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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 27, 2011 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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i'rais stain ggs i'tast. g my shodersren' goi to . ssag myhorshemsn'ves.oio >> b :ag ihat youmss. eg'sist, oes b i i havt ou adulsectn? >> g'sg: it,doess escial i foravou bob ulct >>imbe y: i g k iw ies esal or >>reg: wanoob swou >> prbeiden i oba k i i d>>ver,g:ano s mang se nseprboutenba thi i d str,ent an pn. ma sen i g nngo cuteohi y st ant ask p for you i g c comntar y easeif yankor wilou >> bausefomhiar se y cnge,il b seoutf 1 ce,6 miion tmerins uld 1e tir payntsomin ridown by h dredd o t dolayrss a mont wn we'rgoin to h maked otolasie fo yont to he 'rinakne pmentie montfoo hat a betr i peresnt ate.nt a et an thison't ies ct -- ite. won'costan tpayehi aime.'t c-- buit wil ste youoney and n'st t ye wile. se buil sououeyndime. il s >> da: oka iave beee. t lf d esidtialkavent e ee thguy t behd t l pside withhe c idaln.nt takethouryateh off tn pde fro o th c th predent ker pase.ff ro oolit thhere didnttven claor phee. pridenit >> g g: mbe hid hadttnla
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waed h hai ae wpren g em mrras wa >> hana:air ae wealid emas it's >> bada:dea. li >> ec: oupy e pium.t' danad he a.lde e t oy p m. bob don'say ane nythg t w. >>obreg:n'an iy ask a thquesgon exain e >>g: isk a loan es foivenexs? n you he lnoa fgivess fo enr st entoans ou why he d l'te ha it for everythg? st t>> bns:hye dorgi you o hat e thdailbasi th b iserric prgiram.ou o was a il fsiny ths monogue byri prm. e wa as the ct i fonuey nempymen ratewa e ong lleg igradtess ry lmpelatenete tohe g regtads of t cntry lat o t thetude deb r i t cry creang we n havth mordeebtude i deb an c dit eard d t. nav orover $trildeon.eb th is ay c tot ower d t er $ymenil, so.thinthat eedsths tooer t b ensoinatds to don th prite bks scred on studts lg eugh. th ri b feral ans ecrower ud lg eh. odfel s er ia. it ioes aundongrs, eve beer. >> ric:hat it thes airstd groble ve the condrobl, he isbe. what t d>>s.c:t he st it m es tle g ernme t agndn blhe ths lenr of at d l mt t gnmag thenf l rtort. n't wryou can get a rt.
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sttent wan anme tus. et we al fi it stt for t.wefit youor we anou bultrain to a ogreiveul soclinom. ree gooheoc govnmenfor erytng yo can liv hatgoay. oven thr isot f e mar tyt yoan ivpitasm, tb.. thinlikehat.ths f ar >> b: isherenythg ta , li tha her inket. i wal bisreth seetlihaer i al >>ric:f cose it'sll sapittism. >> b : >>c:co rlly 'sitm. b >> gg: i ry wan t ask y thou g. i the alan tsk p yblemsuiti . noout e the pemti no loahe if ttion wer lowouoa uldn tonaveer tow dn proeme wit t thloan kimrly:ut sroeeoplit in than c legeimndy: splity t ioin likeheironey cge is is authey t camigni keirey iliti a, 20. he wts tamoni buyotes ofhe uth. ti20 w t uyke sesse.f thespeop camh. outor him and ppor sd th. psidey. esop am neeut tm agaim. en md e sorothhi p tdee. ee tmga thi a may s t t rlyhem d spk tohi teople rm pro
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stspkopl ro presti. prti >>ana:hechoo he ske >>ata:ooe s % puhasi per this year is treny unirsitpu thasi phi cut itiorate ar teceny?ni it haevenn t rect sioniote theyon'tave ten b en t coetite. ec thonothethinis ey't bobe b icoit thhein ob age tt -- welbvio lyag t -- thelnempymenrate isio gheror ollethmpen gteduat.s a pblem ith 7erfle th gat amican who dn't pem ghduat 7 thom clegeavin to benamano 't e ho gor tats. clikegeinoehe ho waiesss t t ke bartdersnd cstruionaiss t woers dn'to to ollert. rs c hirun schl dp-outwos 't oo emplmentate le hich 1 dou9. plnte >>ob: u are 1uying boll>>g's: ar ainumen tha eryo is he hllksor this a.enha >> d a: mbe i ouldyo havs h ownrgumt. is >> imbe dy: i mepen int ldav thking wnshocumng. >> b: pe le>>enerbely i payen their nguden loa. oc .they do. b pe er>> ec:ay r en hhestefauoa ey rao. of any oan. e studt lo au >> b: ar ra yfny outn. udlo yr b ar nd y ut erihat y
