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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  October 27, 2011 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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eiermeor er ws pooiticareass or 's gen u orkiei th coress ore's bpocaasor erso g u >> iouldkit say e's acobassors b rson so i do t th ik thld. >>ayut 's youre catin onlass doth th rfarand >>u oure tin to c in use oublss thas n a ard rson- i tanhoseto e arebl ha n hah on woi s. se >>t stkes mereas aiha had logil thwog >>sts andt'se a a ad litil ecisgin i thinke'snds de. a deced n tti workis wi th ks coress b . seecing n aorobs wll at hcoss chce eg paing, bys s dings t h iah knoe agrpaithg, hby sng ton ia an no hegrthend h usnothan rod dusth stulus othene s enmont goi oundhe cntrystus an en snt seoiing up rong anndrgum ctsryan sicayseg ngayinumepuican arca rinpuan diy spe diy wa r an agnst ople wth hlth surae.ispdiwaan agt le w hh basilly rapickg aartin colict siersuyck gng a f cotiell om mi. coct mo of esu pint, g fthin col i mof 's pt, in th hetoc oflassivisn th itoofestsslizi. is th ith i nst zie am icanth ea. belve i n ayst of amanuppe .
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el i a st moflity we bieveo gpehe hdles out mooplety wa bve so ghey can h es sen soety. t le wewa do'ty bieve lane taing to oopley.ike eyre sweck i d a b ve lclastaand ge gornmeo is re lee toelphem spe i th aheir stasion d gomes ife. at's thetopm kind ir ofstn e. 'shendofhetic tt he i usghat gves yetu, t i as baat gs y apolies,, an ba socl unst ali,,n c, itdoest oc wo. un a wh don wec,tes sthe cworpore one lfarest and corrony ar capalli and ndy no sto peonye ogra th recapveli in eadd ono to raeoinge tackgs. ingrathechis ind llassi xra g ineaseckis n. goi tgs rk reasi job inse it n goioio pi pele ainsea obeachthe itoi pi >> ape youor ns dchrtiewatehe or di ier ir? a ou n, i' dieter n. dir >>?o it lie >> i nsi'ot cura. it a n strng>>itmanie a umen i s it's b icalra ryiittro aixn a en you ppon'st baliositns a ty dot ouon hao th kno theit tdown nd don tha date othno he faul that whywn th cl de itan ul athy tell ctual laz argent
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causit'stot aince llalazrgt debaus on's e fts. itnce not a si ere ba dente o e f. the it oplehat sagrot wh a y oiede o thr acheal le pot tiongr wso t mthis y thacpo cononict. tis misstarng e cmpaiont. 2011 hen ear el tion cai ot 11n til 12, ld thon dfferce isothi get do. so wte rel , th der ishisayiet is ot's so w ge se comomisnhing weyis s rege s o anomstopisnge the oanopheevive etor. >> ow peoe wh ve grtvi or >> certnty,eopeopwh ron'ave jobspeop's rty,opn'ouseves a und wa r, tbsy arop lsingheir home ise mea ai dondtknow howwa tar u lng cairsay anhingi do t me kn howeadotouow coway canythyg nng otdor th itknisow c bad yith otthteanadyou oft ped yuranu commts at sayit'sed y an mm aay's eolon. anwhetr it'aepubcan decratwhen oulogo tanet the t' and mak pubiticn stemedesatenor dohe hat er, dsumi it'ak tru peic sandmei'm re do replica are
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ating , e sami thit' onru the dhem se, tt ep cat --reou arg sa nhit --nhats n forhe the s t od othe eric -- peopar. n an--anybty wh nisordointhate oe ic op you anybwh kw, isinatisgreful >> tt's ou pot. k i i ink 's nt go for thgr ul co try td is thitoespo i k com n go orfromth coy ifferce ihi phiessoph whichom om eer imerinhidea,ph i 's ic abou quity and oppounit sori oplea,an m ie t ouu myst ond theipoliveit o >> iyou le mare tayi youre m o fo eive iu dirtwatee ayiou rtyiro at'srtte a n a y difrent i'seolo. th's n n acura. >>ifnt focin on ilo lasstharfa n a ra at i t>>nkoconflowsss fro afa i tow philophyro thagovementught equ ize ilehyhaventhtresus of oplequivese vers outsufomes veryiffent leespolica rs phutosop a ieshink the ryfe lls 's bnli puing or phop ankorehe thi s bolitalugorrehilophy hi e it and e rult ofilhy e d rlt is mo wealf disibutn, pitivso al is utxes jobrea prs aiv les s ob eaospe steaof fusinon t kin of ias ttctuay pe. cree ea jo fin tin i n icono tc gwth, iuasteay ofworkgre joith u o i theno g
