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tv   Hannity  FOX News  October 26, 2011 9:00pm-10:00pm EDT

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peurent he ve aut theeed y rveyassiake inpe at ust. d v a ingsrehe eyke no at. iffednt f gs ca. onpollas hno on topfe f wi28% the ca onll hnopi vo% leadheg rmney byoad intsand n r eyulby th% of the te. ts dat's int esti aof e . 's nt tiree-y pr ary ce in ohi cain efeae-pry n romey by ints hi an ineaperryom 3y ts inin mean talabou h rr riseo theop 3s in bsinealman,ou h repu icanseresintiahe caidat thene a bnen, onpu an sihermia caicaathe ose mber ahaveo me youon rm feelrettaigood >> e erve myowell elttheyod makee fe pretoodllbut soy mnshatke fe we et ha to sill ntinodt to m rkat har we ha arovery sl in plsedith thto art were n lttin up ar andrypldhh wee n linupnd stkingo ure stregy.tng >> wh do utry.hinks who the ason r thnk credle re yohavee had?on d tth queion lotof eds r yo hve earld? o tuen paentyotasp, h rl downnd-o, miele obachnaty haa sge errywn-omi he achn sge. u se to ha s mintarying it h
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what theeasothat sou. tink se o u a abl mtagit o atheso atinta tk th a bl surg >> i ink tahatth t flrgida i stra pollk tt toatplacabou tfl a thre weras agll ttoacou reeallsentheeag messe, nberne, te voe ll ofnt t pple ss nroree, t vowerf thanheof t vce o ple re th mrfia, an vwith oallthue m ra,pect the cond t ng tthtaml ou of tha rct e ndean tis t at mssague is harean powful th mag mon. rit fr thebegiing,nd yove sown itlnhon t dourifrhegig, yo sit tou- eebat, havtalkbou luti toat proems, delop avlk thsoluons oudshar the ti owithhepublros, anthey dop rethlu s conntingith earhe pu ic. th yoblknowhatney nnng ecoh mic owthpu. yo owt anjobs pl as bececoeryc th pulawithan thebslecy lathhe pblic 9-9-planut iave alsput her peas ic the 9- taane. i soe belve wat'sappelsngt ba onr s whet peoere llintag so el w, is'shat epe f tban weo thae iinave ist rect fleaha mssage bou ct w iea wld magou iddrs the w cises dr facthis r conatesg wi the
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eric peoe an i inkthat ac has ratwihe dven icteo aan lo k>> aat rig. whs do umakef dn thlasto aig whbateo ike thk th fuhirststhalfour tha debate w sphtthonu youst lfr feow c didahasba wsp cricizg ou yo fe cdaritizinthriz yo-9- pan it asinng y me pttyough9- p quesons out as yt. p yugh kno ess ou ess robtly lid itecau you.ot noot s ofirti bob did youliitauou el at yofti exaine bt toidouhe ex nt tt yowant yxplaxne to th plato theex tyont la thla amicaneoplhe anconvce tm,a, ycan sst,m ananpl b, isannv tis rev yuen n utra, andven, c, thev thi theight rand pn,anc,or herichi >> i he kw thheht blls pe on ic bac i keanthwas bs bon bui diac't kw it washatans b bunti ttu l tdi kitastebat b ti an tit d ld not feeas iiat w able an dnooee ii w lexpln ettas aduate becseas ypl ta kno you ly ad gette30ececon to y spon no buthe go u newsetisono con nuon buegoefle wsyon saygou ven'readhele lanyhavet re theaygu n' adalys. thanve oodrehe ne is ar who ys th
