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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  October 25, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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denden so50 facivthat ohere and ckerrydeen aicipes tat valsillre d ttacthisryndt a ip tisdesis lslcounr tacis aen of h mansi ain th tun t a 99-9 hplanny ginn t fosimpcitynd hes 9 say9g toan 9 gompty ritihe yayg ge tti ygetombeer. ge ttbe. -- bolr. >>meriis und --ol a>>ri ndushi rdenf de anthe pre denthi ene offeane lrgerrent defitsnd fe polics a lerefslassarfa . li a othe offsshe miowav pls fa .th war dheff oreformiavl ased ard coun oyored un iredits idi. >>ca: heaslansor titlent formnd gng caaftehe speinns andope t tlbalat e thrm g tepe bge byndpe t 2la0, ath -year whe b aby o tat 2 h a ll c ea gornmehe spe ain or at teastold c it,gomeo 18peor pernt atstld of owtht, mest 1 oduc er if y d the ath th has sto uc fi an y dhe aitiohl 1 asilli fin aiol1
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li in spding cuts shepd: tp topng guin all ts ts, thep t top gull the ery st are tth t senni onheachry stothesre msageoday shermnin cainhnd he mge romy.ayrm >>ca :in on tir own ssag thatisomrigh nocacaseon tofwnomn hage was atn gh iono csempaiing dmn hastopd by cai g a one bacent wheopbyhey a ca ed iefavoba nt thheeyball ca i vo itia veth efor gvernnt ll ionsand omneiawas a edor if grn exp tednsdhenenitisive tt a thef cls we mad onxpdtie b tore f e c and hwead henhis fir an beid n an h actulyommhe tsiranit. n awkwd to ay hetummleasand the ki of th has kw ptopleasd ki woferin twher hishs peloyaies li not se of hmanwoinerisainyas he li t un hiledn nideoin touheng t uned n ndidy, teo 9-9oulan t b it enid wit t-9 anan b tereiting sees of sou enit ts frthen re camgignse of ounagewh w pped fre th vioamn ge okin wed th cviaret andhat i
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an unusinl ece of vio ctoetnd e at i po tica us e adfrtisgofi y nd a oca wnaskead ise c paig amanar sa wke th as c nigthin nasa abouit bheyh wsted nin m to ou be, wty thaas w d do mitho the wha 9-9 plan orermaoh e cn, mouestns 9 tatanistrrtma fr c tmo t tr>>shard: hankfr yo tmee. shd:nkyo ca meroandanow a rod iefw corrpondt fou.s. newnd wod re rtfnd rruthndfos. ofew wore nsid tth pengonfattl afte/11 staid t wi rickenntl per . te hi cpaig1 has hi d he now cigas has ted toring d. backith a hewow tha t urckh thohtfter t p ho >>gut: ting o two na s.thin. th gu tg woutc serv ivein th mney th taxuts atcrveeep ey andthax outds a rney phosend t ings td and see reyo seearch f t ags d ee reilarkingrc f rerkg gimck wh
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th-9-9 as fleim wtaxe th post-9rd tt wl o oer f we.xe i amnot su st ttw h a orayere i shinon bi it mllteu h apalintoye ionse ativin. bt >>shard:s ereapin wy to se ivow f shd:the e gernm wt cotod st floa dere gnmcohis stoa plr?s >>gut: erybo hpl ids at eyant t spdnd atgu e boey w htdto r orm ant w tat ptheydant ive t wt rman w vo rs.ey t oneeas t a plon w to vo so.e ne tha aow dlou p wto f so it a gethathe bt d do a p theyll f hve gen aalete id s,do a perr is ey sang hifen i doidhese rr thin thesa enomyill gow by ido re anse xpec he eat imyll an gbyld conrvate armentechat ian unkely bu thaontats war hent it nswing unatly queion buha he iswg rhtuennow. >>se runni rresint orw. >> lling ani si ok, rmanor in , ancain doesot he anin ornizaon. oe e moy s hmsano b gog to bu hiorza. mo s bks b bcko to
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he doebuot jt b clm toe b an oside buteisoe jlto ouanider odeut shepd: b heame t shinon a aouer loyist ep >> best:eeme t wked outinn ahe o stbusi ss wld>> at: noin wedutanks li omnsi wor a no fnancks ut, li he rann staunt cain, f anc t, pi a chn ifhe aanot o au t cublen, pihech doeifeall hve o th tle credtialto soell hheehth ouider butedal se heh ouer traformut at a h is uneecteow h ra rmcaug on. a isne woteing. hyou n h r ugn. re ils marting guy og. the u hay hre aromotng y he h ot himsf. shepd: cl hase bmsn ab t upte epthat c asas a b orgazatiab in tupll-portt at fi t stes a ust gatinl-rt fi ses st bypsing th? >>rl: hir cole o yppeopng in thowa >>: antryiirco to o nd sopffn in wa hpshi and an yi souo sarola, n t hhind ouol f nkly he knshat hhas beeable to flyflou r inwhoutnn at or hnizason eele thito pooutnw anut one oreza hing tthi hppenpo t then cam ign ayse t ing t rkinwhy h fien e itamn ys
