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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  October 26, 2011 3:00am-4:00am EDT

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s mti le anynds lohan wl ear $1 milldsnohorl ping e1 ll inor laybinoy." diay i en >> t nkyb."ou nddi e hap py t wldouastanday. t hnkap youndasay y >>t isjusthat y have be gonlikeorer a >>t is you stme btk y whve hap w ldbeonke er apa day? u bkhap pa? > y kw i don't e asta> k becse ofour d't diet. >>o.asta >> oech, o o. >> rht. >>tefa h l g has>> thatee fa>> s yrs hr ee lonthsasnd t ght d s si gue. hr heonthsade s gue e fantaicad tehis. and the things he didithanic t nd thi h didit nitt i mi him whahapped thim? hewen t bk v enic miim >> remhaemppber t them? washat een bk nit yogot vicad f m ing>>em r heredaslatm sau insteadni oyoft whe ani never saw h d s aunsagaiad >> hwent ack vwhenane,ner s dy >> well,ai'm ure
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h hntek wen v bk to vice. w l, ehappworl h pasen dk ve. greg. pp rl as d l's wco ouest cuter ha > al oue kla b shut hachokg on smurf. a b here w itok leeonnn smu. erewe wenn hos of n perftar car os s ohow,f p npler ifar har yar ww,aco bpll, h woive us all tyun b l,nice jac ket.wo ive hilatell ced is called ceact. hi "pte ced i cled jce g i an"p he is o airst name g i bawith eads. air ne th's a re pthose. an. he i so bri youth c'sanre p e. see m wih yo uran eyees clo bd.riou c ttg ex te owi myo iursye thes fox c d. news contrut and theg t natial rheiewoxn-neto r wsontrut nd t at large. ti ranwhe ane rtoternite lge. ane rtene phink. good tseeou pch ph k. art and leisures od t e repoing p thechact tha rt nd l sucupyall reetaset to pog hefindt unihafy antm.pyl et et if t may be s ondniolfyd aso a ofr yet anoiferay be solaso tno sgeio ♪trea onheiohi na ♪ean
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♪everatd befe ♪ ♪ho♪ ♪areres♪at b ♪hen u dro p k♪ichokares♪our ♪n drop et ♪our ♪ accdingo our new ♪ccng o n aral ♪ ♪ lifis me th me su♪ifival m♪th e♪ a we ght just su lale ♪ a e ht♪us tt goolif ♪ t y g ♪if mypoloes. at w actlly e theme my fr mes belde . wcty tme fr m b i. mtav miixed uavp my nes. heas m red cer mhoug es heas a css ahectas ugis he dhea a ss>> b aieve he isll is aliv d >> his ala a.>>veesll > goiv b ew hr aw. itay b the reat>w r pridenal cpa n> a i saycehe wiatiam howard astepren cpa sce --wiow d witelliahowd taf -t i-n 1i90ia8.owaf i i, tt wa 1nerose h didneep. i t spewa of herormanse cain's am dnee an gerfi apeou obehean veo. cn's chk it orf cck itbe veo ch it marckk it bla here. m k ncelaanuary hie.avead t iveg of be g t
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hiefanuaryead eg be thi staff to ta c tomorr is one c daylor to thwhithous rri rll oy bayelever t tha heanthitus ca rllil bl pvenid ck tan e uned scates p ofd ck un a sris if didt beeve tt, uldn be re.ri we h e ruaif cidpabeigenikt,e nobo has evednre .ee h ru but chepan ancaasev bo asve ser a cdida like herm then in.ev se cda le he we eed .u getnvold webecad e geth wet canol d this we c tak thi ca coury bk.than d is cakhiou b ♪ imneoi♪ ♪ a m immerica ♪oi♪ ♪ne ♪ aope ♪me ca ♪ to ♪ hopea♪ ♪ >>ohamang at h to h fil♪medeh >>ha e dupstert a d anthat not t o du ter strate a cailens. ad o tanreat.ot o re ione rom astugrausain o reso.howe m isd indero a ug apogiz hodnd apiz >> that's that' fm p re
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ttt' tha flers you he fm phe miflers.ou e pretty yelhelowlowers .mi rettyelwers >> i'mla you like the m.'mlaou lhe >> i bet yre as ylw i b os fwe a rsight therelw. whyoes tay s have to we be rbouththeol?. hywhats re y guyays, hibe alto? beut? at yuy >>ard crier. d cer. >> tt's how i isna b h is b >>i. am internatialil and >> levisi sta n antnailnd lesita sersi ilad aot of touuyser iaot ofou uy ov t years. lookt hean cn. i ovink u wi likwrst.ou ok hee. cn. i k wiik >> t thi is almt f mi te>>onhignds w atht tend w th on-lin the aomutthe sam on in
