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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 25, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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ifhey are curnt o r ymen andavetsoans ifyreur o bked ennde ns by fnie andredd. >> csume savmone b thed by fe nddd falies save mon . c me avitnehe getheamilsfaesavon etpendgil agn.nd repter:is fst agajor epr: f foclose plornveid he 200 did n panfout.os pl we eill hel beten 00id nan 7-milln. e amilset 7-ll >> rorteilkeptism abnds er me rte gernmt ptm tinking. ab >>s e ca mtry tsehing a gnm day ngut wenkg.eed >>cay tng ao let y ethe rketd shihrou wha is oetther e >> retorte romhiy sdouha muchhe s e o lasereek in r s demoats e e ercho seask gnn ve policall contstin themo s e pridens acon wh g thi >>lion'tllry tnt stoinehe pr enac wforeosurprochis. leit run its>>'tours t andto hit the rettomur.oc le un ts reprster:ndit i 200 e om ep r:. oba bea i00 mccn by 2 oba eaintsn nadaocc cture ey eleoralotes ts n tha iso har cre o leales enr thsarnr repcate afr feclores d ep
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tecomm ts thafr sll sti here f lo s youan't o te a mm tptho la sti egas orreo t he ouowle't t a t onhe laaxpars' asme.r o t >>eporr: aleey ftor i on pahisp' ic. >>or aoter fiker t iesaho vo d mcspin lter time ta vomc lim e cfide s is coiderg mrobama b cde sads a bntcoarnier.mram b i wou s loo outor bni latis.ou s oo utork ti har d we- nk onl linosar but a l wef nnl hd-woing ople l os outherut l ally hwog le obsouer and ly erythg ing swn mend a me. eth g mrk a m hd. it eems tha we' n h ge initmshae'uch n bac ge>> rorte sheshac luc r tehe t heamil bout a the ttomnd oyaiduc $ ,000 her aileautouul a he.he om obut dives you a i $a00ow a ut hdly e pres lummt ed iesou a i th cit milly ns opeop arodpr tmm i co try t sothit lky. ll oop ro t milon filieightco nowy so lhave. moragesnderater il f iethathtows a dntin numbve fororeser er predentacin theat vots. d in mbbretor >> b t: mree onnthiin withe ot the nel. et ed hry raveng w h bhe monit
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present las egase l. than you hve w stoc beg the wee k i est as as posianve tritoou. thdow ocegheaineee 105 i the psi 5 tto wasthwp 1 ne 05e ndaq finhed e 5as aad 1 62. nq ind germolitians aay t2. ro z erm bl-ouitns fun t ill z b oube lerag toboutunl1. lago ut $1.4rilln. gean pliamt maot o theates .4 plallge shes i gre eanksesla pnged neon t. athssh i storeks excnge p ed toda t amth exptatis thtoillxce da haveoxpecamxptiigheth tha l reedoosse on veechehe hacoun y gornme boned as se rt on tew uro zonungoebtmeons al. o t theommaer o noo on teratns in . lya eaysma o n h at n d no l ideuamms gdafi h was tt c voyno whe itasdemm g fitarged f s a tstris la cy het ek. niororei rg fffai arila corrpond t gr. palt orrepoeis th fmerai dtato s rrnd bogr wasal ain poth f or dplay day dto boas a o mi dataay a y he po-gadifia axubence. >> rorte outn th po adreet todbeheye.ere ompi r on tee futeth of et tod y dicteor n long pin r fingef th tr liv. ct nammang gdafi rg acroown,th hisody whiiv
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ma gs befi on disay iron,isyhi refrerat meabenockeis w i agn on frateakeiew. w la thiag aftonnoon drs wew clod.. ne repts ttlahi gadftfi conld d be welo bied ne atep tad cndisosed be lotions eay a bd tomrow.t meiswhiled the peoelooneaf aomw.meilheeo murat wereack aork. bu tou f mhtinat invrevingk a calights alk. aund, buou f intheyalle fornv tng lilitht toal ad, standownnd haney tlesor t apon it omighseemike allanwnan t ord. onon dis ayghem he,el gdafird is rced h wponreize by t gfi ed wmisunrtazey trtilry pcend rockaunc r a su tilphy p ck onc a war ty st che tak fro t o rmpou in tstpoliheakro t mmematin g ouhen 198 tli airsike. thisemtuffinin'toing98 anywre. rsande. mil way,is wffre h't wng pturywand. dil kily,d. w h w miurratadrigailough algsidmicomrtae inga tpoligh andalidmrinenga. t "tlis is happd day fllga "tis libys," say pp ayit f mns all o lib is by" ay li rate stil m the arell g odafiibs
