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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 26, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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ailu to cep wth, rr lch s b lu to ealpithh rultmeri geingts alredi cutri ga . retu cary. isysarne& co ue tked abo this arbefone& congre ueas tnke edbo shoer dead nefo c ucopreith t n de tn w se thought b ec sead of c the u wpning tro thedebo w sshoht ou e canng'tivehet to at s ts last inut we needan te t ore t i ut w teehat's corct. orthe skrptis i upl that a d eal t' wis beone c and sy onet l th d rilng . wi einendyumonne. they re sring thi mni needumorime ne sre t hiey in t heedlse o s s td,i minegynev i you get a sd,ea ml de t it dl geuld bendonye t a f durel culgrds. so it'sndotnet iny concrete. here ies th er i itemoretonetou . re is moy's,no i ts orth ratg agenouhi ass essmo t status r gofme ca enebt,hi iss h ss t tathat if t ailcaebome s wi t atig tail d itwiutng de thawoul be, qte a major facittoutngn dehaul bte tjoir facure rang.
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th wasten hesur who said ra ngthat th justas clendte hhoesaisd to a sk at hius a you adwatere o whaess t a hi y aha mr. maf has been sin this morni thimrsma risasineen epti cism .is or iave notechivesdn aweisr tism. av n myec quevestdionn him.myue item numberhrees steim. emum ee hor, steinity wp. he was skhoirtly, do yowu th wasll get ts deficsk ir tlcutt dinyodeu ro mhe w g sersef coittee. ttm qting ro im cootte qti o ptimistiic. i'm hopmeful. heasot oreimedti an i' saiopdul.op ul as isot confideednt a youanumai id u tulha is tot skeponticidesms isouanthumat a deal t will a tctually depci i tsime th a sta dy ll auall dye,here dre tse t tw ta worydsowrare bk onhee fro bneor ds megyusre bk o o v fwe are bne me oea o standar&oo vwe a aea wngred us, surar&ret gred u tiur. moody andchidn't t it. th . i uemo ay wndningidt t. thoue nths a igo if tnguper coittee deoesn 'thset a it together andup indco ctesee det iay downtogrthe aasell.
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fitch ssd the seam tngay wnfaile basyel thel. s upertc sd t s cmittee tng a ileee byhe ser to t cmiee deb ed auction paae would to lely desedti a wld lel iyn gatieseying action. we aetting clo t in t ti eypeom attioee eaweinndet ng it's beessti tlyov byeehe had the 's b cbo w slyov anby havednt the mi c you wav se t giv e itan u hs e two wheeeks bor ehami ou yoav heiv i t us ttw d wemksoctinhag yoimeot ton tde dnt t isinth m ryon hdeonty is s isy aone confide hntbohat th ser s cmi aeeonondeasetha o th to don tms ofmiheeeut o thetore is oan que tion msbouthe sizefheut c. he thes tageuetn uthe zef c i s 1 .2e t trigeio that i a vy s numbe give he 1.2vera t snd th i oy num ve ra mae 5 ndlionve the nex te yrs the atinmaon avenches, nhis i y rsodee a itatnd histanda & prs ee ahe really like seend tan s perrs comtt rcoll uyp keeeit th 3 srierion,om co up may triliton idefit ri ioredun,ion. at is m biclyff tr tilhe ief t able du io 's g ioingo hpeic ly ffso tgahe thelekept icis'sms g ng riong thipe d l wl bon teke pt
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isandmsng omri tha downgl wde ston dow the d mbeomnt. dgyn:ng wanto ask yow ickly. wh wou be m tbe.conqu cn:san to a of tt? itkl's a lrdywhou hepene tto us bon c snd d & pofoo. theit o aerwo h fnelo uws suit b ers d w poo.tand ?he >> itwoou flowuit dec tlyfft y ne ec>>serica wou not be dectlyt y re tworthy as isewas icanou ot e pas it wldretwthass cta inely ral the w ldtockartsnd ctainurma tf oc rsarelvetss hasingf til ur wodakefther brsvehas tloilw. gywon:d ser barne tnk you r. s pren oba getng morne t nkgrousive in den ng prbaetng m grsi in hisng ministtion a hemptto fix th enomy blam nionesonon a pt fpubl an foth b ecknoin his am agenda.on w hispufo bckis tas yagecretary moisthgeiter cingohey ecprestaen t' defsenthit cg inorviewibs nesens. d n>> d tin preiesident teisbs n eyoffhe d b tl. rede >> abseutelisnot he waseyhe benes foc usin absg oelnt it. w was doinghisen tes wocerine o it w dngs t wdelye ifcultoliclyor hi megyif thaltt te? 'llly haveor hi
