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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 26, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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out h ng younr, o er. ou thhe ou o is 1 ears o .un o . no s 1rs o he' no n. ifou d'tet fusine's, whatohey n if d fino? at y aittl bit demd it. drin are n tlit the hse!emt. okinrehe h!. ok . caponedy closaptiing rvic , in aped ostig icin >> gg: hlo, eryo. it 5:0onhe et cst. 1:00 .m. th ki- gon. h, yo thisits:0the ve." e c. i'm e 00 p. ket-thzei-. is e prov."ateuinhe m pt- oveu vva-voom of t newoom. th kberlguilyle, vob-om ckeleric t bewlingm. dan kperirl.ile, the ow i p kedelic bnganight ri th c rliee i she p's nde s ht t's ir a bthancehis ciehe n s me, amica. s anot ar bce inssllme of present meama. oba 'sot we canns mef wa estampanlans toba eeean wa de for colge ks,paf oy nstheyoere e sob e ugdeoorol k o noce eye plusfloroba eppea cou saysnoho rkedhehari usora w?ea ou ayseady roughdt mri bua. 's adygh m hbu p k.
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hi h you haipray he p ihiouaiackayike den l pque.he i'ell yhy jnke edwdsen pe. in thei' newl e ynf y jdw di't a . "tnhe fe" staewss e soo a i y diop a th king a"tout ftas pooies. i ♪h♪ng at ps. ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ a ucornn ery pots ty of r urn easteot ln t forvene toof iebte sdentte l n thats tor lesnen t to ite snt ceds at tneedo len. es if tou borwoney set c us edle if ornteyeclaet u occatio i the w ieresratela cc thio h ie e get ioliees te maki the lns th he easr, uden havet meie pkichasheg l pow ey'rlead tas isinenav m itio pandasore bt w 'rat dad youet fin theash? io dwomee s sdies dou fanalis ohegendh? and rac me a ses al orinkndgndac a proem. nk ch yr a staards gros. do y and a tuion gsp,tads ty ggedondui ano ger t pce snonramp stamd on the pailbe. s llegmpis le pay gamonheorlb yo own loeg b lmy. ay if y oyowno b. ear yn dou.
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u he o o cigslt.arou he o cmsl srtingregs sinlist gs sulde aret gng t st masse sde thereelve g t >> ob:sss tha-- yherve greg lis doe >>:t heha y adt seion? >>egreg:ist dooe. pecily f h you b. ad se n? kim rly:>>g:newdot! ci f gre i wtou t bhow you imesidy:t omawn envere w wkingouome oise aboid o ts veudenloanlan. ngthene'moingse toboome to tou end asan fn. y renngoe comenty. plea, if ouas f wl. y >>ecau o c thints eaifhang w >> auabouhi.ng6 llio ou amecans coulseeheir pment go6 io me dons. by undrulsefir d plarsnt ao we e gog toby mdre it drs eas ar r yomou t avewegoto m onetayme aas mo h.yo t ate bternentermet ratmo at b rd ts wonerost iat wot co axpa trs as dimon t t it wl iave y mon a woco pa ait wimlave it we y youon a tim w e >>ana: oy. ou i hav bnimo a ot of >>a: presenti o eve s.iav b e gu bindheresifnt wi theap esti ta yougu hat b od insi f ntfwihe n. e pside taouatleas on f be pole. he p dden' eve cp for theas
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esidolt. >>reg:heaybe de hn'tve c or heshedis hrnd he asid >> g:barrbesed. ht ed dan h or hee reazed rrd. is a ban idere ea d >>ric:ccuptheodiu is >> d ba: hdetold me >>c:o.upe iu >> b: dot sa d hld anyein now. b gredo cansa a ny qution. w.plaito me rean a lnquon rgiv ess?ai eif yavoan lnorginess ivfor s?uden loa y won'tn we ve i forgiveryssing? r en >>oaob: w we for'tve ye n a i orry dag?y bas. >>is i: ae terfic orogra y it w adabaunny i molog berc ra the y. w a thfactsny mog b uneloym t rae thamonctcolle gruate is veryowne relymivera t the onllestgrtes ofheount .ryele t hebut e stunt dtts of nt incrsing. weow ht ee mtue d stunt dt than redicrcardng ebt.we h m ov1 trtulion d is i a wayan tdird lowt.he ov paymtrts, onmethg th nee i ay tow be ym, ththee de. b e pvateanks sewed d stentsonnoug pte ksderaloanare sed low.stts ug good raaneowdea. od goea.roun coness, en tter eri tha is toe firun onprobs,m. e thseco pro em, re i er wh it oes.riha t ir it akesobhe overthent coainro , ie lder o whts. itasesert n lr oesor
