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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 25, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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rnne.onnc. >>e ne to talbout the bs. >>neoaluthe he oughit wn . attet tonsta his f t e gh w x. bulast ightn tetohe eftais ft unveing he sai sbuetimst ht 's eun to pveeg t h tai sim esidt anaskherere uro p gdes, there isour id bianhkre ctifi gtes,resr bi? c fi bre moron tsith e pal. thk you reor tflaxax ih notew but pa perrsth pla hou ax i exts.otut drrs h ase diditxt hern cn'sris. as id9-9-er pn,hief cashiston rres ndenjim gle9-reak pefhi n it esenm eakown. >> gernoperris prosing re o tnd h gnorr rokes ngeweepg c nges in ot t tas an h ss ndine incepding cesn ta ane sinncng g l of banceudge gyf bcege 2020 >>ach divial tpaye 20 ll he a cice. u ca onti e to>> ph vi you tye
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ha ce. xes catito pou. s der e t sysm wve got or fet n r tysm w tots f ptcarn per's pn toeep the t dectiofor p homarortge erinte psttoharipblehe dentriiotionrnd somtendtg cal xes tethriehe rion s l s 12,5 tax r per,5n, me i les x fl. bu allering mhoic may be iesfl bull cog oricayeincoin >> tre inobo wse o beuse the lan. t i bo w >> oers gue oe prybe plae hen. uld ift he os e greerhare p la aw fro rger cord ratit an weahiesreto tre awro er mideorti aneaes t id ass. but amily o fou h s.o ke mt e tnil $,000 oou h to m tacen $00 any dera incoeaxese y >> ts isax cor mt ople t a tis c m tax
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le a incaxase. >> oers gue wonce. fil uld duce os e evenil d ces.ens. b dinitn thi ew dit hybr sysmhiill rest i eess o rallbrysmlevenes i s oll.en. he wou e tax ion theou soci secity encomax.n d ciecyledg toaise socoml secuty t matc theongedg o li spaseoc alcu ttcnhegell lipa the say la tax is aracte inheay swax actin s ecomy. >>ore ficit ta and a eca ly.o gwth a >> re ucecitand a l unemoyme gh a r e >>heres a hunr fig em me licy chaes. atev>> peoree thak ofun th f perrplan t'scyha. eveoramathcofth >>ret:e wi getorme ut gernojon hunman >>react:on twithet plamen and isut g non n plun onnhe ente s tac tland
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g plntent. s wil te queionsrom th. anelil t eafteuethenshowm fro th yel teewro onne. y lo o t on. fox ws.clo t ox .csronne. texacongssmaron paul is thegues on.omor wxaorngmaccounau s ceer st" a t ees onleorou sh ce s a tnlfterrds. nextshuesd we wcomeers. i xtrmansdeain. wme >>stoc i too a tumane o ban.newsut of eure whi>>ocoo um wil o go i bawsinut our hi dow los il07. g s&p i 5ut do dpped5.os. pe naaq 5os 61. eu dpeanedeade wil n na hav 1. e gnd dt relf peunandeil re nyorav a g del pummi re tomrow. aeeti of t fmiance misteromwaw. alleatifff. t f ce expeatioforoncrmieer le peior fadcrg ft. pr alea o maj dadputere f grk de and o hoajeduc fi d powtef t grdend hail-t funduc theyfire wowchin the tummi l- osel and nd hop g orey wealin inhemi comi eldaysopgln mi.s homerice wep i hal o th maj citseasud inmece w i thealatio ol suey
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n r riesfroconocgr iniativ esfno c itiaves. >>ou ectniiv conessm to reesen you iad ts.e a >>ote e foon repsmsentoivereen ou f t ae foepnte o mocry. cr >>thersahile cgres sitsn j>>serillle ces the ts present jlsaking aion tohe help esttrugingin anmerion lpuggs. ri i tdy admistrion ep ls.king eve d tor dmtr n tionto ake w hout lng vecong dss tod, wh e hoe on ofcialeevea wd putns ng to odwh hoprio tizeofaleaxist pg feral o monetoire up iozeost fal nee 800p mitaryeters bause 8hemi ry n't it fer c bgresse thou hou replica poi t out feyasse a c tes cdit ou ou epto hcapoi umplod t se t c tt h ulo e pridenknowt' gd litil sateg t beapren uow gd ti snimpegssiv tcongss.ea u ter isxchaeith jay mpivng. nor ha h it uld ay thrimes beer tn co ress the resi nt at ed hd e ihres notatchbeg th te rcoublissn hesi a h i
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dete tchth rli >> imoing de t wait uil evyones vod o the i ng isla. t ai u>> bk athecienevnevo m oeum he la enve baten mm venr i tayr ldsve s isen f ie --ay jeifer tlorold ss ss is f -- fi wit theresijenter t rd steaof f susin i aenti fi it heon gngsi arodithongr s. ea f in peoe arlosi a theti ho gs an therodhgr jobeoarsihehoanhe isoburtf. oevecan t i doneeds s toettf i d e. ven i on . prdsiden morpowe to i t d prenorwe tm. >> i denv t orro he unves th nt actn on i nv t stroent ean, an t all veth n ct peopn to csolite t st t loan, t toutllhe nteropto cli t cost an o publanerongrsmann st virgia i wasblngtotoda had hringngran stunt lns d sa the rg ias platoda ound gred hngtu l upsahelandre fnt upbut ey a not aood as f adveisedhen e fu t a otdeta as co ids >> bvet: eedhenrn livefu i ta co denv. i thk y. b e stnrightvehead iwas the nv u.s.thover yent stifd insthtad s hekillg the amican ci int if inclung a llthaman cins teennerlu i en in yenn? y?
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the do wakup t ear! u kn whaelse ear? thdoak tar mecare knen ehaollmset. ar w me reroug deer 7 e.lm ca i sck wh ld m icarplan ug 7 care! s w or f md a arw plan wit beer cerag lescost e! fa plit be cages st orboth micarplangiveou ree ncercreengs orth mard weannessveisit e er aee 50%sff on and-me pscriion wessit awhen0%ou'r in n d-e d pghnuriholen it'sart enthe 'ralthnre l . dnu le soit'sime loo comre.. 'st e th l so'se oo mand ..oosehe rht pn r yo lrn me at-800 edicd e se r or pmedi re.g .yo l mat00ic ordi.g
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6:30 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:36 pm
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6:37 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:50 pm
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6:51 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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6:55 pm
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6:56 pm
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