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time ashe absnewutsol sl mes showg thitbshhe gewopol eld 25%o show 2thhe g over mr. mitdt 2o rney. ve hor dsr.itt mat yeel, r y. blk? hosma yee bl >> ♪ i a america♪ ♪ne voi♪ce a♪ ari♪ ♪ u ni te♪dne snd ♪ oi ♪♪ >> ut likeeee s rigndht♪ ♪rougme. >>t leeeig ug. he kw wt'i a tnkg. ul this kwe w thet' g aretg. campgn ulfllis te?he t i ctaly mpeems like if ee lov leiket. iteemso be li a d whisoveet. theitmsbli197 a uaian is e97aian main to gughee. >> and sendi t in t to bushees wed >> nd its lien a ltle tt re te in sh wee cner heal itli le >> i appeny t c pacigr nal sa ty a going>> a to t cpa letign sa a gng rk t blo letikeklo asfny dyrk cloares l e peoekere cpl nias ny dyi c hatesit when m eo blackere nin't ght ther attn mla t t er a so tired ofark not be himself
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soir ar kotss was tt h smosekingd es om orasss it jast mo kiesomd >> fstfu es i j -- fir st o om a f fud yo te st at m -ir ajack, ani thoht we yo s wet n't gointo do tt. ckan i honow whaveo pot o thatwet in o yo s teht. oow kvepoo hamulttaneoly lik theyo staeh of ahildsoo tkv shond lteo ikarthetae ofhe ud ienc ae.ld t sho eofudnc i wou poi outt ths juture t iouoiut loothksikejure ed hardoothreupnou e bud may som eorde ren't ou kn who ed har is.buay seoe n't knho ears. >>ikhose >>wo. canavth fir letl wo weapreside cy. anthiretl ap hman in c end every statofheni i a m hn ttin ctoond old eryorhis atni in ooldep] ahi mark bck c sett] a ageartkebat situns b ytt playingge rustsian roulet te atund biscalating hisus si shlder ul et and aat ihow e wcalti kee hp th soutsh aicanerfro ded ing iugs w weepongrs. thut an>> eroctly. de g it is alwa touthongrs.
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rica ns, is etly it?. i wathre tou guys. ca, ist? th t eann gdouy tsedsakeou ke eann cainore orakess?ou >> don't caie enhe way th wle sonki't thing i esheay. overthow w o cas?kihi is we av e er bal ance t bcage?t anworrabou j obreweioavne bce b gersus se gu skian frrouob re iotwneconngz e ad. us s e it rem m f of my f twr.onz a hesmoked and meyadr. hesm ed sthe ae he sd lik a noal ae s g.ik it oe pnoresidentake me g .dge hean ain e wait o psint ethe mea dghen wa -- one w e or the other. >> e rneinds mf y tth but. a t older a>>nde rin y scel.ut >> ioerh i cld grow acel. st heik>> that. cld ro ama from chi go .stik t t. th's i g otm k out f c beuse coun' g one's i g likehat. ut >> bee ou gpoy?ne >>kees.t. >> it rlly lkspo ly? t >> . rgotodi thait par rtllut t e was takin otmodihaarnt hut waf lu wng hakines andmo gettng mo ang. wa hines nd noim t o fttmot, l aetet it vnoal f >>t,t is lmazi
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e th g th makites it v s >>is tezistinist isot tththak i tit w bad s he wmoking y in isis st d't see p pl e wmoadng w mong yo neversee the m o n d s t mong he waseall moyongev andee ihet o ma smong lk reallheyasllmong nd inviti. ma mo>>nd l tre r wlly totly virhtie an.rea f w >> i f i nerrhctanaith th dialo >> i i >>ctithogic throiaeson of cour>>seogicro yesonillf smoke uro y putuatyour s pkeoints. meomes opleill int pu atat our and put pntim n me as lel t force one omondngut a carte. pe rcnemong aeoplte aype he shldn doeohat for his shimage.dnoha or>> ts et hoag orn al og ts tharmanain'etho or n caign aloguy skesanai then' open a bcaackbaman skesuy s keinhe private. en wh b elskma is barack oba pva .ding? wh i tlsnk y ares raortt o e a cngpaigay g, t y yre tt wean. a cd hepatartpouin a p of celwe. lht hertu of apropo lofhtot greg. tappo sthees gsagere hom omds to c es ge boo hknd r ea> litym swores. in t wornd nooowk t r ea tyrelee ofaj motion
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t or ctur ne. le ofs,ajupotyall stet i ur filly ttinthe tenton th theupiveyeealkst o iro fiy ine nt thhee so hroearty derves. thilm ope ning t his heertk dy der caed " te"th isilet i onng thesk fu tucahere "im i tse" l iersly i t ne fureim is an agi sps a 25. an a so s ppschare 2ou planng to e it so >>e yesou. pnnto ye , iitm. >> y. eg, ye win'teally are i wod stl be tkingthe , wt yd of i wostbe kiingasitt mccy s, of ss.s earlr a iit a m notres,dss r th. i wirl say af yo iplay a tot cd th wiayyoay sync while wch is mie imatcsp wrfecley wheiagu m itc wiagu e young hot s lik y ot stin tberle a justiikn timblakeayt r lest trl a thustin p te ermbsketle w mthes me nd isn i m meairn dip
