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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 25, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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th pte ecomy. ll: ec nowy,e hre, a g wle th neissutoalkco. : ow hbout w whato thothe ne dsuk ut does itt atmneythnd hheman d ca, dohey ve an esligat on teyresp hdn t ca doy th thin >> i ctain put ga tspd tpresre on ththhi r i cinowut es caustwo n the readi threrepuicanandites ve ausptedo omehe fmdi repuan odis aed raecal fxefor o simp ficaon aral ler or flatax res. mpca a l gornoromnehas com oat r. with goornesom o9-pot pla th it wl bear tpola r wionibe 59 p tnts, splif it a co outith fai t rni f ps, s ifhis tn, but a height cout thai t s heutighteel hht tressed 2 --ress e toryhehtl becse ofhe gund inedyss 2 --ssto hean cn anec overrof gd ed y perr wittheiown he can eroposs on axes rr itbilleibackno per oson ecifallyesit's llck ervoluarydea? ifly wh'sdo yeliehat luy thea? lunty pr ciplis swh yiethe itic? >> thint it pruld plke i s eaer t pas t sic >> idehit d i ea t poasticay, b tauseou'rde t fcing anydypocao bse'r ther pay meax or fng tny pay certn re eray me t.r t
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yore oerina y rt r choe. t th a -taxysteyo or oin the w flarateho th aax system.r he tha halof the late pulaon wch ds noys haal paany hederancom la t w d noat t momt haa pay raom cice. t you ant t payom undha t ne sche, o kee it ce. wheou t ayit ind undhe t old ne scheme. oeet you'he not eing indld rlroad se. u' otng thugh. rtic rarlyoadattrtive billsee u a thh. fbn a icly wel setrrickve p ry lle lat abn a thorni whe he telweseck p thatworl wha he' got upthnihe elhisleev th sturlt, thanke' ot you.p ure. srthaon t othev se,tu t pr idenu.obam wane. vy ha tth s mu toev upprenhiaman eco vmy d sie muo np 250 tooucco s woed sar si hs la nng o50 a noo pla wo s thi hone efft t la r ocue nla hoowne whore uerhi watee onff t the re lns. hone ho u's dignenot eedtehe l .ngreionaappral be duse ne sayt therisd simp at is pnt n renapr imebee ayer mpt >> pe c n't jtaitore ngre>> c jt. unl th actrentilhey wha the nee to unthctily d we'r goinhato a onhe oeeo n. d caus we c'r't wint a fn o coresso he our us c wmilit and fur cosshe enomyur mart: buot lind evebodys emy
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hay abt t t rtbuvedy ide bill chaticsabf t the pn sayi it'detoo ll lit ce, tcshe p la, anthat s romyi at'oit t demolaatanat mlifo aia cgresan nnis mo fo car cza, es long tim is iticf thar, on imminirati, sa thi ic th it faroo a ltle, inistisahi st by itar ateps theye st lle, i netti b ps it. eyst n ti rdozsaidhe houng . llap is eadi cau of toz recidsionut theou ap s st iue tbediddreedau by teconhe wasngto more in th t comg upn are greafairndasalantod re thom deupte wah bo andndre eair deconan dehat. w bo ndrthadebts sucre a ec burd toome stas int. habt ths couucry tt rdoetahey an thgginoua de topeo tryy a totaybove in wdeer hoery d p? to loy at veis rort at ca w outhi mor ng. tho sh ds th e tal dlott rt wed ca butor . ste gornmes is nshth t dd stgo asmeundiis asdi$4.2rilln. caforn is theigge finaial le o a. ey'v.2got lla ca trnals hege ebt nal o af mo 'vt tn tt612 llio new rk ces imo t secd,2 io $3 bilw on i c o id by t ec statof n yor $3il i oby t xas, at nor $28billn inhe s,
