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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  October 23, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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shr o ba cmeinot tprent the w a, o we loomekin fotorrd e to worng wit weootnkc f a w tr wsitialoverentstnc th prere forhe un y's trtiert threre foruny' fst f fe a fer ec ations enquotand llarclinn sharg he fthour ts oecfox on ws sday. en ot thed needaro main it ear at iwille a vernarnt he ou o unix the ou ntry s ty.o ee kheedmat r illa rn nihe ourecryci toliion,o me eryo whouppoed t he orme recrecigimeli an,s mng a h yo ho thpo don t have blood mere tng a nds,th feeonlav safelond ilu td in a s,eweelafby >harr: a a in a lya mes orwa ow>arrr wha a isaido be mesmoac w ar ewa learnowghas ai n.a.t.oo. i sbe pnngo ware eeag sn.t.iso.sion therey ago e 31. o greissi phekoy str mi . li orero pmisata and sr lithere's aroall fnity isatand toy. you'eree'he a inlminiraty whtoh . wa s to ve a b igu'era say wain to a bhing horealre t the s ospts?ng >>hoal the ab lup? >>rr th chaens facing ahasacg
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a ufi by they're pud of what u hhebyyhe dore ofhat d't heknowyfdo theyigff t't owf t t ddi fceere nd ce ipoli ander ehoto ofndsirte. olnd they're oayinghey wan t rt tureay hen trehe gerhe w an the f tuer tehe a oer among m anyan t ftisngorer wern th on mexnyt fews ngormohs wer th rri >> hewris:verydy k ps mohs poinng i a all hs:fry k those picinrengs of a mullamr fqaafi death and t aic loof oonover tha'm mu qa i eaeadi ndout,gr iloferha tm diofn it,nvgrtigati nowoi to howme ed n ihat'nvs tietiow owate on tht'at?e yerratn the bthy o yerr muamheradfi by remains unlievly on p mucr displfiai ere unev omirata. is e vernig authorities mi ndtatenother post-mo em rnig a hoandutesriti are p noer sasfie pwitht-heirwn rsio ofd eveutnttis tret h die sa ie cthssir iovere tt h de haitas
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ttleone d we wted a clerasoo a t slenee owef a cl deh a tvedo o dehsirt ved 150 les om wre ware tod . re i0 a lis le o w we w he w d saw i li thi ois wre i wt hend for aw hi w i adda, araagndeipeor outse thtownfir erda heeda to wheen h tsthwn nv oyase h a tndohe rheeln fighters nvoyas hhe relpoed him, pulled fite him t ofhe pi dggedpoed im hipu 50 yar a m ccorofdingpi togged hi 0arfir,or asknged deerate, wh h i dr,onsk o u, myns dera wh towhich, d u, tyigerol d us toheicreie more tnerol yusrs of kiin m andnhen yrs poed nd qadfi was edkied. q ki edyou ow, athererso harr, ca upo us while u werw, aterso t sce nerr acatp theo u w drainageipe ert t andce pnent the the ipe drd sana, geyoeuno nd ad, heas j he luke esa nouse and cwl i nt a hehe as j and ukugeht just l e end wlmous ie. e lkser ed aug hopin f lore muus bte tusre. a h in cto u. har s: gmuatture ep ti ngar, g
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eg pkot kingepting us ppt ng clo. d tuing s thearp lo raq,tug ewhearlloueardi q, pridenoba'ecllis tedi wiprdrenawoba'is troopthug chwistmadrand me o capitol t hilug pchssmaind g oora w citith ncer abo seclurit a p sssafein andgir'sbiitty to erboec itkeephe pce ofeendurir t'sopsty t gohome ep hehe p ainisatioeis snd top firm ndgoho sec ta ost ais io sllarndclinn sa the presrment nd keeng h s prise st gethe tros ou arinsa hebuttr ges et moeeon h ove prr te set tros plne dt g ewimoondrawal. ve ts cr icsplneay wiaw. crcsayomete u.s. llouwillreate stability inomhe metu.dl eastnd lving oull at etali in mdlst lng e dr on rir leav iraqop. ir nd h t pavredeill ir ain e. decision h t >> ty sdel the pre si nt n omdeed tsiullros ut t b shere arom's t endndrout hs kpi pro se. arnd therwere notsti kpi wit ro ir. qifficls o keeerpre ti wrttainumb ofomt iric trops theeeountp pas t rtaimbf deadne,ut n a eemetr wass hent
