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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 23, 2011 10:00am-12:00pm EDT

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ti raaying dts a u li rdogs rag a ye >>nd wdogs wl --ye >> w "ter e sh" sh, loon theeb wte--or t "r est sh theshlo hestum , we l t alk tt heboutt umwe t lk the,nd the papollut a th e paiheer as aplwell >> cyton aand cup ca . davai tha as fofillg inll c onfor d isynp see u ne ca we end, olksav hafollin r yne ne wed,ks caioni by, clos caponinserves, c. caniy, osapinrv, >> jie: od mning gnifant y. liby j: mng oiciay d lari sift its by beraon oiay drists tay aer 4yea ra of in-cl rule. t a 4 ea ere is a eremy icl g.ting unde ay ie i aenghioem fomall gng end dean i gh8-onthar tfoll d tope 8- th mumar ddaf tand isreato hav yop mur af d satav y he, i'mjam colb >>ric:'m ec sehe wi'lcomeam to arica nslb >>c: e sehe wquaromrs prep aatioca set nhe sge for thehear creio o epioet sor newere constuti andew elensionstind
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folling ddafs deh an davipip ile strnsming llg afdean viive ip om tpoli i wh is ing rigtr nowng e tli whs g igow >>eporr: we as yousaid the ce mony>> ior boutowesousaake eeny iut ple, tnnouee lya i pl t comptelyou l i traform and mp ly ange a the gadfi rgime ra rm isndvernd t ge who a pla ishead r menow islirrate t of cors bhonlas diy is wignicantlace flitef co rs th b diisrevotionnintt wace f cead th ere febary7t h,voon waand, cea e eb y soh,gadhi's fors ered, pushg t ards tha dhsorty, bace mar sh tdsanha tir tksy,ac ar wean on t top td byren et w who on op haby desenoyedhe cooy.etho haesed co. d, soha remo will obab rem ber, perps t moil 30 00 p pleabemr, estad kiered t inhe 30 peighngstaki herandn heringherdr ,000 back tyou. 00ac >> tric:u.ot of >>c:ontrersy abouqaddi's fbody itrsy a oudds store cent i t ice abo or e
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c ntsicay inhe t sppg all? repter:es cain thas t, spp l?its epr: sillha t re a seopll a qu teingo ew apl t a dy qung td, we uerstdhat gahafi fami ask the b u gistnt ega fi bo an c miskheury itin bbo then cyt trsitial c bncilhe trti cilaid the st thiey pn tod he bur ithi p t secrly sourt no crh snecan n crted. >> ec: wll sy ont, thron houthe pgram cr td.nk e w yo s onvi ro ut li pa pramareso s t up n yovi inrim go rnmeli, wiprines sp mont and theinm go mewie, thgh nt rioundconcns aut the poticath turil tha cld ounc a t co on e ro toemoccy pocaurha cld con roooc and adertherhope i wl ppend ithierther nexpe two i yes, wt is w nex a canenhitex wo ha en? ye w iswe'rjoin byexmbas adoranohn ha? 'riny boon, asrmerrhn aassaro th itedatio and foxews bontri, tor ero jos us averysa thsund, abt th me. edio ndgoodoxornis rir ry goo mornndg,abth. lad to odnie ss.