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agyaiha baltanced de'ltelntnavure hour. aialan detent hr. hean cn, lies d geleme ourop fntruer ai nhe t cay l. s wgeeyme purls fruhow t desnte theay b tis we has p tenhow teste thes h foren so g fasps h interviws th so the gedpsndhe hla ier osf s t 9-9he t of s forr zza ceo y o i front inorzz t c y o i inniropiacoll wut i tront ni with8% w folutlod i bmittro ry withthold 2 b3%mi ricky pryay d own nth the ngle 2igits. abckt phery d resultsnnn thehe leigit abtestsnhe cbs/w rk tes p hermain i f nt s/ with tes 2. fourhe pceag i p fntsntf itromhey tho tha.t isitn urthe rginfsrrfor . om yo c seehohathaaitnssn holdi nge gifrr or yoeeoutains hdiigit ld or eouryolsig antime tdas gerr eyo rk rrit t heti air ger wesk ith hi f tstir cpaign tevionit hi comm fcist the cdspaig focnusing oevnio j nd
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mm ci en ergy iths aoceausei ohown in j ndiowa. en gy as irssint i'llreeei atho in wa s rast 2.ntllln w jes, and i k sething aboha t in tas jes,nd ireated setng aha o in 1ilion ew jeo whi the stedf t oatio os1n johi o tve f 2 lln. t atgyn:ot t happy mic o gog. 2 th isxpn.ecte d bn:e t tapic only - -nlgohe egnith osfxp te what w tl l b ly - a-n allegni o of at w wareten t candi ates a and p oer is wel l w suitedetoren t that banause he's g aanot p of i moelney sntehed at b cauovers.e'sot o mo henhe cs. fntnns idi miomnd herma cn hnnavs di no t becmi advertising in tnd er ha enyeav sta. no bec dv thtiesinhi o chacus two mon sths. thehi c cuay t onform massachusetovno itt omne ev sirmourse on msausno an tntnenionsiawounrse o oo. i t suprtnison vginin o i t he' ss10 v%gi beh in ohio's pl han t rtrts c bolleehctive o o'rgsaini r ig thisomess rney sa htretsad c leiv no p osio onrg tni m suis jes r y yestdaady inno p o to. thsu l j ould bye i rea by oh thot l comou bovember. b covbe
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usignicantevelmentin thon gng srch r lile li iin. usni ntel thnt th g sh li 1 1-montlih-d pinen now agthng t let the 1irmo two ydng p en n so who areag sixng t a lnd ehtea t he olwong binsorvhoie aweyix pic ae agai ey'v bine orvnlyyic bn nt viaiewed eime o'v f. o ey haveaid borne thavitew they did nim weo tout ave b thaishea'ys brdot nhe w thrgh aec to rutnd of qstni. now la'ks ikebrheyhe hhr ae r nd reve rs q cnie oha t. w buthehe a h notehe oy ve os pic w ot thao t al t e ay ain.o p tractal tgher tasalor live from l n. ac er trasacor l e >> romep lorr: myn en ifhe bos didt eetrnyinin side rtheou m tha e nifight boder st canyusineinhedey er e theereou thehaanht give s pice caomeer vhey tmptaannt ve pckicground autha ecty nts inon in ck touhe hrs ctading o b s inon inis t sapp raine. othe bliceill t be is conducting t ppra ew ae tce l bleas nd nucngir ttly, the i er ewin arvtiew will baseonct n byirtl t a inrvw ll teid cld ser bis spiast and t het piicdeil sls en sp riaelstay auendio thr pghic the il lear pce of riohild serhrvighshe rce o spialist theolldicere s tshey aot tryi tsp sliubje he oyesol tic a s t aot
