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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 25, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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us >> who jun tim o for he juvos. tiim dusdo us pat,or de ivo say? ti usey gsarried andpa w'rebout d to stt. y? g "fri & fedendsndstar rige ut no "f fdsarig no >> u'reatchg "f & iend! that a gatayo ben yo"f nd at th gk yoveryuch,onbeyo kingy. it'sot tbe gd luc y thyory h, kn, th sayhat it ng r ins's t gc y kn th onayt iyo rsweing thas onoo yo ck a ifiliesver we ngd pohas onou sh lder af th's gesd r ck. po on reay?sher th g >> . ah deat sor haso be od dl sk. >>ast'sbe ot t 24th o tobe 's tl >>s tth o be t th. n't set yr calears.. it tue ay y r t t y25th le>> ts.t's ur g d luit.ue y weave ton oflection th ws t tshars with gluyou. rst weing e onrstf wectave tel you at's t ar th t t worlg st>> dyour wee heaelinesu 'sight w.hain t devepingrltory over dght.ur ea esrmerht dictat muamar veaddangryert. buri at da ert aicat sretuar lodationn th lian ri destta a ch t st fer
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looveroneen th aies slim t ferclic.ern a qa afi'imson siedcl bes.e m. th intqaei'rim n vernntdes repoedlyriedivinthe od thbackont m rnddaf spolybe bedine ck ose lks oke wn.afs b e s e . momes ag sns o hope out metuagey s oe o 14ay-o bab tu reued ive om t bblef a ollaed14-oabuildg red e t ho ursle aftethe e thqake lastuck.ld anher scueo telos y tee e qabou a mstak.dft an br ngue el yuckn an ou u mnd aotheft b k coapse undildi a.he 36peop s co fse heied witdi mo tha361300op shut. f h er 2d00it bldgs moha 00deroyehu chao pre 2adinamonhose b ild deye aoein on so peoe apar tbe loing is tck ting othe ne soeoap tog blan ts a t any ttherg itehe th cou get thean a hannyer teon th ou a etrse o tate mhaelhe an jasonon eecte t a tese fy tte m elabouhis jan reqst for ete tesowerl ouseqorer tistichen sheesties day anotstr door ttifyg th n ngerheadti nsomya fo y rsotdo tfy
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thand eregge h fom sfoethi y d stroer tn slpinggeills h f shi >> woul ayro ove tslngls1 o 20 ars, knoulthatveleepas o0 s, anoatep issuartilarl a aer su rforng.ti rl cou notome a or. ouwn.ote he aed me abo bei a sep. a mbo mecine ei>> d he sppeno meion e na of is mecine >> methinnehe de enmen sed e wo na f ju e.mene >> inwe jicead wo jajuson' code ord r prweofol jejan' the ia e ectede td oproltart a litt lat te ay bec eteuse esidt obrta isn a tt losat anges and t theec jud don'te id ob isnt jnorsetti caut inos trafgec.anheuddot jstiauin af aridendroom from azona ade near blo offomro a thnar feet ring powful darustloffstor kicd uph f ast the were abongowl d t or ic e uhan theshe rebo vo . >>y th autrity vted e inanhevoe >> th inuthe styte v odnarona, now pr ouncinyou ssbanand owie.ara, congtulaons,ou m kis prthe ncide.u and wi nglas, mis e e. >> eah h wo lookt th um ellawo the gom ss hokth g umla m thfue g
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s dusduri tt kis and h t brid msaysfut w n't usasri tisnd ho ting t idys h w tasveil hog nd h ess. tch whavehapps tohe umbrla. bye. s. h woha itppotookedikes so as it ce inbr.t ente. t. wotedesos c th'll ver trgethat mont. if u we plaing az thl r weddetg, ht e a in da .mo. f wela g seousl wh abo add husta date >> se a tslnt. whbotte -- tte.nt. not bad ea. le s ta aut th.. ot adyou ow tt hern ca.n haa le ta at ofractnnd hasu terhat c ha ld pn a ed ofct99 aas flat p tax. ll, toy, aic perla i x. sou , carona ito goiic ter g iive spouch a he' rooingo i ha aoi t re pess cferee whe he sp ae'ng actuly ueilsa his ew p c rewhhec balatue an ugrowls pisnndfolk c laanow pit's flalkta >>ut there's cice in i's lawhici thk th is inta to verhe's cenppeang a thi isicthths the swero er tea ahi e ermaercain's t9 he's wt it'sis tionpl 2% he w flait taxisr y ca onstay 2lah t tax curnt t yca rat thatou a payayg. tur tat alsoatthis aoulday cap fedal so is
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ld endiap ated 18%f thgros dome ic p ductditht18%thpos it ouldme pct ehe de h,itld t esta tax m eny peole wand itdeo end a td bns taax eoanrmar. it >>enne othe athd this it b es iis y cret forar >> ohavie peothe ihin i your fa ily yreor vieo iou fa 2,50 rson r exple, wo50 parts a on ex te, kid,ar a7,5ill t excd,de,5 froml our co tax.xc stt fr om$37,r 0coown. x. >>stso ifr y'r a w7,kingn. se or, >>ey w il y'r eli ainatthe wng taxeseyou , ve w to lipay.ate th wou be od forxeu you.oy. th ou ale , if youramilor mak u. $5,000 r lealifou youilillak ntin t h$5e00 theleouortgle duct n an in y'll t heeheble totg deduct youanr critae yl contbutis aseell d riot therduat tou ctaboeomhere ntat btian wasl ri talng erout t bo thre b walut$1500 thtandd dedtion r denden at'snterting$1s, y0 knndowedon de en th 'ser tng yermacainlan 99 t whe it 9ma perinnalnncome x acr99she whiterlom
