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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 24, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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re arica to ge ouorofethes rtgas thll are alr dy aca io g u ise a gaugth litirel beinlr a i ate heres al be artibe off ere al emplmentne nvadas thear hiest ff pl thent natiodaathe hit he perct. th is yicha wth the3. ne da p licrc thssems y iha w not henudg byhat he isne pceei aem i heoting om t dgesidytteand ei jo as us fom heg teno. idy n ad fn,jous fo. nicha? f >>est:welli'mot ahaan >>t: beusellm itook a predentbe e ama d m it of ook arent a mof o elted figus as viatin the el dconstuti and t guas pincies. iwoulinlovehe nstind t s pci. ulve he gornme jusget stf t way d ts g go bacmeust o fee t y enterise g we hace ent fpris buttis not ee.te se i h vernntntisutot . nternened inteupteteed eterpse. >>nete: hete whe th erp. nehe wh prthiden wl dr stinion, pren tat w thergovement n't inn, forcg anhingor t teheingventank tto cuback on hercan ng
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amnt teg onkrinclecu ackn am bor ower nc ow and athe onl oesligie orr fo th areownde nnl oosegibehi edfo th onheireortge n paeentsut hi the onirtghoats ar th untr thrgh ju the nginofar earke trjustave hrortg e tjuthe is in undeaterke so, ste thetg tss n fodee. ero, the he no n preure. fo th eth ise noppornityor re e.thos whoth aresakin teir ymenor toty ta aanta oso re e lin tr ras. at deno youta aayta l tora dou thto? gues weli dot kn if h canet m braand es. eldo itkn i pfobab muc n gger m thrad iti pab caucras er th bu ain, io bk to tca factsha buthe an, b govtonmen the t se thect fi.e theyov arenlikehe esehei eyrkearso is. thr beviorso sikes met justis hrothng mbeeor galine sonese st th m >>nega: sone athin thdo th wi fcompnd t pro so aat din youthhink sul bewi mp tne? tro t. d marouetnkork sthrobeh e ?inveory t ofar hos? k youre nro e st ngerve youy steof is gound
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u ze nint terisou s ss g dod yo tngze sould the t rket orc doyoshou tlow d sldhe out? et c guesou rig, iwthink d ll t? th esig stiilus,int jst pu th nd-a onthetis, pblem jyou ve tpuet -a thneark pem u t opate. he tthet bkrk to ope. fe h terp bse fm to ceptn of f rcoun yrp f i t ptof1789 t un1913 i cameth onom89 e tine o13 the orldme wh om ttle ee vern ont, ttle r gulaeon ld an w ts le of rn, le rla freanomand at is f ho beme t ecomicred is ho be tcoc ginef theorl ou monerin whingn, dc i ne hewhatsrl cruinghison wngdccono. i wat canrug sinkis thesizeno wf thanonst syouk canheeeze w havethe aturthstresoces,u an ve t w vee peoe,urwe canetso bs,ck ttorospity. eo >>ne: yohavean bbeauful ate,sspy. ell,neyo tvenk youeryaul mu . e, go tol, toury mu t seegoo you theresint wll mak theeeou enounmentn lasi ve ws,atak a un cantno, lad th yeho ued ca ,
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thhome he u me belgioill n the. gues theolicelsoofl n hi th admistraon he d troyeshe ic the vingtandd he mi rawork hg cls doyin e ngnd ameca. rkcl atisme.stenbly baf e decrat par is tenkingy thea rst h deatars t hngstorhe beusef t h e h uorelieblyee ninfmed upoliieesy nfd tis li pside and his tolleues oave pdend s fsterle s thisve ridulou cls fer isidou waare,l e nsensalae,olic s tat haveeenrov to nns ic t infect e venov t and inct uucceful evywhe thehave bend uceriel evneilhei knheve ye habeen a gie suprter il ankn yhaen baer and confantuperan oharrreidband nf thet orrid promenhe dmocric senor om nevomda o ju squ dkedcren b and ledheev cargen t jusenaqud fothe b pre dentd ndede cge t dors the na heahfoareerent pan
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were hesersheea ctse escating ioro p he threse c car sc orin did heyr jte getut ohe coarrol nceealt carorid ce?y j >>gut: tety oere col eltar c eslati gu tfore reat a raf 8 perntsti a re aa ar. 8 an ther devtati of . obaancareth etimaev totiof beorth bare emaobeth twve per therate o ceylaoner. ete o c --lahe ra ofscalion h-ncreed by0 pracentf hataln hre by pnt that im fghted todeat abo i the fturetetoatof bboines >>ne:ou e e re n besrigen ne road gues the n lici arig mre ad stdfas mor eshe cafull ciar m consered styou asoworallhat t pect nsed u a lea inat t ctsia a ea opleattein i asiia and leteorki folsiher
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dgetki praryol cernsidatio tthe esidt ges liserv e pr toyhis s crtedidio e id glirv tos t sng.ed d th spehesre bso ttely. thpes enrallg buso mh ofsolyhat th is allenllbu aout, mft tod thsl is no at, whatit ihat todey dospponod to whatheyatsay. t o epeecs apod to gheat. y ey. aionsecre a gt. a honsifying. itishoy mostg. imssib to belie thon't kno that st whim theibore d nglith is't no hastruive t thwhhe do dtis anay runde ho fraly, don'an unrsta thara, n'myrien har untaha eid, ngnen ar on methe othay f the d,rst ime in on0eeth yrs f thahes wht iteas con to. yiha sport awhto demratio.c coressman d i slledrt her ringemti obacare ndcoss in i sedidhe what rengbareou i s doi ? at hodo yo ts? th is kilngheoi unns aho y us w a t splyiths heathilare toun emp ayeesnd s w a sa syieae tompes s ame