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pporlirte ilhere gfis lik tse icki orr uphe pies.s ik w r tort ki upxecuonie tyle r t llinof gdafi bkers bcule belsin g fiqueson'mpset brs a but the wholsitu ion, t sls es man'met a sahe. ol tu"even,thin tisan dtroysa ve iney a not wored authe doy deils day. a ot ey aor aappy of govningdes y. a emseespyfovng. se >> ectlyowuturibya ll boned s e worlyingomeur ople ya ofcialagai toda bed sayg org ite w l hav ale ofalaida decedayly it w avdeci ad tond sriah lawecly wille t citoasisf sah aw leslatn anany l sll t is coradiing islle watlaney l llif d. co itdihoulg be ansl ieres wng xt f mons. if >> bt: gitg paulot leen i es eay tu day rnin in fon b gpa l mirataeatuy in an ymi.ta estis co yinueo surce wh hapned terheato hitithatcoueaddaur urviwhdapd andr o ringhe re o thehiat daspit whi hvind idng rhe ithiot. th natnalecury
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corrpond.t jeiferrich hasthatlur mor f mrrndhejeerentachn. s >>eporr: lyaewor f letaers e stl con>>ndinorg l at mmmaradda die in ales stonin crsfir but mwardaieideon a sho him t finomen ofcririst eo hoath rade arod li a m tinenf trop h derolif opar. >> whaveequeed bed o . inteatiol dends at w deveh ofue b gdafi oe te iniostigdeed as he dd deof gfi durg ainlashig and a crofire dithisur su orteashndroreh sevalewsutenautnticed deos appred on evhe inteet mute byic l yansoshoppd n y tyired the timte sho mby lns exutio sty. t inedhisheimho one nideexifieio manty. in sholdup anelood srtedeiean clms h tldkrom a gadfi.od s ana golcling h he s tsem ad .ok o t libannol leagr'se s hand he s s, owe tib gbbedim ieas ndhit mn the s fac g ed me fhters wand t t akehe ac hiaway th's w fn ierhot himan twicee inhehiay hd nd ith witimce cst." in hfox wsunda ht chris." x llacaskedasecrary h ste hiary intoabouis herniti reaacion kecry stgaddhii'sy to deaou. r >>tie caean w dds seae
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>>ca die w s>> sreta, doou rret whatou sd?ie wel you snow,tado i rt not at s gointoomme onhat. elou w, weidn' i evenowot whaas in ppenmeg atnhatt. tim iwen've wwha confmed eporenat t t ev timay ihe sta w dertme nfdor ev s tkespson ta suesteit stidemeasn' clea g sdafispasn suteti capredn' ea g fialiv >> h he enapd capre aivve hi the k. >> h wasap capred a ali. th n't at w htheas veoapdli ggest ? w v >> ain i'm es? not a- f of 'm war,hereil bot fnf r,re b vestatio sta deptmenpokean victia stio n an ta addepenke she ct thout th n intnibyadd he leersh wou hon t outh nt ddafs reyaest end thele sh oubodyono them in algafiaret bdhe asreg paldytmn reptelghis b afte oon,ibyaasg rebal ep commder ids gdafiould te n,beyaeb bied tomrow n mmr an gfild unma ed rave i bidedomwibyan bret ma breve j inifee griin ya li at the pengon. anket ou. re jfe riplosn ne a litheen cron.ed b k. stop kled tos lnestne rorson b f hou op k ad l ion fighou w ah
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-nairi - kyair th pole cmiss kner ys the is th nol c essdencr yetth s the u. emssy narne two enc etdaysarli of ossiee uemynewo atta yslif nyansiroop wen t somia ta hunt d n anopembe ofen t aom un dn be shabf. a to comndersafgha oroali on fabces cture > om er ha ille 200orli fnsursntsn cre o o ratis in easrn le00 afanisn inurecensnays. o thti sayintaseast0 o thoafisinen s.had es t tthay pstista oho bed d t t phakata nwork b anwhe, ahan pside ka hami nkarzrk sai i an wh inrvie a broncastver t pde mi rzai we iend then.s. d pastanver inierostr to wed he. paanr w his tionould wideitis nehbor ifisakis n is ttacond,lde afghistawille the whneor ifisis acyou. if ightghgtatartll bthween w pastannd t u .,u. wifhtgrt b aenpaan t u besiakis wn." athe ste dep tmen siis " speswon saie t say t epen tterasotsp awoai iss t t beca e aar beteren t as. a paktan ssuld t cappenaet t cupy all reet rowd aakn d cod a areny u
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en equet > py l et wdlesss. cothat lat aen u i the eet gravine ss raigatat aad ievadhe mes. rawne h pshi clo s iig a admney f mes.. hhilo i ey f.úú(h cúcpbc(húcúg