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od ofehes morhoesp te onom ots on theofplano ote vesp om onhe nic artiane tt aparedn t e e e wa reet jurnaic tie tapedasicly t wa et coirmi j evenathini wa tryi to s. ic dunghe comi bveit iinidn'waadd yio s tly dut, b i b iaven'd sce thbeenble y toxpla ito b aeot s o eoplth as ll asen e swertotolaot o i que ions and thina opl ls as of eopler real oethatostuens of td sein ltack seof, haplno alattof bas t ckeha >> do y wry o ningater u a dles yx wwith t ong u elinatg a th incos tax- foth emplei ow yrselat a youthercoaxfo prty e lerong yuppoer e fl a ou ta whi wour bng a conspoptio fl ax,tahiouut tathat bul a al nsiolimite tx, irand aat gerid fl tmi inc teird tax.ged so dou w trync tha ere' axing be s d man wha de'ffert g e svenu whean litians der tht nuhe ture tis than re -9-9 1-10- -9nd 10- 115-1
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aore wi futu miniratis th com 1-1 in pla are i no, tu nitith domn't rry d hein'sla o, y. nuer o dt y he trod ing salenu o tax,et m arif odg le o x, m of the so ifattas fr oeofeba. he it istafr no a badba it tax. ev vern pry iseferng a adto itasax a ev brn piser tax itt inot badax ax. sin ietrate taxt x.e reinster and othereaste iax donorry reer d he as is fston ary 's vible f th amerin publ vle w ll hdri congblss' et tthe re a w h ngnot ' n aw te anaisg t 9aw-9 t someisothe 9utraousnumbs. an t mehe irodung a nionarasalessmb an ta wehrow idu a nnale ou2,00the waystaweow f uto b ted whou00he yshe f 82 u00 p be tacode t w you d i bo82 ptade kowthe rren u ibo k taxe en de sll seaksn tax and x ny tk ple w sdon' ow h sksax d we a bei tpl waxed n'
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i'm t hrry out at anwe the aei her edason d 'tm y t wo y bout he it, r on dthe amecan oplewotheyetut it theyt, a centinmen leey-9-9it ey ich a an cinf buaucrs-9 and hpolician want t tryucr tnd rai itith t liannt vrycompling try reas t, i ailiev thatheitth eric pubc vs ingmpng hol asi evat thr fe icub tohe g ol fir i'm t thfeorri aut i o >> a rig. noir you ame m t ouri a i aig nooue cent thou an athat nt cal i the sm ing aat al a andt'sottehe t ofsmg ayll or t ands mia.te we pl ed ioflast nig o t thi ma. we pl iograstig ankl i cat fi rehi outhe ad sraiant klca tofi run iu ande si nt pefuyou n extoained mun i whatndhis fubou exettyne fun m at ad,sut iant o ouve y ty aun chce td, itespo . y [lghtech t >>po i[lte rlly liev thaherm >> cain wl p ry evunitharmack t unit stes ame ca in wl pnd i it i dk n't liev t t t, iit s s mewoul't be i he . d t evwe ru t i a ul camign ke bobo haheever s n. ru ambut n en aborica ha neverhaer s se a t caidat a likcahermaveain
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wee ne youcaat ikrm getnvolind beuse gethne we canou th. anetold tak bee thean tisth couryak b tk.ou b ♪ i a arica♪ ♪ o♪ v acenit aca♪ o vitwe snd♪ ♪ s♪ ♪am arica♪ ♪ o hop♪ all rit. aat scale a♪ e ondop♪ llxplari that to s a [lauatter] all ighto we he as.ayi in yaur] llht ha cpaigyi seinet hern be cig ermase thiss th attude th ierave e en i ma isth debtes, deish ishee titu i h e whe eb, dis inturvie h, le hmanhee d herm. main bloie isle hief n sta . rm an maloe aso s f l marbeta an ark. s rk hpens lo bear smor. he . k ow hns ibes a badabit bmo he he k i smaes. ad we wen'titryin b the sdany sm. e w'tin tsublinal sdymesse blhatsalver. ny of u fouss ittsr. o uout hario causweknowar bck.
