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tv   Geraldo at Large  FOX News  October 24, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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nd w illt so t y neav f goxews suny. w all sye foxsun gerdo: is ia fonews ert. i'm raldrive. er: ifows i' in l owm ldve mantt. i' veve cnse l tll st wherean . thes emvest ctose are aro sd whe me a now i nesstto t ahereirec aow tnth. we a dra herat nig causof a ll of th. araer n ouusageo a reptinghat fs t en gng on, y oueoepngt g o kno te fal i d't know inhi ke al d't know everhingape robbery alle d inhe veerigngerowd ob ryover tre you an s eele tinhat ro oc tu an s tonessman m ichaeloc grim hes he speoning esth ssme m ha of the im o upheyhepeg w sters. of the wrs
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wall streers. wa yre y here,istr i'm ere to voe yy hpieron anhereoepse m 'me vo ypi onindidual as pers a ndanreo ep se ify with eryth dials rs a indidual p so y it ery th gerdo: youeein dial p ril o danerger : noouw ttn s hasl gon dn? an r >>y wh t?t s by oicesonn? at a voi s go>>g twho do? by ce st to v oice a o anioigo t o? its an i a. t vce ifou a igne rant y oure itan i ared fif agnean idetas y at i the onl y t hi youed c de be sre d of er ihenly hiou c have polic e s oer force s cavarefulol niring fces cef gerdo: conessm com ng in. do y fee thrtene d aer a: .onsmom .>> n yeerned.on'tee l thr eate nd. gerdo: nd oa benn'tee hr te crow er >>: 'm a oomba vetenan onhe ow rine cps i>> abaet oon fhe ne reated e iasily. f i wl asyouat oin at e il e prram out ibya a wasou o iniraq. wilprhavem lenttfromibhe crd as hey ressaq around. il ve ntyou omn setheyre hing crasy ss aun anti andu setreyy hg reading tind tranyeverhingls you c
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r dipossly igi. t fiant, ierantng tou co to ss i fi ito t politi fulconct pitic s ofor e potiulon tdi ponic kin d. of d yoore seeon tinast gop yo see presenti t de?asop esti wh doe thaaugefor polics ithe whoehager li ie gop g whawas abo the nami b ween itt rhaomnesy bodhe ck pry tha t c ce rnmisent rneou p ha welt numr on thern ontie toightnd it is el um alonsthe as if wotitoht c i o two al a gs awooift cach t aftac her. mit youose l f y r. andi fro mit moue erspective f y beuse u hid ieg s diro m er yoecveome abee yhi ineegabou tt yo for omyearend ide a thatne ou tyouttand here befo u sr ndar i t ta abo tha youre s truonnder fo on indigraon i o ntabohatsouacree s i thra h ieigh on thfgh hypoc.f >> gernoyp.
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gno romy. rk, i d'tom tnkhat i i dhave't eve hnked an illegaln veve h ed lif an i ok fwardoll feginding ynour if cti o fn.rd f di y r theewsper. o i'mn.peak g. he sp i'mpein >> i 'm spepeinak m >> oe orwiceast ght e i vel intsi ptilarl o orce t t betw n over rs pl rynt and pti la mneyot t b lik tw 7er pry a grers n a ey t l sooard a i grs a s oo arfedncomfort and oughiturt t he entireomfo ndrepuicanar. gh >>tirstdid tneedont walk puanararnd a getetwe the and >> std ed al letk justet lo ar aet we he nd>> ty ha i eg i mmgraets jt lo rkin therand hen ha twahas i ra sind oo u w e ineternd thehawas a w ent oo us und weet tai-- a w en >>o yo -nd >>ou he a oblewithai-- lowi>> som yne tfin >> ha leth eaki andwi iom s tuginstfou wa t bec om eki psindnt i sftheou unit sta s yo got wa letece psi nt oplepeake to ittayot letet me pe . leak t >>eral: arrepulicaet me thou epe.ghir young ?>>al ar pu ca onof oos t ou e gracihs yng on o asosed conte gorciyital
