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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  October 25, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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e orof oov homg andrusinses. a t ar ... d ging uclear ris worand ohoolom.ndins. . gi uea riand morr ord couol do en me. clner,omesc, andan ancread ng jrrs no ouo m clr,es aan anea jno we'ramera's turagas. th'rsmarerr pos r, traay.s. learmoret tharpo t.arreans. >>ne: paick. pa. pey. nepa k. ngri. pa. each pe ri upng ch thepnte is i inghe toettegood an ia m jor,gtoajo meyombod ana oppi m on r,e 20jo mb ra. an nowthe vepin 0 drpingat? anowe drng headneing our sho adin welce, eryo, iur ameilho cato. lcck pry ipull g ouyoi all me slps is ca. thi p illou guyllhere a s the asis roshioneuyacturely a e star? ano sts? ne weave eshtu mber ar ant showeg h ropaul er briing inloseow toroul
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rig ..n $3seilln ino ..he st fi3llin fi da. mo tha4,00 datio mingda inmoha froll000 dio ng stes. rro crics cnselg him o st,s. mayb theri cel shld timnk twi os he jus ybhe unts thesh twi ssh? hee reusblic pre denttsl candate heinin us ? reicrentl nnde in tus phonfrom txas. coress tn, tse a oonom the art ts. mber cowhatss t a mkes ohe em t st kinger is at m slargyit is sllstng nomirgtions thsand s >>gut: i is enuragg mion bethuse nd y got guit iis f ofn tag larg bee yot of t dotion thro hrg bdlin by banngnd hers thadoonis ro not eoura bng tin an rsut, iha th k thtgras era t ros a muc , re aw ethofthasrohat a muc dog thaw a lotof otr peoate. i so pleadth thhe aott eofund isin i >>ne: whea is intestin your fllow ndinexan hnewhs thetein flaurt f owx pranosal hnd hhe wile ala spec luesofpraly co herniil eces oni t whe he hain e pa rais big moneh froheiga deors pa
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nothg li at is yoighave bene ro able ds to thli doyovee leton t sll avege amer tan frot. is tt s methg yo wvent to yer toro c titale thyo wo to o try c palnd ihe nxtdeba o? y p>>gu it: wl, pbably n shld d morba gu w o pbl sht. dor is naralfor wh'm dng to g sll sna dolrsrecahe oer e d yes 've g b sen i o shinon fca o ae whe ave the b in f loyist a donothhe ahe me. ey d't co lost d peoner mth and don'gete. l d of coc peney, mo the d pecin't lf teres woul't n uraly, com tohe m soci pl se tre but ult nalomo gis musso the pl st tngth tout bld th gi ornizaon a we ve e alott th ofto bth or vzaunte ase andthats,t al ry vtendatmpornt al are ing muette tn weorad fou a re year agog b we sull knte te hawe aouways targo go b bausee sn meti s we donhaet yshe t go bheadsene ws you m htti beweonth on onethat adlle ou m genouse ougho rep tonneat tsens tay. gh so'mep vy t t. so vy eloyeed. >>ne: it eyoppi, i e doyet ca. you poi
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neitf vew ey noedipi thai isdocaouometng toi port v on, perdiha whats thiet t rtn, theer athiediaocusg heth facia tha dpiteus yo ney ackingrowe whhha is d neter ino ubt, it hy n'tngwe h tranatedithis nein t,it h'tbett po an ed hsiti. wh do youay t thettoriti ti whoou tth tiwho you a mo nancl flh in eo pan? a >>gut: woe e do gnc flin n? be er. gu wwill coareddoohat bempar. to ur ll yeaoed ago at comped tsix aro monteago ag mp tx no nt we kp gogup. dongsurge b we no kgo ner. on droprg bif wgetweuppoeer, ey are op wloyat otrs he sged po , ere pol ya otd wi h be s td ohe ck and ol suddly ty a wie tdropng o an ickl soddours ts aery,op ory kl sorss stdyy, d we hav'tos gound but st doeed weto pveavursees gnd anthatuts w o wedare prk verse rdanat wnotwe eaey sge andier i bimonttoreas. s >>nedi: wh a you goinbi nt do wh allhis ne ney?wh a ou guesin probly ginng wllis ad rtisy?onox o es sorothiny nn adis o
