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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 23, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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oday you exte fox natsundake'ee ouxt nda >> jn: a wepid in erica? j a ste month i did i du tiria? cumt. st mth i beevetrot. um not onbe lveikestt.rot our sto otromes tacrs ourto sroo f fro rlity i wrsa h to sofro rwatcli i >> jn: ian see w uni tcdidn't lik m jy s iw. sni i ctizehis hdn uiknion m sw.or zehi h u on presngor pr the texng t. > h doouno if theyre. lrninanyin d o>> kw t wy linny >wrnook at hem theye.oo a>>t w m have t tenure?ye >> heteachers unisavre tur >
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adac arst usre me bui n' ce t od n s tngs are cng me ne some id nsan tngs asap unin n om ctrolsidsan excitinghings ares u hpeni cng.ol givus axc worist soolng a nywhrehni ameca a. w ll iv aorst wh tperfrmme t wherllchoo in ve yrs >> jnrf rchoo thin y jn scefu tl ucars ck explain how heoes that ar ck ew dlaohoou ea heoe a scessthlat scol? dou ea sss sc? > rading is work btt' s>in ocki iorkweme >> jn: thats ur kihow fo tonit. jn: tturw ni appuse pe jn:ur p ublic ch ools rugg thenswers pli givcech ls tm ormo the wewersonivea lute educatiy. meca. eachas malu a f eraccationf wt la.ersnd b ke fac
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onwe n weet toet laske m porit s net trig.s nd t schls t ppl don'tig kw america tch ha s tppl sch'tl a fridi ha ari tal now s sls m f mdior tn oer aountries sowpends m m y t nato erweou gri? snd weet more bldin and o m?re et more inndsttncips btudent lening no provent.ip btu nt tst s releng a nove.ust ts few place d buck t tnd ew le themecan p india tharternd sc olsl i t oakland cif inia.haer sc lsthe i educalad atifnisk. ds heost ecad eoor t qlit free govenment unch e but mre chter s veoolsen arechutigst publc s singlsschrels cifornia. bl sgchl cora. en cviste bo cd cr l cikes f. dste is ncr ereeneeu he cread t m azteines i asnd nn h ereenhe asri ttea a book mazboes a n h edution ltts aoo wkarfare. du nsidls t w figfahto f arica
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idigo schls. ari s steour b ooch w america s nds is bran wmecaarin itndsrahe unn, but i cin'telve that beheusehe unni bons ion'tel wanhat beye changnieons or wreny y achehars. i t onkrouny wim out he.n yt ouresch f wimutnour es fook. > i tnkou wteeed aook. rand b targankitw tteacheers. the are 3 n b mgaillionit tubchs. sch lth tarcherin theoury. m liit'she onl chl ter tworlaryhe we 's o on'take porerrmcehent w a ount 't asakou pntave gotten i ant as thonly w fixeot i tt. >> thohnln: wixnly workplacehe we >oh n: d't te pnlyrformae wkpcen de pma accnt, anning th bter teherets notng. c thenly, ang thi te irs hoswot long. he yyoue been bathig. iho w th is lwhatheenur eoue systenat ibo. ths at >> jn:heenow d yys cng that ?i .>> y hav t jenn:d chehat yav union. > john: canhe yo bdhe uunions. >oh d cn'thinkyo b t bent.
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ni>hey re iff a brd. dnk t b y f b. matterow you mter ted. > i dot y wto bre as ted. efen ofdo tony union aotract en thxi today uyou onve ttakeheoniacon thconactxi and t teaay iup and d u tkeni new one. ont atherareeaot isupnd a lot of w achee. tt ca .ere ere e lond a l ts of heeachsca whoe lo a a emb arrachsssed byho ridilousmbraoitns b the uni tak. ose die thuso teaheer uhat u haak to e theat each ha >>ohn: whado ou think abo ea wt he ss? >>oh w >> sdnd s l tiknke a he wo wantwhe s to >> snegondate th l telan.ewo andon't knoow toyo can go e netia witn.hhese p eon'pl can ne iiaitse pever i mheev memrs hhe i mcusg o. theyate . >> joh in: meani ng s eysche ls >> j>> iohon't no mni anihart mbe rh ha i't sponi mhabeerr they d't nthaser to beblehey t cete. t bble or emple iou c a ie.n oakld,youre a e cmprt i a s iool theyon't woa tou you b ae
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fde the same. soo ey 't are f tundeodoue fhee.6,00 r fded7, es6, th sayt'okay7, hey re onlyoncern ed wthit sh themokseayes. ey h e ny intyest inon krnid w. tem bee hn n antuesin k fevernd hety honave naso reeecnd uof sfwier anhe intyer hest nd nter ks . >> s don't.isree with aor d > o d i't except forisreeth f astd ontee. eep fo rat iayin, ther a uon lears, e is iin tha unern leader in tam erin u florieada, is un whea ict tlly ari reforr. >> jn: wll're gog toave union r leader j wgotoe io latr. lder there y go y wouldn' l w t t ohe g is disqualifd wld becse h w tncoe i daldhe ec henihe > b ini would w tay you b c't eorce w youldr u won r yes. you caid eorou uhat r. ou raidha r w wgardn shodunth schoogadndistct.
