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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  October 23, 2011 4:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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gre: hel. wel ome to a re b hra-n h ouel t b insi h ameca headquas. >> siheatr: ieher a clders.dq ppin the wsat i thise h r.cs. bag p es layiin ]e this g esyi >> heath: apubl morl ervi is et hnnd w aayblor for visnnd w indy f diver dyaner clha don you eanookingl dn u ivoo--ng whdon. hotheyre cebivti-- h hdo n.lif hoey inndianapotilis. > her if mainndna
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tthoukand o tfops remorsutve ft therouwilld tops resutewdr ed.ferll theyaileon toe on tew doordr. to eyle a t cntied tooopr psee.ti ed theresintopasulfilled e.the commi het hereadsito the amecaulll people. heommi hee had the also uer meeoe. p si h's llseaorshifullled t commitmteq ed bp the leahiled iraqtis. cmi >>tep boherter: b aqs. rep li>>nsep erworrthiss b wrg te tep w hdrarris awrll-a tmecan ct wra tops a -a itsn serusistke. i b etlievpse we cod h ts ernegiateke an bevco hgreement .egten m vy vgrnt.oncerned bovuty onincrrneaedraboni influen i ira cr at eatimd whennieenfdenro ra iraq t ot imenecureeerontvention ra t bur ira we're gntng tveoio gnin 2012b w non w g t itas hijobe oba 12on admis tratitn's hbjo to enba tdmats a t they fail. >> aeptehe myntimeilib.ns arte m cntelbreatgibnsfter the
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ar dth c of amrft t kady. t presi ntf ramelsea atent i con atultatre the ra peop o lib i cnul o histocay op ofibat l afteroureces h c ofay bta libat aer dicatec isseshi ndof bta l ight mons of dadlyt cssfnd ey c elhtebrate tirre oly anf begningof a n cewraelraf pmi .anegng the esidt lso sayingp umi.s. e id lo sls forwa t waykith u.s lya officials a slo tsy p forrewak f fre a l faiffria pre electio nsfre a >>regg fstevi thkser uch. e >>io atr: >> anogger dev othkser h.le io>> atacr:ss lib asno d o pplere re to ib a usher prere tno a uher ra tee ds ter tea a of moma kda. t dthiss as tter scene i my potsmo of ib yais whe tne tyts dlare dof libibrationhef h c tountry dred no beg inibtion the pce cfnt nglh a oegn nhece cglstautn. at e sameime more formion utn. emeing outt e me e mloreen of oamm armn eg t khad y's li.en omma greg pkot sadtrlieaming live fro eg pkot mura wtrea theng livatees ro at the sce le therare whe l
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t tnighhe?ehe >> repgh?ter: >ep cazy: as wat ad carzyoi by. w trus f ulaof f cigers toi b ve bn iolved in t hirus ful f t eig ht- bmo ihvedong war h te.his it j finishednd igt-mog h familie it jis cinamonking coronng this aues yonotedo a hi a dlarayoonftedoliber aionas was draon nnouibedio inwasasrn li ou in i lienazi. theyre sing t offiall thwar az ovei.rnd now they sg tamma kffhallfys d thethr lvetndow ma k ssti d he his l powt h f eiti isow o ste h f lefn o s h fle itasn'teese i yrs. it pln't athse iemoc racys. anotr pl ectioemns cl frcy the lde isot f uny. eio cfrhe lde is f un ate pnt they aore
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bouthat i sat possiblent t wheye isutn'hat i pbl psible w. ty a shoisoting ootle guns yta choanot oot h r.un s hther: cegn p strmingiv romther: p trngro misurat liby thaouerych. m>>urreggto n sby touer i. >>ggs tia is i arng aajor milto.s opar waited fo aouo cras ml. theirtste afout tly eir ectio anshere vots eions increludedorr pol iticotalncded proner womolenic aou pe opleprnehatn hpeoud pe endleedhpe uthotaanule eierndhed ar. a hota moderat ee irslhic .aar wch odouldate leadicen wit morewch secldar eleeants d the coury. wore ec es he cou. >eathern ft hock has ea thtruck inn eteftck turkey h ts uc af irn teurkes 7 afruaeeveled 7 nurouuabuiings andeved homes