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ases hede t cyital h tomnt former vern and fmer psi dent iarnnd ndide,ovnor p hsiucntkabee. id>>s thnung t ho thebe benet of arac >> obathma?ng t t >> iis gd neofacba f o i. it inot good f t f opublan. pty i t oo whd we d was a cag e fblight pty an i th k itwhase wa a stageag fht tt an thwayit on p surpo by aunson tt y pur aunso aerson coer a aer cso. cotoss aome at o forhe hungry sse oor g hury afterio i i thi m at rerney clely h e upr ha on t t for one ry le h reas . up ha it wnn't tat hsaidor o washe w he id it. as . he aid wt it hid a sle as a wnde dt. he d itnfid ace. if y a sawick rry' body id . lauage nd y hisaw fk ey'eod lyked ally lageng.ise e he lkeked ly frustte an ld ppleilook aruud moan b wha tily e toonha mo they wear a whatey s t wasn ha oneandida ho ai ey hreyt s as
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go to jus kined diollitai h is s ff i you antgo tounusind foitpredentnd t he oer o s iu t oooke like e wfosentea t to o ke h t iendkekee off aeao hjump t aossndff tear thether mp gu outf hnd theodm gu >>uteralf: i hsuredm dn't hen>>al ri omy led 'tn hy we manuredand ric rry i weanedd ic thoyught i tcrhohtcrap nger rcr wpld er have w ld juslookveris h at h like a you i ding us moker and st skew a himouhaitngense m.e a t h sim denfuse tha kind h tensio dand fuck pry t k dn't io d spla pry any. gerdo: thout th t laethony of. debat es hi ser: oueathr wa hofatxceasi waweve i m say in wch xcsi th and n w atch inveghe m s in ratis fo themthhey ndve wch comehe reaty swn ti foem y sens meea swn . ns >> w a vtuly catin a. w po atica ver von of "arica cat idoland ople are wng
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poca er oand"aca cng i n old wlechreg ng llin ind a getng t iir g oppo unitto s re hoinn a gin tsir and o poit srehoin les d "amicandol"lus t es ca fig. am an thal"is aseall thghtf -- hat ma yeca theig nexthaig all ho thtf - t may e>> ahertioshou note xt legal. at i clea a ioou e buif aamilmade t ga i eacisi to eak e law bu ailhade tha fam ily' s sio dk ha th's a 'm tharyinamgy' tso disn. ay .th a 'm t ingeral: dicainabotagaye al disin candidacyith h rabagkse on art n? c da hs. usethe ngua use by a rtn? the ople n t he l t. se e ua se ger do: unde like are le t lt. er: dekear cuomo. >> n, hes trng twalk thatacko. nhetr tndlk at k >> galdoi beeve at ndherm cai ea gnddo thebee rm ai abtionemar butealsndhe t excepabtionsarhautte sde scoved eep tha09.e see tt h is s poovrt was t in i eeeti tal h and t st poas i witi fadal a >> ihinke haa ve bol wi an aad i d't tnk was
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i nk ha veallol a dnkas lhatuperfici.ha oncee stted angi it up fises at w aealing wch ce st d gi ist the s w aeang wch pl ic y.ishe >> galdomiche bamann nehampire plaff cittiy.. shever? gdo ch ba maynnot b over ut h tneompe f ti get her?on trol o h er ay berch hulend tstragyuionlyol h winnndg, ia ismpor nt b raui ly e hatoav an rg izatnnn iis or at c b helher. ha she esn'havergoat w in, ne celr. hampire, r so h cae linan' ve o but e hato bcom wti, tive ordmp toe,eesocana goi . t ha b m ti vee fsthr s taterdsoea gll. hr derm sintewhosovea on deinoov ond w ves out. >>e hi eve s sutce.fuman >> hi thvee is ling cgcefumaoman. th is l buinyou guldn kw athgg om anout at d an b aubuu oudnw a th uldn kw ha tt i dehind ou dn k ha tfaure. i eh in jan you e. anou ignoreant slu. >>t doou r iememgnbeearhe o s. sa rday>>do rem nhhe liv oe kit?
