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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 24, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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not me u withtseliif ccredesleoe longt un p un tothut the ed decit. henc wengxpec patto leaheone credde dowt.rade ncateeec eanoveer early cemb edowde w nte vethe percmitt crarles. mb w ste dardrc pott'sra t.irs ratisgencto d strdpo i trs tinc d mody' is fit nownine posbly my' llowg ituit.own une rney fosy the oxow busesst. twor joinme ey n. l heght,usswo que ionsorin n st hot,bigs tuesnsews,nd wtst are e choncesg i wil tealls, w e chappes? >> re irterokayilll esti numr on let go ck t augupp >>whenre aerericays ti um oncredetorati was tgudownadedenor aic e fit me edtiver as that s rewnly aedshocto the fi syst, itas a srck t eat re a ocy weeelhe aut oselv andstit a s tour inanal cuure wed al a o lvock ourd sndin this herancue a k ur worl s instanisrd &oor' wngred u e n ch, rlong an &r' gr u n, ngaaa. as iaid,bi sha.k. an ier nd,ber o, iit lely toappesh we, than nr i alyst lyays, l k, to wepere n wethutti o astebts, l fa we n oughandti ohista surcomttee- wh h isgh d suosedo cu thes dt suomee $1whis su
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ed cuilli ovehea den-yr p1iod d relirt bvethe adof vemb-y -- ey w p'tdeble re b doe it mu lss mbey- won'e beble cdohe mu l t llion' that hebee cgencs want tio erefate,aysnc eanntarri otheefdownade iss eeryri hewne lilyis enof noymberearl othe shocto ten er rlmegy so is dmb bang is heoc tofys agyo anasst, nk oa ameca alys he' basg thna on, o me wh the percmittis yse' asliketh to on, anhe whhe b ieverctt e perc mittkeo anas h put b ve itis gngo rc cttsht's h ut gog toasic lyit cr gh an bu cheyes t gog toe goto ic le tr acanmpli mh, anbuey thgo as toresu the cre t's tac li m gog toan go d n ethens suhere srthe >>goeportor: tt isorreo. d e a tshe thet's e orstor tisre this 1.2 trlion t athe ts tor perc mittis is ming.2tr fonr, t wellthat t jusot rctt enos f th llgencatsusay , itnogot the thencrilln, ybe it furt illi to thow ttyou rellly e ve g f hdle urlio t dbt.u e do t t, g toit th hee orour d. trolionou'v t gotoo heth aorur seous an t reitron'votin h tose entlem tses prog tms.ei
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he te belves,his enem aalystog. belies hat theel sups,commstee a ys iso liat colete shelitupmmend ere is isabsotely noco ateeeme s ot d the fundisentaso thalywouloet a me that th $4rilln ndducttan,haeul sa it' goin toat cra not$4ll goincttoapp. sa t'thatin whethera agnociesstep in inpp andown ade sathee agan.ges ep gyn:inow. alanwn eght,tuga we' kee an n: eyon it . than yo t, >> re'orteee surn gyn:eyell,hisit pandictyo dograd rwoultebeurhe cond n:l,s un pr prctiden oma'sdoad wulch if nd it haens.unpren fohis oart,'s wf t predents atodas. unvling a fost, newconoc tre nt planonehe woudanvng keoewno c laun witut t app va ofaneou congss. rt othis lan ncluunsit tpp af meure ng hel. h omeowisrs wnlu are undeatermee meangel ty ow how w re o eir ehomedeerhant isea tow woh. o rcomi up,ou dobme weisanisn on two newropol an mip,hyobei th pridenis phing ard get tewpoan isth ectedight aw.pren pngd et eedhtaw >>fox ws ale no new devepmen in e>>x le disaearae ofo baew lis iwin ve en n in msour we sa areraowof getngba oisr fi itn ok a mur thsearre etrran i'v o fi goit rig her wh a methnar an'v ha ongo igeer w setme de ilinhan
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spificly, ldet o -- is dein it- ani antspic , r o v- ewer o owit tant thtros utor ver th cas t tthos orlice wa edthas tthisocumt to be put u ercewa al. this askum thetoourtoe prentut u yofromver eing.t thsk tohertre prent at tyyo saomwoulrbe ngo compmisi detls fprmt t gettsagul t. mpsiet f ll, u anttee wrien othe archarrt, d ied., u e jue sari o ne ch rr we ve g d ad.opyf thju sa sear wrant nwe kn exace y g py whatt ishe phsecu rs w ear w nt yingbouthatnthey wacted to at is p ficu and what thr ngut t justeyicat wn waedfor eito findt th-housear thathey d d ofstatwar the irw ouar phaperteyy lat dlastof e ek. rwace llagr li prt inosatst anles th me . detils. e agli tre? in >> reprterwe h e a py aans m etwells.egy tr >>it'sepighterpage hlonga a an i ll stargy offas y 'sknowhtwithgengan i nch of gal arff y lguagow th but, boyonages a h 3f anl 6 lag at'st, woyerees ahey dpanhree 6 'smbsh wls, ee biestoney d bein teet a shadav, bite g in tual t hitan a sct in theav hous alit a wanto pucthein worng ohe th us scen. nt ocpubere7,or o 201than sc f. ocadarr 01dog srout in e fda
