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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 25, 2011 10:00pm-11:00pm EDT

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h ohaer. welost er w bunow tac o. esthat .'s bunlewhed th, it all has ck.t ledlet th meitustlla . t sayet if h peoe dotayay tas, srt whifhi heo do own g e.ta and s w cncil this eugh. n ghanke. fornd beg wi cil uis eh. gra isnkext. oreegou morri u gris t.ght. > tonu ht drraldrump t. on ddmp tweeng aut pside oba. th tim he'seeot a pdeccusg hi of dobng a adjob,the'im's acsingim onoushiorki at d ab, ac ng t we ske wh dold tmpabou it a sh tl.timego. bu swe wdo tou a askhme. bu hiabousk aothe contvershithatou ist oery. a henald nice nt trs taat toou.s hel o gy.eta. ld i hcee a tt oftaou. telics. g a.ulwa h da of eta,ou ts. alys d >> ts tiwa i d otehem al l a, do. al d >> t t's tod.ti i >> govenor mckal do peiry id th t he s d. >>innewithouovr cent and at yey the didnethot nt ndliev th e yresent' bir ceidifice is al o ev n? th isest'ir the govnor ceicorre thayous on't liev n i is he iovthourt yowere sreisfiha. u >> 'mt noevt a i mjor i belouver.yo
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re don' sfi k>>ow hno it jt mrelr. n' miculoly aeare k h weit wl se jt at hap ns. mi lot i' a nevre wense a mar beliaper.. all i'ev a uddeof a yes a mar yes it as li p.duce l ot ofde a ye a no ere.yeit me peopce hav oof se ous, no e.seris op dots aavto itse s, va dityri i frklydo a rlly wats to getn vaty fr y muc ry mwaeo iortaet sbjec alough thaucs a m ita sveryecmpor ntal gh e bause iinha fat it nry or 0%, 's n b seppos i to f itthe esidt ofhis cotry, n , ich n i a p tty osporto t e id of sfact o y,but vertlessi wa toh ilk p aby t jort, i wnt ct to alkt abort ss wathecony, io ab wanjoi woalkto kbo ab t ho eon c ina andan op and othelk abho ar r cping usndpff. ndt i he notar a rng fas. i i tughtot afaast rilhat wa f ally tuthtorest wh t yolt wa no, fly no,st nev to w yo st. m at poi hero,io,ayev o lo .the co tratoi iser goi to loll i a hdeo bsket,ndoi o someing s toe idone hbout b t,. an we s uldnme beg toneutalki ab t thbirtan sdne cerfica, bu peop lovtoal kiou abthrtt. foercabu stanop, itov youfirs esti. i foess a anitours luheon atin i s inrvie govno peruon a
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meionethat saii' in ietov er bi bieve and 'mmeneat notai ople ook the bi bospivel, nd the ar noot rordshat slek he theras opi thar theno. th re ardsmanyt this t terar o real susct.he th ar ynyhi kow o t f --alfterus . ars illa yntin kt, a o cainanti--er s t, ala evinybod a wanng intit,nd i aut evod th ang prsure on a i o a th suen i prreppeons and a pople ve re queionssu iabouthepend p le lidi . e noue i dns't wt tooue tk abt at. wantdi tk abnot d wobs,to t ab wato tk . aut h nt to tabs, g wa this c tuntrkgrea ain a h buto i n g a is big ctrea a fn.bu all i rig. n aig acally- i f cnvind llt'sig the al dl. c >>ly t iat's cinood s i'm glayou are. e dat's >>kay t 's and me peoode a mlau and so e. peop 's an't. ayu kd w,eo'm jus anot ndo opsily at. u coince k >>ustkay. lythe her co thice, yo a>> very. e actirnhiyo aertwitr. u ju tiweednit rectly, ju do eebara oama ofork he'secy,o ra oa cnstaly cofpaigng ark 's furaisg a bot the cta cig a fu is xpay a'sothe dimendime not ayfair whatimrovod tha >> iis nme
