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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 23, 2011 12:00pm-2:00pm EDT

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make m t pay ggerke b ke ta m may er shaon b bam. ta ha e ne b.tart nw. firsto lya. ne thrt n ansional go rnmers l. th si al dearino aftme an ght montivilarthat todeledinftn t dhaf ntyo ailat loong a livtod afctur aooof a theivelbtion ar ur theinhebveronadowy arth callin forn iestitionerowy llor ition to t cirmstaes of dhafs de h? tirta repfter:assi afceledeatio nown theepr:si ster citleofioow bghazaftehe th oicia erit nounmenty btheaz heateof t th oia tion unnt eansieaon t cncilhathe on whe of thount si s no cil t be whofthibered.nt he no cled be fénit erd. cconcdiati a ferightit nths f a ncloodticivi a warht hsf whicmayave codimedvi tar live o perps icy 3000ve ced peop t. ere' beenve oerceleatio her 30 in the op. e'encapil trilileioer peaps here medpiri becse pe jas l di msk at treeec no jadi lebrk ory t gnfir beus o
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sa itas br injying g ciriliae and wasf co sesat a wasnj og cia aas al o ni g.dhafs bdy rains al thcity gaf of b rns mi ata, fte thhe tysofaptud andmihena,teied thudaytudndend thers be a lfhuy contvers ovewhat has er behapp led. f bu thegove mentntrsvehasatasaid eywere lannppg. buhetovents idcret re nn gryim. gaafi'fami haset rged t bobe gai'ivemioverasto th.ed t tto themome itveer rains th tha cldheme srmt r fnsilit i ha c miata s fitwith i pple miath s plle cugtoseet. as she rstf cucounyeis as r lebring une end ohis ru. brg nd o shaison: ank uavid ru r thupda. ha: k natoid th mayda e i mitar to inlvemt in laybya. e i mar th inem raninng mber l a.e hoe foign a airsthan m r mmite sa t hofo.s. n ars mmitd to elpi itsa t t. lian p ple keitto spspi to trd demracy. li pe si t snk y tofor ur emmecy
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day. si t y >>r than rhavi y.e. >>an >> svinnon aato ofcial begi to s winondown a wttofal ouldo he thegio pelein mown w forwd? >>ldheirsthepe i tink wmo ould rw reize at t sst is tkrea w ld vict yree . tss ea e ct. na-led ope tion stapeded a hmaniperianon castroe. it gte tdibya na hni anoplecaro a g tya chan to poseletyraical dictanor.o se and manraal w oered ct. t dan dehs o w hdredof oed erics in t e pan de o a hed03 icin pa and a geaniscoeque d rrortge attks.coue we hav or tottstay egage ow.av havoa nber ofay egew.ask av hav nerfhingwe he tbesk concned out. avng h th t eak dn io ncd t. tbal th k d i rilrie tl veng yñxriie mtivaon not tking ng ldñx mva reottablhmen tng of eecti ecreombl end irastofctureor li ea.ti ec istur an li coern abtisla
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stanon stroholdablan aew vernrontld but ato m the rn ture t los much bet mr th ihe re didlo ch etmuamthr gaafi. i id wha tshe am sgauatii. meanor l ders ha in tria d sti wh an d lsrsn theituaon a me foreade n h sia d dheua me men?orde well s n?the ory ll of at haenedn liae ysf a b rue ce.sens tt we lped aill cnsagait twe dhaf wa a edllsseiaai -- af ild wa a agait gdhafse w an esntia-- d comnent bngin ai g afonhe iernaonal wn cmuni esia omsharntg th bburdin wh co itriena whoal c hni dirt ar inthrestrdin ts. w co ie theho hxte weir can inst t repcate thhe nd ote ae pressan in epria,te th o thi thers syrnn pea,le wl ha a muchi bheter ancefyr shing thper wha ownuc br cestinandh getgngth rid wn asd. ind i wett toid as aut asnoth deve pmen this week.toas th aresithnt's veenisnnouk.emen thatll o othr trps wl outfsi's iaqoueny t atnd o othe otr w ar. t do iou tnk t t o irae f ces .
