne ofaiithe to pe-blemtithsf t yo a poem hav a ufied reblic allo v eyo ahatav a ts u u theed argentrebouticll vthe
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uhergtut repuican puanefenng millnair. nothey hav this tts en rder orepub cansllo vire no eyav ainshi t xt wk i th ouseer the ubns vqueson othe pay ll tns w ith se hecut. guees is oeepubcansayill t ve a hdimeurni that. uesub nsl wn bause hey hun a h tireniha haon b taxseyun t cs.haax anda: ihink- eri holn. c u thk t t hend i votnkon't riol go th t ptisaot't goip? soou tho phtsa tre wou be ?repuican- soho t boboue n pu an i'm epeaobng melf, t nnk thme replica, i tnkea mandrf, had i tight. thepcai t thiss dr nad a iht g emanis n aip. gan >> ec: t. sto i ten demoats partnts te f e tto i en >>ric: mos rts f it >> c: >>ob: washree eri sen? >> : andasa: teeee docra. >>ob: avin rihat s?asid thndargu tnt h de iraf y >>look: tin vottid o thguoth h i yides okot o overelmily nerehes reblics. mocrers bemire 9 n ofe the that reic
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otedcrbe 9fhe ated y. e disioisclea y ye cla war fr and e dio wanteao tet t theyelaar f ndunciembe ye we wil winntt. t t he >>reg: wl, thecibe yeeilin are >>g: w sohe re ny bil isoeginng to lo lile i min molbox iight lo lmeor a m moxortued ♪tuap ♪ you areike m you h ♪♪ yo-y asouree mou c hldnd lrned -y thenfams tck c "waing led dog. e th job bil iam t likalkiwag thdog. g. thtricth isob yil i tak aiko-yoki anthrollg. itn theth groicdsnd y akit w aldome byok in,an jlltt helikero the $ we bayou whi n, juld to tke loche $ vernount, hiate a d oocal t vernnt wockersho a rn , e un anizeand en tal due rn wrs a woulcomeack.unzed t >>hereueou gulmek. >>reg: hank>> >>ndre g thawas illit. > bg:: thnk was. >>reha tsture li bthased. i tre >>imbey:. aurat i >> b: no is not>>be ait patbabl mak bno iric' haiot stan ak >> gg: aiightc'ai >>ric: ouan. g are aht rht.
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>>c: so478 llioisreroke up r. a nch fso8 io bilkep . h are y o theil worwhil . >> area:ome e. e o the adeheeals the didorereil a a:rthwe le. ings hat e amaelsadhe oidise sk f ahw. lon timgst a cam o o and a ounc f theonim jobsill ndam put o innd prisio tha a repnclicahe coulet bbsind,lut jsnor priohaep ca ve ransultrad dls b ad, as j bob idhevensad d a paylls b cutay thissometng ihink heut willet replicasuppt. istougtoetote i ainstnkt.e but w dllsep obacapp tur uge ahisst t d bain tours a w >>ric: o >>ob: won tur i in w to a >>c: w. >>: on ur iget xn cdits a publ wans ll gith t c thats t on tng habl is gh reity.ha are ab t on t i mmanamentutrey. ar abcausthe llas ved m nadownnthereill beewer use v cs, wn refewelfireen anderewer tehers c eri i'mlad you were anbrouter tha up. ters >> a rea: 'm grid,'mdou too ou ha p. eri see ha bid s d a a: gif tillsoo ved dow ri ee idlist s t tol vow ts .st o in int,ichin, ty t cutheorce i. hf. murdn ratt, douhied t in cuheece
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i h st yeard atou >> piceneparentsas i sa inomeea c pese wi barts i t isanalfe len c nwi b jers . i anf l nlint rs. an mhigant in myitie theesul has been it's motga mniquie mhederulas raenst' arequ m ur bbers arra , rasre u are erar th he sai theates in flin m higath tepledaihe es pun up tin "waingt m posga" ted factheckg on tha anpupou t for thawagtos 2008. ctck onha eck t th ateorumbeha on th righ08 k th103 tee in 200bendn009.thgh do 3 n to009. do 9o hes cometel wng. t on d 9 r es otomel w. tri e on d rri ent wn. kimrly:t's stit lus. ma . im y: snumbs liripl titiss thr. ma . he's mblipl it dsn'to h'snyood or thexaatarty or he d't h predentdr youon't have tty ftsr righandreount me somhing ou 't avke t t mak fhem ghd mrighomneng tak m in thegh comnity in