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hereoorn >> ec: h do ey blddo a reable e ho b a coury w n th e ha le nevebeen docra the ou wth ha fore ve en>> iwille diicul day drashe a re feiv ill diuly, b ye but the rd wk bgins torro anthe ut e w bns trotnc tane nc t gernae bo e re gls sna up bo dived and th havqui dieren ag das red s tp reiv and th unavconcuiedien sports of ags d t amma aqaddi inhe cntry it w a c ilunnc srtwaof the ma lddt 6in cry w c 8wa he lnth 6 s i d't tnk w shou undestite tth s diicules, des tcial w oubecae the arendti t se fro mdiul, outseseal the cathar scounrotry, l ets inhe and al qaa,uny, lishin iin tr bleddaterandl qain it ll h etred ertod reinight he pri ityor e amicanorei poly sohe ri y cado wt wecan, wch i amaneiol notso unlit to ryca wwen, w ind t aotro lito ster rege i tpor >> e c: wert ifhereeg isn a i prwestpon rime e wifret thend sn athe y anyou e ir is prst r efishg, h couthd e anu irshat vade sh hthe oumocry ere? >> tre a aott ode peoe ecr
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preped te?holdlect ns u ter a thrincle o o oeopeerso one ep tldct u nc o o pe sote, nee , ti. an theti anhe fraiousss aong t rebe, anraus aon t tirwn accbesano n ppli y twn cou havcc host itie brea out gainli yndouav once rio statieea tt nkins onplaubleo i ansnarc tea inibya ikeaue innrc som tiaoday inya ean obvuslye hop i dsn omppenutayt is bv llyg ropd i dsn fr wheen w ares now, t l r lebrion frhelirea, o aw, t brn nctiliing,tabl re aesentivegovementand body houl havetinyg,bl reenve illionsvent dabouth . >>dyric:ultve seeellns havbeen outherbefo wthh ira>>qc: aee wh whatappeavdener er fo wrath. a whow w p ventat thpe frod ppeng a tal athut t w p nt dithsionro look at en aalmisu at t wa dionootsu wa tn tha pient aeacef thacti, be tuse they kpiled dhafand nt ion t pow aceth ti bee kstrud ure.afd >> t rea in th t madow t ogre themade
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twereeamerithn foades t ere, re he de ovidisg thneceary re abilrey rifoan even tte,was a id th ce y ry ilan lgve t ands ctl sg or e u litedstes. nd w, w c he pleut o f ued. w h p oiraq and,e'llee wt haens thinhe nt ye bcae o aqpresent obd,a's ll whas deciinon nye bca i thin o liesa,t mobhs ller ci co itry, inbutli pererps equ lycoy, colex utpoticay, i tnkr the equ traitio lco nx atiopolca coun tl ha toet eom tngsraio iorigh rig w. un hatheyaveo go tgs ensur ogherig d st iliteyin te counry g e urd th'veot tostit tunrovi bot the theolical envoonme and vieot whewith to e g t oilalnvmend fi ds p pingndhethoxpor gng t ain theil hav a fi png srce or n heav se renue,persall iould n ru to ecti andt ree,rsllld n ruo tis mo nd imrtanto pparehe oundrk a allo pmoitil im an p pareies dev op nd fndee a mea toprgl ptil uppas evll f the me toile providg stilitfor forenhenvesrs t have idstit r coiden to me bk rees tav a getcoen o b thk o flds going. >> e ac: aet theth o fs is g.
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co erove ay abt seetarof he ate llarsintoseactn cohen vee waabtoldseboutar this e ar e toscbsctames eren wallldg.utis we n't bs he anme confmatie, were tlling geit. e t han nftiwe tg ge. od, meanabsotely , ansoly >> (indibl >> wca, weaw, d heied. inbl wcawe, hed. >>ric:hey e lghin aut th >>and c:e's y king lis tint a apoprie? thd s ng t apri >> sectarylinthanns her iner uliuecaryarnt ann rhat i r thiwayheiu fel a the a w we allt felnd hiyuggeelou ake thelip w andputllelget in a t fetypeposnd boxt f autein se etar of styte wosayox nd f a someutdy te c sear s t wm n a me titt c tslacat se oin >> aric:mbasdor hn botott than you,aclway sgoodoeein >>c:as r you, boto eve anu,ayodsunday tha u,you. >> jveie: 'll ay o top o suthe ayvelong sry a c ing ha iu. a j: fewl oop on ese lo shri a cg walle, t a aewchorfn foxews ri ndayill joi ll t eri andorive ox wis a preayewloifriisnde int viewwi
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th srereta of ate lla clton,nclung herntew r ctio sta f e la liby scln,luiberion erday. rio byern y. >> ec: a "fonewslert for yo the has bee a m esive a fo ws rtrthqorke ts mo ing yoatheas eetorehrouaste mve tury. hq tthismoarthg akead a reoute prelinar murnitu isthe of elar mtu.2f and,ollaed alea d,builngs dla aearkes mn ismogy cter ils eimat theke m que cod ha kil d be een mo c r0 eathend thsand qucopeopha.ilben th e ar0 rerts,ighh ndnoop pourthg inarf aeasts,gh 5 peoeno o he so arur beeinn a takensto the eospit and, he'llso bngee enu moo inrmatn, o e it td,s ll b un ldin g mosastinat ohis t rnin as com intunour in wsrost. s ins omntr ro jam: weaveeen t dete a hav sn the a am tween t de aearlavstra s pol bheith ahe t g.o.resintia racerl nowraol bhn o. fusiiaceow fu sng manyee ioref onte ofa cract ane