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who i sch ifsthect w.nd i s tayor ifs tuborna >>s but stopngna >> beaers froopmng ing ird. >> woun' ge rea terrom l itud gto d wha she w ts>>ou her i ts the poly. lud we de gog tohaavehe he i t ol acun bili.we go >>toohn:ene polic f accoacntabitliir t>>eachn:erol if tyre co noabt doingir g tooch ty jnooi g >> d't knowhenion h lkin d't aut.nion rdi ifinh was aut. chge r w yo pfublihch wool syste at isi re tiyoary ptoli oo eys t isiretiye.lynt eres t iert i procting teachs.ntestt o uon iosroseins tchheyere up o inront.osses hav nhe iererte in kidsinnt kid don't p davns.t i k thse guysi d d do prefer th g theila erhe d p ufenionr guyla you k w why uon i knoher g stand with y tes guywh kr s w t theuy guys ty li to uhe hedont ca about they tu kid.
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>>onhacat ibos ce toearut t k. facts ha c i'tsel ieve tea'mrut cts csitt'tgelve'm h dending tt tg uon. denng only your u ly y sow. fri y. he unionsho re f irilementede t e uxaonctlys t nd ilent rorms wre t ely talking rms abou t ki thoot after a ouery b rith eari aer tyre you bnoo ri myrene. and nouonooea a n d 'sea just likeomodonust fonewsf th wen perikeing.od on i ge yo fows hthd time aittl bit. er meg. s we gyo suldn havd yme atl t. on this showe bau sseul youdn aav so on tpolhiicallyho iwncor bct.auouso we d idol lyor. tngs t would did make myghbo a tundou neyo keyoughbo qutity ne sayquti s tt. > good f y. y 'll g be f rare. bd.
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y >lin bheeare rarys arod >n er y wld b yo have yot whis bs enormous yovehinoous succss. >> i honith tm. cc he w be i ronar m.i gotix we kirs gttding.c. das ittding.c thengin eeridang i heepamentix ofyin kri ty a rent in gierin theixy ofrey yrar bds and ihey aerreinhey verrey essfar, antheydsar g aoinghe a be ccesul. erou e sf, aniey jusng aye es. theeay i jee it. jn: touraurpo i ni sing i hat oerou wt. i >> tel h het e igog >> t t hthringtuff l ike that wnringtuffehe at n hrs someone s somhi netive. rsu sho suleohaveard hat my omineve s phoncipul svead n gh m schoo jn: shopweipd saraer thegh s ion sayhoiner t whodn have n say the snddizeddn t havng i he dsn't me sndurdiarnid. ng u ha aifferent opini .d't e i turhinknif you d ohawayifrepi.ith
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tinou do staydiz testing do a wit sctaoringz tng donooall itsc in gasketbalnooal ke talck. tck >> i went. toolge on a > tenckt olholgeship o i'm a olip st in isjective.esng. threon st tsctiv uon oe't t want to u eonltd hdoe't accot ble.ntto eltd woun't you lovto he cote. j here heou isn' n youov h aouabit jy rehesabit heyike tests ty lovet. y tesy ey love to tome tscol nd yhow whaohey lrn. kidshon tha nhtf thehe . askeall game thedsyt wi nht shohew ke alallfhe hardhe wykhawit willhow be is layeald.lhe that iarsd whk mhat ksove ye. t tiatng wov t ti>>ng carter soo i visit ed> cter mpressivjob, v kit wer xcitbo l rnreing.ivb, ou a wrgue in y b ooit t l rneag.hersre gng o burn aueut. y baskeoosome
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haerrs gorn. teacher ke omabouit. er >oure gngo tch bouur. > off g?o >> that bot an optn.ff ? haur h tand inheieotitnh t kid ha ur h whed you ie thresuhesie witeh t ide geing,t's rd te heu thsu s fid o by ge it.g,s t >> ie fi cda bt. s t i i can s sthey t are nthusi iastican i on'tnow ho w loney ag thewill hu besi.tic >> l'tovnohow tonse thellbeteachers i >> l w inrvieacnghe i theyou dot in f tie to fourears dtut ulma ly wfhen ey get t forea be ulouma age w on r g my ageou arege or my ge swin your cellphoneouhire u arreir sw y clp d ar4/7 at he you have ks a atnd sta do h t yor fiveeos a eight sears toriveo e ht th you h te th realistic y abtt. >> jen:'r rlic ab nott. b ei>> altic kingheot toork b hat hard. ic sng lo pple ha ttar py go . is ley le to py lf.hay
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i w asgo a l stoooly lf i 4:30nd i goo o scho. wh i w 4 leang t0re was teach com g iscnho a 60. wh wea t w tasy le techom i it tl. > johhellurn > out. oh >>llhen tch com into out. >> scheoln tch w cntoea or a these c scol thi they ve it. a ihe c mhin g tt ay i waiti l for dsn w aotai waitingor liste or lis t y w t they wilerl c eopl ltivy.w tyill th wpl80 l. daysear. th w hey ve80 t smeayrffea ever y ve t olidnoffo eerankind, i donid know hou going toannd, i urn u son onowhetherou gng 3 n o ayshe, wethe a beer vatn ti t s you beo. vat >>nhn w e'retiut of t yme myo. v at>> p ire t loin p tnk y i xtow ari pubc soo lt y ri p likceoo this horrible cikar.e t h ib cr.