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rapis arveryere yinghe toet himndom itys t piar rye ng reblics fa t?to im bobnot iongbouthe t reicfa obrdert gut th cut er th fnt micganut cs ficn om 2 c to44 a murrs we fro 3 2o aour wero 3 65. it'so, ifhats t bes u ca d5. on t 'sft arg tentes. ca d n bid taving trgt wng idin t w ci. it a secd. ere ci a aec dect ratiohip e tweetheumbe of cop ther daretnd r theiopmoun of ee ebe fcrimtheropis. >>erndree no,herehesun nf. boimer. >> rrellyo,re n bo >>ric:hen ke rhey new yoity pice deptmento >> c: n none ew andyoa: te neyorky p e epcityen $16 llionein smulu nd t nellarrk in hty 6 io sluone ar hp. e fedelundi for nork ty isll-te hh a de di ortes ncrea.k w do u i-t h e alain hat? s ea ifemoc ts wdot a debe e in out im at? cri illif oc w awhenlint was ineb ffic t a les ha theril date. enntas nbut n'tdoic i le undhahe t d gue.e ofryin tail ot t
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end t uons.guofin l othat s wt hpene u ins. 20. at w h>> bne: ge 1,0n 2 coput of bewgeork city,0ou tnkop ras wod goof dowk it >> tndre hareid rawon o 20owaid i he j>>sreard bil was 20 inta menouldd bea iheir j ves.ilas ta >>enric:ldeair s. gg, wheer o >> c:not e rai wt up or ghe o downt - rapaient up wrp dnr it's d agogwnry a feaaptp d mong s. 's d og a greea buthe qstio is wh boutng the $ 0 miion reut q io sthe lynd ratwh holuthe $min w ma res ande ndatol murrs atould pvent ma r nd >> b: asar a iur kw,ld pnt no be waas rap ad ir murred a k o so ndra wa ap>> gg: isurd asoraidic ous g i mmen bob tkics aut the en rtur d whobever touall a he . eri methor. urwh er >>ob: w yol can say ha wer criset donr. ead >>o: yoanay crea in r crimeond it ean diesme - -it d s bob - - >> gg: l obfrime - cursetwe peo e g kno l eachthermendtappe in rs we eothe the ount fch coper a lot open me ce 't a.ecthat. e nt fop
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by aim theot g o trehe c a time ovet. by >>heob: ge ras w tt up in e the vety a if y >>: ra wook u tn poe ce f ace o dfo you tnk k itould to dn?po f o d eri so en t bid i yingitoldusho a dobs b l, h eri o shidld s ihing lik ngf youhs b hn't ss t sh s jobngill,ik raousill g u t tob l, >> ob:ral g u aoluty. beuse at y>>: a doi i epinpoli aut bee ynd aoi i inli femen -- foverenlk ] >>ob: youant- toe oundnd aocia d wier a ] >> : oupartto hat nd aiawi rt kpsteach tm -- k goch t--head go ovet dnourad t oat. e dr tt. eri youre tirst mocr toefen h .riou t st evyonelse croenaid h wt hevoonee far. d h >> b w: th mus beunch ofhick -- r.idn't say bth it.use ch anda: b youof havck- unn'ay ought.ampans t kno the nd b ouare yingavo makepub cans gh pa t lono likhe the don car e ngak bobubns bause ty dot.loikhe onar >> kberl thiis abo 2012ob bse tdo heo krlhibo 12. eri he ieasi
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♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪ anda: wcomeack "the fe. lcom to g .p.ndd wmek hears. f yes, it'om t gt. timgains. camps,gn ssont' mee tim polical ins. publans e stting o gomp sn theee ttac li l allight blso ys hsteng twogo ds we heant t actake y h worst,ake aet loo t a nke adk out mt romt,y,eoo a aackd gt mom ckerry a.k the facry i heac amecans i undetandaith >>icmens pry rol ng dendth the >> p ol dice >> ihe wldheust calown. he ce s medde i wtaln. s ted.he s >>dd benmarko lo at t la s debd.e. >> wll w t un>>l tenorrorklot t d se la eb >>e don't ve an w eco wmicun tro an y. se >> a he >>ddoot do a i shococ u y ansmil a e >> ado ihado ofho his u forr anil alf. do>> yf cisnoto ttorn a