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yes . sa ay >> ithathat e detes heiv it? goin to b es. >> i iis aatanget us tdengs o int ino theind o fre i aorge t l at f ht winehedreeeg re ore detes caus f we ultimg aty de s ustheyave wat it the lt yop siti com rcia tha ey e at wit be ed a tgainst optiomiaha t hem. wie ain >>ou just don'tave tm. cred>>ilit jmittushent iontom to r eang ba cedaritttn i om >> y hadour cha nc ngba ct m speak y ad r youre oha of me. yo are e mut sak of im e. ou o f . you re o ofyoe utime. o im>> t morfox ws d ates u o f congp.ime. t>> gorat tx see desou co g te gal. >>eral: thk yovery mu.. wil have ore >> theal thyo ry reblics anwhet r or ot ey a ilvee he creanniicbaanziet eor a her,he candate ni weill ve muc much more r, anfromtecc upy wall sweeel at m mh re nit. e laomst occy ll ni blaab o lisand b lia, pticurly eisaave li pdeatcuy e ofuaar q adda fiat what do tha bodeua far t qda w do chaountry b draq. we'rpull cg ountby t endf ra th yea
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r. 'r ll ouback tn and fsh. stayuned thr. cka fsh ayed
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>>ho won t date las nigh>> on>> tromy. deas pey lo ghdecively m nody les a pelo dir cily no l airghte >> ssomyins theebate and ute ssomsheat d y? >> wou han ito ric perr him owin a>> loutlan b otic rrener and m in f lht b o laned aoup ernd f puhes. dids we as h has donan anup y ofhese pus. deba we >>sho honas tonn debe as ofse nighba >> i>>m gog to mak tteborse gh igo to raak. i goi tay obamaseon i a ing ra ayi oi in beawo st a we g had rmnn th sn w s pitioe we haad rmnth sgirich pio i a we going to giy mych guy a h maninish outoi t ofmyhe mney. guy i am han goig t say rishutryou of m may.have to b ringamutoitay onei of e hospalcres a putmave hong donen thf bk spre aut doth b sttc >> ihinkens mllerittsttc inken
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onhe hd wier on hwi lbi canl coressn miael rim fmer lbian fbicossmil m age n frereccu w l i reetge n nt teshowou wt wacuoing w .et apecia him c ing towown. w wa at autng t apiabimes? cg n. too a tugh,oob? o iscelh,oo cuing? ce no. thiss aery vercu ig?orta o. elecon. is ity wl beer iotah mermre we kw it peop wbe want th mm hea are kth r.ust opa t bateoea pnche pll that r t wh youre tehe pll tat whou ein >> nh joi u sinhe n n ttleocktonigh oi bi u se lektoghake n albiere forrkealeor orge.w. bu sh. ge iw. causi mi ned y brad t me get. usmi yra me youet first. at dyou inkf th out. du kthdeba te >> ihinkhe dates cerinly werebate ink des morerly rearetytelesi. vingor sid thaea thile.
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ngha it s tehi ti forandites getoret te bstaive. tin't ortdis suetered ieoeali tae. t tevisisu getedbove ili thaand art te ssiwingetve whohad u ppor yout star teings s whongho areour foign licyorou exprts oareg ryho re rconoc fon xpercy andxp tsrade r pert now thenoc terime ndet t ydersef rt apar fromw he substae an ne g yse suerednto arom bacu andtaan fth n g got u suedo acnd f t qstiond planc beeen e qio pnc ben e caidaes. noebradaystohecada. bierin on toe othad hanarens youto real loang uhe biin tthan demencratou althoaound b uytesose as goemrnoratuck e aid bess goork dn th-- vern hucbeesaid?th no not a rnuceall. thisa? sot a a l.ampa n no hi as apano a upley aw - cumb camp re. le aw we - eleted meon mb mp. weexpeence d weee tled esuon othat beuse didpetce we tu oat bee idt haer him
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at mh. weave hmer a o theaim mcandates we e if is a highr a it' oaghhe th havto ndesefen thei iaght'gh thavenei sitis anhey neeto let ti anus kwhat the stafoy ee amorryetf it' ktheta tho hoin ry e t'tche tho t heout. >> youav atout. ouresint o issi ooki godt letniski god e bya. at's usulyhe stro a. s it's su in spro forgn poli ineheoroteialark li. rse? >> n fun ealkinteed >> ihinke? n funbas in rlte trble. ink heas hba forgnolic i r tre. he horic ccess. cat ta thaway ro eshim. catahay capting n lenhind o ersptg l is god he me a goo os god me is he oo siificce -- od cisis . les seif h givesisomeic- si lese hcredve tome geor wusor the edo gor wushe polies hwas ainsthis ecti wiltur on e li h
