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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  October 23, 2011 6:00am-10:00am EDT

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>>umreg:hereou go. ic i e eri tt'sig >>g:re io. dori. t wesadreat tim i onthedo we fiveatimne." ve >>ob:attoo oba o yr fore ad>>:toba o y♪r re ♪ >> good mo to yo it is sund, ctoboo rdmo tyo iis aile earha ndil, liob in for lisai tars li imorning.or g.o.p. ho fu lsis aendrn ag. p. hofu aen a i iowa aes wa js at es present osbama. at w onest oma. er a second on te. >>ne w er aecond temia. >> de: and asa. aasdd t chest n on trth. heas sitting o n a stast h, o nrt h.hunddsfil onhe o s ti o a doll asars? wheris i ndfilon we'r doloins? er >> ilayt: sothintel m heweidn'dona
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i>>tyt tsoin el hen'na chy. i t he's shongisrucheco lors s ho re wte andue ruecors he'sn a re wte findindng miss n,'s wn fdi /11 ha specialmiigfi 1 ha sforpe alhim. "fo& fr nds" sta rts rrit m. no fofrs"tas ♪ ♪ no ♪ . >>ave: y, everyby, .ood >>e: rnin wh aerre nhtoo inor in whybe the nht i gnreatestn m the life. g claaton: d he is n m idiot,el coli toinsley la: he s re >> d e: tiot wa the idiot tsl d mi takwae ihemadike goo slep in mi i thema gorthonn s and i mn the thrtnn a mhe hoarraj historic ppengs on theasallisric eld on he enolgslen ootballal fie . d o n alin: tol rleki aooreall ie chging. li t>> cytonkidaveill at us upo sed on at. chin an we'l cgetonve youl uspope up s o n at. poti csan'lets isou thepo fpeirst
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g weekend ipotis tiowa f. st a t whendeptewa ay a it' te in the r, pplayeay lullt' t afte tay iowula stlateair perd afnd a i ofst t candid ateser ting aye wh ca ida, mesitt romneyinashe on ye ursd wh andleft. mit ne numyr ofhe ondivnuals howed sdup tre fnd tft fth andum of ivfreelsdowemd t flion f to tk nd abou tee sialilonssue and touk out kno to aariass bnd of noar ang oicalfin io. >>hat'righ there wer e g alx the inioow. and t he>>t'gh have the fresterauecu on th in jaaow t s i ve v ferau o n poant r tjase caanidates toe hed in vhat ate. and oupo t knowt citutdas that tohein t e.ate my d towse ha tndatesre gng t be oe my ofhe trusenn g. >> is innderesti g that aboftihe has bnorced iin teroti tt th abop otithas pnitalce rofis of tse th ndatesthital fars reblins fi b ofse ndats arref iwhat ern ca or di 't f aty,ca flilo oed or di just la fppy,edn h floed or oron ju stae e f in ppen we h anderi t oorontala efy n hi we standnceorhe sia o
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lafyonseativ i ta iowahe o sn ia atursey.iv >>owa ury. w>>illotignny legiatin in any a wowedot ig nnygovemento be invgived tiin n aow. ed ve nt i beuldnvtrdgt a ll f . yoururnt l t ti predvetrgt af bortururn, belve tt t re abortion sulbelely rtn,el t tstat a s legalab aticrs le this courynd at a i ws ldgalork is oudefund ilaedk par enoo d anfud iillake sure ttar appoin jans at wilakuret en forcapeth nss tuon w no tiviuds ndenrce i wldtuon n oal make s e tviha wse dndn't i al any b urucratse s g t d then' w norde talro bts g theif of nthde unborn. cla tingiff un pro-le c stce wts everyononowroe th he stis w-l ery and ricok perry thoee ft-l a rm. nd mrrany going mter m w sitout aua hereying gisngna's r wutinua ngna 's ne. >>t's in ler kinardo n ay i>>s pernay karo-dfe, but iernmtho p sta oyut ofo-hafe, t decisionnm. ho s of tt our fviw you acireon
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t tou o- yfe a y are ha you cake ao- eing ithaou ce a ein too. clayton: 's wthil to mti n 200o.8 at tseyt: wil t cmcuses y thi 2is00 s8o sepoant r thmo s ak cs tthis e ngelal basepo. t tho sak 6f t seis w came oungtel talo se the ucus i 6 200f8se wamoou vt e u inge008 pto f ger nor in kehuck werte erno vang ic . huer %, t' sngic soc. ialtand sonateit h t' tocl ndters. na davit it ll ban t impoant imar rs.issue, ilavlt b it b po at areniserale,ill e ct bn a ssue enal we tnk pbablnot. locnup i a you'r oi ue toave t t plobl ut.p t he oc iocouia cseervates. tlo up t auaocthe mostheig stcat. apaauseein astthis igst thinfromhat ioldro apse peinop a atht the faith a inomtol ro eedo copli aonhe saiaturda ca fewt eengchon sur ey led him ther fe.ewt he' not tchakg pt l him per f th ' n tfiggh pngt afar as thhe g.p. cdidatefihgoing, a fa coasinuio g f.pocus. ote ing,
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couioba.o >> f wuscan hav aramaticall a. b>>ter hristmasn hn a12ramaca i itsr is aasoodb o12ma it hristmas o. u wa a gat chrima is as vo against waam g ch 20 vo thega mosstt impamta econ in thi tcouryost stain econ i toury 1860 s xt are willece 60 ar e whher thee sda srus lici wh ohef csshe sus rf arci css recricsocialarism, aca dg asoalm, bureaucrs ho treat ed us asdg a subjcts the bu thaauho t atcitize as bjwils bheehatiednti ofce l>> y'll hatiedorust mne on ofth ala yl orust mefact or >> wlado >> t ptu thct >clay n: y w hrddo him >> ming tue point ts he ay op yport hityrd fim t rlica mg p nt pay to ecthehe next oprty r ralica lipaolton,heext ra60 the li ol feree h min60 a the re michelbachnn dng winl a iowa b or and scheaselhech d w and se sshe wiots torondhe ddeat predent sarsack wama,ts to ta a st dpeot e rehaventaradek ua,he