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"inow it iterrle, sbanisow a ctor het i hasrr, it anoo b or ifheon't vate itor bf't v s wilunis me, d s "sheil bngis naye, posi. d i sid veryhe bnaolitian tt p i. has soldi s ory the doetitn t wa't h sadld a oheoe wa hame, tribl a tionizatn li the,. tbl dot evall onatlih mdoevl ain. shsaid orr yo m asapp.nted e i sshllid lo rru. weyo ppedinded sheo coersaon. at iweolicsif aedrica ifnyosa. sine ma ili orwork agca if ne pers doer't uerstd thi rkis a trnin poi rsoe ust inmerihin hiory m afrd tein wlloi gen riat hiy frd we wgedesee. >>ne: ste wye cing out wiing seemnd ne tstwy cg falututand wi g ckdr of e tresennald neva drf tonht. es weaveat va caellithon. ve us. thiss austal wth sta. >>s.est: is at w neetat >>t: deerat y buhe poble is ee th hig denempatymenbu ple as the
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thusinigmark has goo hl mpen in a haag a dhet in andrkteveaso wi sai hd in aa dndve wiai-- sve wyaid t st iorta thi it s theyid t basef th demo iatictahit artyhe pele w areuffeng. sed whth themoic sip ty pe wrefe. whhe sbou is rai furaisgwherou it es wh pisple raisingfuiser t $3000. wdon' p ife h has rngalke t re ame$3ca0.f longn'f hasime kehe gs ou t a doreme thng prmerams hich geemou to aeepoth prms ch doubmngoep doood thg his lasub veg. nonedodth helies aseg no tie govnmen t isompentoovendo is foreosur memp, fatie m an frede reurefa mmacan ed e inmpett. c >>il: t yo veo b cuent.n et so, >>: yyo areon b cut. , yarres, red ybehat nre twi d her et is not noing heou.wi er onl hlps u iot yng re he ju.nderter nnl h yos ome i wh yh cod b a juine ierar butoe nderwhowco b p anewho i iut be fitser >>gut: a fe pan ndreo i
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thound peoe, bets gu afe re ou mae. eo laim o theastma usinla ouff,hethe orein iorta ufff, whatteve wyne ita sai the f pres ent es oat toveynhe poticis antheyai tryheo m kees t oao siurse o ofpo acianeyry m ise oof a
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is wl benoth contuati andts ifoll driv . anwh e, wneedhe w lebeershth, an ther is tnt ti ndsens ithatlle is ot l dingivnd hean a tackwh con wessed ll leshaner t ns atnts ist no lng t couhery i asckons okinfor lder andf s ano t oucoun iy fes ts in decr ne ltheyrnd wi no atgo unfe tsecey wino geny >>il: een pside isore >>: astu plitilly an pdes cricsre tu give pti hiy cred. ifcrous ve ohier aedrogr ifow wh thpresent aivin o inas vegagr and y w githest him aininhe avgaage nderic an y oioni to taim aanta oave ic then onortgeto talief proams aforta iche o or hesheas tgteen le
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ef torosrualy h beuse o nly e es totn hoseo whal are inbee ly torres heirse whloanrethey nt inonhis,re ooir th aney an inoppounittoets, in. guesth lo wll thaanakepoit a .iffence? es loit wha mig.e abut don't tink wifee? bebiig. be use is it n' tk aiee-eltion whato we behavee i o to a buy el onyou? at theweay wvenot tooinguy t u? he w ust ngre butng t uniteray us reutni ra this weill n leanytng stanin t ay oiswell nleyt an t ore-ectio we wi giou-eiohis we wiimul mon orgi athin but lisader ip. d thulon reprlicauff f aominut ler. th thepcaf f to t th coext,hey tove n eppeup t aot,ey sai n how makpemeri geat and a we ai wi not g inow akri gtndwe d line wiot th g idnfpoli dcalne ass th idat tir jobis anagwhat lil th vies a a tob ecliag i at so onethiechal angeshat bh ofli i e potical p tiesso areenales atoubl b and thifresint poca pesasre blndhisi a proem
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ro neil watif theepuican reonsese dil't bel wvehepu an rese del heing anynehat i undeater is ihegnyett tatat i the depubleran ishuttt up t >>heest:ould blutup be>>it: wldld bedoinsomeing. oplere suferingnd ty w needoin owme cg.passn b lethe ufprobngm is t t gornme ed cnot c ssmake bnytnge rongob. is t th isgome cet ke iytue. doesngnyo thselie t s govementan i. funcesonyo ma thli proamor t d ve hanntit to ncnnie m andmaredd thro dan mac oare u outie mofnd ddur md? th is wacat e iutrot ay. t m ths woty.heyill t go t pa ere eyookey llkeo ta e kthey l a oneardey a >>il: ure erd >>: scy. >>gut: w aret althec enepreurs,hey e t one gu w reo aral seakie trh to enres,y thene coun y, nar the skiolicalrto ass. at ie un nhewronlil he? s. >> iil: veron h gd >>:er int. g thkou p t. thaddl.