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malennouer ] ickebrocli aredo mushom sther beefurge . leou ] keoc a do artyhick and oodl sh scasserole. efge ty ck easnd youdlust ed sse. cabell creaof mhroosoup asout mak them call ea an ma huoory fupily lovthem ak em campll's it'sanmazihu wha fsoupyan d ovem mp's 'szihaup d endls shmp ourost pulapromion ated lster the's smanyhoic. dlshhe gsts ve iurt laomn at l er[ me anunce ] ithe end sss nyic imp day gt rs lo iter manceit nd ach ayou p ke ayr o wayerou le, ke n a swu t an spicshriay l alfor 5.99 n swanicri y na is gelarapp alr 99ani sefoodiffently nas lapp anseodfely woul't dthat gemarrd? noi wodn't se tt ngleilesredicard ul dat gerrnowo't t leesdird ice ng. kno it f. ie ore .m. th t capal o nonturt cardou en... ie tubleapiles o on eurry prdchas e.. [ aron is realelarres e pas [ on i'ms ighteaere rrrry. youe noearng ubleiles.'mhte y. ou noyourne se ling lefor eslf. rlly?ousengr . a pid t? wt, a we riny?rep hool [ ma annncer p tget e veure rdw ae in p ol capaloncom manner t ve ae eardoub mil oapeveronpurcmse ery d. aarub ilat'sn yo walt? oas gerna rc ey th d. huh. 'syoal g
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prde [ apause apse > joh f years f amerin yrs edatio h bn aovmentmen mo poedioaovnt ll moompoodyas to un t scols but omyas t ger toesn'ts ut nying ell. toeey s't th y antny rinll. ompetition t s itivesstletr pne
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peon moviesar sitesverythgrha ptne vi s notry tog continue ts s egmeni needotooori cefnueos s indianaen.i ed o uoeerief te koin ofndna. competi edueetione k becau wn cpe don'tav r eadulon cpe bti you ge onav thi rspeti y ge ts like ts. >> w l triear you t hs. sh> e t whe caroear y h mi .sh the c ito fusolio m aan . ind nait hap fpe t colalec terndriblnae hap c. tolecreerble sau. t thi is checkg fuel s> h.ewns hi ss.heg wuehen governm tunwns tng ss. thhe i wovhanmt we g. h >in f w thiss wt cs. l ke>dik fe tssthen gnm didlik ru t cnmusesd the yug wasu t bus cess the th yas commistsld psroce bhe theyere oud mmtsho pro b eye d ar
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>>ohn: ty sd they re gr t ca and peo e>> doh t s tknoy bter grca p beause d no no cpetion wbas aselled. it was lctionur w s aool ste it >as o l schoolooys ochys tcoonistil friedman tis uilerstooit was pbl fed forehe rt of udid. ustooas i 195 5 re rof hd. proposed soo li 95 v5chernsadro ssependding v er 1300 p cadhi on gov snmnden scols,hats hat00me prica chin spds onmthe envera tay scs,tsha meinscaadf jus spt g oive grahat tay ney theure cransadus and gha signin y kidhes t seoora based a on where gnhein lide.soo bedaid wrett tm to the kidai ith e cld a tm t fheamily k choose h whh schl to aend.ily c osthee the soo ouwhld s compelte t a d.for that ney nhehe cpetonould peouldmpve all orhet y snoot ldsdempavell washe ioredoreces utsowde treas are vorouereces e erim tsn t mrey stare
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in v ts eim itsianm s all ls ncomeiaamies nll u louer omscap tams ouonerol sc olatri bns cired edu cati onri hoic bensan c kwsed plenty eti about ice cpetion b kwsause he p intsy aut o c heon bsee e intneterk. comny ttnt r elomtrocts che to people. youroin irosct erydy wts he o holee and t haurtoi i isdesdy ws e cati onean >> rht. tde let'ertiembeonr r t.undantal purt'sefbe t monopyuna ursef t ole onpoy io t ellontior rodu aelighric ntiooe't cha ngduwhig ri cown and m ag by oee s'tteha or wnovndnm.agy ste or t isti in e bunessf delingeay istin bussnferior l prgdu fea hh pce nf io'rer snd pr h $pce0illion o nend ecatingilon million ks eting $3,0 m00 p conhi.s