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travedtoh funaise hik e dusen to h tra l onavir foeunse oneut to ram unonrstain camignsayfone aharend the untaamns taayerfor re y unficihe bunessaerr ong e wa uncibuss ys fhat. g>> iave nevewa sn athin like he' ft. ie veonsntlyut sn ain ca aign g ankehe we'l mak spee andnsnothly eechtheycagnan w ak are mpai eendpeecths. the's diffchent eytweework e dai camigni. caecaign g isork,ths too,ff butt ee that worthatrk shod beamni pacanggnisk,o, fut out atoforat his- al ho b t pamonethate'sais fgutisal fr, i t n't ow w becnese iats hsrd is to beeve ople arefri t w ec icont hbuti. bu out allbee le reheoneyhat ntti buhe'st llaisi. alleyt 's rht. si at llax r .rsus 9-99. coarend c trasus tell , yo-9 kow, ich co youe thin cisas a ll yoise kidea, rh notou su a odindea? se eawhicdo yot thi is mor su lily tpasswhica? ic is y his beorer sttegy telllie wh t yousshinkic >>here areis a be lstf digyeren t llwhou nk concts o>>rere a l xes,nclung tdi en es w curr tly ncve of yo s, lutake t w aay dductrry and splif yo it. ke t th cod a dct isnd s cplex sif rght . thw, is thoodandsnd thouisnds s cageex r andt ihods
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ous gemplicati wou bend a ntascthin li tievenoufe youoo t estin as co ain tha sta ts enou t geing e in to t flat co a taxhata thonlyroblge i hge wi the tla ax 9-9, a iike thlybl hwie rmanthe les x wi9- abekeoughn pele o anidde iome as igh wer comepe odd ie st aus. tnk thsaletax aspr ctmestf . it s prty t tohthlexfor emsp to it handpr. to >>hat r the wer sme stto of ndodi cati? >>t i n't ow heer s s ifher diti is,ori t stan -- ift's rd ter mofy thas, an -caushow you tes t sebod yomocanhabuyo usuchw ou sff.te s itod harto yon mody thealesy taxh s. asct f titarodhe-9-es youx ow, at youas nee t is9- u , ou mplieecati, an i ulmate a atteng o oflihetian x an lthatteould be vry te ositif thin foranthe atlde coury. v o tiomp x, t maninre pes, oou . many res anmp tan p, regutionthat eny ran ju -- i mn,guon iats a veru- m ry i a cplicedax. it'ser t much o. cic . peop don do'shin t, anuc ty dot do dls a opono theinan d tn't dodo bu dness aecau thedon'he dt eve unde tandtheibuown ssxauhen' cde.
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>> iead somlaceve dendein th c. wa en idomce ffett ceth 17on hiswaarne inco etot 17 citalainsut is eaedne ncomco i pay c%. alns th flataxeaom ayoveor therraty is ggesng ia ta vetorrrisme t a xes c ita rarre buet. th 'sa c tru thatoulde rit. anit's eryrebu s.ple. th's aru siatle tld, thri's tran. 'sy a t sofe. peoe li t asi i tathftr e fla tax beus iteoli a t i simpfica on.fl ax theentertingthin you kn you mpca. heerngcanin paoumore knyo tax if u wanna wirees i the cricism axf ofarre anwi ihe buftriwhosm i cooflainregaboutheuferyo i wethy t pingcoin tax. ou >>e peoeay tty anus thawey pg ax t ihink>>eoe 's tanerbie. ha it not goi to h t ce ainl abi itotoioimplicat hn n. is cenlwhat thiouny nes becaple itat ooisomplatedat hi>>unne o ca ofity cplleageds, nkin sayyou of ha tosk cag dold tmp thiand inayu saiha oko, i do thiwilld aihe sd's t lily oki torunorll esid t, n ss cplety thliwn ito on, bu id n at cetth le t yoitold obu norett mu a, bu gri waneyo d now hat out nocettmu buri
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priden an becae althe opleominupw t t toalk pren y . caal woe d yolein conder th nto ask ceresint o t y woickeyo on>> irs itheres nngshey d si ocome t up,ke i and hav iesyreal d mevelod so fridship, ove thisnd iavendav lot ofal resct foloa losorifhive ishe ieeop iotvef esseen fothelo fac ieprent mlion p and i milons en of eac eop tha don're wa mon dils sof thicouny riopedha on'. wa we are stbeinippe shiffun byri oso m y oerwee natiins. anpe eyalkboutbyducaon mey o tal aout ati the an lk ut thgs, tca e ftal at ahes w th, c fneve b gre ain i wpec c is ve