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secon ay itstss a abohe tiilurn on itonom a bothiss werehatresentas faed om isetstus >> oelfa w lepubcanuse tus irl wout ustubnnnoecedy t the d ohis irt todye ?e o >>yes >>sole. i feelbamis tolt.e hei as f notlhi butm a brhend.othiut obamwas el ated jt abrs. you woul ams mketld jt abmw,ou ul mtocaola andw, cci. is thinmorehan brand. a landas no i. s inre s h ho doneood tng o eie .his tch t he h hod tng oilita s h shou bered itde f sef ose taod oueddehing f s th is st b e ck. it isng ths bk. ioing to a republin yearn ng20.o erytng hep hasli de arn has 20 ettyuc fai d yt has d whheas ty ceptn of fai bindaden wnd oth ptofin en ings i wod gi cret to e th mitary gs wogireto soy. >>hat a bigmiry so >>t igexceio >>he iq puout?ex ce aryo
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oing>>osehat i agqnst opuma it? ar ngcembt? i agt don't tnk w oshou i be ing atmb? on t woue g liticay. i s the rececaly. ey weorri abo i theepice. w ri bo em se i aggssio fmpi an. 's a eal s ise. gg soiothin fwe hme toook .at. a l ou topsis h a so bin htok vic rye. oudon' twantso ge th h v btoryic ck. n' thant you gth i wlev vryall you . haou woblevlaiou coressnicha gmmai cossha std g by we aoingo tak are t mu more to byome t aathngon t a rebaby li a.muor o wh's whe t tth ysteby mli a wh w tcupy walstet. rae thte m a cam ra h h le pyalst. therath see at waream hlehe doi e re we lo o folks on oimy lo at holpensnn brua? ll ty sll hns bua?ere t w sn the wier wdlowsff t be hson w he wi wws t hn
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> ev aass murring d ev verseserd tieurng d l ike thr. he i rghed uer tickearou le th i rhooded u prded,keouot. ompeodsome morprd, ain peme spitorhis thle f hit sin ptor to itsctike reale fhi oro musms ed asng teamhat d dous yo as t tthe d end dfo yo e qadfi isndavagndad s babariag bari qaddi's n'seatsust as dd s ude. n'he iattsaht o tap e. sm ing i his st caretaavin o a sapip osmg iswatebefo som cetin s o rolutnary heroteillfo omhim, to rut ry i ve n hingrogainll hi sassatinenem i nngin ssinem dtats. theyut osa binaden downat ey shotn thfac at ce isantoinheen hnt othe otttlethot aac all l e th cee ito col hd oe oode
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torlere a all lthurd ool theibya ing dekingor a weadherd o eya dencyg ng we swily a d recyectfly t dposof bin lan in wie aean rewetf tidn' dos p him oi lan disayann e nn'ghbrho mea p im ocker the pisnt is ike te nbho ueaer ack erof ceurag p s ae t dcipine aw k du ng t cag a d fiphtine the dth o du t eictor is graic fin evience d o howo ugh it isr gsngo bera to gvie lib owht i pated u g eohbe to rej oi g theibamilat of eoh joihe civiil fcivized tionvi >> ware vid ackiv ion wek i occpycc walltreecom. grd radsiiganher lleem. grra ngreaniona vetanerouse in llig ce creir pnaeetus hoetra ins inigus. c poea coressnoeks a s . coss metksetadda veralme n yoda ra brilyme yo giv uriiv uhat yo felgs aretn the
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yo fthdrel frosre iqt thend o the th drroyear? th i ois ver e straighrwar were movingo? a ierrdertrgh artrantion weong gnger anon dow to g 15,0 oopso me seow to aqi 5, lita thepsecur my s fores coul td tiraitioo n u . tahe ur pporor we a goi to ulss trahaio o n or aoio stp. it i goisto a cra ihut whatoi hpens whenllra u.s ut trps a at hnsgoe. he >> cra.s chu it tr aay b it s be>> an rafulhut 8 yeay b ten t mes ere ben l ha 8 sn itea s s manyeood ople kllha st s co ressnyn,d le kll 400 some o coluss a illi dolrs sp 4t. se o t's luaveraq f a anolierol spght. t's tos eq fnobya are u as orrit. a s o i amha ya e thasri a a tansional govnmt o th atev tak thelacsi oalfov ohe ev akddafheac o ctatship wil mak a af bad atipilak a s uatiba woe stisfo? gao thi you itro seent t itsf g eactly hiout. i others a tsemendt sitmoun o e
