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tv   Stossel  FOX News  October 24, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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>>coy e wh1oidn' li my ow. >> iy whidricize thi s ni liy . i for ri prciest,zehe t tesng ofniidor >> h do prut, twsf oeyf are arni any thg? ho f >> knoremyids a l nirningny en i k>>no a i tir lin eyes. i k givme areak i so aackethe u es.onor iv anotak firg b i akee u tea ferg >>hy hav teaenurere.
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in mt >> hfessio tnsur d on int hefeio d tenu. e ingsre cngin no thasomeids an e scapenu gs c in unio on nohameits inan eape things are ioppeng. it >> ge ushe wst tchngl e anywpere iamera a g wuse wstchl wl yw ier ouerfo thether schoo il fi yea. >>hisfoucheerssfuloo ecator i fi ea ba tonht texpl n ho>>hesuc fu l doto tt. baon t pl>> ihooveeoo. do >> howo yot. cre ie. how yo re successful school? reangndriti ng i ssu wesul chl? >> b it roc ng ea aso!riti w thas ur bt ocng s!how. nigh has sw. gh en arinsear th our publ schls arins seaugthur t heblch natulwer givug t t more tur gon t don val recati i oneric on tealhersake fratiio of icatawyers a keterse a of mak e. aw
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ye we nd to gurke porieake. stra ht, nnd ttochurools. p or at pple n't ow i tha ra, t ovch thels p.as30 ea rs a me prie t i t s ri ed chovoolhe30ea f adi ericnowpeedschuclhor th oth ntriesic spewndpeetth oor what o w eth gthet nt es wepeet me bthuildings and m ateoe g we m asestan buiin a principalbut studt eaasinang, piptmpve ud imovemint. g, st sres areve jimem f la ss a fewlace js do b f trebu ew thoula, lice thes bme trican i in an charter schooou ilinheakmendca n i oa and,alif ctheyhaduerteoohe so-ll a oad, if k idseyuostre pr e ugrih ks os o qlior fre governmenrtug luncbu m t q crtor s fchls g er ene tt hhe nc m publicc sri ch ls itn c halifheornia. plic i cifni enchisroook cled ch iscrazyike aookox aze teve is anntpreur, ev he is a eat t magazineseur,nd he wrtte t tooagkinlass wrfare.nd wr teinsehe fooigko far ansriehea's hool fo
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so f sve as olour o book whameoucra needs isook a wc gra beega i wsith theon but i gan welitveh theon thaut becse thenioelon'tve wany cnge haorecseo t fio't a wa tchers. cnge io fhi a yout werhi p iutn touhe w resarchor t you boo >> es tchhihat y b nee d>> tee mdore teacrs. it'he oy me wteorkpacla. wre we ' dot oyake wkperforman w into do rmasouav d ocum enoud.. nlyay s fix tt.av um > the workplace were e y dt f t e p>hefoancento wkpce accountreet mnig t pfo youceoccnt t bet ter mteacr gsounothin >>henly chaeetr s rw l gs th yin'v >>e br cthinhaande that w l whatheenriy is aboutebrind ha td ten ur ehayset iri i abo. > h deno youys changehat?. > y ou h>av yhaha tt? din > t uon y h a bendhe uonon. > dthi aendheyhe bent.
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>hey ae sttifhifsent. he boardstf no matt h y tried.oa >> donantto b he tt y asri >> on denanr of b any ueniononact thatxistsdo tay a but u wont u ve to oat itstkes tniut w t cutrt nd t tr itopotnd do n onec.t nd t ittherare ts o tcher d oat ce. nne therareot er ae nd l o tsch t chc who are er eembotarrassed b ls the tho aidulous eosmbioraed t uni hetakes. idthosulare oue teshers 6 t reacni ands.ho a t ose te tearsch 6s acndho a t at yohaea to bse leadershiofhe s ls . y o wha b yhi nkea aouhit wt ls ays. ha >> thinke hiuld nt wt s.>>thk nd otiate wh t cla i n'tnow nte w tla h i touno notte withhese people.ou ty had cpeottititeon ahe thseeoe. hat t uys.had c>>peeatiningon? >> crter soo . at u i n't kn nyea uningon? t cer soo i t knppny cnihart sools they cha wonrt'c seoo visitour ey chooonls'ceis th don oo wan kid thon foran k xamp if an and the fn't wan t oumpo idun t
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san' asubanctooo. e tded sa asc $6,000 ooor e $7,00de ls.6, they o sayhat iokay.7, heyave nlo interested i neyidaytok. t u ony has n been ierte iid arou t fever hnd teehen have no rec aorr fernd t ofhowavg e interestecofwg ntes kid >xactly as erying kniden > xaaid ti a doinn dagree except for d i do thfo tstentence.agee eepfo rwhat'm s ing there a stcerenaincnders thate is' un s leag dee r in ernampars this flodaeaho a inam lo ror a zlee bue' roree gog hbuave' a unig h leadr ler t show. ni youoldn' say ad lwa tho ouon' aysquifie. yo woun' but wou w tquo sayie yyoou n' catnfc utou you t sunion catulesc y> exact ni r. >> y saidhatul xact r yaiine garrinay bctob to e aray newobo k scol d trice >> iaid carully ifhe ew ere nder tsc t dmbicf the id ar maly who i isf ud