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>eil:an'tind job n't >l:'td ob t --find aob? dotlam-unclnd? doamcl m. noing ppor th c im no gat or rethlati is holngback chiri. so thin re itisol ck an ri soin mney i mager sanpectit is lac of cnfidce and my aerytrng fm s anct everisneacofn cidnd wa ingtyt. f itsan itereering,houg n beuse ok atwa gte it ireg,dowug bee tod. anher00 pintw sprtbut thod anr in p ltgepr pa ist paf th thviewhat eopein l wilasa get s acthew tethe not tatt we eeil are. etat dyou ke o thaac the >>otest: tou awe ght. lot oe.t h du to ohao th>>umpt: a t.gettg ot o ho its actpogetr a thett ct thasct corrateetarn aring heen ha stng. t coororatten ngarni s he not stansl.ed t coat h forgot
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sl t rulatn j ncer intyrg how rbouatn regatoryertyertaty. w haden nouegoregulions taek p. inhe ad nastulnear. theame me t pn sml sinestwnerr. a hee t ruggmng to findneerhe a n gg toonsundr. e strglinto nfindsu trin thndth w emoyeendth egutionare emstineegmal busesseguone $1000 in rsonal empyee,usse10 on16100 pmpe, busissnd f mufacring 61 pwe aryin si he f nufaurin m butactng cos anin he es matefainuttos $6,000 este in regator expee600 one. es, wineghaveor pe unrtaiy e. ab ts, wvebamunareaind wha abt do-fra wildo buthe realy isam wee haha too dorauchilut alis waoo regution >>ne: yohare srtert th thagu ion neyoeut okt ser i thha i mplyif you i arelyou c.o. and we jusre c.nd h ste wn,usou d ingshat ba htewhat y wi w d
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gst spd onaourat md. y ifwiou aren a go modspon ru mll s ndif mo. re ifou a a nogo y m wn't. s as smple ato if a th. no the y wt. as siffelenct btweeth.e.'s aneavere joe cfe.o.' bee hvee. anmoreeroneytooe send. c.' h bu rebotteyine, sd. whe i hebutt e, evyonerom eve wyohe a i eall bar evnem wnereyo an ne yorklba city ying therreotne rk opti stic ty aut ng theth fute, narall re latitis oric a nhe ut th llnall keetitheiorroud n d and eirth wallkesei udosed d d r ght?ll >>gut: aolutynd yed lookhat e suabbng t? gu a utingo e yope, oklowtg wn e s ecobbmyand you rin g tat e e, backverow ere, t co sur d oummite wichin t ckre, tu iitall wh the ilhe oupe comtteeheydo t ve athin thapeillom geevey us confence a>>nein: yoareha aadll gs o mnft. ce th supenecommyotee e t a gro at i o mhar thpemme t befroe than igivi to me up rith $1ef illi anvio pth$1n li cuefor thecuts will kiu in.
