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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 26, 2011 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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ho of in wh erarne and hof coany, startnendcoy,arne stand teealsith beelne e ryd ls ngleholitybe d -- e >> let's easu. it >>t i d- ok, at's li mor esuhan >>ythi i is , tha i keiainor an his tain aboha maj i n evions tabo aj e t de vi s wt in hi t pla rry is day i in shiplan lais ts t y relts yn oanherm t in te 9-9? >> orm y s, bcaus he bzed 9e? >>ails he wt upn thpole y bec bse us hehead bd ls a wupimpthleec he tac refrm a pl thatas pmptty racal. ac de pgresefloing hat. at py ral. heragg eve body plse esth hi aning tht.k th whegg vedy fre t an cent andhiani ehth isse, fre danate ntint ndhe elecon ss of 201 d e t i ink it aec 01 f ulouthin k >>it f counginin the t c e th answ at is te? >>es. i wld l ce toin seehe a thang cth sw t caus t >> i.s sourde ome. w l to yes ee how ase angouoing uso g i so dethee. prite es sw ctor aeall fedng upnd g movierigain sor itll goto be f ta up refm. vi lorin rat itotbea feref lor atbefe
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-- deduionsnd g eriva- ctor goidu.ns g erive stor hasva to do or ioi noiv sdeport. as >> agr. wh t i ve dbout ihis no prirypo >>gr wh utasonas bn ths publans ri vebeen mor on bth blold s the enpropals,ornd oneersowe di't td khebou is ops,overner so jo husmandiho touame t whs s plerbou twojohuan me ths wo, ll rpleiveon touo coervave mide.s l of hese r plave ha teopl thatcoreva citicinge. the ofse la atake aspl at wle, cereicghe is ke movesnt thathey w, ereale we is nnot gvew thhaey ecomynlesalwe we dl wiax ot gformth whatecotheyesme is u dwiear me permle s athe ahs t thrill ver ss pe she co ress we sho dn'tthuppol r at beuse co wilssneve ho't ppos. i n't ink at'seces rily ue. be e ilvehink newresint p ithi t k 's a esly necongss cou. actulynkgetew si don th>> i this nengheou sulttut of on rman ain ihi 9-9, e lt thg f th's h penian alrndy i herm ca 9, sth th s htainnig hlr i pollrmtrenah. >>ight >> the poame sin h out llen tday.>>ht hepo mesut t ney. new rk tes .ne w t
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ca. ca 25, a5, a mi2 anerry0. >>t'si ansy t unrsta. ry >>s am gleing om t thunta mr varnir tt's amrrecletg th u suprt mrrn ts? ts ec >> suprt e id up of t racal tax upefor lo r ridesndof rafewel xeducons.oro r >> weor d y supucrts. 9-9 oron a fat d yup9- or tax a f i ke nt ggric ax propal andlike n giche opnd pryke opos becse it hs th be chan o p possingececauit i hsth e op onalan o that a big pngaueal. i an i l eopal tat cai anig plabecael. an le ofts tailacaimpcity >> donofhink cn ismptyhat >> on simpnk. >> cis9-9- peoe seto at unrsta it. mp i >>9- inkeoheseonsution tunx,ta t. and lkin kboutsu aon t tion d salein ta treut istilloom a i inkon lea for tiscuion outishatllm becae th c turek aorotcun t of at e ca unthrgro cd ecreomy d des wi thessueff unowerro ec y come eopdewiotheue hving hofulleray as mechop a htheng
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rich >> butholls lk ahe at tchse pocy ut toy. yohavehe moritof lkthe t tuntry no to 70 yovef mit thicounye tr thks tt n aeric70 isnhiun deine. d bythhe t w, th aic ares ght, i indee.ecli . by i' wth loing re t, eli i' enomi log siatio the eurean emi u on si iouhe kurw,n grespanays u liliho of co kapserean orys th stro psibi ty oalihof cocollsese. at dors thth m n fo tro.s. p bi oand ll.ur dth mfo t. e onom d someayt'snothreceion. thi e iom mesthcen. p founhiy i un-arica ve bn re 4 punearsy -aca eric is a bget 4rs up a ic a got u a sociy,o nami th's wh it cis. mipros rityths itwht ve nure. at'smeri . osty weit are nowre ner at a n thie. 'sri mont. we arereoingnow t n oppite ahi dictio mo. reng t appe diio beme re a an me li e eupe a peoean dot li m th. i >> ithin if yeu a weoeetoesigdoli tha. i instem yrom wig satchwipehe ate can. em >>me ll mak syouchpe pre dente c>> t.t wo dn'tbe v>>yood. t ifouakurewerent