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sother i i tinyfiit soer i untentuive ietusto t coinueodo lesith obtectiouibut ius th conoue aesh b ob iot te isth cing. a anrickerrys b ampite usp and cg. hiandckry me vepi u expiencnd poticahi sta erswho havveeenxp nc invoed iresi ntiapocata s ompaiavs whe then vo indidessiia ha aiwhthushlat id tes anhas onef bohashole' oat tan staerss ed abotafr ste'e o forstas a ying taf evastor andeto te ring per tvaandicy. eyndecoize isto is t rio moer di. ti tocoe esssmo a. thads ll btiino desill a st t whths b iostf, bl st w qukly wil bome rioust battas onquy il be outa on rney. soe is bngin oeople adcate rory.he soatis ta bndin agaitpl roey. ad te>>shard:e ll setaeif ai no. vive johnshccad: didse o. an ve hnad you car andowto lya causou thar e s iousd delopmts lfter us rulih the cntry s wiusn inepmer lihe cryi i
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-- in st, amma ddaf is i , madergund,he shong af off ofhe by is end ndrgd, h ishof of bu bed, isong thnd a hison, a an de ibu, g an unmkedn,rave a n i a cretoax. annm nowdve a etx. an ggowalkis lve gk outse l msrat wh ihe acti tsgreg mat wh tigregeg we sp, t eg t end ev in eath heeis s t ca ting oblend and r singevn the queions thecag flealnd iswher rng d ho h woulueens e furie s ther b yho h ulie andthis b s was tak out thendmeat sas loerakhere st heor theat pa cplelore of he da. thpa c peayers weead and aa cerethnyt per w 5:dnda.m. calime is re morng an5:hey l me wh ked f to anornyndis osed cati outinwhd toanised tiheut dert. ey rejtedhe ruest fore. milynd tbalmembejs tde rstor ried utsily of h talmb t hotown irte t ey dedsiof hot wt
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ythi to hown tued nto ate t d w rine thhio fosndu he weto a tald tone dayo seed hwealo yse relvedeld nowe isuried a uer theowes grnd? ie >> averying,ow, re u f l e ber? >>ryg,, fery hap.ry >> pple dotap sem too boered ab pt he sasoo boedab h kill. iticsa hig wgh beat ll and abedefo heicig d wed and atey redbfoe dndonduing vestatioan autsy rert wldbedug steleaiod b my ut re w nvertioneaith by ofcialor nnecd wi thereonho ughtth ofal an kled ecwiaddah ty wri htit of as aan kcasudty oda w t arimass of a muereras bnsu okill. wss muer b nall tll sonf mmmar ddaf he, ll t stl,on main on m ar thrunand the afe,latetepor in tony is hethn dhe hded teheor to isuthe borr hd f lia tryhengor avdhe fe ofliry vd f hisofathe
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shepd: tnkis yo eghe om ep tiby oen t ju foun sey anony yt t guiuy,heun wrd y any gotas tui ju wear dth t thres. t t, uil tuay mart di d no re u t mdi ve ano idewho the threenednd nhe a nasdeofo he thjuryre ouin re theed n op ana doct gernmthts crysedouheop hug a ct reco grovenmy wh c tdeysaidll rls ugould get covewh tidacci s ld agetnst aexuayci ranagittetd a seasua thcan useanteance w thas are sang lthtlen oyse shld gcehe thre sot asa lle we. s ther ssh g s so awe ersoutc. tc
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wh's bter an gd ? fr gol! calthat hez gowh plu brewar s. g? frol u ea frealdaysatfreeheeeksgo luand ware f t. eareyseeksd f at's plu upgre yo rid 'slu that a ps. grwardyowithido bl koutates so y canedeeanyte. at p rdthblutes yaneeyt d it easto deemour intsnlin itas emr ts inalre y a ld mber justelecgoldlus ward inour ofil rea mr anststarecrewaldings rdyour lf nin. r il justano toar hewazgolglusrardsurom n st totooin.he olsrds rtz ld ps rerds. tojourn.y on z pres. uron
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ud "ooliel off t peod," le d y t wil rveca ppleere "li sendffgomee," yil ofca pehee ndmef jur athju reat normlyflora curt h tomacall reatase the rmamesor of chetury maaftell teyee isses of y verdt. te an t jonhanss shldn' is rd heran therwason junificio forshn' itiay desyingheeleaer of ter nasuicf ore inrmat niae ng gotasea ccur e. t a an t nin theat didt aearur posive he a the lotfid plic ar ger imedsi h at aheot jy p aics mu r casedtntho. j rember afor stanmu athe as gnshat we pho wer byreerr than a e crd ouid stwe p therbyour "rest crtheu jy," onethur "st saie j"nend omewre a vlage ai misng 12ew a vge is idis," d a t of t di" jurs sdthey t de hof t reat sa ng tjuy s gotdey ttem de andne s soatsa tot sared she t d ablute fleo frida for sooded he an shehas nev comabtele fdaor bac d so treansheeme toseveom se ac stif atio for t atmeo "olin s f peod." ifior >> "eparin thiis farrom thpefirs."time the m>>bersarhiar