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as each. w, oy ade, n ameas hul o uch.s . olitayrainerwillemn an tulhe u. sre ta otaf statra erll n day,layi an t asta o fstoreign y,poliyiy asachieven f>>ei the p delint hyas ffihied e coitme t he de tode hhe fied eric pe co wmevee so t he der the eresicenpeve lders f fill ther e en coitme reqsted by l trs fllhe comeeqed b iqi saythat t u and iraq i aya u ara qwilhave aongog relaonshor yea com ilve ago itho thela ameshricanor yomt c troos. ho >> tarri as me leaca morn omt at the ll t woo look >> ri s keea torri cism i s gatwihell w lk widnt h aeprilicacins is dreain hg? aep whca's tir mor coer ea> thr m or ccerns i wh t m and heer dngeit th mightrn i po nd th tgeenig of.s. th t combat tros allenowin.s inian mb t nfluscelloow gn h and iexpanind an they d t hi luce thpres hent s aoi t pa aghyin thi >> i s a thriouest t miak i ia ieveoue c hav netied angreement and ive cav i'need a grmeryndery crn abo crn
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ireased araan iasluce iraan >> aa tceime we nee troopsn ra ra and a t aga wst iran an badop sn ac rs in ndtheggaionst ira we're b ing intacorsn 20n12 with wre no .g nt repoorr: ecreta20 ith cltonnoing. that epor ta in ou cl bad ghatmiscalculati iouf ad ey can't consimideallaef an c sintinuee acanrence the gionncluding nt besn irennce e di>> hris:teveentani bes ank u ve ch. as trk mison iiraq set hs:veta to w in dk dven. . t sois i conaqoveral cetment from w t p dsin.nt of sooner c nt afani an, omere rros t si arntrisk og tfir liv t afi ke, e tsntry arsaskt l midza i sayingnt isan a n idza inayrvig anist wou in support ptan i e veinrvi westnt tou w wh t hepp n as eou we t the uig igi, s asou coentsitti a r nergi , fos r tseho igcoht htsavti r supperte his veme .for ho if kisign hs ppte h at.ced f s n ansif t peoceedf ptaannif t needafghantas lpe. f afghistawille t herene with gh you, asfghalpstan s a roth ghta lland eth tre wh he u,ni ad athaesan anda th d
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paktan,hisas nniadd at and impa ctkn,ns o nttit towards pactn pakitn.ow ds hars: a wesrn ficis sang t s ak carom amentess a s p ercipssa t an ttem t tryk comnts l perer ps tens ns w ithem htryeighboring akis n, aft r ecnsennst wh attackseibong isfro aft i rge in aackshe roge in haqqani terr a home remembeng a ertwelk.ov a h in raceem cem iverelovan inace heldon, is teer ltunan y k that crashas ld , br teakingnetun t csh t hayha cokshisfe. brng earlr to ty,lo cvesh ton ok . lebtind rltolo ans eb ti lendatg whdon ond off le athewh nac iasvend entn o iaciana ipoliand we hrdromve gun wh racedinalidelosidero guwh whdoacnoryears. lo>> asi danavell 33 s. yes o afan elife ea33 of yes of vife and ears of ohif to meerond eaememberhi and to to lebroe. tember t aime e ktone w t celebr tede lifeeverday nd kw an
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w reerto cleebrate whoifeery w. >>wo wihtoth catebtee hogoeg w >> towinswethowgo nog c zo to nsth three n gting the crozowdo lauhr morhan gting few t timro o whi o erau m tbu fromew t eake rs dhiwtearers, d ro eld h e ke t e 33he h e iedast t as suay iha hee fry -c arsuay fry crsh athe v-cas otor spewa crll at h or idt h tpeimwa to op,ut he h t toanff d p,y sherf's dy sayselff gate check er'ssays te a c cksuiousehic zaeway d fodointhate id t uimate pruseicndae py ic e i fo inat mi tri are lki iuat sepre icew v ieo that c ldmi a cta s veo t ccluebout wtapneto lumisseutg ba ap. ne o se ssbahe id f. or y rssef . id ff . [ ma annncer cranrry ice?ake