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don'orry you c't gor n'udenloanry.ou ccomeo us g 'll x i enan f meus l i y. f were on y a blet tra t we prognssiv b stialra tism. ogiv to the s glernmt fo m. everhing. u c't l e tha wayohe gnm foat i not ree m keterng c lcapilismhabob.ay noth g li tha iot e m t >>ob: the any ing pi smb. ke tt h ethlihan wl >>: henyg tree t h? w eri of urse. it all capeealis >> ob: rif se eallitllapis? >> : >>reg:ll wto aou th>>gh.g: threal w arobl is tuion. tht.thal tblsui. t ln. t ifuiti we ler you l woul't ifti hav whe lou ul pblemav wh e lo. >> kberl but pomeem peoe w lo olle k andrlut ieeo cit ution li the mon.lend thissbout theit ciopaigng liheon ispoliscs, ut12.he heants coig b vot o the yout li, . hets o bmakeotense ohe the pe le cute o for h ankesuppted seeresincy. th pe che n odsheor a hin. evenanoreppod thissiime.y. n a. so ts a en the
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and ea t t aay peoelyhe p testd teoe p stotesng. es. dan the schl hpoke atanhech hke at 9% rchangower ts ye. ishere any uvers% y thater t s cutuit n rasye is recretly?ny u rs t ev inhe rcuessiit?ra th don hav toecy?e ev n mpetive. r sie otr th g isthon bav t i ete. otthis b reehat wl, i obv usly e t e w uneloymt ra ibvly high for colge neymraradues. i vy arobl wit gh5%or ofol e du. erics whdidn ablitraduef fromolle havg t b on icwhdn the ok forduhis. om lileav t bn the e wtresors.he li baende andonstctiohe wes rkerdidn g t nd stghio sool rop-t erdn t unemoyme ratisol. sl4.p-t 9. emmeat bobyou e buyg9. bo ing'obu euyrgumgt tt everne i on theboookg' for t >> ana:aybe couer h iehek or my o argent. th. kim>>rly:a:ndepbedentou h inki. o shrgkingt. >>ob: ople genimallyy: pep nt theikistudt lns. shng th d >> : le en >>lyric: p eiudighe def llt. th dte o a loa >>c: stent an.he ef >>ob: e oou a ooa stt .our
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>> : mind o >> ec: whar nd ehami? atbout iegal gmiblin dan thaut is not ial gornmeubsi bob costanhas ofotighe gome ucatsin had.gonep, in obst publf higr ecatihe. why? at ha nethetaten blig e legtilatu y? etesegtuave astilly stid.e ad b tiy . leglatus. th is the b pce tay. eg tu>> gg: y kno whothasshe p t sotion.or ts? ga m ynoamedo r pau aanso witon t twoirst n es med r auwhicis w he iasitwonelible st n ror p sideic. w e ire he i talngli oe r p de anni " abt wh h h i woual o doith stunt ni labnswhou dohtu. l >>es. stent ans ouldehased t. the is a >>.undst tt ts wldle tidse somethis aeopld t wid it i a fled proamr. it'snconitut nal. i a >>reg:e fdro 'sonutl. rht. >>g: eri whahe i ight out the r g.ernmt shld ri abhat be in tht sdentoan t he gnmsh busi ss.ab be ther tshou be s stuntnt lnns bua pri te lder shosid b. er oue altuwed lr shod b the buri o lyrho
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b reurceo boowaloneydho b he th way ohentertreatece bo wouley b ccure.thay it wldn' lowerhant ite ulould be wurn the go rnme w --n' ow dan it nuld t ld mpeteive. w hee, psidegome- oba astan t d ar - et>> be.: yod t pstde ban ibat - th coury tontr b styoent t loa?an i kimrly: hat thou ttr t stt proboam. im y:>> dt a: i t do. ob tru tm mor tn the d i gornmeo. doi it. ru >> tob: y?or t he kimrly:he ia igooumeoit. want eopl>>to: betr imy: i i themlvesseekut an ntpl et edatiootheise ey mht emt bees aekeo,necau the ed iocoulhe't ae ord m. pebele a a tryg tauheay bk ul a thd loan ifpeou a loory a t theredi car b dethanortges. if stooent aan i nheberwodi iar tedes ofhetg a.untf dtstt i nr outher i pele ting te --of a >>tana:fow m dy ohe peopouer pe tg s-died >> da:umen mry o op fi-makg? i' sedorry den htude lo and gfiak i'ry sic t hyde lond omac gever monhat ific t n't id m loa acer on t worfed autt a the t time mnd ioa pai it. or a a he bobyouorry a ut me i the thgs.ait. ob u ry dan a goi bac wn ithth . s a youer pson. an oi>> bac: w iou'r stioung a ou >> pric:n.ou s wha i b goin'ron?ting now uorry abo >>ourc: sha rtga but in? amaw as nrybor ma morage gaut pgramto a n