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solikein tha ke ha >>il thasthe cur gettg a l of ney,>>haeur spettinga liself d ay,lot of pe gndides h e be knoel i etast,filla clton id hbeno cest, la toindlfoneckssly c waing to d and rney wasckly cricizag nd r fyas sentllr waizinghe finciaadvaage friey nt fiia vae ho die yo g ts in t rightho di at d t rigyo gime tin wi t gh at th tigmeight msagewi t coterththeht mge cor peeptithate you pied? gueswe havpetiatouad, ihink pi? es avfouror fivad and, yo henk to ve he ur eivpertndhelpyo hometoes i' t la o ert tolp areet outi' exac ty whla oowe saroulde hte acwh beuse m sld so h td iobee the o phosop and t setim i i oggesothehe hing ph opwe hnde go peo seim es andhee ve ng od a h andgoheyeo g ovwell nd andheye h ve to anownd e ey rket gand thv isll y d wey h thave madeow preress etdhs >>we theve flatderackss aimpl tax
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somhinghe youatck ha aplax ng omngou achamoned thur esen ta code amedth enta nhtma anrickerr de nmanck rrsellg thno tax anis ow e llheelth hernaxanow cn's el 9-9 er caaignnd cs terry 9- pl is sid tobe anagnffo to t junetartry pls son fos t cpaig anertittl to lat whato yothin of cthatig antl ofto h?at atyoinofat >>gut: h wl, ion't kn. iust thk tt allguhe w i't otrs veknalk ait lotth tmorellbout ttaxethan i k a do. otenre owsut m xe posanion ino. s tes. m osey an too de a uld tke ts. geid o aoo a t incme d tge ox. wealk t ancutpendg bause at here t we pkblem and bse is and thinrethey t th aost p em totay aayis fd omin they diffultth ast aychois. a homanythe f hath relyfft of red oiy si ificthonyheha cts?e bodys offingofd siic tt. none i shinon c? i dy oerinff g real t cs. no i an i tinnk tt ishere e oin al probm c an. t t ou criss hre t o w thobebt ou ri hveren de worlide,ndbt theinan
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alrede contion are rl e,contuing ean deriore, onon re etheyou co ect ntheng renue withetheor sal heuot rue the taxallus aaxus a fl ta isfl ta cadec >>il:o, ydecre >>: y sayg hilanay on bancin hi thean dgetyonainhe et 20 andouwoul t ba 2ncedy ndur thd yar.ul guest but wauted $1 th illi y the.irst es yeut. peop's es g1zeovernd liayhe rs i ll banceye thi i 15 op e g20er i bcehi i5 yes! thonlyhingha cnts e ear. ye e seth peolyeng a c tsthere afteone twor.r s areo so a yo havre to tee wo do it rigwayso byoav youaveo t chaedotheppetigeay b ruvegove tmenthae theeteaxe te ta ode vent a e thodf colctioewill tta t lf te oble odolio ll it ts t n len arhmetrob nm nt atratic poble onhat r weet thiobmou govnmenught t aat p ledondn at shldweprothit roven ht
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t lirtieand t unni o shlivendot r ruing e ec omy li iedd lici thni o orld ve so tre i arug bigecy dciferee. th iryldo t i ephase a tigt. neil dre oui mst bedoin eas so tthinrighwith all ilhe lks m giengin soin ghuthll si chks. 5 at a timit adh. up. at welimd om r plel to ck prry, th ren. tes go rnor rnd po resintia p y, candhate ll be te goorpeclsiia est. hende b wa intooecl lg to t. lance twa bget? o is l to fla ncax t tt grtof a bt? is idea t you r thla c titicm fgrmon a ul.ea ar fu m thth gerno cic f .hims f fth on gox bnoines netrk. my gooess,ou d'tmset on best?et. dendoos, dt! >>o de bbshe >> i bhe cgres th surcommtee sess than mon to ces co thsupmm we thss anono $1.2corilln ip sendi wcuts bu a ew.2 pllan i th soulddi bts maki itsbu y thr pghhath ld coitte b n' kits yhr undi that cote per. wou get diha r of her. dol arouet ll a rep rcet wifol a aepwi
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doll coi a billo co. lltherandoi llco end savgs?av? $5 biion, by! ov 30$5in, ye bs. iov0 tied. i trd.e iied. arle t payd. i lahingoth atr thatnd d. leayangth a m at imessi. of ausn mower >>est:im i'msi ofus lughi ater t>>att:'m mo. lhi >>il:tan you be tevethis ? mo >>gut: e>>ryon:isou li ere e twee scolsisof gu e on ough we e noli heang e twsc som e sur cmitt tghte no isea woy somandhe her suside c ttthat tust mn this a wopounomng d aw andr tre isde atparttan mth suort ad th wilun awndcome t ups th rt sut thilmeepapment >>il: thinof thepant s rt.>>: in gues whas theat s. esha t000 rcen >>il: you00 en per>>nall: prefu pap ove coi gues paperll efapverveoi cin. es >>apil: eoper c. >>: the egivee he veu you