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ta eominde tvey haecided that ra ond tma wha't hava eced t send rm. now era o questio wn hilla sebe . h w ueio nwill place baracoba h wiwill it a ll c pdicete bac a o ha a p vell i rec aor of andi f orha u ave a forec what di liev fe ? or is the yea r heeve oc? nser istive canheavehet al >>er hard vetoelanve ts avise t ere. ca you helied th-- ts is>> hd toelie t re ere. pe oplecanhaout iecrthow-- but htoie ttherrewereereoplin t cro pele anhathet yeeutct lly vy er repl tro voca an he onle100eoctple llre ythe.y ye, it hcad bel ve nl0 e when ythoue. isyen tito bel newt en y gingchis to tking aewbot chmas 2012 ng tchhelect tking a ch is s re20 >> there'sotcthatuchtime is re >> reanua's 3dot alad hat ttiheres no muc im eua and alad this iwhyre tnoac mhmannimcamp a e're hea riis ryor ttsac anhins mp morning, trereeart roro moin reoxnews.c tha theacohman amp yeav in sneome .cha he actrouhme inew hps re p av and s now couonfiinrmed t hps sreff a embe havui no u a cndfi it. bed inavreuiy,t aast
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onof tem t'. s re po rtind, wet oasrt to ther on t camp. re they did n'wet oo to o t ca. ac ann heid campt firostndell t them ac than're nquti. mpir theel upndhemqu . the qu tipe. s tyelt hepnd t. acann s ty ampastoingno ian nehampire,heyt pitastng aeto more mpnegnmpe,g. yt d athat of ae tore mpgn chmaat ctam w oasfoi more t in io . ma c the b macann camp nliny h . four ehelo besann c hio wa, urbutloes henntir camign h ge oio , owa. hent she s toe h agetandthe. a. ifoe sn 'te fintoish in ata t the. top twof oroesn inre i it's over. >>p thewore o it's weeer.y rentras,eey t re ernteraiven new heramhiivreend w they w hnd whey quindid g t tse rk uionhewo. g thensidse we an't give youwo . re wek aide havean g to y get to ia w ik ordeoe veocus ge ntoewa iormpshe,oocus we on't ew ne,iowa won w'te monet to
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w hashioe. andonhatpeest t to tohe lin g ndumhats t the the re q uestnsheerse ling or n newampsre we thing end qp gesttinghe pushe bac n iewops w d embe o g whendthgengus ac o d emevad wld ghe pushe up ad w pe,an uuary 4th, the,an ry h o4trth andthow knoheth a ow da fva kda >> de: iwas a nda f ol fashned dst iandosff. a and said halfheol dsheld atstdo. ano tan c sntd alfthe d repuicanatiol co enti, neda sd cntt we're puanio movi fcomti janneua s4th bre'ua h. vi f anllows the4t cen ouah. sy owheen relivo ordey aiowa el th firorn the stiaionowa irtheon naonucus. d s enaugongest itel mtuc. omnedadetug bge i movted up t elier i nada mne hav t bov uhurtpim. ea nerber of c mdidateavs we rt. thating nbe t oofoy ccodittte these th ngad t cauocusfoy tcohe dt
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mov enhat >>fav ttt jua dat ov ha lote u nown>> fav nt jua d mp shirlo but'm u hriwnng f januy 10h f thend i ir utink'mh h crienda sre y nu10 f t muchse >> kh cenware n chse ha ir>> iror calin neda. >>peing ca injobsneda. l>>ot thgs abs theai l ad f edomgs coalitiohe fmhe wodba this fom cotoitdiiong m we alkwobo tnihited s stes ndids tngbe ae to we keatthicraenifd j st he n i tn th a t worl t hi eds ra be e nfbe jrne he iplacth t cwoatrl jos , e bu n putr in per ecacve t as to ho joy, weur prently s ro unn er a sthe rld th binessho y e ntnt to go toroouunri e d b esart sbsho wo re n to eve orin t open t li o of this nww n li. e n numb tr oopneen nhe lili o tisli. mb nonhe zealandli. why? beuse 's t n bri t eand stt a ew y?opany bee tthere, t takes e dst. ao ny>> o day >>thlayte,: if ou wt to sts t a dew. coan oay in rpor>>e yt if wtosinessst aew anne dor. >>sio thsse rkingsreas on t hed ali to ta>>thrng ns si tsswher it'sta eie n
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to s a new bunessss.ert's >>ndieet cc s t so a ewed.uss >> >> rndeta at number t we know hat tndhe atum g ia econy hhaasteen dngel tl in g rentiaea and on tyhink h d ng elna inight sur prisratea a lndfnk pe len htur topis five, t lf cana creainn jobs tt farvet fast erna ratha ce ueanitet fstatar. en y seehat, t'sst a at oble um forte aatll o f yeeout, s leor aasp oing ftrepneurin t s cotry o wt to ssprt ag ep ur t busine andco ky w wt ffict it ss trto gffhe si ndgr kndw et alone su eeicitt g >> aff lot o t nd voterlo l e th f a t lax o ideas. ver 9e business taxth becse t t'seas. so 9usax een siveso tta a bunessnd ihinkhat rpor ee taenis avewher betw an 15and % h erinbu ss th iu.s.nko t oorfta aer tw15 d usin hse a goi g tothchs. thas whyou' heang a inse a oitboto the lower hawh u'ea a reguatio. t bo younow,hen l youerearhe lt oguf thioe wo d' sou rw,ichehestnou he n. l o th ye o enwoead'rhe rhe name b l y gaeahe w namn effl a he ga wl'sn ff rhe wman. but you kn olel gda ma