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mofy tmaortgore, te re p am antherincle mo tit'sohetg t rointhat an e >>ncob: u wodn'tay 's thatf ynt wert bouto -- >> : wo>> e'tc: fl babout it,at y er n'tut-- wor. th gov nmen ewill fakeba ceut oft,t. t or >>ob: u wodn'tthayov enll the if c you weof goi toose ur>>: wo hou't. thf oun pa is wotoi gngo toee oupresent caushe i ron pas pa g. o iant to now w reesont us ion pa pau itow w thks whouttudeoans au th peoe wh d't hav th wmoneutde thensre eitthreooorwh o dav we mnedl cla whel getoitrr o toolle whe w kno mwla wet e ireasyour ear ngolehe wno powe i as boburarisolutn is- we gre obheolutn if youutis get d o the oan, there utif tuion ouops dork yr t o he wathron,h sheool,hichs tun s whate dk. y thateemswaro sl,chike a apt atuite d at msidea-e apt antuateddea.te >> k berlea tui-on w morentteffora.ble khen.rl ui w was abl reooore tt.'tay asverying blf rkinaturge t kinhile go g tu't schl.ryg >>inana:ower incgee in leople gohere t arech this >> caa:ed per lere re hi>> kberl ca t pe. gs. bobgove ment krl >>ana:overent. t th'rerant not lobns.vent you >>na:pplyer andt. gthenthem.ot priden l. bh incased u lynd fuing grhem andm. s didpren b nced
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esidt oba. fu nog popur wmh andot of sid peop t inc aseidhoseobut a nopu w a lutif forower opnce iseome petile.orer >> ec: tribl ie get t t binespe. o e tbl bsiding eryby. t t bes o st sp. id g greyb shod aut stud t s in waltreeccup reho las of the a ud turee ialeeup ofeslarofhe ts?ee yes >> b : weesan'talk aut the w schesl hing bwe 't ist thk a riculs? e at ich wltheyng a the isth for,o reepul ppl n l e. i wy a he gre we n d it r,p p morr. l >> b: ye, su . ree d kimtrly:ome our rr sc ol a you w blyeetsu a job im y:thate surothesc aase.ou w ob t's i at >>ob: u hae. to get ut s i of he,reg. >> : ha o>> gg: nett onhe "th of h fi."g. red e co tituon. g non judth rul amecanourtfi can d ecotu isl.ic l udul rt so don n esl lorge tons. e-ml us tonge theove@fnewsom. -mnd m ictuuss ofour cathe@fws. mtuf r ♪at ♪ ♪♪
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eric"tbendg oriv bacards aer e bele icnd i olusi.acds flo dae aeals cou cl iredsi t.ay f lsuit lo over alsonetouyispucldt t a f lit sque o beret dermid bpu a ismic aria ueaw b d mi b in aisc ia u.scour not t fir in timeut w is i hap.sningurot tir at me ws i aap?ng kimbly, e lel eag a he. arialaw ouldmbt --, le ag kimrly:ou kwyhe op ion iahis,w ld--ight eri imy: kw i d't.opn s, >> kberlht i tnkt's ri riouand ouldot d be. allo kd atrl t alls shooudd righldn ppleehat itlo accattablthatlludge ho gh sa p okae youtan use t.itccblat it notgehe l of hesa ukatedou se ates what iitot the legalf autrity ud fo alling es shaah l ha ihe al utimpltyente ifollgha lhe crt stemplte ke u i we hehe c u. conitut n, temse a th laws ue we' h govnedu.y.onut t a nothwse'ovd sriah no law sah >> b: the is lgaw hiory the crts bthis usi l relioushiy aws,he c wsn peoe insi the ame li fse witns,n w eo organzati. ey u dee j fish lawitn gati in u jhawnases d it heen donf 26es
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st es casit h wren sonriah fw ha6 bn w ion't see shatah t pro em ha b is it'sike ecou. h i't aeet t dropute is 'sand e y in hric' cntrylub dte r ex ple.d i ey wld gc'n cnd -ryb ex e. eri w girst -f rist all. plse, you see probllm -- gre i gpl to, ouellee yo-- >>obric:--hat jges nd re go lries nowyohe >>c:t i jamics law es wreadheuran bore y i ic dedeaw a ce? ad an b e gre y eveone ows e de acti of was c percted re vee s ixth tif w cenryered gtth hdersen you disreeith g hhat,rs ou ise hyou't,lear u' iamarphob. i >>ob: bodyentiob ed >>: dy th -- we lktti the resech wha tod i goeth- e l bat man mhey s tesse wsedod i itoebaan ove m ssd it man-- 2 stas. ve >>ana: notan 2 stariah. >>a: n thats a reren to sah. anoer at a reno lano la shiah w ishh dfere i.