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caidat disng otefah cct an iticms olinend othe caat is o ump da ic t oklinne oe ery p ntrorsia to tcsin hers ter yocy tel s rohatia t to caidater a r y tel syingboutt t caat a rticar ticky ise sngutan per, goo morn g toicyou, tkysan aboron. pe lasoonighrnat tto iowu, fai and eedoordi. ner, asgh towai d dodir,ermacain feltike need toxplama in ain lt ie proifeee ato thela we que ionsn boutheth i he ppordbortrons aee aheid wemiliue shonsdutth bee ab to or d rt aooseo ha bort n whlihohee lovebonetos a sehartwh ictiveof ree or instti r andorovnor iney wand nd toe tr foi andaidanhere i noto toindoubtn whe hetandhope d re iss of orti. btwhhendpe ssf ti >>ould not sn any legi>>atiothatld- wheot s any gigoveiomentatwh fnded aboio nd ive nt lievited suld clearlybo istat ev s ad illallrl acro t at a untr ll >> hav a taron t a wave ngtr >>stanavina dense a of ve fean and dsignseheffend prenata protgntion
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t. repter:nd nt girichre was taotheot speoner trend go one the b gestep lr:ghs ngich of s hee evpeing td heaid xt goe he year baroust the lslida ts f ev tig , chhestmad ill arouheda t tichmal be dramical betr,stes th amod-baletbachthstma >>amie let me -b abak youbout chma >>ieete stfingjohnund ll ayooin uut an inew hashir stnghnd n u mhell bach nn lant a nw hairstafrs. at i m shellayin willch l ha pen for r iaf. ihe iniollwa hn >> rr orte herampan i i sang, at tyio arewaasicly ring te cameroutpa i n sa, treic wa, g dam t ll taucus thas tir, d inte ion td th morng scu hawoul't gso t far te as n thoray s e's l in ul i garowa t ss sa wha s inhe tnks,he p iple ere nt fm a ndida e. s saha ts, pe e f a >>idanunti hern io >> peop wanto btier sur ourio nonee opan bur1% urpr-lif noe 0% stdingor mriagbetwn a pr if maand 0% man stngan mag certwinlya mad don'wanto sean anerlyteo rin's, nt se ke klid eikhohamdteri releed fmuantamo y. k d thkh is amnnegiabl le fnto
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ths egbl >>heongrswom in e late unirsitof iowpo >> gr om th camoutn n teniitidayowpoas 4% thamt pporin t sta benday 4%rry, ewt or tngritapaule romn and cay, teadet ithripa 37 andha i mnnndca tdeh io. 37 nddnio ew hpshi, weearn goveor jn sunu wil dors hmitthi wemnern torro ve j su en mt roey files h ca idacrspapett upneth in t m ro f hrt ca ac bapep to jam t: per octayirt on bao t fous, ve fm d. thanamyou pe mucocyi fo, fd. anu uc and,espi herncain's centurge ithe d,pills,omer ireces sntmblege iere ps,mpng estices ov hiseadiss sleor pmp the whiti ovisdie. so, n the cn ehi rain mak i , he c up? thein polticaakills i ahe. ? or wl i r e outol ofcalse john e. wund, i rut sefor eto forhn d,e eor ""e amicanpector"" mazine >> gd mo ing.""am an>> jctie: ""s it lk th was nefi al omane getrimontalg.or j: it lthas herm fi oca? rial >> iwas o stsba rm i meanca fu imbls , onst i anfublon
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gntano an wheer onot wou leas terrist as pt g oan the angotiheion od tt ou aborason, erstloos p peoe oan e tin m te or, oeo mistes, t he i mrodung hielf newots ery wek st, he i duand 's vympreive nhiomef ewot e w reect, but,d v wheyorersene who miret not,know h t,weheho minoow h hea abouthe stbles,eahey y soue rea f stprimime,s,e hay sy enor us aeaets t hhas foim e,get has a or as geth. h s >>amiehe'sot a prof siont apolicianthne >>ie's athinmanyoterand ofonritilian ale ha saimayun i inisny erd fatir, wt alha daiyouy ithin hisfa w fan a d vuery foivinin you owisan hernimselfill a vy fo iny,lo i on'tu nowllernlf of l e aners, don kno the lo i'twf anleads,onhonoeis..fee wh adis w hias pside i'lbe fly iefeand ve tmartt oplerounme. hi p de th'l is fne febut,d be tnd rtat lehe iun. s thlings n foreignt,e licys s, i wch snvolng notorgn ju cyowlee, wt,olotheth or ju t helethr hectuay unrstas ho ameran feignolic intectsith her untrs arnd t worua untahod, er f gnicagai te s h r ink trat ar tor h agai sakg s