gointo rrese pces on iecil. ey s arosd infast rll p as o theyaisehe pril. of sro oil eryst te th a eonom ey getsea ri lile bf bter,il andyt tdrivth eomet th ecolimy bo g br,ndors ivandhina an scomany g nionsrs wedinon'takan s gd desny n nns thwe od o'tase, gde mde a n god deal o we we,re themart mnes. a g w were t al whe durties. havs. leweersh tha ts no art,nd aredus. the av dmieseshha no ttin at,und ere tabhee. des evybodmake inod d alsd e agait thunitabtate and at evodke h to dtop. aith it so wt ite d sa, an i rprest h o lop.of p ple, wndisaan tha rs whes t
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peop wa mylo en prseme,t beuse thiha iwho h eop wa ymillns o peoeenithem ebee hin th io h waythey ll oeo areh sma. the puic iayeymart re theyee wmat' haenin tpu i r cotryrt ey wain t a cofy wchoo the ghtpers, i' al fo i and will woo behehe t hapestrsguyi' thefo i wld, d i d llbespenaptoty heendoe sobody w, i bliev butf ween dosody bev doa tweifwechoo oa sobodyho iot ght, and econy coooinueto b b d, so whdyh it t,hinkendill bonausecoe ue b ha b wh aderip ttnkl doe't bse knowha wha er t'soingoei wld owrtaiy coiderha ruing as anng i wdepeent,es. ai co thaersunniruasgas indenden pe t,supp.e hasomenieis omited whde en you allyppdmir ismehin imi ad stro canwhdate u lyirsin and ithat pern a rosaysdonaan, i teuld lindatyouer be vic ysnai dliu pesid t. e ic is atomeing u wld cons per?id is meg 's s w ns? ar-f ched sow. you ow . lovehat i-f do,ed and. u do it vest atut betro,handnybo anoi'm ving gat yrs i a bunesset and lov bboines d an m nyng oher g y p iple vebussnd binesov bbut es's ha t odor pe buses bes
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t noways bauseafuse becae ofus waegul bionises. soseany caf dieren obsclesre ulni pu soiny frtdien o thenitebses ates usinspu peron.t i ju ohete lov esinhats'moing ei d.'t s juhatov hppeng. at i ink ngo d sgood j. at i h tenl yo i k w t, ood j ount i woul't b trippyo off a w o loer. nt th e da wouul be bppffver a but don'see at lo. da oue man, eyiler ec t n'e ome ry goodpe pr.ty c m, uy. hopellyhe rhte odpr c pson. pey.le don pey rendo pn. te f pe thviceonresintd asou kno f hothfullce somsireaperss get thenoominionnd holl caomakeeahisrs etcoun y ba feominncaeis oba ecauneba f 's dtroyg th cntry >> abaou y yoca have mlion d peooye wth sup crtry a y.u yoav m onactuly, u eonow, wup itight y be an nusu tu ti, , yo kw,w, thi it htmighte ban unusanl chsucetiyo kohi gh t aes pe bon lk yrselusch t ifou he aepe l t -- yel uet he thetextf yo haveif h mi ions-- of pele he >>hextyove retai domit thnsk thf e suppt me,>> thesuppt mytado th theas. ppey kw wh i'me,sayindhe pp myey a tir of seng s.whats kwh 'm happyiing.d if airfseat u ppg. ok if atoday
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newspersyou illu se it'sinatay wsrsule 's nserble. er bue.--nonceable bu but areceleuppoing t rehina who uld lievthishen eypogna o d ev is are n kingrilln e ngll o doars d wereosi tllio ofos llar and heywesire t sioportgf arndy schinrt you t inhe c ma in finld anhe in so r whu ein c teyman put nlan 535 llio so whthises t emen us mount of mone5 io and is it en wksunfater ne t nd loants wip w o. weers ler. at ar te ane dogip tis o we l.or? peoare se wha ido t sy. r?and don' thineotheyseuppoha mismhink she sup rt d yn'ineypo id s. sm >>nkll rht. u aup prablyhe idonly >> r. pe aon whcoulsquepre alyime t of ly gaafi. ipe did whulue inaed. de of ingaed.i. id a soin. i dn. onded wh aoour ough i areaswe ldekwht wt has benr goghgre on l w ha li ba wi go gaafi oad a the's a n contvers of urseasli twi hohegai a die he ai jt wa tontetrsf se youthouts t on hat'goinhoonhereie j youwa kow, inouou thisont' inuntryre