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you souccep the dredea at sriahaw houl be ou s ep alhewed cou. a at t sam e sime,ah whyule de ald ouve p pleryinatto t teame,hy d ay peinhe mge t sces tt areradi onab at e m ce t courouse ediabt s urse?s gre thepicknd oose ?r empleokay ife a re heck ing o d ose this i thi s eleayf a crt g dhi ihi cour toretally sho cd abl toet rf tur t etly hortga intest my hou blo r beuse thari law gantt you outws - be>> eec: hd onri aw wh about - i e honwhbo is,f ihis sets predenthere ion't be aays wre a jud stssyre nt rethe'te a w w aud und s sriaaw you e stolthathing ove the. w weeedond cut saourou lt ha ofolatng vehe >> ec: dwe youdutaker the l-ha of bob e did dououake tehe argu nt wobnewishid ls were e t us in gu wisheourt ler usey'vusedt fnrt y rs.'ved f jus nowecau it' y. musls. us's towir ownaut'eligusaws. sl >> e c: ion't bel tvewn ig ey'res. ung difrent law e i't el inhe crt. 'r
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u kimrly:iff yont thiaw ho cr ki.ingsre imy:yohi oka ho kidifygshariaw. kaamputionare ne, sban fy ri arallod till wi s.puon e , ianm tking boutart,lo tecaul t itwi all und i tng sutriahau l. itll nd >> b: do sah you lree tt e c rt bdo udouewis lawe i t c cas an s uriahaw iis aw musl i cas? it'scaan bn sahone? slas >>'simbey: i b has e? ocrred s.>>be i as i tnk it' aroprte? .oced houl ot tpplyt' apr ? inte atiol lain t unit ul stes of amelyca. hav teio sla t of itaws. ssf me .>> ec: w haveaveen tol s f therareo stas.s in the e w veunionrecoolize sriah er laweta ihe to io coe be supreah -- aw>> b: noofoursnot. t be crerse- bnorst. n. c etheuestn is dhey n use i e stis in ceriny cas bweense i peop ofhe iner samas ben opfaith je hav donam i slimhave whje iavon the i big imve donl? is i nwhhe cigppin d sobody i nands off cin so dy>> ec: oe yo ope the ds or tff e o ayothinpe canhe eand t d besed. mo a toin topan ewo.d be a md.ican.d ismooop bng. issd a
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in manonomasount balifnia. ss oth ords ifin y're aom nt xicaifa. thllegds orf l yaleor a at m ter,calleg canomeegr l to alifnia, o mr,eg toan somae coun andtoet i.d.hatifa,aso o ur n se oat, llowung ynd.d t do tngs lik c h n oheckow y ev o tsik a clyck f dri r'sev linse. a>> da: wn iirst hea of fris thirthoht it mlite.e st d wiest fea peoeoferehi ho ilega my an wor ng. en w f cledeoo fineut ga anat i notor.he ase. w c do itinuppon iote. itpon sona cnty corrte i i'm wroon -- c y ey f rr youre pled iver 'm th areot aroowed-o fousk p d nort aowedthre aed t ask kimnorly:anct ary.ed >>ana:hank tousk okinfor e imy:ct w.d. iave >>a:nk app entlinit'sr or w ievereody. kimrly:t's ppgaltlnd's illel. er y.>> da: t heri imy: ss utedl rom tle rftophe was s d tri soud ed it. m t sai r topnas peo seouldt d hat. toe i jai orai no teo asonldt if ou arehaoere iaio on illally wifre e do w heaws >> kberl thell is ly w ampl w hes f kis.rlhes pl stasticfdvocesn . beha ofhemmignts idtaic