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y ha be en you knr, byel as and bods thehae rher, b y nn he aplan and bo we dsowhe tt hhe about 100 billian ll te hose h bore t ini al aes en10ts il ofisll wlt thse and thanit aesen the of w ltit ss handharoze 3he bi ion s oha . thoht ro10 billindhe bin sty cong o thior ng ho ildveher week end,stco o t a tngha ver 200ekillid,on is ahat te itti th ere.00 li it'sothas ife it waro ti and th n't 'ss i havt eccro to and d s family hadre heccesto to th ne f silhad doesreeiscc ons. to ife ne edthmonedo es need to ts.ns m onif onered y off dinevi talos, n tns mon the erpeop lvialaloim toheit r heeropoen to >> de: iwoulbe dficurlt to fez all of tse aets d i ulwe dcult fron 3 7 fiezlionll of aat etd a l ot of f ksay ro 3 ati lonibya should p ft or a l w ohaft th uniat ld stibes a s u.n didd f w ere, whi ch s a uund 2st a.nid billdolls. e, uld hime fm sos a ounf 2 that ll llmo y, clrl y. d f so >>e thk th shod go t t the panmclrl >>ththhogo faemilian.m cla on: at'salk ound mone >> dfae: ahirdf th la li: an'ssk lnd under hene pov er d ardth
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in and li lhis m uaner sovck away a m a-- >>nd bureaucran libya e> linurguc lavnishly and lya o er s were livavingnd eror. re uin may he mo >>orave:. h s on as maperedmo by >>hate: we're h sei asapredto. y t wmaybreyou' havre a f n ybu'alavt. fmorabougaddafi, dto or ou e claing hedd dto heynowlahat he killm. henohat ldki rllorrs that thm.eorr libyan l ear d f tha ath er gshotoundo e hby l ar f refu g spefiotndueioens abouthatound o onfue wpeil sns i ou tathend blet me on wrom css fire or t srt ra e atoday, m casssve f o crowdsre ling u ra teo vietow y, m th fr crdsdict lat's ubody. he' lyi onr matctesin ady ge ble'eyi fre oezernn mmisra. te rgeblreernodmiaylibys rntimoday li aders will declare timir d ers w tio d secares atir e dve o'ock st cst me o >>save: a gue it wasn'tve ereo'buk h cis sstonas
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>>e:ue iwa't b een rebu h s asptur b beenrels. >> apt newur ortion aboutren ls eric an>> k ailleewd ortibohark ic an ktaclek, grghark tchomas waneg rit. tmawa 2ears ol rom xa 2olro he asivg ohexa c oa of e g ohe c rtnes iandndattac r by iand gat whitett shandwo by ien were wating g baty ahi s atwond it nere wgoo ad b bout ten ieetlong. d b brutnd n video oeneeft icaglo araew br n veoroupf of ag cupy wewall street pteupers o f tk to s tr for t whe salecondre ti ovnit. toke a str f t slodok. ti >>e ar t pe op . aok >>wee rpeopunit ed rit ♪♪ t i ♪ h♪eiht t ptest i h trtted abt 300 ppl pte an arreste d trorteeab 3han30pl te tan arrte rdefusor toeave30 an park otenc te itos. r eeapoespern frk oncitheos . occu py hipogo merovemen fays
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thatro sts ilcu resume go mem lar toy anwe'l be at ro talkinabouil theesifumreence la thetoccupan'l movemt ttainouhe ifterepancrtye movemen t c heinupup ov intust t. te y anov get y courin h dint hatsnt. beancauseet t y doome gerdn h ssantelle tt beus t werooe tellingn allut t yteay wenterethe tliatmosp here t are is o informa ontevaeilele att ospwhreher an its is i pioreces have cilsh n t he oants earth. pies av anit cld tn e tayso gureeahath.out. an c exrts treect at le as 3retou part of thex satsliteou t fall fm sce thi rt owef enatou alon g tll f0 sile pahith en antse are your eadl eson t 0 paaythn, anse krenoou yrouantdl teso mmt onhastory. k y>> cytontalkg a tboutot es rday ion lookshaikore c onanlkt ai aut esayco lnditksione doe 'tooaikikecoypiticalio oeooik germ ypalgineering, rm nein faignun. >>e wa to ke aook nu the >>wao curnt a mpatures is e n t cmpool atsiesde. s t cl si38 inlela. 42 i leh,orth rona.
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cool ier in torthoutheast ol inouea a those mperuresill graduay bear up, bu tos e er esugho theorni hours,grua bedealithup tbuhet oo lhohe ni ur mperures so altchitut f tl fst. a numper erofes froo aisiesut f fromnterio fti. o fnur heroisies om er rtheast titoeo oia and alama li in la a hed heat outeo and the or ely tals marn g,lin laa h u ocouldecr ing fe st e ff orng,ourarnd t hat'u s d e inmeth fg tosteep mi . o arnd t t'gains, them ra thres toter p warng umiand. w ll make in intthoemheras r ar ud wllake 70' s ntoy.0' yestery.y head wound st er croseathe wes wternoualf of th oshees te unt. alf ex wel abovera for te ottober. yelbo hve temrape frares in o bean s ci andcrosthe h sohwesemwe'rpeloong it soan wciarndoseme ratus. so es ph'rnix,oorizonatoong asotemratu ph x,hizo at oong a. t f asny aiall cross t the untr it'anothequi et fs datoda loss alu er oe ftr tt'ndanhestorui th we'dadaraingar lu this of mornorng aus ngth inte'in losiana hinds ar asrn a a ousfngnt course lo wanll upd you on a of th.
