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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  October 27, 2011 6:00am-9:00am EDT

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ll angeewre pkingomtiozen ofor ho lessgeeopl pg 0 aenourf to sit inhoss thepl pk down a oro w l tn hereet p the owoupeniethe port w et e piee rt r&persr lonelrich r& rsgoin co ltry.el ♪chhen y're in dcing othe co y.ilin♪ ♪n ye dng oe in♪ th 62ear-d srill thrfora cotry rsioof anci on62r- s tl orcoy io ilin cin t whin scallattat t coury sicward wsex nth. hial ntt tou al m c frdture d tsh. th s rs lhieal fennyre d csney and silli l neln dngeny cverseyns ohi dsolis.el d chieas b n anrs oais inso abam ie b>> ant aualls onnh ceing. tha s no am t alln fiterso th's geceg. counhay, noto t hadiso th geun nat hato adddinieldn thatshow rentland e'sinld pe ormith at owe c awas wi r rtlcal d attsss pemiwet .c >>hey ilt wa s andwithey rl ts rnedt a hewe >>y ancet nsidndey >> real ?ed ae >> d notce dyid >>avital >> o dot d'll lve iheit i ok to
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onelll lchiehe les ta abo wha tt the pr iden has el d byie 2 -1letabo marhan inhehe l astprens ecti inarnt 008,tie n ouistaed jnccain8, termof t you gro. is outitae, j heindaiimseit rm tou ro 40. aptiovalendse 40 54% sappval d heapceale's goa game pn tin e % uthppl he's vote gock. yee.nn h >> iste. yeeung the vote>>? to u ihe e lksikete i beus stery, lekse annnced i be c orader hnnedlan s hat cad studts cld hrenancn t esseiall the stuudnt d ct. renc heree is litleit se -ll-he thetu d pridenof t unid st es re is lkinitabou --he pren tnist inou ganti thi $1 triionills hangin gti ohir pele rinlho oweain sdent peloan >> now, ling s wnth thainan ofebt mea ns i wing mehain prey oft ea tonsh chces whe youeg fst arti outre tochs he migou mea putting f offti buting a ho e.igeautng itighteaff bg you a can stt a busiss ia th youite gohtouant itay mea t tsi you ie gthouogo wait lng
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it toea t sourt g famy it or lng t ceainliteans s y're am puingff savingr for ce nl tirent bausensou'r ystile pu g pang oa young stuornt b se by 'ryingil pale ossou tuen, t s. esid ty ng raonallees, ssen at wn,ld t e ecti ly id beraal, a w stent esttiulus beble e injectorfheir st t mosty inus the beonome nj>> lt's tore a okt air moinhe anogy,n exomplef l t howa ts a woulwork for any,ex aeowictious t rsonulrk let'orsay uorro a tis on t'y 12,0 rofor fou yea colge ,0 r educouion. eaen y wou reolpay ucn. y8,22oureny that thiss bad onhe fact y 22 ha to epn min whaat isbaonhisct y rson ctuahayo wl einnhahen s th go the ronlua wor w. thn has somthin too thitho he rit. your thasnlyomin havo toh . ou pay yav t $28,y0 ofhose loan whmakeup tdiffence 8, ofttomsean les thewhke taxyer tffceoes om d yo lcan e theathhe axthrres thyodiffn enceheetweh thre$2,000 and 8,00 i a lotthff ofcewe mon fo$2the00 tpaye td mak00 ip.otfon foe t ayeuall t thiak t slans noonly t ing tourt the allhi t n yog peleut no trylyg to tg cou t thrtparehes oth you
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eopyope whmayry in toct beou hping th outre o outhesyounop peoe wit thewhyn e uden hloanngdownheutoad as esuneoithe well >> iencoulanandwnds t intest ra is t lo wll f the iuld stunt tntt ans.ra s loybe u co fd wohe on that i thk thtu wo d be a ltle s.bit re p ctice andco thewon atther th th oingbeo leepe in t p icndndheer gtopn the's end this cald banto th thents hemth.hi thal areasedann getng p dtht backmo who isth gog to sthreedoet p ck whe inks,sohis t ho wre s goin take i us,ps ho w to inyou.e i i ess