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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 26, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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e ta codan p sa h meases iuton m sif pposa ltaod are as inhe psa eest. >> rorte sin rtein ugusea hasglummed. >> apresusent ll cate mm .5 miion n job aest inow sethi c aboe at. mi texn w nobreat iw shibo ove . milln ewexobs. w at>> rorteve per as lls. fu raisg ac ss r fterida ertodaandoldtamp tvfuis ac fstatdan heas jok g aut dadd themptv p sideat'sheok a bir e ceifice th wee and h pde "no dirbt mr.bama wceic borthnee nd in t h "n d.s." w teors t gerno."rash te romy gnosh mney chacternom'rely ey fahaor lertight >> yrean't befaor lht banng ygunsnd tn for'te secd an amdmen and n't ns for tor issuofbortecn ahen am enpro-d fe.t or to cngehose at suhert a an o 50 o-. o0 cellsese youtllou a o ed t kw olsoubout tha t k >>eporr: dpite perut ha attas,omney s ll l ds>>ror dteer tie athe op o ta mostne s l pollin t ear vot giet oatesos athi pnt thell texasarot goveor m wan to esay meat p he
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atasntio to nt gin icve manoho m proped optatnalio fot naxin himsf wes bere p ryopidptl ft yeerda now adsms pweryben pheyeda fox w s pn wsoxoll. bre int esti. rl, ank u. mingl.p in a re fewntti mines n pa wil, k j ns ing tn a ew ceer st sinment a hepail j willak t queionsromhece s s ntnel ad heill rpondo ll ue nsur qmstio ol h "spiall rnd portonli at:00 q io ster g on tspl thaight rtlit0 on fo thaht. foewsfnewsomsfws wsfoews.m/srline we'l wcomeermaain nex ne esda'l w mema 're hedungebatnithex the da rt e fduath cdidas. e >>present ama rturn to thite hou a h crdago >> estert hreea taternolicand t teou andraing hing at ree teaturic anoder cment ra g eming yritil of urno cnt modn aminican ti todain dfver h oodline anotr plam tan da dr ccumvt cong oss ane ord a c ngotpl t i cnmv the yngduca aon lrdns a c indle e ca lniorhite aouse forgn le faircorrpondt we ell or tegolesehasorhetory >> t predent airouncrr tndwel le nesstudt lrynule to a trent anc tcepte aienc a heneud ln eo a
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unersi of lora dver pt anc a caus >>unast siarf ra drradues who tookca >>t oduhooans okeftolle o owg an aragefnst 24,le0 owan age4, stent loan dturpaed crit cd sttoa dtebtpa forhe fstcr cd timever. theules cuttor max fum montmey lor. by trd heesut andax foive ans togenter aloer y 20 t yeanste of5.nd th makfo ite s asiege ao 20 ea coolidtee lofs at lowthakitie inrestate.coidloat theeactown toepubcansnin ste. congss w mr.bama s sectto ub nscidenot o wngk him s r p itic det rsons wk h >>im tol my p admicistrion, we re gonsg to ook e ry>>ol singdm daytron, fige o we whagoto k e can ng doayig wit outha coness. an ato ceit dons. itho ce theho >>ctuay, cgres appved st o the chaes t tak >>ua c es ppace d 201 o tha mrobam tis gng tak puthe e in01ffec nt yea mr am g tthe wmakuts h inec nea bypsed e ame akm f hhe faire typd wo tog her.e f >> troblsai t youwoogidn'r. t veblnite come toun' pside y
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te omto c tmonroun and pconsdesus.y we eed up cnunnd wh div er. ns s. >> s pa e of uheealtare refoill, woverentiv. >>effepaivelfcu banlt oute o fo l,thetudeer loat bines the feveelasan sposeutd oto s e edeoa bes $6e billn in m sdlemse cos s buhe rep lica queion$6llin m whemher e neos rul wbul eat ep ca somue on theavin awhr ne whoul wlat wi picom up o the tab fin a badho lowiicp tab fad lo >> ts isnheoverent bookandhisakes ay t is choi and comertitit inhe ok ds udenes a l noindomtin enarke l e psideke sainvesng induca on i eces pry tdeo builaid aes sble enomyinca i es t tollori r orteilhe a se euntrmyhasotte n sof olri and rte rerase the ough intrissteof furaisndg spch. >>ree hase lose ourghmbit n,fu issp ou. >>haosrmagitionit ou d ou wilngnegi toon do thin touild the ou gdeniletne o ao briine. old anhehe gn hoorri an d.oo d leas pottial. >>he pside say comg ou of col geasot weialed dn b