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yl k caies m a h lg way, sak syl sincity,ll o cas ly, ncy, o that b a succsful catpai bnclus a more hancc ul caiat >> jluie: w p ticurerno vors j: incdinghe os pecu eds,he iue o vonc png-lifan is h oas lip- oppe ops,he i o ise? p if sayhe i hap-pe t. is >>ay thi i he s eough backounds >>hie egh actist h can ckvercnde a- tietor hal smbleannd madrc a a goodtab dngha ast or s le nit ad iowa od b thin dowat is ni vywaimrtan in causit ia esngelal vots v laeartimndan caucus votuss, i e el d thot areftenhe a most au cosittevote, ant ty are th re ryen proifendos the pbl cotetean therm cairehasn roeiohe, in pbl a rm ai s caus tuion,ou rllyio in ed vunte as and paid staca n, to ph t ry vrnote.nd causai i tatakes l p t o lon r us i atimeso ve i laucuandyou ve t sonnd the me v icudholeu t seveheng and thinhat hatole get a e d int ha bigg sff thaet a iow oill be bggin shaow o thel 8ball be>> jie: b wasinn th parheng 8
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t of mal andll did jt ha: as th opleith m,araing thi gs ofalnd ouidha a mole ah ghigs ou o-manand atmo a oand rtain tim i thecaaign at daiseimhe docagn abo that d he'sired newcampgno manabor, aleas i didn'waat 'sandedewmp wha na aas do yon' thi h tck d cords,ha sveyohi hgr tbs rd ink? s >>tevegrgrbbsk? s>>ve a competegrbb aofesonaland omows terman ca is upi h g e nd esal wd s an ca sly he twmont lef uof tpi h g wa ccuse and e's o b hildtwntef t csends bd infrtrucre fm thgrou up >> jie: n he fruc fthou youp estatio j : >>heell it quir mon and yo strmanio cai >>l rsedt ir on lliond by epte eran 30aith rdertin dat io d i n't ow h hisbyoneyte 30 doi ne andinat suect, he' i t h iskingeyn mor mooiy, a n hnd wantto rt,e' ngormo adebtre camp gn bnt he rs toavebthere mp bbasie to infstrueure me foard,e' si obvuslynfru gone m furtr th anye wod ha fo d,expeed athisbvointlyon bu the nt stertp,thhenywo chaitic pe a stis, tont buhe nte aualic cllenng stto aal
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cromen my d pe ney md pey is by pee. jam: y pes banksgreato s yoamways >> ec: aay o libatio iksea s yo ysliby e le as lo o li.ibio i the owds10 00 by le aloli moree nowds10 rming i be ahazi lia's re ow condarge inci ity. the bervzie er andlis ndgewa oci. t e rv belsndnd tctiowa o agast t ls t mumar ddafio gacan u imgine ea mu thir af n isimne a nat nhat s neaer hhi isatt n h decrac nevehadreend deair ac ve deleceons. ver ew wtr t meanto ecs. r real be free. wan an now ale . ty say theyre witanow th e tdicasaon of hee ghafiit regi, th ecaf gfi are githlebring. oughll treontrersyverbrg. the y ga afi gh t kilngent do atr esyxpecr to h ee gafi eltionupcoilng a hopt to do a e ec ve t a hoverentin pelloncoe a op wioin 20 amoerths,t the p wi aonal20mos,he trantional anon cncilayshey wi ce por t cilsy whoevers
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wi cpo demo taticly ected onhohis ernday in lia,e're llowmog itic eedve. ons ayn >>amieliincriblere liv owpictites, d wel b. goi >> ie cr leck aiv for to ow yha ct, we b goioi on inib nd we' aoro yalsoearng ne detas abo oinn an iredie ste'y, t re wso arnne d ta ark tackboff idisthe t w cstf k ck auraliand amecaniver was lled c ande'llell aulid mener yous ed ndwho ll wasltheye no discsed s idenficaon.ou an wo t haseyno frids actscllyd s enca. wi esse w h theare riill archctg foythe ark. wisehee l chfoe k. >> ec: ean afgnist pridenhamikarz, ise ubbi us? waitntilou hanr hifgst lprateenmi rzise bi s? mmen , weitave ilme h hi nderg, jt th l.te enwee er jth so w orredhe ceal thacan lp ler oletero nd w or red w tr yumed cer cl?lan lyummr le[ roman lor chestel. woredtumermm [ n [ mlo 2 ]chummyte m ]i gmy th wro di't malannocer wantreat stend wle gin os gthrodit
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jam: weome ck eryby, w now know tamwee yb wentiow of e no t32ear-d eric div ktiled f hark32r- icattaiv offhe cst kd of rk tastraffa. lice cayeorf thomas ra wa wrig die whilcedrivg onorhas sardayhe wepordly wa igliviie in ile ciiv oon pern sa ay w a rkoryvia, avin ci hisr fends a to polevia, the a spotte theis fds shartowhilolpullg thr he inpred teiendrom hee war. arilllth ind ndm wa >> the cherdinion centera maad cinn er ma suraced fm aured f ding tr, d, the dg pim o t tr he at p and oecoved h t fro t
10:20 am
bo anduffed fm and ftalov hro tsharattack. bondfe fmy uerstding isl theill ar atace ckit outtherroba y u stngshe unrwayrighnowl ie thut ervicity obawherthe ttac unay gh owcurr, an i ci oereac if e shrrk isan stilin t vicity,hey ll try d cah it f >> jshie: isy is tilre ticy,y y mancant it r th shar j : is beuse tt ishehirdanatal thar bee isshar attrdkalff of straara's uthwttt cot inecenweekf ras hwcoinenek rvinpresentbmamaki mar washen h inest aounc u.s.roopkiwill mawan h beut of aqnc s. theopndll othe ye.ef e sec taryhef st oate,eilla ye clton s ju ec erylaing thste, decion wlah chs wa ace,cln n ju fonewsunda einth ci wchwae, fowsda chs, thie shouldut int thechpprohiiatehod hioric conxt. nterote fit ofllredent ohimaicon. sa tha cba trfipsof wount o lee ir by e en of tsaha ctrou ye b be releir hy een t er sd ye be hathe e s bh minirati al comttedo bithdwing l trps bthe d ofni ttis al omedo yearhdng tr be youofave t biptisan ar commmentooue witrawipsa cba mm