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heom th rsmemehe tori my fors cahing h stor >>jothanit rifocaas nng enor ath thjoatsan nertaly t aftea v dicthhs butwe ha seetan em itegang vct trutlsa bt, soee in th i jung he mar ney, so b obooknoff e ack othju harial likey, thmichsol jokksonf trik o mostal fam sly,kethch perlpsf jon ri cour st the amj.y,er tri urever inhe the we ofhat plishri eroks d math s wefoneyt a p shnonef tms fs asma swee areey a awar ne toughot a f deshre thats t ar te. gh th cou aee bcaus thths t t undthou o. b nush d o.guil nofilli hil -wife a hisrie rtherli h thanhe csey ifntho a jisry whoie r er und er nan guiy cyofhoilli j heho d nuili 2- ar-ohe shepd: aarth--o aida ep adthrimilid d fensattoeymi acey how you fl dns auttohis? ey >>arw ur:ou f a is? islack le er ar la: its supsedo i hapnsck le immintlylaftertherial aupd ap th jud ut mi hlyer neal an t
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linethyudaitibut h eid s in t nehougfultit wa he snpen 12 ug palsfwa cisi en12a plaifng wt h si reonsere an theaiaw w h he lnd te s lawre ane e h to l t relse it.w he as n htouppod telase t t. thre he nmont a nnepo te t re chalngedntim. a aled >>.epar whdo you tnk? >>gu>>t: tars habeenn e wh bosorevou a tk? ba l anguit tha en tim it shoubo bev aba ln peal .im it >>shard:ouhy i it al shd: it bad la >>gut: bk inthe dayhis wead wou ewsperla a gu the byin eulday puishhes nam ndweou evspyoneoved ahe o d punow,hveryeamets tev naneedand if y o hav a w, comryterou ns tst wtad u yavwantomr dspar e w th ury, ptnt de dar th thatsy, pn de th bletioar a louphs th th a bdresti somee sharld n a haloodo ththeicivi d atyes an mebesh na eivi duppodan poto dat teats >>epar isit t posble d t getts ls >>ars tose et efctiv lands ls f
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reivonsidejuro ifhey ls ndit nhere lasis itrofis?y arth: i itn belve tla i? pthlicyi decielon w t to ve pcy ci a wo anspen a stem ananyo coul wainto the sp urtrm if em thane iyo om ulwasoto thehedea trif thhind ihe l ishehatea peole ould nd inwoul l tisteo jurs ld ar to hnoinul t tat lur isr hin t la lats wa pretern basallyla de warernaslyigh d we u es thehhire wea u he prate vestatorhey re codn'tine e rynd n pr e theyan. st orony fac ookheyco't aree n wting ey .rrib stu ackyre abohe wng jry in ibtu geral. shepbod: w ows wh jn t gel. "tepy" w as. wh if i a t aused of"tdoin a so ithincoul aisolit a edfries orfinthe t cresoeinul li mpai tha cou beneietor heter tl ireou c aiha putoune presr re oln t cut jurs, don' es o t owju, n' ... >>gut: a theyil n be.. precut gu ahe n ie prut tey t pt deb
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thats. theris n wayo plice p it.eb we he ath ops. courersyst naynd pce evyonest.ntitd alk h a opto tur sturtrm and s whev ne goiit k on. why the thave trane s suhecte to aoiindn. y heve e osute nsi at? ndey eoing thr j. o si >>thur that isnghe undaon oth o j. sy em>>ur at tims to cange da o . othat isyallong eimto b cliesge to atis wi threloor fr whoo bes oacebk wi an wr ere fomethong hoible abou theeb jry cananwrow cngeet e whole ave ouhebeen jan c proecuti w oplend een repsentgeopl for00roti leepntearspl r shepd: w hadhis armentrs ater the ep w trisl d arntrial aer artriahe d enetr talkal about tias its e ner angelk ut >> tnath: tts faceokne ge thres ar mde>>th tain aceains casey thon rear motin a ansains t t se ju but onheyare scedand a apns t ntjuutey lotfescdp re rtertoothe hometoday a hedlyer any aners. me da a >>epar bab hynyisa' pants ans. >>araba' pentsas have spped talng abter pts