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two 't vd. degn t if rebest firestax stem,dehat t uldt st fesx ? s anm,t f getd aut a t noi of w t canld ft a a t psoi w c andowany p ectol ves yound couyet. >> iould to vick tou fa taou >> rig.. an itheldk tata debaig istil l oann. e >>hat wod yo pi?ba s >>il thi i w old >>t d cowoumptnyo tpi aswell>>hi w >> bause d ickcopt uphe tll unde roun bse ck onomup ifrug ealede orun cmina wa to buy om ifgar teyle par cwantna t buywaouy hoe, tyay. t and ople nt h tr sotimeuy aho ty. nati al rail lesd le x, h thsome a thinon t ofhat i ti rl s he h t in tpayft y sta inc he x. >> but t you emina thetance ir ut >>he simicit enapoinheisir >>portt. i n't thimkit peyin ges eugh rt the i tthpe g eh mplityhe pnt. the plita cd p. isant cell te p pr en th cghdhe pstal rvicet ill gng t pr w theyay p onlplanith iche i gerry t n is wbecae i s aneyonptioanh inead bei ablry is rece ca th ian amotio ind eibl re thmo of
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ti furin oufi ouraxe you fouldinave outo fur it outor bo pnsurxe ou ldtove gure f i outituto p h relocwould beut hap abou th. >> suoc. ul >>e m wa tap gouhearth romitt>>su >> romnwa. ife gar ces dn on hislanomt and mes wnmn if c on don lisernaxndates s al aoss e pured thn you l kn we'es aivedalt a as pot ped hwherthatsou knee' a iedue gang po foard. er >>at thi it f owerates i g acrofo thed. >> bhiard.t it f is i doert kn whaes theat he >> y bd. hintitsill doknhahe mpli s. the y meage liinle b?ll >> >> ie havtheee li b bk,'ve rad >>. ne 's iav cetrac i'vread th bve r 9- ne cac'vadlan,th i'vreadhe cricis ofll othem ann,all'v oad crisf oem anllthem o a inem an- a beer tn wh omas ging yo a >> a if be twh eonse oativgi yo afwin, e ll bseiv aive. and te whe hse i n,worrd, t y ca out b a te.s monding tforewh h 10: i andad sorrbody trom caeut t mog re0:nd sodym oma camig smisng oandam disng bth t
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is roey pndis bnd t rry anro p an put ogeer in a y mo.n t ageomninsaid if weon't . ss t apresnent' pla rap idif anmurde wl'tgo tup aest'laap anrd w a repuican pu-an a demrats yingepubcansant- aemtsirty r an wer. ng ub onenst c loooutytrait in an theye w. ne anday cooaiin eidnnd imove erytng. dn theirs tngeaga d when ime yt. ot hetors t offgae,owe d en ta rat fort evybod ff and we g s thtaator enomy v aod dd ect prall. gth >>ood toee emyou. ad s dt p called y >>do tablhmen .i wa you o kn s th, becare y we weonir. blen d waoukn i? don'thtbe thweker. did. d i?d cong n'uph ngrewoma d. miche b hman wico be rema ch h be, an buwie fst h bu f prick p jckuchan shs us wat iould jhaook l eshus w i shaa labecoshe laofldk l ee halaandcosla in d libin. d dotorge i's tibxt vo
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s a kely d pren k ouome?at s e weorseff ihe end?a ly >>e cod beouorsee? wese id? off we c>>ldcobese worsenou egt. ff bu no d cbtake loatrsoug bu d e egt,lo bya, an eg haman aq a, islsan ring am th midd ea. yosl ta a lok a rg urketh i ddink ieaam yoista l a awenin ke you k iwillit's grtawin awaking isl aou ill thi's r th see he estakg sl a dnghi ou th eethe wehast d rreat, th ou west ees ppulaons eying d r at th are m ing st p ala ours eng tire mg s co aga as itame aurthi seve h ancod egahths ceury.t e ist areat vean ehey. awakisingat of dica islicakg vies?f tu eyca arteoutsl lt moie tu te t dera thait itoda ana lo lmo ofthesother raha i da counies,anhelonflnceff ivaeshe eate theunares,flevafundg te hee apoximey wa. >>nd anthey apim aa >>ney canllin out at h a did he meaninut hit aid cular s iety mnd heai were a la sty he musem cotry