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>> bt: gernomitt mneyodayiled perso t his ne o bhe gnott eyayed ps pmary ttlehi nn new hamhire thstat wil prylike hol tle ew rst am thereatio p marythnatilke ol tearl janry. t he iefio pryolitalorreonde rlcarlameran loo. athe f rly ittingre ldee-up rl er >>ooor tt candate is nowy ng lup >>fici tly cnch anme.te i s lasowccel ated ci c012h . as imaralenrsleareled 2waead-f c cusear aen nowar onlyen w ks d- cse aromow ly w torrom tro theirst priry ihe sth is1st. estri i foowedy fl sida nays t. larfoedfla nd nadas febary >> tla amecan ople nrecoaize 's te forebealy chge tme inn le ashi e teyor rognilhat psidech nobamhasothin. de
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the r jnit pde th the t ughtamheyslect d hehim j do. thhe thty ct >>he m schuleo. favs mt roey w >>che rliedav s mporton ro we st ohe rtateeduse, srt afr risteng f he st imartee, r te f mneyas a carmandg al doub-dig lea i ey mos a cnd pollovererma c nnd ub ronigea ios paulista thi . ll er main i caonolls sho ultaainhi ileadgomnels ho pa ishen oy oth ad candate douene ditspasut oth in h eennde uouerfi for ds riesf gfe a hn u fisstaormenton ccial es g aconsvati isssatel tant c al >> fd a erfe nsti cssdidarel a f pafectfeerso who cdail not a oint p inctimeso inho aot prntidenalnen camign notake a mispratement. amll snw yote aomebisyem t s y was hungn t croeb,000 yrs t >>ain sngrobl t witro00 cial y conrvates b theo. >>n cuent blpulaitty ithe al posonat bhe heldcut la i romey b po owdi ricperroutfel tom b totier. rry disicrradtisst ts of his to er own th y conrvates butst of ispes ight bn kn sthonatut calina omorw wh hs ht un bils e ne sca pnaposaorlwh foruns
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ne fl psa 20%or ince taxor tse fl fed wh the0%ncax crent t d whe sy cem.ntsy. perrmay he upsgedhe rr fly taxit an h intview inpsd flax "pade"n mazinnt ew askenif helies th pres"pent e"s bo m inin t ke h u., peyieth n edest bon tha tonal tru.p dopen't ink oma's n rtha cerficaal is rea trdo t saik "i o's on't havercas aea ai defitivenswei i do'tt heavny ia. it dsn't m ter.fivewe do h i i the resi nt o d't the uned mr. stas. 's ected ihesi o he it unta dis ackte eedssue it no teeft for distracktons fo per oue anyther tt or candate dyingacos cat ufoer o ny toeromne and nde at u on ten wee l tto befnee tnd n.contt. restonfenheee l fidef t is 1 tont 2 st f pots bind e ffint s ru 1ers.o 2 in po b wasd ngto f car c eronrus. x nein. >> bast: nto forarnalys con out vern romy an hisne camp bgn w nturnor tlyenior t rnom poanticais a lystrit mp wrnio he. >>oodpoca ening astt roey's h >>ustud with eng rkro's
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tuperratit laseek' date r shed aew tngs rrboutas k' ro dey.e cansh a tak ts autro venan chakp sh l ae pey. rry pn cled chsh l himpe a h ocriy for ring il cgaldim a alis h bri r rongey diln't lre the heiredli the b comny ttidro dt d he firhe heedheomhe t heompair. he fdedff pry reate pa terrtion fd p mney pro rdte a mor rron nime eydebaer t thiro terounor an fimr yrs a. ba tat ihi goo to kwun f as y a a i ooughns isoequi kdf candsate d pside. 's s llhnisui disurag g tond se pde s mney wisnceagto srais ey cain w ieigraonisefor pl as rsona e no in i posrag or immrati haw theplsette rr nano to aackoserry en h mmtiaw felhewte rep lica into a cokressarli iryear we h el loed i aepcaitten strcogless li yingr w t olo i aachte sndintr cute ng need t and ah h shlyinut uopulee ineasen thnd dt c hlingy uul roeyinseths d s whenheeal was ro dee ce s t. ouagait ienlas de actne c oerveouai iescredsac shoong t ove woued cr combe itithhe oo t wiingns toisk ouade war
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mbwithith hina vuenewi ongn taxtok ear rate nd n erouth stche ona vnen ax othes an you eete w nouo she o ny rublins a ary heanou w of rli ay hif hi ey aindi i har to a di probm th hims aar coervave. o that notood. obth im >>ret: a ycova. atotd. ee >>t: thi yhi evidces ht forot romn id candate h>> i do.or ere nemnamp ttan peotee ithino.theresint i so e p vu terab andeo liky t los in esi th i cou somine vuabndik any tdyos thou intheyantny srtf r ey pau d withe ectio why s no r fau theost wi econsiovati candate ty hy n fhe t n nstiante ty fin in thetheramp belves tt no cncehoul beeerakep thinelnybos tha tcoul be ce poulrayeeas eremie by the inbohaule amapoye emiyheamp. >> ret:a'll nd r pau e-mas top.ou.
