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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 23, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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ccyalstres. wilbe jininus fm arbytateil jinland >> am f heo byte repsente asnd hm rypern and uni meepnte aith e otrnd iividlnieh e otr iidrson >> dyoulner or on >> uang d. >>ywt? byr ices oice >> oinbyt do?es ntst a voice a opion. 's a.? aou aoi a ign anop a agn stir sred e. ave licesor sd carully wee cercarly moniring ces c o . ce doou fl treed at o al? don fdol f treatthreated. >> isal?ind d crd. a b ign at. >> am also b an comt vetcran >>mn eo mar ae cor. omi dot feet tea eryarr eafely. i w goi to sk t yea abody lia a weo ill ve ybo li aq. wel lenty fm th owd. u ca see thenty eaving fth channg a petry d. an a pryeangsnd
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erytng ee yocou poiblyimags firsi wto goo yt eyo puits po llon pic o m eitic o a p mitore aditnal kind di u se tit ll astnd go di esidsetial t lt bate al wh doe tt bggerrom e liti and tindgopberm > wh was itbouthep hnamiasbetwn mt rom ieyndut ri pmirytwhat m ccernom ri pyoury?t c numrnru? um o, th conine t fit othon t fi and it almt as iwo canditrlmwo dtgs a gngfts i ch o cath. >>itt du a g losft all you g frthtand m>>t os depers ctivbecaeouou red rsivouca yrom kn aboed it als yom a f knbotyer,nd thidea thayou snd her f tores anyeal aut t ea yoarehau ser re stanng oalmigr ation ts yoe t its ograithon heit ofts hythcris teiof hyis (lghte
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(lte ck, dont tnk ihave ever hed an lleg ik, my tfe. i kinger fwardn toegin ing yoy fac on . lng frdointhat yo>> iacl ten you w t t fts ar iteou what -- t>> im f kingar u amth--speakin ispkingng er tecein nig the larlvey i tasighe tiee gornornti pey a ro ey g o beeelost lorke peh a radros g iabel lscolya. lt vy coortunmforble. thout iturt e enre copubltaapart >> dun iore. ouit net toen kbl arnd andrt d beten tmeo anday l wt's st gnd et talg. >> the hadnd lsl ga mmi gantal >> heworkg the anadhenhat lsmit rkthannt go.ethem youin --ou wetm dou-hav a pblemith. o yav finh a pem h eaki. i logges sifneou becine pres ent the uted ates ookihave oplehe ud es pe yoveo eteak. t meele eak. k. meoeri and hoing. ark. republcans eaongi tndir younhog. un ofhe mte grablousnsnd ea t polofical moesra hers comnt urol foalmer gernor
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estianteik candateikfor gr ckab. >>reato se you. th are sringhe kfe uts ab >>atse achu. oth.hsng ks haobamat to eenef ofh >> io is gd feffmaotood ilica g fparty. wh wd haer rcay. vtual a wh ge h gh wasted tt wa valy a ghders oopas andt twa c t l it g rs copnd a no to lrate t it g abateno bte t tosthe mea for t te bngryoseeaor t ionryight ornd the go aeronht o heit a in t excngeou shodittit ad t tpperxce hdhont thator o eyason t satai osheon wy hetai wt haid ie wit s sm e he h exudera ie oit sm coiden. ge a sisxua oodyang coen s egryoo s he lood rallydyg a lookery fruoorakeed. opleill oknd jue me by wt tlenl haheyu ey w taw w t oy caidat awhoty waid h y o g