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ureltre the bot to$o,0f p chi theeltndustriiz wheoto f we ere ecandtriids the we sareevelid dons 'tt teame ev aonoury albani oury atbaoesn't ea wret goi to haveoe ette r sardoi tfavivein than terdf iv th. >> t yn ss 'she th. >> leas yt'sas iovate instryn ameca ecau of ckf i comintiryon a?me iauf somefdy cerom c 150on ye is agoome androent to many0 ye lassoom t aayyld tan recoize at is oi ss on.ld str coicke i weit ooild ste o you a k thin wofei a other instryn youamerica wthhichinasr beeninrymeegris wchas en innoviv >>ohn: vouerso catenn nnov>>atn:n.ouso c atif y d t ma ovat,0 yma per chi,0ou tnk p l's copete hi toet thaout ney and soo l's woulcobete ytohat ynd s noti ul by say il the moyn
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'll s arayl t moynhe l aqaeda s al.qaa >>adrass the pblem t y> wouadssirhe pblk would yoyuo ou thould anydyirn twod dieethld a sdnhe thi to ie t dal-qheda hohiol. to y doou wry aut t fdo m-qa . f p pldoha wd ahe ali t ch.he theyouldake hi cic ch >> johnu ey ldn'e t you ts ould have om jn tt wuouldon'yo uthat tsparou ld elld supepo t wld tatt trldupt >yidouny cld suryve founy ur f madrassse >>ohn: t poi was it'sadotss >> n:as b t as p the stemas havt'esot n. b ahe if ty wantheavids n. sucedn t wtids am ica >> cn actually inkamthiceisk >>fctllthe senngif thechl systehe enng heyea t the earlys i y feat t e thin isvete
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th joh and ittigeht ohnd per ipeate iquality. p ricipealy. wou hava ch pratechool icpe ou av i tnk t t is backrd prte choo tnkhis i t tisivil ba ightnkhi iue ofheivig i o 21s century 2 vouers. thevera cgetu prite school in ous. am icaheras pri sool $5,000 amca-12 is $000 $7,0. tendo is thk o,0f.rate end oschos asthkra oticallyrtehat ch at p arivatechlsrge.ratill yif hehta pva spendingls $13e.,00 f andome,0 ad savnd you a13 vcheror nd $000ndd a y c verornd afrd. y >>he vouch s w rthafd. h>>heou >>he steth ses>>te m. s esu got me on lef behnd .in t govnmt schls. got on lverydy bs bter t oov sxcch.t rydy r he oxcui. >> jn: ouioury has vouch >>n: cerfiesou chiry.ha viou thoug itas er bfihiuc
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but thehoy hteas rts iuc cle t he beyuse yere spset tlehat sbeee kire sreetat se ten their cheranred gog tbetr hooland enroteor tsir want tergo tetr old teor s a wli all privat hos. allpriv pele are uom rtabho ws.ith eeho ice.le a re uomab wh a lihoe. ct cadillctacnd tornd j diac sellor tbas. theelws ll peoplet he s jt hav theeo gerent run a j hhe g meropenytnd ao fth. im sure thyerenderepele io fth. st germ yi turthidot weranpe i t s gmyot wreba t selived. >> iant toskouivedne as t itsk quti w is wiasth t st. i t w iwi ovetrs tto?t. >ivers?'m wh cnese loo joh do u le it?h >> iil s cayne l sohblo ooljtsz nt?t iee sd a t wentoblsz bt e a t anen-chtteo school unionoss tounni a chaer
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an shchool.chl n w itosni chat p soole? applse ] is p ? pl ] we'ramera's turagas anhere wh we d toy: suppted 'rarlyer mils on raseadyobs anre whe to ppd lyacilss o coury..dy s ... ientts, chnians, enneer macnist .. ac oou.. . nt, nis,ener ac..staddi neay 40billn dolls tour enomy. ..diea40ll llto ewe'rmyat w k pridinpowe tolmosa quter 'r wofprur hines awe bus esseto.. osqur ..and vings clner des to w k anofscho h... a usse ..d ngcl r anstomoow w anwe chold d.evenore. eane domtic,bundt d crantingmoobs w. c dene. neomc,nd crngs wee amica'natul ga wee smamter a'wer,tuodayga len mo at ga.u smr r,ay lemot .u
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y sis sytoms co wita coh thastayevenfter tre... male nnousier ]sy ms couth it, moco sin forlas han't ayeat encougerre. leou ] h mo inreorly?s [ ma annt ncert alkugseltr pl sin liqd ge re? mannerlk lt fits splus sinptomiq ge plusough fi s syou'om goo us gh [ ma annncer thas. hat'the ld tth!u'oo mannerha t'e t!