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yi ote, h sshheoyig iergation wi the se,mokingetti i berutgaon vwierhe cle t skiolng w b st l b v con colng t t inolrvw. th copslso antst b c t rei teieinw momnd dop.s they wan to w hi tmieom. eyan paraoly have thmnsmwer wh they ein qrauolyteavreemwe wh he queseonshain onl t qy c aner es harha tnlgh qstyions c they s reanmbererhe hav heade ight q st nsry c areyhey ievere theer rentsav kew a i lot orehan y th aiere sheing ntk hw ere.a th le aorys fhaor th ahe pen h sae.y m om andth d aorreys f willi to pen rsaei mer aviedbut theyilant to t t bra-n rvied tvestheigyorts, b au they beli be the o st ones a bdyau t hethyk t ey alirehe glt he is on oof t ady attor nehk ada oltn "amerihe'sonf newoo aor listen. o n >>meou kw, yit tough st. ma>> kanyouf ieritew in touh ma whh ou are tfhe i sject whh a tje ct accutishere is aacs wanghere s aust,ndhe tst i w notg g any trt,ch ohef tstothe aginnyatn,utchf we're g ooifng he in w pe'du giv
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conv heretionhen nds t b wi ppeho can m ee nv withon n n th tit hwi an opn minhod,an a mleith th o inate.d, a le rorr: kinof a terestg dam be.ause ove theorasr:t fewin d as t l awyerers g haveam bau osefve ateetas f u the tir l cryeicm m ucve the cops, ofateteg thheeop scrmuc mhent cs, sce tha eg ar ch thathops lte17 sce t t hou indehe l parteen17' h he h said lm t ndehi until ear ' th morninge. gyn:ra ce, thidant n yhiou uil foorerng ln:.ara.d, .icid y deivear fuhrm anasfo ber foll lowinthis.ase vicery deear f rmrefuy. he ayllsinhihis sit dow ver withhe ys ifus a ehi sow cti ent i is ahis investigatn. e antls says andmhisis y veheig a sm, dorah an bdmlysin her teiewi whe dtorom theer oys couldrove w criticatl inhi s c tase. oy'ls p cy yldouro ctihat so uninythie cand we will peak p to yha mso frman e co upd inill t aut a hal a m frm hoco. p ve cities arndhe a h country seem be ho. rvening c out s ofatnc e witcohtr ty walm setrt r prngestsut. atotnc siteriohus t wgly whe o pr ts .oup w as ftio oold w to g ho ou wt ool to ho
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lo at thi tee minutes wel fd out what l lot t teeoin tes we fut wt t o ar-g fillerado. side oba facg some -gilig do. ch lees eadidengba iac som he ig releionam paign.chle es ea idis t latt wni fromre aioamig t lt nitop moro a artilar sttesthatay avp e t whithous ti wlari st sttay w am ithous wri cvile think the presint in rerollehi th presi i nre.ele a cneicutongressw anre s s hasn iaicuton bessthe sas econnomive freeiars stayhe. realec? om we'iv expfrin. rs ay al 'xp. oki goo y lossomeeigh yonotid! thesclotkis arootoo g, yos i'mmeonatghg th.yoti howes youoto itar o atin righ who'm graat.thw ouit [ maleinnnougher
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gyn: maj cradownn ocpy wl stet pteors o aven: gajonraewn wayoc wst p bond o maattan avaned gnconheoo o wakland bcaonforn amo oth p cema n o weekdsft too olaro stcarn mo ofirstceet i c pwe the t c yestersty s d, t toetp g to c home . st t nyoned, w t to me. nneil wng. >>ou mus leae n. egyn>>: moo a lt thi nwodou l yn atoo at t ts? dou lars. a t tears bei used. al thiin a west c oastar b ceiyse atalad t wcod wsthentiwalyl st etadd dhemonntraalr andsthetir tent whpenonrndhir termhspe. cldiaow w m e. cl >>epor wter: ver ten n as t mwo >>epr:eren wk occasy ll t stetem cam to annd k asouus oll stem s. c andedsnd f p olou iusniot g s. edds t polas i andnio geaags t clearrost tor from ond froneafag csity h al lea lroavist f o over edonf c titen h ptevi signs er ed and trash t strn acrs tig an t sh splazn as t th cfr ti fazloweds of th risgti flods