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crbod,his % if y o fbo.s youe cuently p t if y of th f 47% at dsn'tay an y oucu tl p t toigur youth obab wou % d 'topt r zeo. y and he thertourou hingab iou t zeere' n iona salendaxer ngatta ied tthis pn e' n wnachle is ta tis hug pdiffenceetwe wt' w abouto btheserry pla ugffcewe w aou be theryla a hern calan and e tha was ene mh terkeca anutnd ha co roves ial int thee m t herm a caiplanasddin that covel t he feralax to yourmaiantaiin ha fnsumalion. t alloightso woull s how ithattackup a wll s if umn. mayblltheht w sow at ck ac w o sf sebodelse yb ewantto gde ion t sic and oee if enoh sodevense g snt g i t inihereo cn d i noanytng.en ghow d sinre c tt playt uw d agnst ans oth t la s fronunne? moy he eberaghas t as th callator and ry sonrt mneath moheriener s ry goal at toth ihoul d sa s mndh moen fro washgton gowhatt id iul youomesap wimo?roshon anhing at >> waysoue ian. wi od rnin anngian. tha s goys >> gintcheand eve.n. ha gockerryws i gopihed e. tisnew econic pnry ihat incdespi tt w flax ponposa pwill ge sometnc s ts tois cpai fl psalleom eecialy
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toamon con crvaties whore intrued e intiaestelyin t ononat ho fl taxropol beus ty tr d say nt wteld m te sple andflaxpobe more t equable y acrs wd the send requlecrheboar oullere jt sayg,ar perrwho ll liky ned j y rro a ik go n shong nxtrill offially a unvl his gohoco nmic an tay il filynvlcoismbiaco sc th t i co iaroli. s youoteout, it wou li low miliou to opt iot,t 20ou% fl tax atw liort okith ihe 20 % rrentax stemflndaxtillh presve t penularx emll critae es an tmortge ducti. pthatarillive lite cta comp itioantort dti herman atleit mpiocain 9ean pl thasott souch tentinn and sctiny plha thatttouldoh nt proande sclatny 9% atld inme t ratrondaddst9% a in t atles taxhhdsonseativ are s skeicalofaxh th don lseeiv the i deae okeal addi a feral alesthonax lnhe ia top o an ince di fx.ales coervaves al p a voidnc concn tha co cvagress lul oroi coulrais thatnc% ses tha i ces e rtur thatart the conulrn.isat% s t i asror at mt itt herooney. wle h has
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t be aas fan oth mt flarot t w h inashe pabestan he oth h slaid t thain hpa ese for a h ser t cod ha hd heaid yesrday hat f s tod thehedesayt x syem suld he"flaer." t he aid esy sd tail of a suchlalan a" hed y.ilf a roey'scono c plchn ahus fary. doesot ilude rolat'snoplaxuts ar uld wer som t rates i fdet midd cla fam ies d d r cooratomns. tat f ddla amperrs s connouatemen.ofis optial 2 fla axrrsomesnouen th hels oti 2las buthnessn ste h sforb ondoing hi rbeswhenbue rassst for prrbidenoghin esenraor pren96 prosed 7 fl taxnd he aised perrond ttinflthisaxlan gethe. aeder backo yoguys n inisen th.york >> gat mparon all ckght,yoys mollhennrkebe ge ar tha youll t, ry mh. thwhithous andllhennbeha oupres ent dn't maste th mucitusnd te riing eest .o.'tteucplan he's aot ri bog the. rney andan he a perbohe r y ecomicnd pnsmbra aar errighvisior o ec taxic pra code gh sith pns wldut oaxaxesde o palth w aes iestmt inme
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ifti the ax th a burn itmin o tiheour rk awas. oy, jes w pututo tt awa stemen if u urre jly wut t pay zero ederst taxenf re accding t ayat wve rd soar roerax "thccng twalltreejour l", doe 't w r sook le yo woulhaveo if thyou ted fllee tur, soeme lyo staulsve i quo. u accd ding fo thperr tplan sta o. ccbecange onthof trr maian mplatsboutheerma cainca on tan iai it ould laaiseutaxes onmain it loweldinco andseiddlclas pele. es then is diffencehere webetwcon thndtwo dlas pl . >> nd t y alhes ff scewedre up twth lo pl the >> taloophes sd if t fla t go thr ghhenph tf t99 f tlan es gohrhroh tohe predent on the nite stat h hisro surratesut o thirent reb ol e totehe fatt his ta rres ohioverr peberry to f puout,taitt mneyidter pry abt th e wepust, ago a y kn abo thet ey 9 plab thtwe igo a y te s ofknhe pbosidehe's pl pl i i teof pde pl meanheaneevery condent at hputut a anlaneery thaonnt am hica tbrac conderi it innha eces ama acon rithe b itn gotesowhe. e don kn athinboutis taotheformdea.nd w aonknhe ain utgo pce b p ceta thugh,rmta a en p b preje ted.thh,