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ly wo tha nds to do neer an t nd liuna ju o le thre's woha ao o emenus aunt orklijuhat lth 's nes toe den en at kt egy t aneto d tonesi rthefricgy a rovid a tosi he icffer the rulvis a tt we inlace er part red eth uul twen agastce rt d u dicaga jadists thelept lid nca nthern jisca. he opt kws w td wiln nerappe in . ch o thes k wcoilntri. wh hapenedpe tn lt few oesayscori wh ap ed's a tictoews qdafi hgone. w so a ofheseto qfiappe has to go. of ncer to usofsepeo f er u >>re y wored t ut e ll bmore yor t tubli thaut he bre ddaf tlihadictorhip. i a not re aftill mor oublg bu itct mayp. cr aeatet l or n blbutay chalngesror tte unid nates 's a al musesm t brothhoodhatni mes es pow in a usegt.thod tifhey e p t f ths pown govementn lib if the ay in p t ththe vent islistsibfavhe aontr th inslts totrnesiit wln create wol w setoofsi w plblem in e
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unitre stae s in wur w gain se pemn terr. re mberithistainorthn p wt ofin ricahiss rr reerhesth pf cas geway int westn eupe. kne wt gay w wernt st deaeung. ne wi wit w werea wiitubar and qddaf anarndaf anne nrbyunis. it ny wisl no itesy. thinthe wnoroblemwilbe y. ry inill e veryignicantemil >>l hat'es pryenint hostra >>t' paes d geleme he m qadfiho seraral m. is run ninggeme mad fel m. sun ngnat ouguy fust tned his lht at out.ou y ankstete. td real goois lck wh lour t. kse.ce aloo l wr ce dhaf qaafi,ibya coulit bworsthan af qai,ya ul brsan now >> tts aayshe obl. thdevil youwon't tnows c asd beorsehanhebl evilthvi youou't w kn. c weave hopbeandse pnyt iil ou beer tn it kn wee opdis. py i ddafis be prey t t bad. >>. awl a m ssafreurdeng dog. >> w theay a ty mleddeimakes
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yo g. he tdes yoorry abt. tha is obvus theryab ha coern. s hop tt smeonbv wilhe com and give cohesen. popople t wtt son iltheyantomhh s libndtyivse ple w eythhibnd freem an tre tm lik huma bein s peeanhere tik ma bin s atrosites -atsit atro -tiesgaithumaty. theris v yro lesttie can ght w inma.eric er vit's r lealltty in god's and t tin someic 's rll iexte.go s nd godnd me . >>e wi beight bacteith od the latest >>wiehtach east oaby leta yalsa anmore astaeontue wital anre ateitrge.
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you' wating e mo powee.ul name u'atg moews -- fox we am e ne chael. ew--ox neha. thiis a f news hi falert.s al is t.elately milig
5:31 am
ons wa strt. thatwinty ismilig ncoulng. th i n watr yothk'sntsm brulol co ulich .ll h e i n a lgeryosmpac ru i ink wha h hap henser than lrll otheac i k haapser an oe polic nifeos nifeos. ol felose fe. l ok a se l a sgl at is is zuottiark comg glt up. zu ti>> tk ee womks after eaby dippead fm th e tome wearfr y threweekag des tediead masive fthear medi attrentioek beg pdesoase di legettioe po mster m ge o carryin a ne naked mer bab mnis oararins. nest of eadaboce aenon ar stil f foces a i sould a oen il sa's partsoc a i sld o 'sarspecll h moer debb. >>ow mh d yoecull h conme t tmo dabb >> i>>ad s mevel dyoon g tssestf da i sve ges ne. wheyou y sera mor an . heree?u se >>oreah, ut at has nothine? >>h,o
5:32 am
t doith asoinhe >>ore tn ? doh heprobly. e>> m tehan ? ob. mn? >> no. weryou srringourords . eru s inrdsumbl g? >>s itossie y had a blblac?ut? >> it'itasi yad ac? t'assibity. ifou dnk y don ibmemby. the hing thatf d y on haened >> tt shhad e mbhengat dinng ha ed hadrun tshd paed out it falls d in to haun aa catoryutt of fls mo s or a pares slpin onatyf babshilr reimpasled bndrinnorabil pa bin ugs i dot thk s hasn alcol prgslemt doalth s as e drkslcalhol. more mporprntm is ale drwo altnesl.s th amereor toights yestday. o at' a vesitalth fet in tht sty. 'a val finhi ca. cadarogs ca. are us in dasreus instigion t tot toring mebo to stic in ig twn witntoses mtoeng
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boo apartic saw etwametns hing mertaw42 p nd bab e angdier. the rnin hour of pe ndab di. e in hurf dippeance. here war we e livow th di sameae. er fo wrense ivathogist th dramonshois drchaeaeden.n. >>rthu >>hu ido l y did ido yne id tutebsertion thght >> s was runk nd te maereon accintalilleth hht sasnka cialle h kid. >>he moskid. >>osommo reon bayi bee dsmoeleepin yi witee a d parein ioxicatedolli orit a ono th child re sfoc itingicedlihe o onchilth ldthisas bnru socng il is boribsinc biblal ys. nc bl kg solom hs. babhat k di be suseom hf thabt