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cfristation. su corfrrsta o thi. f inlysuosortrs t patience withly tost rioters a tice w unsnita condion iors 85 p w arrted forsta c unla ass85bly and w illeg aalor la a sscampyg. nd they ireeg mrng l o th mpg.ak hieyft citgd l acsing he pthice of usiaknghi cexceive fdorce . ac ng the shoic tea org isi the ceiv fce. crheowd, flaea b iangs t wen chil crd,la grandmoth bgsen ilgrandfhers theyramo werll stdi in he amanedf shepot. he y itas widuls. stther was nheoameed f sort. d oing t. asthey wasn't ds.oi n hierng wutee for ng talkg. ey raseporr: dolichave neniehid utrerts hat t lk u d laorr:icve ie ba re gs renatdeo help brkd u th robaay g othnaerdeogeieels p kma hese d thosethinayd othf toolies, a nd a so ng tse t tse loud ninoises o cam ol aromo larng t udre nacsekerss thramnt oicerros lbyhe pro tereoracrs t thentol oeic cerefs ddin phe cr d e thre r cksefndddotes themhesel lcrvidngoks cndice t o u seemhesel lvi tngeaas. severa cicff icer andt p utsestorhes wereur t i t heveserahternd ashetor no wreur i t tayht's uneasy
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healm a maive canuprive taysne derwm evenmaseveryupon plavens tos rwve rsroup ry ocla l ea rs say the wl b r ro an he ral l beaehrsd s a tve b nigtnt thean retale thidve ig nt plaza. t rmegyn,eol tic say tll aze a. th egy tn,olnd s lllr nuers. thisthay ne be ornd l yr. meg:nu w islo n yeh anrk yo yeg fd you yrsh fan hkled awa the y polic feoun of hle of a t sehe occuoled ptes,el ol there o is an t appse f cuhaed serios,lyel. he ppree fhaetting aerrrted a relet'es protestorets airt a oers if aeyre at'uto rost bus ad. o erits wks by rellinguto srsousd. write t b messagen agan anso pgr aist ite of t msan aan recianen. gr atheniss yotare bout o be ared cien. enyoe ut be arrechango you c hi o bto a let everyonerechgo cknow . oe b gtingrreste ld e ary is o yow ailae ontingrrted did s irthones y ight n la e oncan you imagineheopsrert ho neab t to ht n s ypouhemaufnefs on yreou tuld ypolheduffs onnene y secd. d yuld you cuffe in t folnt so o cse t sho
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ul yafteruf wfksef t say fing ntno toso selett tg polhoic nt teewrheirks ay g ys f a second im etthe olrent ofewirissing m so f a b sabonyd li sa irerwfreoweviserngsing mso b co se. li i form low.a.d.evomeridnge deteivear k f rm is hefo rm with lomid hi nkte this frm ise ou ldth be hi t critil ment i theou be ce.ri lus m ien iust h rlly bn a turr. 'l l hook rtll ayew rnor athat ge show the surte d lartmkentew rortt ow spent 0,0 duyargtmpop of thepent 0 pridt'opsoo oksf an td he one of t t oughprtt' oo cric oanf h u.s o. tigti t tpolies acr now.s.ti lirina sheriff n ul bo isrina c ssirideng a r for ongress. heooi is nextitdeh hngie aws r tonhees01s.2 reoideial f nield an h whaheie t hinks h cou t ingodeia fld anha tnks c o d >>od have opened d a n >> pl hatave compemitteeor t ited stes ongrs. everatneeeom tee get t on thedr ft oree tetn our thr trepuic f igorur pu ic ♪ ♪ [ me anunce] eah ofhesehotowas ken by s mmeonanon tce fi t mningea
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of sef thtor res remen. son timng th re me's t fir of me th 6,0 sunses tir mth,0uns he arageetir wsee. ageir e.♪ ♪ as 're vingonge thn ev befe, ♪♪ s e ng gepru ntias chthlengevef is thelpverye ha the tirent iome ey'led ruiachng tlpryhahe reo en iy eve y on'l ed of eir ys. enevon r .♪ ♪ pdentl. bng yr chleng.♪♪ pnt b ychng
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ese gs we upoo ely! you ow wt el is ely? e wup e! dica u open wnrolelent. e? now cathro h demberenth.olt. n itick ith old edice plw? rodeer. sur ick h orldind icnew plan wh tterovere, ls co r ord w w erer lco bo. edice pls gi you frecanc scrning bo icand plllnegi visous re nc crnd 5ng off obrannamerescptios d neis wh 5 youffe i o anthemeoughsct hoio it par of whthouheal icare aw.eghho it timto lk, copare. itar thalre. itim l co anrechoo theightlan for u. earnore 1-8 -medanareoo he ht mencare ov.r rne -8ede mere.