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tossha itsn i tsairnip mov is omintoha out withs occuploovsomngel esou w occuccpy t w as iere?ng >>t is cu t a iere? >>is sr w dip toss th itsomg o witr wip ts ocpy l ngtheltessom o oup wyit ll socee l occupyhe wldngel ifou we.up >>e so ds l seee a o dory aniifsn w it is rbso w lhere d haveome? sn the ch le foverrb are t avee? poet e ot lngfo.r t po >>otng. distuing wre ve ce. d in heie y a dtu le, wre w i thi cs p siine? y a e ihis psie?ich jusli fever and e e pr nichng j. fev jndoesn -it n ing. absnrd i he mie - burs is auall happening i a i b not e ect allapni i wayut iy.t llt e tes eacothay it ss eaac sthry >>n th fute yo are g ngits ea be syndsay lan >>thutyore e dsan ds tre aiehat is crushi the 9ds srer aiehais ople i ocrurhihe saw --f s t peop i o iurie s --f is c oprush ig 99% o of peleien ooc ie itys csh 9
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pele ooc the vie kes stent at iis n rig. inrderor t t e e s i ndismiganedtill he in bere t a chge smanle be ch o theas cor moevel of sheocty. c mo o s. >> i hpe thy ce to yr hous mean itimeis th occ cupy t wolr st et iusdang ofetng an me to hccyl e fi e depsttmen iin nngfet yo is por tedl ctoon hceed the fiep dtmepen i ns turni ntyoos ordl on fircee t p. etm i t e protestntsak the ir wer wit pteasstriveakhe nera to.we wasri so fear smor' s rato arkan lead to disassoter.r mor' speakingf fms k h l is m dasr. mi ang spng f belie we h hav me clip. ming liweavli isnurpringha ho iywoosnis flingllverur prin itglfoli w it thihosoo fng mey dying c ?itoli w t
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thames notng what bhers m th m os ha n at bhe we b -rshis th m mirrorin bhe ncc wall mi instre bhe movie nal "iep on."re b heit iovs l theust "i ."imdiatelthis w kend t i l cameheuttinptn"as im ellikeisw w hndeno er mmeovie pt whn"eas an int angikeenoer cieoncept whe age sshnted wgih ces o c gee g s i w gots o .ne tlor g i g lautnefind out t tre ilo cret ageyhat lane indsutiv tg i cr a happyests a h wil ilswg ingsp toet t o t ppotestosm a wof i >> tt's gre idea. gsto t t >>tottom i t oo t ms ere iwode second. >> >>he are c ting fir son azard. coul>>it ge th cityin f reas to ckhe oaut. ul g without itooki bad? as o aheolutely. wierybt y iskionceed fad ople safy. aolel yb iissce f fny tha the leaf presting issny c tpohation t bu ng tprtias i tosue tpoheonir ge torsbu t busougo lbue b t tees -- gehers buceleugitiein hlywoee-- hejust tim rlak makleie lymillwons a milons d llns a st andim heaksk ll ails n pvate jets a a iess paidn pva coretposti to make
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ese apppaeanc dor tthino.ak hewns ceomnypphatel dwos jinns a $10he0s ct el sunglass. os doese j atot $10e0 away? ngss . th talk oesut o j botsideof a y? thr moh. th wanto bthcool tndalip o otde tal abouthethmocc walthan bol ip stetoven ali'ou leike,al rstllen you h ave le,20 milli.ll u i hn't e yogivg ur ycilheckr sin gi no,t $yo20iv miiois o yc mckuc sing st ge mo,e $ $100 a w ermis o uc od. gof c mrse t.100 >>rhey lkut both sid c ofe heirouthnd o o f>>y thossideis totirh bidt. youofaileirth it. of os thade you tery ch. bt. >> oulet. onha -ou-y . >> yleared tt w lionol - did-n't y >> le ed yesit d liolid t lann esig dht? isei abousl ric mnht you can thr spoorabou r ptensts? ouan t po yooru s this w uspll mmonwh isown heyo ssusll es tonsnhe iedly disq lifyou?es ithoul't, ally b fly me r sonsqtfy d?oes. itul , ly>> it r shoul d'ts.isalify i tyou. whatisqu sifie yissify yo are n u. h atquie isotbout yoe it. mo are iots about it i otbo th it more t iotabtt inequthalty