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w enf cemedo t t milary raere e rey f tos ma ge nfme thr o coury?ily how e uldreoyou elma ab t ath oou? w d nmilu ary esen sbaia ilcuriy en s cntraors orthe ayinon? ri >> w clrasrhe fit of a in? lt's w put aiof a pspecve. ls gege bh t notaracobam pec. ge botacam sied astat o for as reemt whe weommied si a at reme orr trsps the emwhwe mi enof em 201 tr he esidt ob a raen onhat01 ise an r affi ed tidtobra posionon it isbruaan rfi t si o i!m hhua 200 thot osurpse. we00do thaventerrpts. in we ntinngveecuryeriniesnd in ainiur funyionsith ees aqis we ani goiun to nsveh signisican dloma c aoio presce. reoing gnan to dmaeed es. se rity rcesngorobly predateety ntraesorsobtopre ra pstect r plom picct msion d om o mon diomat anaide worrs oo arelp gdiatn todeor the oces ar oflp reildioraq. he
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but es wt is dse di q. t w guar tees dthats hemerin oopsre he by ar tesatri lida. anpsthat hbyraq w t s t da anat primq y reonsility fo rs shing tts own imre desiiny.tyfo shg wn veimpoant hredey. theare mber o vepoissut h tattheiraq er govementsutill t ha'tome teaqsith. ve nteylltilha don have e h.defee misterr il ierioonav mister feeymiertillon'tave an iiooil mi ervenue s ringaw.ll'teanl th sti hav 'tnu word sng. out thobleti oav korkuk. bievenuthe ctextof le kk. iraq bve cxt aq pimaryespoible fots serity a parestypole th anfoomeseto gtyps a wthst alin th whme the gdiffult w litil is es. in whe >> sffnnont tiisongr.sman bean th sk yoon f yougr anme.e thyo fou . shaon: pr idenhaal: ndide hean cn tri t clrr uenp h id pitioe c onri t
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clabor uons h h lood pforion ppor fro cserv iveor hoo chriianrvote. orro hi crveival areot rinte hial gireng him ss. >>eporr: iiowai ortiim is . a ge>>or issuewaith the ti coervave b e. causa of cfusiue ahut he whher cotva b us csie's a wh pror ife prchoiermascainroe used lrtoiightmaininne i ed lt s moeshto mane i cle he doot mo sportboronmalehe ev .do >>hey srtgotor itigh evhen >>yt theyitgh sa ended ben eyand bheir clear. no cgres ea nosi. endod cesy tir creador t.ea wi ctainmrqnae righwi. cinmna at gh ong ese areife fr conction no ag ortiesreer no nc onceptons. a tiapplse ]o pt. pl ] repter:ain' comnts ffert th his ommeepsr:n' onoms n la wee erthherise meaidn n lacesteendapeer icti shodid
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beble to hoo stpeto gtiho abtion beeto peooy an ganatium abon sepeitan a aatm ip-fp a theree ttin a h h rd-f a forhe. >>int is h a horibe l>>is kind to saybein itopersallyro-le yut govementhoulstay iut rsly that-l disio veif tnttulayt s at dourio vw, y are t t proife.ur u v yre are roe. rore havg yo cak and eatg it o. >> yav canyoak datbe proitife an say pe yle hane achoi todoroe whatner tyy wt. pe haoio >> rorte caiatstil tthe w ader owa cordgo rte aai il ell. er asa 3rd. . rry. ntor 3 y. or bamann h 4%. ba nn e hld chs llace sh thin mkes h t acdeal shndide iin m s wa. t heralin id iowa peole .nt t makeerure ouranomie iseo t 10 kere prurlifemiis 10 staing10or m riagprfe tweea ma anwoma 10tag >>epor mr: lags of ac on eema in
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i est? elie aiver y sile peon othe steie inhater lai deteould pe oet doint a laeld tterhanresint oma.o a if ri ernperrsii o. wld b tingor h. if iofourserr w beel e's ng h alifd as i drs t othsl sthetag ifas d >> s tnnonthdo youeg aee mi rom sy thon anyf tou go a cndides wou miom dothnyf t go beer j tha cid pridenouobam o we wan t h r frbe jha yo prenam wean t hfryo we'l reasome ofour respses ter the 'lea smeow.ofr >> sps r brhekingews ouof s. turk. >> eountrngrattsd byu rk maive ent 7.2ttartbyuaket mae llapd 4.25rtke buding eapize 4 mbul cengeresti tes ee -- mcetis t 50 pplehave t p eportly bn tanto tve hospal rt bta that ssptuatn channg btheat mite. sat an bemi. we'lkeepou udate 'lep ute >9-9- mes jbs jo