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. deba y. c thtothe r tublins wl a ha aard tim ba aga st th baheck o w l anda: hakay.dim nothisdga w pbaled oy. t nd y. roey ampan bnoauseis w pnnd t s no kayro wh tmpa bse ung foot e, bnoheyy w d tm s urt ve ot b thy had domeby, or someby outher put i nthadoutu.eb rthat howeb wreble tou seeerut i tuit tay. atit'sow getng py w becese tee 're lkinabou t t.t. 'set p art ec orot e inou i see -- i t r don'thinit w. i i' g to yee- b fst. n' in wi d'think it wasi' o y y w bld you f.o aft -- t s dnkt as is a pa y tt w eoucted presftent- b th. why atpa t g aft e hed est rat br th his y ebate gft p hformce o ats dtion orthisat his prm o ecor donisor rerd? >> b: wh the aaid re? ro ey got b awhhe b aak b cnnd ot ro ttinhim otehe b ftage nn whver t it tog her you inm arealli you f ogeonen whr t mb.ogr ou e thg eliou per o nens db, . on th o, rney sero be n d ceful on abt th winghat acr rs.y e ifou loot c tuld a abth ngt licren t it, ty get hif onoot t d athe chr t t, t thyet hn hit ehran him n --th tres a it
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t of he limguag in-- t ere if lagn tnk i a b ed to run r t i bomneo n . >> kberlne the is sube meage sayg rk krl perhes ub isn'as gd a barmekeay rer oma. n' g >> k aberlarery o. othat. was a t ribl ad. k rli tughtyt oas a ul. atas a t fblld.ike cld takeht it an. my comter fe c estai.t at'sayinomr sothin ion't thiai is 'sffecinve atsollin iit't loohid i measpireced a thet . yoooare ptingoweair a re blics in aet wayyoe a n png od. reic in bobi wa -- ay ahe a. n >> imbey: i as t obwa sa- theye goghe to ome ba>>be i g t twicas song nsaim.eygogo e barry llome ack o ic sg romy. fothat y e gre wheki p otom to therit wfo forat my re heiend p >>imbe y: sry. to er sta w bor whay i sd. nd >> ec: i houg>> itbe was s. ta b fecthae. i s ihink of t two e iugt i'mas m ect i nkf tconsvatiwo so lik'merry m e beer. rry nsingtino oik tryebat bewas. inni . y g he was t a 2at 29, s0% inomeni he aslls. a now 2e is9, iehird s. wts bes eebatrd alhe dides
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e debateshat' wheal hid lo the mos gebund.t' he h anda: b whait w lohe os thbest and gd.tronst gumend in bha wrima wre th st ndthon ulne ble meingn aboma w ck pvy t sta e o neimmie atiog bo >>ob: e tng he p taidta o out rry commig oio f t >>: t lad debe, h was t yom o mean tpiridand, youlaeb hasnow, th was sor anrid,ou ow, r onthim.asor mneys n bei o r n .an-sritehimsf. is iey nfter neweiingrh is t sa-sngte lms s a iomeerewgr is tother rona reasan thg. l a lesote btac oertoerp. naea th l th a doile i b ntinng t oarrave. >>thndre aoi i inpeak tg oickra . pey, l k a>> tre a heak okas pe l ou a cou terpuhing aitte romn ououpungt. mn >>ow d. you e>>ure d t5ouor milon arica tha eere not t on the boo? il >> ahat ca wha weha d in t o ssachesettoo ? weut tethe an>>xchat e. hae th den pside is cyinghat actt weidea the hai'm adoth hr pdes cnghat.t ea >> asks t sm somhing you h uldavet. t who atio >>sk tdo?omng ou >> oulddou aly i toe t thoio re of the c?ntry >> >>ld wou a. io t and sai refhe c nry >> i ade>>tou cle. nd alai nn ieyle al boo.yoo.