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inin thmoviha tt freak meeg iquy in sthviha fak m li ws pla juin tbeaks mom. p how old oejushatbe makake suom. fe ho o>> i knooeha t akan arouused fe i anro >>ak tse mies a >> t eqielity a and urn in sociy has hpetyd s ace th i me movie as how dd s pceeopl m ethplete of mie e a s" knohow a dbo p oupet o ll see anowboup s >>he dtrut o theilm al did a lv andtruthe alid nd chipnks. don'thatirro thech oups.y moments well? do theatrohe furrinessheac omofnt w nts? he yeitur dneoe gacg, yesf it s? do. ye d i ll n g y it doe. sn i nut oe timen inime. it ime not b auseinhee. were trng tmakehe v aguet ot anseheogie wof seetng t t istr t ke hegalv vizinuetheedia iganie s etw, b t the ido t lv inam ne sayi itig becau i have bhe t strict nyitotau s ve amanda sictot sma eed movie
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i sueredhrgh mie suedclghosey --clos "che." ch >> cebrities f t way outhis, aou av ceebheries tpeop w ragg ainthe aou avrie, y d't op rheyginheolunte er ri, d't to pheyor their sdentolte los. its h h rorhe snt 1--lo it h lebrhitie rarehe%. briee wh not%.ay f tir lns? ottheyan. f tir >>hey n, bhose peoe maki thaeykind.f mon ey>>y b en yho are pakin$twty ki lliohaornd10 milon y re inmovitw yre n oi ngio tilon vi y n oike $200,000ov once you are b ke $2000 sr.ovncyou just t rlakar is not d boing at. let' best t honakt.s n dng th mov e.ovs m est' hon ll not te covute pays mes bee he f nlingor t c poteste who d on't meheny ng tney. >> essete y whope dnd a't l of time ny. holly od>>se >> a >>f don knoif t t is me h tr aually. y t netiat>>g aonovno t disea tr a thua canllct ts w because ne at athov dea d 't nthegotania t wt, becse th ell their ant t do't b not
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bruthless srk s.l t >> they arnt the tad guys. thss if uanrks. toind hearhe ad rulesss. capitf isuooatod th g nex t oss tapooat cel g n t o orhethlete t. >>t let th c g.uys we are rhe th taleing .out >> hleirthe a grin. wre ta soong ats rusll h smoensn. oo o asll smo sourcendia rpe o w ill urce tand rthoupe thawoul benil azgta r. ouha itulould be aeap i hin du. i tnk i ask ed yit alda quesoninee t i>> ysk did a it w a l ime eson a be ne we a yiday o w le b>> y n d't hav e t ao a o it by t way y d'tou looavke le a it tlurcay mgedooanke gnarcw kd at thehe game.naw ie theel gng you, arou puin-- > i'meleari yng, er w pu kiinll sweer. iri >> w ki snsweer. my >> ophagu >> tt isotns my opgu tiserwinkle. it i smoernk. >> i prinkound lik e>> pih's butlenkou le >>ill c afters youutat. ytart wit m e.>> c a>> persideou oba
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re-ectiocamprtgn hitred m pformdeba lbyt fo the -eio mp h kedtonel o rmbyfopipheene a ke topne advislor o. o ihisipe broe decka jns top a is and .y ise ser ving i as aro sensordvor for td heis ser ng campgn se advorotor t doing tt sto mpgn rst, aotoi sto is lynds ay l t, pg i s l "pdsayoy"? if phe ansgwero, w il f"pirey" theersowho ro ansso, w ase. esoho e.
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he i a magazine devote to >ad aagin e y ou b vove pdent obaad s bo in e u. b pdeba bon u. the an, had n rsono hein oerwise an , whenadhe iervi nern said you in o hwie ee his iren ivi aid ce yifouaterry eph i is dot kn. hohighce?ifatryep dokn sai dihoghadin with
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ai ddonid tmp wadhoit has n'onthempo heras night"e d't think its r obigama thee p drede't tfnkhe ititedtate he i oba he p elect.he edit itea i eisacve issue. i intesti uisac ofve the i wueor.d stcke. ntti u pey wafandeheby whene rk tstes"ckhy heas kpi pe wade yeirthne iue t" a hlivee.pi rpoirndedth - "its good ave. issue t keep ave r.poed " dosad gasot t su t k aave -- do asot dald hasoto h som-- fun." th is ddtrldactiason h s espeallyiv o nn. t sdths dtrti inpelyucedhe t p olanal cut, b ce a roedw. t pn helaims wil d o acu o b a thatroy heims 202 a auming he at ien hen 2't dtred ainurg cili tin by hen then. ci liytiidy sayhe tha thelan wouldet y y id ntinay t t o e file thould yay in choose t ao s fe pleray to hoos e ay a a fla sterat reay tow h elain t. aylat >>heowiz eoflan the co isore tn >>izofheurnt cos tn000000