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ayo zlliocoin a >>gut: i theear y pat zio thin gu ihear yat poctsnd thoc ithoul be titulbe cns. >>il: tught thisas c. onyear figu>> and: ththi thoht ll onarhatgu indnot ich reho chan. so 35t it h yeahey w llan saso35 $ llio >>gueat: they ws baby $ io h liacin b ou shs, as. li inlly dea. >>il:sh he a iswhat iyarya. ab>>t, i:thesee eheis ids at th arey cing u theab i arees bein ceatiid tthcomere u cg wh, uhere in cti ime u g wess, leainf wa gs, toe dres thi nf guesa we'alkito per er eshi ese' kiasti r ally the suectshey e ti lyheutsy emingp wth andi go ithng p par all wndoth thepaalay. ushe t pa band e papewas. eauser. t pa sotheaeali is, pe thosh,'m a no.t evensoe sreli whamps, i inho
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wi nohis,en shhe nmpclea i optnn mago twithes, faack sues d th nea wipt ma te masiveck cutes thfense ai i thihat cou wre mve endut ns aphiatou onl b wause thin fromnd eeft a rit atnl bse inom cou te a mrie palableo thleftasou mal lelees thentiftemenstuf wh eig qutionlearknd te astienufig w ch k fro quon deknse. t >>il: t its i cnginchroee. >> the: it cin measemen wese andwehe call all 1 asene nd th ser comm tee llll memrs 1ix d ocra thand sx mmeepubcansem t reon dra yd hey didot rpondubheyns t hed y wer ein to ybey oid d rndy he yer to it c uld th were not geing thiits cd theot geg hi t forat. thiis at th ae rowi t outor nth aht.d ofhi the thadli thi ais the tuffwi ut yohcomepah wi he e lihiightheff foreyo me you kiw? sohey agh aladydoin re t is u k no yso im aalyin tttle wriedno i gues whe the leannoce w adedteam it eselthe kehe thereno anadunci aamt llert thderb teae caustheyave anciecaurs oer rbea
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bo sid a iuseyehey come au upith o bl he mboket iduld aey c e beeryup hppyecau rght b now mt d ry eyau rt odow --. neilven tugh ite lood ke th are-. iln tntinhit ooguesoins orthre dolrs at is a inpunt but hatessns a o shanol rlly, i so hopntutheyat ca com up an wh so rthiny,oreoop eyeati hancaom tt.p w>>neso: yoin ee th ti manan t neyo th an chlengs chng the gtor ar dog anying. the ge.o. toy'ror arsonyg. se o. oyre. d on hre s and,ayenain' o,. onwe h tld yo thad, sen inn' ap tange overhi yohaexch sge wnh a repogeer. ermemb him now chey wh haan invtigaon po. mbim un rway andw shajasonvga unorrayd?d >>et iso sraig yson't scw aundrr >> i sigwith 't sc me. a d tmethe. t elain ein
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dlesshriisur mt polar omotn at r lober. here so ny c ices estri gues lois it. mpor ot r ob . malannocer it'srendleo c eshr p totay alnor 's le mu as hru lito a ednybsay y. lik li newmu s sweeliand icy rimpny yik all r $199. liew eed y mp mnames anla tpp l $1 .and sea od dferely.mmean t d a dre.
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this do u regilet af reersing a isape o eg refence ng ae dcrib rep licafe e oppotiono -- d getibtepstracaht poon-- ettra gys. t exain. steno me. i gid wexn. u en the. i r mes. w ere e t u thumbe. lookt t s. ne bers t be. mu er ok t is n urs ra i mu u i rgla is u up. ra if i the u larepusicans n'tp. pfss hethisbill rapeillpu risan t >> m prder isll waplllis re. ra merwill w re. >> i r ra apppria for e ll vi pre rdentto u i ppialangorge inuchvi arentway? u >>weng g inh a y? g >>ne g: afr tt he as g af t anay, litthe bitf a du aer ., ttit an au t vic pre dentid a t t like hat lantle ticre nt esti-andnswe ng a t ket le stafrs a tindwe a doi t an af avestatio io whheroi man st neio ioh rest brohe m snate pres pronecolnd we tro rehed outo ste esrothe lce w pridens red of ce aoue noren of a jon theyaido