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sohere hasiooidde us ssagowe the ot br th. we soredeeren ag th veots anthwee wanedto tre methg neout ve thean an tern becse i was thnet he indate with therrnequeecs, a i ias ustemark bck, ich in te ill tho, aer iue ahout hdid a terk b, grht jowith ihe l a ad.ou h d e peron who grdid joeth add.or eer ho addd e a ltle ene th end at quiad fnkly le e youth say sd caed aui the fly ir. ou y buthatasa ao hehidd meage . her th mkbuat bloddee rth m sayg lo th amecahas ver see ay anotrthme cndide li hern s r ca. ee >> heotan, ey a cidttacng yoonier pangca you >> taxhe, on, a theac yosue ofpaforeoun polaxyon andhe eorti. f whre we meolnd ck we wll ttin afwhr thbreae spial eitio w t ofaf hanthtyeaonti essp l nighfrom col bus,io io d an lar onti e goghrnorom ofols, hiolaon ll jgonorf me baliobou jme hi showalwn whou lab. all athi ahe ow on wis had eggs abanni. l hen h gs ni. buila neapp for e sas te ineiji.ilnep
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andr onvisae thtec.e.n jih ema wilfindim..ndvithe. hwhmareveilhe ind.. ieed seey fa ly whvehile ihey' sti awa. i d ee [ fale ounc ] le y'th gtibal warvic frodell [ nc gjim l n adicessro llhis mpans i. nee thrgh cm tom adilt splic ionss hr coud m lutit sicns an ongng sport ov 100ountes. d ti anng s rt s his ovmpan00seesntesul.. and m se hissamils anesul del. t pow to d morseisil de tow o or ery me aocalusins ops itdoor y aalin opitor crees anotr laop b re ot laor h bes a thermploe, h it a notertlo goodor bines it itot goo odr th benties com nity itoo th bantiof aomricatywe k w
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thimpa tha locabusisses an aca k haven counits. thpaha ca thsi's wes we tend .8 blion vecoit th we nd b on to sll biness acro theount s b es so f thi yearro hent becae thmoree he the fhi ar the re whelpake oprtun y po ibleca threhehe e wlpe opunpole
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>> wcomeack. are li in combus wmek. o io.reliin ouscontue whhe esidtialandi ote, .ene donlynterma w idaldi, cn. yo halystagma fr c cncer i yo beeve a waag 200 f you had eensi tatme for cer be the . aniwa00 tho ht t s wauad esi tpretme or chp shothatth urinan theimeho t wau we g ttinetg ychurho caaterin he eeatmt yo mighwehave gin ycaisse a sttme tayoxghveaymewhicby th y i belve youse sttafixed mee neic th iel yea ou now guxes wh youise toneheea
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w tou youwhaveouehato bllsey on urtoou bace and th hasat n com b sup ann acndhas i at d ayouayto peoe wh areritizin iyoue. r t dt?u >> wl,eowh peele, uitinu t are ab lute we, rht, sn. re 20 i w yingab tetayaliv r t,i s o y 20d w ng 30ay cnceiv of o 30rviv. thgoodews c iehaveow be toll canr iv fre eor thveods ve year be and, toes weanayave ssed there r ling oar o d, o theee edatesheand eyng fil o a o ohe esd il a ln, butetook caref at. wh l i utvee took re sayto ople wh at h eto to day tat dp to le nd hometngto sayto dabou t d toherm cai et itay smplyays ou rmai ssagis i slys resoting and mesge i agonnting. ifheysongave td iges t iat de nn ngcome ifpy withve t methg tde netive thenmee dot ha anyingp t it worr abo. anth a yneve k ow t'sendohanyg on t goi rr bo to gan a wse bause y k ofhosesn oi ll n bers hat gu rerred w b sef earseer. 's onl ngoinrsgt o gereed rse. and mar. jstnlinge ing e.arn d j listers d viers g nnatch
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t, i s gstng s getisors ndthech thi e've ioncled g etand yoknows th see stf hi thvecl e go g tdyoow jst me up th s beuse tey thre goryi t j m updist ctbee us fm ou msage theyyi re ryin st to di fractou mge us eyom oin srate, butowedict are't ing bes odistcted we a goi stebu totay ssagree an weg eare gngsted o aoi ctinuo y this ampaagn t anway e hav g la it t beuse i csnu is pa tworkg. thy ameran peoave ar lat bee i rk co er youeoarknowinhelasteba icoean,tit'. ougottowostnsan rit noba tat hen, acallytt youknowan rerino tayin tat rackly u peyow ma a bigin t rista becsepe calmad yo broerigintaechat alyoro deba. an you kow iat ske wi you out it, nd heba rs tanngou k yo i did s isihat uou aretdoint, t yo w, yids laut ed. at ireyourin retion y tt?au. iurre on >>y rctio i you kno t for them>> to rio iourynoor andemigurout whher tre is meiddnd ur meang. i en hawhr t i aepor rdd anaske di eeha wereou erreord by thke?e re. re ri per isby ahrisanh othe andick prrri isers a issomee th i re ect.he nd km no pis of nded
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hatme sothbody lls ret.rotr. no buthisfedtody s is hot buespeiste sme repoers, hot a, the ara loofpe go s rerterout poere,s, a thisara soeerhowt e, soespewte rertero ae,pe sn. tory re toer ce thugh th a t sbrea hrouto hdlintor cthh t ea oucret let sti hinou ar sect, u et t ti a aren goitoec fihat breahrou en soiry ting iat nd seaethiou s tg shihatffen herm cai tas t mo thanometatngen li tharm taia gt mo set.anet >>liha leme to the g iseof t. e ohes aboron. hadongsswon miele ba man orn on.ast mighadan e sang youwomi esiti on ba n on abttionsgh isaonsiouent. tiwantno giab youon chce toght i clasifyt. nt i. he arehei tou insncesch toaret laalki i t >>nses f enefkiour at. feme >> chdrenrem ch graenchilen, s rape yououldhonelyraantil, he t brpegould up at babsnenter own?he t >>brou ap mes tab thgs. why n?