areo aertao u. degri .s re thaprestaent oughup stery, t, yo hav't gr pai thes t thgh loa b ker t iyo av25 yearai thw itoa dn b tok 20 25ye s. ar cod beust g wa ing itgameo >> w0re jt on heye cobet wag hookme for w j onevenore. re'shat e pkresintorid en e.mentn is ts 'st nlillsior for rect ntis t sdent lonlans.llor thr e arctoans tat studts snt logos. dect fmhe fedal tharns t go srnmeud. ifou g thefrom dtankmed or agome if ghe om ird rty,nk tsroes thin afor u. d y, t ian,ous in r mtion tha t n, studt lo intest te i mon ha hi. yo tre aoluty ght. udlontt i accoing one ne hiourc yo a utis mningt. it' cog 8ne% fe rc
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st ents m nghere thethint' t fre a stts ngrereman heom inetch's he statof tremiesot joh klreinn ch h at ami otohreblickle ss thale a uden pay reicacsha6.8% t ennlyay sts 8%e feralyoverent out lesthan%o he s fe cals tsert t esan%iganclushe fu ca t th the fedaloverent nan thenpendshuny w the he ed verert tereing. is ennd whathetude. oanerreg. ssmulu st mte oth cladearfan sgumelu thasomeay t t th m o lapresent dogfa comeresshan pame rya t sths he' est do dicoppoissed ipaya ss te' predent at hhad ped r. dioi i trent hd d >> ion'enoyoing ts caus ihe ge usn' aenessang tf us gus hopehreeear ago a osa uning and t ding peeear ago wha oe'reni gett g ard cla dg arfarha we'rgettg vere ttarlalaringar rhet'ric tttt puve cla agnstri cls, ps oplegain et one tpu la othergt cl p lendinne iheouldimplay ildpl wingocia unrest ds no ma ameca tronngriaut makesst dno ma
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meeric on mesweak . >>ic he d a bakpeec >> at the a b echerige fndatn tt hth isted priden obamris f at ap toachf hircuenting cong ss w h thtejobspr bienamnd ap ch nocung ng wthbsi usi t seno ecuti ords on t wes t he etirdresint is tes saygt. gointo te msi i autritynd ay dohat ca'moingo ein t mutty run ngre. do t th who stucant ln tngsng bad onctiotaken b n here. thhotu l t baonioke1 b 11h1cogrs, i he' blang 11h coresshecogr ie'la coss ned t bam tt congss tt nedas t b heamaded t up b ngncy tlosieed dot ble th coress pame b the yelo si co ss tak a loet th ee latt flo ne poll a loo atng. how akloouth lat ffeelbout theneol a rooublitnshoow want tbe elut the nom reelior nt esidtialndide. t >>ook omth. fox ws - idalidye h,>>k thermacain x - t ontop.yeh, tt rney aboma thein me. on to p.eigge srs the ry bohe . ge srshe quadplin of eumbe adromin wt ngri. >>e we talng af ut tt on
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be thshm. e mori d ates>>hatwe nalt a ton th sh . ngri doe mo my dest n sessnt i the tterrie'lloeontie to mo ss the iosecau e ere'slltitoo smt heguau nowswhetr orot hcan ke sm up t difrencor oer ow reetons ory pe hle hn e not p thim if thencop othe pls op re uns l thpe po hint,no i phinke'll m he co oinueeo se p h se. un th thpoet, i ieresnkng tng allut at co ue ses ri h prywas s.lln th iurtheslace t. at no washi ri ps s tthence bore noas afr he aounc his t be pl? afhe this aeek nciseopl kne autpl hisla tx plaisnk wheplthey p nein tir vtes on thihi lapollhe ey>> thi pquotrom ne t v sais n hi thoddsre preyll od ihi'llotme aithe thdsmiee. re he l quauple e and otis . euale %. >>nde's ringore opleyou ow, oosed toome >> s mpaings the arelekimmu g , peop oeday,oee' irinaithremm mor op y,peop innee'mpshe,in sou or roli, i liev opnnendshouioa. li i evomeby se somhing ging onio iteb theseomewtng ggingrh campitgn. he tmeanile,grhitt mneys parely lding n an e,ur stes at het ey aucu s re l ng anthalsof priries s slls . h cu etch anou ssod thatri theesll me ch at n st ghagrich shews u a the bathe b mter do .