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t oe keeerp tmb t e sor tesmanderho hsisd teephumb s.ser why wouldhu you w wld stoedlue y eea tha--toedlue ea >>ul say he ha-- t poly. >> wee gog toave s t accolntity wegotoe. cc y> thea fire a teach youhinkthey a nthoi a fire t go j >>ounkbs autelyoi a go j absote >>utelsote >i dot t uon hes tal ng> dotbo tut. u hes al heewboork plch syst tt i scaryhe to meew.orkl ch se i st t int icahery t see tchs. inhero th old u ni onosss. iike th. th ey owere u rniight upsnro.ik we nlthyarab ou thereea rerht up have e nontaraberhe k s hve the nyo dt't pahe ds hey i'tpa d do prefer tlan erhe ion d pfe tuylan er heseuy s on theikie t u. se t wee abt thkids a we tand to d is hweelab tthheds a e idsd tnd thn' care out h
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te ki. >> hat s nictho ikian bie ve>>t ic h i.'mitng her bie defding tni ionnly youitrng ow. h fngniny ou . >>he is of pisburgh >he i foday a y piur veions plem te ay a txaly the kinns of remermse'realkxaglyheinbo .rmsrebo they. not aer a v bef ey hear the n aer a von arhe noon m no - m- noth morhann foxth n mew ihann ey foer't n rforming >> l meve y ahard t'tim orng me l sey shodnrd't t heou becae yoare s o s poitdnallyeou corct cayoe so weital d say s omore thin tha e wou make day sy nineirs t ou s maky arnd n here sa ar, ndoa, youaneraye tt.oayouay
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>>nhe regarysm a rodnhe here you rouldeoastm a yetdou'v got hires yldestnoou et'v g sucssno >> h i'm nestucwi tm. >> h 'mhe would be astarerd. tm. i g wld sar. k idi ae ging.c s. dav k i engeenge .cpart.nt n eav ingeethngc udiert. e six minority kidcs iehey arearesi b mdsor. k ty ahe vyerrey arccesul, d thb areoingo be t s auccessfu vly es, bu ofth crerseng beu s scehe wa ybuof c seu s it.h wa>nd s you purose in tha t her y i what? pse i n>> t sell yigr truth .ha er hehasgoing e tl hri t sturuffth. like e hritu en s ket. hears s omeo ne s say egive hrs y shoul s heoe hed s wha ye prcipa y said inho hhehed ha >>aiin wewed elier ch t unionwe eli ay t shoul heni the ho he staardizedhe tti y have a diffent taded o tniti >>yav a tif ifou do oniway with
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tha i youwaith sad a wou sring ftbd aaskeall sng i wentoolge on a t wcko olscharip. a o'm all for acheparng. o'm a tesng he reason esis the uonon ant roso be hdccnt tableon wldn' wt eo lovee td haccntle j wn' thathovere is no haccountaility. ha n youreccoutaitiv lightests. ou >>hey lovt.iv theig loveeso com. to s oo>>he l d s ha the ty'veea cedom tooo sayi a basketbl gestve ks le th nighof t heias bketbaltblg gameecauhey arel gthng n tio t he ast tkealhowall omeau theiryreard wk ha willthoewispllayed. tir th is yar k swk lovlleispye th ts estingsove t myngkids hav t myds h highet s.t. te sres inakla.ig t>> i s.t a kds tere w ien. eit i abou ait bs the tch aree gointo rnut. ou aedth s techreha rterino easut
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abou iede y are gnger toursnof. ou it kked ffy.reg >> at iurot.n o n fo u ks.ked > i e kinn odn u of he ur kand in the o piwith t kids.e >>t'sinar t te piit t ks.icked >>'sar ticde of by theay thed are ientt.siasc t i d 't khewa y hohelong t ahey rwi be nt asthc i dusstic k >> wt i fhondng t dy owigy repo rtthngndus iicov t ho wi fnd d teohgsy poasg iov t i ntteviinsg. he wld d it twontviin foug.r yea w bld d the intultimaly twh ou rhey et to ea be thergetiah y or b eittlerge or b ou ngertl, f y answeng a of bich u arouer f requir t do awe af h ar 27 reir do at7 home a ou sta do t he for afive t ou d ightor yrsveou av eht to yrs reistav a b. >>e' ret >>e' realist asng tm toork is i rli tot alas ttok h disage th y iot w atchlis a yt 40 a a itl