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>> you are mixes twoh.thin. >>ut hyhat'what ou com down esto. in n , wh i>>t'atomes om dowowto s . it s nwh no ithe gesernmt'sowol oritnybo elss renoe t g mnme s theci on. or bols rltimely ts t d mn to ath chce ttcihat. imy dto faly orhach t mothat s to ke. not a r predent - th to >>ut iuess . the t rent esti >> ido yss belve artioshou he be lal ihis untr ti for fa ylieselho w atioou l mak iis at tr desionor faes wo.t .ak no de oni do n belve orti sho d be le lno in dohis nelcouny if tiho thbe'slenisunif th eth qution i wa tgiveouthchan to qu onarif wadoeshat tan ivetheanoasesf if est i epeince, etes cera, therife,o ouakecenyet ca, exceions ?er e, >> lete ke ck t cens >>et his tean. amndis hve alwsn. be oam h lifelw fome oonceion. at p ce w fe tally f takcen. p w tly oak o conxt. 's ieresng ty di't g back to heon. i othes 100 tdi g i ervi sck to thareonape mewhe th th sa00 t it ivi a thee whth sa csisttly
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tpro i a lirom cst coyeptio. itas ten out oflimontt,o ati it t beutuse f thaieceight nt ere,hey a dn't sh be thee ha rstcehtart, i e,edey dt t worhdhe t t, "cice" tking torboua sp"cifice"ituaon tt he tngas tryiouto sp icgeonua theolee on.yi and tha'shat ey udto on tle to. co aft dha mt u di a p t loeftrom m a p cncepon lom d o ctoryep >> a rig. le m o askry aig ou,leow at yur msk u, onom plahas en y om relanatis , iteem ani ha en rdinghathe her retiitem candatesn than rhae rowngt e thinrthat the mig e andesth r weakss i rms of inatheigour a ak i reig polisof expiencur ig liyou rkedor psexpncury,you work foru ed p ce, yorke fy, u buer k g rk aor c god ytherke f pia. bu k au'veone oder piotf ve e turnound andyourlans ob ouslrnresondted ndur thean econy. inne pobnt yslso said you n'the ow wt th ghton f reinrn p y aiu wat do y feehat u ha w theth extrienre feignwa
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oli yee t cohaiderheg th has ex noteneen your fgn plifessnal ea ocoerthas ot nexpe ise? ur at d u pssl o say pee? to d ayo tho itic i wod sado y thihoi'm mb eugh t tic wosa ytudhiupm n e h ese tudssue i ha beenn stying foreue onthha ee i ca expstinngrighor oetu tterthhan tcay unrstaxp righghoftu rurn bauseou ern tet unta ca ht o guaghyou gto rn b sehoolnd y lrn. ca i o cuallen thu g tryo ol yplait l . me.i cenh ry sendlyi ha bee ait coultie. with ormeselyhaeeoti aassa rs thormeme tion secit aiser i asa ha beeconstingithme oneca nuer oexpes to aer haeensng gehup t spee snue opeto ofheituaonsge t haee arnd t sof s i he bn be austr titti will.. d i h bbet chtileng ybod to l. i s that wodn't kwch howng odto t s at proawo't k foign licyow bause unke se of oafo then othcy bsepeop i un lea sofave aheth forgn picyop i ea philveophyhich ais aor p y tensn ofhe ilhy reachn a nsof philophy ea peacthroh stngth anmy
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ph osop ilhy i s ac proce tstoughth nreng a phclaropy. un ile wneed p to tgh ng a crifyho ar our ienduns w ared oweeed t cfy clafy whor ndrur d emie t arsolaeoan sto ging mey ie toarur emy miigantoand gi m c t tel the e mirld anodour iend are catel he a goi d to srnd ndithre l ke e cotry a ofoisrae s alth of lhe coyfdetasorae ach of divialsituion,e'veta got plen of pert h bu whatvi a leartu musn,ve dis toot enf rt be aebuat aoeaus sta d t so andamtatarinplesso ana am ndamtal phosop. ines lien tthean iut anmake aml dgmephs.op havelit be t jue s ittin n kestilandnot me vebeuoingo sool sin si e th havil den tting painngo slme sithasav n tg hing in feign pocy eeriee. n >>ll ght. h gve y thght fgn of wh youpo eie >> ght nt t t. cho yethtsfourh u ce pside ouldt ou thoin thominrion? p de >> ld we ye let say thathi hainn? ad a>> fweyeetayha t ughtabouha a f that but i t shtllouoo ely o at t ntioany i nas, s e sn. t i havio-- ly'snaust sayhe s shorlist iav lettitay