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you misprested y jrsel heyou med up uisesd tre yel and omeo u who s aupontieof e vi tpresent dndeo wano d t ati get piviure fer alk est theanguy t et anin ft, pi e ur erek ahe y rerter . an >>est: f wel tha you fre a vinge ba reer >>t:elha on.ou fthe ce pside is ngba actg ke we pdesannct ge i o a wnn a begeer ionct. he ispset a d trngbe to pintnc this ts m beetuse atrto ptaug him is m flatbeotedend g hiin alie anugnowimhemedi is ated gtakihi intest oe hanw raptat adis kiportg th ete owas h steadap t a wrgnd, rtths fdt, t "waswrngtopost" sd, he caim at f t apesasto wstld s c rme isabsues w anhalfbake sod r'm t i surisetheyresu ryianlfkeod to suseeyyi deflt atntioonto me b i flatio jomenali b wll askough quesons. otil lill b theare w singskgh yo esds. no l bpresheteours sfg a ayo joualis but anoes ars a f. ouis i utin th a is wthey e a fying i >>gut: ihoos a wt peyture ith e vi predentnd i had ng y gu i prs prehrede ialsvi brenthey i a
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adtryi topr defctdels b atttiony a yineil waito itefid y tt onk, iljasoai iant t ta ya pi ure ththe ceso psidet? ta >>piest:e omeo atuale pde ofred,an ke a p>>cturt:e eo a wial theice esidt an i ofd, id a ye p iur toowiyhe e cturid an iand at ishe ye i rfecoo oppourunit to a d ims qu tionechat he poit a dros in the mea forquont anntirrowakeinhefail tome k,or andn thirke iil did h thinit ndseprent t useth i raid h in re t rfereese ra tousti rre antoherti --. neilianr kn t excnge s retin-. andayb iilkn txce an s r in ndtheyb a iumen th tnds sjusties e eeans a benth th tre ds mingack d sts eayins b weh y port a a ngk tim cldyi misrresee himr rt heelf, and im say is c srsseim sethi elshendf, y nd b y shilsandite. b gues i dn' sa i was mebodi. el d es d ideifysa i selfass hun boel d entsde why ty lf aske mehu doo. tswh t neil when id keeye as ydo to do ilso?en as>>gu yt: ty sid who redo? gu y t sho
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th anepa yment >>il: d y hav an apant >>pres: yav dge? gues i di a bt, agn es th are tryng oe? es focihe b iticm onag the threry ttic. dooc t iconhe tc. doforg his fang tragisrg fnyis fa wah cause abagand f wa c us aab "d c minus," aoes "mbus inrvie all e timnd nu"susinonsieered l eatournist dimhey a gonsg afedr prate trnt d citens.y a am gng afr goaf prlitieansit s.o useheiram g oicaf and tnk tis abing th r eirffic ond t forush ab g hlegiatio lyi tic te amicanpeop ordh jgirnaliotsyi t shou takamanop not t at id the pe o jal qutionou ouakot t ihe a tha o howou auon tou wh the litian a if a t vicha presowent nts aoou inv wtigahhe ti aif tic g est asad. nv ga>>ne: bason g you a. ne are b righ whaon is ifou rre th gse ghshouha be iod ff the gder bu yoth a g an oue ienti fableace th gdr buyo a inm s ietile thee ave yr picte stedtm sheve y ct ed rlies n.
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so wasts lke a resone oteal? nyou ll nersoas be le l toet e closto tl? fures gain u n e >>est:o,to i aveos t ben goi fesin ter potici>>s ant:uppongve b throiorruion f rpocian yeapoow. thce prsideru binnas f nothe fitea on w.ias pdethebin fstot one fiot gno atee char fe ronga and bng gatteion h acorrtion nd ar r therndis b a ong ltetn h ofrron er charters g l>>ne: i tf y. wh thealk arrs a utne ai instig yion omhe whcehe k esidt's ofce, don' kw a at t tinign eanse b ha idanyosf , n' fr tha koffi talk tns b yohayo frhafilk lked to yooagane? anyo ?ed ogues no,noga? onerom yohe es sete po,ss llery hane clem . se bu p t senerehares c gallybu sh tld sd aen noesbacko th viceresintll h hliging she s a fiotmendcknt a teth them cesi hbuttigg out find afte pemss b inestttnd be preped t bes ask qestis. be >>il: atepif t ske glery q ti cks uout? >> : >>gut: ty e not grygoin s t? do ty neilotyouin n't no teset. guil? u >>est:hey ll n t teo gu at.>> t:y >> nil: oneas cald yo or llow
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up. w h an>>: nealyo quesons? ow ne oupthat wan >>est: no, t ones s? th g i oatm t >>t: nviolion s ton askithi t aol n estind i psed kiwithhe ve esidt fo a a ti ctur and i ask pd im ath v id estifo but a ths wurtnd the sk ce pside wan is toti pututth tentn on w thehe p tdeticanis aut not ntonhe t onic his a reonseot aer. the ceonisre prseiden bidis a . ding ighte n. you donprenearid m taing nght out n rainyo anyre ion pporr ofhetag esid t's tb binl.ny i th or isofecau e, ids we bbrout th atntios toau thi issu awe theou atioo hidia ssu l atcheonhe to it. a theyre le lhe ltchi ooo t it. ey ls bausef the lhi veo. th is i joualis in bsehe p vctic. th >>neis:asoou gisodn toee y pic ag n. ne leus kwso g ifyou geto c yls ag le kf u fromet peo ce. thk yu. omstoc areankeoskin res th k why, y tme bo ocrek ckinin in eupe he dy,bt de tothat w in suinosedo eeu ouraway dow wde atare w sueduray he wing, e wl. he mag,not ours w. mat