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>> hankurou pdou omana. >>thhe occup y>> walnkl re moments bea.g cparenow > o tocc the teaal ptynd o n mo nt beestc creldow not d agtohee tmoea. o n he says t ret c n arehrmo . m ne t sngs thasepate tre twhr joini m t ung tow top t expin twoini ishere tdeo andxp ceo sfrdoredeworks,ndatteokiby is do ininrkgs bghtnd kieay. i > i hope ingsghndent youeay.ffee. > h lotef ffee here. en>> i yant theaffreehehr otf ffdiffeeen res. bween you it aea hehr t occup y wffalstreet b, buentou a 'd l t otskcc wyost aetrebuhet som l sil titosetween t yo re heeaartynd i mrietgiwe a ea octycu i wl street? "thegi was angtopost actually oc had art wlel nre t? t front he as toste tocty ally d rtn t they fy,nt toquoa a ty liy, discussio uo bothroupsetedlyhareisss ny o theth supamerudlstraons as wl any t ohe clahessic sal amicanruasraon for fix g w a laic th? amanas on areorhereom t fnggsou ave inth com monith ere oomcc tyaloue stinet?om >>itwell ihi oheyre and whe isttaed l ooki>>ngll at wthe reey wereoi i hei wanteedd lo ki w tym th ic w beecauoi i i s w ted
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this a erboth cicro b catalismnd isov ae the fac c thatn t sco uncatryli we'ov t f t onl yat anllowed to coacyul w prest o wnlreos aow ul peprtedes. 's post ofhe arica aditn anwhen y iged in ptoofhe acade il you 'v iteeannen y ig ndenl in ffen i ou thinundein e th r posion, cauhen fst i inde ruth o tea arinsig, iaush fste' ru t i reecul, work with poceo make se t re ourec, w k th ots are p pocefulndo kee sa. o d th alm wrean p tfu l pr oke figh. thlm th w want totart gh pre gh the'seen aotf thtort snc th sere ahey pusfh securitynd nc caus ere druio pus andecur tt' notusowteaar rol aiond nd tea son- >> wanto put that o the s ees on that>> tanhe futst dfe ethatou ce is his at tfe reat cisans to w enrcemt, a disre spret fanauo thority.t, >and a0rrts dret cauhiorgoy. >d yeerda >> y. > w calgo s guy climbingye da up n y t s g m cetmb structure s aupn w hadhat live o mn ohow suc a yeerda w ad at ihaone theivsecoe oho di erenyes?da >>ell,ou se ou ie heco s
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diotenh >>l, publouicndrite p sropert bein deotrod, ptila rlbly te ppeall er t worl d, ainde trod, prl l t woat aoes to a funme fferceoe t bween tea f rtrs a erccceybl en trt. ea th don see aoy rpel ivat ppe y thonhe so a at ot ofy esuctihehatoe a and alshi ohaft t tiha t uermines tir ndcasels. t whe we umis searedn washinon .hewe seembe12th009arnded sn wa plsend thankseu,beth nd reecd th p eoplplsesha spac w preicecdd th ppls ou wnac p trdh, tre we oo res, tr t w noroo windowsndam res, to propty. noro w thido thas tam fdant propty diffens. hi t andhany oerdifferens? it ffomesow t o nd o btomffer li t phesilosopow. o e betoeve indidualli dom,ut fphosre co s anbendie dualndua resp sibi ty a am, fespe co anrialproperty. spbi a 'shat bds the t opty pay momentogetr. whenhak bds o tup wal l str tpa themorent tethis anenr,k oup al the' tr therusrationan witr,h thone' pili tsm, butruratihey'ith n hol diaspinglito,
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coble fnor tololsiasng between ig overnmet a f tsi obamadmistrio tw wl igov nmstre a. t >>yeah haamtdmtr cleioar w vl ion rend >> hatanble lealarlely vio n miing fm t ancce wallely s eet,mi bing i youe t to cc gihem vi ces at,nd b kwe t yoreot gng i tomvi awo at yo th gorning per tse w shou th tynier protesting ou ywhoshome w stet herehoulotd ttihebe? osme w l ot o freul the? peo eay they're l of eoing e the wrongherefos, w sho ul theyg he wngblame? > if y ou'rwehoulth ary at cnyblam > i y're a ry c aitism, you mignyta with jf meclt fm,m y mge. clayt on: they d actuallyf. me >>mere are. laeade: d in tachetuly g >>ree ctioren, mht l aeatn t eomtt ha irgmarehoio bailedut fniend fred ha yoir mig l kba atedhe f nd inedrance compans t yoig kcoll aed wheh theba innccoan t admistraon tnfor ll ed w inhedivial mnda th f ordmira t eryon to uyinhevi healtdah h f indrancprt. eon uy hehereeareltpphtunities in hernce t. tohallenge cny c apit reismre pptuti ani ho theer dhat ndtollge c cit the d oan ihohe rit.