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ade agrme has been k b thothejed. egrasen t ele bnts ve n th hed th nextryill the tinfrtrucre blek ans no n one th ex ry real y waheing in fr uctici btionano pa it s be ea rwajegedn on cionpa. a t be rjen bipaisanasisbot repuicanandemocts he paanis ot rected h plapuandooc hr. reed so hhat'thatlaabou >> wit a sot'atou w.1% unploynt sllndhat' % whe wee bee n tun pasoy s uplet'f ars, it whwe bee tasppes m le thes, ttt tthee rpuican e ca tidat areilli to tke r pu anab a seriourerm caatre wliileo the pridenseem to b sta ang er outh t sretus quo. we th's t way pren breem btta do t s s in mheado. simp ts thrnin tay re inheometime madi lmpet's t telin you in abt sothinelsememe e presidt,'ss y t oucalle abso in plseed id yllhis at e pl ope o thes t show dermid th heould not pere lbyis andhe wou ow dstaymi awthyeld fm t that lis ndhe jt hid aou ayaworme f lbyisat for s j20hi1a2ampan ttme rentlyobbi l fis r all 20reet pa tnks,lsor rely bi fmiosof l et s, comct, f ex fdmiof and anscmcada, f fd genemannd by the na o scrodea,ck hnsoenan
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y seorhe nadvis tde heso se relectn caaign fis t esidt ama >> hoffially rectcaregignered fs a obbidst inaapri hfi ly , byhe y,gied i ab maredn tori one thebyncho i ort aro, e he she,ho m oheleorriha tken a leavof absenc froe,heir mleri t duno sheoesn have anybsncroir du colicthef isnere hny whe coveng t whi hou coct ietc.e >> iike heis. so ofvehese teoplhiou hatre c. ie . outrsoed af notsehe tplical t pele. u dot se mt ro ey otr aot tal gornor errype n.essa ly do se yingnythg. mro o you e lgoorryf nsa envngonmethal grou say g stu f bause l ideny ouayst bse joson r reseensmr thisketone oilon pelin rsend is keey bneieveilt's t pin envinmenlly iend and they e so bves rerved tse vi en y enndronmndtal oups eysore wedn t the el le t y'rennm l ps whe ldiss tr y cacounon tm ma bei o the uch d aowinsshis t y caun tawmaayei u hae both side ainsset t t awhe'soinggain his hard.ot de in weekte'll t beavin 'snginis. n ek haoweeif yll're bttineyourin kidsostuseadynd yr ha hoeee is ylle inur dedsratetudy y one hoisawmar is pdeposite movg halleeen ery ar tamais satuay. p si ov younow,t's a mday
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ll n is wy k or this ar. tu. ouw,s my w or ans d. y kn deshat prent proem f you and you an y knfami bec dse y're tyingo re ge the ds i theiro found coutume anget me fmiroec yorke ng e lyge ae iei ge cmehem l r dy aan ft eed fro tmk e annernd he th e heirgem r a fd t alertted hmounthof c edy boreir theyave go t bf ty al caedfallunasle c. be eywoule 't ibe g t g bda t t ca llve ileryear tul i sarday g so tt code me ore of i a r t falysaay soco --e f kim fa rso o - connimticu are eso o nncu e htfor aa is a geus. hooldon' hgo ior andset a you ge. oln' i ndou of youaveo bn schl anwear a ofoue bostu and the e ndy ringchhe d anar ando tu nd heick e treing ni t.y ng how you dond homerk ? hok reog ouni w ouconcotrat whatmebouthe mh, whot aut thspelng a wtboutncat at theut m w a cialstud s?thel a th way w yut havit ohe turd and veryaldy iudoffe and therybayy is yav o. >>ne othe hing e trdksndry i fe ab t isd he fybctishat h>>lowe oeng does twhetr yoliket orabis fct t t,t h hwe es aetyokeconocrmpac on t eco my h abecae, yno ac kn, tretacoers ellhe cay, caey sl th y knostustas lca nd s tth whtue trigaroll
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wh >> dtist have tirfillgs. oneentiga isllryin d tstav t buy the ndy ck.ll. neti sdo yinhink tha t's a goouyde e y .to me halweenhe y wnkha aoo thangivi is lway m ttal enthuray in w vemb toanvisakeay t urn halleen e fimbl surdao ie the nth octoer fget lln fi s daout e l itay of e h totobe ft e la t lrday? f go ideabe bad ea?laay e- il go fendsea a d ? foews.m anwe'lsharsome e- of four dseas a lter oneren fos. an 'l aris bmeore llown ofr s lrntecast e>> suld swap bte ow ftest sthand givi sinpceverydy seemto l fe anviinhalleen. ry sin youon't oveem l llown. thll's wn. you ould uggein ou 't the. >>bria ow th would ageiden th >>iayou' fid. >>ou c twe a aen llu'fi e-ma us >> c twewesour thouts othll. e priden ma anns ncina bowe r neplano s eou oth the pren housgnn in bo rketnd baineanut s falieshe. hus etr ne gesaiays tfaesould havehe oosit neef gct. comysg it colgeld nea veu, oit coef dor. rooms,itol coeea owe. co or's a partrof thoe grong e trd to me hin g anerat thro neral. tr to're t ki ming.n gra look t, nel. iowa e kiit'sg.y yo ok wa
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'syo lokingood! youost me wght. you tice ese loothengare d!o bi ousot 'm d watint.them u ce w'de ou dheit?e ebiing ght,sohole draininem 'd d ?[ feele ag ounct, ] pleplein o chse me whe grn tendo weh le fethan ahosencho d p't.e ch mwhgr mu igra chendios.wele anse d . fe whe grns 10 clori .murahes. fwhgr cri had heprobm. i s to toegi myspir regen. i ju did t lien d untii alobst lt myife. i totogi myireg.juidli tial lmye. myoctos agn orred toake pirimytoag orand d do. toe ri malennouer ] surto tk toour ctor bere u bd in. aspin r imenleou ] ur tto r [ orike li ten be the octobn sp r enke iserisly.[ e lin heto iriy.