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ort mhe puthats llroun ki whatft don. not momeut uith eun at cut do theytill comoteh en. ut uld sat fyeyllom guike u orould yonot ke d theatay igu e s don ld ogues no,t bauseheit inot ing oon givou aeso, con bdencse theyan it rely gdo anyiniv a ey therre isnyo wiin. no erill ois policianto tighi thg, o mllke o mningl lian c s,tgh no wl hin ropeand m mngf yook cato w the eal robl spend facgur y k budgs mov ng e falward theybl a ac not bng addrdgsed ov th frdhe a congssio l su rtcomm btee. so, drud ethrigh oesng iosu amme. ck o, condencengh es leadship but o goebeyoonnchat, a rgetmall b inesadsip for thet oeyo t,mentand a ck etll besore ntd okt b sine. bong itryi to me t a b plt ne bod iyio ma te naonalaborelatns pl bod is ting to tnaalorat bois tg stoext od exnmob is tingo drl anthe a isto tryt ng to ex stobs the tg so tsdr goane ellis ry bendto st theheso touncellaintof igbe an allth sine. ceneilntthan y an l ne iliman fm y tes. stl sing tt fs i andhe te
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frtst soadengd ind imar sfr made mtt "i" an myar polteraays tt m "i an olrys ttotal bu. ta bu mi. mi ke n swt anspicshri alfor 5.99 n swanicri y na is gelarapp alr 99ani sefoodiffently nas lapp anseodfely
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>>il: d mi fil the candacy new hashir here >>: thmiilhe ndy ew pmary daairwillre th setor jaary 10 pnorya ttll nevaet h jay 0 ved tack tir cvacusday h eari dk t t csycalear wrich wi ve roey t ale wwi a d frk luzs n sot. re fr the llstu extordiire nth ome now so yar et in st txtdie c mp thow yys g in trly, chgo ast, g y, tt'sdvange >>est:ehas at, igge probm nd'san tt >>t:s age te s ob vern t ric erry. caotave ts rnicry a t dates or ck pry i all er hi
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itoes n desor makrick p i pelly l k higoodut ies nholdsakomneck bkpe l an thod ildne b nsta braan cthld costhe reblics the tara cecti in st012. ee amicican peoeohe n lik tin theelli or2.he amaneo nikshoung th>>ne: bulitr i isstil eay.ou ne >>buest: but iisoril peleea -- >> t:ut >>il: you rembepe eve-- >>slig: ? u i rbeon' ve rember o ig iall"' rbe o slhts. so is wil"bels. esial val e?wi guest iwhasi realblics and es iepennts d iha decratdo notreic annthich a ien pos ticis yeldengattt ech ch her. a poneilci lseelhis elike this r. il llluerateiskehi te te ou le yo t sandi p . becae yo ired lo sdi i egal ca yoin yrome.ed d you kneorbou ial i y fore. yeyo andnehe iaou tha iouor snd hereeforye und and iha tal abo s u a reor u rongnd onmmigtional ibo a ng nigon i itsace t heitf tsce tei hypoisy
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poy >> gerno whyhink iave ev hir gnohynk ie a evillel inir my lfe so i a loongorwa ato youler iy l i aoowaou fact agai - >> iell ou cte ai fa -s. the wspa irl- te heruth fatime f youe tpar tetehe me fou te >> th. get 60 sonds and >>ou t 30econet t0 s rdssponndu t 30on t ron ders? >> y had illals wking >> a yours oing y tad letllse w fingsh wt hav e aoung tet fi wav sa ok rcksa - >> flow e rles. r >> a tohoup - deb fesw for rricks.nd i a undostandup t t, soebr ck indan t oyou ll t th u ay th >>il: eyid nt lihe exange >> : kiing. nli kiing. e nainesexgeid n kielp.g. ki >>g.est: a tesey exct np. tho >>t: reh abe txthat h be represabenti noingat bout beat whic was estinogut ics pesidtial
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>>ne: wa houndg t pidal newa h prumednd t frorunn oroth wepredchand inro ann rildith chanwe? >>est:anin cmbinion of childish ehangand the wan it>>t: s dne c andinicknferry has il a engd he weat cordt as gerno d andndke ryas is notalki t rdas goutno itndy isotki tearg dwn mt titromn and if w e ar d mmnndromn'sdvisf i wod w y yo do n hatomn spon is thatwod wa yoif rdok pey ntakeha upour on at timwa r pedkep srce lettim g wh ist shatet girichs g wh winntg so mat debes?i ch beuse st snnabovso ita all why herebn? cabee tov int fst llplacin e y erca pos? hen f reacses toettac to here s opponts. acneilwhy ts romy pos. ily ming omaheay lgely ng ea unsthed i s lly "rgel" butheynsed s em to t snk hisoldg h "elutey own. s tgues h and heisld act hllywn prov g ovesnd timndecty monsatedhe ovov preimdentl. mneys nsed stnger cdida re nttodathan re eyter cda daonthan ago >>il: at i myoint thoisgo tay >> th: imy aressent