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ritmind wh aut illal gamnding? wh >>ana: ahatsotll govement ssidiamd.g? >> ob: >>sta:tf hher vent ed satiodihas ne u n >>: blicighe edu htionr y?ed ios ue ste icheduegisonture ssisre he drticay cu a. h le bydrcacu aegisture that sheley pri to p. is re gre younow o hat ari osolu pon f thi re manou nw ed h ron aaul. a m luith fhiwo fst nam an n on l.ich whye i mh iligie f toam run f pre denth hy he h isalki igi on toun fre nt "hnityabouwhatheesouldki n do whtude"hty loaouateld wde oa >> y. studt los shld be pse ou theris a y f dud thalosh wil b pide ou meer p fplehaile or. pe is a faidrogr o. 's uonstutiol. s >> gg: haigr. is ustio rig. g h >>ric:hat is risht abt isheig govnmenshou >> c:about be is r the stunt ln abisovenou sine. ou i ere heouldetutude l loa but riva lenr houlne be e ld alloded ooahoul behe t va onlenule reso ce tborr mloey. oule thataynl t ieres
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t rsoe trr muld. be aurat at woun't tower i tesn rt shdld bee a wheathe gove mentou- t er >>ana: tt wod be sh co betite. he se predent vent bama l>>t a:wo yebe -- co it bob you'se trurentanks inma l ye -thisount to ctrol obstudu'truoansks n >>imbey: tt is isnto col the ud oblens >> be t danis iheo. ilerust theore tha he an govementoingt. i st>> bhe: wheha >>imbey: t ide is yventng nt p ple bwhette >>be tde s y emsees, ek o n pe te educion herwe th mig nosebe, abl o t bausehey uc n uldnrw affthd itig nopeop areblryin t to bse py bac dn ffthe itans. if yopreookin atohe c pditardac debte ms.tgag. y studkt lot is numr t ct ind termbtof t mag amot of deb udlo sum tout ere.n peop try g torm- t mo>> d oa: h maneb of t oplet e. opryto stu ed d doc hentaanf t le filmakin i'mtu sry iocta had a sdent loannd i gotlmin m s iick toad a m snt an i stach oteryonth wtf iko m dot pa my oan.sth y th w itorri abo i all ihe do pame ay in. aidt.itribo i ll >>ob: u wry abo a thesthin.d >>: w >>ana:booingack whe i esin waaoung pern. >> a: ng bobkhe y'retill yng. wa ng>> eerc: y seehats ob ying e?ll y . w yo wrybout y er yeets mogage ut g ob a hyo w nowut y manyortgemoge proams ob how modi the mnytgagtg the ratro s and e pncip?
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di he's t t maghe patnt tt -- d p>> bip: yo?woul 't s t t at i you p tere-- aut t-- byo ul eri s feebad aut t, iou e do at torry the over ent rill teeed car a of i do ry >> b: yowoul 't seer t tthatfarou wer ioingo le yo byoulouse s at ropaulser nng goio l b yo seesidt beuse is onroul n pauloi i b wto kw whe ridbee s ulaul w k he rthin witut sdent lns lthateoplwho donave in itney, snt lhey' itheatr pplro orone lor midy,elass wily'et the p r goo clegehere welornoidessil t th incase ur arnigo cgeree wer. th nc >>e ob:ni h sutio is - r. >> reg:>> t: sutioif hou sio - t ri of he l n,>>heg: t sio tuitn drs an wk you rif way lroug schl, wch i itdr anat h w didou at s msy ugch w i le anpt q hteedid s ea -- lnntiqte i qa.ed kim rly: -uiti was reiq a iordae timn. y:ti heasas ble t d ada tha tu c 't phe erythg ofe t wo ding bgerhaing wle goin to c pchoo ethof wo>> dg a: ler bncomr g w pele tinreoreoohing dcall l pel gras.ompe t ng kimrly: ll truelra >>ob: vernnt. imy: >> da: gernmt. ru theye gnts,ot >> loa: .rn. u ca d a glynmnd get ey gs, tm. presentoa busncre ed ca a fundg foet tmnd t so idestus re pridenobam ndnot fopula t wit a lfo
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opleoncrepre tense bam t lait l sotionor ler leore t inc be sopeopon. l eri t ou the bus essop of ri ere. suidizg ev ybod ouheussf ju sto su iz >>evreg:odhoul abo uden juto iall seet oupy >>g: ullawnofhebo en teneedl st oy pr essownend >>es! bobprwe cso't tk abo e la >>choo!l tng. ob c isn'that tbo ridulou la th isoo wha t ty. arehere n' at r, t kidpou peoe i linthsha t re >>rereg:e ca do t t k eoe to irrowin bob yeahsure >>g: cao >>imbey: ce tour toow scho and ou wilob gahreob. >>be cat ito n t ho g . les do it. i n t >> b: yo chaveoet oledot. of her gg. b yo ve gre nexon t othe erfive g shd thconstuti . re aex tudgeeules merin c rtsve shn usthenstislam lawageesnste.ri c s al on't usam fawgetote-mai us aal't fthefi@foxws.c. seai me p ture af yrat.fiox.c see pre y ♪♪. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ >> ec: wcomeack "theive. ye♪ anoer exa le o e wme k am ica hendin ovee.ackwds ye no toxae oama in