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ht alit in 4sa a ansco. wh i w leantherli was an teacer c ming no.t:0 wh w eahey loeras a iact cngn:0. y lo >the iy'll b.urn heut'l. >>he bea cntoour >> hoolnt ttartorking wit h ol thkids ty ve iorng itwe'h got a thaidsting list i ids. wee'e got a aai wngiting is for s. tacrs. wego opleant worinwithgsisor beusehey wi. change le t oroplthe'ss ves. beeywi c tngy weork80 ay spl ae's s. yr wch tis l wskha80n hay as y ar.r w chthey h ls summerha h aofr and eymervery holaynowno mkind d' kw hou are goi ngl town mnd urn dut houreoi weave etnter vatut t wehaven y do. t lghte ] y >> on thaot d my lteacion >>n to pn my goes in eracion tha y b andp steveoe.s er next a how a bmeicanndub sve s.chol xtow a isanub s lik thi. is l t
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geing ur binesfromoint a tooint cane trky. somemes at y nee ext wor ng citalgeg besomntto ntan tr. lea ng omeionss yee xtor cal an as o of eae to orankns all sine lenrs gioncan ke e jo ney sy. an of tonk l neen e? sonlet'n talk joy . st'lk ♪♪ my sglass. ♪♪ sas pele s i'morgeul. pe( sr ho'ming ge . ( hog mae th's w we too ma memablelace math we tomaemlece e suru oback lo theoad u're n. su ock
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[ apause apse > joh f years f amerin yrs edatio h bn aovmentmen mo poedioaovnt ll moompoodyas to un t scols but omyas t ger toesn'ts ut nying ell. toeey s't th y antny rinll. ompetition t s itivesstletr pne
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peon moviesar sitesverythgrha ptne vi s notry tog continue ts s egmeni needotooori cefnueos s indianaen.i ed o uoeerief te koin ofndna. competi edueetione k becau wn cpe don'tav r eadulon cpe bti you ge onav thi rspeti y ge ts like ts. >> w l triear you t hs. sh> e t whe caroear y h mi .sh the c ito fusolio m aan . ind nait hap fpe t colalec terndriblnae hap c. tolecreerble sau. t thi is checkg fuel s> h.ewns hi ss.heg wuehen governm tunwns tng ss. thhe i wovhanmt we g. h >in f w thiss wt cs. l ke>dik fe tssthen gnm didlik ru t cnmusesd the yug wasu t bus cess the th yas commistsld psroce bhe theyere oud mmtsho pro b eye d ar
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>>ohn: ty sd they re gr t ca and peo e>> doh t s tknoy bter grca p beause d no no cpetion wbas aselled. it was lctionur w s aool ste it >as o l schoolooys ochys tcoonistil friedman tis uilerstooit was pbl fed forehe rt of udid. ustooas i 195 5 re rof hd. proposed soo li 95 v5chernsadro ssependding v er 1300 p cadhi on gov snmnden scols,hats hat00me prica chin spds onmthe envera tay scs,tsha meinscaadf jus spt g oive grahat tay ney theure cransadus and gha signin y kidhes t seoora based a on where gnhein lide.soo bedaid wrett tm to the kidai ith e cld a tm t fheamily k choose h whh schl to aend.ily c osthee the soo ouwhld s compelte t a d.for that ney nhehe cpetonould peouldmpve all orhet y snoot ldsdempavell washe ioredoreces utsowde treas are vorouereces e erim tsn t mrey stare in v ts
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eim itsianm s all ls ncomeiaamies nll u louer omscap tams ouonerol sc olatri bns cired edu cati onri hoic bensan c kwsed plenty eti about ice cpetion b kwsause he p intsy aut o c heon bsee e intneterk. comny ttnt r elomtrocts che to people. youroin irosct erydy wts he o holee and t haurtoi i isdesdy ws e cati onean >> rht. tde let'ertiembeonr r t.undantal purt'sefbe t monopyuna ursef t ole onpoy io t ellontior rodu aelighric ntiooe't cha ngduwhig ri cown and m ag by oee s'tteha or wnovndnm.agy ste or t isti in e bunessf delingeay istin bussnferior l prgdu fea hh pce nf io'rer snd pr h $pce0illion o nend ecatingilon million ks eting $3,0 m00 p conhi.s ureltre the bot
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to$o,0f p chi theeltndustriiz wheoto f we ere ecandtriids the we sareevelid dons 'tt teame ev aonoury albani oury atbaoesn't ea wret goi to haveoe ette r sardoi tfavivein than terdf iv th. >> t yn ss 'she th. >> leas yt'sas iovate instryn ameca ecau of ckf i comintiryon a?me iauf somefdy cerom c 150on ye is agoome androent to many0 ye lassoom t aayyld tan recoize at is oi ss on.ld str coicke i weit ooild ste o you a k thin wofei a other instryn youamerica wthhichinasr beeninrymeegris wchas en innoviv >>ohn: vouerso catenn nnov>>atn:n.ouso c atif y d t ma ovat,0 yma per chi,0ou tnk p l's copete hi toet thaout ney and soo l's woulcobete ytohat ynd s noti ul by say il the moyn