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>> st pentdeayoansom can akeououol pei d b of thisst lte buynsganousee p anstarng a famy. of hi lat h anuy impt osehe an arecon ay asam who. h ntheyay tmp o chaes h onas ho .orded cod ey tha e hect 6 mlion opler mo .decod th hop it hn et mon i act nlemo thmopt h polical it >> bt: wdelloler livolal the nth b wller lawiv thanhe n ketude canrgedith y ter par d de lawkers cedh argeer with indipa daw plarss t cutge thdefidit he lotoola tndut t mufi tim hooott. m ale h anmuim uate. theuper com tteeust a hn u e. dede b t nksg ing hew toer omee tt $1.trilon i ndepend bg t insghe ng tto en yrs avo ind in au nmatit yovo cut haau inti domticpendg and utlf i hanefen, whh momtcnd gnd wmak s pose i. e dectoofenwh m the ak ngre ionasebudg offe dto rendedawmars hheeeds reveranaweekdgtoffcore anyreedma hds ving raekreny bacngp fro ng thksging, at lt us ac lookg athero begning ofthgi, l us vemb . ok atich areeg verngfware as mb u ar h reer cgresanreots far
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ar aw. >>arlyext ces wee inar >>commlytee tmberwererguieen toy ov whet. t cut wh mme er re theui emoctic tochaiovrhe t argutng w o mh eas bnocackec airg fro mh domeic bpendg. ke >> cgreshas ne tro he mend ces s rela tvelymallot wit c and spe ingla clyllit cgain ad pe gain, c wle lvinginany a otriece n, w untch lngy otceednted thehaverown38%. he thveenereparentwn gro%. ther 17artro7% >> o miliry17 cut7%s oliut defse seetarleon panta and ef rty pose utsse aaronanndnalys sait wouy bses aainly saou bfun thermy ll btfuumbe le tha ty werhey t bbe /11.leha tyer dirtor td the1.ommiee atev thedeci to cut iirr td hefensormi onde nse,evheciout i nshedee, bier teat intitment such sbi tt i micar it nt mantorypend g isch
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growg she o mheareder anry ndtlayisand rowi owsh o raper aydwilyap witht aressghat ph, it wld b d ficu to putth assg t it o p w b a dcuout o pas >> wd lead tay for as de crat sen or m waucus ea that tor oline $trilon ideaten m cu savi s, hatf to com f omnehe $il ta i ireas . vi h toom anot frm 400 tallio fro ias dica. buot0 io arother gro ophisms ca buys n aerrophms way >> wareelli theay ser mmite, hds ff s wialelihe s curiedice ndit h sl mecaid riice.meid peri. no ientis. ri>> aot ofree aic for e cmitt i butti n uch a f ese. aor and t muc cimettut n toh cplet . the d rk.uc e bre jimothanou. cet coress n roe paul.ill re imin tan cen.r stn a fewcossroul l mites. bu t firen s why i aew the govementmionsis.ring buiroanihy i a rsianhe comny ventsingni73 mill n ran ofom youolla? that aaren73yll i tof doeou nla?
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ba-outapacy fo tre ro d zo. is i abauturraccy wfohout t ngle zo cou ry iut 1rr wut ma of le tmou 1ncreingl atmaf ds aut hto t dl whre gl rope wor c sis a h som d w say sincpeworlorwar cs aybret anoer kncrlr issherei. is et howno kss tore furiser wriowown gree's d tt. at h netur bnriigurn out. ee d if 's n h n deced ts bur eving,he t. eopeainan n nistecs ar tgoin t beevg, e ea caaned bk to wk st furarer oin t e is surda ca b to br w? ur >> oret:my ello liv s inda brndon than>> yout: soloivn replicaial c didaon an ou drron ul wl b son tepcal c cedaer st aweri ourdrn w b qution t anthen ycers s ariur and nt,squon tanengyptn yrmy trng d n to ptect t moritptyy tr ristns o kol pct t mm?it st o kl t
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6:28 pm
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6:29 pm
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6:30 pm
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:48 pm
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6:51 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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6:55 pm
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6:56 pm
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