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>> john: ioneaders td to >>oh n: he cnhaeaerde sood aheni b sosoos saidover my aeadni bid bery tyearedoi tcoto mychoo b w t surpr t toco lea a utmyoo ur t l a. ductt. he udhe bs a d t uhe s perul los aeseac trs uniobut wil be bps l a e chtereachoors io hot caile ys go chrooorain hoa crter g schls tounng oneora in it'a matt ofcer ciumsncesunngne the ac kg rot'un mtt vyof quick lycises the ere eac akg gro ofyui teachers th eat a didere hun octieaer chasrt a sool idho cled mun andtiha s dsl meindriipal sd nd ei dirrictoip craedpen the dto standdi ra ntestandhe saidouta stdl cleaidou leon plnsedle tsnd ty eaid aolutelyoted. s heynd sai that waie c a dolo.ely they s sd cha otdown c dnd we he c unoned tm.
3:26 pm
throh th pce i g un know t theseeaer sroth mo g3 ow heer the 3 . wn ttried keeth hoolopen cae i the wn prtrsideient od eehe son d olen lge sti t each s prionde o my job son wd lget ee t m orchki.n m wey tobed wo ep thechls m on,kiutt we becameleo tepha ttchls the m oemt utof thot hart beame tha he sools wemert ofnoto hert lng se lsho w l board. ho theere b thechools csed dheower. hetachrtedls tsealkingow a bout te t ki reempling the ache and aut they needed somody runre tplge hend ey ee aced. somy un hiss ing eo lo usto do s tinng i a comloety dsiffeorent do t i ay f cor diffentheem. hrd y t fkingbut hhe. ad ture yas bi h think o i a goo d hi tnreas mtea ershi will he oen ge wmleaer b w he earne tenure f e re trtifatioreroamsat ery cpl of e yifeaiondhe e crecplon of m yaster herhe a rincip.
3:27 pm
c o they mill teve t ncecipti ey l eac t timethey do theywill get a acim leittlehe mor deheyill g ten ura. lttore y a tecticaon progr msy quali pcafeon pnals devopme and ou have q li tcherwhofenarel ev cmeonstndantlyouave involved teroetnget at csttl ytheirra nvd et nggettin at b teeirra attt bteritt >> you s it's t >> aoules acamy hat the is ble ale. ca yoan t aythis sor ale yo yay c'tor gidf it. y >> y c c'tanetgid i y ri c on eec ofeaerrin e >> j n:of tyer say t i >> ne yorn: yall ese sps s tet r of a or l tenued t schps in o a n york. nu t in y wl abl n yk. to fie wl bl o rr. >>es. wl we d tt? >>. in w w d on swp? n ine are gng onswp?oring
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3:30 pm
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3:33 pm
ittutf r yea iou comtionue, yoon kut r omtihayo kyomighhavhad. youon't kws a is.ha u might haav gd.ttena ou k ares.nt anmihahough you g a goodnt an ucahoongh jus yt lihe russi g r ea a g jmanslihoht rhey d ea a good r. gmahoht he riyt? d i w antao goo pnt that ea in ri you hea d wtin pnthat m t o you gou head a good educatonn yovnm g r chaoolsdun ynm. r ch >>houlls'tet lea y consider s.elliur p>>licule scols d makin lga coid slihem pc scs mingri with the hi thnology tt w hav nowthho dnhi tt o tfhnogy w e duavtiw sld t beoi of e don? notnrica we sndore mon eydon? ot n icaost me weoron iosducate a hi du te a a car. [ ught ] ar [ ht $55,00 f incarcera a pon 5, o00la it' fs i1800ce year. p oula onlt'ys spend six00 and hr. urs nlaype p hourix i hs s cheaeray to haveouomeone is ea
3:34 pm
pris t.o e johom wne is nt. is > wohil iur nt. s te wd sted tt librtynd eityts b lndelg eitys enees. was rht or wng .ne. i don't s tnk on so. > jn:veeacheretsaio. the ame. >> i pealiercai eti e me pft? i li rfrom it. butref thr rom i oases outfre th exllce >> aryou ing pay t emex moab aluly.yo schoo > ar u we'g goi t po p om moteacrsorendoo ra e'oio t heacendra tt. t >> jn: so me t others? tt >> h. the m jrk tet sheo to t oer reat he q tuality rkdu tcetion f tor the s deatnts qty tchaio for t we ss till -- it' w nooilerple.ill i >> jn: areou oino toayoirpl so e>> t jeachn:erremore to >>e' goi t pay a so tchaire lary>>.e'oi p th is hateaers rlly ry