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n gic s u ablute a, mean ile,e omebaty b whr isdo gng take a con aryab te anew te,thateb i whs gerno g t rice aon yperr tat i ap grentno accicding tis rr mmunatio rect ap ynt cc knng he sn'to t solt me o theunioct d yebat and sknoe w'tilool heill the nex oteat ond i s wil hel he chigex, hesrobayoing o to sp ighe nber baheng nex -- s p wh are tre aut nr ex -?- he goi towhre t akip a bunf heoi o th probly prerepor aunf thro they re rly stat >> ihinkt's ettheld. y memb, yoathad s uat innk s tt ere vernd. huntmbanyod mis sdat e lae rneba. bodys ntakin ais dal la abt >> he sn'tdy i thein top dal abth. gov>>nore 't i phery kno heop. ov rstrules t psenoeebat and knowhe h rus tatnd ow h a5 pint ld befo the debe arte a 5 th pt is l a bigfohe eb sk.te caus sometheopl a ioing t a asigthisuestn -- ik. y us me pln't abateheng o tther asisst - ipubl yan ndides ow re t te yoergointo g gain bl president ama? at'soingo be he byoin g inqueson tt i ink lot es t a?ople re g ng t'sngbe ask bn tir es ti k t mi .le g tseco queion sk suld t we
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ve a the mibate couen s ldshou thee c dida s be ahe flyi alltever theount ouhend doin call daesebe d atesyi illteadr heof cntvassghereas in il e w dches iad ese tes rst cenedssike as iwa, w wmpshe, sou cae linas etc.t ede >> i le a , tshouebat ca nacausc.theyeallmade big i l a t fferatce. ople ave greauseydelldeig aut wh jon tand flee andeade what all ohems whweon.ntnd f wh's inderesng aut rk at o rry andm mybenewe of e wh re ions es a r thi ks hy canndo me thif is istorecalls downnhi hnhi tex , heastollucwnd t detes d xyet,eas eenhe t ecteddes goveor ithe tatet, ofexasn e foredhim,t's ve i tnk f orerics, ws likehedewotes.. t f x miion ic wwatcd. >>kehat e yoalki deabs.out? mi n >>fortc >>t yoki abt?candates i tnk >> rey'drefeoto debe nd es tcausthers a t to sk.'dfe waseb aound t seeuserota to. oy mitsromninnin t and tee fit fo stas, e on i itowamnni tere bary go he' on fifota en i a to >> s aigh aheae on oargoe'n ow a to sghea o stunng cfessn fr rut maff bnie madoun's css frut wifema >> i bon'tenow ose ea i but fe i d'tidew e i to ll s.rsels. t dde o t ir p n el e tei
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lis anwhy did t wo t. p e t liany idwo >> en wha's hpeni i wash gtonodayhaouldave hgeni nseqnces on t u.s shonaylde mili ry l geqes thattoryext li l he onfox frie s.te atryt honx ie
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[ malennouer ] men ve te wld. d catra mos us [ heleing ouren ]hen r b es.n tw. ca altrao delusers 00 mligr s ofalciheg nn b. raels and m0 iugrf voftamici d pl miral d iu vmi plmi l womeneedaltre. ltra hel wom keepovin meedtr be use ramen elve tom wor . epin bee n t or malennouer ] bli tas tes ev raguss ose ego. ego?but ve blen buoung ]gu f yeali. ases evags e o. o?t bbu fea thinng ] wonr wh oth estiablehoic i'vmade in ]onwhth tileic'vde [ '8 dan mus pla ] [ sis ] '8anusla malennouer ] ooseastechoo pre. si] leou ] seteoore
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h, o. tw the. o th two. d, tee. o. [ le aounc ] wi theankarica cashewar t cre.t ca [ anc wihekaca rn mshe caar bacre ca for e thgs y buyost.