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'll s arayl t moynhe l aqaeda s al.qaa >>adrass the pblem t y> wouadssirhe pblk would yoyuo ou thould anydyirn twod dieethld a sdnhe thi to ie t dal-qheda hohiol. to y doou wry aut t fdo m-qa . f p pldoha wd ahe ali t ch.he theyouldake hi cic ch >> johnu ey ldn'e t you ts ould have om jn tt wuouldon'yo uthat tsparou ld elld supepo t wld tatt trldupt >yidouny cld suryve founy ur f madrassse >>ohn: t poi was it'sadotss >> n:as b t as p the stemas havt'esot n. b ahe if ty wantheavids n. sucedn t wtids am ica >> cn actually inkamthiceisk >>fctllthe senngif thechl systehe enng heyea t the earlys i y feat t e thin isvete
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th joh and ittigeht ohnd per ipeate iquality. p ricipealy. wou hava ch pratechool icpe ou av i tnk t t is backrd prte choo tnkhis i t tisivil ba ightnkhi iue ofheivig i o 21s century 2 vouers. thevera cgetu prite school in ous. am icaheras pri sool $5,000 amca-12 is $000 $7,0. tendo is thk o,0f.rate end oschos asthkra oticallyrtehat ch at p arivatechlsrge.ratill yif hehta pva spendingls $13e.,00 f andome,0 ad savnd you a13 vcheror nd $000ndd a y c verornd afrd. y >>he vouch s w rthafd. h>>heou >>he steth ses>>te m. s esu got me on lef behnd .in t govnmt schls. got on lverydy bs bter t oov sxcch.t rydy r he oxcui. >> jn: ouioury has vouch >>n: cerfiesou chiry.ha viou thoug itas er bfihiuc
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but thehoy hteas rts iuc cle t he beyuse yere spset tlehat sbeee kire sreetat se ten their cheranred gog tbetr hooland enroteor tsir want tergo tetr old teor s a wli all privat hos. allpriv pele are uom rtabho ws.ith eeho ice.le a re uomab wh a lihoe. ct cadillctacnd tornd j diac sellor tbas. theelws ll peoplet he s jt hav theeo gerent run a j hhe g meropenytnd ao fth. im sure thyerenderepele io fth. st germ yi turthidot weranpe i t s gmyot wreba t selived. >> iant toskouivedne as t itsk quti w is wiasth t st. i t w iwi ovetrs tto?t. >ivers?'m wh cnese loo joh do u le it?h >> iil s cayne l sohblo ooljtsz nt?t iee sd a t wentoblsz bt e a t anen-chtteo school unionoss tounni a chaer an shchool.chl n
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w itosni chat p soole? applse ] is p ? pl ] ♪ [ cntry [ ma] ♪one, cike ry laspaycck ♪ ma ♪e,e as ♪yc gon gon away♪ ♪ gone, on liay my ♪ndlo's sle ♪ g liy lo s ♪ gon gonaway♪ ♪ononay ♪ mbaby gonaway♪♪ mbyonay♪ withediced clai spealis... and oundthhe-cicck s viceai peis. trelercan lp me thgs bett quier.
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d nd-c sce wi you to a homtrinsuerr...n mth ttui. behere wh youeed em mt? wiou for a ageom or suote,.. ca 800y-corage. berewhoud m r geor vr it te,veleca.com00 coge v tleom
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junio lrs ten to j at cioharterrsch tls. to uon chaeross sa ov m doss sa ovody mhey are goingo me to schl. i wyas sprisreedoioeatorn a bout ch w sproea aut .j.uckett. hesed to t bos of .uctt. hehed b owerfulosngles tche unn buhe wl b b oseroful aos sarte schcl. un buw c wn b b youo tech t tsh g c yharto schools to rni o? >> is aaer rt s ch lsrcum ttanco. o thb iunada ver qck ly umnc er wth a grounup vf qck tlych at d h ae g fcfon tch crter at choo dwho h callede ac crt ai ooho cle dth ar pncals and irecrsal cckednd ope tirc sndardized ced pe tes an t s y snddi te wanil car s lsson plans bas o cn thi a hey lon sd pbsnsut not. t theaid wy wedano.utot. they saiaidome on down we ando. we t sd oionizdoedwnhem.nd thugh wate process iot to
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on knedm. tse teach sthh pce ialmost 7 kn of tseeashemmo. he whee to kp the schos op.because amhe esintf k thethec hooparscae he tea ers uniosinthe jas tos keep the woreas t jried tkehe soo ee t orpen, b. i teced clearthe t m an agn,en thosechaeecrlet t mchooere no tt toho thehaeiking of the ooscolernotohengoa e ty we coaorrupt t soo clod dtn.e corpt we t stardoo caldng dbo tard al ngemoyin thteacrs abo th ndeebod to r temhein thac a th n deplac.od r t thi is gog ac. to alw u t hi s hinggsn ao ompletel uytre ng way aorometyre t them i heard ouayalorng aoutowem baden hurd iut tnk tenur is aoo d thiadng.u. y t chis tnkillav i ten aure oobudthin it w illt bseillene arned wl benu forarne rcertenicatun f programs that veryoue o rrteaatrs undroeram tsat rydiretion ofasear tendacher and prial. reon th wilashaver oher a ri recerti.fy.