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givend-te wi n takthim to ahe wsste use? ve -t >>gut: bwiause nheak d ocrato w are? prarin guecon bse ads dra arr in the cri cismonan theds wi s eri sm doest tahe rwi wrd askhe s espubltaan g ernoof wexassk k t reblic sen orbl g noomas treicen pesylvia. neilbj in th pelv. il 10 rac ih 1ripp j.f.liveac >>gut: thwas bere pp.f cnnve d t gu otrthse nennorknd ttox. >>il: eerythkg wile. re>>: clely ethil ly sctinid. gues andverying tad ancni veo es andndryg e ta a a alrey vndrusated a >> il: reat aut thnew us edat ion't >>: awant thhow w al oughecan ihysi'tll s nt, doou gw aalghsenshenssi s do g ttinhi ponstica leg bk, rierry an ay?in po >>caest:e is segong wlled b andriill nryan gi? up or>>ivet:is in s g d wed rdneyll n wigetgip erun er i his li. rywi tneil do youret as seeli at can dateilnou ahateosit
4:28 pm
n araneteespate?t >>est:itick rry,argain hideospgy e?ulde clor to>>t:k y, th reinblic prihiryeo vdere thanloto rothey'sreutic srione i v an certnlo's sne nt. i an rtomn's wiingns to n attet toan g abeit amn is wi gnactltowhat teto g votsabindo a see ands tlatot aain,do end an, hern in is 2 pernter sbecae ri per and 2 roey aer goitt. ca i riink errman ain d wlro a winoin sotate cmei hek ann 1st wlfin jaary d iso nevte c thohtst th til jawy nd i ttev ecae ho reblicth votrs arl sa tng ca wa areositiceisiot lk toara e fure and donwa ntit thsi ltradtoiona liti anherm fe ndcainonas heth ad penaonal y thti ani'mrm okin in r. >>ne: vepealth m inrestg. in and now ltle neveitinst an aboowack le thstevbo wykthin y had ocus goupthevisteyng in yad lo us ste gpte ynnlo cmentand te eyikednntheesse. >>est: th cnt loddt ad heed wain tess >>t:tho0's ahe wa t and0's,nd's
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4:30 pm
opem, t or fhem a heis th loya and, tat is w f hem i ae ya dagit ted wn heis w ses wt h happs in ashiitton. w he >>il: d th s wt le im.pp in >>gut: hhashin. gven>>: thbett l. bene ts. gu hneilswhen tdown gn stt or ne .of hlth ilen twn ben itshe ave h th unio menlions >>gut: heutse pple t yo he m ton gu hts pe slo n,t. yohe t andteve wy actllyoeslondve wyctyest. >>il: therilant ank >>: he ntz oundetandil thet k z tnds de ndbefoheeopl knohat ts fotheyplno et ying they ate repnglicatax planth do teavethisepcaxan gornor do veis te? otchoranieis ? hie nt. n y bus mageme jsentver thesnew chnil maals. yusmamentresw nimas. theneedou ttranate theintoortuese. heed taneetotue. byomorow. byor. malennouer ]ucatknow
4:31 pm
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4:32 pm
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
gelo fl ridr. of tne l.efer ces th ha grop inid thof t cdes sinersth haroin weth wded i c sccesinully in nald rean's wdseco eslynterm ld e 'sd loney srtfindg it co y toherm ples herelne i s cod nd itt meon totowork ltre whe i e tao cod ontork wh tel ta itod >>il: age. butel whit c>>cern: s meg andbu gueh the vern wil crnpeletndut, ue its e ptiornl,il yel can rticatet,r it notiothat yll an ep t icexisengotat sysm, a mons tr as you havisys a nsasouentned, av will keet inttsd, lleeform nday itheidea to snatorm a ay wrecng bel t whaea we tohave sto anstar s ethiec b t difrentha >>weest: ive do anhinkar s thiat wouifnt >>t: io prefrablnkbut th the ou siatiowe a ow i sa whefher blet ubjt siio is aax isa whrefor orbjhe forms ofhe fety fo nr rmof ty ogra n thidea ma no be,f ieal israthotea mano atinab e,f ils wh secd be. atab i oul w prer tec seee i coleteul overul oprhe teesyst.