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nuouuigs nd leaviniledf heswied steel a cla im gavin les at lstwied sel 8p plalag l escuers are saming to f nd8 th vcutis a samin f th a ofhe suivors dig in a o their barehe su havos rsryin d t ion pll peopl t tiroare fety hainppl t hart tyea itylose to ar the ranian borde r.itlo to scitists ar tt thnumb e ni an ofead bildel oo cis t tthomb ofdillo to re. >> egg:ight ty are mourng > g:ht of tre ur t indyar o acingha iion anin wheldnhaion >>nd the loveanhe family > he frovndse, tream w a frds, t reason a rson he favit iawim h o fv hayo i sigouf ho ser ce n'igsouair s or justaioke around dve or.uste dan lovedro life. d t h we an ledif s t ande h a
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ons.. gre: liveicre o t m oria in ireiana llis.eic o t bl mia i na s.his greates tum s sni gat e iiapos 500ni t ce t tpoce00 he ddce lt weeken i ie tce cra durin dt racwee eknas gas. auracas s. > heath:ow f the ra f ea the ite: howse f. r manhe c rna tes a gainthe e clar y h m sndn t oes ain a bon. ar hat s i wle an. o on tst accuse im of sting he fencetscc ron au ol s stis ng noenwsow to n faul t ecomy.nos pet tcy .f t e homy. n c et wtsowcya.o ow h en aroifend t whats isowao tha h a >>nd tas eow a y>>hereator eow withyhe certor wth inaliebleignd rtin amoig these lifend foncept iomo tse l fbotisonpt boisxction [ alaus] >> reporxctetionse da vuser]s
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earlrhis r woree whenonsebortions earls sho wdeeene ption f rboeio a hod inceptst vioictinms but th a gornme shod nobe cenv vlvtied.utth go me howo onofeis v.ppents is t ohe say hsrohoppen and can 't alt ssroho h w utf c it. it a leralan w, if a.m t p lsoerally pro-le, uti overen am suld ptalyy oro of er tentec sisiod taif ttos of y viewoue ttio no tts p yro-lifiee.we yo a no po p-lif hing y r ca ke and eatgot,oo hg ycand you atgt, c't ou be prlfe an peop he a cice bl a to do op h aateverhey wt. cce tanor dium atery is nr t bottom.anorm n heancain is watym. ahead w heaninwa 3hein w ia.3 ngra.s m ro paul h2% grs rlkedau autixg2% t eno e t aut maetg mt f e cnos tometng hmaeetays tthe vemes houlhave et l h haypesn l a goveme >> ou ulovehat weid l in a
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92 1>oha we you allow in i92 torctone ouar a aow go b t worcton tomorro b wnew hamhe's t or vern wilw endorseamhe' mitt rnil roeyhen e hore filesis m paper ro the hesista. >> p hapther: thank y v mucheta. eter >> hoothcyr:.nk v m mingp n qst ns aerndoocy. conrns bo ngerp nstns a cain's ons 9 taxer p n. i cn' tshe pidenti al9ax hef compmisihe the spirit en ati at t with mpsihe sri series tith sri of uggestednstionsn. >>rom ge rslidnstions >roeliontar rli togorn hes gelettingio lnot of atteoion inhe es getng l pitteion ana. hehe made hdles wning dehates w ni eason of survivor.t so nce l oike sokvi witr. beard hes rning f innd lnaike it gordrn onhe he rning lerri i gon n tke >>'ven talkg t >>itehn sma balinksesgcrshe sat
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heaing s l o fb concescrss sat ea g leari t w cce as wri ri tbout p aing oouseorage ut ayingur o rseorage, payi ng n oringr inranc payg f cldren's, yied natn. ere ine a nct ofayg cldn's uedsat e a ofue facg hoosrs right n. i am fg r osrs thto n s up am a ce r the tmight u all. >>lear h eheghll. beard. >lehe andike brd pen.ce is vngor the d ik seatloenng wh a j vngor wal tlace atlo and jo gre.alce d re >> heath: d 12 in a srch f aea mis: dg arizona 1 g2l. f a ive-nayear-o wasast en 12 de-s ago-oasast siencehenore th d 1 a sihen t hoffer vte haveen ff scouring theeighrhood. h david lee il oung teioghrhd.av l eevid l iltooks like t oamil haav l en shg out aoo tikeed ilha and no shut n twed d critism?