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y. iameca we bieven a ture tt isettethanoday sinc 189i, ameiprie fianci b vehaa beenreorki har tisteanay nc89amrifici haenkiar r thr clnts'utur. ner tang aailo. thcls'ur heing neraons achie drms. neta aloheg rasy hos.hidr. putheiridshroh clege ho tireow tuty wair to.sro cge eripse. re twao. thstreth oamera's ip. laest nancl plning coany.thre o erse het of0,00advirs rkinwith ou, lae-tot ne.ncplngcoy. heof00vi inth, to. tethe forour ture the or♪r ♪re ♪♪
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i'yourlindpot. humng ] i'urnd t.and jobs ea. um ] de g thgs.d obea yo're od..e th. [ ash yoe .. [ lghin] [ scamin ][ h lin sc in[ tis scech an if u nad yo owpricon c insance tisch anf nayo owic cns ceu cod beayin fothisoursf. cobein foisrs getllste, yo cou savmone anbe bter otecetd stom mhem ke m yoouavne an br ec m m [ mnnis op ls, g mor makone ll t allate ent. [ is l gorke t lle t.
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>nei whahapps in ropeoesn stain eupe stoc eihaumblppg inin pe thesnniteta stat aeru ocblin thehete at a nanc nist scr ahe pwo to ncfix thdebt stcr hongby torro po x rnin andow tthmebt isho tking tto wrot w supsed toin bnd ts a tng w w up dghto b pfile meengto snhe de hou p leomee snow. de maoue is t lud bigw.loc ma is t lthatasig mesngoc th at es. siio bluscihtrugingto get e cinet to g al gsiith bscugg t ets. cetto glth and .ran'sarko ipin d atan thko innd cncelatr merls cel movi alonder aley,shat e ck vi islo gng o ove ay,t is gvetherer
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repoer:o po: muc just loucsqualing a smit sto torro uang s teinae ecomy tro miste haseen na scra ed bauseecheyyon'tave m tethe asneetaens o th debt ra b sey cen'inge pla ed.e ta no o ahbt metin ofcegla.u no minf and rozo leerswill head bund alle wl zo getessll b adad buamewllkdease f w het to b dresthre mai ewas f tings howe esre ai ha the nk tgs rinanng capil sangs thahe nks, an ranlso, pioostsags t t s, fipowe ofano, thst eu t bilou fiwe nd. th w iu tha boubailt ndoing . be u d and i handedn til fitng ple? e uand nd coue we hedven wh t fiaboul thed eopouwe hwhou epholdg e grk bt. ey he told ta gr . a h hato cut ain jy itoul hve be aha 2 utrcen and w jitt uldul be he0 2 peent end dbe0 or pet60erce. buthisortill h to be
4:26 pm
cide the cevil n tbuisll d hailsondbe as weav s nde on e l and t an d ols asande on a s onnheyd ca ot aeean o wh typ ofd da ion a iny leca alo a on t finwhypda det ilslelo tin oet deb cris manesto to o dleb with at i goiis on. an>>neto:to do dit yo ioi ndern. if t sne : clubo yonraving, ey a er aif t ubipinat achavg, ot r aand a ty in hstrolyisle eh othotd t tely what h pene rosl e >>gutht: ll go ly po t. at h ne weave fgunch pr idengo rkozo tellg brish eime nist fchren cameozn, bt o you llon'tbr h ee st e me eu bt odoestou't d chescell merl syingtee. e chll canner dicte wh snghe erope bankill and itnnichoes e peound nk landroun dan aund. sompoins and dunecisn wl ad. om inmadeecau eeceas abist ton w ruout f mo y in hedeau ce nt twbto werus antdmoin at th ntwgoes whil weanthen thes ilen bns so sethi has togiveoon. bso shi s to if then. haeanmeu. ifhe amecans oulde que ccern autan
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4:28 pm
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4:29 pm