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alorito applsourt cleancdve the w for lawitari er app metarrt d puteea ahe w aoraw moue t be a mar detmine d byte a islac sh iahmo l t.eet ne yin lashh.s. urt, lot. theirst me b whys itappe. ngt,hest bhyt allpe mber, th legaagle ll here shiah w sh ldn'er--thga le >>imbey: y know m re opinn onsh th s,shn' rht? >> ric:>>be yno m don. inon t kim rrly:? thi i s >> c: seous d shld none loweimaty:hill. i itsehouls fshghte n peoe tt it'sweccepble at a. jge itul f tesayseokay, tou cse i 'sepe a it's jot t lawf t ys uniy,d c st ies. soha is's the lawalutho ttyni for llowgst.hari lawsos l hoplemted inrowri taw cou sy em?emd wa up,ne hav t t ou u.s.onstutiosy tho? are the wawsp,e'reav toverd bs.stiohore note reer shaah b taw.ha bobtheris a lon. histy ofhe cous ober asingon ligis st lofs,ou wheeoplnng e se gi fatithi ln ahe pl ganition th use s jewathawhi a nionn thseew ces anit has bnone if6 c stat anasesas whe b shaeah i lahas bee
2:15 am hei d'tee what the roblla s eeis. 's le if yid had d whe disblte . ld saif i yad ec's coury cbis foexam th wou e gos i aou -- c fo am >>ric: thouo f ist a- o >>c: fll plea o, doouee a oble-- >> reg: got eaodo tl you a >> elec: tt juds a >>g:ot t jues k w tu e t isludic aaw ju k ad t t qan befe yousl deci cas t q ef >>reg:ouverye kns th ci prticef law was erfeed >>g: rykn byth sthprcela wentufe by goa s herrs.tu ifouisage whoa tert,. if ag w u're t carly re isl clyobic sl >> b: nody mtionic bno this- ife loo a mtonhe sear we doday it oes is if ooback aany, man sta sare udday t its cky,veranta u any 26tate r >> da: no, ny 6 shateah. d o, n at i a refenceohanoth iefce w. sharh la is arla difrents soou say y aeptheif inta
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th shaah l s uldesoay y a tallod inourt i at the amth thae, l shyd do w loin hart peo e t ing he tak to w aw haeo t tg manrakcene tha e tditi ablet thaw tanr neha urthse ttileths th? >>reg:hey ck a chse. fo exale, ayf w are>>g: y a gog t dch.hi in hifoxa, wre cougo tn urt, theeticly ihoulou bebleo g rid o thet,he ic i moulgagentert ony ousebee g idbeca oehe sriahawmogeeronseutla -- ca eri holon. sah whatboutla- if riol. atut it' if ts tsrecent tret' w't ie a d t whe a udge say b ce t e w dhe waygender shiaya l bou ole at tngverhere aywe nd teruthi l yr lefhand off.e t r re eri did nou t m yehe -efnd f. >>ob: riidid y me the m - gume>> whe: jis law yer m heused n mehe j t crt?aw thed've ed i for t c? yeath.e ior orustow bauset'sea slim or itt the bwnses rigio ls. im eri i d'titeliehe rio th'r l usiiffentaws ri d ie t cou. th >>siimbey: ifeyouhinks thonooukillgs a >>be iunkkay,
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no collfy s ariah l. y,putaons e fi, hu andsco s ah are lowe to kl l the wive tas fi hui ads talng aut ie weo b kausehe it'svellnder aal a shaah i bse law 's er bobdohaou iaw ge tha th cou sob use j iishaw g inha thou scaseand shaseah ln j h slimnases 's sed beeha ln de? imes >> kberl iteeas d occued? ye krl t do thit's apppria? no cu? weye suld n do ahilysppia ternnoionalaw the itedwe sd sta nsf ameri. weave arnna setw hef ed ls.ta ri eri we weve benold aet ere e n ltate ihe rie bion cognde shaah e aw nte t n gn be shareme- bobno, crse t. of s coumee ob, ce of not ou e qstioiso tyotse it q io inertao tases beten t oplef t taameeset le t fth? jewsaveonee it. muims veone i f? whatwsseehet.igmus deae i th is notats choing ea somedy's thsot hdsff.hog me 's eri oncyoupenhe h do to. rinc anyuing,nan expd doo anbe ud. movenyog,opic txp. an a u mexan i.s veic bei tssue inex i cnty, ceiifora. ue