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d th's goi to rlect in ourusoy thoio law in o rer wctds o relioin ur ing toaw g ern oow w o el gvern g anto rle grn grn orselans. r it'suite ntura lot oelur la in 'ste t nra 19 t nturusedlan t t reect9 ured t theret chriian titus of threathe ri n awtueninof th thisatill psent prlem causin a awnsein is nl all pntprm usthe a e musl ns --ll my wantolivee a go ife ccorslng-- to mhean ligi, buvesomefhemre go sayife thior isour tim gibumenow.f em e wyit chiisimw. w c - conerednd ruds an - now 's o tonrn.ed ru yotalkitan tow asslt o o t. yochrilkian ty a tss o t rin atho ac ith,t cera t bu if issho t ris of h,ce racal lam buompaf ito t is the cofld war.ra l m e cdpaarit e e had cometng cadet tualll struionand e ovieal rpect tharun mdno ieur rctha jhaddt islast, thas th jdd
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erring la , iloshyha oththey ar wting fri th in hean, os oey ar wng ifhat ffearh exins. >>he teaeat om ilam isiftarxi >> tdifft ent. e so ietmnioishad fft. tho andsso io dof nlearhods weans. somhing h npenear in tat cris, ea.oul om angl be hnein t dd. cr , buthesulcouny abeogeer ha d a gbu ofesboutuny tge sze oa g spofn. ut th tr exrts e abt t s oize sp thex fis andabso t ty c't bt theest atfi wd. t yat c b teyth cant do,tas s wid. in t algeaan 974, wo, are g sngno ve ge int 4, e wope dreour go co radiory er entopes e e ingr toome om the codiy womb ee o gto e ourhe mbmen. ook a shuh isr gng t n. a lo 25 llio pple,ean,is g t betwn no lo5 andio pe,n, 20. ey a eady twnondost milon 2 sie th co a wady that goi to bealft il sithoa at oi olamicounybelfy050, rsia. >>miunlockthe0, ra.robls grt ck brain s beealg whblgr d belgmbrndn frabeeal d w lgmra baing bagburks inubli
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theyave eparerkin culres,nd li e eye ar radaliz elents, ey diul't hs,e thabily to snd up toadizlehem.s, ue o faldi? hthilto s >> tm. oal extly. theyexy.saidhis smer s iled eyidtois sr gedrman afteepteer 1h th a gan te firi bote roetste 1th offin celeatio a you w i riotrosondoffthis mmer le iofolk from he mu dl i east d do otisr erlac fro lkom m tas cibbe otrac ro otinin t st tets of cbe ndonin in tstsof pas th we bu ing onrs the tusanpath we 20. bug wh has he tan haenedsuro h0 whas ver a oneedarge immrati. ro fos ar h cing fro r negemm ti couniesfoar c andngultus wh hroe ver ben uns aimiled and they dotut hawh h r bltinpot. ail ahe stdoha qstio you in sat. in rect clumn or qio ucommtaryou maen thayouec cmn thinthe mmry mteahau par mayol if in ett mney isa e narineeay i doft beeve at. ey no,ere's the thi . e i s asd a numbeee dobe ofe . esti s abo,t whe'woulhehi bi as a
12:19 am
begoodhirdartyanofndi teti ab whd iul sid, u kn, a i odstedrd numtyr ofdihem and i s , sa, nonao. ed >>umre yofemndunni aga? sano >> y ga? an ronaul s n o.aske e toanon l beice npresent. whoam i andketohym ibee her est. pa ho>> i ind thi there fos wh i er pu togeer apahird ihi parhe a fo i wh tink erepuge ard a soar tea a rtyi tk e fol ansome fo as so eabittat yomne anif tolan me decratomana t tt gneonofan t th e invidudes onathe tnard pay i g thi the thin eductioonwill t pai hi e>> bio youlluppo omne9-. if he's he bou npoinee >>fne i he s's neeomi ted hinkf evheybodhas suprt m,mid nk cludgevods up he udapti. >>nd a shotiing. ecati ograin n yor cit >> it i ahog pose ewetiave ra c niesorit of t i sugsted serk boove cs yowon' t bugieveedhat ur stooentsr yon' kidmay soo bbevet st tatsht. butidy fir micoole ta. chmatiric ha heigs seon ia wheome ma her sisfisa igse iwh in we
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12:25 am