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>> t:l >> p rase .au >> ret:ur c ter maatto . segmt th wee elco pse >>t: c r priden al gmthandieete jcos huntan, e foer uhpren vern.di j heill tak e que ionsntrom, fo e pel a u fro you nlin rn helak uens mtomoow p aroouin nht. mo are connuin to n.ook caidat eve wee fterre. on ainricaok os chicaat mveeee thaner a1 trcalion why a w ohi m givian it milons forgntron hy a d. w up nt, h was o vi oftilhes or orig al pnnerofhe raq n h as o rge.f now ig h per say psideq e. oba's w an i a hay pde disbater. iisr.
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>>he geralredias t archect turarou the >> su ge inalraqdi say t predent ch t ama'urdeciouonhe toull allsuinqay retroont frothe c ntry is a'ciolll oosastroe cry.s jackeanes milarynaly st anjoin us ts eveng fm new
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ilank yu foly comg i anin saccu tte qsteve the f w . k fot'som i a cu qhe disaer?s sa? absutel e budmintratn in 09urne ove t bsel o ma bu inat inminirati aelatelyneve t stle a sece o iranitiaty st a ece violce wra dow ol w 9. ow wh theraqiante mor 9 an athinwhisheo fwardqi te wi aortrat ic ain parersho frd inhe unid stes.wi noatal oline relionsparsh in ni sths. no oneelns u u th iras we sha aut in py thedgira w stregy. ha aours tt in pyelcodgi intry. thers t iraans. co heree sn e inras. 21, reavin s waysnownhate i 2ouldin reneystiatwnthettatu of forcld greenentatetuf rc whi invoeeed t witrawaof foes a thendhi o 201 vo t itwa ev yonehisfo ira ahenew, tion o01eadeevnes iraqis, w, mitary leaonrs andhe de tion lders ifs,he unid miry eaateshatndould be on l rs regotinied. now 're estld wkingeway. th rean wrehisti. w es wngy. thea ws s
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tric, t ju aut scuri. miliry srces sy otr, ju a matain nflurice. li s inesuenc sand pservivemain lu de.crac thin gncnsdraqi prveade.deac th in e owthndevelinmentncfhe aqi curitig for s. thel nt an i ri infenceo curorhe an inteenti thatheraninfsceur are teti ihaolveeni e in. ive whevere di itostn. confct iorke wh errmanditt j an nf i andoreake whene an tk jndea en walwayt tkhe e of conict,altyid not wor it d eot wknont,ot vtnamror d w solia hti. >>ret: vere am wha the admistraon h bnsoa say hg. >> yout: ae haellhe awa .mira h b one,ayhe dlas s uck in ou a l the sh awainisatio yo exple,ned dhe skn iploe cy aisio bend tyot.pld tw tha theill blo be t a twhahel b prencen araq andhe regipr.ce hesefenecreqrynd netttalk g abgit thnhe s the enstouplre of ttays.lkabth >>ran d an ody e se whoplf has.ny oer >>n any deasho let m okeaset mlearhe u ted sta
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s ar mainins udtas 4000roopn in sthat 40 regn.op at 2300 ieg kuwt .23 i nuers uw oer.nus o untrs thugho the regi. >> bt: t snals in trthhohe giwe'r b t sl aivel i ctinug 'rhe a elmmitnt to cnu iras. w dou itespo to tt?ra d >>poranis wiout r t presce he mo iluen ov>>niwit raqi es hoingmo forrd h iden weovo. thqi ishearsh rnglityndor h wh milaryweresee is so th s imrtansh r ty toay the a twhopsilveryseiso th hor on, ey aiman not to he agointo taves anyr impt o thor , atheot in dayo-enymp oday ratio hipe at i so imptantaynhe y couny an r preiorvinpthe i oins at hmpent bee mad an makeun noanreistaine s hbouteeadt, ankeota dr aeadyade theut atemt th hes gng a dyafteethathe emth u.seembay g .teat the i.snianbausin. t pro e ew u i theanin mare t barro b rac u hein tar '80arnd bheac l
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anon t r ras i80he980s ble lon ra ihe eassy i t0sle 10s. esy i theyook town e kaiti 1 em.ssy t eykn 980s they kti useemy the pro tesefor0s anthey heye these pxieshe ro righor aney hherehe pes gh iideref ie ira thshiarailit doou sse tt in. the pe agonwhil they e noo s ta ting out n trehes tpeonilfeyno pusack a ta cong rnt t out is us dkisio aon t ? >> can dioay whout equicati tha enio>>an miliry m wbersutre ui frtitratha becseio lif mrs the seous frins at mece iheses s mraq i in turng tarq inur t arod. putro itut and tak ts lel of isut it thi indak t unceptleleofhi i. unpt . >> wn th admistrio saystasn' oureal and ir is s wd wthdmouldtrt ysn'urlay.nd ir s wld.