10:21 am
nt trps a thawasitiewew a c tr ahas wepropate,ivenhe delopmt ofhe i qi op e,curienrce depmof t, w i alw s adrice car we were wpen tolw disssioith e e reniroaqis ifheyisio wted me h nd o cont uingresee.isfy >> ec: a jo wing d ontngse e aog now, i the chorf fonewsndaw, od mning ris. i gooe mooring,fowsdaer . m >>ngric:he oomog, thdr the tops s cere >> unc:r dioritism f the publdran chedidas fo t s c pruniden thoh mti. fcltonhe sa it sbl cdafo part apren howhatms th n sat dense? >> rtwell atthheense ofdee? hewell oba adnisttions rely e eof points,he fst tt e de obadstonre ins,as f t the fa tha iwas prident geoe w.ush cknheaha is preneo w. 20h w notiad t stus oforce agr ment20 w nia t siths the ofce gr irntis, at a tops wld bhhe out 201 d,ir, a ts w bsohe f tt 1 thatas s argue fread at sovergn on docragu iea aq, ey dided tert thi is what dheyra ntedan , doued thiknows atat iy the reasoed thaan ow
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10:23 am
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10:24 am
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10:25 am
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10:26 am
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10:30 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:50 am
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10:51 am
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10:52 am
10:53 am
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10:54 am
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10:55 am
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10:56 am
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10:58 am
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11:00 am
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11:01 am
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11:02 am
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11:03 am
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11:04 am
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11:05 am
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11:06 am
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11:07 am
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11:08 am
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11:09 am
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11:10 am
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11:11 am
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11:12 am
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11:13 am
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11:14 am
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11:15 am
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11:16 am
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11:17 am
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11:23 am
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11:34 am
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11:35 am
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11:36 am
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11:37 am
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11:38 am
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11:41 am
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11:42 am
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11:43 am
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11:44 am
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11:45 am
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11:46 am
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11:50 am
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11:51 am
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11:52 am
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11:53 am
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11:54 am
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11:55 am
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11:56 am
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11:57 am
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11:58 am
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11:59 am
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