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ere we eou beme ksoinis treaked e e aneso pawet kk soak litilly corrt ananou alwa sayohaw did k youso re his tiyrran ghts did youwaead ayrrigh iddoueis hers a guy tsdud r getghwo buerets arougtheuy hd. et the we norigh bus uge d t h"weo gh youake lib andook t wh'soing ongai.ith oueibyaibndk wh ng on sptveh $1 llio yatheyay a bi ion dspt tt 1 meios ma tim moreythan a tat. whbi do n getut o t mema im?oran at d t. wwho et o t? yo dave w absute rad alsyo e tang tbse coadtry,shey ve tanta t ehoulrissicos y,y whh ar ta veulerysi whar dgero anthounds ve tm arey w go dro t arsals aneous mpty tre w whaveo id gowher tthatrstuffs ty we. w yo look t whve's gngd oneratff inwe yookwh g liby onchingetsheir ln tt by ibyin ts we dn geirt o rom tibya we snd a thibyoney dge ond i om wille woehaya gad fi. s a hi leyst he i hallwoontr or sad . we ons,e ha lcontl ove thetr ountr i tnk wt'swe gos,gha ntov thhee is ing be rse. utr ow t whatsgo whenhouisook g e e. h i cat releen foradda, buk when
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u lk athe h c leor wadatheybuenreat lat him, i mn, tse ahe waopleeyhat at a gm,ing i m t a deallegt ith. a youhinke geallg mde a bargalnh. ounkell m ahere we sperg bilons olla and we g nrehing pe noilwhats sd,"land ani thi g nng noat s " 's 1%anorrt,hi and t 1 so-cled membrr belnd a ne t rm l e-c d thmbone omel t n wi , th l e t scall withebe re s llute th gadfi wo th camebe to a saiwe nd ehad wolp, neeth meo hel a we aiuld n ve sd wereoin , eeive yo hlpele butde w t s 50%we oin oure oil yor the h ne 25t wear0% o ur yoknow whl thewould hehee 5 sa? ar hobout % ofyoheowwhheul hil. sa wehoutill of gi that o. l. at dwe g ollofgihait get d n ghing o weet noing. , yo k owet peoe n tang abowe nokeg. lib is yo k veoctor a liboa i notibs vtory v or i thk it ali iot daste but y d vdn'try thit we sk forhin dte wh the weret eing d't e uted or it w whhereng andedhen ey w ofigh su hey dn thout bgh weu inty
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ou breas bombehe hl out ntas mb hut ople >> dald,s alys, ank u. ho toalk youexteek. >>hank le y u ve dd,al, muck hook ou gtta.k. e.>> nk >> yve thks auc t. g. vern ricth a perry rease hirntaxic pern, a fl tax of rse hi 20x doou-le p alhat?axf dot20 eci-let.t? wt ggric sayse hadoci an an it't. gic 15%ys ha anyo f en?ant'5% yo fn? it he jos u o wod ha hjo gssed gornor u woha rry goughedthe birgoerorssue . >>here no ga y inghhethisssue ir ruehe
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>> rreublions, arisnyue repuican thiss an isu r thli's b, n ttle to tpuan saissfacanon o ith b everreasable rsonlen t saameraca. o re auy omes erutasle wth on er an inte astinnewestax antnd w ves cnten to han cateaignin w icx d s is c kendo hofagnack g and he s st ks tobyckan wadeg intthis stto sue. bigmistade.nt is >> w? ju e.rele? g st he'new t nat nal w ju sce. heleay n e'w tat havle flowe thisc ntrohersiay nlose. >>e cavldn' fhavewe miedhi itro ia >> hseem tobese fa>>liar cn' witvemi ito sot h eement.o justaar thitke mes itso mtake he's e net. hest ah rooeie m mke c dida'se n he na aonal litioond cda naal tiooki ma mtake herm caihasadeki fe ma samerobl. mke >> et's ormtoaisde gernorfe me perbl's >>'s plan 20% gatno tax hiserplanlikevery dy an % ee's,ax depsdentanken ryobus es, ecomy. ep ntur tughton t 20% pl?us >> hsaidecy. t hisht tlan0%l uld lp hid is genete a robt ecomy nd d alough o cons vatines an aobec y publ ans ll a ee whalgh o th, lornsaxtianates bl s ll h ap w gr t conoth. lo heualies y thehoices if you hke t gr cu tent vel tanos heli yhe youicayf and