what gng ono her t is s we e bn thinroce tfad at g ohiri newereople e ethn nece hampire. areriewpl ringew pple soutcaronena a mpe. io re b ng pitee utro a hostlynoboio b ask me abt th stafeng a wha is oinly onbo whathey sklkedeo abthaf abo ahais sn my ratl jy sedrigh nowbolan. at's m r jgh pan tow turthen. onom's mrou. pele c fin p t tture omou pe cin t a a michlebaman.m. m mo thaa ta pn, i a bch baeatin. mo plha. ta pe ple a ixcit ti aut itl ingperoun atheit coury. >>usttay a ot ig foruneneou. >>condt ay you e oayi tha inothorg happed nd th e th e aru e no yiha cothlictith e n iona pphtharond necoct hh pshi sta ntnall? o. at i saneng hhita ? e isa rplacg pele n n amps rre, acw his,peand nre eitedpsbou, wherhihe cpaigis arighd ew. ed were ainou peroplein a t c ig astatgh ande a gro ng. we awe a vry ple a t atnd excaed. st tros l.t eek a v gav axc . ma r t l tonomek aressavt a the ma om commweal cluin san ancio an ai lasst outhemy mm al luonom lan n rcianlaturngutthe
12:26 am
untrarou. i' om an ormertaxrn leyer. trstaroud to i'un a amexucce lful,r. arto a pritab cpany i uncerstal, whaneedto b doneand ople anprab fd cny tha on untahaed b wnesite d >> tle isue fhaboron w h wte co up th the ie or h caaign i knocop youdid ancagn no ierviouond n, a it s a obouslyou re t ikingvi abt at ndide ob heslan cun ansayi the t areng blot ises id he chatanyiherere vy t is ncerng. d yo a talng autat vy coentshat h er. yo ma aal a abo cotst ha bo orti rrec >> thacame ulast wtik, ec yes >>hame u okst. wh arehe wssuethatoues ok whre ue atnd ccerng? >> wel iheoursofhat c rnterv w wi dav>>el bry, irs atlievthateere rvwiav taring i ab t tevatenterew tt heanta g ca ab ter the d do witca pers do mgan,it d the ps facherm cin mn,ame t anmadeheheaccommrmt th he ce beaneveddehat wasersommllyth e ains artio butbeed t asidn so ybelie th thensoverent a ioshouutinte ene se adn lili.thheer t an theou pntte we s is sa th isli th
12:27 am
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12:28 am
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12:29 am
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12:30 am
12:31 am
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12:33 am
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12:34 am
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12:35 am
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12:36 am
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12:37 am
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12:38 am
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12:39 am
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12:40 am
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12:41 am
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12:45 am
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12:46 am
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12:47 am
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12:48 am
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12:49 am
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12:50 am
no w rning ori ofw ce.t erow s tno rngof. t mons ag ricperrled d w 's ic rrw hed not ven leang ong t g.publan oterheotnea >> ag b chmablwas oner firan wain a is bmas andnir roey sys wnis stdy >>e'sndro not sead gst >>s ang peoe whotantnitis wiad rp aoeo b whnt present.ti wi 'srailgrpron b pa. es t.the ly g d nsilorerrynpa i therare noe g ndebas fothe ry ne thr i weeker e if hnobafoe can stnehr givngek h inrvie hmigh anokayt. iv >> thas ld. >>int'ie tru hcainghs aay lik le>> guha . a >>ru in wonrfuliku gu atherwas otheollhat caonulgu ers heltca t -- - -- do uhinkew - ginich uld ve h mo nt?o nk >> don thi h >> d b hohe? vlatity i o>>onhio.f corol >>re. b >> wdoes vti obamfear col t. wes mt? yoare aamar libal. t whoe he ar m theyo est?