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>> rworter: tre wrias caleght gil >>n rleteal te rizo wn catteleancet wl heleale mher. zo raertt thaence tk in dail ab oumr. the earaher fo herha dnghrk a i daiab effots tha a he undway, sfo h lae a o at hefo tedia andhendy, s mlaiaasediand eenti allym enngerg he fasil e enscltiosinlyg wre theyiveneer whehef thabdtionook pla. l in no ww ehey sse theathe is gothgdon k lao kw thi anondw his as tats gnvted s kex hi a oen ader crently bend bds. sex at i nabl herde crely ibero bca i abdaysergo the grandth m ys goanother accusatn g arainsthe m mediand potole accndatn a msted weremiaotoindng eugeh aecause m e idreotoiecse.cis elack. .cey isy wh i cesla tk.o thi nvesgati wh ces to i t c ompleseteltiy col iblind. >> cplel nyhingou be furtherro ol d. thtrut ths iseautouul b leittlure th ut fi ear-thdisutulrl ltl.e fi r-he pole dertme and. te co un y's pffts havdemee bndn uaveringrom the vys ff avbegiing. bn dsn't atur eratngmhee color
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of ergig.kin d'tatr atolhe ofki nioli wou ner mak a iffere >> ao inttenncou n waserheak gndfa er. fere he tk th o ainennitynco sayas hat gfa.e welme d te thppor otyay oth he m edt andhe pice.e we ppor h mnd pe. > hther:ofindin t itt gir>l htherop:oullyin fdi h se n hoopis tly invest fdiion going. he n repouter:he ahoti esho t i hast notaiiod gng anything w. ep r: aheyhoayti great eahalots ny haineninbehi the sc esyutay gat whats nsotle h ha isinhi thehatscut gain aat i m ntied t fat ihe t isonct s exinofer.ed t eatsow is behindonarct s he mot s hasow beh cvted m ot busi has o b children.v e serd a ut si hf of o c aldn. a eht-yf oear nten and te chilen weectly ten e-yr en awnd t byhi ldil wrocten sevis. aw poli dephitmen iswaro oct th eseacvi. ey a li nepotentingwa ohose the ele ents avehadoti thi verhoy le brtsd-sednvestivetionha nothng being rulbredd-utd.tion towardthatnd hethy are sti bngul okinat a repor t twatrdnathere s in asint rorttnhen
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here are wofay'itne hese who cayes. tt n ig iren t a mide ofheitneesho nitay they awtt manig i t mof dss niheyn m hite t-shirnt that m ig te atchhairt tat vid mote wh a ch ltlehaabidyeh le and ws 45 degrs a anitas45grsdd. an >>therasndll tightsdd. weerndll t tuigedht in e tu house. i e and rou and aging a ation's infrtrucre, w mgiy o our ashtronapped ste s are frowuc, m orn og tri te chpaes tpeo stes re svehe ro blemrn.g >>reggwe'reearn tg t s me othemerocaem w. lost >>gg e' hie lifern tt a gr ea oeca w wostetha rkhiif wle a huntersow tryte to capture w t kille hte pretor t te cretut hurta p reret rtdye. te 3.litev6 gine of e je gra chokee t3.te ne jerachee h a bt-inlas ivi ran h mo b thain540as mile per an o yocan tch ornimo ha 0ee t e inleontr ey k.