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hole and e28 rllortin ao stes le d rat ctifora a browe the ss st fm th feral cor bwe hegovementn thcour of is y r, j ft toth fal try ventthurf y jto tory ece at toethe bill mntimon t ca aigne tra ron taulhe ll mim t taki thecagnra coury'sebton lvery sious. hekilwayhetbawou'sthat. telry her suswn seaheayaw nnitt.thathe o erel er caidat figing ear thi noitnatiat o a caatigg hi not >> ihink thenoti a queions othow riou do ink the othue ns caidat andhe p ple w ou o th t coury tnk tths de at ndhapp p tone it'sery thou t tde . rioupp on 'si wayconcned the70s caus i ou tho ht wahencd hes us situion s i set oho causof t chae in he tun etneta o sysm thait uswoul tleadhaoinndle taysm endi andhandledebt ulad and at'sherelee a s idi thind wele hav tobtake thi d 'sre a ve s ihieavo serusly e billhihe oer hdlin h s ve taing out, bitarli er lyin t wee ll sug ostin h thein h ta g t, feitral udenloanrogr li sh ld b teeug einminahedo h pfel enan gr ing wnsh b that ena h dt. g fromonaul.ha rtha b d incdibl n om l.videthat ehare beein is mncningblf a n deatramacin
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resc tha mookng plaa inma turksc.ha k latchn ts rk. h t. that tinittlody, ttleatinaby,4tlaysy, le old. e ba and tothey, as theld band trandtherheall a ple e ale fr theubbl ofnderl p collsed buialing.frheblf rty-x hos afr a llduig. maive 2 ma itudy-hoafa rthqke rkedhe masoute ast mart oudthe untrof hq rd tkey. ere wor --uthist oe tr i ty. e or inedibs, th is new i delopmt, ty fodll thine ofibhem thd ths arew al doinokayde andpmo tfodar th of m thisthuakerend t alinaynd aftehockhave iske t ftten 2000uildgst teckveeast 336 fen 00 ld pele a dea morst36 tha 1300 pe a iured ea orbut y, tt's hopulha 00 sit, i't ied i t t>> bs l: y finop mirles
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likesi t it inhe i r ble, b yin irs rit? an you kepe t tint, y k rw,e, da fronow weeri fro anu t y w, t ky'llontie to da row lien teethe roundsnsid thatubbl and terhalltito li th te wie be dsreid atblndha suivor we'vseentht plwi oute n dierenpartof t wor wh suor e've'veeenplut di tengedirt t or ke ts, s wholdi o tve t di pe. trtha sthat andi o t insring ory is m.ningor a haat n of thinsng d th y m tngre a ofhi th i t -or all of u >> i libn -ictarll of moaar u ib qaafi,his ptaple streoaing bines-- qai,s pey reg bes sead bod aord is waburi thi dorniod. a d th nats nal warihiransiona cocil niyingis s andthatl p ai wer biensna byis col ng snd side. ai er libys ar be bow queioni wh e he de i byarueni whhe i. i d't lik thedea at ty bied m. i a dikhe plae wrehe pple n't t know bhered e i a pl is, w pe t owreecaus, au th peoe, whooved qaddi, tthy wi noteo lvehoed him dd t twiightot
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lopleho he m qadfi tht ey wl, 'mle hadure, wivee,e them - get himut of h em - et imgrav mart:avidof hiper joi us om av rtripo. id hieroisavid >> r orte hipoarth hiaccoing libnid rauthteitieitheyere shinfor secrth cog ib bial th beieuse eyey wee coerne in r thatcr qdafi bl flowe ght bern ie w icoo ane at s qine,fi an fdwelso wor est i abo ia se, va alisfromanppontso oorbo va is omqaddoni. so o newetai cing o abt adda 'sdd soasew feai cg o ab tys. daotheide o wfe cauredn sie lt . hee week caedsi l sayskhe rerf ts ys couny wasad d r t deprsed lf t timand uns mowang fd m bldin to ildi in rte,prryind tim tod mo f b in ocapehe no air din e,trikin o andlso, pe tha ntironstikt ano, ha arller fe th wasst podingn his hom arerown f th aser t paseek. pongis om al, deilsomin on task.ow aldes in oout eutur of thi couny, a thet eur o ihi one un ahe big ine impderae athis
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me, biats onfmpraats his , on is n, sf aisla he s ucat s in itaito ahd alae vel, nd tatre wn eai a rerts st wk head be capre o eve l, t w re ks led whe be thap ove tim ty sugst h k d may on th him wayac toug h y algea ton h esce. maha: aydre tre cogeernstor do pple tnksc ma: thd may he t mig try connsdo pe t someay d n throadthayoeigry gain pow? heme alw ds beth a vady hh in prile mberf thiow helwbe v h mily pre erhi >> rorte ly wl, tt's rit, rarthte th guyas w ts ver m h trith fa ofthhisuy rimeer m t bor fafs r e was b as wl-spen i englh, ithey d w rlysp i fohis gl iey d bner, rherere fos pones an flowe br, ore towas th aeria nnean borr, fwe sohat a m oor conwarnth a iar thorount so sot hey mon real neeto t thnto ty pturhim soo asalee t t ssib. maha:ded p er, urankm oo u ve muc bill tse aib ma:d pust,, k wha ve uc few thell tngse're t a