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oclf ohe 921 immharantf ig tus ed or to i outhoties21 mm hant't cmitt a tu o ctome i anotr thhodesommied mor ha ctt offees. c theyre ayinot tthsmi ms fe . valu le peyicinin ts rourc at a lu peinginiverd to rrc al wh it a th wilngertoeduc e witthilhat.uct. >> b: i shodon't thi be use 's b:reg' phop't hi ere. >>beric:e ric. g'>> b p: yopu tnk he s ee. >>y.c:c. this lage bro bht oyo t here s a sn the u in isgheero o er stres in outhn she un caforn reinth artilarl whecarn ki have bnille cssintirlhe the w.kiav b it'sothi to doith tles cin toc e 'sshiooh t thiss w is uelieble. >>reg:an iposeimple uie e. sc ario? >> g: i bobwhatses wng whpl havi the car? obat w w >> gvig: whet ifomeo i ar? th xica i.d gants w tif eo e hari law t get ca r.dtsf t th ieresri onaw h tet r stuntth ies o h loan? wh dtu you an do wh douhen?o
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>> ec: lk, iav bkenn? the aw aeady e l i m an illal. b nkimbly, esses entehey ady ke tanre tlly. hav't roken mb, theslaw,t theyave aeady t t av brok thekeaw. they'rw,herehe illally.e ady th isrobl. ok he. >> kberl it see 'r trellely thsbl in.inatn fopeop to k rlt eeigno tha tis theirst riint,atfoophat'o whahey are noha brhekinghe ri ey d't csidet' ithayre breang t law br ngin l ft, hey w t d amn cty fdet peop who re h eea taw i egal. fy w thatmn one f ofopho hhe ial dands oatne fit. d ds >>ob: tnite o stes . propates >> $:0 mi tio ate ss ye to opesnoug ney t $mi suyeorto ug 400 00y tlleg migrts a ysurt andhe00 eg ha alrdy d e th. gr a y thr wou putndll theeopl ha inlrail d andth cos sthomaouuthe pl forte toeep hem tinrelnd unosl th s geta toughhe d rtto pprocms. t dan thais wunthheet tgh d ate t ass ocuing t fedeanlha woverent r me e t moy th've en anged to d de erby tt m govnmento dmo th e a eri younow dhat t eatov segennt d is? ri ouywt i ttegs? osts i $,000eril letsl imgrantoroce and send $00il ackleimanceond wreve thendy came frok wve $3000 chhe >> b: se the mellro to yo bea hou .$3 0 >> e c: ts is b sseetyhe
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gn.o b isightyoeaou it e t ticalis sy ishtmmigtion it' ait t al alg th bder,illob.igont' a alalon theal bthder. b r,ming u. predent bamaalonhe lls bericr.s if oung uon'trentma -ele hims exticifear, you't are ingo be, " you leimt r,ou ow" i' suree thag ise,ad " tngou sincaowot"f eopli'reha i cludg meould tike the nca gornme to ave pl alo udme ldll ye, plhese? th isgo nexme oo e "thlo y fple"? thsex oth f ♪♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ kimrly: elco bac♪to "t fe." ♪ ♪ngre madit vy lear im y:theycoon'tacan o"t p fs" job replanad. v arso n resieynt'tbama psob an resoing oth tac ncssimao prome sog hthac agea. omare ctic
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5:28 pm
stri tion fasor dlt rion. d cayou movhat clor? ca 69uofovt tongrsionlo reblics far th ric 69 whic tgron sreicfathic icrue.e. 65 wtaxes incasedor th we makes $ncedthak1 llio 1 o-thiod ofheount i on my sid thereofsnt ion cmyssid e warre. yo hav rarde-- c >>reg:hearoll. i yoav rde cb"nework imes >>g: l eri thepoll peoe atcbewkes occy rihelleo allatcc seet. bobif yl hadtaved st. myife'd b t ouob i ynadheed nose mye >> kberl no b i vionce se krlo.ioe >> b: cls wfare beg th rublins t rewd bwealcly f wre5 teg0 ears rli a tew th is theal frice you tre rspayi. he a rig, th replicathshe ce ouke or t w ite hou ayi heig th ngre we'ep finca ourlves o t w eou aone. you ne ree'inures a fe, e. tre su a lot eopl f ttee t the
5:29 pm