e if , kae bary ahe otor but ssn't kaatareird ut 'tthat ware ingi erytrdng onheth the is at a hu wre vernntgiesc fyt onthh is initutns tt au rnc f arininut t dpr and does natealiz th hav d d a oe nteiz ugethav oble >>est:tisrue, u ma ae goo le po t.>> t: clrly eolee, o gornmema hereasoohat o in cly esti. e o asgome esul re wet mntio inn that olittial cycasheul r e ofweover ment ion eing ratverit valuyc r ofert ng rr lu--eevaated if y hav a daste youope vaed fe is yavther a t none wts dto pte foroupe it. feat iiss ter no ise. w in euro p rorht n the at. on i t th edg of as diinsterrond rey n he ay not ben losethdg eugh toof aier ge an no ae fraesebut the ehto ar the ge araethear forth geece >>il: wclos arwe g cerry,o gree>>, fo: ros a exple? y, evyoneayseeherefore lxe? o g moneevnesentreed ban in l o thene itednttate hvyann exsedo grce andheyhe edte hnl nd to bexd grndey pose ntobe ttleo he
4:30 pm
se an le he efct. gues the deb dnngra was shefut. a eshe wake up caeb d rar o s h eonom t aetak o u hoae in orr o o w e didomot bcome o ho r hav re wurceand aid g bowinme g.p., grt.t avis smarecedut we ar no gingree ag., wewant ma ke s we wearnoidee n a bemee nteeceo we ned s paye ose natteion thee ce ewents in n ropeyo ma see thten heo etsn not pe mame i s wheerhthroh dt or beuse tot mas ive dthe ro dor be e accu tlaten r ownas dt her >> cute you wne goer ts>> stuu o rry, t tnk youfromtuost. throado y, the ouit homus govestment bthmpyad and ginichse h ady utch tvent byndlans th inh ri pryny y ch ti tnynsay. ri ho p abtthisiime? isy.ay? hoabisthise?show y? andislanowhe sa uikehe d gornor wina ue goor woi. o
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4:34 pm
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4:35 pm
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4:36 pm
ndre in a ge cog radohe predent d il llom annnce i newplan trco do and hrepnteop whnn stuentewan tr loanan h try toop whtu g theoverent in rven andan yo bical tr go he erwer t tere ratinenod tre is bal motr mon ino r thereat cket of tis stmoentson n therwille replicae opetsitif becse ty thk the pstsidets is er dllingep acand opti ruecarou t conthess tthhe pdes d gbott line i as theru batoueons is ttin i inedashe psidee seat hs bs bll gognowhe st oed p de thsehill han bwillowh try o to thnkerllherer he ca to try ll d sorytherto er areion.hea ry >> k w do uer arith him an. ery a>> his k p ple, wharhim y i a isow tis psoune,wh c che, thr mo , in tun theasic ce,h moinh conanticont beatg on thissu . at onw arthey hndli allhf thsu?. ar ey>>gut: wel hliou tllk to a th ?nior ae and guheyel sa to loo a ey kw th hor is aendny a tosah oositi righ kth hsowbut a ingto back otihe ygheno ptapehet g esid t wackalsoe asd auto ppe coress' sndin idghtwaso noasnd jo apla poiedcossut sin wen yo t no ok atfor joa exple,oxoi ws wyo
4:37 pm
poing,atrcongss'pproxle, rati is13 p cent orpog, ng' rorcenso t resi nttis culd p nt rbe an 40 en t 4si pernt cdepen ng onan the pol 4er en but, heonhes thror olur t,eimes hr beer tn them wch ihy shes be tem w bting u i on t sh indidual isespickg b ngthes uon tnd suaots. ey kwisshe inckough es she, s sts.e le k coladoenghhere heh st lolo ree be jo mai beby nnejo m poin. buhe d the n d ocrainc cobuenti in envhe wth the angeessa and t dra cotipprnal ranvng is wheot t ge gosand tn pr colodo braauseikshe rt of th toount ey suggl lo bwithse unploy rnt andofhnt sgl thun oy fodcloses atherest than foos aest >>il: uch tisoru. re ilerso>>: deehi dcoun for re yoer toyseer us th c.o. dunor yo ysusth is co. hre.s h. aerno meing
4:38 pm
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4:39 pm
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aevol tr m wi sco jradethar m wi scorade wicode m wi scorade nd iwi lovcog deeryinutof i wicode iov [ dgeryrinuty ] i at sttra weive u mmison-fe et[ gein] sra wee isno--fe iret a mor comeo-ee wir mor inveaorsor are worves e ng'm wh sctrad wscad ♪♪ ♪♪ w' cenryli... a nekindf brdbancompy we'commented li pro.ding host, rson serce nendbranmp mmd rongom rhol pe, le..on er 5-ar pce-lk guante... constent fasspee... rpe.. 5- p-lgute. nsntd moas wayeeto c.tomi yo tecolog moay cmi yoec og ♪ ♪ >>il: u wa to rn a tra $0, a ree >>: camwaao or a a hote $ roo t aeam ribbn, pon
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4:42 pm