3:35 pm
ths t waeaers r>> jn: itowns lae jni -- i e yogoinowtoay a le gooni -- ache ryoin meayeverybody g paid her the seve?yby >> idverydythe ginn tg ll ctain s gete? t am>>e.ry ie hnn cineto problelookamg at i this hutt beomeso w phablte t ahe ts andd t'rbees ung wto tud d d whats the bter tcher. wi wha we' atoing t dhete tch. at wihae'ng pl you kw wt this i going b e a y k w tteacherhi drin in be a choo tcher dn renooill beart wha do. enl be weareong w build somo.ething aweo ale a blddy ttomhi has ner a appened a befde.ytas er caot tell y wpehethneer a b g tea er i goincaoot geeltl w pth a g mor ea iecsein don'tge kwhat thstanrd is or ec se'reoingon to cwateha tthhaant i reng stan cdaat. t t>> it te. anda he staar d is> it t ari te m seltaaris. werehe sard. m you e gngoav thip we us. sd. eve b cku go ip o.akla ve bck
3:36 pm
lirn t oak passed c tallus p semed my c sch l. e >> johouay teachrsch d>>fereoh aunts andireea tsche. oncyou odnre atsnd your scho the it.'s e asncyou to tnal about w y yr areoingo oit b eut if yoha t talbo a y lousy t erreoung g theom b out i a ion dou.ou g tmut i. achs -- i got 9% h os fi gstuotnt pass9% the of tuass ap.als he pai vesel the oho he is p teachinvegel thhy ocshosea hinkhycs he's hi ge.e' s aughr ] gh] >>ead to g >ad t. he got tayecaue h is dog a he g gatob. ece am i isact. do a g atthob.ebw dd j w are j 79%as the oer uy
3:37 pm
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3:38 pm
taing er eh otr ] g eot] >>ououem craft the profssn d ev loenoutem h cft t eet heof nnds devf class room tds teache.f so cssohomntosse lac cld g to a to puseic lghch tto toea a t pu c ournalischecau you ton't ha theui rnisau couer'tfite. ha he johuiouldn't be allowfite to oh >>ou wldou nldee bo aow to throu >> w no trainghr. >hydon't w aing. treateaer s> itn't suc k glore a wearyer abut the srng out a wki t nrn hourst. scol y e 2:30. hrs. tey dsc't wyk en sme 2 twhyo we treatkn teameers tn hy any w treth ter pfeio > i'm yotth > j ohi' dyo aotgreehim? oh d >yo i'l a answehrimin my way. lauger ] >'l >> a dower k thaleayly wha laug ]isng on>>o nows k t thatlely w seducatio o is cowgings andha tt ia god thing s.ucio cng a hamae it wl i cgoome as ts tngt
3:39 pm
tchs it w doe w trk lger. t do w bu you lge kw well do tt erere a bu loufweaersel t do tt r mree a thanftheerix hoursa y. tntheix they raur pers. they do a lot of ey era work. per ey do a helol o w i w easra a w tk.eaer w inhe hel was cmu tynstitu te gani in heer cmucity.nstu >> there inisn aacerkfty. inn ov tatire inubl eduaccakonayfhy don wnntibosh t depinarbltduntcan hy ofducation onause t ish a tepart ery ofdutionse s tcic a yc currilu mur t t o. o > it sul.'t there a iot of teoplretalk aut hea unio tonht. 's n just o heplnilks. ioon . he ob nleusm is henis.hinkeepl le i mbed i thehi dtroueent and tate aednd tou fedal d te joh indhe name forheal oh re nstamafoe. >>he i you cla >>toultlob, ca
3:40 pm
he gld. > it'lohe, ca pfessiona l g. ed ator and iheunions pfendssnaul int edord ohe somiond iundian t o s servatis ireiasn nnion vati b ers is ntill blob. >> ion'tav b any perblemthll b lo thunion i't he savoolny boa who this elect s byooheoanionhe thes c e control hebychoo boardnihe uni crsitye avntelnihe bchut woa hae ni one sychloarfornihe b w holeta. ha iouldneikeoarr go le o.chl i bldrd port who ste g oof ch calilrnia. bortho ste of lithatia wouldotor at tou unionos.t >>ohkay. t youeard uon the phr e>>ohka the bb. ourd t he >>esehe bb. yse d>>est e sho y two wkse at e so itw fel wt thi d aeali w rdy t d wine gten p rstdyg my howiwte he sgd yea m fho a wknd d see yhat f lik ak sd ay e it ilik theheyad i 4 mti head
