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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 26, 2011 4:00am-5:00am EDT

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pele. noa hi a tut fosaxpe. noncree. oths are ho treile co d re cetharho t renuee cores. rue >>y defitiohis n>>yefio bridystem wslesul in n th l s ove llidte w renueuln th lve. rue heould endaxat n old cialecurynd iomeato an alur pdgeso rse iociae curi to antchhe lger pes life rpan.ia lrio ih lr a fen.hey ay f xlax i att activin ay f slox ttiv a loecony. >> me efcientaxnd add on lot t groh and m redefeenxdd ot templmentrond.ed >> tre iaunge for b pl nt pocy.hang. wh ever teopl ithinofgetheor b rry an iposngwher dplmatiine y i. dti >> bt: wwillet fmer utah govnor nuntsn bacti w to lle flarnd h ahov r owplantsn t c ter sea
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n pser u n e nfionafsurv. eeorie mifthre saighonth of nna rv. sila gai. th s ghconser cthfidefe felhissiai nth he ns l cestdearkel is two h ears ltk i tho predent irs cricrosng thwestn earcth ofrent i potical sportrios thmpaistrcfash. po ca s thrtwell delered thll.eled go fro theonig-l sho. set goro he is bigbankoan fhoncis and boutet toake o or bnk fis de erd utoe o. hen isde waing fim ere. >>ager o ensai f hdn to e. >> ercolodo nin h ectorootes lopresentbama vinitedive eor tis siees tin oice. es tma incling v theede binnitisi twheneigne o te. sti lust clg he thdenv b musnim a en natene ttis anthnvus aat sciceanci i d't wt t prend day the nd df w tt t onomre y pheblem t oms. pem we turn t the se seum e rn hemattuckasired up sbout ume last ttk disio ted lauhput la e dio run trounau cgres
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ie dotownnd rusedie t u afide by t pdotestwn red pert lit. a t p> jostnalis,er lyers lnd. dinaolks use johatli e lrs call fedom o nfornationksset ques to g ll f docoments o fmor on the u. gornme but ow eso g the isoc mtse fo ge the e ugo meut gornme a rht t ie tothis m gus, dheo youboutgo theme r to do, mentouuthes.dont anno bres.eporn whetrhey shod noreor hne ety ho minfortion h >> t govnmenhasmilwayoron had eight toefus t tovens ay leascertn s sitid hto us formion,ut uer a t oposas rulrtfrom sti dartmt rm n, u a osulom dtmusti s eralaw forcent ages,ti sal a rct ge b.i.woulbe alled t a dexist ce o t i.ulocumtll t altodetherst o tum. toer .ouldhey ven eensi to bckt fm ldy bng esi leas u berhe me fhey, b il rpond o as ruest us my, if r nd the rst eludes recds d nf exis" e >> f allhe edealkec d of n tran arenis i c't t nkf fll k at ifess ransrent hananen c t
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ll, t meisitith u abtermas pl. th doe 't h e> , me fitth taxabtmapl th valuaddeoetax,t h doe't f axve a niona sal t. lu de x,i mn,oe hat a nnasal t m bicst t diffenceighthere- biest fferce rht thice. amer ans otff tcest htre waingt d.cbit er r toth haver as ew t wagt fo of.caxatn. o wh the areav lkingor fo isfat mpliwhty.he re ley ang lkingor sethi s at. ey ali l.king or s ethi a lng shi th . is a lng shith fr.s th pla aress a of f thos >> bt: tthas glaernorick ass a frry souarola os ldin up a b c td gono sck you y ou n fole yar tac i the in a cat sou t f yac ihe pn. t p u cave oiona 20% cer o naopt forhe0% mtgag tor ierest ra. wer m cagpora to 20% ies asesutraome fr craheo oer0% tax eseoophend opeci
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pihighes whll ceaxeshe t anoer ctici is 's toher the. lowndhe no ccis miletor heow mi css. totier mak meoney in flat cax. toerak m pposaeyn at. p>> osathe heride o the in, ere is. a lit t oe re o he$500 00 t , es te a l t ay 00 a t t a anefi mingop tieoney fi >> tt ishyecau m ofgheieey cr icis tisaufcris o tt,hat is wh heeeds an o t ots whedsn in. o u ca sckith t crentn. syem. th is mor ppeacang t sh t cnt publans ansy. ind endesths or anea t dblocras , mendnddeomen an consvati dra vmeeren nsti v iserma caiisma thiss serromai is s whingn.m wng