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mcaac r th yuyt. casbackveryere, evertime asckrye,erme casbackn grerie 3% bk onas. tomacall asckgrie bon no. oopsmao jull thrgh. 's aeasys on nops ju-thr. .hree a symaleonnnouer ] e baamerard sh r ards-tard. ee applonli or le oua ba ] of eric d rdsd. pllir baf icar. >>wellthe per coitte th cgresonalask rce >>lle r cowithte2 pele tt sth cesalmbark nge on tis gal tthpe tsdar t g$1.5 t trilon iefiteducon s lehan one.5 mtho meil i i itucal. le at'snboutnehankivin me it rche so 'sutnkin f. and t's eaay r they d'to rea f de , thd defes eepar tent ddea
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u. itardewillthfe thearnt u. s mar aomat arclls. he ththout was even tt t ma asecratary defse -hat ththght ouenwa a es tn t t cry ef -tecr aryth oft a t defee woied. >>it'soingoacryf uto t edgend fewod. >>'sngf u tudde y ongeop o th weacdditnal detson o o ifhis theequeacsteroesitntol o efct a it difblesthe numr ofueercutss theo i ef a wtl dle trueum ofts devaheate r naonalefen i. wru joing us vaighe naalenw,ox newsility anaostg ands gh retid fo sr ws itgeral,na nd ge ral ck tifo skeen whatillhisgeeanl, gel en n atctlsn theyon'tomepithct t deaey'teh in tir tea aomat cutof t defe te dertme? aat ut >> tlien, what asfe alrdeadme tan ple isecre ry g>>eslin, hatooklr ta plisre g ok$200illi outor efcien. wh he ft a sec00taryliut nettcamein tefen wh oe ma a ec ryminirati gav secr ary ttmein t patta o nitiavcry$4 blion paill a er 10earshat hsryin$4to p togeer. bonl 10rst h thein p seqgestra.on he sup comm tee he anoer 00eqra biion opup of tht. mme no
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th wou abiolutn y oth thouut t aut depamentf dense d w woulbe aere shaw of o t pantdee w ul ae ha wrmerf oself >> ihink pueo ri wou er lf ha bet ir denknse. ta aueoriou a wt ts wld ha et deok ta thearinorps w wou t s wink to itsmalst i 50 yrs e andin tps oumy w sldk go ac toital ie-9/ ynd t wmber g air rce, aco/3 fer 9/fiters anbomb s t ner r e,1990nd f thefirs an mbvy w tl lose o to90he t airaftarri s an a fl t wlos oof t aiftrian flballtic ssilsubs wl be flatut lost that if ey on'tllc omeilbs w outbe atth a d l ast atf 'teut age dral, ahere sothinels i th. ge l, fore10 soins,ls we have ieen th fitingwo ws an d ingfo thattie vee'vneenoing- fing w an puing glot o atoneytint'vn ng pu g tfens o but ataveeyte bee ing? ns t ve ee >>wellthat t dty g? ttle sect hend n ody>>llat t was to dear ts sto utleec the h n y fa of e maer wators tto whe did faf ma ineasehe dense dep wtmen budg ratidr dmatilly or in se d thselast0 yeprs ben dgatr dti it ys to o pay r t thst war and y the b scial t eqtopmenwe ney ed to fiartndhe sthosalkindof ws. eq didenthatebrn, athfit expee of osnd w
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idatmodeizinbrhe air peof rce, deinderning e ny a the e,my andherng n a min e orpsnd ha notad mor --ajor mewps eqpmenin yrs a ha theot m -or eqen y a uipmt thhe ty ha whi th've ed ipmth thahi the hesears fr i 10earsas gt to setse ans f 10rs go habitateet nall tha cts bite mol y.ha and te dartmt c actallymo nes mo d tmoneeot dtm lctslyoney ne anmothat the sretnen th sty th noby wan l to ey at he we slltth lisn t stthobano bneyfr.k. we heoesnis txact have b ay fr mpat tic her tosnhe partnt octav atc todense. t's rt olist. >>e'rehe eorce odee. s ststilitin t wor>>.re noe ehoulce't o . can stitbe. tor it dsn'to anul go. anif y don cut the. mi tary d'tan thenou c med yareonrut youheut misociry secity. en c remberwe'rede iou aero mciec y. re sieratio'r >> b i in mes war a eveo onem is gng texpe thesi dioense b n tos o tar --ve thee dpartnt o g t pedefee toheose tobsol tely - he derytrtng o feto andoly o war yt macine to ce ouvictiousndarace 's a n couctusin suati forou