t pl t vernnt - eri thefavodheealt rn -stri tion ri heat ivo tlt dinitn of sociism. rion i ri tt ditof cim. trerit >> b: soove som pce t se. b kimsorly:ehyom p d't . imy: ty? d gre it t beg ohe llegcampes i the reteg o 0s, egmp ihe libalsho pusd , e id thahe ricereib s il t getusheids idha ic edoctnateto lt w g tet inki. s it'seen avend ctte l w wel ki. u ga b'sthn a tel it. ga b >>ric:o youhink tt. tw thirof t>> cc:ntryyo-nk >>reg:t's aiased pl. tw irew yk t cry >> timg:"s se p y polimol >>ob: youskhat queson -you n't ink >>: ou e rublins tnk tyt vor ches -u t k and rli t t r ongrs? >> gg: tndy far th succsful gr eri the fav t g tfa rith. ccul danriheav t ri cla w fare anan work la itisguing d wre uy. and rkt gu g >>imbey:t's u un esidd tialo p behdeel. lik>>be s th. unidal eh
5:30 pm
ikths! asf youeot uet enoh wel lten asf poul u ryano to we l n ke y p angeryao yng >> t predent is goirom wn t tn, imp tningre thents motiois ofm t rep tlicampnghes. tiof ttinupeptrawca mennd apegts a in enging awen inllecallyngry eg a aumenng g to blduppo finec plyitivry aen tax kesn job bpo freat piv s.x sob >> kberl thais da is not k hrlpyhare wh dasot b. h >> b: th w i pri y b pa bthrihead y pa . ad dan thawas reat eechy pl.yan a peoe anha s wishe watldave sd i'l ch p n an fo peoside of t itedsh w staes s in012.'l th isfo not pdehatf he t aid, but edta nthe2.ndorments wlthsot t eoughd, ut st bauseou dis reeeithornt w so one gh byseisehom wldsoe he sent mo w m roomad i h s dnt m an moohing mn abt s
5:31 pm
peop. ng mabon'tt undstan >> ob:op i asn' moo'tndan >> ana:ou h e a>>: nicame n' oor evebody >> ya: ha canou svedalldy t yis. his n sll roois >>ooimbey: ge hi a ti-outnd aooki >> be g hi>> b: heaystintelutctua a ki gume. u cat bhes henelua i ellemeual arcament buthe h argentshat h i le lmakedoake parplentike hisbuergtst dica kee peeis pgram ca who cno pam affoospilizaon aho her ingsnd p c itut fo d gipi itza ao t fre r gsrket pt whi is t mos git o da terouplacre ou ethi i t cos b daanybouy foac tir c hea h. ybfo t >>ana:ou kw whsea tragus? >> a:peci kly wwhn th sayhe reblics ca abo the ri. ag? ci so wone thke payl yans nreic ca boahe weahy uy.ri. doe't wkso fore a pln n corp atioea i. oe w aor rp piolick is ant i kingrgumtousan p cks sagrt ngumus witgrit not iro clhem nes. bobif i was oingt to cm callim a n. ne, i'd ob iallasngo
5:32 pm
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5:37 pm
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5:38 pm
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5:39 pm
>>obomne ene the >> neputaon. he h got e ayith itheor ataong. tim nhe the cpaig hot ay h tit's ag remimkablnhe c.ig w it'startg toatch embl th it him.rtto ch en he ror t govnor msachimettsthiss h rsomeing did tn tovr last m chnth,tsightis got h selfmeng tid wro t as de o the bal th,htssue ot h ilf t ro io. o heritilalue ste. i with ohn.asic whotilan cse su. thnroblicho c >>ana: tak him rd tt h >>a:uppoaks joim a sichnd t bil b t one h o thepo wjord this i you rotech t theil bneill o it' a yese wnd ifhi ioute ye votelt' a yesf is a no. y te kim yrly: ion't kw i howo. y fige i o . imy: this'ts k pblemith womne y andig i o we i not aises to pemh trenneouts e d w i 2ot ao ents rge. 2 r. pele a conrned ccern withis pere v aues. on ed thereonceed wh crn its soone o wo t g ith vs.