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megyn: er is a question f u. w legysis aueio havne constu al gh wtsle? s at ihe lalav qcouestioneial raised i n ts lwsu i f liledal b qion is i pehe pplsueor fedhe ethical treatmpe of pndpleha against eseawicld. eaetm ofgaawsu cims thaawtldhe. ors athesuar ckimrelahat and ouldereed u eror arela a tlde3treher endment of cstitution. th lawsu3tit goe dmenof onto cameit fioiv alessu plaintis t ntcaseo no w fld if t heeslliv pins tstim ny se seawor s wshe lfsuit t i noth ing morehan awors lubsuciitty stunt. th yoinmonubci tnk? un yo t? >> havcommded tiveuty soiers a at >>heav bmmded rve y so y w ahere we a have worked geth b wdeitrhur y wre wos i hneor th w tit h rdratl and aoseu s iha t
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a 96nd s dedti in ial enie 96 know ait deitore what en tnoakw toeceurite borrhat an janolan o. me tn: hsece br an j oolspanoken crmeic h of t o ainiraon hdl og ospen bocrerec oit nowe l rnaihat hdl o a zoboerecit no l sher paulbab m b ercoid ping aunoronbgress. b e atnalunor sffon es assoion sh iff ef teanar sxp ra ryso wioebsiteshf t rueain s wt wldeadry wsi this ru w weadheri his toea l enfcentawri to creanton? erif babeuelme tht ishe qio for y ouea why ouif y bou get o of this enrcing tor y wh lawous y andouet tfo en increagnghe ls? aw >>selnd it's aovel cce pt ea th les? nf>>or ts law a aov ccept ehe ama admiornist ttionoesnaw wntnyartf it. ammi st onansn hen iwouemain shiff he i pbay uilemai iet sh very easily uil iet wha ve fac ericasa gve inethaac estition noictaust abo our tionno us tse arebordur and t fact at weave thesearls w ho
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thinthrd ond theac p la c in wgav he to th ohe p m c nthe vlee meco tt h m come tohe america e but t hame homeo unsecur b aderi prbuents t arave nio uec pr setsrityrahrea tha t oma admistserionty termsea t through janetapolitmaan t mistonmsorrs t ou re s ec ene tnapitve d wenow t not toe sueece nnot ly tvese i ssd bno t abo nuto ue t t th iecomy are are ptheoplcoe my pelere s 1 a unemploent, p t 21pele unelo i communenies t, m county. t th21 u answerse a cmuetng fro m on is me awee setmulungs, fnd ison im tees and how wl h slu that wke ites h an'ndtow crelated h j s. at and whatke n eed toit do h in' g reouedof t way j o f tanri wte se nord e n low erof tay taxrite se duce n rulown, andet t ce rn,nd t esmate $3 illi tha is ttg on the s ideesma lines $nli ha spriv ttg t sin inesrs a tiv he atome into tcomy and trulrsy a oe patudomntisoryfcomy a amerula, the economiis eryin priv a era, t sll enobusins. emeingyn: l eivsk you this. s soughs. heeffn:you areesk y t tghs.
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1:26 pm
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1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:44 pm
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1:45 pm
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1:46 pm
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1:47 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:49 pm
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1:50 pm
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1:51 pm
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1:52 pm
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1:53 pm
1:54 pm
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1:55 pm
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1:56 pm
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1:57 pm
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1:58 pm
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1:59 pm
2:00 pm
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2:01 pm
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2:02 pm
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2:03 pm
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2:04 pm
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2:05 pm
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2:06 pm
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2:07 pm
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2:08 pm
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2:09 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:11 pm
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2:12 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:14 pm
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2:15 pm
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2:16 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:21 pm
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2:22 pm
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2:26 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:46 pm
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2:51 pm
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2:57 pm
whicnow exattoays,h, oh,my gne ic gow nessracus!s, h,[lauter] l ght, tra see yougossc!oon. >> repauter:r]hank t, u men: wll brighn.back epr:nk e me w bghck
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