4:36 pm
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4:37 pm
nt pry migh monhack bhurtg pimse d gh whoer thomin ul b brtse en i i oe ithin hself wit ese i peonal i hlf aitacks epeertaallytheomne pple a ksthinare peonaltaettac a ne what pthee inepeal sdioac a udi ce aate asur soy frk lundi a consurued fr punsona attks. ns dgues elli pnatt. eson'tll th'th belie th th ... we a litterththff thou.. th inwe a polics. er youre i p suitou ofh i sult ili is. estou t i p baiittf lt sone'st t tonaie. e' rrec miontatents crt butotnga in ecites c t e bat andgan t ba ndfort i dot thk itill ma lo dfferce i he rt dothend.itl aat mterslo der i fallyd. wll be mwrs onomi felyondus w himlf e inhe w o omi-on-eedu of esidtim in oba. no one hn-f id ob roveno a h mo aidve amo a prtitier o psonal attks
4:38 pm
prti po oticsthan pnaouttresint >>ne:pocsanso en yo s thesi ne: hersho a yoisin s hernh ca, fo rs a exple,ho siner ovedcafo to bxe, rehan a edflas inohe b n apan, witheas 9-9 an n, itd hi nmber are ring.9- at dyou ke o at?hi nerre >>est: rg. du eopl of o ? sa ng t>>eyt: like cdor andplfpecics d ey ssanse t alough ke no crndci c ndide s e rtaily ingh thenoresentnd not r c ownidas fuaiyinhe veledes t witheopl t wnfu le bou thpl extrety ou of theituaon t th can sens it are del erofhenheua t th anmeon spensst aortightelen abou a v ryon bigpeoldrtht ou depture v at higldobsnd h ecomicep re gr th hhebs hecic rivagr seorat itva reikeermasen ain,it thk tres adienkema forn, th t at. aobaben govnor ck porry wi fin a . reptiv abovr pdien wi in withreivhis mila en suesti histh ek. neilgoveor ysere nlacesu ti enou tos top. ilve ye n
4:39 pm
ou ao wis op icagfor e thnnivsary a iow a agr nicedit th iv ry crow how m ch a th p nrsonedly lithou a ow iow malso hough yo p weon gov norfli allins, aso gh leasyothat we covwdrwant you toin a as andat i choug nt thouto nd presentiug th rand h upor estia h upgrabmuch ohe midst i the ole ninabch yds an aaid wher irepu ican e reein we yan a erpuan forwe urear a antheor priden arok ur a staneack 200pren sosomee lita yououldk e 00 ve advaageoso formeliould tict, n't u vevaeoorichink t >>est:ell, d't knonki had>>un t:atl, day dith you onthe no beauful d yayh byouon thee rer aulnd, yo k w,y i lohe reop a id, yove klow i arood whop th a d oworo nice wom te toh me aot d ofther pelen ne tto aecteoffi ibothoferearti ar cluy tefith witti tharbut te lu itomesitth nuralt. neilthe ites clning an nal ile plt, ng no dpersn toanhe pside and ce pside butheres p no drsto
4:40 pm
pde lttle bitd pdeutorere litud bng vi pre ldentleorite lud b virenthat at>>gut: w l,gu to ech hi own. w oat ehi mtter isho n. gogto be resint 1 mermont frosow anigobelie its tterbesi of 1ntro annuinliit urncy erhathereofill beuge inchanryatrel bee inan tion dictio the esidt i veinome ono di ioconc de, ll je stidi me sily nve gett. nc, thi js mehow thsi n g wingt vernnt hi ha a hothosite opsed gng rn netiveha a eect onit oped lneesve of eton peleat rg and l of eeomme s ndenar hay reid wer aonisng tkingme out naeha prate secidoreroing ais tng t pre stecinine, b wehave tpend mo mon on gernmt. e, b thclocisweve tnd tiin onmoon nth ou gnm thonomoc andur reledtiebt ouprobms a womnd stel isbtto chan dir tionobn a a w big,is bld an iron wa >>ne: enorg, bhe nber o spwa syou ma ne n r comp lingsprgumt soheua mine whoer hor
4:41 pm
empng iumso cos toou d neho h ays i you co oartilate vdsion iknow you ys nyoake u ti agtenst vjoeoniowou benke u antakeag ut tehe wte hse and y co bde i anke u the na wl h an yo ihe naobsee sery, aondeul me gues ihoug wasy, doide good es jobugofas aidin thoi od joqueson. ain,in all ainth siousss, m es no.t n,ll runng. wast in sus, t no rds formeun. as in d m fa tlyand sor wat wil matt m is atfad o w nmineilees fo tt ames cand h we ohe nne o shees fo fendsmehat a hwe i e fdsoat hpe a as yo iarlyo h q stio yo wa ily ink qioarefiredthat kheextfidat year altnati cpaig b r pay wixt b abold ar olte. ti a cearigne. pa wi scifi bcld o. o tha ralks ab.t s grofinghe pr oate onom andth atksabaxesro abou meeprnge omurnd dt xe oblition befo theou coumeee the d aeric lionreamfohecoe th neil aic gornora plsure ain tamhank ilgo yor.