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ys. a n well stie'veor een er.e bfore anit's lltragve.ner b reu kn, po an's wld w iiag post kn pokor pt w wiietna we st ripp thereparent p fens s bgetsnande we jt pppaidhe hear prit for t ns to bts gete j itack ereid h itrihorld be.oet ve the itk e glolt re.onsiliti we ve a whhelohe dartmtf reefensitie a doeswh mos of e t detmsener esos f t war t fht em. kewa thehugs a llerff f e bas of oemth. pple kehe gs a caustheyer kn t baof o unithd p stees c resnd a the know us ey 's knstro. t pele pniceiv ste're ces w ak,heow theyl taro advtagef pe pusiv. re buthe m we yocome ond eyta expldvn toge themerin peo.e whut's a mstakyo i tmeink ohe pl to sthengerriouraseeo . wh aak t knerajack sterreane,hk s ramuchckor gtingp wi us thie, s ch gmornngg.wi s >>lad hi be re, ian,s usua >> orn comi>> up d raige , n,aheas ua oitt mi p mneyigas l king oear h ould at hern ca andt ow ey l ng's w ochin h ldin rtunhter ca nd st hi m. win what the romne rampanoing do out a th? athe ra meneer opa hisng o t a sta th hernex me o th we' tisin you on aourtaer ofhe mxt th pope'ar toun hlowe ur
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hoe inmeri. of mop knowe le hhatwe house hoinn ri rirsid no lt hse riid >> verying is ntroed b thcomper he a tse are ryg s all roe co brolls. thmp h a tre berakese sa l coll eressa comn. a howan u tk tme aboufib om. whe yoaare owtingn a tndy tr?eouib y enj thawh yoie m.nga y malennouer ] yber njyondhaecog tioni le fiour on ] r ndogon fion let'ringou u ry? at a you doinhere t'ng u ? it a megou. ini'regett g neinsunce. iteg i'ttnesue. marjie, u'vead aolic withs fothreyear rj, ve aicthforear it beefiveears ve yrs. iteeve rswe , prresse gis mega discnts at y gs dn't y. weprssgi gascs ys 't parles safdriv d i t grt seice. paesafiv i grsee. mereth, at'shaki,
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ban? theyl fire iout. re, 'skiba gett g yoeythe fiscou ist. you serv now,at's prresse. ttcallyor cle k toouy. u rv w,'sprss llclto
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quk helineno two arsfte bein bailedut quhenenous o ste ueoniz chrler aed woers ve aewoear uizhrr coract it's otwos as gdr a t deal co ctrd a 'swo gkers aot t butea i a donclu aaywo rairs for eny leutl dorkerlu aa ay700 aigninor bon aenle up t er $200 a0 earinnon ap t pformce $2 ar bonus. alst le prm nu al lsabaia's deal poli getng rdy tba's re-ialervi the econliet h rf t othe of ssin misuri -ivi hebabyonisa h ir in hef inisitomoow. bythea bsreirnd a yearmold. willelso bepordly ve d.a a sampars toe cllpareo tory dome mpto cre
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unidtifie strds fndn e irn ho. idfitr f ir hoetch? mitromname undr fe r sa ngchhat hhadoitmn posieon ond f ohi s sat clect hed si ba oaini law oniday late hchan cd hicte tune baniaw ony te hanhi ne >> m sorf i creed confion thaort gardre fly nfuppon haoverr rd fypoer sich i tnk is caed esti twon oh. fly sppor thch. t ica my bti swooh bac.k as arly f as sor apri i l dy s ot tacatasly isuppo qution andrihe l o tgornor i effopo testrt quonollendive baaini ingoor ohfo. >>trhat s i leergin. ba ni yoncan e th govnor oh >>t i virgia bindin yomn th ovr ther even rg boughde ha't oicily endoered h yetn gh mitha oiroey's do hetit critros'sallg thi anoer itsl ininisheorme ipp. in cohairn inmemaland i ere othelip- op?coirin sotimema ynd hav ito buy e he tip-? ndsome yookav bt ti thistu.ok issu comand gohi pollcomend gu suomd go yoneveknow on a llme gday--day yo ve baows.n a >>et'sook thepolly-
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6:25 am
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6:26 am
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6:27 am
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6:28 am
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6:29 am
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6:32 am
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6:33 am
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6:34 am
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6:35 am
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6:36 am
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6:37 am
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6:38 am
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6:39 am
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6:40 am
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6:41 am
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6:42 am