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idh,s, w iareea rkgpayi oh u oth id w peoee's nse ansryi o i-t. leme s it iseos e ns way 80of a-t le st biness inay amer a,80 a b theesyin le er tir tes as iividls, eoplhe he nts to t t bng th r to ipid, tax plte t 50%. syou dtoi b me fthmtoaxisc sin. t %. over u he sore f lkescn. er s serioe l e cadia s nexio yar, ey are axintheiusinses ciaex y, 15%,end pside obainei ins sang t topax r e t%,t pdeba mo of r bs sa top r come the t mo f succsfulmallynecearyomhe amica ouldoo 50cc iulandllce y he's ing heama ldo50 id cla 's garfa rhoricla envfa rentmt, f rrhic sell tsnvob-llin rtm f agea. itll t ry, ryb-in drupte. >>ge oithe eent is , iolog d ptand >> replica etn inera s don' iraisog d taxepca anra s d ocra n' isin geralayax hvetoanais dera gal taxe tha hs an ideogy. thaissa dfere conxeichaan de doy.rine ha>> vy dfere andhere d retoingono beuch aeemedo ne on t t ri vt d nre, dondre yngbehgre a meit's ver hard tri n tdo fin-- >> y aparerely n .
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's >>erll rrdht. d th t in whai >> thk th a here n uld>> al r. sth haf hwerehthe hed lbut s on' htre ce " thee t reco" i ghtn' add c he w "ld sahehow youexpe met th co i int,thedd w wsaw oupe meth ve -t, w he ssnd sator - connl sa their mison s ins the sor sene is get nnsa tid ois hiin hemake hienisetne t ormhi kehipresent. he t prablyoing ound eouny singest.'ve heprlyng giv nd unon cgresecau s thege ivrepuicanin t ho e aren c es goaug tohego witmend pu an t eshocialeen he 9go1toitfresan. so isageseal on 9es. oag ieologhowon getoneyintohe ecomy, iand ogu haw theenat leaetrsey sayito the goal toecy,et d haheidat ea of tm. >> hereyi whaheoa o sgest to y. t we >> ressedha5 bis sst to to reat we jobs ver ede suer. i bacs ando looatheat bsr udg. u it.ays getacndidoodg oitfs lortax ras an lohole f o jobo sayhegrelole o fob tt o busiss ti. ay sureose t's o t o si geth? thothethinsuwe se s i let'th thhe in stop subsizing t it' opwealy, les sipng t subdizi tal le pubzi
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rporions tnd sp t ony weorare,nsnd l s's t yot subdize wee, l warrubze ffet heah befit asrruc as his eteasecrarie b itthesare ings eassis tnk wean crgetie greeesnt oe gse te t so t's ee o thosanytng waren gttin o thats coo rati .osyt w en>> y are6 bocks gin at apt. i ooderstind wre t ivi yreis b onks e iolog bap werei rs w t youvi on ll mandemoc its togl b me w eiss whe weou ree, an md ioc t gome eat,et'sheo weh e, it >> wan paed tose b ls.t, 's eyw he siingit i t>> wenatpa t no b . all ey he to osisg pic i tthem atup othe nateno isl ass htooicem the o e te >> hriss redruns tha he>>hat'his >> h r pty.nsha >> a pret'dents oma w't pll h.ry rd and nt o i d w't kw thansrto th h rdnd qution .>> b it an dmpor kntthns qu tion th if y areelli me equon b t nbottornecks inhe quonenat yre selitee enat a tt ckeyinat n't eve seok asomef thatthin a youay y ree on,t ve see a tome m theresithnt inou sh yld m e ae phen, eeo mcallhe tosi natosh r md.a >>o geph eecono goill youo hato r toav>> googe escalno a econoiic pouicy. ha e waittoooorksn al o a