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inther w ds f youe a s cy, me ccanor iner i wegalr legou f th matmer,n iegalan c iealeg f to c ifora, gthoat ialo sona c unty nd g.d t ctor h g yo namon on i a owinty you g t h too thisike casyoamn i ccks. ainou even tohie appas cs. forrives en licee. pp dan whei fsteard oforvehis, i houg i musce b ju anhe b f forrdeopl hes, iug ilgallusand borki.ju b wh weor cald tplo hind o illl thd isotki t ce.wheal t it sdpose o in ths t c sse ionom couy -- rrec m if'mrongom- ou-- th f ecou a m puldf or theyre n allnged tth a aul ono all edey nll t tosk. a >> imbey: sctuall. >> da: tnk yo.. loing r th >>be sua wor i he d t y. apparlotly g 'sth for heryby. >> aimbey: is learl ay f lega yb dan the s riff>>be i sholeed a it fm thega rooop, as so anhe sff prhod of f he heaidoo the, eoplo wldn't pr of haveo b in ail fhedohepl re won.n' if y reve h benl fre.llegly why y h we have ls -- kimrly:hereegs anhy exple eav l o--f thim.y:rean soexetati oics, aocat oth sohalff t iigras satis, a haat of o t21 mmiglfnts t i raturnsa oveto ice haf ahories t
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ighadns comtted rnve cri.ce othe athirri cmitt min dnomed fens.ri . ey a s inghe thiirs cttin i ns inluab pol aing sghi res irces th areinab bolngg derteto eses de witit. th rethisill b dte ruc deit. isl t rt. t bob:houl d'this, becae it ob gg's proulp d s, the. >> ecac: eitc. g s bobroyo thi t samth wa e e is fg h e rougob outhier tam is sigwahey use n f t hugut reetin s therisigyse tcalirnia et ser p ticurly hereliia kidsav bee kled cro pingcuyre e ro ds ee 's nhingoo wh k thidrog topi ro a nng whi wel pi is a iel unbievae. >> g ig: c i se a splnb va scen io g c >>ob: at i a wro wit s vinghe i.den ards? >>: iroit greng whaif seone.d ds wi a mecan .d. wretsha to s ne us sriahwi aaw toetmen rid. w oo theus int sestah o hisoid otude entt is an what dodeou o ato tn? eri loo i he bron t e l alr dy. rioo
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i' hanelleg. ro mber, th aessm t t lylr. mai' the theegaven bke erth athe smw, they he alrdymahehe en oken bhe l. the 're reyllegly h lr thats pblem . en l kimrly: teemsthe to beg at p eminclatiofor opleo im y: msnorehat o bhe fst righclior tlet'shat ty re ret breang t law f gh th don con tderstt t eaki theaw. ea taw fac t y wanthonmneson forr opleho a her kihe. ill allyac t an at'sesneor fle a terllly demds of's . t em >> b: the utedf stas apopries b $40millhen udta year o --apri eugh moy to40lln suppart-- eh00,0moo iegal imgran a yeapprnd ty,0 i al havelrea donthatiman eathisouldut ahe t pyple vein jealonndatost sonisa ald a pe rtunto kp t m the j untittheyonet a thrgh t due un k toceshe >> ana:hat whyti teyhr t ue ste of tex i sesng the >>deraa:t hy g ternmt fo mor stof exmone itheye be s ask the do ra g nm thefooroverent do. neey be >>skric: tou kw wot a he grteregmet o.s? >>c: wh k w a igrme ctswh $3000 pil clegaimmiant pcessnd nd30 p b kgamit p tss whever he merom. b t he r$30,0 ea. bob sendhem am.o youreachouse 0, ea . eri thi is a ob safndy m a si. bois r ht.urchse it's ri tophial. aaf siille lbo r i.igraont's
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all's op. alonthe bor r,le b i.ras llall onghe on borer. or cong up, bresint o mal g tes amorican if yco dp,'tsi o relectteim namtan yr, you d e gog te, "onourrect n y own." i'm regohat t i a bon thir nce a ln. o pple m t a inudin bme wld lhiehe e lgove omento le pe uselonein in w wi l youplea? that sveextnt onleusthene wiou fivea attn."eiv." ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ lui d'tradon lk. i tre onundantal
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luandoysi'infoadatio l trondaal i anade isradefochitiot. th is b-bad tradg, r visui izede deit ths ba ad rsu edreamg, rl-ti quos. eaingsnalys. am rtiuo prabily anysis thate'gswhatlyppornity looklike prilanisat'it'a's orl vityal.okke initiv and 's avlablfree's vi. wherer t webs. inthisivs hotrad sttegid ar'uiltavbleeer teb trearctect isly fhom tdadmeri ade.stgirelttrrcct ftdrie. welce toette ade mmison fe lcr 60toayste wh youe pen is acc fnt. 60s whoun cc.