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re! ! no mter at sll sine youre i mana mng er ense sseem ... net inouhe w i. na eseem . in w not ymor ink,he sll binescard fromhasentroces t t or k, s besrdomse ros on- e-goxpen appade exclivelfor k cuomer n-goenppeclelr cuer cust catorizyour expees awher savestime atd geizbackur to wpet yo aloveer vee lae st igeovatckn. only wor iyo cusvemers la iat ly ius rsle n mo at ase.m/in lemot [ le aounc ] tohe 50 a. schar. t two rainand [ bus a nc twoind s thr."i'lslee whent's ne" adem. th'lee ens " em r 80ears we'vbeennspid byou. 80rs 'venpi by .nd wve bn hored to wk wi you w b hoto hdp yo w wiget ouere u wa to hyo t e wao ♪ ♪ causyouromenis n. ♪♪ usuren n et nhingtandn yo way nngndyoay
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arn re n alldu rd fion s nobeenamed the st dendae miize r byd por an as ciat. we fo ton imbenoy.enede dda mi e by poany th ghtsasn that newwetobe thtsthew i ha no ea wt's in o areut.hao ws o re. wh washat? ey td met's e mo de ndab mid ze swhan aast? th ranack to tir l tle box. tmes mo deabid s athank
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t l ex. wean'tait for a we 'tcreatnglyysfuortion a ngre to itsob ealyfuon reo ts ere ey won acti wi. e onctwi >> at's pside oba yeerdain vas takg a sho 's p de membars of c gyess da v hak aho un iledem pla o cgs he unedlaopes wil lp t streglinhousg es rket ilit'sousy n tveas.trin us thplanllow h eown seto 'ssyve . finae ev if thethrean ow hwn derwer a oweoreoney o naevfhe e eir mes an t hou srw a aeweeey o tual wor . r s tbutilouhe apresent'new alplanorayh tl gundwkest'w for a an fure hsing gdwcris?or
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d rhap anofuer blout hng itcr our? pleapure noght b nutow to itur joinith fromlee t n th te unirsity in h romhrylarofenior ait econist ter marilai.fe a od mningo onu.t r >>ood morng. the areriany oubli.g m ng thgs aut ts. >> d u kn thernresi.nt is here tryy gbl notth a tnly knhe ksiep pple inry tir hootes b tly tryo keeim kn pe i t thwhit hou as ll whoh b th.ryoeeimn thitou s w thabsotely. is i really r elecon oysol i s oin i toeay crte n rroblecs dow t ec iin roo. eier f the ext cresid nt orblow t himsf. yoknow ro fan e maei o fhet idor ms f ddieyoow mac ll bundeanritima lo os fohomethat areor f hiealf c bfde ti thovaluof wat ey loa dfome atthe ney refor.orf en tse hses e thluld, w oad e y fann maer.nd t hs reddd, mac wil be ohe honnaehich ans w're gointo bddon tac ilhook ooh s wlikeese, 'll linning b toney ho peoe w c't it ke, l lngbaey. >> eah. eo wand en chot iba lft wit>>h. d th yoknowwitholdi t i lbag?itth th wou be yoncleow sthmdi t whi real isll o .thouele s wh's ihieresng aut ts al nesplan ond the sad wh p irtes a for t nean pele ihe it dsn'toundikead pit rlly oroing to pe iict i d'tndke til ry ext yengaroo inceic i ecksnd no
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lt yearncppraals s ks nras sr the usesthat craz >> wdon' kwrow bheighe feesral atabil y wi wn' ktheyay b boaniigomeby fel ilwie. 00,0 on heyse bhat'ni wtheb 00,0 o ,0n h t'$30000 o w ,0 $2,000 therwill00e no oay of taling up. $2all 00'll ow er isllno ohathealg .rrow say itl ml be rths on aoant plicion. oway me h kewi an noicn. iome wichokshat ifomeo i owee $30000 a tcht faly h a iifomeeofwe 000,00 a t yearnd i wasfa b hsedn ie erti andhingofhat00 natu andarhey iosts bd i andver ti nde lang thet mohshey' tu nd y ent u ing t ndveatm mac nelahomo y' ke t ir p ment u al tthats reqmiredac ishat ri t no the tre p unt t alatte.eqed its dsn'tt a howri tnoyhe man ue totay te. d't ate. ow t thasan xactto rigy . t is pgram haf years ct ig agwhent wa fir pamouuniledrs ey hag hopenwair t hel unedat5 h opor 85 tillieopl al oaty a acti too lipl a o advtage fa tioo it becae the ar reqdvremeges t wi thi ndcath tart is oureq loame ha goto be wihiunrwrien b ts r oafann or ha otbe eddiunri b
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w ma peoe cod po iblynnr takedvan ge othisper?di >> maweeollco ipo tlynk we uldkeetan ois upwas >>wesay, i te det 8,000 to a wa milln ta advy,tagef . itepen on whe00ero the big llbanktawilldvo ge.alg. it en thn bhehe basigre bng nkllal bsolthd ba fr, yoknow bunderiti rorshichs olveryd dgero fryoow de tiing. y no have e tars thechry dro g. ap icat ns?no ve tall phecesshem r 10ucks ece. that whathisomes owap at?to p ss bum th10ks e.anks athaayisees ver bu caioushinkg th theks fureongresserill ld the causnkthhe fuaccotablg ssit wld ba bil legamessheut if wer -- i coblere w bbigass citi oup,if'd wt noerart -f- i thisre if hat' tip,se wnot he'f not is go g toetan lnst'writn. >>e'uch n gd po t.go to alrigh lsit >>h gpo algh pressoat t unirsitof marynd, ank u ve muc for ininus le fr d.cprso tniit talkg abt ha. ry, k veuc ner up in lhefr .c lkabhandow wana lfarnep chk? ow onanstatsays ou ne ar to ta arug tchest fir bontathatyse sote jua oveuled agtir btat sen aoo ju at veeed new mdle st fm irano a oot pastanew me how e o the ost fm dannrouspaan w oe t gionhas anangeussinc present ama h ons takge tnc est a h
6:20 am
reaks. t wel beightack. re webehtk. .wast sothinbig? assoing? ...osomeing all? .o ..meometg ng ol?? .....oetsome oing w? ...or mamee, jg t mae... it somhingou hen'teen t. jma..itomng h'tn the d gerati of tel coreroceors. e getif l re ces. st ningisua, inlligt peormae. ts isisib smar stnguainig pema tisib ar
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malennouer ] inki a sothi witho vetablnutrion? ♪ ♪ leou ] ki shi thvebltrn? ♪♪ [ ong stwbery bana![ g malennouer ]or smooie wh re fru ster ba !plusegginutrion leou ] oo wnew re v-fruion ooth.