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u t 'settcut l tathan 2, opforoundhe bte tt syst. thane wi 2 be opiticrm ofhe pl bec bse tre wl be oplestho thwie ic dbt toft it pl wilec t w ise oughbe le revue to fin dce tit thgovementil te itgh gis tevsman tin th>>ve ant let mgi askhow t cldn t? youre ale pang m me thskw c 20% yoopt m th youre pingesshan0% 3yot yo. o for thouold pgone.s an >>ut 3 eyorybo oor gethd a te. t cu youre gng to eend bo withgeess trevee. >> cuightou g tby ging ed thptio yous rigve >>ht gg ay a guaionteeoug yoaren ig gointo henou mon. >>he oy athinuaee yoaten n ciner h ou onthat oulde>> ourgeinn gwth at wld b cng in atld gher of ge gxh w beceiins. th hasapped bore. g eris if theay iorkei thas bupewhen b yoe. sore ithe he i whk the coburessennalyo sebudg e fice h an her ficie vernntco ss lency sre, atdg ce anr ci rn t say cy s , toled the coequeesof th prram, theyay n't thato d hekind ofcoue thprm,y ant ysisha theyndfdon'ccou penti growan groish. they do n' satic alysiou p tithat owro lithlyo s toicshowhisill a prsiuce aatreveelishorall.o ow sme wllh theociaprsecuety a idea vehe wts toorl. et weoplheiacuhave ivat ea w tplve
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at acoun mu as rmer esidt aunmus er bidsh ppose if y do tat itakes bney p set yo t oftes theocia secity tru ynd a unaetoof pacurrtheia ec ybeneruts a we' aunnina sht dothatarr nywne ao ite'ni blhs a leo he atas nd awayw toit fillbl >> i a e ay wotoerinhow uch ll the i eric peoeareillio in w takechheisk o sethi liic eo thates clipare o ma ekek oher ogra s thahidon'i at cre quema rave rahan' is oortuty t usequ yo old ve t old otu stem. t seothinit d tld kes sm. inis stem s riier smhan eakeingrhs ich a werrir a.n ke anwe agr oldh smany rhing. anlike aheld sny smulungthe un ploykent reasgointo s lu down toe 8un oy r>>ein ah ow sble t eesat 8 %. >> but i 's se e hder ll o>>ut i the eric pple. the hr o fitsaleheick rr need to micke is p toe.he he vots fi inthelek ed mpublaniso pary. ot an iinehinthey ill blnd tar an id aineyl tlat,impltax an id ry appling a t ofmerinst, do,plx too you uldeppng a ofrio,oo
10:17 pm
u d surised tse fls flax pposa pol pretwellur ed t>> w flfl psaol wou n't eteakell wgingch's poette ou'st ke lor, nber ne andngit's po don't teve tlo nrnd do altt natis, asar ai kn. t >>hen heltti int ducehisas akn >>lan,n didnhe hr abtntcesit. n,don'thin manydn of d h. ab on n we d.. non'innyf th d her n caon nwe g tras d withno 9-9,hercahichs not gra s th simp 9,chsnoerr b spler an wmpt we harr n b a ser wwenow eakea girich id n as benninto bhearw re ke heich diddt empsize it mucbein but bar he sidmpzetucutow. ayerets big lashut o th. itw. erlongs waitg .sh o it'sthuch- ededecauit the prlemngwithit 'sh-perreds caauaignhen prpartms itwasn autth athin otherrthancagnim a hat rtn'titsn a ough a ainmore henow an com aouttwith t anener gh plan are t ofw om peoetth fd thner an inrestg. noof h seoe a fthtax aninst ndivesno h himsome aing toalkx ou i' esrick mmegoerry, i fro tex ak wei'av ck t jsrr iro inex a tes, we vo for e. j in>>tend t nisvoor rerks abo beinthe irth thi tg. >> a hes boeps ing
10:18 pm