3:41 pm
mohat 4 theyuldn aee mo oat f tinyn m onclsroomdno o tea.n m thn don say no tayoes ea and thon sayther y tn an sth reaucryn recr. > thatsoweaer unions ha > ehavolvtedos wreoweyarer ni no ha elvo no not sidng parents otidid pents sc oo bearacies that ar stk ontup. sc bearealy traeacheshaar uon sst honvep. to r t ch ol. uon s ere e ples inth country t herehey re. e pl i elvg cnt rey 'sre happegngn sig nificant wayn but hasoigfi haypen mor. t >> taso obm isor y ta mabo t b noto evolve.a bo bweanotalok abo euthow .che wa to e volveitalbo tow ch ecomi cwa inntiv eelv ne tevve. ecmi heir inive ienve tiro prott
3:42 pm
en vee monopolyo t therottonnue t mopo t see aonnue bad sead produ. >> jn: it's onlyro comtion j th i chaes tha ha con on. thhaha ha tveroc ok.t t cap eroc no oy if somebody wtedo ll iyut they wer f icedom wte too i.ut th >> wt'sd a about toentiv. >> and a the a ienve tiv bl an t sloenve d t k b tlings f lo chggo d t cgs kp chggo t exp tct goro t t monopoly go. t n: comingonly we'ln:om troce to seo twe say s ooolic s tedo h li. [ splau ]ic li [ au if oppi for insunce re le oppi foriape u mit thk althescostf abpit thorsame.sue l piorpe mithales psttectabboutthhe sme.. t wh if u ha anpccidctt?ut s llste acdentorginess star the ay y sigwhup.f ha anid stacntgissarhe yigese .ys mht me yowait a cole oyear
3:43 pm
we ce 't w mt myocoupit oar c w upea [ bbles no u caot. bes thks.o ca. don menon i th[ ]hop ss. get re. makene cl toon enan a istatagen de ]femap ann.ncer t .callllste noke c to an ayou'at alsenget free ifet e memaershnner llstno an inu'ood lsndst adsiee assettancmesh ind s sissncroro
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>> eduti a key to sce > bu et why do aouiteyhere t andce educbuatio wsakithere a ay. >> ohn: whucios ak did you an > nsn:r?wh di l me y explain to aynsr? aie lexpin the high sool stuient tha was akin hae tghpeh.l stu nt he tot w vch tha t inlledtpe m to he escape v tchhe dha.ct pubclled schotol systesc no he t a d p freshcman hon ste mi amnoe a re ha happeen m id the preapde er respo? > i rllhe don't p es? kw > t rll d't og gotw teauthorize d ogot. >> jn: mae iteaho waszedutri >> agan:nst misaitisas eotri bullied toga it by the
3:47 pm
speakeotr of hse.uled by the sdhe adm inpetrkeioofn h. opses the c re sion orhe a expnsion op oes p trivate crechn ouch xproamn ova derach geren s houl dchocus ts a ttrati oen s iulrdinghe alit o ptili o shoolforinhe ll alit sdes.ol > u er>and youant to fus ourtt uentieronan odnou t improvg fo turtt ptilic sool pr ste bt a t you gng tco sool do abo the st udenets ttt aou are t dobohestentst aili soorels now li soolsow >> jn: pomisintoix t. so tis is why weet. t o ihyee t c. scholship pgram. >> jn: bore yo g pgr j bhole shipyohrgh a lottery lipouhropinn thpubc l er hooland ere s a b dierenouinthub >> ugeol difd fee nce. dien acem>>icaleife. also withafety al hatlso bigithtyissue. at joh tre were ligsf ighsu? oh >> therereere l wsesff fights
3:48 pm
gh >> threees oongfs. fhts weay uthafee for u s. motheyr uaffo brasicalhe wanted m outhe trt envirment bic soanthdg th was tmotalutly t eir nt ffenthi soththas t salouldn't ha to t worhiry. john: b sutouhen' didn'tave thao w. ohutidt t $1000. >> n sheid h av$1e0. n s i id > joh t h oavunit for sc ilarsp wamuch es>s toh to thatitfo $7,000? >scrswah t at $50000. > >>john: b tha was enoh 50 geou in to a>>hn bhaas e choc soo ge th wou min a better? >>eahc soo hey thall m me in br? t>> hah yl sch jn: what did y nic >> sl. ca jmin:llyha idi y n wic ctllyll ialleed. rembe wn i was ict tlly le . puic s chobe s wteias my tch t ft in thepuiddl sofo tteea tch ihe t iea remb idoingmbingtu - he thteachethat havdidot car thacheatav sodotalle p i aar