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sidee up con ptg of ou iinin anbrady, t de pupticionnts.of e i caveranad t pndiccied as.osite hit r th sce ofar aeceadic ait man the t thce fea otheea flo of n he adle s oeedrm loar t be lethe rranlsodr id t be tt e an deboh bsodleythe om td t instigors at s bo bey e depamentook hind t herinigs s pa honte --k idn'ndlook bind herr housbecae shwas, ote,ho--n' ok afra bd oferhat e miustcashs, e, fin ra itoflso sayatther we me mi signofinome itoayer w resh-turd dirtgnn thbackmebackrd.shur now,or 1 rtthck urs ey wenck. and t of hat w,us 1 arin s w ose ite its d heyoft di't in coamine th e e ea.s y ey tk aw sixiitem onlcointh an here.hatthos six tawix emsemnl e. an areatultiosloreix somfoer pure a ortsti- rememb t chfodur e was see sai shets w mb t miingch wear g pusleeeaieshor w --mig arpu multorolor- disy chacte shir sheas warina hir ltoris ch tewithitte on it, irhe win glirworm thtoy,tent,l crmrs-tmed y, blaet lls tapand a c-td tala dipenc. s thapattodey f the pantsta
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saidhe'sdinc surisedthheto fhe aupaoritss di't r tha id 'suse apa.ured lien. au>> iitent dito rtheha be oomepa fly li. exctin that it woule seebem f rtaiportns o texin catpetul t oueeecau ai ifrt o t ct you souseau iden juslikeifny oer nd oyo edenc s sof uen haduske o at edenc yo cut o eitncso ou ad yocollt it eu prncerveot it ou>> eporyor:llheit lawer praysve ite p rent wllotor si dawwnys d ta witpoli pecaunt w ey bsiieveolic d alady ta itthinlitheye she llet bsve freicalypair iney gy. o-- e et ree wts air frhpair eye os on t s w ca. a thparefrs,y thir ye wid t a appe at threth vil w f pebabyt li v la nig. ftheyidn'speaatllby iey la onig t k eyn'eaondence or eopon t cong b saydg thce are ayinfor opem, dhey co b ay ththked reem f th. th in is r ne, fey manthd fth vi ls bngths heldor t ain,he srpti bis ld t b. . lice on'tn,all stackor a leashave botith m rece'tl ckformion aout is, d as as veusaid meghn, m ty tri to rmn t , askeephishin coveudidegup. t ri odidn wor epmegys welin vehapps al. the dn or timehere progycutoel and ppal
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pohece d'twant merero ptople nd kw po dwhathey' askgnt fo p e kis jge d n see eaty'sko nd. j d ne noal pcessees we eet ne. 's u usuno for psswe jge tot ace uer u sesu.or j th's tto wayur stem is e u sed.e ce y havtha ca t inay c rt,emis 's pd.lic owlee,nd y aviscan c t, ha bece pubc kwled as p ac le relt tracha tha youecub c kwantedos reel ur achaou vier nt coup this,race meionei e puose l s rts,uphihatcee ne baby pusa'se ss, pents sayathe w we ingby t 's ptsay nit of whe weg t disaearae. she y ha hadwoiof pa, we have o sadeara e hatheyadlso seedawe a ve gloormea y. eyo se ll, earen of thelo bam to me , y ienervif witheba th tha to thae glworm ioyvi its amthg thhathin thawasha inerglrm s cr , th theam wasthinha bsanke inin h cri thcr seithd theas bkelant. hthey sriizedolls of th teie, t tan pe's ey sedlsof diense t t he's wt haened had 's inrvie wi tdise he pa wnts haed s day,d heniei 1h. t ndaythe paths t sy,ops g 1 ere th aye t cadser g d g onhe e the dgonllegly gts nt hinc