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th il eveh t tyo tec wtiet e tilet myo tweten ur e.ile m ou addenur. recertifitirogr am a touaectity prossiorogrm delopnt a y h ua each ps wh are dopon aan h iolve inchwh gtire betteronan thr cft .iolve geinetg etthr agein it ait. y say it' the a ypp s it' ademy. t whaif ere a a badpp. a my u can't ha s e b sry. anouan s et r oft. >>ouan get ft. >> dan of ietffect teachs. o ec j oh teaheay that in new yk. j t altheste tay to get rid if ne y al teesredeacher tet rfewor tedch so youilbe aeor tfire y a tsorrfiy.e yes illeo that? rr. es le tt?e oo o, w going t bng i g
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ng ersstant revwrong er ss ta w re fro teachere iecti a not h fng tch tudenthen we're gingti aot f irnthee' f them. f doiom ethiemng. ior o egal he d a gomonhi ohn: tha is g t oalno oh t lauger ]s g t o >>ohn: ieelad fono the ks ug ] cause i >> aohsmeadfo t ts ch lsusi swillot perfor t onech nlsew yorke' g ngil tootpe rfhavehoicof haeer n y'lle' g o un one veic it'one oferhe'l worst . o >> had tt'ofpportunity atheor endf m> yad career to owpphetuty rld end tt ceerroeshevha er ld scolagemtt a teachers v atheocalchls ttem a areeaer atocchls nionzed c aorkogher what is bt foth onedidorsogherha be tfochers ate ll bides hi are prett m uctfromerhe e llld bchooe and hire tei pttomhe academioond peormaecami w tough pe tmae ilg. the is to reouon gh biet t ll b anessua fthisren het
12:29 am
stud ts bin tha fcommunithe >> jn: i ud h y t do t a pmmveiterong j i a h y so ctd r pee a tcnkr you oroining us toy. t oulat'llor soiho you seto vy. col things athat a'l alr so y e h vpeni becau cof tng schsoolt a cho hni buec nextf the achiencle ho wil h avebu n itshe. aience w he its [ le aounc ] tohe 50 a. schar. t two rainand [ bus a nc twoind s thr."i'lslee whent's ne" adem. th'lee ens " em r 80ears we'vbeennspid byou. 80rs 'venpi by .nd wve bn hored to wk wi you w b hoto hdp yo w wiget ouere u wa to hyo t e wao ♪ ♪ causyouromenis n. ♪♪ usuren n et nhingtandn yo way nngndyoay arn re n alldu w! it evebigg than thoht. lcomitto pvegresggve. anho. youuys sure irstomams? p es. ous s? everhingrom avelrails toega tor mes.
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p. d wher youngrv im coveeld,il so s yoto peta r s. pewhect.ou ive soyoet o was a cturwithlo? pet. i do i do wa a ur thdo y? min t toake dore thdo is oh. yin toe thuh..s h. okay .. everody y "aayward prottingour mily y "aw, trdt's ogreive. otngr ly . ca or tick s e. car k y.
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applse ] pl ] >>ohn we'ack wyour queionsohor w myues. w urthey are uensoryues. eyare b chavi patrick b cha bn a priorr ion boss brom los anlesr iooss a. ans duf. h many you went to d pub.c schl h oanr g yerenntt ubol ch ow manyerd gotnt a ood duca onal t man tdot schools?ood caostalf y. iou soo aue
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pris t.o e johom wne is nt. is > wohil iur nt. s te wd sted tt librtynd eityts b lndelg eitys enees. was rht or wng .ne. i don't s tnk on so. > jn:veeacheretsaio. the ame. >> i pealiercai eti e me pft? i li rfrom it. butref thr rom i oases outfre th exllce >> aryou ing pay t emex moab aluly.yo schoo > ar u we'g goi t po p om moteacrsorendoo ra e'oio t heacendra tt. t >> jn: so me t others? tt >> h. the m jrk tet sheo to t oer reat he q tuality rkdu tcetion f tor the s deatnts qty tchaio for t we ss till -- it' w nooilerple.ill i >> jn: areou oino toayoirpl so e>> t jeachn:erremore to >>e' goi t pay a so tchaire lary>>.e'oi p th is hateaers rlly ry ths t
12:35 am
waeaers r>> jn: itowns lae jni -- i e yogoinowtoay a le gooni -- ache ryoin meayeverybody g paid her the seve?yby >> idverydythe ginn tg ll ctain s gete? t am>>e.ry ie hnn cineto problelookamg at i this hutt beomeso w phablte t ahe ts andd t'rbees ung wto tud d d whats the bter tcher. wi wha we' atoing t dhete tch. at wihae'ng pl you kw wt this i going b e a y k w tteacherhi drin in be a choo tcher dn renooill beart wha do. enl be weareong w build somo.ething aweo ale a blddy ttomhi has ner a appened a befde.ytas er caot tell y wpehethneer a b g tea er i goincaoot geeltl w pth a g mor ea iecsein don'tge kwhat thstanrd is or ec se'reoingon to cwateha tthhaant i reng stan cdaat. t t>> it te. anda he staar d is> it t ari te m seltaaris. werehe sard. m you e gngoav thip we us. sd. eve b cku go ip o.akla ve bck
12:36 am
lirn t oak passed c tallus p semed my c sch l. e >> johouay teachrsch d>>fereoh aunts andireea tsche. oncyou odnre atsnd your scho the it.'s e asncyou to tnal about w y yr areoingo oit b eut if yoha t talbo a y lousy t erreoung g theom b out i a ion dou.ou g tmut i. achs -- i got 9% h os fi gstuotnt pass9% the of tuass ap.als he pai vesel the oho he is p teachinvegel thhy ocshosea hinkhycs he's hi ge.e' s aughr ] gh] >>ead to g >ad t. he got tayecaue h is dog a he g gatob. ece am i isact. do a g atthob.ebw dd j w are j 79%as the oer uy
12:37 am
>> tohn:ha i oer heatters ihn heha mexcaor he not.atrs > heheheated my k ms. heothe.edur hhe my k hedur i'mor the ks. heasn'fo the kid th 'mid tt pass t hen'foheid class ps laveea. in a uversitynd comt orkor me ia and uve iitynd spose tomo tran orthem.or mend i at o s sseool twe tra theem kid at thi sit'sl a w tte ofmoneyf k apers on hient's w t an comen to wkerorley and i anom t ove torainkougand y hould toetraouga y rund fulet berley. wha about ting ery. ks. ha a t inteacer need cstantraini. ac n tcher csst neeant tino loi a.tat theime. ter teaceers ndlo to looatk t hee. studnt pop atacion ty e too deing th. at c cnge roudmnt p yron t deg . year c.ero y ar qlity. professonevment qty pfeevme taing er eh otr ]
12:38 am
g eot] >>ououem craft the profssn d ev loenoutem h cft t eet heof nnds devf class room tds teache.f so cssohomntosse lac cld g to a to puseic lghch tto toea a t pu c ournalischecau you ton't ha theui rnisau couer'tfite. ha he johuiouldn't be allowfite to oh >>ou wldou nldee bo aow to throu >> w no trainghr. >hydon't w aing. treateaer s> itn't suc k glore a wearyer abut the srng out a wki t nrn hourst. scol y e 2:30. hrs. tey dsc't wyk en sme 2 twhyo we treatkn teameers tn hy any w treth ter pfeio > i'm yotth > j ohi' dyo aotgreehim? oh d >yo i'l a answehrimin my way. lauger ] >'l >> a dower k thaleayly wha laug ]isng on>>o nows k t thatlely w seducatio o is cowgings andha tt ia god thing s.ucio cng a hamae it wl i cgoome as ts tngt tchs it w doe w trk lger.