6:20 am
nd claon: ye. >>'ll he d woit ritht.. la: cyton.theytood o>>nlhe wfront of jf conmeeyod lhe yesttda jf >>ave:bout huned l>> cytoni wa to k yo st da is, causit's >>e: utinteuning.ed the ca paontywaas oo en syod over, he pust f's yea t yte g. note apan ity l oe s tmsve ser p f ea th bl an ot i le theyon'tpeak f usnd alblan we'veea heey'tamak us thg al wheroam the th occheupyall stre fo democrats dcc std fous, l 're a re depeent docvotsice. ishe astoifo, tehat's retesend byvohee. tea pty is anoi ot'ysalstetreenbyndea both p aresreyalst tetkingndway th romthem. t ki>> gdquon.wa i h e t rem. them an i do ghink trequ aon. h t inpece andonk emergreg in in meri, a democrametitigonin potics that ri aallow dsemra on invial vpocecsso beha td, a t iav't s n theal vceso d, iav't s prot testsot sio otts sio cricis of theba a incristratn an othehe cny a at anpiteism,he c subnydies a ilou andll othistuff t isem,hod ubbe aesngry ab ou nd mat oisff rng td be a ry ne york p aut
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6:22 am
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6:23 am
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6:24 am
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:30 am
ct put ionnnd sa in p t$2th,000da i kept pu in $650 for myroup$2 a00nde tep restto 50 or thfinae grp amy roup$5e00,0 t00 est o lksha arethnagr h di$5,0it and s herare iis. di en iento theitm wndh a er i . quet,o ma peo e n ieetdohe wh a in gsuet,ndo themayeo nhoulnot b gogswitht bndiche cyomfo ul noems d ias td ill goth b ict p cerfo rk h s sa ias p taperd pork,errerk thesa the perovernment w? k,re t th is ppodo he overent ai-governthments po andtialo stre ide. >> asleyjust o gia yougorn nt ptureanti i'valeeenow nredehe aeyst gitwiou and pre bic'vlye you havown the big gr p,iut thenhely y h ve the sll theceig ince tn grou i c ha rgehef theonec din tceroup t haout canhaitrgioen the ouphat's d o tbvusro iupn chgeitio o thbaro om dav theusitch ien g ainey: ey hbae a,room woulng gup t y ge$150 avhech g. in da: t hhea, k itulen g g tupge50 20 a day ah redaas a guy k out uper w a b ig20uc dt h rend has wasuyt wki t er w b aundt hthe reetsayit w kina aund dotend eoe plet wyier na drpingn 5' 10do'snd 2eol w nd p pldreng5' walki d10ow tre p spltrts ofalew. d >>ave: is ere a sdow sgrtrp?f >>ell,.esk
6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:38 am
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6:39 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
ffec u tntre 7.m. w loc tiec u 7 a ok a.m sho.wers acros the upr dwtit, a a lighohtwe icr os natu a up sromredw ht,ded ig in m tune aolis adcos hde the ur in theortis m of teheisc e ur no heas p hensti oa an t eaern wand d i ono heas p pas ofhe ansoutheast,ea n a look at i frost apadvisof ies insoheas e ect unl aokut 9t a f.mst. ais local t e genuner aut 9 sak ac ss tca t gis,en t out he ac t crers,s a tnd tute t fro offourcrer ae t r. ro>> dav o dffouour s avscpers rea? ohno. rsank au, ria. oh. claon: memb see g an th on e dasu, arier 9/ 11la : mbee thn ionsda ofar a srt 9/ sts an ripe ns o erear dstidanpe e tyll didgo? >> ty're bringinthemack.yll >>f you' a wgoan a >>ou ty' ri in keemo pk. s>>rtyou' wanou a hav ou her t o othanrt >> houeavhe c ra follo tw thyourrea. > h th's yrraift f tloowhe wo urea . ybe it'orthking y iift eepat'nt orstornge, i don't know. buif y giv thapat or i't gi, iow bu y privisehat a day w, illehe
6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:44 am
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6:47 am
am yma cs,'t t tell tou y our psti iong, amma tou yan trttioureaonatesallan it tr bactou dooearatscre. >>o i'lacl youscagai.n, >>o i yag who tnk is bad w t lo s b tcheacher'sbacks, a llhc her' i'm ying. davba goos,stuff. a m we' joined n by avoostf. the inse'rinoigne wdoman who lhat sin wanho squa l hallf fa bkeal cch ua khy ru. llfa alod mning c ch>> gd rnin >> dke: h did tinscho likehat, e' mng g usein d hid inthesho ket, big uremely rich esig relyols r winning nnal hampnshi. wassn th w'70sni how did school l mpehahit in asth0s h idtion tite. ho we' sti l noture.e in ing ck tthat ti meonit e'ti ot nch ol g ship tforat womti inheny s npochndoliporinemkl a catholi coeg t ud c iho the eg crazy
6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:52 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
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7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:24 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:30 am
7:31 am
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7:32 am
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7:33 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:57 am
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7:58 am
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8:00 am
>>goodorni to u, it's nd, tobe 23. >>odni o i't'siney eha filndling, nbe or alisy i' he e ihailhelin ll b ut asy erma ishe onhe hot seat ll b e g.o.p. c datemaakg ithe h ry catar n.o.pha.te isteakroit chaice-tis orpro-life. >>rom ccoe-ncepti n ooro-fe coep abrtioo exction abio excti. >> ainsley lete m this ear., his asleyete mhiso-fe not ro arh hoic no-otliro. his tanc notitngell ic o-witli g. .p. s nc nfongellore rom it . e faithro fum fthea >> ve: dolel f qda e rhestan > : n tholplet? t ricta de, thbupltetep?orts
8:01 am
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8:02 am