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aneverrowi. th vizong lt anerwi u cainve neways topgra youbusi ss vonlt usinreal ime oup caetinve ewfrs remtoe lorationou si inale p indeo nferfrcingem lomoonle c dit-rd pment o erng mo ct- pnt lighing-st dnloa anacce to ousaghs ofg- dbusioass a s. anceo saof us, sirizo ahas the rgesseleion , zos ofe g ltesdeviles n anthe st 4lte vera foyourofusinlts. vi ane 4e ra fo aluron ainrica fasst mo relble netrk. al acaasmoele et. noondemoreusinses choo veron weles nodereinsoo er wan aes oth rele carer. ath lear. verin. ri >> trady inorgia. ra uthoes singn offutyorgi
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dep ho was k silgd b oy a epas k b a tionguardsman who took hiwn ti. onar jneshooe wook r idgis . torc h e fjromorkoehe wn r he sgppedo cck on a car rc h fst smtilong the sde o sed c ck th oe ron a cndheyay p sti ding'the eveen g t oth putro a hisay p kickta dn'tve onis tout h moto cycl wckheta n26yeaoldis ristopher hodgto shocl him w seearal mes,nd tnurd theop gr odghoim hims else l s, t hodds was wit tehe g oenssms naonal uardod woingom we trningnss ge gi naalrd nge sriffayin hge str ng peed to gebegi d nknd h sffin geenir s pets aedo d h assersby. s no o ae else w hurt se by ne developmes toght othe se olsthee m husi bab ne giev in opssouindtot cld e o ckhesiab fa 'sgi cn imousi cld ab hhe abdu cctioimn. sur illaabeamasolng du io wh a man wnghi urla waed oolng oth ethe wh wands hi near littl is ooeheirwin'some the art stlvanished. ile wewi ds keno kw w e s thni perednisw e e deo d kw w essehad olthder police dabout spi cious thesedy ol psayice car ry a about i t shepious areahe on t samyearnit. mean thilehe are na p o t toameind
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e anle monthld p legirlin riers will m nthee llisa'se rlface rs bllboards alosa kcesas tyhighys a blbrds adve arting pany ks ty donatghin a thign opinvegrtgomodnyy mht dat rognze t thn cingnd mht cl p ice.rn t d in ariza,oig n pe. of in iz ossingfiveeaold ingd jese ockley. lasteen oeego eseoutse hehome klphoeni. st n sh jshd aftergo htsheme mheroe went osh ashn ftra leang h m theent o chiln w h thrra old l t ilbli ws. thr o r dad l mille is o the i da s lryeilearn a lo o what thehe s eeatern. lo >>e' athete. earningncrein ore.eaing last ninht a c dle.ight vigil tsid the asme. nht adl ig htndig ide . jass'sot lashed t a t'sot lhed media blami rerterfor scloing ere med bla hey e. re erd nor hlox-hug sbaned goin gy e.o k w here theno hyx-andive in goe' ks a wreheexiveffen behine's arsff aen jesehe's
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grsdmotr acsed the media e's an d ngrototacdoing m te sayin tedy ere notnglax beau sahsyye a e lack la and liceaumeanwhile,ahsyeej an o f theck aus atd nsce andanaye, ce dot p anye roleusatnns nd is in vest digioot pny listl.ole n notng c be f thiserroinmst he st ot cetherrotrmuth. his is aeautul ltle fe-ar-oirltrh.nd s our- a-ut le f t-o piricldertment andhe r-- mmuty efft ha b n ticde rtunwantringrom e the very muffha egin . wangm it toesn matr werhaythe coloof h s ki in is eritsnatw he atiolona hty s iwoul nev make a ionadierence. i repwote an njahessye's ma agrandfher st ndiht, erce ha is, ok tepte oanhetuyety san hdfer n a, reates theha, t ppt htye rei vi from h ret on theesmedihea, buthe h e li rceei avis wemll. onhedia,ut contadting hat hliis wif ae we. saays ago. nt >> hngris:then u lo w at thisn bance,ay davi to.he e a t of h ts:ngn s tlot ispeopba have,ouvi o aut a of ng t is family aopoavik o th'r rreing f m theis faly medo ik th oneand they'in fhela ng ed th m ianedorhe not eug atnti, you ve meor ot e inrm n on wt y f oundatti , u m abet the mi. in somoncase w i yulndd be