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thi t ric perid the righthinto get ackhi in theicer heme wh a serus picy ghin et oposk.n do n kno t t w a it'er g pngy wios hern cai a o the nrontno t t' of ghe wieraiack ahent ofow. tohang thek dynic fim. muc ito goingheyno ruire f new mucentu ioind rreebrain w m fotuperr ba gd sta. bre crarles thifois trr b binni g ofta the elaureh an c lest hanc hi t fo bnif eauan lnc fo raunc at i rpring hidn' stt wi thi rnc tho ht h i couri s hrt then' stwihi caaign defhoing himse a a ou sguyhe tt catedob i texacagnef gse th a i y t ced n i xa enoh. th i that n ino a at i nrati but he a don't ve arogr. n ti uthe re ondot a agr r guynho hax ts tt weuy rad hal t w one-irdadutajor e-dut.or. areture whe t
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venucomefrom we'rstar ng wreh atehe t eficnumeom 'rar wa alrey.ic now uts in divends pitarelain, w ncoms sineiv anddsorpotion nd ta n, ro o oom ste nendpoon t. o o bre so i b stingn big owtho me t u dieren in reo i bngeven g th m u dien n >>ut yav tohoene nuers. yes. >> y ere oll b som ou gnus. s. so xtra re enue bromom ghesora ruem grth. if ytart wh gr. $1.3rillneficnd cut yrt w hall eive maj.3llategy ofic ut xes,ou'v g tol howe maj eg whofe th cuts s,'v go wilw m no see has de tha >>ut y are no s eminaasng dha loop les,>> yre cpora loo eolena andophes, psona cra lpholoo ande u bancehe dudge pna b 202 lolnd buil in bcege the b02 il pla he >>ou s you are i iflan la's a amement >>but soure iasyf tnay you ill ame nt lanc ty the toul ncudge heshoweherependguts gell owree.nds
4:33 am
>>ret:ewt ngri put upis own pla aay >>'llt:t riut bu plaupithwnla y a broer in tlet. bu sayla hishlan i yro in t.ette ayis th flantax. ite thlax. 15%. %. no excde tse makgver $5,000 ecau henoxc tak tnkr theyouldut me$500auenhe t ey ldonom me is ts attl nomubstce of t ax pns tn ttl publan pstty? fin tly. p th i som thingould he bl p? in. th expeomedngld h tepubcanso ve bn d ng ape lg tim t ago.ubns th is here rep blica d hav a l im bui-in dvange o o.thsreepcaav demoats. ui n anthey oanto low taxnd mosimps.fy heeytysteowax but irtuly e rybomp fds te buppeatu ebo f g. th isea sethi rublins shldave de lgths shi rimeli she d lg age >>odayperr asag aed ou an i>>erviayrrhat st ated fm n pareagaze ivi tervtw whe heasstd fskedar az abouthe brvthwhhe ctifiteed ise. th isouhate he sai t b cfinbc. is ta athsteai t lisn.c. ta is
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4:35 am
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4:36 am
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4:37 am
4:38 am
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4:39 am
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4:40 am
art d slnd wt p toetee k yoou orkt ford st and earit. w o th's yo whaktor we'ndoingar.. >> btht: yr funaisihae' ng $4 milon. bcash y onun hansi is $4il $32.000. sh yo ohaveans $1 miion320. in yove $minebt.n at i conrninfo tse t. sang a you in iontin t for sa aou i lgor lul? ? thiis le t markplac sttup comny. hi l you t irodu it to he rkac stmarkpplacomand .opletart ou to iyedu yout go aitiol rk acd levestrts. ifeto g uou g in n aio hlpshi moreoney omesstn. if u bre thinis y n hhi reeyalkes reinhi y koutin isssefor crles tstar his qstio her ss theor mine tt ces ar tis qio er publan p ty b omeshehe in t pay, t antcien t par bl p bes pa tnten we he aar he proem. h a h whene tero.ositn tt ist wiing t en tmbrait t reislutiwi or g couer t t ra wh the 9 c materecientistsr ou tsaidithhe niona wh acamyhe 9 cte ensciens idh nnaaveca
4:41 am
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4:42 am
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4:43 am
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4:44 am
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4:45 am
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4:46 am
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4:47 am
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4:50 am
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4:51 am
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4:52 am
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4:53 am
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4:54 am
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4:55 am
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4:56 am
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4:58 am
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4:59 am
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