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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 25, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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ahey go withakakisn,n. of coueheyre.y othe oneall thaost anthis of oun.f.ytar. e elhatn10,0. "t fivf.rtart rht now,0 "t ♪♪ivrt row ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >>ric:noth allime low r pside >> obac:.thlle s aw rova numr pde atba 4. a vableaumandtalli. s 4 str egy w toeadry t workrounli coness nd bsttry o th ecomy sce h t clely rk isunton getsng eugh b sport thco s h le oriset eh srt vot or froot lmake onis bs pn. roe latesket bninstm, hp p fo heowns hang tesuble bst h ying fo mtgag hwnha tle llinit t ng "we man'tag wt" an. in t u catwe't wai w mr.resi nt?. can wcatitheai mo, si?an't an w it forhe mo ita, 'tovem r 5,012. or kierlyi kw,ut lk,em5,2. he is anoerkily kortge l tigaon p n, thes no govementetti invved tg the gaee p mar tt f venttinvomed s.e ar f good bre othwisedeal ?
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od b >> kberl didt th help sshis uthsealnoug k alrlady?id th u ar eot lpuite ones y it welaly? arntenonedtee rht y r pele w areitelryin toened rpay e pe w mretgag in toefau. y en't mag ehin au paynt bre 't vingin haray b ngime.are. ll ientied b h many peop wilit hp? i tiif beopl h endan u opefauiling, h whwillay fplnd it? u fedel goaurnmeg, tak it wh ll overnd t fn ut?imaty tadeayergoagaime akt >>ric:ou le t ser tdea, uat th gh? taer ai>> b : i ve t s>> idec: l t a, the wou cth't?ait. b i t yodon'de have ohe w wt. c t. yore pd up onyon'ourav to w usesaren yo you pupn rfor toseeopl whoaven es en whou are r eplhonderteren thiwh iren ct, eeranksr cane fcedhi i to d ts, bause b, ksksan f d agree d t b tse b take feral re t rtga -- akderay fal guarteed morage, t ga- ra xpays pa aredor fe,. t whetayr thpa proam i i effe or f nothey' pay etthroor i i . fe r bas wiot be fcedy'oay dot. ey oht to ibaouwi hee fdoo
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ge upwd of t i m hlioneopl co dge bpw heldromhis. mon pl>> e c: gg?co b >>reg:elhen ums.ere a k yo ehad g >>o-ovg:.n e thiss a k do-yoerd ofheov commity is a rnvesent ao-.f morempor ntly mmy rest fl a a tortreeedorly methor comg f a my rtdetrom way wa wh youe guyou are whou rrib, youyget ine srein onour shi a you et ibyot eter s and nonkinrndhi y aubou aro dr aubnd it aro nd.n y at'shat is is. ro avernnt pgramtesigrod to 's t repas.onse encern of p aamther ig govementorogr and t paussece f aspreers thmise ventgrnd tnnernd all er re tthse pce. ver torkser l >>ob: tat w p. ortu ed.rks kimrly:od wat>>.: w tu . >>ric:an you imy: tl bobat o thcomm t a>>ut tc:ouanks t ob they ohoulhave t d it,thmm a t wod dotks a shod ey doul it?ve dt, dan if thawodo we aruehoot? it ould anfha w hee bn agiclyitld soed b handefor b thic is simar t sorogr b th trid tor do. buths admimistr tion ied gr as ell.thri o. ny enomibus si bac anddmtrn d say ok e canasl. d all the
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emisiac nd wind dreing wany an d e onll tnghehat i goi nd reg helans i on we t lt iheoi el i suere lo. su lasegas tayhere oba is 65%as oas peoe o treorba on theihome hanis5% o it'eowort o n nega ve eime enityt'rtrobl. an re sai gahis mig eakey thstinout of an ai t sise is simigar te the th int prfioust.rogr i tught i si iim t pohet ou predentprus obagr tht i housg prram ey srtedpoourent 200ba was a usprm sed50 blion 00as a progm aaite mey. b ontheynlyave spe ogate m . $2.4illi o teyt.yepe th hel .4li o t thel.7 mlioneopl t of the milon m onpl homeners hey id t yof uld it'sakin so lmegrsndy t shac es ad so gat. 's in owhenhey laye ac ao c't g. eny wt, c w mocry isn incvenit thinsomemes. cr bobistheyre tinghenc ni shaces o. in thme is s.r pele w are ob uey tg toate ac o ths pe o wre the u m tgag eprogm. theyanto gethem o ihehe maet a get mag og moreyagest et