4:42 pm
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4:44 pm
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4:45 pm
gos toork sect ds. fwium r tu nothgog wotos fak ♪ m tutum m tu ♪ thwofa. tum tu♪ >>ne: th is e ofhe ockshat cmpans th h e, neth i s n'tof k owkst can ah h aromeri tr a k refl ation nelix,omremeer flonnex, meey h t jacng o of e pr hesnd rid thebusiacss of del? prwell altugh t rarnissi l? llmpedltnh t thni ltest peodt waedless tan thothhtnd lst e rldwe, wassfurt trmorhoit w wn cse dw towo mrtllioor reamg w cus mers co s mio amgusetflrs s repoingfl 240 mi ionpog bscrtionat tend the 2 thdmin qua ercron t bd he thua b $279illi duri th se peod d a2li rist tmth s, ine d t unid a ates bec se o tthe newin t ni tied picing estraty? weecil oeew s .ti p in but .at we n goo
4:46 pm
sinhe t . mntim n walrt isoo okinto jumtartolid mimal i oppe inumnnocing art neidrice tchi peprogm atno isng anece hi aranogeing s you anng thcheast pricou pructsthnd pmisi toayea t ic dierenprts psi ven if t youlrea bught thediitemen nsomeere els gooduforea bhtheem y? meels odr reil y? exptsaysnot reure itsxpso fot e wmartit sohat d youfo tink of ts? w rt>>gut: we tat dou tkfis, don' t want to s guedespate, b it , n' ntto s a bigspe, bt aaemptigon walrt aopt hlp thei imale. h neilso youeiouldastem yo tileoinouldlseere,ust te come yoo tins. ll isee,t wor me >>est:o for ctain i segntor t>> tt:reor wile cin maothereg tpromionsilthther ahe scouers ere e shoomingnser hanot ou bs ene hofantgtic caus haspittwhatou tnk ty are b shopntng ac e huusican axry itat t tvel,ndrehe op a huan ary diounts l, --.
4:47 pm
neilbuttolddintou, -.remeer, ret il ot aldu, prpter nd i me, e di oover not as ma arpr ering ihatow.di er otamot ma gat sstang thw. eopl areot shping hig tathpl eend.hng t noig as my. >>gut:d. noheisctessss ha m t sho gup. is wle ascss hahallgingho rists. w buwe a apull outhellng st bu allut sops and hink-. >>il: at d y ss d nk mea wille>> : e d y a gai gues aea s ghtll gaiaai neilwhat i es slht staiain? 2ilat pcent >>gut:sl atn?ost. >> pil: ntwill gu hicryt rmt. >>: dow lwomenic ikefood do prmeesse me. >>est:kefouod snd prse me. hiory amil>>st: i amneve s ming ack.hiyil ineveam ve ner. ng nevek. neil we a ve ne ve ileks a awfrom my sppin but i snowawom hat sin wonutill ewat wotl ep. >>est:walmt wl ge the >> t:ck. lmaders wh w hageens ey giv em ahe giard . b er mowhnevera s usivthgift
4:48 pm
ca aoi eyrd ke b o eve mey. usfta e okay and my. wha ay d -ha ey fort aut it a - itis li a gftort ait at ctifite the li rcen gge i ve vy low c fiat uhe it.en i whatill hppenve i v a low m ure peop wilt.l oreatl r hearcen i openhe l int mnet, heyop will ejumpo rrc enmaz tntnt, thy wlill mp ju bacaz tth soonelikell juac kohs thesoe othske aaggrsive aoh lmarhehasth a t dogrve a sethi if ars to t e srythhig.f areegoi t eth e shoingoihog so? >>ne: no, soeve ne neve nyou ach aot. veith ho veou a u heh best faci. a ho ast ci losng hanthe ite hoe dubli doos onane e rtgaho descli bo lln it beme ske egaes forc b it be s tpaye eor tye agn? ag
4:49 pm
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4:52 pm
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4:53 pm
at th st wk?y os itsthis kin jd of ting tha t us in w t itis linstof tghacris . us itinook t he heis t ling is itbuyok hhe stehe tg lori ay s worry abotri a i rr >>ne: wh i i le abt this 2 it newh labt nviisst pople o is tvi t pkenle advtage fo se mogage rworkrogrs tnnd dvtge f hriing moege pncip rrk orgr e ove ll morage,utrig bei p ip abler eize on aveowore, reei le envizenmenand asse t ba r givi you ts new viendss towerba te at y viou teewer gd be yto sta in t hoas e g falinbe are tacaus they t areo crent >>gu ft:inheyre m beuseyount bure how cdo wntnow eyguidey n m e stayurrent by buow rnnin w uheirow n edit ayreyards r oin th uir ha not it ju losds oveime odth llot behableoto p ju goiosforwved. e at e lo hebe peelehat w pntoi rw llypat on lo moragese int w 07 an yon 08 aoresin 209 we capanle a meenghe fst pa 2ent weut ap thr prlem seetiee the fa t th pyment and th topprm sf tattihe yogiveway meon pend opelse t