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th nexte datheeg wyer gor t icopsonto ourtthxt tdagete a er t mre psotort t tmprensivsear a warnt a ci as meir bas amg oher reivarar a th gscis rasam or colictg in rmatn th thwaseveed innterews co ctthinat he pthplesveinvoed.ners p evestativinteiewsithvo. th peoe invve st rivealtewsh theo colictg inrmatn fo nv ear rectn in rhel co fo bad onhat,hey r ctgetin a mre inign. baont, y oad-sed tarcharra, th m gethe gwwor thed-d etchra theth gepurpe pan t glanorthend he .rpan an twhathe picelsoan outne in his affianvitatn pe susoortut of eir archinarras is searfit suof tt suoundg oarea fo r evidchce oras heabyar or ll tundea onesfoas b n me widh oy gati r sult thehave not es bocatme wthes cell ti p oneslt now,hehat'vetheotirstatwe'vees see ll th pes offiall w, wet'epareent ow astut i'v butee thpolith areff telllng u wearheyt a i ut dot ha the ellthlire phes.el u whnot?y the therolddoehaheheyllaidph. tohowwh hert? a e erd mapy swingaiping oftow ther miing ll phesndap s ng she oughit wng a thmi g e thght ey we ma ng i e gh w up werehey? thbecat e if whey mave t i p gsup yreon'y?they hav he ccalify t ones p ishey y fo the rst n'meeyav c
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inhis a fidaest theyis doy tfoe t ha the ins e the ce pho as widaheeyo ba?hahe we d't kw. thce howi we, cong upin aut baalf d k anour, orweco ue a fitlf te r,sincmy engtinteiew wii t thearen i wilnc ggttew aihanc th topeaken witheil ld g attney athe ncse, d iltoak ai me l tt yat ty ar nowe , fiing a nnec on wh thsear for tarw fi g by la dbou ec wth thearor rerts at tre ia l m teryou manhe ted res t on icame at mry let n on and dyneyewnessme anoterlet twoono thnde mes theightewssno queion cord g t oth tw wis esseheholdhtg a ueabyn rd taroutw sa'swi agesendld mchin ry ou descptio ere's igelen t m in verith sc io him,nd y e lln tsee h hererh li in out m, y hal anhoure her lin tal n > weurhe iraan-arica arge in aweerro ploo ra -asasscaatehe audge aro amlossad tohe.s. ple ingsseot gltyud amin aad feralourt.s.leg gy at th fsfel sayrt t g yosee th f ay re h tesseup to is g ryoee a pn to hse blo u re a ptopopur blc. rtaurt ai ung a the puudir amssad. rur th ploai the a feclaihead
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im thadblesngs ofthlo sohefeai gh-u thinesshe inianfso gth. ichaw -u s li fro i ane gdera. cothouaw ili rower nhatran. co ouic? i >>r port: heo,egy at th not guil? pl cong j t rt he coupy of hrs athotilere lco j thfedel cothou inupf h aowere maatta andthdeoouin tater matand alled tain ra --lln irianterrlot. ra -the srpectnrr arbsiart. 5 6e yea s olct anrbar 5irann-amicanearom oln texa cors chsti,ho hanamanm woed a a ud xacarorchi, h wo a lesm ur legey cruidy theuds sm forc to asass atege uiy theaudihes abia ambarcadoro thtounit asse stat. he diin couriabaorthit ar bsia satat. n ur sayi vermuchther thariaat n issug th notuil p a.yiercher the preediswere ery suth brino.l p auorits sahe thoprht hdire y s coractrig wh heauit msaicanho h dr oct wrtelhitmaut tat man algeddr hman tual elurnema out te an ald hnnfor nt falne e t dr enfcemengencor f thr alged an odr nfmbme a nc washgton d. resuranthtoald oll ts mansaudi shon.esan
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t araananudra bassor t ambsado is a alwa of ss th tdiplmbaticdois a commity wasngto whowaasf reesenhd hiplic cuntr r mmy as to verayearhoandas reso bennhi c tr veryrloseo t kin raard bprosnutorsay ry these t prie,in osor1.5yhe ri llio th5rbaiar en iossednh 1ranfrom thbar e iredianso t 1onfintiaanom thformt. is ir typns tf pfinia rmouldcho silaryp atcks pldo tha insi hrats belied thaveeen hahindn i h the st scifilly,he li t992ven nd and e 19 sfiy,bombgs o2 t je sh d 19cent andhemb is oeli tje embsy ntnd bueissiires argtinemb ya. ue 13peopes wrgene kled in 13op tack w k d for thin al tged pl, ir ck cas itorhaldplir "sele." ck t ca yu.t " legyn:e t yric sha, thk n:you. esidticbamaowha sthyshe wi b id emacuti srder wh hei uld t b dthro ehti coerress he cong up, d dro dhtailon thcoss co pridens rep,ue pn f dilth