5:34 am
dieeomstholli ov. >>lighy or wight orsliver ov weig wom>> dghnk o whtrrolls igom der. that ithe mtll comn .reas for ha babs ie mom inasor she s drabk sh bcked t. ifhe pin the bab e idrsh bededt. if p wheh herabhich ias liky s r wled rch overhe by s we upiko sd rt thd baby er was b dad s wpo thabas sfocated en scad barrsed. in nic. >> ifrrhatd. hap enen dc. >>fat apegerao. >> in e ste o n yora >>n s o nyo i a $50 finfor iegal disosi i of a $5 bo.inr ial imoperisissingif th abo.dy. >> wt about t imerngysteth m thne w h w a autear tte m ked th l wbary. >>aw en rce nt hd folwed up onba >> thatne h aola dousd l ds th havn't gten haanying. aa us l you thav gn yg. cat ulamatamthm> y don't nt tm yon to rule oo re the o botm
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lines youave manhe hunteot neouean hte i f anhu mili ry t natihual grd. evyone ooki fli t t cil de or tili g. and ev tneyan'tki f tfind deey hre toeeplind toing 'tnd nd htopg ingnd goi untilhe steris goiil erld. >> t intder cam tough a >> scre wi tow tre woulde antram t gh easu tro frei t wld fenc aevidce o peole suroeavi fbehien pris id oeodvi hiridfibs,b ir. i n't ink the 's a evence . i t khe ahat ev tcere isn t ttrud. s >>omebny handhat chi thugh e seen an ud >>ebyanthi thh s n tsid. wh if id dadwh camf omou kw homuchadam ttomabyw is whorthch o e op m tket ayalthsnfan wh
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o ke hat opundds o mt thoands th an td ohods llar >>hat'an unlkelyar wayt t' haenednl lyit'seray haed 's unlily >> iis a dth ali i a d accidta deh an outsididta deanuidjob. peoe are harin everyin jo's goieo re. hin we wl forycun 'soi occ y woa reetftercc eter dark oplere cpaiatependa mied whave le cthpasien who mi wverethsho no neays nice.ea u ma be hri se ni. in emae hri s backound genellypeakgn ou a cknd gettg neyakg a t sto to. tt ttoo pele he alkind
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5:40 am
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5:42 am
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5:43 am
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5:44 am
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5:45 am
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5:46 am
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5:47 am
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5:48 am
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5:49 am
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5:53 am
pyme uil iet reejob?h >> u ifun. areack jo >> n rek lehe. laes a gen lemenepolozehe r whhat la o a pensonen d lo th t wh obenitt o p nwe a rll l e t ob lite a ro le uldn ble l iin dntileme we wlor the itimeruns wit wl so he lame iope i desn'ean wens w't wome be ae to omei cove i dhisn' anyn e w more atoeov scongssma micnyael gri frem ng maarbyictatel isrind a f byooklte. s whdid u co a do re? >> ion'tant t be a kl wh d copocrdoe. iant ld? f m ie'tt t a frnt. cr havbeen it iderviwed f am lot by fr. occu walavenstre. i thvi said com a dotn analy to cu usal i amre thaiom danalo us am her talk i hen'tad myer tlk i h't myuestnsstanswed. notxacy sur wthesw. tac sur w meage is i mee tard osis rearc r o rrc
5:54 am
analt a sll cap al aapeqties >> ihinkt is bigr tn thmecans piteqng eesach i nkher isainsigr tame ricath. agnsnstit ehcapi lism r thns is wt thisecaount w agt undeonpism thi thsk wh wthint w times deonet touth wh ericis kwn for c tinges togeer. at'shat ushed e oingic kor cminggogetr wh ge. 'st edng nget nat wn annot assat ant ss rfar >> i srted wh glaar i sed w gla rfar >> ting e ri rublicans wanto ptect the ricar t g thatri rlins nt pcthec at n true. we wthis n trount. tow. we e g wng tdos thaynt t rkinw. e e ggher. t ha whyre y inr. hy yhe? i are with havg to do methheg to a uall get aitavgo thto allet tice it wilmakeeopl ce itilkepl ted.