uck soan i ayraso sixyrt tile k i sad roodix iden le run neil yood ra sde mis thiun rninil >>gurat: i si diwith blohi puing inroug your bguai i instd ofi herthlo tpungs,g ug youur b tualstof r get ts, ias.ou alet i .neil ileall gues wn yourell i beer speou e mo es w creaouve a i be s hpier >>nemo: wh didou ea a d h er >>gut: w l,newhnid o situ dion just mak tgu a w big oam ingnd wtun payorstak aeverhingigfor i stan g the w ay navillmaraon whe er wengr ianhe re,nallrahe weey he0,00 ruersnde, we y f th hndona00ruso ae ch ity fouh r asna ll a to ch y inntivue th furer r andweas pa fo theto gym mmberinips ivdthur nd havall pafoeindsymof inrnal mer s dotba ams av andllstuf iide dsat w dinal ande h eba s andotuf ie n wwith d ind h anthehole idea th i anes, ile doeathe ggeslose iput upoe esse $100tp for er los$1 tor mos
4:43 pm
os wght tperctfos tir dy. t pe wle ht e rely rchangf tthei lis ding pe hat teeeand atng eiisi rew dingic dg asn td acmpli . >>il: bewng youas d't pacalizli the es w>>: a b tou ting d padvaizage e w a thi tng >> est:vae noi dot. ihi d 't. >>t: wh iwasno cplety outofo i she i d. wh ss cetutpena ze shi in out ofhapna it tfp ot fun yo don he theener or e ids orun he sffon flo hthrohhe err yo idorody. s l thloro proins yondtuffy. sothioundro ske a hlth nut t thffe is a so rernndn hhut this a inestme. >>il: amladou e no myin bome ecau i>>: wou hdve been red tno fimytoenauou h minu s. en al ys gd d toee t yoind i have nu se alyour g sttofndo y and i u ve prticeseha yurt preh. ynd prce yre unrtunely. ntindsuccs. coumers a ununy. incc co ert aonfint b reilerfigivi b th deahey cann resereervi withheaey toyre u
4:44 pm
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4:49 pm
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4:50 pm
i cr andhe nothg to wathan trnd pl thhe thtoat nrmit t crl a the shls cngend tis isit jtr a heyingff sh t ce s tlf. is jit i ng t aazin s .neil how iuch? ain >>gu t: ailw ltle over 0.h? gu a lleve >>ne: an o ly boutt to 'rs? nean oou to >>rest:ow. >>t: .>>ne:o, c ne:you t tse kindof c kesu li t ndanny. sli ddin kidnnng sn. in id walmt don't fethes guesot soda lm do t >>ne:es uresrgumt ha dabeen fo s winebuy forhe ha >> est:ene ar firfowiithy ore t pructstoki mak.ure w>>t:ar ir havehemth in st ktprtots chrtmas ak d moe of e w veem istoywehras cmoryf e arot ailab anyerlse anwhenomeo calks abo aaburnyse prican ien aeoldks fhionbo i thk yo oght to icet a a pre fst bon wal ng ithyo th otoretndo watc ang a pprce eans bal t i preth resighe tc a pegins t wipr.e >>il: yhe re ngigointit
4:51 pm
rwi. tat >> : >>guyt: whave n amangicesint anatpa gu w mazve sles andmaes ye an ter yr peoecomeaz s to sys nd 'r us anyethe ustrer y kneosme ere o e v'rues uan a.e st neilwhatkn i e seeas vs the a fure ilatee les. he th a fu erythg. erytng. e th a ble sthller a >>est: eheyth are yt. th b geat. s erwe a o>>e oft:y tre lrges gt. a o of stoms in t the les wld, but laest omhe initedhe stes d wd,ut sl th inlat e 34edst untrs. th s havthbeen gnwing you4 kn, ye ater tr yeathavfteren yar g ngandtheyou hve knye areaoneer yell. dey h legoel.barb eyave go dorb e ll >>ne: yooust ing someneingyo rht.t en tugh e g megcraz r.gly dollbut you th re rig aaz gely lltou phenigenon a anotr crea ngenon ot pnome nea: pme nato to -- gngri-.
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gri banof aricawe kw thimpa tha locabusisses an aca k haven counits. thpaha ca thsi's wes we tend .8 blion vecoit th we nd b on to sll biness acro theount s b es so f thi yearro hent becae thmoree he the fhi ar the re whelpake oprtun y po ibleca threhehe e wlpe opunpole [ ma annncer to t 5:0a.m.chol. thewo t ins d a mas nner ri r. t:0m.ol he ts a rithe 'll eep en is do" acemic e l p idoacic fo80 yrs 've en ipireby y. fo y e i re y a we' beehonod walwithou ae' ee no hel you al tht whe yowanto be elu whyontbe ♪♪ beuse ur ment now♪♪ bee m t ow l notng snd iyouray. lot s iur. len mo at llerdu. lemot er♪. yowanto sa mon onar iuran?♪ yontsaon on ian norobl. nobl u wa to ve mey on rinsunce? proem. wao m rsue? royo.wanto sa mon motcyclinsunce?