12:51 am
t'sib. wh ae oodhequeson. ? wellthey aresattaing ad rneyes . lleyreobvitaslyg th r yar r ney. we he toviyh tke a ry. bre. h o whevereean t atweer isre rewh eran shthro us ot. ee mois ofhe gat, gsheat,ros gat. o mof ma i gt, goo g tht, gt. ma ioo th e emoyeef thmont is... t newparkard fr capal o. park ilesemiveseee ththe ntst r ardsis.tewrkdfrap o rkofesny es all e sine r credst ca. thsparcard earndoub milof... l nereca tharrd we rnallyub ilhad . up r ga. ith ark, he be s lyrns d ublep ilesga h ok,ever brc se, ery s y.lees thas seing e ba ettyoigh.errc, y owng m own hasinese g habaneve beentyore h.wardg. ow mn ne haominvethroenh!e rd [ le aounc ] inoducg spk e sml bu nessrediincardro from apit one[ anc int mouc by spoosi unli ted smublebuilesssdird omor 2itcashneack eve pur ase,moveryy lid lees 2shk veur e,at'sryn yo. walt? 'syoal
12:52 am
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12:55 am
>> bore connue,he relts ouroll, wsked buld e u suonorte, re thes url, plem wtati of edat d su tx? lohe at thi emtif 92 sd lot yeshi 5% id 92 sdo, 3% ides may.% amazg. thks f% votg. i'goinay to tel az yo th fot i'into 9-9elyo s d-9 its ay d r ginich' pl ts anrick perryinh' tday,iche pl chma an cktherare lotf pple. ier ty,he t ink ma ed axere ot pefoe. in thisount for tk ure onon isntor dot. pele, e i' notre sus, i'm noosure ther peyou , lli'otsu hve'm nore er u mparnd s h wh wor for youut ar kno s iwhor or pamore toun 20%nt tesnoo i i wod pa takrea t gd ha0% l tki woak gha at l at. anyingbut is sttem. is sys.m 25ears nygt go en i was woin sm. ys25rsor jmyo i arte s who wwo th jte unni o we deribethe hx stem a diniraceto hedebee uma sm ce. di ce it'still amadisgce, t. rse.'sll
12:56 am
it'srow cksg pl, . nody ceal w he. it. 'sw pl at'snohy cleopl weantigt. eas. e cotry is alli'spl apa. nt th ws.t bi coy ides. li age thpa than wbide big agthidea igbut ned sime nes fea t rt ndeaimg. th n9-9- f9 thg, andperrea i dotht kn9-th at 'snd cling hisrr kn thelat x. >>ut h chas ngais ne. wh he g.ed to he dt s>> h i'ms n ha ngwh a 2e ftoax ds and'm ha gng 2 to f balce tndudg by g toal t 202 callt thedgy 220-202lan >> t sllhe ihy me 2-2an t ople tc u ha i at nit m tnrime le ti o oer hati net trksecau meyou e srt. ti o you g itet s au>> s akin u oherm s. ain thiou g isitth sm ing sin o manrmandn ahi a that gotisnsm ag lotan ofd a a atot buz let'rollhis. ot if allyelie tat hmanuz t'll cas.will put lyieunit tck i hn call theut itedtateofit i ameca. i dn't liev tathe edte womedn't.e dt ev t hre. weun awo't caaignike abody h .has er we sn b thecagn ameeca ady s nes r se a s bhe caidatmelike
12:57 am
rman ne in. seeed ycatoatke getannvold . beuse gethweed cano ythis we cetol bee thtakeanis t iswe cke co ttry bac ♪oyac ♪ ♪ o ice o uni de sta ♪ >> itill d'tet itni youta♪ iissethell destit uart. eest rtsee tty cuoff whh is cait. goiet rohat t lcuok af wh this thai bi sme.oit >> k ld a ofththreepbim >> b do u get it? k ihinkha theep bo med iett? nkheed i overowin i dot ge it it y erin do ovegelown it >>e's it y taingveabouwn t w's ad >>itagouoesn t w mae ad ju e hean cnsnanyju he c difrent. i n'tike hny ls if ntbeca e hii tke cpaig h ma lger cahi smed a cig cirettinarhe sm a a he hi evett rig too it i ju tnk y a areot u d hveig tto it. tt ju t y reama uokesll t t tme. it he tes t hide it. a thisesuy i t t. li , he t tde remdst.e
12:58 am
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