my new l for >>yta hatllaroweetn. dav in as n l yoreunhallee avne're goingo sert wun olite's,oi woe'vertee wn t it g.p. wve canda ts g up o mitt g.romney cs c gonnt una wisdmn suggests tt cou ppen o sd stury becugausest st mi r ney en okiedur they fai bec se andreed roaneti dner kiedheaiowa nd some ugndsteded heti d ner sk pe d it bowaua o s his pasugst he ancen abtion , skbupet ndon iet o pgang u o mitt r necey oabnon n ontu and no one mng uon t ne os nanme theyernd nonaekingbout na hereyna ng cabo andt his ptp-flops er ifnou w ca tndo h cltt t onp- orti tha hapne wrlie to thl weet t o >>ninsl: ye, well horetiha h acieallyaid a nthnteeview >> slye llearlier eiseek t if ac ily d nt viu goew ithat tuat iorlr f t ifyou we ap t hergo wasat atf we instha tteras was ppt, or a in wanha weciono ve an ab aortion, t th he me o backnd s d i' not p roanabor on ch, cethhae tmeou be break inckg si'ot p law becau sech i'mopin touo b b ak makeg abortio bleaugal. 'm op a t woan dides maoke b aakrtlega l a i wan hderes boin bs ak wh heaid la ar . i er ughtins ome flak
8:03 am
or wheailathat. . claon: ye erda ahteom lak nnerth la: yeda erttempt to clarify th poon tt >>n thlegiation iaaylafy that allow ton gov ernm>>enth tgii i be iolve i nat ait iou gldovnm rengthen ll ivef o inurnt it laws iou that p revengnten oaburnttion . ws i be teveha p thavet oronabon bee shad belear stednd iegal acss thi ss cdnt arte ieg wod wk aco hisfu planned parent od awo ioukld mefulaed surereha at iou aoieud ges su tt wi enforce te cstitutiogen,o activt twi e nfjudgce, an ti wold lso m c itsureiohan, aiv we iddganwollny m rereat toet inhe way ll ny in ord to pte t o lheeay of heinrdunorn te. of >>laon: well, rnor rickerryot and : we sllkeor ckry shornd time aer herman cain or aer h ma cad you cead etwe y cthe nes whe'sdddweressin whhe thes whe'commts.dd ss is ahiber esinar to co sammts'm p s inall ayibinpro-life, o bu gsaernmt shulst osll ofhat si. o- fe ifbuhat g younmrsh oview
8:04 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:08 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:14 am
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8:15 am
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8:16 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
th mic nchrand ill al k reill h cic me things s bout l herman iccae ahis s abboortion h>> dmae: in sure y'll scs tta iabue ionnew d i hurpshi y, she p ng o t ta i tuet istne. hathi, s is happe oning it h h t caai . look hg fopeard ng theig h ow, eck caur lal ok folistd gshe thanyou, ch s. , k lal >>insl: thk yo the st whgse hoe isendi an u, chllio of dla t a>>slthyohe com nywh choatisgdi j i iof dla t fid an t sayom they'd dgo j itll o ai anayhe do th's omg llup onext. >> ayto pl pnc ethomg xt. > to pl hry's amencri pnces brks hher's ailce a t phenc brks hce a tprince chaing mayotike whatheas tsay. in c m athe ty.
8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
th wld reate thousas omafaingfi jobs, t yocan ldebatreeat e th saethe oor n we ouldbe g gibsng m, eyyon at t gre enhe ne ld engy gi mineystry, but gregard if wenre gng toin st, g e u ga iad o gillion tsof gtaxper u llars, suldn't ilon s ferbe xp sertrippingslls, ulattdnhed? >> ell, yeou wldip thsink, w tt firs t of>> all, d y't think-th lookhe wound atrsrsofl d d't in no fou okhehe govaterrsento a vnotoure citfirm. ov etheyo ouhink is aaoodtre it ideafi o. t, is it heounk consootution to doi ea o is? t, i itbeyo th, these not co on woo oiing out. ? yowe sh, we sol nynota a we wo sag ou bthwa s wolyn a safi has a cny pfiroem hoo aon'tny ay cata p coitalism hoo goon name . citis m andne of gohe primencipals nd ehi he princalsfisker i s go. fier ese as repayogo. t polic cro esese a >>hat oullyo othes p ro su>>sit dies, thereom oes ca isu somees cthonrvivome rns, onca iom fe c far d on't d it fonil co mpies,on'to it forar d 't nyon it
8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:30 am
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8:31 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:43 am
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8:47 am
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8:50 am
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8:56 am
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8:57 am
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8:58 am
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9:00 am
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9:02 am
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9:04 am
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9:06 am
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9:10 am
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9:11 am
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9:12 am
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9:13 am
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9:15 am
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9:16 am
en ough will eavhasll rpek prryer and tt rney d ma oths gh llve sd,s r pyill l ed ry ourmath s gain aft tseroopl lee? l >>urwe i think ineft treop t ki>> westep itowasi losg tkihis epwaoss peac aftehavi wonhe w and thats tric gen t saificwe me. ac 's n te vion wndhopess attr but ge t sa ic mrtai y ar t ing eps n nope at aut not siti aiar tg sbeuse,no th a iraotanstiill etbee,inflnce th ra ser tliris.. >> de: d't qflstioethatt t al ir .. >>t is d d qioatinsput le. al dav>> theis is -- >> alrdy tre. readintherut. alre y thave.hes >>lr t . dav man ad askerg th reth queson, s itortht? avi kanw isk's ath dficu qstio to sesr, b, it wth re k talng a dcu q io abt no h o b w000al amecan livelo stabno 3 o o arlion 00me n llar andve sloest 3 est oates a havon uprds 3 arillind. se wasstes itav inyour oupnions worli t stnur osacronice? or>> t ablute. crlooke?whetr we houlhave goneo r, oab teno in okiraqetweeulve nee ctain- wh ohs no n aqargule, ve t cinwhactse arne abouguwmd,, tut he'
9:17 am
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9:18 am
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9:19 am
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9:20 am
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9:21 am
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9:22 am
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9:23 am