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outoato rde h wit ythistuff g if wanto rufor presidt a r ntrurrid a fne lood iefkot rey toakoo hisfk reoakis and ct of andndear to t c oth ofndguy. >> wasr urpr tedth e dn't omnegu enne l hpr wel man dt toee -ananiredand on t -isiddn shouer. thereathinge codave eou.nysust not nestot me mde s b loot his hd d sa areou b kdingoome?is h hur defsaesre kng? huefhatindft tentn. >> thoht tnd pleora of wasnt >>ho texceive.lea fhower ust say tesatchg chwe thetayatinn for a. ey he beme aheealiinr m. hbe alihow anse.w creati a vsionf ameran ol.e. reti purersevrontica wr cngndcaallg
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cingopre a opptuty t w w as who gng ases. wh t weh wshos. nwheed is amerindo us te cag dist. >>yeah at ho theagext ig >> rtio a suld naextlel. aio sd nleatclar. buifhe fmilyad a desiono bclak. hebu law t ft'sly athatamilr lac ton baw dcion. ciil acsay dg. id th a a y >>in sabag his caaign >> ty us theabis lan guage tt eh peo y t --us heanag t cuomouedeothikeftsa- m rio >> hisourygeo walk tt mo ckit. c b bk anom fwbe wl beifficu slt f . tm in uplac f lik. acikermacn has >>el peed. so tmacas99 eeptis that h now etiiscoret h owcorehe 90it emsoe hisuort w0 shi fy.yismotinalundt he will >>l thi hee hl a ol pla
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i >> donhi thie i has all atla onrfania hiit h ieal me t. hl e srtehangrfgiat he moss w ene steng appgling whh wa s wosmplipptyng >>whwality >> mhele vpan mel bvp s - bachnn ishe over >> s isot ovehe he - n s hersve b h han sttotegy a sh hasan o to veern oanizio th isstgy izaso elpf o. sh doethn'tspf havsh toetin but thosit the stes ravlly t andst rly osut deinhoo s moveout. the's ald sayndg behi veeruccefut. m re'she a a won aay bhiong ngarice fu m t man. n.oa wldn'oknoi aut ttri u wn'no uz a t bcaushee's sayg out at's beh buss iserayle t 'seh faure. jan youer ioranslut anou ianut >ou rember e old "surdaemnighr liveskitld thahat the "s dedabateghwillveit nely ?ha >> tty arheetell gtaring vy verbe? qu vklyer
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's aetrint tthe quly reblic arirt o's a dgero tng reic getrt to a are droor t fl c et anight. ey h fe toatch ct n th posionnit. c hmetoial chllshat willthe us gain sithm. youon't caveme crel bistyt whll itusin com to roueal'tgereba wht omre oyourlan she r baalsis fba urca n >>as you f hadour cobance l meca spk. cou a outadf time.r ceyou le oueof sp u oumtti. >>wo me fox nws dates .omi >>reato seox you n desrald ou vnk ch>>atseould ll wwillave mornk v othech reorblics onheth o oenot are tnnireliziic eaconhth o othe the hedithtes rell hnieziac muc hcheore fro occy wdis stet a mght.uc chero latesccn w b laesnd. hea l pticuarly lia save pculyav deh ofoammdhaf pd iraqe ar lingde outofmm by e eaf e othe iqar pngutyea b fr oeall steta frst sgl cathis rk. glaats glaats . [ ma annncer theold aislcan ovehelmg.
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[ ughssnifes ] ly w n yomare snnk. peci [ hssimifer p ]kagi , ci wyo s [ ughssnifes ] ly w n yomare snnk. peci it mple n to t thmrigh preligi forour mpto. it mple o newthimplgh pacliging orsamr effetoive ef obitsin®. eliemadeimplh pacliging orsamr effetoive itn. iedepl ok... h. thbad ws, ( it'se robainy toled. thd , 'sbatod. e go newis, yodon'haveo pa yo dedble.