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6:24 am
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:30 am
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6:31 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
ro. mi chonnapo eyhao t heam ro u mi wit t bpo clch h othe nighit t is btwrun oublcl h one t eith ighingavehe rantwrs n ble le. bu pen tid heei ig now, le. buenpoli g-re a ltle t w, ter,li gpoli wou l me e a car,h. the ranrs g onli toou m win and leca theerie sthan gnoinnd leheie3-2game gameix wilbe3- i st.ouissme willame meilsen. >> ieath from tas sll e los anseyond >>th ro trren ty drin bothhos s loan spotnd we he wily cattened sdrwers b h inos porons the norotern h wi plns att a l stle rst of in actiorty is tere steor on pl a lmaine righofnow. ti i tret it 43 carou and s omingh w. oweracro main it3 ar meanndile, sn thmid errotlan c, in mperuresn th ane,thd upp 40'an eresth tpp0' asou csee, te erat es mu chiier sckut in c thee, inne t mouainat muhir gionn.he rrenney, is inouhe n0' lateonon toda en intanin somedy i0'up o thre. te dayou' hava hi of an heren me i new oork,60 .u'avhif we'r lkin reewor k 77 ic60. aanta 'r an l86in i i s antio, xas. ata an i s nt , anwhs.e,peang ote
6:38 am
s, wh xasaover or rierry iste goins ter unvril ary news int, t nvbalaae an grew lanatert,n laan r toy. buwill peoe glaforer n uart artoyoi bu uslleo grve st rt, sourts li iyisoi s gog to eccorveng twhat we re inst, ouli i gotoeor tate "threwallntree jourl", 20% at tax >> yest .th ll eew yo a ur, t% que ionx wil peop go r ? the yo a t pouet in tily ha aopo oice e thi pla io i p tsedha fmce gove or phiryla tneoplwill p d fve achce. youant g ve p wit thplll th o ad ch. out g syst? it yo oldax re? doou wt td acct tst nyold r o% w tcct ft t tax n ra? f thinthataxakest mo ra litilly tracve mor insyatesmo to p s tiy acoorlicallbeca e yore no porci anydy t li llke acaew t rat or yo no pciny t taxeat aall. tatr so y p'veot ts xe vol tary l.pecthich thi mak it y emore t attctivandolry ctchhiaktpassle. re is -- thattpossivled -- can u do the mh oss . that s - ha sshow you- p jectn doostshe and m o at renue youon't know ou wha p cttsnd ople choe isoingo be re>> ie yoou'takenoha lot f mo y. le holet'issuppnge yobe mak ieot milon
6:39 am
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6:40 am
an% f pi and rhoose wt irys test as act a hows the pindest osy w t to tt. >>robl is as's a powutheutt h to 59-p nt p>>lblans phe'dutave say younow hat i -p pan adm 'd the ayouw shod ave en thinng ft.dmth >> t thfactho tt youe no in ha f twof t top tee thct ttou hacandwoates tnop the replica de ging for ndesadic taxepca g grefo sugstshat mayicaxitt mney ill fougs pustd ioay at eyl usratializion he'59 intsnd bng iown t rth litt tibiizn e'>> h e's at ts b in cricsre h ttbi sa ng. h s at t is d fhe midrie saass.. t s >> it dends ht ws.ksout. >>they ave dchoidse. h ey he a oice i wn >>eye oi h>> a at'sce iis ectlyght. theyave choi . 's it cerinlyives elyt. aantas eye oi.o er ly eslatily wlthyeopl ata causyou ve yr tarate wn t20% nd b ti whehypl y,usu yta tetheris n lon term t% cap bital ins x in t ser nonrmi.ap l no - s nin eate tx, ndeat itax. - n ee >> wrren nat b fex. wilet his wi and e'll ay me tas.en bil et ismingp at wind20ll m etaternime it's goi to arne yngat & erne 's oimpano isn itne? >>yes, iis &
6:41 am
>> mingp on uranitow i>>s, ithe isitedtateturng it bang ononowisel? i wh e edternit bbatterno a thais? t wh son ber ha forr trimeinisronriel aronhe'sorereiveith meisus >> bnd n belook ab ou hison'sd.eeh ke an e on the usy. b n b k at yb'rouisd. lookin at ken on dhes no y. happ eve day y'roint dno ppveay >>i wod ha noted >>wohaot
6:42 am
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6:43 am
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6:44 am
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:52 am
6:53 am
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6:54 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
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6:59 am
7:00 am
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7:01 am
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7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
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7:06 am
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7:07 am
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7:08 am
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7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
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7:13 am
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7:14 am
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7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
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7:21 am
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7:22 am
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7:25 am
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7:26 am
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7:27 am
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7:28 am
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7:29 am
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7:30 am
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7:31 am
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7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:53 am
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7:54 am
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7:55 am
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7:56 am
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7:58 am
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8:04 am
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8:05 am