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9:24 am
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
namis rin. m a fe, m a m... andhant word fome. am r. a 's , media tion.. cou tak nd sll skedntorfo. s dionouak s s whle ibuilup imy stem. malannoncer ] wh i alilng w ih su sort,m. antiis pven al helnopeoper qu wsut, ti p n it reduelthopurgequo smmoe.. me oplead chitngesdun bethviorgesm inkg or ood, e leosti ty, itatchn,esbeor depssed ood nkd suoridald, ougtis or, ctioat p whedle td ingsu al af r stugpingorhantio. wh t g youotic any af thestngnt op ting antiand ll ur dtor ght ay. ouicy he tell g ur tictord abo any distor of t pres.on
9:29 am
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9:30 am
9:31 am
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9:32 am
thas grt. claon: mebo iny rent nei borh d do thehagr lause : kebohatn for nteichrirhmas.dohe >> de: c you magi whae t thore feks dfor christmas. >> dlayt c: thouhousgiin ha rivethide,fe drchma >> calytornithbe tus ner ve gete,ngalninto te r et llown spit, l pfect o timeeto owsp, pct micnd theymeseed ligho cut m down eycos. i le th faly hatgh livutow therand m se itco is a lthativ real erd s funts a dad. al>> cytonlikeunrisld kd ofadffhe cchonts. ke kidslove kadsd lik ofat likehey nev gw ch. . id >>velayts: a ikesti foryou, ke ypsev do gu do the >>yta ftiloru, chstma ligho . o >>ave:f cose iheo! fl >> laytch: ormaheittlwhitgh >>e:co icand in e wiow. >> yt>> dore: io asuchtlit as i ndn wiw. d iashn. a wom i le the whitigh but nom lov l clohed hlits >> dghe: i not eadyt fornov clo lits d ch istmaotdyor chmaot en in ichg
9:33 am
th eksgiinng, oplenot en hallhgeen. ing an athe thrkplgie, , le t es i p off dlln. n ic g a guye spl itera py fish lt wh itff d mes theuyffic i sa soluralyfi lwht d, the s heic sa stulu suortshis. >> y khew what? tu i an, suundetstands.hat u y? e sang b y havdone i , prdety wndl fot yourlf an you are t asa b mi yddleavne stprn, y w fo ur ha donan prey welou f e ailest y yourhalf..onand reu ha comel f ur..d haom r. dav noto st i avot st i diualier iyou e a nic y but m ndieoplli i getu aad icand lot f vyut n meplet flks i d ot know v nes nev i cli thel der.ow >> cytoni ha word al orehe evlihecouny, i difrent lr. capa ctiesonand hack ioral orkee at un iif nt dona's f cry g oupaloudesd i yo ketow na fryouud ut t peoehore stks ithe d a say t iilleo t dohis o stth ie or aay whater rlson be tter nddo s th o resrch emtho sport at rn ethater thei salathesesh o srt at eila a high they. >> aave: not da andgh cnell and g unieyrsits su ort >>e:ot da nd d none i c allusin m d fniitsut
9:34 am
no i ain m ing o nice. re'se-mas, g que:. i ose o's sck whmale end thi k yoe s w hat w mylesoutrn isinand thyoore mforble be who mut ind e or ie e am rher an sllg ouor e saf i mor roneyr nd s pollouwe and yo ai ley,sareorey neowe pers andd i dyo't kw ane ai why,thin youre me. n >>hank rsnd dyo kan a m wh cinou sle me ll a nigh>> nk he h theyo a matti cdle >> layt : th 's t a ghesti hhe athe e of tie dawilldou >>ve lyts oftheopl tat yr ti fural,ho l edat and ef dall dmir l of pl yo ybecae yowere g erouful, l ndand ce owill you be tir yo cagyore gou the an d ollguy,oueho t is..'m e gdy, he'sne. >> y canave a.. lot g o mon 's bunoe. yneane w ats tot o on burepution >> de: bng b wines tliket workay puon minte rete das b beske meannd the rk ppl se mtete sociizinfor en ty ar an not he wor and p tha s doe't ma theciinr tarean,t mas th t goor empndyeeshaoe mahen,math gompes >> cytonpaulm illiis, an m getou aad o con worulkm bu whatoeli, roun com m et ar and, entuly.or buatunom ar, tu. you ink it es. it es! guys u kt . t ! ys
9:35 am
s. claon: t usnow wlat yo: uusw ink, wyo k,frnds@xnewcom,nd u gofir accdingo fr ths@ewm, goir ccng th resrch,en aaernunni th womnd tesh, aeinfeldliprn lumites ni thomit t >>nldwhpt? its funn mi s >> bignit complaiwh it dertmenn. >eah,ignd hs omaisayi, i sh i s ta er! deme >>h, hyii i ta! e? at i jus - >> i get ius. >> do u? i etbecae th isotormal o cacompthint.s >> h abo if wasometngma li, i can mp ft.d hboyf aset liianceip mylace fs a dy! ip mycea >> youave bo jok! >> i aoue bcoodian >> ikish was i a ll hatcoan is ce, at i irealhasllts , i al iot aomplnt. rtoostin ! apl.
9:36 am
ooin >>ave:he en ste it fm zig >>e: i eistitre fal t, ts isg ireal tistual, agn, ckedpithesech andalag un ersied of hendcali rniaunsansif dioliianid di atudy a ha men and men itehe cptiondynd en p aemedha ben m and womd n e c iornsuthe pmeeds b m cndtionasm in f t sunni tn the meslaes. c on claon: t fshniki t.he weere yingthin abola. la: a thsh fam swee nginbo a thammean mostn, jeany mst jeyseinld... >> wen a funy to you st din't se.. wit a funy en wretoou allogetr t t is d en wsere itfuy. dav the wokesou tdllet tis w rliefelllat.fu >> i m av ahegoodes t d iellt. i ake-todle >> de: ge-tle a d g amp. >>eopl wou lugh at mmp >>jokepl ou >>have:ere'whatou..t m lik wit ke >>wedde:gse'at w.. ta ed aikut giting totstdd wedd wgs ta a gnd tgoen aretfunn dd we are lik tcing,re pourinnnut
9:37 am
re r ik arts >> dce: tg, froomichinan ss, alianay ts rob d troch s al willms, ve a pbablob mand, ve wil ll, a mak p youbl b ndve ila bo of takelouo wiper brs aw. bo >>flayt: an tir aw >>ytanchles: nreunnr thawon, wchs: hangutorend usenhawo w lif nge scseariofor talys orif t xt lel of scior aclyevemsts. twes,r to, i tnk ielf allac em . pend can we i t s i lucllleba ll ndn i suc a grt onball >> de: o we l beeve gronin d oe eellees laris. carlebuett. e'sri hiarriou >>layt: onof obut. p duce s mentnedoan ivehi.ou >ave:ytoan on o pce nt dnhiveriou >e:n se-depcati. >>layt : thcrudhumo hi though. seepti crud>>hum ytrethudmothou th. tha i like nud them ouha i kehe side nven,of t men e leus kw wh youhink >> de: w ntn, els is ten le k goiwhounkon d>> t w narly s30ear-d cd oi ca of mis ng t n womly i mae30r- mi ct so be ca solf disno thaoma her rmermioyfrsond he oldided.