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♪ ♪♪ >> imbey: wcome ack ♪ "the fiv" ♪ coressade ver c ar>> be wey dme't wk t t he pasiv aobs co ssane er c now p side d o wmat tas a is sort g tother actiow pde o t i omot rtto hiserti tgend scote taics. itis not ennd halween sc tata as. lisn to the resiitntot ealen
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from tais thesi yesrday om >>f weon't worvenesay hard tha we d in 200 >>we 'tor en wnll he a overen rdha e d th teln the00merin pple w hu ar a oerheirthel ohe.ri pe if y et sark, oou'r onir oyourwn you y c't aff sd col'rgen ur you areou cnff yrwn.ol you don ikeu tha sere y .rporion ollung ouoneha sour orn lu air orhe a yr chi ai brthesthenou anr you ow a >> yimbery: yhi aren yrbresen a n. ou er ow >>ollibe? y ren >> yric:o if we on'ter re-ect yli inresi nt >> c:if eama in 2't2, wre ot g-eng ynsi to g h lthcae, w can i go 2 w to g g clege hhc wan and g m beto may w cge wot bend ae t m breheay w becae thair wil bwobe a treo cathril b bad. i' makaeal. leuse o d.i'akurl. le own. ihink wll.e ink w fin >> gg: ihe los we'in ourwn? g i th isheos poi.e' 're diviurals.? don sths oselv asoi oup e vis.hing on s olv os spltere p cksngnd oplre minitit s
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2:28 am
can uove tt ilose n 69% e t the cgresonalse repuicanfavotheich, % ichhe cesal i puanvoeh, h te. i t wan tesncreed f thosanakes tre f oses1 miion. twmithirn.of t cntry ison myide. tw thire t i crys clae.tharfa. i youave rewded la >> gg: t pfals ue ew d cbs/ew yk t es." g t p >>sric:hey lledeopl at s/ y t." ccup >>c:y edpl w lup strt. >>ob: you wadn' sed tr my le i bus y>>: iou tn' s se. l kim irly:ous y tiolee . imy:le bobclas warreegan wi replica toewar obalthas forar 1 to 2an yrswiepca andoar thiss heth porce 1ou ao 2 y ying he'sndighttheepub cansis p ta ove a the wh eouse andng 'sht e coresse'llubindnsurseestaveheh se alnde. u moycosslldse and fin al the i mo ay nd t of pplein tha ndhe i ahe of pe ha n godrnme -- >>ric:hey vore wlth gome
2:29 am
di-ribu on. >>c: thy isre the wh defitioof cialm.dibu. th srighhetefio al the. gh bobso meome plahe. el. >>obimbe my: wela don el >>be w theon >>reg:theegan on t coege mpus inhe >>g:ann t '6, by coe usnibers wushe '6 thbyideahat tich weer w ev toethe t ks theat t h w inctrited lef win ev o th tking. k 's bn ali a inrid ng yogave bir bli a tol. t.yove ir >> ec: syo tnko two-ird the e cou sry - t >> gg: is bse pol o- "nd yorheou - gimes i bol "noroll.esl. >> b: ifou a tt esti -- u do t thk bif a th replica thi the t far ri ti- doth ndthepcahihe fari cgres gre thefavothe ccesul. c >>esric:heyavor there he voriche es. >ana:c:yorhe chlass war re>> ca: rk. ssit's dgustg anar ugl c d no. pre dentl. 's dst an>> kberl isgl unpr idennoal treehavnt ike krl i this pren t av ite is i it i
2:30 am
as ifou'r n upsnoug we'l lisn to i pau'r npsyanugo 'lis mato youaungrin .maouri. theresintsoing fm to to tow mpughengsihe tivengof ftooepubowcanug ve seing subawnen a scegoa andseg ngag sg in a inte ectuly aryscoa argndents agin bui sport fortetu pun aiverg ts x hi s o obui srtor catorune hi o kimrly:hat reat cor danasot im hapy:t at wit na bobap bobthatitsrice you obpay. go obats aceadou y. go. a >>ana:hat s a gat spch b pau rn andeopl >> a:t ash h g wou he sai 'llsp bau r rundfor prepldentf the un ed hou htateain 22.l thatrusrotre wnttehe s d,utun te 2e eorsent i wel at w thght. s ju becse y isag e w ehse iel somee --tht. ju mec yag w m wou me-- m hav nt me t mou myoo hav sai e so t myy tngs h meaaboutai so m yople t isea dou'tnderand. >> b
2:31 am
:le i wn'toon. derd. >> d a: y hav a bickne wt fon. verydy d you fo n y senryllyoouliis yenyooom? >> km?berl givhim timeut a a ckie. krl iv m bobhe ss imeelle aual c e. arment yocan' ob s hav a ilel intarlectntl yoargun'nt. but eavrgumts t ate ntct kes te peogue l.eis t um te mecare s teo l proammereho cantro ford hpitazati and otr thgs a putantt o rd an hgivetatti tndo theree otth ma aetuthich o i theost anve t dangheous acee ymachhe cante ngybods fore y theaneealt odr he >> da: y knowhat ilt ouageo? d es ycialno wheatthey iay t repuicancarebouthe rich.oueo es alsomehee liey pau tl r n i notpu anre utealt g .ch he oesn wor meorliau r i ot rpor ion. lt he g is hesnor or pubn.cker s vhets mang aumenus cub er di vgree ma aen cdiith.eeh. t fa t cal tm nam. >>ob: i as g ngfao tal t ll h aam nam 'd>>: cl g h ham c reaame. h
2:32 am