3:49 pm
tchsoer le t p claroom. even thet students inif c ravehe s tu thntin weomainingboutt. theomaingut hat relyet meack. joh yt mother wetas goimeng aco send y ou yotr wasoi t nid sd y the welldomredo tmecan choo ?ll >>y mom gotredohemeca poinnt she oo was f u wi>>m theotsyst.he oi shehpli sch oowa s fys ally tedchfoot. snd the oy oio w aslyenngeft. bac heriynida o aio weennge ed acatn. th isriniow she feeled atshe astht sgo towo s continue to le t he stemgo toon ftiail t m e s s wteasmgo t let f that hp. s>> jn: but yougoid g lhe t uche r.h. j b y yo g gothen a good he ecation. o deste theaoo dda owin e tcaheon. dses are ahead oa ow r tdinghat re adwentha gotdinghahet voucher en ot iggesthe v uchonays tha d.c. ge voheprram haseen a t .c f.lure.vo he prt'smas ylded nodence offre. posive i mpac s yldednoce o students' osve
3:50 pm
iacn chiement. sde s' >>ow ste failurehen heien pub>> s sooteyaistemhe isaing udeubs. s itsy femailing i ehowan y it s fayli tt ade vcher owrogrs y aailu. s a i cotinues to ue ta gr aluha >>co jnun: toon'te utandstand t eith >. >>e haeon d on thraduaon >>ha e r des. d.c.ub schoorauaon r. c. 4 soo raduion rate. now, we4ut duat vch w, sers and winns the gchph bau sersnd rhap s nnoples eheour bauot ho a lyrh fors lehevousou are aot dierengr p. aor th a pttus a aa stu. dien nes o gthot phe sloheartu. 0%s ghe s gduate vsu 90% o the g at vo vhersu0% wnershe vor. wrs. 1% fmou schloetter. >> it's ro n. f s lt reaetyte >> i isron. >> nd r wey asd the >>nd we nea as td say hhe coay this andeaheyay didn'tall uhs ba.o ay m gsd i worked odn for't ylouba
3:51 pm
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3:55 pm
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uer stuck wh thinut u ther sckhameth radut and records thnd r a ror cd'nd and thanks tha be d' a ansingksers tach t whole world b.e ddenlyhe ng is s ah t wle b west ddlyhe teacr, aoo o bsal. now tse acr,easchersal via w internet an rcheaer thes v wle wld. inet r blob hashe swed t wle proess butha is obas c tngg, poo butha s thig, cifnia school tudes len fr t cifnia i serootl teac rs. delefr t ey ristethe cnge bacut. ey rtee a cid out i bt cau theids a axced tcid out lrn. >> t y aruhaphe to aalkxc ined lrn excted abo tarp t iot.alkn they xcedbo spa i t i great. ey > i visihaer gat. soo w>re i i w s vursiprisoer meeoot w ids tha w sant tisoo to sool m d s soid tnd tonfident ty avs m aardime when onaided ings le m wheai >> schoo gs iehi bong! >>chbo ng > no!
3:57 pm
>>y sc olaso!or hat haery schools o to sotethi.haer ols th d h t theo answer tsoohi ow wha lea rnthinget h wilhel awer roveo t w beshat butheeaet il lauty veescomtti none of us tynee to know.omti n on ofst us eeo owetho erge thr gh st mpetion and when tho erge haghppena t houseanonlondrs w wil tl loomha.ena st o tfushem lleillet ha nom wh wve ot ofow.m llet tha i our showh ot thanksowor wing. t gd night. o ho[ apause thksg. gnit. apse were bldina weite byursees. [ man nounng ] the's we eas br wain weebyse. crte yourwn s[ ll-bn inesunsite ]. ths aswa th iuit crbsit . ur s-beste oose sty, cuomiz blisand t fod... it it setycuiz isd fo.. om jt $79 a nth. t a -dayree ial. j$7a h. at iuit.m. a aye l. [ iale t.noun r ] eth ovea cu of xwelhous..
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3:59 pm
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