>> present r hiconteversl edut t mmen. >>o yoregr essingt hi ant rars refence des ibeen r>>ubliyongrng opasiti to e- >> fee noese r lihat isad, et'optio t it >>raigno guys t n't irew saoundith t' me. it>> yeahig dot sewys aund w h t w nd h hi. e b geraho s ad wtor hi br appantlyhat rororteis ing vestated palyt rte yo re w ching stedfox fries" r a ursd. yo win x ie a sd. [ ma annncer drinng amoote wi no getae nuitio ♪ ♪manner in aot wio tanuio gon] rawbry nana on [ ma annncer for a smthieith al fit wb y na pl vege nu itio manneror smie neh v8 v fusiosmooie. plegnuio coulve h a v ne viooo. ul♪ h♪ v i'makinmy mey dmore ♪♪'min m dre i conlidang masse. i notayinhidd feei on daor mhigsecommsion iotinddee igmmon i'makinthe st omy mey. andevenollatrad a justhe art. 'mine o m.ndenla adi' withacottusde.e t. i'withcottde. i'thtt. i'withcottde.
6:43 am
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6:44 am
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6:45 am
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6:46 am
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6:47 am
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6:48 am
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6:49 am
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6:50 am
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6:51 am
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6:52 am
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6:55 am
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6:56 am
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6:57 am
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6:58 am
pit one new ca rewds cd giv you 50 rcen anal bus. itneewcaew csoou en 50ercev oumo0 casen an b. ifsoyou' e not50atisceed w h 50mo asre ch, sd itack!ifu'otis w50 c sitk! i' be ght re waitg foit. i'e t o wodn'titant fore c.h? wo'tt c [ incts irpi ] i'ltaket. ll mine its ain pi in re.lke [ ale nounr ] e ne m itcapin l onn cash.ewar car [ e un] thnecard or p plepi onwho shnt 5ar morarcash thrd pe o 5orsh wht's youwall? sory il cln th up.whs oull oulso't h ie macl it thin.p. ul hmat .úyúy
6:59 am
7:00 am
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7:01 am
$2,000ta yea p mgos $200ea huh? 'll ll you. "fox frids" ur t forh? thurl ay srts ght u.w. oxri" tor ur ss t >> >>♪ cuz is dareak♪ i youz wannbelie♪ daak it bar iou nnli♪ itarnilo youe wahing "x & iend" >>hen rry s he whinlo ou thlast onthwarng so " he& nd >>n y hprom wed wnn heas thethst ntht ow or aet rdi om whehe n ity, e'l o a r di st bac on theurvy couc y,>> i'ls inebruy. sti'm acing nheit.vy uc iinru m g >>remeer srtears ag p. >>iddymeame t srso ts ve ag . uch d pmise thdye'dave tve invh atiod t his p whseeth 'de rty. thnv nevio isme. areouh sayg ha y. ce britths soevtimesay . re thinay. >>hat'what'm sing, stev ceitsome y sn outf >> dot't beato na se.g, ev snutf. dobena he'sotcomi. >>et'sake it's hpen no mihe >> jst'set annnced hn no aourt ncerin n j yorbecae so nnmanyedeoplgoto art s er norcahso. >>nynforplnatet evethou he iteshe sgs tt meh the
7:02 am
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7:03 am
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7:04 am
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7:05 am
em t ostme tnthee tha edut t plhamaz memb thabigt nze.ha the zornfld ma mb ahaghey . call e 1 anf wlnda h ay ll a a 3-ek-o w babwith hthem >> l meay is, have fah tha3-coup-oabthem l bute this , veupa hatheyupave yersf uthirentm t. up weust w a w of os eye rs laye realed ri thtmk weeed we thet pista ndf brinthem o ye re -ed >> sth is wed hest trapi accding in emto othem >> w -needn o side ss thapis tpiccng acco ing meme' a w veder oydethis frusatedan. co yeag it sndede' le a ve ers. >> 5us fter heeat t sed lf e hos.. brd ne f>> m newserl t iut ho br ne an fd isew gd nsor ihe cain an trai iand ncainiacsill aid delited knong tt tir macacsl lid no t h tman in who ma jus i aust w at hn 6%hous has owau wt 6% quauple tha a as is a24ua le hatt r aney w 20%. a do fro2423% lastime thi risy %. e fit ti do he'ro%railas hetian cmen.hi >>fi iti ae' fil he cews >> i a follprobly.s sn'therenoth pol thal rmanobain .s on to p? 'treth ollookha aewt angin richon he'to ok quadpledist ratgsgische' we.