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ab t shfo omse ul bhe grande s ay elant au ot of atttion nd n owrae s they're und a the micr pe o a tt anonmay not b hpy w ey u thinhe micrsc se any this a t inv estigaon in ntinscs. se 've arne numbe oiss tnvti mtioned men ino, tha t e ne be o herx-sb m ieds aen ha contvicted se orffenx-ersbowein isba ars on cthe mher was on octenein abusing er wn c mldherenr bacask in 200nd tay uswn cldnack tinhere a ay porthat tee t of rehe oer rtt ildn thaee beef tak by chil perecti rvdesn eeaky d nil erowti and he invervigatess innasead d itownd veatin abuasaneyle m akit suhe not goingbuo letyle merimil ass iati of nthisotam gng inoetny way emi a ss tiversf w t inisstamigat in. ny w ey'rlookg at anyin rs and teryt ngin andstuiatly e'roktheahing as tnyhey'inre d ytokinatndui wlyol d tayeeng t y' that t hereas ainitss w t ayobseed atr,re a dar w colored se che yheayr, o df th oled bduc he somne eerin o at c ar uc r sesblg eer cjahessye r gssibly aopul jalessad, bu at tlys po at toearlto tell op ul hey'le l, ookit .atpo to >>rlarri tha woul be tll
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senti ts nohaorelnglo t thtablisdahow nd wsretino torng german res rch isatelwli retu wed treourplet thi rmes h afteelrli wni earltu two t tronpl et of deb ts mht te srve rlwo t ofentreb. s mo m ofhthat s satellive w as expe tod tr urn mofhaup s atli ne epexpod sayin iturn appa nt wen t dn oxpay it pantent nso ohet asnd e as orb froapecavel. w sns the jrb marrot codap e pi up tcave ahe sns hebe jcae maarr rcoetaile rspi ap t hingheore worke rs acaadmaf rle e hid shoppg kezor andkeha meansf usds f hid ho neoppgtunies f d meausut of neworkpmniican f case stegallut o le wrkitan the se we stell l citoat nhes sound we likeood wst fit. ns ou ked cas .fit. yea harri sll t ak ea t oonewshenartomthell t t enomy etairs ewsectnodayake ith ig buc tehimyoliday son ai e t inactay theakeor ec asts bucoo tayn inthe aorects holayal aill gro w ol arly t yearersualillrow las ly tha t rgssutruehat m nsas ha conmers rgs wl buee stll mgns o
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7:24 pm
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7:25 pm
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7:26 pm
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7:27 pm
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7:28 pm
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7:29 pm
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7:30 pm
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7:31 pm
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7:32 pm
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7:33 pm
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7:34 pm
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7:35 pm
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7:36 pm
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7:37 pm
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7:38 pm
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7:39 pm
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7:40 pm
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7:41 pm
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7:42 pm
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7:43 pm
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7:44 pm
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7:45 pm
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7:46 pm
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7:47 pm
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7:48 pm
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7:49 pm
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7:52 pm
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7:53 pm
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7:54 pm
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7:55 pm
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7:56 pm
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7:57 pm
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7:58 pm
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7:59 pm
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