4:53 pm
proem. yontsaon otclsue? ro . u wa to nd alace toark l the thgs? fuedabd it wao ace tok thth?fu abit thiss neyork helitt guyiswakenep!rk aw, me o it te!he ttuy kegeic, ot !ic vingeoplmoneon me thanust r inranc ngplne m ant innc
4:54 pm
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4:55 pm
ofon nowre? g yomigh wan t thi ain.ow? newts i ursu.yoghan t thehiepubcan ndid ae. wt se iing s sitssu eub on nid t segrang e stsie. mang h o tandicy o iciaanst ma new h hpshi and rketi diin t pol. oia whil everewne i hhi talndng rti abou rick terryol flaax iler ial anuncent tod n touckry la ngri wan ance folod n ri toannow he coloette andas bn o ahdwf the cur congtend b bere ah me o theheurg oerbe ohe o the eakeoinse n. ank yoor c ing.e kens e greato he y. n >> gkat tkingoyo you cg. you ea h y he g tngou a yo trifi higni wi the tecrefiry otate in wniampsre. wilwicome togher hen re o citite andn ps. posive ilmeogr tind wos.e >> nl: wt doou thi w ppen? ere s a ime the nace w do lohiedike it en w e a ehe escom bulang alo the e tsomeing wappe d omla ahe . meg pe at. >> ilway tughthe ob uari iay thtere pmatuobri.e
4:56 pm
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4:57 pm
va patio butus n bhe sery leue otothe vaiout n 9-9 s pn by le o erman cai b thais the-9 py bianai bhaheheme bi we hon pln elier me sang lk, t h proem i't p e wher youan do wit h taxsa l b tro i wh youe g twhoou d iitax b endi. wh saiou p gry's tlan t i try t di. ai p 'saddrs gening t try t bgetn badrnce gerg the tear 202 i b ttoo te. saybase heheill do inr his02 i o .thiryear ay whatelo i autis irar at y? a y i'mrobenot asonfint ason pl is 'mbe t's psiblin fseofi sev as pis yes pbl fev to ye banceheudge we didtoaster th bce '90ge wed iid rainheteth oy saker90 t i hou rn i the o s liferime to bal tce tudge aouaid ihe fife $40bill n tge a wedidt i par b 40ll incontllint. we snd iar b in ntin in pt seforngigin eitle p orentiemen welre rorm. two tf e thrleeopl wt ti toenorkel or rchoom. o t hrdica whepl w to wekroo
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scaedhee $2 bilon. addion, se draticay acce$2rateilthe .onom b ddn, cuttg tasorraca the irst cete e om ti in 16 tttaearshest cludg t larst ud cap tal gainar cap. in unemoyme droedrom c 6% em merom 4 2%. 4 ifou te peoe off.f unploy nt a fooif ttampeoff an micaiet tmunoyack aoomp oan mai t k wo wre there wo wking wfor e famy, ihehang t wng dget r >>eil:ams t ithatngou t ink et >>esonl:e tt ks?on yo hav debe yo upcingikeaveb lincpcn-doglas eal a man e yo ncdos cnce t kno h aan ouof tyo way c e t provyourno h ou t creayntia. oh d ovouurescre it? re thaiais wng. drmanain icrt?erricuy ha areat w. ann ialenri aat.en terficaree and goo.
4:59 pm
sty. heasome ide i doner cee ndree oothut ty'restig heeas.edeon e 9-9 is b tre ide s. m i n hpshi whe 9- isere n b saldeax. i n h ihihinkhe the dea e of n aal.eder sais tank wonhe gaver wfl aer hesa.taon g t itr w serus he it. eri d'tave aoal o ocki. anydy o. d amel try og t kiny o attct eopl m toryookt b ide and ttsoluon apl rea traecor tok b andend lu aea overaime,orutgr anyvee,gr frnds. my mfrd,s. my moroppont y mis backy oma mpo . bk l th gsre orien of minend a srt pple. ereth g is sethien youfan ne aarn om e sry o pe. e o i shihem.ou he an and havn e a o gre om. te hendav are in hstonn t nembe in hon 5 nbe 5 pele wlurprehis an inrestpeg an w ecatial pr busn not nessaly instan h etileti buot nsa. hle >> nl: tt so


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