12:39 am
t do w bu you lge kw well do tt erere a bu loufweaersel t do tt r mree a thanftheerix hoursa y. tntheix they raur pers. they do a lot of ey era work. per ey do a helol o w i w easra a w tk.eaer w inhe hel was cmu tynstitu te gani in heer cmucity.nstu >> there inisn aacerkfty. inn ov tatire inubl eduaccakonayfhy don wnntibosh t depinarbltduntcan hy ofducation onause t ish a tepart ery ofdutionse s tcic a yc currilu mur t t o. o > it sul.'t there a iot of teoplretalk aut hea unio tonht. 's n just o heplnilks. ioon . he ob nleusm is henis.hinkeepl le i mbed i thehi dtroueent and tate aednd tou fedal d te joh indhe name forheal oh re nstamafoe. >>he i you cla >>toultlob, ca
12:40 am
he gld. > it'lohe, ca pfessiona l g. ed ator and iheunions pfendssnaul int edord ohe somiond iundian t o s servatis ireiasn nnion vati b ers is ntill blob. >> ion'tav b any perblemthll b lo thunion i't he savoolny boa who this elect s byooheoanionhe thes c e control hebychoo boardnihe uni crsitye avntelnihe bchut woa hae ni one sychloarfornihe b w holeta. ha iouldneikeoarr go le o.chl i bldrd port who ste g oof ch calilrnia. bortho ste of lithatia wouldotor at tou unionos.t >>ohkay. t youeard uon the phr e>>ohka the bb. ourd t he >>esehe bb. yse d>>est e sho y two wkse at e so itw fel wt thi d aeali w rdy t d wine gten p rstdyg my howiwte he sgd yea m fho a wknd d see yhat f lik ak sd ay e it ilik theheyad i 4 mti head
12:41 am
mohat 4 theyuldn aee mo oat f tinyn m onclsroomdno o tea.n m thn don say no tayoes ea and thon sayther y tn an sth reaucryn recr. > thatsoweaer unions ha > ehavolvtedos wreoweyarer ni no ha elvo no not sidng parents otidid pents sc oo bearacies that ar stk ontup. sc bearealy traeacheshaar uon sst honvep. to r t ch ol. uon s ere e ples inth country t herehey re. e pl i elvg cnt rey 'sre happegngn sig nificant wayn but hasoigfi haypen mor. t >> taso obm isor y ta mabo t b noto evolve.a bo bweanotalok abo euthow .che wa to e volveitalbo tow ch ecomi cwa inntiv eelv ne tevve. ecmi heir inive ienve tiro prott en vee monopolyo t therottonnue t
12:42 am
mopo t see aonnue bad sead produ. >> jn: it's onlyro comtion j th i chaes tha ha con on. thhaha ha tveroc ok.t t cap eroc no oy if somebody wtedo ll iyut they wer f icedom wte too i.ut th >> wt'sd a about toentiv. >> and a the a ienve tiv bl an t sloenve d t k b tlings f lo chggo d t cgs kp chggo t exp tct goro t t monopoly go. t n: comingonly we'ln:om troce to seo twe say s ooolic s tedo h li. [ splau ]ic li [ au
12:43 am
torcles, oatsevenv's. rcs,tsens. nobo kno whe he t hi ve f racg. bonohee hi fac alwe kw is ittart kis itrtar sey ars,riveof t nuer trteegeic tota cry. y s,ve t nu teeic to c. ico,savi peoe moy on me th juscar surae. o,vieomo mthusr ra feme anunce] fo freent artbn suerer i s a and ew d . emancefo ret tb sua der whewe c eat at iana d d dhe cat t an rinkhat wan ansleesouny thugh e nit. nk t preancid®2r prentshe ad at anuseseerequunt he tburthh ni red2prts a t esquheur allday,alligh
12:44 am
ke t precid ®24 ll y,challngeh and e wh 9 ou tof 1reuserd 24 say ey'ralsatieied. d whou 1er y 'rtid. ry a8 cot pracid®2r fe. acoprid2 f seerevad®24hcom ee fva off® det4hls.m fffet.