ihink ts guyea ise. ink telltual disnest a tuys th prosal llalisst rid aulou erybthy thkshisrol guy ouldidoueresint o ybths theuy ld si oited stahes. >>imbey: w t foit ed bob. ontada i >>be wfo wl b. onappe w comi up,e all neepe mis mi manns tininp, thelleeisaily 201 nn tin th ppour inclingly01lip-op, ll siti and pore.ur clg alof i p-, xt on "e tinde. alive"." i stay ith . o " ♪♪e"." ayh ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
2:33 am
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2:37 am
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2:38 am
potionin tal ou op othe lattpoon acc tatiowhetr phe sport liminghe e at rgaingccio powet o srt uons.img firs he w orai i manowy o uscons.n an he didt takrs a w i an siti on i hio onaneidak a yeerda y. tin i peole we cfuse a tod ye da c.aredt upe w conesehing a todnk ty ced uid eng t t we i ty gotfter itn we tyoter t 24-hr per d. -h ere werever empleer ross eerer ele the c paign fterss eryby lethin linrhe anstuc in cig eveerbody cw yb leand inggedinhem for a hilean ucn wh are youvedy lghin c d >> eedc:mor a romy'sleaset whre ou s mo tha l ain f d s. e omsomesmese t'smoha a f d mess dades u kn who i d wases thiing isic pry knhohenas heaid,hig is p "healessnen flod,da. >> k berleass nloe. krlomebk. n e bob: i donhink you shou caleb peoe nes ike obon nk ouip-fpper >> k berlou thaaleo nes -fer krlhaich!h!
2:39 am
>> b: rney eardhe b : r reytati. he hasotenar awady wht f rea ltigime i nhe camign.asenwa w 's f lemareble iamn. no it's srtinto cch upare wino'sim sin c whup h ran f theoverr wi of maschusts, is i wh anmeth fg heid ihe theeras ofas moush, r, ht? i he ot him lf othhe the ironghe si ofhe allomo r? iue heim in ohe ng oh. sif a cticallo i sta.n th john kicha choca c cau yota j p kblemh cau yos. pem >> da: iakeim at h wo tha he d s iportejohnt h kach a theill butwohanee of e srt weihnhing if ou wkate ahe elut blft's a es aeifngf w you btes yes a it'o.ou >>imbeesy: d't knot' w youigur it out >>be dis is ano proem wh rneyou durtut why h is ot abl i aoro w rend ytsid hy hs 20%bl d id ran.0%an peop areonceed conrnedith s coop valres. ce sohey' ccern witon edh somee whwon' go wcohal soy' crn it obamare r upme awhn' poting whe unio.
2:40 am
th 's wam heep aoesn p havng t io sodth we frosnav t-sonnerro s cus gre- imane iyour shopng hitser ref sctedus b iur itop h havs to byeefed b cofe, b iti it ve tavuy tyeometng toft is b i t ye on t tea. itet ts con sing ye n bowher did teat com froit >>reg:hat on howng iboerid tomro wo s.>>g: t ow he is goi i theeing poli. wo not re. he oiwhat isronghe witng li.lip- opt . atngit fl-floing? p- >>ric:verying! pecily ts on fl lo g? yo >> uc:erstryd whg! ci tppenon in wisnsin yo th ustepubwhcansame enn outisin thhey ubns woe wisnsin ut th tooy hewoisin thoo sta.ta vern walr sa i mingrnndalsa goi tne of ihe st i ortang isssoi t off itassny. o. foromne t say- >> dra: hnesaid isay t same iss . d h id eri butt's i not t me ss >> da: riuts rotember bk d t rbe b t
2:41 am
whenbamaippeis he nd en ma founouthey d'tavehepe colltive hargaeing rigs unt y dand eback of a ner ll ve gatalkgig aut it a in.d ckof a n we re arazy lk a t awisc.sin,overr e a wker.zy it srted scn,er t wr. read sed thiss aig iue. ad bobthiss a big isssue a focabs i lik.e yrsel oband isr aiguealke fo bs>> dika: m ygoshel d >> kberl thais aame!ke d m shme-cling >> b : is khatrlha ae! namealli? -c ng>> k berl yes bis t >>ob: ure rht. mei'mli agr ing kthrl yes on thi>>: r . e yo makingr awag -- yonhi >> g g: ery yoime youinallwa a nee w l g tak eeou aly n w aak ugh op. >> aob: m for. a lee h . >>: you f. le binou t sence b dan hern t cn, a "w s cerk tim" cbs p l anasern c a " himimbs pl 25%im %p -- >>imbey: oo g.p. --ter >>be og.s. r >>ana:overrerryt 26%. th was>>akena:errryctob 19- %.thasen24ob 9-
2:42 am
thgs a hapn sethi fa inheampa24n, bause thgove aor papry h s comhi ofa n wi thepa fla b tse pla i ve p hom nder of thame pl aswihela t laken iday e wld ave erth e pved in theoll. n y >>reg: what lee askg d n with "hencinl. wit the >> g:start a leekesk ago it " mininithanghe thr ds arkgo late innghr d i d'tare uil the l t shte. >>ob: is i u dsualne uhe le resintiash pol ics. >>if y: i get ts uallose to iow esi iaol s.ings yet tettlseoow gs dn. tl you n'tee the fas veme bet den t u ndidtes. he thas is stil meet t unsidtled. ths racil cainis t hotnsedropeacy in tot n. he c't conpert i witut n or.nizaon c aon iit orzaoney a >> kberl whys he sll inheeyame? k rleryohy hasheee s dcounng hie? heon umbeyo ofasolls and dun numb ofhihe saw p ls.he behow fn yls cndtinuo mbf s pdisc.nt h anday it' w yot cnu ing mtern sc hndt'he g mr end >>imbey: indhinke i thmost eecti candate >> be the i fnkld iy f hethst etiayan te he s aks.he f f ornizaonmlhe h to to iow ss.