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>> t rney admistrion, werelso tonsued by rydm thetrn, re o oba whe hoe.suy >>he mheic sous le theobwh ho worlisomin ton nd. >> m ou lfecte orheot rl gre it'ino. eff tive. ct or th i abo ret' anffve thbo iue.n i. t abt a rson you ulday rney is a aballoa on hai ut. u d r yey dn't y.s thatent aer helo iueai. and nked dtt to att abama i d edo attaing ch omaer i fe and rmalut theave to tag o i reize fey a tingheir d al hees o teo ball a thare e a tballgs obira. o tey'rdoinal a aha lot o dir llob rk f t emoc' otit hpens ollir the tim f t oc . bobpresenti h ns polics aheimrimaes obes tigettg th n inatlin aheyma n't re. ey wtttth natn they t nom.atio io wh ihoug was mt. effe ivewh itugas rev mitshe suesfen reney int 200 ev she w es ry anuy00 ho w wld fl-floon iue w fllos. i
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's azinge has bn ables. to c st ts lon a onngheeas b blmasshuses c tealtonaren b l.ssse thissis olte wor. >>ndre b efftive righis o >> bor: ve. onof the>>reest ads iffevegheen bve l ear.onhe t ds>> ec: wn th i h hisn book ndhower. theine in e w th htherandishen it' okweheeone,n erdnt'f e, thatoesn hitome. heas nhereo go at wit isnite. >> b: onhehe nreo intviewit i rougthe b ionervier'sho re ainnt tew uge qstio? tw i ofvi's t gre a t a qiredio twf t ore thatas pasd a awaed tim o atas rsert alwswa see ahe m gutoet dn rrtlwndee a fureut guwhetr yowere dllinn aie not fe boet!yore in >> area:e ha't bn otchalnged the lbot date, e saw aima:ha b aled ch lenghe l de,aw he hn'tad gdchnsweng; hrtictarlyon hlthce. g hean't runwes aefau icly hcandhcate. he 't hasun a beeau nde. as doi.eeoi iss theoyfrnd tt ys i mht che o you ahe fr tght tt tha g d in mheou oou a t fnkly you' the t bt ha g d
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chan i g. gre f notlyad.u' he bashinkg of a an g reot. paper- ewnkof bingatch le withpar- octom a amy bgch l ishe th >>ric:erry dctpped t a mythirand fouh lehe e>>ryonc:ry ded t se ed tirdou l thi. e on whys romy ting ase t st a hi hi y >>omob: t loog a a t s tern a hi pol a >>: oo kws that rn perris secdol a bes k te be cnce tha cai hrrec es isoet h t off obef c himehandai h aft rom y. is ifo h iff wer o hmanimain tt uld ft beom m ifertrat hy.nn t >> area: est danceerrye m hatoet cn outatf t a a:t cece.ry ha bobyeah c utwhatt'sfoing is t forng . mneyo py n obah atsngs iowor ey p. ifhere isnlyowne coervave c dida romyres y n't ck i co va>> area:omin cup oda "thom ve,"ew l nt iebac a a:in he oing th for t oba ," l minirati. ac ye anoer oneheg or t r haba a bilon niti for ometng ha beiil madla ovseas r et yes. ei ay whs. ad 'll rigovas s. b wk. l ig ♪ b ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪
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zo wenow placwher toing d tuing haveivenay tslee ng.we w acer tog tug vewherenslee tess eeghts. yielto rtfulleep erees tsel rulep and nestcan lp y gether d st n like yt ha forge erso m y pele bore. kehar mwhenpeakin blunee.a, d't dve opete mhine eninne d d pe mne til u fe ful awa. lkin eatg, dving orngagl g infetherulctivwaies inat dngile leeporwithagt inermembiving s theext y, e epth mbg het haveeen port. abrmalehavrs m incde gresvene, agatio ven rt abalav mnc esneagio
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haucinionsr cousio inepreed pient harsening ofnseprecoion,io inre pinclnting sk oensuicofe, ren,y ocr. clalcog l ma o icin easeheseocisks lerg reaionssuch as tgue co thrmat sw lingin seseks rgeansch t e occuhrraresw andngay b fata de eectsay ilude unplcusantreastendhead bheta ets ideplntte adzzins d moing owsiss. asinyour octoif lmoestag issiight.or y. asurto ltaisht yen g lunta r $0t lusta.m. gun $0lua. thers a nd o reful eep. we cer hela you o the re thel ingsp.f lusta. celu he hegslua.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ kimrly:elco bacto "t fiv" so wave simyndry: suncoac "tiv w powe s dr unpowe andow a thi.ow obamadmistraon grawesnd ahi $ ammira ra $5 milon loa t the eltric$5arilompaoa. t heit dsn'tound soadtelicpa d 'trst,ndoight li en tt,this thears aret bng menht the li t uis. no.e s reb, t bs is m tru e u frhteng but t e.. tis theye berug fr menufacburer t ey be in -wait for macr i-- finnd. - it hoisor that f imul iionin o. ho thhae g fdld u. uln >> oob: bterth gick h u meth g to say>>: bout ts. br k h eri i d ththistos aay coueut t of ri d ears is aould.f lf a blionach forrs t. elec ic c a b comonnieshor an tneitr one ohe ec c mpans evomes wantiton oxpernce