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govement ou p s aon py. waudge thatks ntai fisl o nd vent p aonom poly. ge it bee at aiisverhe homndreolays it eence e ciinnaerbothed to hre pa theys dget ae thecina won thpass tne nt ye. whypahe et>> i aan'the aonswer our ss nuestn,e hy i'm t in he i't sate. a er rstpass our bm gein n the se. use. ss refurmed b nhe tes a gotridf e. e looefolesd t a dotd cnyf ooes wfare c d wetopp bcy eing wre wethy ople weweavepp aolic yy tonget wey le me mest wecorees oico ergy. did mese tstngs re get o ps e y. arty oid e fel ts eonomet p owthty d toet f uard eomobily in e th siety towhat'm ying udilin i it e sty at ng a inventntoeednto e cls warre and aass ennvy,ed o but is cl noar sstitnde sy, f t s actuly gnotinghe sitob f dne o gr ing tue g ecngomy dreatg d o gr g growec.y unrtunely atdon'thinat the e. thowdaye's inteste iunun y n'seeiin the th e pociesthy toughs nt teotheise y wodn't ie pk ei he th up d paspo thees tgh he>> se wo it''t p th p tivedashe >> i' let st'the sultonc deve them lves i'>> aet rig. e so wltt's ur thghnc on
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whyemes e se ate wig't wpasss thnhy se wheudge t ist thss cn't is it0 vote ge>> ty ac allyisth ct hadudg t 0afte as r aste tacly kno andd judg d n'ttehinks heyasere no winding sho ju the dmeritn nky pelerehe kd o wi taxg ho incaseshe ey hrie ipe k otorax % tances h i incasesr 5 vingta we aeady hve autnces 5 ng ady h a $1.5rilln taincrse arti in .5llta mocrhs i tin amera. e smol tax r ie sml buness pla is go ger smta to4% rsm in 1bu mssths lad ths wegog goi o thr anoer t ncr 1se o ms th to wof at. oi soe ar oinhrno t tcr o seeto a . mmot so artaxin incase tming i14eonths the brouott th xdget tonce ng e fl ir, e e thth heouth wantet otopass flso i hink eyth bical nt de dess ink o nhingn bal schele, d ta the de ctici theyren' nngpass g t he, ta budhet vers sho cci the merieyn pen'le e tass t icreaudstwe rsho he iheripe ta iea ore. youre hhair in of the hse budg e. co itteou do yir of oft frhe the hhite dg hoe, l's tk? >> no te >> d you ytf frhete ho cal lfrom t >> n du theal om natelet'talk? >>o. younderandehe tet'lk >> ianit
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oupeop senerd p ipleit open toashiton pink ebodyan tk. >>e ouldoou joo hehi's n wh wek dy tink the >>ghte ld ting otoe dowhe k phe hem t tg relatilati andass e legiatio p m we re reacktitinds up illsgiikeio ord od athe itede tateksena and at warelse yingfourd ae doedt litenahat is ud ave, we te ung at iis andet's do li lk.t s thae,akes te se iend'sand e . pr idenhaes shod ca lay rese d ed gohrou prenhe bishoca aay lete the us k w wgot you dot bilikeohey an'tet ke e k w pas yng o bis at keo doy t goteowhe. woasd th elpbi thadogohe w uldwothlpen. it'alwa nicha wo sed you. t' gowaic pacrsse 7ou. >> go ackeo. weren'gointo gac 7 a >>lot o iend you ked we wn'thin gthat strahtt ahd ka ndou re a the w at pr iden alraandiahtes.ka rich o as?he stt gusingnd s ckprenroundis. d plh o st getgung sun yhout thispl et nevewoul you hpen,isfl veayerul acceorizg on the hplayn,g fid d th er are cewearizgon pin. he noayt exacfiy th grear coinr. whno isheac nf g cmmisoner ing out thico whe cosissier irighnf he to co onisheer re rd.g thi cosi igh h toone.
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♪ ♪ [ m ] needo pu out a ftwa upgde. [ ] edpuuta wapg. bud a w ap fothe les am i being. bua ap afo cone nce s e c. io. eil wl fi him. aone c. eere wr neeto s my mily rewhihe there sll ake. ee s y malelynnouer ]hi hewith sloba fm de leou ] th jibacan rvdres f de hicompy's t. nds tough jiuston builesappl atiohimps n tgh cloutosoluilonsplio d ooinguppo in er 1 couries oulus ongpo o hi comp 1y seou resests. anjim es h famhiy.mpsees. ll. he p er tando mm e. ham l. p t m@? ññ malannocer fo fasdioulibrian
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ily inne ach y waalfuelnor foas ou bybrhoronh prarat n y ne foeven to me. h wael byroprat ell fomewhene alo g th.way, ily nt rht olivi l whalthy, y r ovi butou s, wi theelp ofer rmondame finaiaviso ut swihep of r nd shme had lann na fsoveryventlity whicmeanshe ntinshd ad nn hav the ans livryon..ntty icane in ave s iv.. eveat t ripold e 187 e tipd 87 li welpland. li el an s whaa raond mes visocan forou. sharad s son or.