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gre: the daysith sta and oc g ernmtsstra edreth sr cah, notatoenti thd gds, ererenmra l tlcae tno cantith do t o f, ixe o t cation' t f cmbling io frasuctu butno some a c tumbingngo tri te s ecastotu tut omdo te wrk. tu ngmany t prriojte stsc like tk. rebld ny pupric rojds a briikdge bng on by private cpaes itpuh r ari o t payroney pvaesith t endaey but nev ahor of nd b n evbull ahond o bearsoi us. ll i wndas seaurprisoied, s.ere i s w s prgrda, rticer iehewashsgton st." ic shon ." infstcturroctein privatelnfy fstctded and buyct. ei h doey do ?ivel f d >> at' bsuy. vynt ereshting. do ? t la f>> yearsvyntes tnghe.y sntla f yrs ts $18 billi. youaveo $ booat the. ste ou avhey aoir refighrsoo aatnhe te teacrs. y th novbeironey ffi this. a teac. t feder thov govnmeney f ts. doesn he ei er.teder goven
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sorioete money is hei g.ngn soriteto mey is gn bldgoads b rebguiingoa bdgesakg r oiner a bes lakgr the procts ththe a more eff picntnd the a neeordeheff iome so ind wks eedom so well >> ggg: chapea ll g: v cginih ty snt $ vpeni it snt to invesrs a i thetn ty o harge a tonvll iestorsheetn ty mon rg bac eryito is a winne mon rhtac? >> ry ects. ane gre: ishe re shtet?ng hatrent. the prevaiste sngners tnt fmhe goung pvars m otfims?oung >> mn w y drivehrough m thi loln tunnelnnd w pyrigh th ln el p12 tol. >>regg: b12 difference to >> u'veot t >>ggity b adiffen sta> -- vei t dony a kw. ta- ion w.exbint tollsn' only pay pai b hebint tn prinlteay ai cpaes
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gre p: mton friedman reftento sd frioverednmentsreasfuftln an dshankfuerllytso bauer e ha fuey noto b tau would likoty be uch t thiou asritereey aret b uc th mayhie t as prime exarelef .et thethovay terenri edoesft d i he eleruttrivati ut eerpriserivat do. >>hereave eeeer somee diste .do. >>ere rese an ome ere is in e a canlifoia tha wret bkr iupn because wcafo tilat tht b kr wrge. cae they seilat t tpar mey a swr a eyse idge mey asoanasly . geoan thehad toriastlyff. heaxpads ha to tbr it off. p >> ghagg: ou br i wites aiffor. >> g: swysoundwi wer ai sortems w >>nd some of t werons oms >> se fr f teion sourc asndhe conovsybouthat. fr eilotf s starcs a ah l onovsy unicutipt.alits ar t s saygso t ao l thi ic soitomare state ssg t mouchor hi so omriendltes m virhnia bei onef t m. en
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me s teirsa areeineusft saying . tm. s teus wreder about sthaint. because ere u wde i as --ut ahaot of t bhiau is beng paidor in-- the oer t l ielsy t baidn g taser ly tax. gas thataxas beeaised s ha as 19.eeai n sod's dolrs iwo have 19 toe 29 nents's to duy iwoheamavee to hing. 29ts so ere isam noay t tng t is ing i to n poor whatt te i ngd. >> ggg a p aimorehaente gornmesd. a g oveurdeen i gomayrneme aol oion. ay e bndahanks veryolio much. ba > chalis 9 mh. > besaner 9 m cn iurng tesanerolls m c butillomething tol predentlanteust dtiilom hicomprome h pproresentdaxus d lan? omom we' beal pong whaxox new n? po lie'caleanelal comg uhox >> neath: and hays po jlel omaroudheor ne>>rth and hay psiy a ro helior ofrope t talk aty the f dismaopl t jobsk aart. e wh doouinkisbouthatobsart. brd who wel hak a lut
4:25 pm
epbr weha l cominep p. >> ggg:om i'v ae done ristho ppin g: ior melf.e laug der ]on st ho in[ me anunce ] mr ff.tidi s li ariaug ] emilskinr, eac day ms fuanedce f di li thoiaugh epar ionil in r evts tcome acy fu hoh ar n wel someevere tong mee wa emilwentightn ling elmee g wa ilnthtli b youee, th t hel heraymo jas finciaadvir, bou, tel er mo ae h plaed fiia fvi eve eveuali. whh met sh cont ued h lato h e thmeanfto lvee whmeshntd hthan lon evn athe re olage of 1. evat role 1 fe wl plned. w pl wt a ymonjame advir cado f you wa onme vica fou
4:26 pm
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4:32 pm
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4:33 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
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4:38 pm
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4:43 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:56 pm
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4:58 pm
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5:01 pm
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5:02 pm
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5:03 pm
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5:04 pm
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5:05 pm
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5:06 pm
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5:07 pm
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5:08 pm
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5:09 pm
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5:10 pm
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5:11 pm
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5:12 pm
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5:13 pm
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5:14 pm
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5:15 pm
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5:16 pm
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5:17 pm
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5:18 pm
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5:19 pm
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5:20 pm
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5:21 pm
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5:22 pm
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5:23 pm
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5:24 pm
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5:25 pm
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5:27 pm
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5:31 pm
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5:32 pm
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5:33 pm
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5:34 pm
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5:35 pm
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5:36 pm
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5:37 pm
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5:38 pm
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5:39 pm
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5:43 pm
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5:44 pm
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5:45 pm
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5:47 pm
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5:48 pm
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5:49 pm
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5:50 pm
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5:54 pm
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5:55 pm
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5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
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5:59 pm
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