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9-me jobs j th's w theore tackg this çbs th w richeperrhopi cko pk upis omen mic wrrh wt hepi c pls a up freren w fl wtehe c pla a fhaner cainl nextlateveorbeheanismo ingull who xtvebedvismo per's ll cho gain iser c in i he a hd. ye, i og nuil bui'm ild ubbeup. [ hale a noun.r ] trutyeis, i quil noesnl bu m un-sd ff yber no.. ally [ e un] ut, il sn [ ma ann-sncer y no alkaeltzly pluliqu gel ghts our marstnn er ld s ptomkatzluqu el lus relves ur sffy se. tsr t som deebrea ]s els sy . tha you that theold eeuth!eaaou athed h! [ le aounc ] crberrjuic wakup! ♪ ♪ [ anc crrricak! at'sood rnin ggietyle 'sd in ie lehmmm malennouer ] for lf t calies mm leou ] r plu tveggal nuts tion coud'vehad v8. ugguton ouve i d uldn. do at. get rrie no, woul't u tha sile mes cdit rd. i dno .t ie , ul uha si m ct . ne ri. nockt of nignrie hi wi theapit
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one veckure ofrd y ear..gnhiwi dohele mites neve evee pur [ shon ] 3ds sodoeal mrry. ]3d'm rsoht hl e lay.y. ifou'rnot rnin dole mes.. r hla if 'rt ou'rinsett ng do mr ha... reay? 'rtt ha pla tie wha aree eain pp scol? malennouer ] la iet thvente ca hare psc at?apitone.m leou ] th ntandcaarn ubleiles aton itery e.rcha eve day ndn le whes's iyouralle wn gony hasavethatay uhuh..wh iurle won saat uh..
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> shk spted ofthe cotf wtern aust lia shspd ofthe hee o twoco wrn ftalst a ark ee atta oswo eaier is mth. fl k authitie seartaingea forthe m. 10 fo th lonieargfoe gat wte 10liev to fove kied aon amican g w a pos bly evo i a austlian aman swmer. aosy crt s st baanwinr. hop of cr stchi theharka bopfad to hiherk rehem b fr itto uld atact re rem fit - demov thematt i fe witit -ouldovemttrt i mo shfeks.itld >tr mohthis. tueay go esidtialisopefueickgo pey will idal rolouthe secefd pak o his onompellol platec pa ois itill ocusom ola tax tha willbe fla eritlusnd oaireax thha lllaermacainre-9-9 pan. thma in eve rbess abig-9 p. suorteof t fla e esaxag id anhas ru sute tor esidtla
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hielf idhat ea. ansru dir 't widk fo him hif t . sdi why wfo ll iimworkorr. pry? shy i grrkt toee yoda pll u?why tre i m icgrto i ya uisy t i i mea tt i yothin vote willikehiear? i t >>yo think yoaw in teilke reacr?on t >>th wyoatw n hern ca act o t the en wi w ter ca le x pe le o lhee e twi ide tof t imppecityf le t thide t horric t codmpty hiat deaweig the rr teconody. inkeaig wheat onerr wll k wil b w excing.rrç w gene us xemilions bforxcg. alts çdhildn. ne emmakenstr wthwhe to in asts ld amer a agken. wwhton mpliing e ta de erag weri thecorpate ax lig ta te whavehe eco ri hehight inrp thee delope worl wve 'll cow he on ofgh tinhe be.epe isrl n-wi l h aon t beroun s. wi a >> it sndsunositeto fks whoate i s thesax codit ov fall. thideaas o beteheodvl. flted foretheae caidatld ven'rebeen suessf. cay diat youhinkhe amen'can enoplere rdy ts suimesf. diounk oundmen le r t maeheymee leaed me ab t th nd ia and gre
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maey aceastom m ab ith indre why-nd acom i gro acctometo y it? roccme tax ? co is t morn ano thes ecomyemaioran --s mo ecyai mo-troumo and the ecomy reinstall. astmoound heearco res ll,000 chges.t and peoear n't 00mprendhs. it deo r dohey ant tis t ngre anyit l t a yrmeade lhiperhich is what ri a derrypch wils pride ich atihy i y eilorsirehim h is gng t i be winng esimssue ople is g thung yo s iue leng witorain yo splan ien wh thitalesax pt.nan wrry thesot he thees sal p x wch i th k if y gng t hhe maal thelan f w ith apifalin g t onef th mahennine in e f planas apin neth%nen feral an a natial ses fal ta >> t t the prar ti di seren betwn thtaerrynd t cthnpr planien >>tw thth'sry auge c dferee an th ae ge younto dre prlems geou ofopr ms reessiy.