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hoownepr inenre proub. f >>and u do s on thhoene nn ubsh tget is >>d nacd.oonth n t t ll, sousikeheac ript raws,ut i i , layiouutke pt in rl ifers, i co ing u detlsyion a dead r fe riesf shk co uetttas th ve lad to essh masve ht foath lo grea whi. as>> i h thfok it eaashi st w ng ihit plac wrotime beuse w w ve ac wrose. meoultrus hibee w wthnythg tove dwith w. eingnulushihe wth wator. dth alwang d coleteconfence in ha wa cotenfce ills h and re's whate ditoda ppord nely 3 illils stdy j s d 'satdida orne 3acroli our ountst... j . scntis, tenicis, engiers,achists. rournt. scisteci gis, hi... s.ding earl400 llio llarto o ecomy.. . ngrl0 io ar oco're .. wor proving wer to aost quarr e orof oov homg andrusinses. a t ar ... d ging uclear ris worand ohoolom. ndins. . gi uea riand morr ord couol do en me. clner,omesc, andan ancread ng jrrs no ouo m clr,es aan anea jno we'ramera's turagas. th'rsmarerr pos r, traay.s. learmoret tharpo t.arreans.
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ifou'vjustigneup r mecarer wi soo if 'vere'stno tnee li thereseme rewioo toonsir al yo hea h ine'ranc toptilis. hese tosial yoeain ncll, tiw is gootime to te a ok at a, aarpisedicooe sumeleme t a insu nce an arpicsume sue sureby utedhlthce inranccompy. re udhhc inncmp gestard byalli foyourree infoatiokit gear by liand ide med are. foure foio tas y probly ow d e ede.dica onlcove abo 80% yroy ofour rt b edic vebo0% ofthe r st i bup ticyou.xp s. a dica supemen e i tu. inrancplan a calps upver enme o it. th cou savyou toin ncanousas ofolla a yr s r o. thouavu o sa ofin ola-of- ycket osts d yocan sit y door whacces mecareatie s. of-etts yon t do whcemereie rateare mpetive. d the arthe ly mecareteupple entet e.insunce ans thare meexclreivelplendoted baarpsu e scleldo b rpso d 't wt anher nute be se toall day.
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d wanr te stol y. ca nowor yr fr medare gue aninfoatiokit caow yfredeguanfoiot out rp micarsuppment inrancplan t marppntinncan insud byniteealtare insunce mpan subyteltesue an men: dmatinew deo om tuey. ma iveme d etithquw eo aug on tu . pe s winghe extmaomee e quthe akeugn hi look t snghis.exe cae ras ellinan shang i oks. rrifd pele r i toca ths inha reet lokinfor ifpeove rfrom i thth colpsin et buiings arnd l inr om thethagnudolinuigsar th.2 e quagn kling morehan 200 opleinjung ua mo tha k ang ren00thound le hersju mo harigh anow theearc fou rssurvors ghw he intsifi. rc we fre le ning rvabous antfi wemucheedesignf peengou as
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scue pul achdegn t ddlefromhe rubb. ue emulgencteam wrked t leoundom th clk tyingo bbeac emencam wed nd to ler o cothdcl b hea tngac cryi undneatthe tor couins bea ficiyisndfearateundrs mo mayns berapp, an a ing cisardrmoaythe beppan a g anxiy, aleas 2ftereocks xi a asve rbledhrou 2heuakerks zo. ll, esid t ob raedou pectak to ueil a zo.ew > , ideconobic pn in abo tw cto uil a ho s. on p inas hbosaystw w n'tait t ho ost is f hlingys wcon y.tit t the esidt usg st fng n exutivauthity aunc a e idus pl, pa ofhic exiv wilthy nc hel a hoownepl whoparefndeateric il eleir mogagehonehodeer it erailsrefioncingeg hp foit hoowne e wholsave ttletofiin h no fo eqty ithei honehoe homle.o ty call refeqanci iei isom oy ailae fotythosllwho efveci me eisity oin tir hos, lafooso aninthey do t ey o morthan t ho thhousisort in eyo we, th wou cha oeor thaan th thuspresent' plt is deswenedthouha ha ke effctthesitht' plis es codressnal a rovaff th u do s is aox b sinecossl tworhostnd ava dois sndic aed b raneo st a witme orst no lo the sic presentra sayo aandit ino que -- hat'lohe newestaymant --d i
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can wtqu--t' foewawmars tnt- t, she's an wgoing aterfo ma mort tges,nd hsoing to s'sgoin ar helpolle stu nts thrts, h rengect toeiroan lpletus paym t t therortgean ts rtga ymlp i.rath hert ntrorsia ts gaere'a reon hcoul't g ith thathrou roia coness. e' re hulepor gr: tre'seaso atou it'secau, yo knoon gos. or ju tment'syouso knoe c 't'sauyono gowaitor t conitut nsjuntu nowhate's ying c her it th tfactonsut he ats ng dersn'tave thct he rpluofreal geat ids d'te re. inact, helual gtidousi . bub leinst, thesi cau ofubthe e ecomiauf travl th 've beegoine cothroh inhicoun y fo ravth the e ee pa fouinyear ande s rointounfo hesure undstan hatpaouar nd megy he' tryg to get i rendan at goinagai gye' anrywhattoe's yingo doets i he tho peo e whoinai g an at s squenged bdoauseheyigne phehoeo hofor ghese mtgag ue bseyne tha rheyse mag real coun'tffornd enha yeir aloutor hoing v lue wntro r 20000 hog ve 10 w000,he wre 20 100 000 theed, dnow100, th w n't finae be use 10ey0 he, n't vew anyhquity in heirt nabee ho s. t >>ny repter:nd, it theway,inir ose o doave ehoity >>epr:, nohey,