5:40 pm
hece w obacar or usoe wo gorti theh unns. at'sobhy harr u doe't htiehehe un. lid 's h fntoe h drunn fta cs. >> gg: iginef yo shpingabitnn rlect cy vo gng. ineyo shng hiteo b rct cfee,utvo. have ho buyo b somhing chate, i not s o ve 'somngt i cfusi. t o b whe d that. c e fm? gre tha cis hsit wh dt c f rks. re ha h is gngn tre bei pote s. nosure s g wh is wro t wheipo fliflopnorewhsro w ip-fppinli op eri evethin espeallyhis e. -f indo u rinderveand inat pe lyhapps ed i w cons ? eer repd lica cam pp i o wns the epca amn wcons. o ey tkhe the wns t ste.he s. goveor wker id'm comive and wr gngo one o the most mpormint indues gne ofhe stor is anyfny fo romy to s -- >>foana:ome sat's t s-he sa i ue.>>a: sa >> ec: b it' ns. sa i. >> ana: e bt' nememr ack
5:41 pm
>>a:oemrk wh oba dipd hisol andwh ba fod ou theon't hav theip is coecti barininnd rhts foou he an'theav baed hefndeverco tiar tained rsbout i gainanba >> werwerell cra .taut i wiinonsi govnor wrealkera ittartwisiovr tokespre. it rt th is t bigssue re>> b: th is bth isss r caig lueeoursf. b anthfors bss walr. ca >> lana:ey gors. an >>rimbey: tt is namal >>a: gonamealli. >> ob: >> thabe tisam na-cal ng? me li >> imbey: y . >>: ha bobyou areight na i'al? a eein>>withbe you t s.obureht are u i' tak ag ainy --th t >>reg:very e tim yak cal a-- aame we ill >> tg:eryim yalway aeel t cougdrop bobydo me aavor ave ugop ob y mror erain >> da: hmaain,new enyork tes" c ol d has hn,w hrk t" cas 25 h 25 up kimrly:hio o.p. p vote imy:o p.s. te dan govno per ats. 26 is w takanovert octer 126
5:42 pm
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5:43 pm
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5:49 pm
rd 's gre ibe oorma day in c-- klanrema ay >> iob: uaid anhari >>w, d: orcehreed t i'mri dce eedivoed t'm. vo . dan may occup wall seet, wou y an wanay oup llaria st,ou yan iaaw?? >> gg: ty say t cri rate as g tsa t gonri te up.onp. >>ric:t's goi uphere ime te h een>>c:stagntoi u anre pusd dn nd n e h ndiveed tognthe oupy allanus d stet p ntestndhey' ve puoed o of olacey whelhe st p stimeseedy'o epu ofcehe prent >> gg: i isurti poo peop. g is 'stioo oppele >> ec: is conitutn thonlyrote butight tope ebe se ind sdonyut ids tth lyte utschoht.o thatshe pro sem siths t ho atoccusroh cu wteve
5:50 pm
>> b: 300 pole dow a w ve ocpy wl stet. b 3,0. 3 ol owich big arhan som oc wst. 3, ate h igrnoms. e th pple,hey tehe bt trpers ownth pe,yhere t b licen whtrrssualn do the rethin andeal wit he cewh alviolot cre.he y in the orldin dondl youit n dolcr inhe 3,00ldpolioowou o tha n crow 00li o seouslha ow. sesl >> da: ion'tnow. yoknow bterhan d i i d'tw. >> byo: thow is d blingrn drs, n d b sthotins dng dr neopl sin >> ec: iis cplme e i c thou. >>ana: iemonrabl ct tout cme as gon>> ua: ereolic ireonbl divted t c on ta u car of eicherote. >> b: doivd y thi ttayar f shouiverte bdo,000 yhi t ouer00eoplpl dabsrust piceelly to make decion hate bsst pelyo nes keecn t whe.nehe
5:51 pm
ltheare e hee >>imbey: ty arthe st iheorld >> ob: >> quebeion. tar e buther are c s i leang old th r ca>> and: yuen. cou akbuerre c thea to o waltree and akethcand you th tho--aleende wt. th >>ric:re y sayg ere a c wspiry to tak e >>c: cop ys oay o t e inory cirtoak op oneigorhos? t >>ob: .or t abodyho this y igho ne 3,0 of t>>: bt olic ady hi y toake carne,0 of t wha bticou toear say oha e ra tagums,ommust andayociasts d cri grasags, up, enmu somody dias isri g , omy spid.s sd. >> kberlob. >> gg: i is k brlng . vert and is urti poo g i b pele. th mostrt impndtant iart o ttioo gmen is tpe.ortu edthstmpntt t metaor en ttu! ta! theediaovesheroteers but eyave aeia proesem wn iturnsuttesometng y t e lovesro w it anssiveet y ve cre the miasre ran andhe
5:52 pm
he mprottersre rhrisnd otrs bro.isro shriedo lve him ebanded imed l an predentim bama ind the nehboranistereng tntwhatsma gog on i sayg ihe senheneorte tat fr tratngoonay ienfrat n bobwho rana? ob o dan our vwersnow ra? wh anur it vrsw wh it bobthe y ieati u hisifell obe theti tim u se tas 3000 csn nhe yorim ta 3 s0p chat. nor dan mos t ppleho s mit hat. fel t empanhetiosc peo miha e wa strt peltestsmpti woullookt thi a say a watr ri pt, yst madour ointulokhi a noaycan ae hehe p iceri yadrnt no ofncers he pe bk?ofrs bob50% the amecan ople b agr w hob t% pheitiomen le w t >>ric: podayio pside obamey reled te. >>c:artyay pde t amel oc tpy wl stet wn talkg toty t sdent oc wst w lkto snt gre no imesy t a par.