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ef avege ses x in ts re cositr i ve s in-- 8 t co i 8% addg9% is harddsell isarll.. i thk per wil d wll wi iwhen he th erveilil i w wi iesdaen >>fe rember corilctly i your daerceage >>f pot yohademrorly for yo flaur tcee prpoosalyod foyola t wprsal 17%. ishat wine thhathe pey %. ampaisn wit e ?at thehave pe anoer numpar inwi nd thehe havve anotherumbe iumin mindbut is a heav ve a lerbe nu ier nd st esmptis re aults l and nu ds h eher tian wt i ats prndosed has go hr fe wures i in the. pred i m tion aso thefeesin corrateh tx. i mon nohetaxeonorte sial tsecu tyxe paymts a oth s plitiv ingscu i ym a peothleare ing p beiv excigsd aut i eoe g eas a ci a i ge ienti for sangs ich his tax i ctieor
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crsahes.s h its as axpita cob cre orcrs. it ich is ta wh rem bking pe y h foispresentneh of rsons bng e d foes at goof rord rns tas i tnk ts topito= >> h t do u r pond t top =9ñ crits w say ho thiu rnd is itregr wsiveay hihere ais minum grve rencom levefo thein at t wou kick iom >>veyes,hethat why touou ha ck i ose nero>>s, eatmptishy so u haa to ke e roealum of eti moneobefo the hao takickin.alf ne lofor he inme ppleta arckot. goo pore lo in pear ddle ncomgopeop are pnot ingreto p mond ey leomopreret ggoinç p mod savhuge inmoun o mone th taxav fougeatioun eimat ne by thax 25ou, weioreoingo e bat by sp 2dingweng 4 b bilon dlars spng comelayi witthis 4 cilde drs meyi it 0 blionis com cmpansand bon 200 bilon fm in cviduans. yodutometng likthe 0il f perrnydu lanyo in etace atike is rrann e sevelis hured bilons vel savis ofthatudhat'ils
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ge! viof >> we' wt'tc r th ! ll-oe' tueay. w rth eveorbe ways -oue go.o e yo t nk ebe ysou tnko yu. yo t lo tsian y govnorjind > easioonanovecor ternd wi si un% ofhe ve.coer i th secdclost unof v cmpetor th wa aec demosratiand cet scolteher th wa a 1em.tid scter we 1eard e- [ inteigib ]rd [ teib
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[ me anunce ] r ftidis liaria emilskinr, eac day ms fuanedce f di li thoiaugh epar ionil in r evts tcome acy fu hoh ar n wel someevere tong mee wa emilwentightn ling elmee g wa ilnthtli b youee, th t hel heraymo jas finciaadvir, bou, tel er mo ae h plaed fiia fvi eve eveuali. whh met sh cont ued h lato h e thmeanfto lvee whmeshntd hthan lon evn athe re olage of 1. evat role 1 fe wl plned. w pl wt a ymonjame advir cado f you wa onme vica fou
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[ malennocer onceyouast nefibe one0 c[ orile...oer ceut i swe honne tasbene cri. .. i we% daony vaase ofiber. ..nd calies da var sofvinger. ..d al s .you y wa s to ngll aew fends .u wao a fds ♪ ♪ or l othe ♪ ♪ r oe ♪♪ i' go t myowl. feme anunce] n fibi' oneo 0 camyriesl. ye youan auall loveem an ceeakf t.nibnecaes yeou allve kf ♪ ♪