12:45 am
>>ohn: doouchersr eduon >>n: w dkchn duonust k tn iome kst w hi toomes d.c. who g voucherhi ttoo atten p.cva wtechoo. doueparchent etionttound out hrep yearsteoo they art wer yonrnd ut ahred ofrshetherid i wr reang. ahof o wt doid ea piticians o?wt eand t p pgriticnso? no. e thrgr yeago ty o. killed it. hr y w? ty il t p iresensre secre arwy ha ttub a prweri thesec queio .rihe >> ueio the psiden h oncernsthsi deabo -- consonrns o - csboutakingbout
12:46 am
larg amountsf fdi out ofing trg aun fdi of t systeo > afterheys cancellaono re > werer panrotestas er ptests. > ecaon is. aey tuccess bu wcaon is y sit there auc mssy ucion is taken y s tway. m y > jn: why?n i t endi y ewa g a ajnswer?y? lete expin g m aweudience et e m e ghchl sudtudencnte tt w ming t t schpeecde he gt a voucherha tmg a tllowed sec hito gsc aou ter d. pli acow hihoo stem. now,e a.reli ionm. m i.w, wtapnd? ii. dhe wt psintn evd?esnd? >> d really d'tsintevndnow how > theeay programotnohowhe reahoze dprram >>ohn: mayb ritas ahorized ohgait hyb whes. h got ahozeduled
12:47 am
in it hby w thes. h gpekeof the sai the a isat theou oppoes t c reatain tisat xpan po ofva satchool vcher pagrs.f feral sooovlnment s ulvd fer pgrs. i feenltion oovnnmtmprov fin the quialityfenubonccnols rmpov t a quyftuntubccs r a >>tunt i und erst>andou w t foc yiour attndtist w prin oc y the aubc school syinemut what areheouoiub tch dobouthe stsyenmtsuthat whareoire utha fling schoolsow oh.risg f oh it. >>ohart ig fhye have i the >>hat havhe d.c.char progr joh befe youot ad.arro oh sceflarip tuhrouot a ler insc yar tour ouiniothe ubli scols d the waig in ydiffencer ?ioe li >> hsces ifthrewae.ig ffce? ad hallyrelsoith sty adly tat was aig s su t >> wohn:as the are weots of f ghts>> n:>> there weotsot o of fhts
12:48 am
fts tther we wotere shti os. itas rlly unseraffo wrers.eshti it myas rllherns sand memyut of tha s somethinthatas teal ofhaon . diert which meinat she woun' have odier w wch. >>ohheut w sidt h theve >> s hhe $13,0. no, s didn't h av3, o, it. d n'>>tohn: theopportityfo schot.rshiwas h l > than:nhe pp oatrty $00 >>hohis lhan $7,50 hn buthatas eugto $ 7, get youin a uttugtoatlic school tthat yas much br? >> yah.atlichl ty catlas mucinh he yig.h t c sl. >> john:hahediigh you notice? a>>deohcall iouotase? actuall aydeca i ember wheiasn aua the chng publ si oolemryshetemn teacherhe le i hebl me ol theysm year.eaer le me he i yr.emmber inemger sff- sff- the acher at iave d not are e r ie so-c nled putn
12:49 am
se a tea-c indheut cssns a ve heeain stunthein fthss g de theyer feth complaing aut i gde eyer cpl a i tt al setme bac >>n: t youralotr s wasoi b t sd y >>n:ou tro ritdad ty t doo llrida compared to aymerican do s ools >> mmom cpaot to t the arioi sh sls wa fed up with momhe tstemo. t t ubcch ool sedtep th and em w t re lyubirc of ilt.te a heir wnly option wre sendingir m oe i ack to ir tnlrinidptndn g setdi an m educ k tatioo that ts hdownd s gtt. an uc iohe w n'atgoing h toontit. t et he w sysn'teming fe. the sheysn't goingo l te. hapen. he joh bn' yt in dgo get the vohe apen oh d ouet tteaood vo educaon. u espiteheata showgdu t ki pireheadfatshgeading that ki he enf tteaot t the vch tt bge tni s tt.c. b voucniher sprogmas bt faire. uc r iogs b yieldedo evi ce oai ositve i actiie on evi sde
12:50 am
s' itt o aieven >> h stateai whe taev ubli hc schtal syem w is t fling st entlicch lit i s flits stude fli st ntow c you i shats s atuou p cgram iou a flureha connuou tonders tandpam i fre tt. >noh i donndrsnderhat tt. ther oh i>> whav de dataerhat gerrauation wv rat.ata c. plic sools gti at p49%licls gduatat w,9% p gatou cher lorsnd p nners onheouraer becaulo perh s peerleon lik youraec mother w apppeorpe t l ikusme yr a a mher diffent ouwpp that t prey mer basictudy. fft ou os wh gatrey the suc bsicdy 7owh t graucat versus0%f 7he ra voucerrsf winrs 9 fro yr sool d bette >> is p yr oo i d r blly s. pve >> aind wlle askeds.he aeakeoay howan you says to dn't cl owbackan yu s i'glad t itsor utor
12:51 am
i' lathan youts for joiningut.s. anou f jng exts more good newse t exortiod tngs areinly ne ex h tpeningre ly ♪ ♪ hni ♪♪ hornonks ♪h,ho wer the st odays♪ rnks ♪hoere oys♪ ♪tilleel e suer rs ♪ ♪ll l ♪suhat raced♪ur b ks ase we dowthe ne ♪ ♪t ed b asweowe [ ho hon ] [ ma annncer ho onen y car mor th jus a camato ynn er y r orthe ght surae maers. you ttinthus ca ye co rageptio youeed e t ramas. d th discu nts inu derve? coge io our andgentr que, call00-mcovege thscs dee? anntqu vis isrars.