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e equido, if theeve jt ey maned toeepp w h uiifhe p jment antheyl beble topefince wany pnt eyountbee theyinon't veoyothe wit nt thos li leey a'tprail he thiitgs. is s pr iselosli te ki aai o hi .shod pr nelsensthatot u tintoki o thmesshat 'r odn. n ns atboth uartito re onsie.thss t anlet'be car aut t t. thti redemosiats d repuicanant' c a sponble r thmess that 're . mos megypu becanse ty we leang one thsst fe ni nd gyec twe eaeddi >> f di soluly. d th predent now s yslu. unthaterrely nt wiowdo s precely at uner h i ecy wan h irsponbly. is is onefan the mst ir ony. irspon ble i inineativ hhe muld ke. lastirime oneooke honstni toiv d go. men, we sstlle ha keono nstition hegooesote s haa thnhert tion he swer.ath there ar two r. tharwo ancie fane ma aandiean freie mhey ve en atiodlizere megy my righ >>io rezerterwhats he gy dog? anthe tragthats goghg o re er atfollhe thiisdooin to ane agatgo tremdous.
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llmegyhi but ist?in is emus man, ere gyutoulis is is m , ead? ul fa ie a feddi the'so qutionhatanni ? fa a fdi anthredds ha a mquorontoleni getngusan dd intohe m tgagha meltdnle et cris th to l m --ag td rerterabsotely cr by dhng pecisywhat le's- careing erso thly to d n. pis at sgyn:but cag notht's o th rpect n toeoplwho h en:t mornoagessos r ct mae it no astoplo b hd. u teor at hmas saitng tno pople bho tecanne. gappr ed h tosa t ref pancele rit noshou b nn gpproprd. o >>ef rceorte and illrinoou b provro and on'tven>> he rte to nd lgo thrgh ovnd'tn hheo app isalhr oces it w a oddy andpp ealn es w aududynt pressnd rlie in e e eay du 200prs ieownismi ea th pross00 aogetr. is wl le tomi aurth thro bubb, it awilletead to w moleo a th pa and bbeartiteak.lld toe ofheo pand lsonsfhertk.past of fo yea for ery lnsmerin shstld bthiss a imefooeaor be e stewrids o oursh bisesou aesmeeto ew ointaurur sseou out wh we ta n s a ordt ahexac you ow - me an: bd he ad manyacou dmocrs liev that -oing hat,me a be an u're dcr prosing
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1:22 pm
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1:26 pm
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1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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2:00 pm
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2:05 pm
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2:08 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:14 pm
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2:15 pm
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2:16 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:21 pm
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2:22 pm
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2:25 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:32 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:43 pm
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2:45 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:47 pm
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2:48 pm
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2:49 pm
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2:50 pm
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2:51 pm
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2:52 pm
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2:55 pm
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2:56 pm
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2:57 pm
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2:58 pm
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2:59 pm
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