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> afr deces of af diatorip iis lecberaon daf for lya. dior i l rater daoocyortandg l by.ith at a rurcy othndbyhtop ory. a >>eporthr: aeright p y.nthsfwar l yans>>or aht dlare hsr their f leedons t dayre ei fdo t fense sectary panta respnsdingo thecry whithousans desiono pl al spng uth. trpsoutof itusdeon p raqal utrbyt year e.q panea sa aq ar e has deveped eecti ne rce a de witthe angeasndthe ved eti u.s.e ç wi alws ve adeite fogeee inthat are s.wilw a 130fo atantiall reetre 30demotrats we aesteintil et chico eayhis m ningmoatwe aterterefu ng ticeaisobeyolic mng ders o r movfu teyic a rspokeanovays arsts wike not op tmys frorottingrsi t trootng -yeaold wo fan favote > oeandwoan suivor vo oll-arssuor
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nowanu toinasl-s indna no nugoveoor aand ve aeari.ri a a. bertian a. rt thne ar ttop sries thnow ari t wnder ifoingp to sesear irt w werhefngo caaignr t tra likencagnurvir?ra repter:ill at he inkevi dian >> he' sepr: al en lirtarn, t an h e' be he was li weaar a h sirt hea ea st -- we'll kpverye uated-- th'lks p ker.ry ued >>whatppea to th p. unni abt >>ateaaceo nib hidce rzaisays h wld seith h aikistys if h thacouny w eve sreh gointo warith the stf u..haunve his gotoaremarh day afer h u sharsycritarizedayf thcouny h an toud s rsitlliaede wi ththeun u.san ou so se th statent iawi e.s ertu toso sthakisnatwhost helpe coduse tuo brg is stilittoos afg nistlpco.e r stit >> l'sfg hast an inve.igatn. i ll
12:27 pm
>>upp lt than ve atunit nat ns iiestition pp and i thllysupp titathe ition d y trsitial nppiona cocil'owncallorn trti nna indendeninve igatcon.l'nll >> tnt waecraryf deenvetatat clinnon f twa necr yndayf this atrnin t kingin a fne ay possle iesti tionisnto in e deh of tibyang aeade ssmuam irtiadhaon.o deofya toy i÷de sa dwn amha witchris toi÷ waace sa tal d abo thitri inteiew dore. wae albo chrih sera tew delopnts e. e foriigseffai dops rem th week had oou a anceai to tek whth ek d crety clton.a ceo t w ablute fir ab t etcln. ir and ab t abritteisir ttb th predent irndsab pllinit viou ty aot of eoplthrentre ppy pine's ou af ppllingllroop y out,'spartular frothe rit pngop cricism 'st,ullgrtar rothemeut rithe penrigon sms calng fll em e15,0 trosen n xt f ehiteouse ,0rountil y a cpletese tieks o was tkinghree cle fi s houswadtrairs a t angee secuty frce fiusagaidtai a sectianiole ecu fe ai terf encectnley ran ing en uprfce with zen g
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enit seetare inton smtl sseidar th s togotied bm sgeor w. shth 2008 ts ti b so reigor. gvernnt 00 t ty de tir d isio oig we grnent the t to mpo r t dio th. we yout heardto fm mypo thnvertion ith ou d lisey ahamhe f remyblic eronh setor liy ameficoutcaronae ser thkst is triblutro miste. ase sthid i onthat tbl culd co ackst as tohaun s uonat cd >>e cokhougtoun is u wn' the >>only mitepby iug w adhenisttionhen cmes lymip to f ieignaffas? ad st >>ono, hn came cs floadgn foreafa on ir >> hme ira thador disioto onir llut ofra afgthnist and dio e com n oint o hmadefgsstnd thathe doest thomkhatnt an hofdes tse atakeesth fateignn licy tnse. th allke ke fgn piticsens cy e. thhe sdll ithinthe reig picns poli noteing un o s ofine the ite iguse,t is bei liotng n ou o f oma e e e,is rlectnei oumpai oheadarte ccago rct >>yoont ued urai convsatiadte c wgoh the ving >> rnthed gop nvtiomition. wth >> vgrigh miellepachmn, wmion i agh toh sp.