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finamed a lr rmae. aet lotfores eopl are enjnaing. a l it rake sen a ot theaid theplrenjg. moitgagee theen a dheervedhe to ha -- moge he >> dana:ve agrod. asha- homwner try o d o>>a:tgr asell. as omthe erocestakery d so asl. lon it -- e es ke >>ob thas t ideo onre. - dan it >>n't chahae t dethat >> b.: wll s . ant t>> ghag: wt abt th at pe le w pai bheir w s. mogage g wab th>> b: the pele pe waiirave. moge ey h e pd he bthpe morages eri a r hidua p probm wiores the rihi arogr. r ua >> imbeoby: ywi're goihe ka rovgr. ons. >>be y e oi>> e c: rekaovn appved bere. e r bankppdsbe. won lnoney if nkhey e cstansyon l mitatedey f ey d't kywf oba s csan it weedl migat t loa t d kwba s intestwe mat toa t rat te migatehe ld o youant toeehatmite r obettoutot. rytt qckly theill borw at q%,lyhe wchlhey cor fr theed dcoun wy wdow. c loant brk, buyg e dun ww. an b trsuryuy g bu treuriein t ope mark and ettr%.ry bure ieery tnk hpe accs t
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rknd ts. $30 y llio hout occ t t $billn loann 0 iot o rk-fr $ll an pro rt.frro bobput e sil boa ay. don' nee a cha obot tl ilyou is.oa ose .e the n'ameeeanks that o t e wiing u ake. t xpaye s moy tohe bailehemks t t. wig enow teyhoul bai ay outmotoaim the xpay s.w ul ai>> gg: ty weut baid ouheby theoverent. ay the g ernm gt di tweai at ou >>heob: t. screthem hen.e gnm di n't ve t many baiout >> : t. ney. re em n. gre tha was t heirt tmy aichoit. th wy. the reoverhaent's ir chce. oi >>ob: th wast th wrheert' chchce?. th beg>>at: iasth han for tha ch >>?reg:hey wer'ttheg i an gginor ha nobo kno how man y p ple>> g: yll berffecd b his. in bono owat'sanow a pe gernm t b prramec borks s. u n'teed o k'sw the gnm prsultm ks >>ob: at i td it' ooy khe lt $100>>00: it' o 00? eri theanks are unfect by e prram. it w 't elpri orheks hret bksuncty prm. beuse en t loa wspr h mitited the b gernmt, bee if ttoa dsn'tork o tid he i gnm ift d 'tk go o to fane aredd. thtaxpers ll ep tinggoohean l anddft gothxps e ba ng >> kberl the ldon'have
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goythi to se p s ba th may kotrl nheuraln' beve clin thio d p so. s enfth tay loa n gale bad hey in t d aro.back up b the fedal t oavern gnt sady fe. ar ck p b bobthe hengre oed t rnunit s stas is f replica obe rerese t do tnythg a ut itta hoising. way r h tep getcaroun re toth a hoit, g.t y hegul tion detun me , stuln d f peo mend derve a l er ieresrate f eo dan fir of a dvehey l id thes.te th an $ir bilfon t ay alrydy vethas. not bn ud. $il tlr decratot tod bnclung u rdozof cifora whdeatod lunound fray hisot ozing c runorwhgain bause e unfr h isn souch roub isg sunin bse is smayo by esidhtubs s oba's hoing ieceayy thiid iba polihocal.gce hi loo id tod athe ashi tonliost.l. oo om t piticodt tandhiint,nt. th doe giv p tside pic oba methg mo t talndt, aut. itthoeiv p gdees himba th sommohingnalhe a. it campgn til. g im e hdlins asomng mp t.omeo ers engui hins oma's aid eorteo s g. ui it'suotehe o'sas oragendid et d no wan o's htertwhen oge rned w t the norogran wld h endo telp homedwner w he gr>> b w: thfact ise is t p trngoom herp bthcts hseown str ing der hd youe sidg hwn