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workg ont, todha. in mom t, hw e's he tsre esti forou. rkon nyodolks inom hcrats ing eir ad otir thor. one ks why esatg her u.s ge othne y taxperoney huneds .s g miionsf doars,o xp eyina,henuns we borw m eymins do s,fromhem pay dow a,n oeor m n debomm ay go furowha one o huh eb>> mtha: a f a majne steuh rest mctioa:on h lonyou a maajbe ae to stay the stio honu ma a toy hoheital we'rgointo elainhat. ll: ill sigof miing by lisahoal irw'rinow eint. : l ig the tornmisg is frwer rente quesrnonin aut f poce -why licere ntes seinchintheihome andhy po - ary pareces n tking se inei anmeore th pice? is truarre tha nou'r teng ge ing id tane pe? s ruvoidha loc'r geg t repoers? nott al id>> tn whoc wonou tk to pos?s? ot >>al bec tsewhe'reon t griing. >>ecreri g. ey, eryo's eing cos outde bl's
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derw. th werfoin f ant oey t oakld ci halhey' beenampeou trwre ther f o f kl citwoal wksy' enpe tevis tn ns f o otagshow wpeop led t awis in n tholast agowoped hacuffawtheyne sang ho th havnotst bee risti e ar sts haffeysa ar.thavt ee prottorsave ren oti ar s ere,hey id, r . coup ofeeks and heotrse o city ase,y w, ned upfkshemdhat ey w e br kingtyhe l w andthathey coun't stam int t wtbrng l anatyncatoumenttta t ovnigh thesaid ncerat abont ratand re haza s aovghubliheid erboat urid tion d ac of za ali vlencathisrion ac fte -it'seenoingn v nc at ashese ses f th -'sn ng mo par a se ey s fthad 1 moentsutar ther we'lsee 1at gs onnts oaand thetryo me er 'l pee le gon outn bill oa somd hinghe tyls me m at'speot gng tut end llomng t e well a nerepo rev'sling g t nd stat acrs ll arplnepoevng limatingcrospithls. stayunde pledicd timgspi fe a tenaydeays a yr tic t contl th c t of thefe ans a y t ogra the ntate th flo cda oofershe thmost stat 45 ra d s, e e lo os al ka t leathst atta45 1 dbut ere'a sugstio al t thea hawi mot dow 1 o t e'ugio th teaw m an bond.ow drmarcieglpartf te o bfox mical tm,drrcglrt
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od m oning o x mal gew t moing,ill. ll: mis ings som ghing mo g, 'veeen l.lkin : ibout reeomng yea. wh's hpeni, do or?e n in medaid in oublut e ea whas hnido? $42edbilld n spn tbl ou i 20, butith42llsp stouulusolla runng o i 2ut h'r antipatg a stuslaun o 19erce incase ntatg b a012. 19 thce whencemabare b rlly2. cks thhe in 14 abae ry ss 15 o16 men a micai s pati ts wre g ong t mbe up mai to milon medaid ti w g t up paentso il the atesre gedng tdbe inroub becse ty paactutsly s ulde aboe es g t inubec t 40 pcent f ttu sdebo bden. ll: t ow the pvent t be dipng int bn. : shinheon's til inbeiprdernt cov the cts thrgh in'sil n thertimus ov mheey. chrbsol ely. th at jmut raout junof m .this yr. sohey' ioly. jrat un t uble is stat are yn bi soy' trole. ll: u ao tle say atrebiro. tha : a ay pernt ophysiansre ha restctin theumbeof er me ocaidysatienss th sst? in >>hebebsolely. mell: idat'siehe ethect s >> th? >> thi theolffecy.of th: is's et ermou andhat' th >>hihe ec growg prthlem,sith eoundt' physians owpr ovm, 20 hrcendon'take any dica patnts, cloysns ov0 enn'ke
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to 5 rest cty ndca w'tats,lo e so newedic d 5st w patits. as e syssomew expdsicd bill when outi. s ys see xp milon me mecaid llen patits, ey'rgointo ee ha to il to memeidospils to g the ti car, and'rin hao o nowpi weee the g heaheine taraynd thstat areow srtin to he cueathee t rei ursents thatre s inspits mo and cue wreeises yingn haii, uitmoan'tnd me h we mohan n ngtimehaper, yea't at a peo e g hngmo ton o? mer ea bi, pele a aeo g chricleo ill,hey can be oldbipe ahrle oy te visil, i'myanedorry billi wa t o gtesi'mo wtry llwa you e a a g w me u of a a lemm m he. leme sw ouf viers wh's h penimm wit h lemedi sid.ou e cos th yeaareie pectwh to hni upit di . pernt, e cocostheae cto fp 2012re gng to go er , co cle to9 peent. f 12 g t 19 o rcen bill that goicl totoake pe intt.a holeew9 en ateg yll at oiofoe sndin nta le calirnia wlegy eli nate adulday sarein cov age lindia w li litet mecaid ulye pientove t lisevemedoctid viss a pearnt. t nnec cut vetctisahe nberr of dta. exa ecovert tor nr d adts ixaer medrom twi ad i ar dn tone te aedmwi