12:29 pm
milehm w in i ne aftetosp she d welin th w hashirte detehe s was d at elheop w hth romy. hairde s s t rsterryam w inom now 'vee tryin w tise of rmanain e is i t sinseef digi. anenn is i ia,in e hao gieith win or ini i a ry ha stro secod in i athinr sheni willa rn ou monroecin and i su ort.he e ma ll rou song se onnd an sut. ha maan aanta toy sg becsean cainahad atato baeceek. inin fppedd on he iuebak.f fchoied on i aboion. thoi iow o publanbon. ters e thow bl ve rs scial conrvat e that gog oveurt m the. salon at heelso sug stedato iant thinteiew loing at heotheuged i priser tewwap log raelat thae he wou isconserp swaelingha on ou s.ostans for a twagon proner rror ts taany or a t th prer ory in gutana bay .th the estigu younaave,ay kw pele s thedon' likee tioue, profsion polibia k pe she'mn' not reke ofonoliarofeiona policianould avt ade ose wofeaffena
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12:31 pm
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12:33 pm
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12:34 pm
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12:35 pm
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12:36 pm
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12:37 pm
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12:38 pm
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12:42 pm
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12:43 pm
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12:45 pm
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12:49 pm
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12:50 pm
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12:51 pm
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12:52 pm
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12:53 pm
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12:54 pm
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12:55 pm
12:56 pm
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12:57 pm
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12:58 pm
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12:59 pm
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1:00 pm
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1:01 pm
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1:02 pm
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1:03 pm
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1:04 pm
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1:05 pm
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1:06 pm
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1:07 pm
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1:08 pm
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1:09 pm
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1:10 pm
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1:11 pm
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1:12 pm
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1:13 pm
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1:14 pm
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1:15 pm
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1:16 pm
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1:17 pm
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1:18 pm
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1:19 pm
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1:22 pm
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1:23 pm
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1:24 pm
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1:25 pm
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1:26 pm
1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:30 pm
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1:31 pm
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1:32 pm
r shinon pt. at ia le. u se me n tinv. p i is nleot le o h, yse g t ere ala ck guy in not l oy tv. ite thelacksuyn dad.v. fo him tit wheld have sbe adther.are no bck pfoeoplm e w ild he be rn o t erre tv. bck p ple ainl notalki ov. ol ic tki i d't g told bause ol icm bla d gol d >> hopaue notut tha t s he >> op inkohaoushe rea ze khrou me as yrat r tthreople ill e yo as aaslack yidf t t yoeoareal d the l yo a ckidreet whyo youeave oveomehe thin, wh y have toet wh ouovere me ive oeer to ch ieinvewh y ave es imakeou er i totrchgeie i th k fo ikey gergeion i sthfo like youy kioheres mmom i ke y thk evehery bckom i used th k save y havom te tceseds go y inrd hereo tce getsalf sgonrderoets r. >>ight >>o go to e yo
1:33 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:35 pm
se an d w teanennd i r andawromendca bck llow tanethe w mtechinndg r a nd totherit w wor all ow thein toe paer and wll oorfll t aie thatpa ind hllad of aie endatur i. h >>hat youee fm yo anglndou re >>t ou f 7yo8? gl >>ou8, yes. >>8. 7 theay, u'reoo ng >> y. grea an >> . he>> t, t isreecauoo ingeep ea selfhysilly t.nd tisauee mently a ke a lfsiy nt a andoral stndig. thiguy or anial eckve o big pa nystnd jusigot ut hi y ni ckof a oancyar. ig pa nyat d jyou ink the a cyys?. i t dughtu ork he ? ththo f joy becau i memb theream that foyec we ad . mbheam t ha when sai ofhesee ds mady litten fairfhees m children tt fill not cldumiateild. n th dayasiv umiate >> y kno youave een thay ivce bause wante o y no ouav etrodn e th t bseano om e od who odth ew ding andeovho dr. ng nd i now tt hge a loveyou you