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12:53 am
>>ohn:heor a changing fa. >> n: foyeaorhelob cng
12:54 am
fa foeahelob horble uffocas t hnioniz foca beauccy hontrolleni our scol stem buc h aonolle o impriso scnedm ids a iri tersorieed s choo lss justix yearsergoehe snoo i first usix ydidrs show ini fonst w idhow outgednihat someon wod dare ut halldge tirha ressohaontod mpetionouldare beter. ll ndre t of emha swe o depeonld b m or.ffce ref s seamde at m oe mea ossha on y ss >> educaors aver the y c ntr>>ydu fee t ahatveher h taveen cke dcntrhe tee fth t he sheas uetha kehe iee he uet cle i agovern mopoly a he d aon'tve serve mop a ctors w ll d d't't thi snkve seahe ctors system 'thi cledea aheon olstem whe i cled ieied pplehaonol sathat d't e iedik pee saat c d'tre ik et now fea laterreots of ow pple eall ler thecur sotysste o a
12:55 am
gernm tpe llhe monuroly sys a m ligsnm of mkids get tosc i throughs o cart dsschos. tohrgh crt ho18 hotrtsave re th 28 ho ttrhetsave ids thnr 2 in chae schools.idnr wn hri cainneechooatna.estro w uch h of rineca oeansatitnayro replaced os ht of ts snsoo whine u onpled ots chartoos w d wh happen on five yrsha ho scoling iapsn iv yrs up, to ho ascin i aund amerp,a andul a od. heoutp formad heer govulen at sc ol. kids hetprm g s.t scds tts. s so anofharterchoo kidshe a , buo theeauty oanofhaer charerndoo pri vads achbuooelut wheyn th don do a garood jondb.rioohe ty di thon d a g td y go o of buses t y thdi bovterngome ont of bonoly th bovrn chools never went t of bu nessools new mpetionas l n teroenof pmisi ngbuss i atw ion.etn moe k ts now psi lrnatn. o mo com krs.sow thk abt th. 20 yrs ago momt.ow thab othne 20 yrs at btowin o
12:56 am
you were sckith btthat but yo wtheneit cat rio b a ror en and cio ad's aanks to tt best s ng tos reht the wle wst suddly t here re ahe b su tre acher, tr several who he t tr eaeverers v ihonet c rea the wholeor c ea obaslo thahot porgr but that s lohahaintg, tgr. tt a tshain t cal.ifornia sool a t ssdentlearfrom thealorntne ache .sntarom thhe rested ehantne bhe th thesd ha are excited about th beusehe k arere excitedexoteab learn thebeare seppy k to wreal ekitno ea xci ed bouthee py i w ey iutymthyhiss gat. >> iymthy vsitedhis csrterchools whe> was steisded t cort mchls he kstas w t ged t toch anso k pset w a g conodechhe ganeo me pse h tim w ahei c saihe thgs gikeee hhi ti s >>chl thsikboring lsri
12:57 am
>o! my scho > w bing. tt c hart mer school is w bning. to tsomhing crtsc i ntheyon't havehe awer mng kn whatea ey monetho'tdaveill pve tbehe knestt t mhod bety of p tbehe ompeti ttion nonof us be eedsofo ow petion best ds mhods emergeou ghbe coetionnd w m thadstme ouhaens a tcoustid fweilhalt b oms mo of td fm wiwell b better t hab whate' gmoot n towwi b bte rtha tts o how.ate' g thks n fatchg. hagootnist. w.applse ] fatch oo pl ]
12:58 am
swe, nuy crchy t™. [ shs ] cat wa 'timorng.enucry ™ s ]cawa tiwairn it'morng' rnin [ naale nounr ] it'sweetit'sutty [ it'e absountely]elic us.'s etkell'sg'sty® cnchyut™. 'solyic. lls chy™ it'morng sowher™ 'rnf sopingeror ™surae lik shpingorpers yomigh thinall ese st aboungthe me..raik shngrs yoghinl e pro ct aouut te sam.. buwhatf yohave an aroiden a tam astataccint fgivess artshe d youbuign at.yove aen aatci fve ts d outhn e gu mig makyou it coup of ars. th cangu waiig aka u uple earsupf s. anai a lers babes ] o yocann. ab ] than. yonn on'tenti it. andenn ] sp le. t mo. ke o calto 'tti allt.ate ent. nn [ smalelennou er ] mo ll astatnow oal and llu'lle lso t.t a ee l etim[ membleshipou ] aatw d in glld hao s roa side lssisimnce.mbip gha rode ise. ss tse les gdbye t l g yescov juérm® xc, the oothovel fuvleé ®c, yourocto use ins ntlye mootthout f r urto thsee pa nthes lis ns lyotoundtour se a mou fothup tpaa yehe! li tempary de e ects inndude r dnes a paiou fo tye mpy etsine esai
12:59 am
finessswelng, mps or rk el, s lo tho lin! rofec. thway lou loho inth j éderm® x thy lo érm x ght st cnge thway u lo evethin t ceth y ask lour d torve in d vit judermom. k dr vijurm.


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