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th t epubcan dg r ou congss.idg lethem g t uer.ubn >> ec: y saithey areng. tpayim the gortg ue a. e yai teyyre de rveyihe atg a low re. tyou gble,deeow rig? r u pu a u g bete,own on virniaig er t w kendpund eineet n nves,hichirouldaave giv t wnd eyou a s,chuchlde meiv favable line u you id y knohhat? m av lethat le ne mov .u y noi chaed mt? min at l give meov ha metteinate? yes vee or n bobtei uerstd whe? yosare sayg br n theoint ob is u thestwheople ctay inyoeay b he thr hont and n ois thepl c y nreclure. ey he sthwnho hisndry o n t pang mtgagat ighecle. h stes,heyishoul o get thepa m agloweratehe it not s,yulamblet forhe m-- we te>> da: aice o hite.otbl or m>> b: t's d ae a- htill b sa sompeop.s we d a'tnow howany. la lot fsa pomplop out the dwow wy.l lo beav and pon'tut be ohe of a w hous thbe's sethind weught'toe of a pro of. us >> ec: wthn a sankhi hole ht e mtgag the are o rof.he ho for e wortgaekfol i mag here ofaul. ho or tytgarpf or mit iate the ul mogage hrou the rogr ty anpr tnite defltheecauheymo geou heok agranta ofhean t proamef au yw theaxpa rsre a taf thero ho .he pa
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>>imbey: t t ishe heprobm. ho bobtheris l sf a>>be tis ch ce o the ob defltinat ob er lloweratehan a the rat. ch ohe >>efric:in zo pcent wehanctenhe at ofs payg s t paye>> nowc: z if pount genchem t dl -- ofay g t >>yeob:owo,f ourse yif g m tpay. d-- it gov nmenback .>>:rs y sorr gre y. gre itovenck sryas rrre re ydreing. ju lik s ameca. re i the thie retartg. juoffikayinme t.t ihebamahi apovalrt ratg wfin t lest at ma 41%. apereals oaty one w llectt esidtt th was %. e oyne low. ct esid tidthasraditzmn. noowne has eard o id himdzm becae it asnoas thard l o. im bobwow! cait at ieallha l gd. your obw! polical i hisllry i g ur olal stgeri. is i thght out ing litil scntis stri th% not t g ithoul b 41% .tiscis i' s prisno it' nitul b low1% t it wil b sisighet' nex n ow year it>> eilc: c bing , weavehe ex a 22 rou-up aar loo head e cg we e tohe i orta 2 iowoup aooaucuad infoatiotonews th i's ntat oow " so donfoiowsorge th n t othe. e-m l on t thefe@foews.-mm .. 'll rig bac effos. ♪ l igac ♪
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♪♪ >> ob: ah man♪ the ay♪ dald rump ent>>: an t a t et say ghe ihoul be ddmp t fid her a t ayt gsshat,uleonal fi i' nower med u to gt, thealb" i'ow m uock,o m sin youheweet. kek, itp, wl min y?ou i hetpeno le ket y. w y yodon' hav h ton le s y thinkinnyo abon' it.av o u'ree secen g. welce in bacnn tbot. "th fiv" we re heenunch g f 201lcewsac t thiv to alkboutwe h iowa cchcuss sev01 ds tok utewayin pol icalwapeak css ev not duchtll. ay ioillolalake t t beghning of . eiondl toregngf a few unchns nninfor esidt. i'lliveouew ach revw. inr roidey cpaig h lle a diiculevchoi. eyroownpyed cig howa bause theydihougul theoiy d.n't ave np d plaa tre bndse p the mk eyughe dt doe i new la thampire. p he m two ings doappe id.ew on no ompe. i movg io gs iape no on o o in i iheov h iropey in i iowabutno he i h has npe i orgawazatite wtsoer. as nhisty in iow hatgati peoe w oe are t wh the orgstizatinn ow t gotg anhereeo pey ha gote n, w youheavergoat golkanre peha aotutoue thi a perr i in auchhiette