in testhhi thi and e a h y ne ss g sethi t s that verardhi d for nepolician s hi to optaterd anthator lflian sciptne. youanat havgoveor rney' ip .ogra 59 ou pnts,hichsav ve sort of ry' ra 9mplited. p s, ch yea >> art i tnk wnitofgets li d.compcate you eaart o a n t w in toublts wh mpteu viters. man in wh tbl w vovirs.s. you on't mind wngleh voter amica oo. d sn'touork't d fo mittleomn teama tat d'tk canforecitt all mn pnts. t dou hen ca ci it's ll tl ps.idea ouhea nd i'sead t rougea i al ieas at w ildd ug pealo iepubalca is w al vers d mang aubs we butt's colica ask har ake vs a ma aslogweut out ofs t.coca skar 9- 9 ie a a ogutfloga 2 tax te9- i can ake a sganut ga 2ax hat n and a snt uortutely it necsary atat mes d hav methg sile a utuly catityecyoury an r s av si>> g aernoromn hasatu r a . gnomnas colicadrogr, anague >>ague co oncaaxgranrate ue >> a youe g >>uenthe prlem ha't med ithete po cy a andou g u ha hern ca wit aerm sihale m i oneepond hahaerca peitle a seeto sine
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10:20 pm
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10:21 pm
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10:22 pm
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10:23 pm
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10:25 pm
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10:26 pm
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10:27 pm
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10:28 pm
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10:29 pm
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10:30 pm
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10:31 pm
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10:32 pm
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10:33 pm
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10:34 pm
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10:35 pm
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10:36 pm
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10:37 pm
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10:38 pm
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10:39 pm
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10:40 pm
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10:45 pm
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10:46 pm
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10:47 pm
ag o almo be ithossi eit for h wto do th . moe but isiwe'vor loo hd athe doth poibily of msage orbuhe'vooat inrnet poyou iln reofh a mge l mor peoe. u cainet reu h mireionsa lor a eo miionsf pople caarou the re mirld.ns a miorevns. ple go stuou he >> ware ryind. toncouge. yev gotu com wdownein to rttoou . caro na y yound jn,omwn o enurag roouim, st mht do j it fenagou. i wl co dn a, d do it m d becae i fhinitu.ille w coexci dng a i kn ado atlot ocai in oplell woulci a lino a het ohim. woulcome owle aulincoage m beeuse m. ulmethinthatould a beuge coe hebeide hat >> iwill binatld bubefor e ase sonat ill b reingbu r issbookon i'mow -i'llreg ok be'm0 -ll th nexear,i'mbe leaing omhis. d itthex goir,m heleag m s. itoi as el m a eparbecae wee no tt rway. weant be arcawenoread t y.or n wet one ourad rtirent, t w wanto nbe adyon ou rre, s wnd banor gd. y and e s balks g abound vryksou v
10:48 pm
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10:49 pm
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10:50 pm
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10:51 pm
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10:52 pm
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10:54 pm
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10:55 pm
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10:56 pm
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10:57 pm
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10:58 pm
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