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i e.agin tho are d he r j licy- i iean min hernhorecain isahea dcynatiolly, mer b thein ste poeacy aioy, b iheorta, ve stportpot. a >>ell,erman cn ha od ne i intave thi trto. >> l,he'sma clrly ceha num r twandne n the ouhi t of 's tl foy um sttwesd th ou antatifical toiedort cond pance i ttial thied stat-- o exce , thnd p i thi at oxce four th sate. tion pocy mnsomeing. ey s t ofur sw se. theono flo mn o the nvermetiong. u sof an sownselo e eron u but anat rlly tternsin the rlytate t ry er io, nehe yte mpshe, sth colinione neva and florsha -- s cin nevdawas t ivaludendin tor-- sersevs nn ide di t-- bausehey keerheir b seousl whendi the b maksey a desionir e sl te s toene onheheak adeon si otetoonore actityre me, a tyend ay m eti stk tn the m re a of t ye polatid. >> i m sawstne tghth nreber,f o ti thk 70>>% i iaw ioe the sai nr, th mad th 70 i cisiio buhetheyai arthadnwilngo si couoff eyeir ar deciilon. at icof ather-- theciy. ar
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iobbl >> a thas wh hehave he y inarbl po . aha wewh everay iave mave a in commmentpout t ywe der ivema nd o mmnt ty stay coitte >>hato do mit ayote r mney>>toito vern romy rey do? an'tust coasrn om >> nohean't he cstso?nd 'ttheas loso. th 'ttil clo csnou. weavos essth ilan 7lodaysntil thou weowass causes. 7ys ifilou dn ut heolids, wwa haveaus. if rou dlyn 45,id w6, 4 ve efctivou ys o5, camigni d yobett 4 be ef theiv on amni th yottarly stes i evee he e of th ose ysoulyst ive pssib ofcanr sobody se oin t cme up pib a nipn dy takein t wa. c up f a p keomn, 21or ca.. ifou a f roey a y stt tomn21 ast,ca if aro tha a21 ytcoul turnto t, to 2and tt 24ha couulrn tur 2to 2d t 24>> i tughtoverr rouneyurs onrobaon wh a 2ot of i tht er publ rans,ys w sayn onba wthe a crimal cfrt sysm. bl s,d i wayne imhou ct toy tt at ys ast 's i beaccudof ip-fppinouon tto t ation t ssue becuohiond fst h -fs foin t n i ue th he s ag nst iio f h nohe fo sa he' i th fe agt i ito sae'gain
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whater ithe tru f i appes ithatin he' late a ieru raer fld in i hipebeennatt. >>elle' l araould t sfl thainien he >>ll fliplopp. i lduld y it s aha dieren h probm th th . ippp looi d lid he its theien in obthh ooohiolinde th pid hisin suort .io no i h e ad listlesut bitf mpatno for him acaus l wlewentit thugh is i2000 in atushorm us who nt haa pocyf th sah ng m n i00 in goinshto irude i o thhapo afairs n anoertat y in i tedeing em i whth to do. t ifafous arenon a satate likteg whoo. oh, yo eithif nee tre sayou se are forikt agast i anoh yo thyoueean t sayouay are f itar bor ga i sayian i kw i s up touayhear f itoplefohio tecid th yi k iupo ise but let le meio tll y whaidi th wod le t is doutetn meome y sthae an wofine l it in tsuchdo a way m popleender and ere stu an ar comine i chough a yhe me pleistere d e ye erdabyarmi f sa ngi yough kn it not m up tost yeda me. i saoughit w smaun ofitotup himtoto e. recoize i wgh wma obletic at wasim ad co bactodaand say coe iant belec clewa'm a sorcoacda ifd ay i oendeanybt y e notleein or clr. f >> he mute u say odeyb if ot iin cl offe>>ed me tayminuf the fe "i t mes nuhe ty ro theyes >> hi s troheesidn' look
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h at, m sorr n' oke ook, sishy rr ontnd it aok shy ste issn. >>hat' theit proem. heookelikesteas nss s>>ongt'ero. enou to epkekeorwa and nay s thg is imptantattl 'm ouo wi youwand th s mp >>nttl butit'sot jt wiou oh ise. ic an>>ut 'ssue ju sh is ic e n s wionsiand inana. is me owisid senena. s m iss. wh he esn' otep upoheen ssplat oneaywh e n'ep thotheupando he onprob ion, ate uld ink th i whed run ng h camheign n uldobn,e a ttle ervod k wbecae so ofun h theamthern d candates a levore mhore ca so fcisi oheer t ssue ndes m >>e si solu tly. d whdidnue thi abo ts >>issuwhenheyknewheyere lu .ing whdnhihiobo tnd goi tosu aeny ewy phee bk g hereheyere o llinpeop onoito a beh f ofph breyre in opon prositn 5? eh sof lo ts haens i a prit5? mpai t tho tsaiss i oble tic aicausit as to the nrati tha hisot lec us a torong nthe tiod nhas h iso fa he ng rong thae the nstof e isfa pa. he >>xcep tt igues nghae he oble is pa t at - as>>ep t i saies i ink runlethisk t o -as bing ai robaon s ek unoesn havsk o quit basg mu. i ban't sow horsnavivin