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siti inrr in i aa.h batemanns ou of i tin ave i a pdictn obarnnouhof i willin te ccusut p rctney o r has g in. ll t if h comess inourt t rtys s no ggoodn. horesnrt t nood him whoer winim i oe goingoake i itecau exptatisore highe dan on itchelaue xp tibachnnoou gh tnk - you ann el ink e ichsut buthen do t - yoouthin she i out romk i iowautn o or t predent lampayoninhe iut m owtogeer? >> b : sh twillre stantpan, caus thergeis? ore bshlltaebat ough togeuser berore iaat ghge b. i moneis gngorive h ou >>ana: oneynes a g h la wee the d aou >> aa:eyaro.probm laee thhe the a camignaid the dn'teen idobn a mon thhe amn dd wked het. th put'tutn atateonnt toy. i hink w sd sta ithutor a te ileto ecauink sta ihe eauan.. her okomes o vemb 25. >>r obes oandites oingmb5. >>o soh carina.di s
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rry redngewsoara. py pled p e eri ri nadaovin to the thilelp nain pry.o romn e alks awaith iowp p >>.imbey: hdoest mn thksk sowah ow >>ric:ail ry - >> be h es >>ob: says whoerthso ces >> c:out l - >>: iysaho cot ot dnn i pots. >> ec: weverins d iow pomney. e wers winsow neweyinampsreew lotf peoe sps tha per otwilloldeo sou car sina.ha >>ob: at iera gd ll dnounoumentara. ro ey>>: iepen gd onevad un hent the o ynero nenon ad otesng nada kinghehe he mo. o a b n morn opul ionesnd n ha ng mo wod wiait. bwt'sor n untuln ear h febrry s heeedswowi f.rida s befo n hnt getar o nev s ds f >>daimbey: i giv pfory het moreimeevo try >>be iiv t p reery t he hed verantratist. eri outde f h tex. vanatt. >> bri:ut pple uerstd ex neva. it 99 b c pntiee ust met vaex dl.it9 rry s a c shoie he. t d sobodyillmerg
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y th aoutse phodictn is h it'sody l eithrg thts perryctist' thrryhepset predtions ne ginic wi beheet w nerr sedondonnein plac inwie iow wrr sd ac.ow gre youverlked veloent ve bn wchin cler. u knre iourlund a lot b wsite win cl. kn devod to joh wteunun votooh un sunu ns. he jt ndordsu n jor romy. fu ft. awain itomeans an f aiendoementno o carns out. >>doimbeeny: oarhhh! t. >> be >>ric:ow d you sllh! "n s"? >>c: d greou s n-w-z"n? reant t get nip-z ks volv. t >>imbey: h t thaet k rked lv >>ob: can ell>>be you hheha edhisty of ew hpshi .>>: n l doe't mout ty're mh. sti dof't hhinkhi oe m tre munun d wnkl mov manyotesuthe pnt aunut w wov hpshi ny romesy wl pin a ne ampsre be h whi't winom w 20 pnts hich ineheps b w
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exctatinn gog int ow. 0 ps ch i meon wl etexatgoin mentuout . owa aont w wl kno h m tuwn.t e wi w'tae a aig w inno n h mpshe. .>> da: s eoneho wi w has an n ment sh eizi d bac sneomeas nt otlit isziickac pery vern ricperrof tex. liis k u mtion pe has hirrnicrr ex stf. at h monasirid st h hent hetas a la entnt i t re. lot o loy aollors an lant i t te rmate withim f aot lg ooylon me. te tenow they h fe a gon lutsi the circ andired the.eters w h on balesihe tesrcndedheer onname wareld,hich is propate. gorickon scome haredd, thechs gs opd hee. gock lisconed hohehem and ge nt t vhetoryn fridaisd mthisnds a t vry g fd,da srt str egy is per aamp tha g wil stryet er th atttionpndha momtumil m >> ec: rneynd. iow e rmneyyas gng tory to duck iowow ifou areey a g rneyooampa n,ckow yosaif there i aso o riousy fronparunn iow yo u arhe the i fro runr ous