2:43 am
iow t'sorzamliffi hlt to ownverthe poparit toowsfi tote ereopit votee te eri the gamhang wh per srtedith the rihe adam ng rst t of he gwh sedh he at'shere heoneyad srts t oto g. matr. 'sre ey s stass t matr a ot. >> bat:t i ta t at>> da: the.ols b: diff ient xt wk. vy t d tea bheut hold thatffhougt . w ther are tther polea bhatol ha rom y u atug ereerodayolt haom u anher e wi bhman--ay greanr wi ban -- bob ree're notalki mo abo per?- ob dan we reve tot gki bobwe'rmonotboer lving an e t dan g leangor thi ob 'rt blk. lst fng anea thiinut .bl gi f bobback t aut gi cobghckrop. paci himor aittlit. al c rht.p. cioccuim walstre gettl. violt an pol re. areorce cualre et to fir tr as olan aolrece otes rs. toir t'll owou tt wil a sne on t strest o. alifnia. l wher telseil s ne on "thfive ttr oif a. ♪ erse nen ♪th♪ve ♪ ♪♪
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2:48 am
♪ ♪♪ ♪ >>ob: heay dald ♪trum♪ >> you: ay he bn dd ttinumyour wis bouause i'm h bn w do t the inuris bse "'m bdock. t helcombacko "eive. " now wilcene bn. omck oak "nde. w il lifoneiaak yterd betfoen licend yrdroteeret on occuce wal seetten cual ey stired teaas aer sang btlesnded roceaere a thwn athemsa btheyesriedo cleoc te thprot atersemrom eyedle aa t the otrsm wereightlly oupyi a for o wes.he theyould avenre hadhtyhi oyior oble if ty hwen't t eneyldenad aw a rhtfu pla orle t tm ht tto aembl undaw the rfula co ttituon, hava rht atobl andemblhe co tu, anav r abl anrote. >> gg: ty we viontte peop. theyere hur ng p ple. g twe iotheyereeati p op. eyeur people. ey the hadti d attk a pl rerter thad >> k dberl it tts in a the papereer olen , dr krlt inheeali heapeh zard endr it's iumbe olieahe c y -- rd 's gre ibe oorma day in c--
2:49 am
klanrema ay >> iob: uaid anhari >>w, d: orcehreed tes i'mri dce eedivoed t'm. vo . dan may occup wall seet, wou y an wanay oup llaria st,ou yan iaaw?? >> gg: ty say t cri rate as g tsa t gonri te up.onp. >>ric:t's goi uphere ime te h een>>c:stagntoi u anre pusd dn nd n e h ndiveed tognthe oupy allanus d stet p ntestndhey' ve puoed o of olacey whelhe st p stimeseedy'o epu ofcehe prent >> gg: i isurti poo peop. g is 'stioo oppele >> ec: is conitutn thonlyrote butight tope ebe se ind sdonyut ids tth lyte utschoht.o thatshe pro sem siths t ho atoccusroh cu wteve
2:50 am
>> b: 300 pole dow a w ve ocpy wl stet. b 3,0. 3 ol owich big arhan som oc wst. 3, ate h igrnoms. e th pple,hey tehe bt trpers ownth pe,yhere t b licen whtrrssualn do the rethin andeal wit he cewh alviolot cre.he y in the orldin dondl youit n dolcr inhe 3,00ldpolioowou o tha n crow 00li o seouslha ow. sesl >> da: ion'tnow. yoknow bterhan d i i d'tw. >> byo: thow is d blingrn drs, n d b sthotins dng dr neopl sin >> ec: iis cplme e i c thou. >>ana: iemonrabl ct tout cme as gon>> ua: ereolic ireonbl divted t c on ta u car of eicherote. >> b: doivd y thi ttayar f shouiverte bdo,000 yhi t ouer00eoplpl dabsrust piceelly to make decion hate bsst pelyo nes keecn t whe.nehe ltheare e
2:51 am
hee >>imbey: ty arthe st iheorld >> ob: >> quebeion. tar e buther are c s i leang old th r ca>> and: yuen. cou akbuerre c thea to o waltree and akethcand you th tho--aleende wt. th >>ric:re y sayg ere a c wspiry to tak e >>c: cop ys oay o t e inory cirtoak op oneigorhos? t >>ob: .or t abodyho this y igho ne 3,0 of t>>: bt olic ady hi y toake carne,0 of t wha bticou toear say oha e ra tagums,ommust andayociasts d cri grasags, up, enmu somody dias isri g , omy spid.s sd. >> kberlob. >> gg: i is k brlng . vert and is urti poo g i b pele. th mostrt impndtant iart o ttioo gmen is tpe.ortu edthstmpntt t metaor en ttu! ta! theediaovesheroteers but eyave aeia proesem wn iturnsuttesometng y t e lovesro w it anssiveet y ve cre the miasre ran andhe he mprottersre rhrisnd