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8:06 am
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8:07 am
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8:09 am
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8:10 am
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8:11 am
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8:12 am
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8:13 am
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8:17 am
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8:18 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:32 am
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8:33 am
. os thfinacompentsf thinbombrl r lle thnamp brotsn doth stambing is mningnsidalantearrodo tag amillo mngidntrexas amlo thdisaemblas ptf pr iden obath's pn to redesabl thnumb o p pr nucenarba ptoed thmbeapo o. >> ban: setbk fuc flida'po pl to quir a brug: tb fst bore ttin fla'pl wo fareirg be chink. a deraudge mpor wilyre ocki it. ch mad a a raig pustoge getoryhe ki lat. asseadus et t a jge la ss iseay vlate a jthe n s i o unr vsonatee e seares. >> oretcnrn: inas thmost nderl ti of e ye. aiines aisiar.heiricke >>tc i th stpric aga aertif thye aies hosidays ir kell aund. icey'rgagoinup jt inth te. yoho havys nit ad. d ta'rin jin an t contyoentaavraisgit pces much ds5 eaan w .nttais p s ai ineschried toaise can ea it wrice20imeshis aiesed yr. tho sevean itceucceedessen o y tseth tis. uscelly e do it,heothe o es i t and bore younow tit, us y dotheyt,llhe io. nd b e>> sve: ouuld wu gi you ey soor dahter s: d giou he ahraxsoda er vacce? thfedeloverents d aateax buil ng cccldre shouth bedelert d e inulat il creoube fornthr to otec a inst theinatossleorhro
8:34 am
ec asthe biotrori attk. ss th vacne waken f rm oot ri ttthe tual virthsac usuly wen rerved for o ad ts nde alembeir of tsu reedadilitybe a its tng-tm eects hav nev itbeen ats -t etsesteonav cildr.ev en thathoulbete a r cdr.lag. atspecull boa of pert al r ke a commdatig. onhis mingecloaf uprtl his mmtins ngp friy. >> gtches predentbaman aestcoasglitri a gla gurherentma a tot, ding aastheit me alafome todi aollyeod's igge srs trnge ly'sgeo dr u s big tr cas eve,ou dn't t todr go uig alonas you' livathe wte e, dt too hoe? >> p don . on >> gu'tcheiv i aed, wu di't geto galonon theripo o pn g he aholl, ood?di ge g on no. he p hen is to the. anhere llmd? p ling hite o. ens t he ho e du foranre you pclarngg thte wean'tait, hodu or theou parsideth fored't ahe t, yestday er t e houng pde or iniatihe, th exp sion f asty t exisoungrogrhatill otin ti thneedxpon a ongr sionisgratl edgron prov. hepoken theore osurov capil of hehekeest,hereur neda. a piateof that, cou hel the epres.ent hore ep thaouellectheal
8:35 am
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8:36 am
esngs thn w lo choane ofs, werfle,ow s poto sad ofren fri. chted hoth tof we, cuomer the andpo s oseden forri chd som tellcuhoneer hectur and odayd t s modingor 'll sitom dln wth jne urnd layno f tmog a selentit d w j bei tap for l f to ght'sethow. ck toeiapor yo >> s ve: evetot'ow cennni. t ryo ve s: ehoroh. noonlyoueni. tol ero noly uol wt h tree w uut wt whe h se dies wer ee wthat is w s orou. di >> tt's >> retcatn: tnk ys, ste. it timto bri i billou treils whot.ou >>tc t ystaw itim ri ill tt shotilust homome agoitti on t cur c tch. odott me mgoningtio tur y. c bri.: hibook s numr on m ngin t natnnd yhis our rihiokumon fa triteatountn andt's mbers ur onin r fariteatio fatentnds er "kilng on lin ln."fa te iois surised" >>t's g inured ubekian, t . th don knowho >>s iin it d surise uki, on tooknoess o ney o thi i book dcausurit'se ae. oks dy artu.ohi okus's a i usulyrit dtu.onteorar nonf tionboutsuhat'goiniton inhe coury. bui'm allyorrite aboar nf on utamert'a. in i n't iny th witou. bum ly aribo er i t thit kd a yperle. k 're a d line
8:37 am
we nd toeter.acko gol e stan drd lneders p. n i toid, os thekestol an lrseade i , o we'vhe h?stde at'sbe h pen 'v h linln -abe 's hppenn lininln -e en iy opion. wanteopltoin i kwpn. ex tlynt whpl linln di exa kly h hex y fferwh f doiindit soxahat he pe le -er foi whe cose r o neat lear or peeade - to ce, whuld ve s cee ind neea ofor deromeor. c >> ban: w abt th ford sdf me b tr: sitiab? thor jo wils boh wa onc cebrit trti joilbowanc acetor,itnd hwashe one o ar, ass hsinasd inco e i your boossna en tco predentf th iunit urstat gs oooo th wt co t t tremeetntthit wit h lywoat g oth wlebr ies. co ey i tludeetill ithit hwo a so bodybrameds.ames idel hssit a sodyed es big-me pduce as ll ait mac johon. >>g-asn' pitces a maoh. nton>>n'onandes' hoe? wa hedresd asde zor?ho wae >>teveesthatasoralloen. >>veat >> nlo.n nn "zoo." theollyod guy wntto
8:38 am
gizo him"affl and oneyhe ly that okawithuy me. w at'she w the giimflndey stematkathe. wos. 's>> ban: sai wthishene w em abt howo and b: ai chisge. w id iave ay h r nab. ho th isoingndo beh. a ie l hg, n ths toh, gngndin cpaig e i thk he r aht. >> lhinkt wi to g in cig thhehe r. >>naststnkwi cpaig in eric stor st c ig u lon ic bac-- i is orust ing beloac iis fociot. i don expt g e theresint an whoer ru fio i aoninstxpim t bhesi peonaln oeru nty ast t but t bir pe al surrate,h, my g nd. 's rlly ing ut t be and rr e,'s m g gng t be braw in r they g dia causthe e diand i goi gto s trte awhe a us ate ckinag ioiach her s base upo parsanatin lin. h r >> sve: ey'r not lysepoarn tackg thin guy s a: gal'rwhot ght present, b ckthlsouy who a alght o vice prest ent. esu hat, ma bo rioo oho t ouricest. haa r progm orlast ogightm th st theost nt aer h and codn'thtigurit ot. is tth het a hnd coig'turtory o thatis mco ruo's rentcameryat cole mof ye srus befnte camero tkco or anhen entyeackefca tnderastr and oen adannt tokertr d lveo aga?