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onnn ow tion arherounly. on ly u have t planowa. nohoic hes not aav t ialayp oa. canoidatic he ghe5%ot a i o las caat g t >>ric:hat u arayin ifewt win is >> oc:yt forarin romn.ift in inot ay if oorerry w s? mn. bobt absotelyf isry wewt or per tobysoly kn k pots o o i rney.trer t >>imbey: i kknwpo o o you ry.ike e vi>>t hbeman iain who ks ou ing ll ie iow wher doviou h tnnkn hhoill e up g in i theow- er t >>ric:robay enl e nphe >>c:baen four. ur you ne hutou veo haverganatio tou diver h the diesnd he as n vean ioorgazati d. er couies d thoe andsesfe cauces. isga nti ourepas dhods t uc. do s t >>ana:antom mht doo bett in iow >ob:a:toe may.o >> ana:ttenow cldet in >>: t. upr ti .>>a: you cidn rney tou upti are u an ry
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ofetti tre exptati lowofti t in cps. t roeyxp htit swowo wn c . theyome s ond,rot wil h s a wigeal. ey e >> b: if sed, cil pul i f.l. don hink he b canif cul i setor aham fro outh calina aidonhat thenkeanser amroth ca nandiddesthe replica id reigpoli tt doe't ke sse epca 's n f eign ig pliic t oe ecti. s th ishe n f fgnst p timhat ti ths if fimt obamhasn edgf o pla 's feign amolicsdg o anlaway, comg u lif n fgn libyafteicadda. an y, omi w uh iif was the. may byt bte whadaome w iashe eect y bhae. et surpsingtatent fro pridenkarz, thbum. rp ngthattero ntn "epren fivrz"thm. ♪ ♪at n "♪iv ♪ ♪
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leme tl yoaboua ve portt phe ca i me. le tyo ou vewhen gotrty ph came mcareard, i re ized neeend ot an red, medire sreplemedt ee sura e caan, top. di s meemcare s on of tra greca to
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th gs aut tning5, mereon tre th a tng t itoesn cov everhing fac it ly ps upo 80of yr pa b eitensesn ov erng act pup 80 ypa ese ifou'ralrey on elible r mecare if'rreon li e mell nre to nd o how aar.. n o medi ore s plem t w arsura e pl sureby utedh lthc e di s inemranc comp y, rapl re udh hehcs co r so ofin ncthe mpdica expees.. he coso nofpaid y mee carecaart pe .. th canave u fr payg upo thnosandidof dmelarsre. t thane fray upth ndout d yoursown cket ese e thonlyedice suleme insancelans. t oun et e thlyic su meclusnsely cedorsns byarp. wh youall w, yus'll y t rs bythisp.ree formion t... whoul yl th ais youe eedrm n .. tonrol soou c joithe llio peo e wh ahaveoulread... tool so c oi pue theiiotrus in ap eo whmedivere seaplem.t inranc pueius a di s em inus ync'll t th freguid undstanng micar yl threid ndan mar the ices are mpetive. i n ke e my oes doc r. e ete. ani dot ne a rerra to ee ai pecikeist. ooc andone rra to a ci cat. nowo ge a ee iormaon k. ca owus yge'll t tha fre iguidma k undstanng micar yl threid ndan m ar anthe vantes dot enther ooseanrom e rangntof m icar do en erpple nt pns.. sem ng m ar that re ale com
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pred. we he a an atfor amostomverytie, pr. so ou c fin one hat fa s yourr eedsstnd bryget. so cine f ur ds bth at. medare suleme pla the arvirtlly no alaimedormseo fi out sumela th plar yourtan kyp noyourimwn dmstor fid houtital th accts micar plou k ur dr hoal thcc mar anbestf al ese ans e... the ly micarsupp ment an stans aldors by rp. e s .. e marppnt s rsy . en ty to me ese ans re eorseby ap... ttoe e s ese a.. had ly o thi to y... signe upd ohio .. ca theumbe on yr scgnen nup... anfindut aut anarp dica supcaemenhe be in ranc plan y sc n. annd a anp caupen inncan you' gethis ee inrmatn ki.. d gue to nder andiu' et s medi re inatki toelp u ch se tgu plato er dithat rig fordiou. top ch tas wlah al medi re atig suorleme. pla you n ke youown ctor d ho ital what alceptdi medisureme la u keoun or hoalt pt di get lp ping r wh medire dsn't. ansavep tohousds t of pollag . wh di d't anveto us ca thitollofree lamber ow. cahille er.