9:38 am
list tha thi r er fr hory.di . aftefrans ju anst pasdwayhi earlry. thi tean uash,y his fil rl founhihuma ins iisis f il oragunit unma freer. se bo beieve agitee tbe bo tbetvef thwoma who t dappes in t th ma 19ho, anheepord he dpein ssinat t tim an clai19d thanad aorheight and he d ppediner t oim atan aaith a motht nd bere sent ded mi ossint an emoonalotay f be fam syt andmiin an frnds,fmoal famnd dan eldo wfrs, tend hisuner ian do . wpete burg ndisflorera, h i dd lasteekterg heoriy csh a d the stekason ndin c andy care race inoninas vega hyar wdowac ske o hevega h lat ww hu sbanhehugh at leer rd athuanervih andh sale " r a acad andwill vind foet t ngssa as aime gsca b nd thllwayouell, he sfond t ofsse gyoursvoic theouchbf yr thyl, s nd."f toy at ur 400 picm.hech yster ." toat 4 p inder carssoldi and pblic merialn rsndiapolitodi p ic cebrathis li. meal >> de:iali wha aceats ligu d
9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:42 am
n'ey midsicmer? m he chaeethree timn dsr? a week >> cytonhalastinutideato ee heim y out, a arts cek c on st puutthemeaogetr a thhe las y t, anutewe'l sho c y wt pu em et th ae aras >>nd a ctelter'l isho her y and w tied othar at the>> a c reperlicas anerthinnd theneedo s opti othe whing anliveepoca heranninheed c snop and s'll herin livan wheve we ce baer. c d sl erivhe cba feme anunce] soyou ink ur ks ar getng eugh getaes? emance sou k ye kh, marbe n . et e h tav8 ?fusi jui giv the a fl seing vegable ye m n siuiivhe fseg egle pl a fl seing fru. butplt ju f tasses lig fruru. tju as v8li wharus yo numr? v8hayoum
9:43 am
9:44 am
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9:45 am
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9:46 am
>> wilot s n nyti >> legiilatiothat iany y allohe gioveiomentato be iy invoed iit. wouloenttrenohen aef o vo i. ou cuent wsenn ahat orent aboron. cubelit e tht or. lith orti shod be carly sted and iegal tiho be c ly acss ts suntrdnd ial >> de: can ac ttr d an caiai cai keepis mome um? ai joing kpusme ann? incoulr,ox ws ctribor a bnntselle oful cib a b"demelic."le >>ofood moing. >> de: ican em."confing, >> d follingmo herg.n d in ca, 99entnfg, ll frg simere to 9 aca frl99 t mplefor c tainfrimto opptuni9 a zo fs anrl staen a rtioler cin wapp inithin atzoantast aio waled. i inarletrautmmerai o d. frid , th he leuter wgi it o whent cos to idlicthe wh wgito you ensaco to ic i tnke's wh jtang somyoesa ts rook jommiakes ok whicis why thi ymies neeo ic run meon whohyhi hel ylecd ee ficefore n onho
9:47 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
we conder at ere tiunsksiras,e, see weonr nsid unra sedesible. id but, ink. ian, sie.ove fo hermt, cnk.oe i , epriden form c thinth... dav vicpresent,ould pr itene mi inrothey-c.n. thaavis mic estht,ght.ld i th kitmi that iro-c haanta mict. th idea >> dhae: dyou iinkheres ata realtic ea d du kresossility of althc? >>eah, .sity fmean he' th very >>h, ane'e hary exacy wh romyha acwhomlas, wch isma-uapal drect w peal isma-uarisap dct persalit thal onef e...issne othe rsmplaitts y hea th abone.. oe la yeabo rney ten h ry een asti lik ha manquinti ikd, he' sot in thdebasanin aan doee' hnman thba cainonne witpeop a an oe ba to hn 9,inne iitop wanld be bao i w b in diti to t nx, ut youtio have tovyow tax o x,ou vex-fr axatesand, ubsifrzinghe hi tax esd, stasikealifniasing
9:50 am
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9:51 am
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9:54 am
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9:55 am
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9:56 am
es a, g lue lhe tn top andooy a gue theopnd e d is st.. >> pe clners nd t cla arcute >>nds .. pclrs i t is la sy!arte >luet on >> ws i sy!his c>>etcake. ts ison w ieat.s c gracis o. c ts ca.t. look at eac oaraere c a casay y t eeryo oott e ahome y t lo at e cu eyotcake >> ihome lo it cu madith tkeay s i o iadh tay o feltnd c witscalps a cuout e ne andou c pu itver d lt t csital a cut nend c putr ts i consucti, jurdbod. i looatthis ns ti>> ajubo mad oo a is a...adosee for cher on. top. >> we'se' srtrk ar ern weromi we'to putp. y e' on s tk a asell,th nkwemie'ut y nsa th, me "f & fasendsl,in wth tinnk sa m "f fds win sigh] birdhirp] gh birdquaw ] rdrp ♪ rd♪aw birdcreeing ♪ ♪rdeeg elevor bl
9:57 am
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9:58 am
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9:59 am
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