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ge at'sepreseed b thi pall oveherend t reagems 'srese b tofap. ll vethatre wha ttheeams curnt tax codeof lks le. athae cr t de l the bt representationn my an i thiths repseat ptcnd. m th i i the shiesfhat we e taing d.bout. th he e iha thienkhawas tag ut prcription f vod t.wa as up sed tproip piconk . wh does upse toic cpp roban thinoeof a ohis? cpp r in ahi >> y cldn'callouelf aobot y cn'llouf aot >>ow pis s owff p pry adsors a to rliff the ptary planha hadeso throwsut rli
3:24 am
he e birther t ng?lahahrs ber? >> ihinkt was for ngme ink wor >>re w a campaign a mu as w hma an c cigai a >> it sel herman c c weill ee i ttselappingel hman cn. robo wte hanl t dseowpp.g boanow. peroeshis wrdhi whe hinks he p is roenihis the whe hi pnkresdeef t rasni. heeverhi he om outs i p f t is asryg to locown t ere ut ha core rht w g s rytoocnotehaor xas! e sore 4ot9 stesan go to s! he. or i kd of lik stest aut t him. he it wld bcoolo be k of ikpresent tex a m. w bolbe jessese t exhe green room, ias rely spred w nss youe aiheenoom, rew proud youed wer w oouf perry forot gingp o the p yer o pry rthefor g fhtg. ohe he fht. are you kdi me? >> maybe y erreou dtrdiacte md thete l>> yayr o ywn dtrac swte he
3:25 am
it looted soryt ofike a sex swte fe er wit wasoo tor sttartfikex knoc ng o d oorsfe on was easte srt suay kn o >> yrsnuysas nee t get a suay room ys nee g om >> tuestion ain? >> tueion? >>omng autonal ump ing [blee p].>>om auton p g i [teep].asn't, i am mentioning it i.tast, leeann,haendoonou m o fit hi pn? lan you mno of don't m indhit. pno don m thihe was7% of hi amheican wdon'ay tax t o begiwith ihi a flaam taxann' ay tis g optio n i fgit th bhi a f axne oaos tc d. g o th i is e tht g tt a oys o tcd. me, w mh m ey ith ps aytho ttoy s taxeople tome prempamour po s a a x of teod and pre evy ye it eems be a a diff tent d thod seetond charev me yere mt ey bmsecau b ey a lik offt hethee gorn me chaared ae ew m bau ings ahis ikar. he thdd ongornmehano atheroue gs hus ndre. dol rs toth f ois-- i er dot kn if ha i truehureol t fis no i dobut knere f alwhas to i te of nopapeork d i t at oye slw mto o f if they c ldpeor sk plif ithe t
3:26 am
t y ldstemi w souldploveha >>ill, tou mt l this em wstemld beausehaou col le>>l, m t po lstcahis, msainly o em b ssertouss c n fr thepo 1950sca. mnl ortss frhe95. t were iucon pampets. wi leove vta.on mps. le. does it bther y w you areooki at heoe tsy are ithe prob wly all y dd. e>> ikiis heabrheki t. a al i cobanllhi d abod. i what i h ey a doi in hean nal chibo hat orhrtm b aoive iell.nean -- ororhr atmom bel.elveell. ey oaird, i funo pel l. them lite b it an sayaid, leo p see yr bemthit bitan s rtic e.leee its fu tothoke o rtic prid t.itfuok o th pr th is this gu is no loer viae i c tandis dae.s lo iaseehe confederate >> t hink heashe a c profeblra wherlahe i j t unv>>li tnkeas aro th pla tod w ch m ayer g iin u sonvmeliraction and ayeth alaod wch se mnd comg of rsokraio pnerry ae a but the nseend canom shugt ufp rk abou pa liryle ratnkhenikthan shu up goinoug,li oh,f yourabe justth dn'tay tt. in fwhcoues?beust
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3:28 am
wt, j us it teo crify - s t, j alng abo cutri r s perry ng nobot dond tmphe pry sll no boon w dmp cored raboccoon h d hea cord raccoo h eaa rcoon ttas d rd coat t thet sa tim yourwater was. d >>d t isrue.he sa trwer. >>iishie.nk t plan i fd t an efishg.nk t pla t it s w t iooefk fshorg. i a an it s havi notoo r feadt. t he only lem the vi n ct tt its at. oion t nl m hethse. t it a ifou anption, you wths not kifw which tnto optrn,o y both atny kwa wchto o i'ohut p a nd ove thohe any ase. > youavet p cant onde he thshow e. mails ated e ye> ou ae f o newsthcom.ow i wl k eepilat eyelehing m anwsm. ke t whi kp to lve aleng t l voiceail cls. iloi to cilome, c h ts. with an ly. >> toonhte,f t time w rhepor an spoy.ored by wte tomt,imeor e re, po shoedrt w mart,pials r e,th thotu taind m wte
3:29 am
nose . t tu thks w ttendom wbat. se. th womt.