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ithemu i t h tersre. erybyinsn pbati. nody irunng rs.awayith yb iy fourearsgo we pti had no i annayhimir i urtuatrsn, rudead agiulnimiin at ont dudul tmas seco as of todat bu elveearsush tas is ncosf da the versh i 60%. was stled he it wn't stlednce he %. asent s newed h wpshit and s loed.e t evybodis nt pbati. ew th is h ahind dofere co est.evod pele pti re okinths the dre condidt.esayi weantpe to be in he oama wid winttoenowto behow od yare. sh oa w u wow y rsel w y pree.s y arshcapae uof dng ththin y el anding r my y heaarpa dth yrh vaes ain dg philmyophynd ea attudend y iues, utva a i wt ilto bhyt oatmade a erybo is,is w on brobaon uil i o con anced e bo u cano .on >> dbas u th ioned uea anat sator . ntor d hass shotht i sorowa? orasho i and eake girichhas a sa?ot d ke iwa?ich s >>ingrh s has h goebat i? grrforncesas the esti h is oethehe cat ortraneser t m e itio ths he rly c stat. he sta ed tan mov teup ithn syme ofhe p licy at a heta the tatioovl poli s. yoofhaveo re pmbercyhe a mihe-setio peop in
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li yo ivea anrenewer mpsh e mi etd so h oparolna i par iculaan w but so sh neda a so folridaa partular theirst iarla hreet thne tak a is fda s iousrt. arhe thst areonsung aee lot ofthak formion,alki abo a sus thlot,rend tsuy aotanto s e thrmen,kibo cand ates t, tlot. t at'shere sthcain and ndes girich ed tbet. endi t'sme ire theinndi ch io , ne t hmpsh edi t i ansouthe carona iordetoaxim e io nethe port hity shat ty heanut en gen byroheir ideimerfo ance e rt they olic t h orheir g peormae ony thire ce >> heic gornor rrryir pema haonth t a.ew ad o or out ylkinha a t inabou$2.5illi jobse's ing betnd yeerdawe n oneith . heouan.5 clin, bss weg et yeddahat' nneh tten ahe c lotfwebuzzt' en a vernotzzerry n irn t 's pttytraitforrd. ry it a it' ni a osive ad p y aiichor. t at'eroba ay nes tosiave. ad onlyhuestn isasebane stonte. lyoughstime s io? pele snowa ghaye i iio peeewa i your telesion befe yoave en i mouy leoncomm ity,efou ayo ae i mhotd. thas mtmmy, a a romy' td p blem th few ars ag m runotom of pem aw seforghe un spdof a coider ale aunor of
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1:22 am
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1:23 am
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1:24 am
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1:25 am
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1:26 am
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1:28 am
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1:29 am
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1:30 am
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1:31 am
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1:32 am
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1:35 am
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1:38 am
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1:41 am
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1:44 am
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1:45 am
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1:46 am
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1:47 am
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1:48 am
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1:49 am
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1:53 am
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1:54 am
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1:56 am
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