1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
st t to ov e ands. kin s kegagrio d w ab t osttfe ttnd mouain o ab spaifr cest a m civil rigs aimoveme tha proesduce as tiv r s one veopmee anhadroece issom e opant ofdhat e it eral lyoft ital peonifatioof movement, o pele, ifdinaio peoe doovgen extrrdiny thgs a for u s , na aseoeopldoe, a s b lacktr pinplthhe aor u as pl vedur a liv bes. i ju would'b m wit hout duriv. him. juou d yobcoul't bitmyutou uldnm. be you . youl b >>ell,ouor i has dn alw baysou. >>en tl,t main lher ng i h thsymb of lwe cayils rig ht s tma l r i mo me andthe imbs tf cne ig fact oft. mo nd an iwhat ts bneng taughn ctft. scol y t annk mattin sther bng au nng ithe vil ghts c y t mn er i e mol mentts it ionlyntil r ecen tlmoynthat i ly il ieaze i an reny intri i ze piec iof ibut ere n s muchntore aroun him . ec i t e youuys ver ho che aun h l iv ous ero l egregaon. >> ias dfere coury to y th it s baeg tn dga. i it ds rerely bouausef t
1:38 pm
to th cit l ribats t mn emd and it re b se betuse thehingtha ki ng ciri hand don be rece nizehehatng ba iki donng't haonink is ossie t ul eczet b i on dera it . he sk s si t n elra peat ce p rize e s wier. n el ea bi per en than eowfu wi. expe encebie a es tlackn fu amicanhavead w impe.ce a sck hes a g ift, aamanleveing t w teim wo rld.he a g t,>> iid aooglleseainhn . ki befwoe i d i agl ea hre a an i erkitiefngi d an thing ier ti the wikhiiaose pe ia he isheon mostpeia is on osrecotizab amecan bind co ablincmen.n b in somdimes wento nc pressi al yng omeslaen prsi y leadela anevebody prais him aea they don r lianzevedyra wistim a a eyon rli angetgentow radicalhow he w ea ng tgeontow ricw the weang t o consencef al people inhe he na of d weill equ cons ce aland eove oinorniti es na f buweto sl nd uqufor a iv e d ti hilifeores i hebuhi ss ur a iv blood,t t ch eshi mfeyor h iea.hehis so g s, bl ad,cie y touchs m h. ttin down h ge, cing witcih y
1:39 pm
inthewnldan andinitakhg he eanndg tr. >> tnks r ritrnging s, ts ri dinadg >> i lov you s, th dks. iov y th >>.hann: outhan to e wiiams famy >> nn outhano pie wasut tog etwir imsny counctn wi the oger ie aasoget i n a(sues p gr .coctwiheer >> aa constitio l c a(sises . uptst a ori da >>a e clestaryl c s scho . ts a nexri a fr an b ealand ho deba on pye r ex fan btd t he s chooban p ye flpole t [ ale noun tr ] sntgory a abi il hgins fl le d a reehat re m t [ are e d mauncal ] uit,go abi hns a et m ich ovide ma fol thet,r evry fancl ned. h id fohe ev[ fhundnc rumneing [ hund cra[ ing ndumg andhenin o bli ing[ linknd ra g anye den olingnk an theitreead gen i las bueiith eeeir gymon ijameas finaldvis buh r onme thn hadalrepaisd foevenhe uhinkle. thadpa foen unk. ♪ ♪ andhey nced e wt a ymonjame ad isordan dy for edu. wa onme ador dr ♪♪♪
1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:44 pm
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1:45 pm
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1:46 pm
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1:47 pm
thin n' in don'thinit ian e in n'innece iary n unnatalhing. mostf thfamies an most ce y u nn of sdentng w.ould are ci estthm s os towintheyre b ng pra ye sdntld are ci fo thin is eyrict b allnge ara foing. thnoths g tocte a llndra ae oro be ang. bsthcltoe oa raoranway t n a troclle o csianwa ge ncro si not ythi lik tha >> wld y hava prblem if t hi a ikslimharoup o j is h gr wou ypavprem i f ornyth g roa wimtedu o jisgrou ornyth g havd thee kinds o pyers av he>> tt wod ds th is at makes ari gr t. twobee. ths hat m nesot fin e thgr m >> shat on: u udheor f pred ator ha : to u lotf pehele tt is rongord. ed exorain tootpe tis ngd. why ould yexunou el t nd tose tha wy ld partularord. t >> cdldreare mingseo t chooas tse g wn t rs cree ng anooflocand ey awn enuraggteaersnd an oc d aincils tcome are enag pyingnd very ccilear tlyme dreotlly d pyi th is vio lyry dfor t chearot ll dnefiof t hi re ths o wh telsehere ty gog t fi tschore whe n t hewhyse tego c thuhes ho l ovehern the tye c chunihes and thi s o he nist can smonizeni andhis
1:48 pm
nra y a msthan a ss hmoeze a les at hichurra andh a h pvaly. hi uron cndy sewksvenut vatherly is on sc ol c gunveut is i ierpppr ites.n i ink shod be ippprte i k ho be obvus we cat ha str oge alts nding aro und tcahehachtrls a ing ha vendr tghe lroikdas t ch ildrg areve t l arriving. this as chdr relreigusurpo and aiv was romod nd is advertiseeldur po a the p ri ipasmohodndaid, aer se qued tt th firs t ame ndheme p ho appls on t qu tthrsmehris an anpldon thatshrisheanand nt ithe siat t firshenthe amedme rs ame t priipalinceaid s qutiomeo els >> h twasri palmocengd heig queols hsheig oted ed ideahat rhtnly est f ea t htchriians y wh messtge d fs th sendo ri ns icis whes dthendo wi shisarts a tir achilen a thatir il a t
1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:57 pm
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