3:30 am
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3:32 am
>>et go to an l >> et gomeo back, ay. tan l great tbeack. e b gat tk. >> aoulato b back? >> thas n wt
3:33 am
ala b bk? s i w mnt t lesea i a that. yocall the smokinghi a le doghastle. yo llthe hempaimoeniehi t ahat. do yg thist itle is ke a roe aiie t. frdo thi ng ? yhit i s >> i a tnk itighte. fri thk ihitng ius t s io rare ittoht see i thiust so re e t' jus fr litle bit. i tnk h wholeus campa le is a ct llt. about ms ta tes h wle c is ct--ll a mut mchses yohave hi uschechnd maryov hi bl the ischhond musche bl thin goi ontherise. foa loof us,e aot in oin pa oferhee. folos,eot pafheamign. >> he h aeaf fac amig ha. h e >> im noearendfing i kw whatha thateant bau ha t's ino rend g at iio.w at ttntauhas i leeann youon'tare eithe way out e sming the le nnad. y 'tu daro italizyou e on y t smg heble n s s.ight ?do iz u >>o y, io. e n >>ouaveigo ha a? strng, yi tred opi. >>ou >>eou aha e axa sly rg,ht, an i trrma oyo. >> a thilyas re hti c, ld i ma ro.y hi ce cld. >>eally? i ve rhayncand you rec
3:34 am
st -->>ll i >> knoha nc anu wayo me u be oraged st th he oke >> no >> yes wae e o rayou dre cwi theth whoe leke yes show l u an cwi heho andy, if i tol d erow l theig te was mndadey i iold ilga athliens?igte as m>> aeoluty not. ga ake tenhas? am a tngut n oot y.o are cpa ig tn camrcl. tngut y who - out oarfou crpaig camnpaign rcl. commcial wh at a - youthinkg?ouamign coal aounk oupy wall seet i finay geting t aen tion o y thllfiveee i o pte nageng a en onserves thveee o thfilmpenitehisek is es lledn thlmniime i edim bu -- bu >>hey werrang a lk to it>> w it i not a t it aut iotut tha may t i your fault ay tour fau >> sarcasm doe't w on >> th shoca d on t sthaiholia wd sa w is
3:35 am
fine neme. es y saidte. es y s doesnt cupyheov b d it mipyor "inpthe a camove out e w ke"mi " i aeptionam" t en and"hey needednoth iepon" expendencehere ches ay eeet noth fir i s d expetly tcet. c a i kw yo dir 'm s notexy sure i ree kwiyo you. he w'mteot andure decn e imwieou hete anime drote "therunho he has g drackte recorthe n >>hatever. hasraec >>have >>t' youoi >> im sang iis notha t>> t' yhardo do oi i ve bn on he o ther i ssa i ne ofhe cera re befor arddo i i ow w bt yon of ca b i w yo. byhe way ichhe mes u diit. yhe whe s dit.
3:36 am
>> wt wt you d it w yooo eye? y wow it yooo e ow >> leeanouoied o t eehuhokcrawee othe% o e mie h staoksaw oe talking aut mtheie 9 ss but we suld tki sut the e 9ut s dailyheeastited ilystusn mberke asne raised minion llarfor s hrersne aiandoned genal g enerusln yarr s to oths causes. d oned g thais g gaten fslabulous. to th it d csn'tse dco tt ehaat f ulrth s.ike $ m li on d't dcote h e mli i'must sing. e n part t% i'm sing. nart tn%ost op's lesitu being anos oil corpora lti, t sutiei whol lotanil money, anord tran sto htie h tking about iolt, m ieyan tnike, i d on hh k tw,ki itbo sc intwhate is se,in dg in i my onion >>ven ougschentat doe iasotin i of c ri bl oon w >>n ug e i tnk tt isreot a eryb cy shrild gblack i that tosit he i helpybgsh gac heatm itise i lp ney. isotike he ihem isive
3:37 am
y. mo y ousof hot ikwnee pockeiv >>nd jusn im rl iou h reocallyrey. if h>> wants t jayn t mie relyre han -- mhat'soyith m >>hater yoaynd hat's ytit tmype, b s>>kateyo >>et mleer s te,ska- sak o f mers sts oer- sak o bor postiesor torroster s.po s to ty d't gon cars?roster >>o when yre dy d gohen c ge the>> bac wk?n d >> wrd owe. >> tac cepyad w owe. e oneill hav avd e py of heril hvd of00 h2001er0020 "bet" insidere. "betiid itaves tim >> usuitalavly tyiman t] >>su -al- t t e can thera bleepout - the c theleep por pes he bor >>ouaid ric pker'slaorn to>>aland the r bgekt'syla 2020toan t asming t ayensave not020 asmi strodsav oot cilatnd thensk edrohat. at ion rembert a en sk al t.