5:53 pm
>>reimbeo y: tes t proem is- ar >>ob: >>be t towro eetsionis cre. >> : kimrly:- cole crowinal you tsink n% of cr sup rter imy:co cral s u k ofinkup iers oka k tooddl is the wh areka tommiing cres?dl thwh re is i hd evince mi sgw cr? thleve of vionce. i h >>ana:viheree s hasthvefioe. een >>a:re rape as>> b: itmazi how yn monipe theeopl bit >> gzig: wdon'ow y h enihepl g wn' t h th areoing a gre j t themlves th reey'rng j ummi emes ane 'rrug. mi a bobwhenhe tarty wa disptintheown ob en t meettygs -- wa >>isimbeiny: reen and et - vi ent >>be rnd vit cri.ri rap. >>imbey: is a ap har >>be i a faar.fa at i a che st. >> iob: u aren to at hetoda s jo >>: dwararo resfacefor his day i n ar'll ll yboutes itcer nt on "s e i c. l f ye."utt nt
5:54 pm
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♪ ♪ gre welme bk to cupy g "t♪ fiv " ♪ ba lik a wrerdel bmellto fo erpy"tivresintiabaandiikte w ll jo edwds t nedpfo isi ia feral urt di ghejo dw tcampdgn fanceharg agaifet hil t g mp d fmissce. rg he as iaiictehion crgese dokss n rlyhe $milln fr ite c doesrs t cov up an ny a $airllfr he hdo tithovp a riy al wrle ru hingh forresintiy wnrugorsi 28. at d y thi of ts 2 uy d yhif bob t ihoug she was withob i chrugrownheas >> k berlth thaashrwn rhia a. k rlha bobhe tk ttoney ant r c paig and ia u d it ob t t eycleay toover up ht cignd n ut ea tomisdereanop h ns. is isdsno tosts. ridulou i tthini'veteen. tooampan meyidou and in vepaidn.heuy fo oo covpa mnd up id ovforimp r >>imbey: ts isnot a >> mibeemea tr it .miea the arerio allatio.
5:59 pm
agnst m. th bobarit iiollioagt ser us. ob i >>ana:isalcati o fuers.. sai the weot >>a:al cotiribuon t thfuampan. aihe th w wer gif as i cobu t the pa s therifs dis inguied- bhe she a s isui ia bhe lawr. kimrly:he pnts heaw ushe mimeyy:o p hee hus prnant m misess h hpr nt bob whysiss evebody poinng ame? obm inhy agrment wveh ydy. inat a? in igrnt w y thi i at me c dhi >> d a: cl hi a m ne. c it'dgree. d bobi w d't. chi n call 'dheee peoobe w.n wl strllt fasct,ommust eo cialt -- w l>> dtra: wt autohn sc muedwas? al -- eri anyhanche d w anets wa ri nyf?nc kimrly:heres as stng ce ainst im. yohave imy:re peoaelso t tifyst c a st. ainshim. yo vei tnk h iseon trole.o t fy >>ob: won onsm. t hsoro. >>: onail, ough >> kberl w n?l, gh beca kerl we ts i n arica bobhe is a whicae g t i ath mcaey. ob >>imbesy: f ahtinwordhi g >> b: d 't thi m h.


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