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orst srterti >>okay you n't nt thare ma seer likewo othreaye oru ourt tre wia ke orer r ? [lghte i>> n se. >> i ting.[lte it's nyse b, ierm. tg. >> k'sow it yo ob t yorm en'toing o g>> ktoe i b yotrouegain 'tso ing ging g it ave i i r ht ouein i gg the. let s jue sayhe srt l it is r gettg orteth but 'veotlejuay s lis to ttg ll teutoue hat' vry goofolk at ioulderoud t work t'with v >> hoomalk ain, i it'ldlwayud goo t seeor th y hu. thkn,ort'ayoo bing th we are y inth colbus,hio bereg s. th we dearte ovinols,o e llecve th baainidev rigs inheucke ecate gesbani oiginck goveor j ne s ksich os he ve j withe to kch elaine th wto ohi ein mit dend on wkeepg thihi port t at a mornomi upep nt.hi rt lsln. aormi p n
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♪♪ ♪♪ i ne to t he rultsrom e m.i. r.g neo rtsm m. e ifhe bod wk iseady views. cifper' bhist wy.isdy and wanewto s c katr' stbore e go homndan sat be goom malennocer withntegted althre sotionfromell, lenoer thegd th eryatieso filon om l,is ere . li nee it. ryieil e liee t. n shean snd me ti witpatits nhe s m antiless ime aptworkti an ss♪e ♪aprk del theowero doore.♪♪ l eerdoe. ix ior nd aew b, l rit? i ot i i'morry i ath se p ple,uh?ri i you iow i'me foryd th ang ishe emy oinstctio th pe,?u ifothng is e ostio u dot kn thegos that havto dl wi. doknhes
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atav dwi youe prablyight u prthlyk yoht whoer u ar m p tty thre yothawashilacks.or hear qui fams... miion pampiy ship ..asilks trheangluioffeame ..innmiatorn .piip [ me anunce] thaudi8. med est trrge glxuryfeedan nor mancethdi edt e ryan ce heel zenast. tha you.tod e elenst a♪ ou♪od fo! fo matr wh sma bunessou a in, nagiat expwhses maems tobu. gessin t a wayn, gixps stoge tay t anore. k, t sma busess rd om cse irodus jo ane. tmauss c i duanjon-th go eensepp me clusely r incusters. anth ese m usy insts. stomategize ur pens anyere. ve tome anegget e ck whansyou nyve.e. th tlatean innt atio ly fha inku thtennio fnkto .learmoret che.coink arrechcok ♪♪ [ le aounc ] fe♪as k♪w thathen u dot ge your[ have aightnc fe k tat irrn atiodo ge can e a urobleveht trrio n reca d scletche cro boo] ecscherooo sget
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ur gomingameight witgillte f ions t grogline whh hathin r, f er itll bl fes fn lestug d puglra.. alonwh withathe inllet f irrblatio fdefeese shg e gepu onite et rriofe shge totherhey lp dend agnst sign ofhavi irratio-- toery dd leang y r skag loot ng gn smofoth vid ferring ioesh. ea yskoo smh feg h. hp dend yr sk. ♪ ♪ hde ysk ♪♪
9:24 pm
>> wcomeackohanty." were le fr he autil w stmeekfan." lfr ti sthio. nembe8th verswill headoo.the licyo n decbee ifh veys wt toll ado uoldre cyecif vertn wto uwhatds knnas sentert bll 5 atkn legiatiothatouldimiten b 5 colltiveargaing rigts for gi io atstatlditorke. it as p sed llveopgagigorawm ers, at siedke it int pd lw byov.wms, sint lby .sich
9:25 pm
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9:26 pm
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9:27 pm
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9:28 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:30 pm
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9:32 pm
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9:34 pm
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9:37 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
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9:40 pm
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9:41 pm
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9:42 pm
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9:43 pm
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9:44 pm
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9:45 pm
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9:46 pm
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9:47 pm
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9:48 pm
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9:49 pm
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9:50 pm
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