4:54 pm
ney,here are eoplyo thavey on ld tse rtgas, p siony,rereplha fund ind tidua ga pon vests an ndnd ua mogageackesecutiesnd th wil bestsan mogekecu reesemed thil neilbut dot yo thk ey e dey alreadyedand il tldindoyoth qstio ble dpaymtsal y readd >>gut: ts is thainnd u q io en saym ad guwell tis haed wuz, why all w not? hy t the seriti arelrea t? ttin atthetireiscot aeaeop in acqued tm aco a ap scou and th qu f tctor a a tat ound f or >>ileter t tank y.u. yoneed ot>> ccerner you telvek y wiyoed kling crnou cavetalial the wi k ng occuers,ome tfca tlihe nt andake a cus,e f t bh beuse he de couny is beelrea unisea "oake" "ke oro clar we a busess ameca.or car a eve day e aw ae us s thmesame.hallges. aveayaw thme ll s.t atrudeial 're lpin compies erywre atdel e in mp s findywew sutio toanagrisk nd sio tocapagal ask empyee nefi ame can sineap a mpcan e t onfiith
4:55 pm
sine. men ne n .onh ne ♪ ♪ . ♪♪
4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
wonr mo busesse chse vizonirels onmousse ch v onthanelny o er wiress crier an o re cer vezon. ven. lok atll ts stu foroffe. h the's ns.rencpress, pres taers,iltelo. at t tuorfe it can tht res ly esaot ns,rly tes co lica d s shpingit, ough itn re cmealishpid. is hase. ny coca n wprioshity ngil f, t rghe bos fr thpost seraice.pi s as nioy f rif fitboit sfrips thywhest in er te. cou ry fr a w fl ra. f it ss hen tou fa fl tha is sy. st ws ie hearall y! m soo amd! hs . t i arl soam! i mn noampe exted. ll, rt oamp. mnopeexd. , re olly pnd o in twee ha yoever thoht aut daf? rey o ee yothinthat oulhahelpyo er ho a df? eah. prorityinailatlat ulte lp shiing artat jt $495 h. pr tyl ot y fr the post serhice.g rt j$4 a spleway shi ofrhester. sey hi >> nl: fallyheres whe thoccu wal reets go i n f wh thcu caal tam sm i alletgo i r - caam ipitasm illallrongut t fo w the - rso there ta i lntinng ta a loo atfohehat rhe thein taooaystt
4:58 pm
getsnheirind.he vernnt rscue. just alk,tsustir tal td. the rn reuroe. lea rsst mk,htteal t ohe a roea mvergof $trilon o bl-ou a planor rg $ iilesto h bou an vestselebtingere. ito h rope rese i stsebngomine. pees weirwhenou rembe.r catalis ha govnmen ir en r anbehing remberhose ds?caliha oven escial govnmen resaningng re eranyose, an g dernmt, anhereesaloven esg ey ud to hyoeant e gry nm timeall eanre te. u t th waso t hnhen e mel t cital thas tn capilist we cal pi sstf-re want. t nohen sf-reant sret. pita sts noe tn se s-relrent.t now ty're uch tas m e vernsentel. relnt. w t re he sa m g ernmrntigel. bang sa bossash,ut wn gnm the oan hiys a on tssh, lin t w he overnnt mey hihey an w tlin t hailyake. rn m lookthat gys whe mbleshay e. gointhes ok dayt g some meesomes to inheiresescuay do but tmeooks lik neso oneoir is ccuing to heirdout rese.ksik n ne sop cg theoastir tworadies so pys on tkheuropntwo divernnt a at e eady to o t
4:59 pm
bailoputn plars tt cou n'trn at dykot, illafter t ingoutown las mond on tkshener gnasail-t ndn di't t cutn it. up whe il-t ookedid likutt. licouper bhe iernae wld ke scp inik to rese t mco w doscin whe boayes h tsm out o. goies dod thehe bave the hut o servto be mgos ahe himehe that isrv te rea mrend aim at ocpyinwalltrees tif oy teaccupndrs cou seet.ocinllee o t thup're oou by bemening catali to e tthe uys b eyemngate,calio tsotal e, hatal aren even actatg le pitasts. 's nen jvetctere. l ppen in rope ndtas. n j acrse. enthe n pe hpenin ecropend e rosshe hlobeni e e soad tha tssy'reippibe th itedsohaingd pri tre pi mister nicoths skozy ellied merogdto srit und btmier co ou s ofzyli the s u fanci b prlem. atouf ishe.etti fci pr robm.eech s uptit. ob yech bin ech uppset on f buyenessetwo. ifn ouh et donn g fbut --sswo >>ifh, mon god--


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