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5:27 am
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5:28 am
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5:29 am
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5:30 am
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5:31 am
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5:32 am
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5:33 am
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5:34 am
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5:38 am
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5:39 am
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5:40 am
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5:41 am
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5:42 am
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5:43 am
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5:44 am
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5:50 am
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5:51 am
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5:52 am
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5:53 am
sorank , i t nk a tha iart of pic is let ticknkoi the that ipadnd t of etckphonhe >> ec: t t isad t t pnt i'm yingono fure out e tis t t ppoin >> ob: m at hng is feayinut is t 'sin eier o go>>: o h ihinain s its easr t go eroo chi na an arica busesseit are as t mo thao hpyohi go anhere acaus sere an dump amoricaha ho eri youan didmpt s aca ste jo askg f j riou $id s stjo sk f $500illi stilus omhe $ sla an the 00asli ati tims tt app was wn t a the ostth fewe t tppill s t ral theytew wer-- s. lteray, ty we --al t >> b: haerpple n erad ra twe - gornme loa b ha >>ric: don thile so. n >> imbey: me frgondlymeoa to b ines>>s inc: ton u.shio. n't o rreg>> m fratly hpenss w bes expint t t.s jo tut o ofege. ts hountns.s w xp t th puthem in plasjoikef tsnt oh thutmninlala o chie. th doe't hp us her lahi i ohi r htthoe hbouthat.s er >> ob: iost r morut t. s. cporaons ve de >> th:.t th hav m beeroun a c lrags d th ti.. thav eempun u. jo for che l labo ti. at's hy. u jo greor we ve theove . bo th new 's. bare d l asree te pants eaki outthew i shear d bare i bobpas agkiut searlr toy. iavear i tlobou
5:54 am
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5:55 am
5:56 am
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5:57 am
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5:58 am
>> gg: wcomeack "theive. >> bk t o g t wmek fihe. e. ba >> k pents to take l kbat the p btsbie. >> e c: ke oka l hepinkair. b e. shhas e ttoosnka her nk nkr. anarm. sh sand tos wringn aer n anuggem.iv d w oungit a wgeheyou say y- [ iudibay you ve a b. he m ht ietibhis u arbi a b >> k mberl notsomem pinkair. krl donothinko.em i rb wounkn'tr. b onnk i bout b bare le th if had a l btleirl. arthe l ttoosthf haiad a le finl. ewhater, t tosaihein o fit ats, ovocive. o >>tndre i wou nuy th for oce. m>>reew nie. nooubeca ne i thoron'tike the m taie but itnoeminca meif o 'tof b'se girherien .tauttin e >> oimbey: o b taing ackiren n>>.be o ta g >>kric:on'tounow ly n ga ?>>c: 't thw is lad l gaganspid. th sad >> b: i id wt gopi bi wtou do? it rindse aittl of my
5:59 am
? la dat but rds betrtlf m loo >>reg:hatooas a dol >>ob: at's>>g:t rig. sh aolas >>ry: 's figny sh. i d tnk i fouldtet m.y ught d hav i t i gr couldave m i htav i cou he. gr ou gre bye theay - i bob i thouk h is rerriby.he - at a thehink g h e?obth wh i ishedea? ib . >> g g: ahishe isnk h notwhsa? t g nufasurersotlaim it' t f fa erultolleors,tranim men o li at'ome fith t ir t moles, anen bob so alieh tripl xmo rad ob a movs. >>ob: youpl fee t traov trag? my>>od: looou aee t t arbag myoo a. t yes! >> gg: ibon'tare. s! th pros th g iatto are'te. er. thro th a bbie dol htoreatto . b eit'sol ov lika 's hker. sacovik bobget heroun h flr. ac e big st obt payfusinuns fl wi beetti rid of tigtoos ay thein next t yrs.wie ti idall fe ks getng t tos heex t y. ttoo l k eri secetd t bigst. the oo rem e riec obaig. bumr e emsticrs itheba


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