3:38 am
yosaidt be use i aon em rdoct who aefencet. al i pyoid itbee n the script. cthocet. pt tcr >>y thway,hen perry rehed is pke a i>>th y,he th pryonly o who iresd sinke a gun,un! thly oho isin n,! >> y saiou tnk perry advi yso srs wer te tnkre f aer long so e go newis n tre f deb aates forlohree wks. go ewif h ncan avoebin r ineerv wwsks h wi han justin fine inrv if i somodyusottally nediffent f s gyreg, yotoulyan blame ff ttmp fo the bthg, sff. bme lerry dfooheasffay e lresirynt w borin do amasica,extay questn. trusi w b ama,tue ru >>e would yingbut ast y th. >>ou c sayt is ot ne d issu andng mt e on. t th > w cdon'ay carise any mo .sund o wn'are a. >>eeou are all f a at tax nd >>ee you canou a all prepar tndt ooun aan prar postcard, it t gre .'s a p -tcd,it ist gat. re's under p's pla -eo ie the 20%
3:39 am
de frlat x'sr phee n dot hehe old w0%ay f soxou arreheoi t andp do he owithld w bunchf peo plehoso a oive tdo i b aotp ws o th chfi pre oehi is bette f t i b ths. it i n oi ong makhie itet easi .th wel i t nk m it pploiengake o ha bee payin siir. el t mxes r awlewhatax haeeay brket ey aren. s aw axlet' b honbrt.t a i w pn.ayinaxin i wt'as b h mang m oney wo p sin likin i w . ma ey iono sw l w t ax bck i am now and it i wsighe tha tn 2ck i am i hink t a 2tilhelha ihiork out 2 il >>lou go take meor o deductio .>> ou yohaveo fireakute ief it i a q stioduof tiolat yo veratefihat'oneut thi. i qio tlat >> itet'e ahiee.. knowhat myedti are i eryear. >> i d't t nk yowtyedti c a- i y ving n opon i>> a d t y big mta.- u ca t dok hat.ngop i bi mta wcaildoadt. anoeray of ap tilad ano >> tayhe o optfns goo noaph. tha s t a oost nat is s gd.h. haost at s iouldather atast haven opionha the way i t ld isow.ather t sotthinhas vehaopnge.nha t w it ere s toise so. sorof soins forme. hee stosod orbet t rm rel et. sd t
3:40 am
t. >>el, i alwayso bk to the olehi. el, ilw so if b yk ouon't ike payeg taxe s,if't yay tonm.'tay g wh is e wot th cou xe s, happ't? thinabwhouts t.woth c pp>> iememr wh youol in t yot. goofrid wesle ? iieemwhou yooori wle extly wieleynipey theexayy . wy >>aiti forni aybl >>tior 4". ti is wti. >>". ti iswut. b alance>>ro is so bong. bso ianashig h wants s too sethebo fnglat. tax a t 2 ind h w tswi toalance t btud f baty t 2 nd 2020. soallalt 2ce0, t 20. b 20. so >>l o 2 ne. 2 >> take >> n te.t you il titetl 9, 9 9 t y hermaaiilit here somin aft y. >>0, 20, h 2 0,om a f. and y.>>0, >> 2 a f thend site >> in ahe yoodit e. ioo >> aays goo too back to theell itay g to dacsntoork th thle fit te.t
3:41 am
>> i dork.or did fit?te. i ior id d'tt?i rbe't >>be thanks,nd >>ove you ay. >> ha s, cing up, bra pt>>eous g u bt gay --s n weight ory aov nei on fateoe. is thin but a movhod onate acto s inut a and to lucky charms jt t anuc cckrmr.s ck
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eb shwillrobay snd t o.shllba is t lie it used to t be. is not too s nylimoit. ud b amot s e iheot w sho. erytng. uallot wit sh celri wes s n't yt. evellryitin c sh wil t ero bl y bil tss but i w looat ibl she wlssayf h ebbut i loo he w heb t ifebt is t namof her coke hit. ifebis n>> bamy t h way cog,ke d h wite. nt to t bos tsay toll og,e t viewero aow t oheir ggle
3:46 am
viimager search.o a ow tey air notisteng to ggl anhi we areag sayrcg rht a ot tew. jonah ouhiereay r posed f w. plonboahy,s thi aood ped m pl y, for t hhierits or hs -it is a ve u -it iit cla iir than a lot ingshe heen doi ng i tlai tn lost cple years. >>hat'gs tru he.noi jo ch --eea mn esse>>.t'ru jo--nesse ss doe ts mn h viear is de? ss oe>> j tonah m wnhe b coverear s en he w 2 1. jahhe bov e w 2 >> ihink couave saved layb" ailliolrs . >> ifou wnktou t savee s leddsay ybaliolrs if lo whan ked s hang ou iayn ainaloitn odranoupou kihe >>asn' sna g oteououtp a kihe r wi noanti es>>n' sn? a en twireotiicreiken? thuthe hich willicreeik e e realin thanth "playbohi ilwillle.e >>us h g oreutin wanhere "ayple ll er >>seus h ther ois a wplaked orderedse erdy s aomewhere. o rd>>ed bl, y of en sewre. nude mel l, y bu iofn exchae fudooed mel llbus. i eha wh isehe fect oo staying
3:47 am
nfllent whshet syihile aknft ual y have toayak peop to ake hem off youral y hhandeo op o hereeihes th t o yngrhelrdy nd ha don ts. re th teosedlrordy haon ts. aewor ked magaorzine seadopssre aew ndinto b e gaaril s mde.opss ifou a goi too i din b itil m re.ight. if aoi wantullro ial. itiant rohtno.ifou are nt ltul real hd. tu haonoo ear an that ture meyd. nd y lhaoh.arn t >> was gng s. t nddoes ltean s is>> w s t n atur es srehead becse iea nur rlre dadec it iowtheaere too. there discu ssiorl n ow thfor eed tye he >> ireas jtisayiog, n t r i jg, t don'proveig. whais nith lky don' chovar? do t wohay l char dowout t.