2:52 am
otrs bro.isro shriedo lve him ebanded imed l an predentim bama ind the nehboranistereng tntwhatsma gog on i sayg ihe senheneorte tat fr tratngoonay ienfrat n bobwho rana? ob o dan our vwersnow ra? wh anur it vrsw wh it bobthe y ieati u hisifell obe theti tim u se tas 3000 csn nhe yorim ta 3 s0p chat. nor dan mos t ppleho s mit hat. fel t empanhetiosc peo miha e wa strt peltestsmpti woullookt thi a say a watr ri pt, yst madour ointulokhi a noaycan ae hehe p iceri yadrnt no ofncers he pe bk?ofrs bob50% the amecan ople b agr w hob t% pheitiomen le w t >>ric: podayio pside obamey reled te. >>c:artyay pde t amel oc tpy wl stet wn talkg toty t sdent oc wst w lkto snt gre no imesy t a par. >>reimbeo y: tes t proem
2:53 am
is- ar >>ob: >>be t towro eetsionis cre. >> : kimrly:- cole crowinal you tsink n% of cr sup rter imy:co cral s u k ofinkup iers oka k tooddl is the wh areka tommiing cres?dl thwh re is i hd evince mi sgw cr? thleve of vionce. i h >>ana:viheree s hasthvefioe. een >>a:re rape as>> b: itmazi how yn monipe theeopl bit >> gzig: wdon'ow y h enihepl g wn' t h th areoing a gre j t themlves th reey'rng j ummi emes ane 'rrug. mi a bobwhenhe tarty wa disptintheown ob en t meettygs -- wa >>isimbeiny: reen and et - vi ent >>be rnd vit cri.ri rap. >>imbey: is a ap har >>be i a faar.fa at i a che st. >> iob: u aren to at hetoda s jo >>: dwararo resfacefor his day i n ar'll ll yboutes itcer nt on "s e i c. l f ye."utt nt
2:54 am
" i f"ay not be. ke y hap. ot♪e. ♪♪ yap ♪ ♪♪ cqhpbc cpbcúgúg
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♪♪ ♪♪ >> gg: wcomeack occu ing ♪he fe." ♪ ck le a geird wme smek . rmercug f" predentl can ldateard me hn eards urne up iernre nt deracourantoteet the e ds caneaignpinan i chaes ag nst ramurhecagnismianed.ha wasagndict d onharg he tookmi.earl 1 miasion omicon rgnorseo cer un okrlffaimin he adrs wit c un rellaihile henninit f predent rl inle in frent008. whatooun tnk ohis8. guy? at t o >> b:suy thoht s w wi b cisho bro s. w >>imbewiy: tt was cro rh nna.>>be t >> bas: heookhat mon meanforampan arha.sed i bhek ton clrly cov u anisrpa aowd i cly miovemear u thismiseahe mos riculs is s thg i'os see he tk camignoney rul a thi' paee the guyoff to t ceramney a u paheuyfo c fo him u fo kimimrly:hiss no a imsdemy:norssno a emr ese e serus aegatn
2:59 am
ainshim. >> be : itser aat nsm. sious bit dan mislocaon of he sd tseere not anis cantri otion o the s. camign. s t ey wee gott, af rionth tream n. wa w g a dtingshed --ut t s a d ng edtrial- s a lyer. ia >> kberl theoint is h lr. ed the koneyrl tohentside his egnaheeyo mtrese. na >> b: w is mes erybo potingt me bi'm w aseeme eithboou. powhatngme m s ameh. at ts? whatore ian io? t >> ana:atall m aeame. it agr. >> b: i >>on'ta:l a e. ca it thegr. p bplei't on al scaeet he faist, comnist p esociist n >> sana:thatbout johfat, om edstrds? cit >> ec: a chae he >>a:tutoh get eds? e aoff?hahe >> kberl the is et rongasegain him f? u ha krlhe ps ple als esti nge inim agait hi ha ihinke i p ine tublels ti bobhe w't goaihi ink i ton tle ob w jaio thou. >>imbey:ohyot?ai ou be>>usbe hehiss?meri? >> b: he i wbeteuyes withrioney b he kim irly:ightg wos. w >>ob: ion't t nkth heye imll.y:htwo


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