8:39 am
>> sve: gothe lears gaong and ey s sd he: asotying >> tsrs gs d she pagng1 ttory i kemistes l th agme uuys ryve i st th do. sot jt lked s le th wer loongo. so for j lmethd g l to etthubioerooecau he'or possthle v to ciodida, alauough e'he td mee's ot gssng v o cdaalgh . t me >>sretcn: b he' ga teat. o >>e's denite a teat e d ocra>>ctc b pe'ty. t t. >> retc>>n: ts replicae te twoult defitelyeed dra p. wi >>tc tepca ul fiflorlya. d >> y. >> gtche nowe mawi it ear. d heaid on r shor tha he's yot g ng tbe t you hinkr.e caturn he d atn shha 's g tsid. oundounkca rn >> umanast ght nd >>ant t sid -hume saidhis ishe ment, he s -asme say idt. s butis mhet,e lked i theay ee. i uld bu rprid i l rud ohe acceed a e i vd ri d bri: i'u ce a t vhtin with rit rii' me. >>ou a vertigh tiniththt . >> aerghim. h >>rianone lleg in ia d th are a. >>ane legeralnrt i thschore pgresve, re iay an ltheyalave dorolic whhoh pes, i th k isaneyeor noicwort wh whh esntiay sa nothnlyis enorthey whes coiadsaotyormsco-e
8:40 am
ey rocoo-edms-eathrms, -ed cker roedooms woulhr mar, tdver eroms hat ul itarr depds o t i inkou oht to payep ohextra ti fo at. i k bri: i otoayra houtfo . so! ri iwoulhaveotnoth job ou mahatapp. o! >> g tcheul theveeadle tothhe ob st y isappa ntlyhey'ma t doppg ghehedlto st thispa tolyy' do auage tho peoe wh a age teo wh bomin a bin gder neual. >>ook, i jus tnk ba groeuy . coege ys >>erek, wastus t aa womaon ear who w ldantcoe to eas aom ma tharho wt me. bri: rely f ghteng. >>ll y lads oue.here18 rire fte to.2-ye -old>> yadoure toyeld guyo. >>rianwe dhaveuyeactn. th is st >>an d inve we jst g ts reaionct fro thman s rosshe cntryhenin thi jnews game tt.seanro whenn e tass crynhi a wse enta lk l? >>rianso tyee vry? plsed. >>eopldon' know>>butan t v imdiaty af r thpld.eac on>> pl n'e scowoltent imatafthac
8:41 am
sc alltll mal >>rianwome ranal >>an formean t hill they saithat the dioura or y t typ llof s ual eyelatainshiat he oh,di'mra ure theyp s do.lathi e do monh,or hlo? e at ahe youoing ino. doon h? aoung tren t? are?iscoagin recoin. >> sve: nighyou t a g ow. u gorickerry ve s: ghu a >> y h. . fi tgockrytimeheover r as a y prfiidenal cdida. me heid ceer oass a govnor. pr's cening cdan he c theovo sr.n z e. c g 's gng t be he o the s se zents we'l gsee tat hehas heay. o t grehen:hat e yogoin seto ats him 'lboute h s i can tel. youren: bt auseyoin aim enut an'lelnowou b se grehen:ou'ron ouow sho ren:'r doubdly u'reoing t focu a out onisho new ub ty reng t cu onlan. s innehe t tn. in t - flatax at gis pele a choe. >> i gog -sk hla abox t tgipe a onho q stio i it'og hbo tbori -- on >>retcn: y thi it' q io t'bori? >> yh, iri-o. on>> thetcget yto ohificet' a
8:42 am
theyrian actlly y iometng abonthet oce ait ey theitcty ecom notet ringab but u doant tnow atheomot s ng visi it do histcono tcw vion. bu i'm si i meisnontercted i vhon. is gbum i a h m heerd i see gth i a h untr youe he se his ee opnentandll of trou h ateis tnopntd licyecau theof canay ythi t. n soou g it t ofcyhe wauhe aan thenou g to the hi oodso stu g.t of w a bri : ri t.en gohe todlso utu ca he riri o ccalm ca d haveim aal emcca aumca thquizame. >>tevei lo ittithizround r 12ourse. >>velo watiingorun 12rs tha >> me poplewaeegou the ste: thha ing m plefabl toght,he:00 o'c ck e tern teth g me, d bbl h t, 0 it's'c ern "llin , b lcoln h thak. 's y ". in >> gtche if ropeeeds lln habailt, wl thunit stas y be n ghef peds theook? our ilxt g wstth sitsta ybeet. ay ted forhek? r g s tt. y >>.tevethen hey' t givg or jes thboot a moriao o t n ion'>>veeny'iv hosjethot mia o nn' uldet tn do h becse it holda hi of d tdoecelign.t
8:43 am
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8:47 am
brishoo mber da the rlias,nt a autr etif thibr h book mr "hee. ia new authi rook " to svedo ew aette ofarniroo erico don'do sdo whaateof eopeni ic n'id"ha dael. e erst f, i baiut thenl" da . wa out t r i the hailyatiohe to he thewat nheahehy hatioioo he linkheea togherio i nk og r >>o. fa fro ctaing th i dease >> faro cinth it i duresse ntagn. the awer a dt prlem ises t mo agebt. th arien ar o you dprmcann p mo off t.smort ge aen c't oou yff hinncred car t p la thi f rt yo cdo iforc noth loa onhiedar t a hihi the y ouof yo t isrcthoa o hi s be ou h tving ss deb gheang r b ofhe li hilitngs we al ady ve a eb th's ea rf gng liit twel invy ve d aault d ethntuay greakg tnv dplt eropeua bri: brkingp theuroakg i so kw,ou'r ape ribrngthro i m kber the'r brish eurean un mn, tr y ehaveheirwn currincy. ere'ura binpushun t rigy nown veir brain eveurbreay. e'bi awashrom ig owe.u. wbrn veea serus iwaom . w tert? i >> iit wt to the cotryn a refendu i t tnk t re iuld wtoheoy ba rong ve toa aveef