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, e yoom nn'ionwvee inparc yo nwu goin$100ncff n ing, go00 so n youdeduible r is zy o. noudule z thothegoodews cof ldtoyoof ♪atioide on ur se ( ughi ) ( hi 'suaa tydy ousi atre hemorng bens wi artitisain. i twoillsheee a rnoo tour egint'co a woth mlse pa t eveng gsts rive pil. o mo k or eethe ay i doneckut hmog onil. hedoct recmend ale. pil. o mo nd leust ec pillcan epecmend ale. arritipainway l da pil. o mo ti inwity fewedapill ar ithis we larllwho anose enalev a few pils ar foo a dae freeevf pa il ew [ ffoale danouneer ]pa t anleveoupoew pils ar foo a dae freeevf pa inhis nday pap. fe un] anvepo ins ayap
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>> won the debeast ght? w themneeb perr lost t?cisi ne. boiktyfiter. says romne wshe dat d yofi r. ay rne w d yo sa >> iouldandt tick rry. i litlded bit of tk y.ergy shg figiteitfand a c uple gyig puncs. heid awells heasoned i cnle ncof tse atehe l>> w we thee iebat tan t ght?te i a wgoin wtoakehe i aat lt hse t? in racee ii am aoingo sba h w am amngo sn th w t slome go toha ro smney ithe shoth tlo pon h oi t ehogingch,osn sangmy, guym heran fshedut saof t moy. terointoay ficked per y omay ve ng ononeckf th uty im o yreen and down itheth bac wn ieacstretch. i tnk tenniier h ireh.
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t tni teath lobingca i congssmamichl gm forro ca ingmachggent nowor he ocupy wal stet.ntow wa h to ow y whawas opy gng al onst. impriate haomwag o d yn. wh abo g the prdetebat?omd o vceraro t t eat cuttg? >>rao. t tantt imp >> ecti i it v wilbe ay tmpugnth mrim re. kne tith. opleil aa t tougri ear. ne robt oe obte nruhes pulled tat's whatou a at aseing.s noaoins usse sg.e is oa lile rk toght. nsbillsis i alsoll heormeblmaso hme gegew. .ge b beuse missam youra lemeet bee ssamou leout. wh do u thk othe who th oebate? i tnk t debesertaly re? t teboreta eali levion. hangeahatli ihink vion
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haatt i te ink ammeor cdidas toet mei stante. domet ge cdatosucked m int rlity sunt ge telesioncket avent rtyhat d le shoonng ahot s ortsstou artellg uhohore yr fore sn pocyts xpe tll rel u re epoertsnde t tde el exrts. onw ishe emi etse to s yousel ex s. omisutancand notto get soul sucked i o th t ackndncd forotet ck ithekor yo queions a parnce twthcanddat.ns aare >>oel ad ss stop tndt >> bicking. thel therand sen't sou p ckg.oadi up t heerd emo'tats wily sdi bpes t u ts goveoor ssk be ve sbe s it eornoruckae sa i? >,ot at goorka l. >>his paigs,t a c not>>s a i cigt cole ba -- mpfi bo ew- lecd soone inpericed anwe s thec rsoulte of at becae weinidn'ritd cawen'ammim th muc we he to hamr all ofhesemm
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es.did o it'a famghtllt's f theyave id. d eye dd r fit. potionand tyeed et po d kno wtheytand r. t i sry it's no wynd too sr. shot th i kishen,oo st gethtkin,out. bradou hege brad he pside lis pde asngwh good aeas i lngo a li ia. th'ssual t srong li suthit lin tgongoreilicyu. is h tgoei pental dkcy hoise? h no f tun pnt dtend? i thonk ndobama i i rea ?trou t hadei py maorei p iicyea suesse fn'takehat ay n'ket a pturg bi lad fm a surbi ad good. madeood ath o. dds signic- go desion ves gnmeago t'n e edits o gorge w. bush fhe itge. bh f lici he s agast ts eltionill urnn th ci onomgait i t allbout t
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el onl nth ec iomy. utis i the t t psidt h ail ih t pid hus. lil wil rublins e the. niraq ilpullt jt rli as ound b e en of tsaq pullj aun b en s,ablutely i do fl oma abasutly he wdoothingut oa aas bra ama slecd just aaou uld a mart ecusw, dar ca-cland gui. cs noing re tn aan he h o gu henog t exp aien. yehe he h haso gd things on xp twah bu waas ghisn m tary toulde cdded for som o the gory om c tdngs.or this os ju by thlugok. isjuylu gngo beeplica be in g2012 evythi heasca don 12as aile mh f devhieon wit t pr thertiooflein lenit t a lio thgs. woulgiveredito th aer miliry. ulvedith sorr tis exceptn. >> t iraq pullt? ng t t u tt e u g t ude tmber?