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miss g da hterveho h bee sed al missg fob teyeek ssrst daeyer h stee ssfo cooekrati t wit thories. en ty chooged tiewi sto. ors. t thch thed oppe taing to the mea. sohathhes g ngpe otag ithhe tis littme giso? d gescrs ehot t gi ng ptt gi on f dingdurvorssc a tere the i killp earquak won hav feeng rv sllow ag forthrehe dllsarak wav n. owtodafo there wk pa dff. wilshow n y the dahe wpa. t-wee ilow y olhe baho cme t oee ola clive o ve opleealllove apsh froprogssiv t dot ju lisn to e. lien tlethesllhappve progshssivrocustogers.iv dojuisto i liugge tin sespshopp and og dayivlatest s. i was geving sigho carnsurd ce.ay te was rrieit wld b has to ngstal arur. s ie w bt itha reao y eaal. the tter dri thmore sav iteaea wishur cpanyade ersorithinthis reav sh cny soinisl. ye. you' not. lminthisare u? ye u'ot inise awcame shy
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ju onehills' con hlth probtic p a y elpsefen agast oasio l nstijutionnediarllea c hhobc a psenga oio tionar gaand oati. ith e rain goobactiagad ti helbala e yo colh .e in ooct ou hel mela yoat "olobioc." [emalannocer phlipscoloheal. he "io" [alnor phpsloal
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miing re mohsgo 11 th dclaiteng sebodbrok hi a mig oatch thehild fom ai sodok ahe ch heib.ld f so sle t celphon wich theyeveralle d. to see s telf on mae th wh idnaeyererle teef wou math annaer. st wk poce fusedou th sech an. the fami wpo mend fedth se thmi repoed a po caderdog dtect hunad regins dcthe hu pants'res bedrm. thmom sidas' dr thm s s warun a possly blaed s owat. thattoeyun afor essami hlare isayi o thtor traci h t at thi yi entf aea psonacould tbehi tf dedes od. is pnld tatossie? des o is t si>>tre: it is caver gs he trpick ip ise humacar hmain as hckd as 1000 ma year in in tass c heashe use wa 10uilt in ar 195 tso c som odewalt d d in at95edro or th omears a d d indog uld ck ro up o ttth scesrs a a g d longas upere tces a is ng eood, tssue or be ill ishe d, tue are
3:25 pm
the bg on l th fliide c pickup tcenre ofe on newli ead b cdy ck tha t is oenly beeinof th rooew f b aerha srtis otimeee th ooagai as fng ashere s me blo bodais fid iasre th lo ar. od so f i eerts yth ifhatr e hits w accute i tfatbedrm tre is sohithin won cu i tdrthe flo t. i soin >>epar coun'they ean e thelo ple, rove >>arouty carnts angeeomel reloorar trac thage ise wt the exrts eor aing. acy nohais wpull thahe st fexs ut? ke a a log. whatno thidllha ll stfromhe use.? here aloathis e om e. reista m ticored st mforble,urplhirt a mcod diey cract ore,plrt di ccthirt acar rt them ban a deb te, andarhere eman iseb tnd nore lank ishee ino le, nk floboar no wodee i floongnd , eloaro w spe ooo cre sce vestspator whois baled at wcrsc not storcollwhted. >>f eba dod waysot trelld. doss t evencendhey n'ts knevceowy t
3:26 pm
to colnctnd pservtoe tentlolluid prv entdencracid iden this enclikeachat, en thhie is no gooxcuket, th i fno at.oou ftrac andhe pice co d . ha aery god reonor yacnd peco ha th did acollyt s gehine a didn colct thotheidll s bunthey a won' talk dnol abt edenche >>epar notuey n'lkabyet. enc trac hank>>arotou. at ltle tillacnk . "msing l ea nueirho oe tlleatemichl jack"mn fong sepu oprobms s tte ch e tri ckfo peatly s to wn himob s cou die efri heook oatto wim ouie muche k profol reclingisuc dath in pr olurt oughher tecng tes. d mohn on t gher the amat tesmony ae moon iveatesny epove. po
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3:29 pm
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3:30 pm
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3:31 pm
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3:32 pm
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3:33 pm
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3:34 pm
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3:35 pm
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3:36 pm
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3:43 pm
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3:44 pm
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3:45 pm
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3:46 pm
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3:48 pm
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3:49 pm
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3:56 pm
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