5:55 am
thas a i wa. amappy. w h hathat aam a i eldewar a an'tpy find w at b a aray'tghat fd-- b for ireayal? t am orriou pray the u?nion ake mem in juou. wh raheonkeen ju whknows. thoulde60 a ho.kns. thdon'knowhat atld mea60 a to yoto bone wit n'owt u. wi meea thao syo bneitu. wiehastrmeous. i cod do a th. try thmes. codo a mjo tyth o f thccupng are mjo ooingo pameupng e $13. i am wwoungpader. i ink3. am9,00 wour. i k dolrs i pido i uld00ethecerticat oli i ivest pd iidn i dsel >>et mrtat get an i astswer i from thl >> m n >> a terroth gernments not always the cosssr. >> what think we the gnmtigotlysies e s vern nt satuld bnk whereatgni envinmen whe rn sd b pspeusat vi en echeomy n gr. p pe om tt t byrodt ar ecy gr t tydar bs.
5:56 am
. whhe predentalks abt wh crtingobsre- ntksb i a a crngs ald. crosthatridgyocan eld. the eel osat bamdgyo n why en'te e l wkingn bamthat y 't eis i wngat s pose i to he bt ty ithe wor. s >>sehy do w be ait o ithee stulusr acka>> dnd wt oe do stuska frasuctu o pa tu was triion dolrs ipae. asrin ther ol>> l iies d gelemethan you. coressn yoareeall er ls ge me anod m a u. cossppreyoate eu.ll that wha i hop m aomes ofree ts atrealha iop diaogueotheesreak f t aliauek ow. wt peoeohe it. w oueo eheret heis. aret at ou occy reisall stet. re pes,t ncc robbies,l utst. lots, nf bbs,utdirder lo stlydier lyiend. what that nd athadavi? >>ny wlders lalvi
5:57 am
>> in wer jery callavid lewarn >> ihinker thiywillo ll onid real uaril t inkehiherll getn ld al ter butet oneay iendso ut compsh wt ty hop tone ids compsh io t t nk t ymp w t opowo any more mp ihanot ty ny wee dout wen ll ctinu to cere tdoe i e cnu ocan. c hav a lea somody who i was n.ant g. av craieaare uoingomo cyeho backs yo got yntr st aie ng cre rvedck? >> havyomy sott y s sved. u caseerearmed >>av sweome.d. war caermwelcome. very wee. e. >> ll g. ry lo ofodieohr you >> g lo farou. havie bn le froou zucoutt pa .av b lank u ve mucfor ro wahing oncegainuc pa a logk zeveucorr he wang cein obenit keep a ogwating. ank u ve muc obit eptg. k veuc
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5:59 am
he ever ne.he hopeou ha gatekener .i'm etch perls h. g qaddi, awe a knoen m ichs s ad. dd aliby anoberad. i but mht n. behe libby ra thunit sta s ist l mking n be for.ib thit ta is-oh! l ng e intim der. swingis h! nt dicacolo. s ng initutghari la. it mcans mlo c ha inut bun of ri m m oha y!unf s. mewhil it' thecono , stid.! righ me illl, t't s henofat. st. on ghepubca lea r te, ing sfa presenti candateto ocusubcaeate gon t rl teshreati andante isnotus lack tf jo. teand ist ckjo >> l righ pl who d presghent intocallor l vicehononiclewi ky?


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