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aion thi we baouldne usg thdeer >>hie ld usth pocall i watherpocentll. th wer wriedboutwaer kpingnt eder w th safnggreion fro kmng ir. a r lthafnissu resomening ro havto lk .ir r me bigg av licto w rn't ront t givthatad vicigry tw ba . >>t hank tou.iv will neveric clou ba bil ner cagain. ngma meltanri gri b agn. by. anre gng to te a break . ch or there l gthes t oe chsy what wit che the les o atit mans and ochepyall stre. higthat mryanndame hemisat e e wh we eeigtmoing hewhre.e lotsfoln a balngghhe. whf hapns i afeuary? wi the b stialgh ehap i fe bery h wihe whetihe wint win bws o thee h hudnhe rive l bent rigin bac b ohe wbeigac ud [ fele aounc ] theominweekand nths difarentfeomhing litt out glanmas beti eggom hs
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> ev aass murring d verseserd tieurng d l thr. i i rghed uer tickearou le th rhooded, u prded,keouot. d,peodsome morpr ain peme spitorhis thle f hit sin ptor to itsctike reale fhi oro musms ed asng teamhat d dous yoas t tthe d end dfo e qadfi isndavagndad babariag bari qaddi's n'seatsust as s ude. n'he iattsaht o tap ing i his gt caretaavin o a sapip osm iswatebefo cetin s o rolutnary utroteillfo omhim, to r hingrogainll hi enematin ssinem dtats. eyeyut osa binaden downat shotn thfac at ce isantoinheen hnt othe otttlethot aac all e th cee ito col hd oe oode
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fthdrel frosre iqt thend o the th drroyear? e straighrwar were movingo? ierrdertrgh tionan anon dow to g 15,0 oopso me seow to aqi 5, thepsecur my s fores coul td tiraitioo n u . tahe pporor to ulss trahaio o n aoio stp. ihutgoisto a whatoi hpens whenllra u.s at hnsgoe. >> cra.s chu it tr aay b it s be>> an rafulhut 8 yeay b tet mes ere ben l ha 8 sn itea s s manyeood ople kllha st s oressnyn,d le kll 400 some coluss a illi dolrs sp 4t. se t's luaveraq f a anolierol spght. tos eq fnobya are u as orrit. o i amha ya thasri a a tansional govnmt o th atev tak thelacsi oalfov ohe akddafheac o ctatship wil mak a af sd atipilak a uatiba woe stisfo? gao thi you itro seent t itsf i eactly hiout. others a
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esemendt sitmoun o nder an t s to liuna ju o le thre's woha ao o emenus aunt 'sklijuhat lth nes toe den egyt kt t aneto d tonesi rthefricgy a rovid a hei icffer the rulvis a tt we inlace er rt d th uul twen agastce dicaga jadists thelept lid nca nthern jisca. td wiln nerappe in . thes k wcoilntri. wh hapenedpe tn lt few oesayscori wh d's a tictoews qdafi hgone. w so a ofheseto qfiappe has to . of to usofsepeo f er u >>re y wored t e yor t tubli thaut he bre ddaf tlihadictorhip. i a not aftill mor oublg bu itct mayp. cr aeatet l or n blbutay chalngesror tte unid nates al musesm t brothhoodhatni es pow in od tifhey e p f ths pown phe ay in lib if vent islistsibfavhe aontr th inslts totrnesiit wln create wol w setoofsi w plblem in e
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unitre stae s in wur w n pem terr. remberithistainorthn p wt ofin rrcahiss cas geway int westn eupe. st deaeung. w wernt wi wit w werea wiitubar and qddaf narndaf anne nrunis. it n wisl no itesy. thinthe wnoroblemwilbe y. inill e veryignicantemil >>l hat'es pryenint hostra >>t' paes d geleme he m qadfiho seraral m. is mad fel m. sun ngnat atguy fust tned his lht out.ou dnkstete. t t. l goois lck wh l aloo l wr ce dh qaafi,ibya coulit bworsthan a ul brsan now >> tts aayshe obl. tnows c asd beorsehanhebl evilthvi youou't c. ave hopbeandse pnyt iil beer tn it kn wee opdis. py i isaf be prey t t bad. >>. awl a ssafreurdeng dog. w theay a ty mleddeimakes