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3:51 am
>> that gu i >> g tent s. cated what lledhe g ens. luckchar att ed c eacklar sifte s, fally seby ea gured st how to ep ar fatly y e d arshllow toepar fro the hethiepartarshll fhe heiert nah,ld thi b t b id er orhe greh,est t ihide ba ider? o he i not gure e. it is t i nextenerat n th ces i ot e iwit i a t free i
3:52 am
luxtenen ces t a freeen st. leen,his i innovatn at c get the lnomy bac hi onrack iov n absutel cethe my acpeon ly ionckas n bsel a ucon i charat ner but i is a brillit me fo tse w ar er don'want io pis outhe il luliy rm t w n'nt piut >>essehat youake lurms. is? e yohereo csh >>set oue -- ? yore c fir of allheyan b ir all mahehmelws. don' bknowf th guyent t iermanet.el. n' >>ow wthuyt ist the fal mch iert. is at tru >> is he>> i he done mcht. i ds 't ktw if sul i trussomenedy dssedt. l ik d k if sherm usme ded mst ler rm mst no, ihi the n most aming ick ihi t mt amg k ihathis guy doso is you can phahiuy por doinheore and y i ctan willed d p t nd plot. w le d-- iwilldit pt. h. ot bil i youllicket the lky char outndh. placed t milounic t ur h r.arutnd pcedm >> iike tr. kind of sff.
3:53 am
looked thi s an id i t in d ough what kd a minoodhian d woulcomep wi somhi ghha t soenefial. aind what g iuul omewi aom m would soef l. co up th sethi and at g o th comup and w maklde t co wop rl s bhitendfor it. thom a enak i we fward ed twos bter e-ma w hehe sk w g fwards permis sion o usma t pto w. g mi, i a b rman o theonus to ow, d yohaveermiss ionmii usenythg yo owoulhe like , r thyovetoerryss.n seanksthor ayoun sulw.ik thtory. ks ato sw. lbardi, the ery lbai, he ventor ofhi tng. er tt funtrtheorrves thangt the ople ho watch tret dfuherye"veha e le wch aretoyeold genius. >>rus s toeols. >> an i>>ayr sometushing s >> a theredye>> fanans i setng w l a t re be sportivyeean wsn a l yo sweater idebe s compoeiv ouof t a tiny yo sweeome ou tinabet. >> heris thi ts cky armshing n her t alogfor tife. youy an'tmsaveng ofnhe ogre. ma hmeluws.'tehe in oerma tel. eoy the inmars ohmelerws, tu nd tthe her crapp stu t
3:54 am
rs iels, n t ma out of grrains. cpp t >> is isikehe ymandutf gin >> ingsehe ynd >> rembe yoused son >> thluck chas. rembe it w gred wheyou soton one th thockse lithas.ys wit wre he uthe nely this. ho l youak all w the ugly the gs ay ands. te a allouakll he ofhe uyy peoe,thhe any a e a betifullpeop are ofpoin uess. eou ne t ugly p ple sbeofuopre op liniks. man hinene t.gly s>> here i aig pbl lemik oughne -- he >>hiig a pblery spe algh " >>e." er>> by propeem wh geral " lls' mar kei t" for b rosa wyingge wle wil ls'all thearor ma rs hmsalowsngharm w aend tal he ly tng ugl tmanghmwsrm a t ng u iturt them. >>ou aig it waurtnghe terhebl acting >> a when tig pza i d iverwaer a ing delivere m esen pza appreatere e dere raierf tpp eer t pornphy. its trbout evethin at irst thornht iwas y. it trgrea invuttionnd i e thought at stthishouy i ithes antchri eanvon i tug is ie it is going cse peoeo ply thi sense a li i g tngo ceoe yhi evyt t>> c i rhrasmyumen then ev it.s clr th al l
3:55 am
c " ras eyeum fan tz en itclthntlch " e n tz >> it chdlike gin out and -- ioi outndke b guyg card a it is nhing oiut ond gwhee. r i nhig eehat's exactly wha is ke. >> ohadelt'iousxaly i mshlws. . >> o welusllo thi outls. with pos g w wp upllo thi with a y lthevos g w seeecitenlips f saws lev ee to fox nsf . sm/wsred eye . t f s .m/redye.
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3:58 am
>> iilsee y backere >>e 5rime b 5rieasternime.eaernim >>ack t an levy >>k andan theev post game wp jie.hat ndbrin t youack new y st g w >>ie. inouk ew >>ice thi toay.ic tay
3:59 am
>> that is complelyinre. tt iomyin re lenn, iste yo have a ngie line? is t i dhaveyo linrieeine ngt. l dveinin it ceutwo weeksgo ceutwoee. anody thereith a g hearwho nts giv backany tre h ato m gityamils in n ee daro s g acgok to heroe s my ail i need p ots . ter t. nobody .al it w g uy t. nt it to b ob y i w g ito b


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