8:48 am
du tthe trope niond this isne b ofng vthostomany essue e pe ere eonolit ians isre os onefos ny de aue evebody elsis e itnns o ne thother se. pa of ae rveson dyls thathe litithanshe s paf do reryn ellutha oe oneay tis o thedoyl o oth. ne bu evtual you oillheave to th im wh thcurrt ofbuublievaloul opeionto in wthrr dfocra. li yocan' ioreopnn forer t dra voyors.n' >>rianhow es t is lie to herinor tmeri? arwevo goi. to o >>anw tlio theerook tori bailar o?oio o shou we bilhek toai o oue out b youpresent h -- he kes ofringnd sing,ute're ouest hay to h-eelp t akeofngthe sg,rems nd ibeinhato eandep and a th eu.s.s th iin edend sinthe bigs.stth ntritor aong wo in thigund. rit tor epea you aog not w heth d. ind ted toiendyea preouing otre loa one him youndealld nd wnt treg oa heln-- the stimhingou c ouo, yll w n tet oel op o thee dt ng c cris y in the o oeu.s. d cr e wldnhe depds ts. a mu eate wegrethan abodyep t kes adm onmuhe teuccerean ady anat t t etivs ess dm the neric ecomy. d iceyou reay anant to hp tivs he icco . us you in stutea gyowinntgai h and at mns livg wiin usyouru eansst a ginai
8:49 am
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8:50 am
ores ch dren d why e adnisttionstint ci onconserinthatnd hychen y adsteon giveoren a tonsinat chi? ll a i vere ato jin y at hie top a the hr. we'lsee u j yt op he h 'l thee uhe
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8:53 am
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8:54 am
t' b pr itave oneroupnowiscsin the nam ofrm. feedomneup fmscn heamf regionhat ink ere f om hi f o someligus aect. re whont ik e reay hi is o isomig t atamet. towh i ourorldeaar iiisseters an t wemee utra d. we nurd aldii leran weraf n hap. thores l sviceback o. they haid ey'r wilthng toes s ceck rensid the ossueso e eyd 'rilto reidheeedue oplerom lvehe untr todsay lem engh i tr eugh. y le it sy.en i >>rianam i eo uh.erstd th is leadintto crt s rig >>an i u nost ths in c no. ey bigked f. thfore ser ce w notnooing o. new e le bed andth so reeyer wotng id, wiltake ommew sleromnd o th pubc. that whye'reutti , utilke theme tionmall. th setub up at ahyre wetisitehe alleonl. etpwe te terale jsus.m. weope opleromllve t ra couny wi wri or js. c l owee leomo whever ts ne ssar unwiriornd t c o fost svice wh doeer lneten ar tcommts. wee fo sceoe i ln the mm. ommewe ease thisime. >>teve ii unrsta he ngreman,t's oneme e hing ou ise. >>ve giun theta f restreervin,'s gnes,ng we'v otgi ahe the comaint f stfromvieopl w greeall ther'v by i aheomnt fromompl w at iavell ery iead, om n iodye somplned.
8:55 am
d, no. ey'r aaid ny spld. o. of laws t'r and d ist th jus theay i isf ws th isth defussiveedicehe tod i s whetr youe ta bei meciner soefthinveiclseod peop are frai ofetouta beiei me in suld set opre caier ofthisinei aituaon. s is i sd nori c ois t wor warua. i vetand reay, riverydy out to teorar orage et d isneaust rld ryr outo i o geit w ietnsn. wh you loot at td iew, did iu se what wtnas whnouooack t the w,suid seat stae?k he wondfu vaeyndtta nd va erlos a eeatioand o tera gavit tusnd w lo a oughtoiod o ho rraav the tby d wng t gh ry tnge'reskin andhorhe dthat mak tg comnts. t >>retcren: hine isnd stament om t gro whoants ataktgoms.o co>>tc dow histant trohots frdom coom rigioow fountion a cholishri frm r isio notunon cliriis aot propate mori toll a verans ope riouch jewand ve atnsists it wld sd h ewd mesge ofat ts clus n an w sfes ipermsiblef usan vernntalrefence r chstia ivetermnsbl a irn al feparte ular ch iatholte a i rtar voleran it'on aki r. v an
8:56 am
it 25 y t' a r5. d jitt5ecau it'mainined d puup bthe kghtsf j combusauoes t'tined mapu be i a ktsf coligiusss stamentma i 's a nhingore an a gi testtaentnto o reed nnge an ts st t otion o and ank u, kghtsfed tcoluus, r dog tat. on rea y nd dk k tsear om lu, do am tican. let'eajust n telthe r fes serve leamean t'stelet. itidn'crea a p foble uil rv leis oroupn witconsn'ea p le umplaed. >> otevethe b supe i wns la. >>vee s i >>ww.veran >> >>tevecongssma tha.c you. >>retcn: wt doou tnk abt th? le>>us kvew pnghatmandha w ll u. >>nk ttct wdo t abth eb sele kpt wto t rs. ox & s frids." 'll rig . &ri." ack.l ig k.
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