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gre welme bk to he fiv" e a opsyaid mua ar reel bto gadd i di fro theivunsh to t hea ainsy othdua wor ddaturdirohesh tea thusesbecae inomor lesur th's ding yrleep eshis cadyins l o disay ith dg y epmmeral fezer s akin it o is irld' lgestold cer. fer in but tw w lrnhat t d' lstd cuy t w l t tplacgim aeit teorary, jal hac aeady at tebracar shaahaw. al th h ady i amic acha.overng codth founinlace lik iic erafghistaodakisn, unceiknd gh ta thatiscksian. at lift the ban osi. polamy fthean o andoly eap ans.nd it sca. li p s. wn it aca aul neibo li w crks and acari oneei tes its ace. cr hopeop in mnd bldinri loone t me. s e. t's t rhoretopn m mster binoo deh ev if e. s r wtt fol mwser isde evf rky. w ol whes sriahaw m y. pleewh sah m
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2:28 am
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2:29 am
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2:30 am
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2:31 am
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2:32 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
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2:39 am
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2:40 am
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2:41 am
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2:42 am
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2:47 am
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2:48 am
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2:49 am
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2:50 am
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2:51 am
dan i w on afrlane. as thy's mol an wmn aorryneth mex. misd i ry >>imbey: tk aboisd i othe >> bbek. t riceboas aook omin he out t b be ce reaseink novber in ut t "n higr onor rse is coves or he eels"nig of ck cneyor a c o dond ls rumsld'sfook. cy 's v ayon olum ous msall's wek. v saum s l eintestinnoneeles yo hav thohts?sa >> da: o of he m tteinnees amaving homens?n ame dcan of m histy. am g she ns an boout nmetneek st abt 67 pag e j atoo abo ntker meab67ag j abo sreta of ste. she seen tougho m ah. staf s . hored cal h e an tgh f mend and lighd toho word alith h a her. f dshe s int esti d gh instohtsorh r a bodyr.hat we ntti inrest inss policsn the a dy tst seral yea w. inst so aut holheshe hel sdal ea ape reig a p hicy,n paicul in eel econterm e ig >> pob: y, thoht i wpauln inrestg thon herrm >>: oncehos i w abt atriin. stth sherwas n nork ace ab t took.r.ri sh beas ng f bei nk a up theok. andheea feimmedtely we bac toheashiton dnd t iolvein tt.edly othewethinacio fouhin tere ing, iot ave t sho he atin ou gege w bus b
2:52 am
re sheg, ahoadhet ge w foreght us kno byou nheded mo tros on t grod i re t no iru in nhedost-r ermo ro onthe tnera didrot iant to ir n at.t-er e fally ote araidt m tting tother ith .sh a fly geral mngtoerh a genels. gal andresint bh sd, he ne. said d consi i bonce sed aute e id tops.on i whatheyo,ce tha a mns he bo isn so ts. i'm oaty froha m undeeath his. bosn eo'mener osroeser de e apogy. ere warigh er ree o y rs po. wagh of e dan y doe't eryan f evenallyay s wasxact anoe ght? e >> b : no enly s>> gasg: y kno whact i t? lened om t b k, i bno arne d g yfternoha dister, whele d tyou bar ibout ne dasteer isr, hedon'goee u ut dte spam ot."n' bobwhat isam." obatsspamot"? gre ausic. nobo reaam"? t reic boeartic. t >> ec: t relionsp withadda. whaticasoing on the e? telnsp >>thana:daerote h atovng n heetry tot c ep.>>a: te honehingas d 't verry sd ot c. enghere dr s aga. bobcan youremagi gaddi inhega obn fouezergi ddin fer
2:53 am
mon! >> kberl heris wre it n! get krler w itet wrd d way. >>ric: w serusly ood wa >>ellac:erly kimdrly:hrote bk, la bo throle b k. co ngimy:ot u b have y bo hea ro b o co th u grih wav ytole rists?ea w abt th theri wle st abhe supinteent o ste haowee wh? ah, e i rupalte trson st haee 'll lkwh t you a , ibout r onm ne on the l ive. t stayithou a us.ut ♪ ♪nenee. ay♪hs. ♪ ♪
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2:55 am
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2:56 am
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2:57 am
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2:58 am
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2:59 am
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