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ar. e pot is s dtesto a t a okinfor ys t se . pois ss a inney.r t sd thway ey'rdoint isydjusng t y.edicd thy 'rin coragehey ve for soisus tic co mage. y >>orhey' alsoshifng mo andoreatiesver tma mo>>y' slsleif mondeie medaid rd i oked t a portn t s thatnd dtorsre ned d taki thai eted sa yourtan't t awat by dingrs t nt, a kiha so of se seuicesou't aw y g me tione ather bil are soessef ialseeservi s. me annei feerilerriree fothe sel stat, ey dan't hfee anotherifoe ey'rgoin.bankpt. d hey hane fhecal pro ems. ch .ll: tha s th'rcaseinnk. h fl thendo y hava beerros. : ha th seidea >> ihinke ha to t en yavbe mecaid rom heea veru inkhao de, t fr the essmetialidm ru rvic se. inther ords, hen fru'rehe ss sial, yohave trokic y s ve aeartiner adsack,n yre siyo ve ve ccer,ok y y've t to art ben th ahospk,al a y the ho citalr,as tbe pd yore to be orthhey'sp goi a toheo hoal t p nkru. buorwhaty'boutoioopaywhat aboua biof a ru buatut ductiaye?at y arso man y oubi med aaid dti tienar alled toverane theddyste and to see octoenllhen ter th ey'rnot sk?te d who aboee allto onhexcess 'rt s this lik whboll oheelairs es you ow, th m icaihi youik d up begel arse to u , uy maiou wheelair upbeverywo ao
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yes. th kinelof trng h to ry okedt. ye ere'waythin too t ho uch ed blo in t sysm. i' alwe's bey ccernoo h d i' said ionlo the t ysprog m bere, i'outlwbe crn t i'ai i heovere mol of ogbe i, urant. dica t shod beaved or ermoof pele wn t iy'reaneall cahobeed ck. peearl w we tve trell ptect our or.rom seve rle t pillncts, bhey s uldn r bemev abl to ln by sdn wtzbe iblo toee whever ey w w it. bi: fao pnts d it' go to theourr w bifaeact pn. s tht'k yougoo r d marct sie th fromhe micalou tm. go to e dar y. maha: ieere om a malassi t gont uo erwain t yas nma: e a forsi m tt ulicewaay t n seally r m t ce aault fou midd agewomese butlyt's thei conctiothats altou ddraisgeg someut ssious ei quesonons io thiat cas wait ntilisou hsor sho huse ess hias a eged itil h h tarting billalso why i a aedrica vingillis ofarollang ll insoorei aidhy to i aca ngliofla hina in eiwhenide owothem suchna en owmoreem that todh's nutra. that extre atod n.ra at isttupity. .ere'no o er elanaon i fo ipi. . e' o ot er thna we e studfon i waingt, toontie to otthe thatu wagttotito
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ha ddy, comen thwate mebo didt bo th tveloty y, mewitth24/7teustor su ort toboelp idve tbom tlot/7to suto ttootodaddp prom ted! lookt me m swming tooddom! somedy, t heoka pome! swng fema annncer the avel ity mearan, e.hepo frothe ice to t roomato tnn trier e ely an u'lneveroam lone oe e too tri fema ann ncer 'l vefromamn eaneche. to t flu manner omea e. anccidt... tlu o asma. an ida n.. heabeat. as to. hea contion neaat wn yosee ur ctotoeaonon youon'tace anyedic iss alo .wyoe to ou'te yicsslo ou dit tethe athe arica medil asciat n, d the we'rcommted preatrvin a ca that ssendial pastneratip 'rmmd rein aten pbetwern paents d thr doors. ecau whe it ctwes pa ts yo hea h,thdos. ou n d soauone heu tr ct. yoea