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>>ook, the flee phed ay fm >>raqik,he fn 201 p ld fto uqi iss in011. wast t iss01 o lr immu uty. ss atinas1. as tss or se mu. ssue s threal isss irasue beli ed tt wethheal ussted stat wer not sraiouss abo li th twe lg-te ud aterot s sategusbo panersthp wi the lte baseon seghat, thepatartrswi tohe selooklsewre. tomanyt,nhe tdminrttratno want toash tokirew han. o tony tin at aq ntoh tan o. is is a.ouncmemb of stragic nseq nce, s a edatedncmblassf and ealt rac eqe, thonly ab musmededss couryndlt at ectsthtsly own ab us vernnt ou we s eulds stawn e agedrn itwe s dta them genal k ene, edank u fo youime. wel he femm he en nei kbors, k inkfo ooue.ccup waltreewehe f otesrs neit inrs k ouprapealneee es arsomef t. arme t
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>> bt: n somfres pickgs frohe pitic bapev ne. omes at l stck onero picealt eerts ev iat lne ltceig eacktsfanition i e oupyall sigeetkankitn o cay.l the sew ytk poskepor thexpe onityca hlth e y relatios fou 15oriolaon thpe ncludgy hhackretiou5laf udk lavory ciliesavy. th e liling nrhe pk had . comnityoard mtingthlias n p ekad a the c omty plarded mng t qualy of le -- a comheaine c thquallay of le t alof l dec--nedomne thalof l
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4:33 am
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4:34 am
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4:35 am
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4:36 am
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4:39 am
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4:40 am
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4:41 am
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4:42 am
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4:43 am
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4:44 am
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4:45 am
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4:46 am
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4:47 am
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4:48 am
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4:49 am
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4:51 am
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4:52 am
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4:53 am
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4:54 am
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4:55 am
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4:56 am
's disge gisge at ts pot.o >>ret:ou tnk tis g instigion qui t.po >> i hinkhe i>>estit:tion t t isuick inig n >> buit: tt's for ink ition is packl. b ts or pa yogo nt ifou h a verod po r chyor? nif h the atuef lirty? ropoch thgrancany? e itue allliossiy?e th aovernd. thanny to hi itm tollkrussi inv tor aand erunde.of herou. toi tousnvr d dewhen he saouyou' freto sethe rld,e me it. ensau're case tode andd,et amereet. hoveund formion t caodnd ae ve d rmat in lude a vio d fu col broure. idevi fu oldennro t's farhe be cha i'veverwned nnel: s terrar "la yea 9 obe ha 'vof 1erpeoped got heir rrla ea ohove und r 1 opliotle oirno mey." jim unki : "ncostve d abso telylio co o to m." ." m ki"nst solyco bro king ews.whenou callodaywe'lincle brngs.en llay a 'lee hclerou llapble abbewith a h outhe rchaap ofe yobe powth cha. iteach, itrabsit's e llaphable fd ityo porowble.ha itchitbs's ape itore. it gs wheverou g geit fe whe suliesast. gwher g callhe nber yougescre f wh get our ee vsueo, esochut. ll nr oure etr v, hu anyourree verod llapble abbe
4:57 am
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4:59 am
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