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foevenhe uhinkle. theitreead gen i las ♪ andhey nced adisordan dy for edu. wa onme ador dr the nbersa bee clbingor hurs ater a he nasrs ee have qu ethqungake h hs artury. keturk h's pri min ter r r k andriinave morehan 3 ngjure38 eagnude ake ruc e e uc ildis coy.collsed. resveryffor cld mad lld. reryor cd ad itrd wit sno eecte o nomond. gapric are gngp eagate. o ndtio aicre sur gy sweduela prioes re $05ur s gdlonl ove ouplst epr reks $ gulagas gn ove las 3.vein tplks
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llon. dielrose. ad qrky di csapes al qy 315 a llahe m la the mt eensi a 315 ck teral at rge. . talt e. thiis a f news hi falert.s al is t.elately milig ons wa strt. thatwinty ismilig ncoulng. h i n watr yothk'sntsm brulol ulich .ll h ru n a lgeryosmpac i ink h hap henser than lrll otheac an oe polic nife nifeos. ol lose fe. l se l a sgl at is .pottiark comg glt zu ti>> tk ee womks after eaby e tome wearfr y
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desweekag tediead masive fthear dii attrentioek beg pdesoase legettioe po mster m ge o carryin a ne naked mer bab mnis oarari. arst of eadaboce aenon stil ilfoces a i sould a oen sa's partsoc a i sld o 'sarspecll h moer debb. me t mh d yoecull h con tmo dabb >> i>>ad s mevel dyoon g tssest i sve ges ne. wheyou y sera mor an . seree?u >>oreah, ut at has nothine? >>h,o doith asoinhe >>ore tn ? ly.h heprob e>> m tehan ? ob. mn? no. weryou srringourords . eru s inrdsumbl g? >>s itossie y had a blblac?ut? ac?it'itasi yad t'assibity. ifou dnk y don ibmemby. the thatf d y haened >> tt shhad e nghengat din ha tshd paed out it falls d to
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aor aa catoryutt of fls mo pares slpin onatyf babshilr pa bin ugs bndrinnorabil i dot thk s hasn alcol doalth s e drkslcalhol. more drwo rntm is ale amereor toights yestday. o at' sty.italth fet in tht 'a val finhi ca. ogsar dasreus us in instigion t t toring mebo to stic in twn witntoses mtoeng boo apartic saw twametns hing mertaw42 p nd bab angdier. the rnin hour of pe ndab e in hurf dippeance. here war we e livow th er fo wrense ivathogist th dramonshois drchaeaeden.n. >>rthu >>hu ido l y did ido yne
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10:36 pm
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10:37 pm
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10:38 pm
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10:39 pm
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10:40 pm
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10:41 pm
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10:42 pm
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10:43 pm
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10:44 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:47 pm
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10:48 pm
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10:49 pm
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10:50 pm
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10:54 pm
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10:55 pm
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10:56 pm
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10:57 pm
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10:58 pm
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