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ll: mines pt th hourtwo rth roli: in pstudthts uer aest ter a -yea old urrl io h slit ud u a t r sool. poce ua ngead iurve slanc vio to ind e ks sl. aer po u thhighchoostudt wvenc vito d kshotn th nk. a ththnameghofooud w jurs inhe otth n th me contverslurin cas antny tr l rentasedrsoday the asare wnt appcabl tra juree oredredayhe tse 12 e namebe sled r ppbl ju orcooldg ofperi aft t 1 the me sd verdt. thol perofd enridftheoday ormu one acei rd istherenday > mingo nemuneeis jsey ngne! jy! e las wn 007, theas w rmulone and7,he pri o amica,xpecd ule dn013.ri connd tamt ra,eec in3. haenin everonmorn tg at r i abou hainerrnat:45!
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by ous. mcall ashe5! tearbyacro tha grge m lls waingt brie, rht? ar roiha mea g a bef wa lgtdri r? fo ight ea b>> mtha:f a ltle l bit fo a lile b. ht bi : i' m ga:lty, le tooby it th li w. b maha: billi't's gy, gng t likoo th w monoma: s! g t peop donik rlize is lion mono. op onat'shat rey'rzegoin ito li finduton fol'st 'r in he's nothndigssue r yool s ding> h tspayeth ney ue hinayohen snghe uned s ttesye i borwing y feny tm tonaayffn un our ssor ng n debto tfe t tunto our .3 tllioeb oka tun cha, i fac o hasne o theigge tioka enomi in ech iac asworl o of cerse. ge olds emin 24 rcen o rl uf. ce. ds de, 20erce4 of enr de o bor uwed om apande20cef de 9 rcenorfromd he uan., pernt o9 the enbtom in her ucounies. erat i oe n chi's hug rmoununs. iof outandihiugebtun that i les totherutdi couries sohyt a whae iivinthem leto er hundds ooumillesns o so llar ain woreiinem aid nd oll o lawmarers yeihat' jusid ain nwms! s y >>why tt' wld wusle n be browi n >>oneyy nd t tn w w tue arod an givg t bwi baey to e cotriethat t
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
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9:30 am
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9:40 am
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9:45 am
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9:48 am
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9:49 am
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9:50 am
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9:51 am
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9:55 am
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9:56 am
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9:57 am
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9:58 am
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9:59 am
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10:00 am
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10:01 am
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10:02 am
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10:03 am
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10:04 am
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10:05 am
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10:06 am
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10:07 am
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10:08 am
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10:09 am
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10:10 am
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10:11 am
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10:12 am
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10:40 am
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10:41 am
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10:43 am
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10:44 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
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10:48 am
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10:49 am
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10:50 am
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10:54 am
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10:55 am
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10:56 am
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