7:06 am
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7:07 am
i ink at t herimeri pn peelee ouat thlike?bouterm cai hasi k t nothg toriopeithhat keut hrmaias thto stfershightay it so h gres. thinpeopi strsht io hman gr ca.'s plainop andiis cdid h n proa to is wcaole lathndg. i ink opleike e fa cd thatoao we th hs oii ak lee farassots thg an d nat doi it the hoi way everssothespolician asthan noithe doay it. erhelian >> d thi peoeike oe bo pla . 99 a now rickhieo e rry s a bo flalat axnd a ow ye erdack mitromn sa ha y a ife'st lkynoug to ye gdaitomna ifwashsgtond.c.s pr lidenofug thounit stas, h gwoultr o too sethi boutshon whac.t hpren thitta hrefeuled tas pla er tto. shiutha h fe tla tspeang obate nt girich ndea o hman in ate nappantlyoingo gich hn a hpae lilyngo a deba alon theine hli ofhe a bancol dglaon henedetes,of derar or nyth g li tolt d la sohey' eracide thes,ebat form . raorthli t rick so y'pery eci heatth h, wrm h not ne wckl in thepery de teth w and hot i win ct, he searte ath t and i thenith ch d ate, ste a t a perfmanc he nt dn en mh ore de and re a re rf sncebode who d m haeduck debes d a t s od gohornor hackfeb t tes,
7:08 am
ppargotlyor mingp wifhe ne 15ter soary ngwie detes. 15 migo note at them >> hs gng toe at edeexts. ig ote noatmberthem and hhat' gso gointo bt on iternaonal noerndt' affa s soin bhat ina saluld intestinbut he id wre fa so nogointto b swing s ud t te alint e be wer o g ng tnoin b s ng uio al be o g t outh carona andlori doiome th ca aignrog the. nds spespeon cmuniritionoie ca gn threct who as o hersppe c nisterony andid t sathis nd f othect ho oerme. me oer andanaidd sais ok w get he to.her estis in owa tha onndd dook w wit theteebat anyy. tor tiinaha oithblicey, g toat nye dete. you now at if yic're gwto ingch r ht w, yde are.anci in ouw he ye stets. g rm ju telng y. yi recin me new sts. g gric hju dels w yl eve sineebatme ad thew idea ghat icck d werl i not veinat ath gointo b ea tt reert ju it o ups her ople in bhans to t get eir ssagju outo o the s r le blicn to>> irickerrys no goint tor ag beutthhee, thas gng t hlp ic ick rymittnoomneinbecae, y knobeth ha g th're t hmilalp thereoth ttneca yno vernths whe have crelaedhebs.h if rk pey rnwhves nore ohe s. stag r apeacki mitmneyno o u go to furt's aga akiitnet-eyt plusgoor fsaromn. >>nd gd ne fort- usit
7:09 am
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7:10 am
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7:11 am
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7:12 am
gekell. congtulaons,ou h a hk of ye. >>hellripl h pay itngh tlas, h h ofe >> overplme. h e woited t 2,0 ext hou or er. wo 2 fu day2,xtour fuay the' a prinocr tre whcash in forth ari t whshn$50,00 oor vationime. at'sfanttic.$500 o>> l rit. va s cial t'sntc. i the rit. mp sgislalure'legaoffi got ihe $6sl905 e' ovegaimefin totopf his $65 vee t1,56 s lary >>re inhe56ratector ry erti hasone to ne brdsre as ppleookor t alantiashene o bos an bkeepseoplon t pek tan payrls. hapbo to anveeppl t jobs yr. psaphiato st reiveclosto bs 8,00in era dy p ps andat rveos the adf th ste g00blin e d p condissi e bandth s gin cosian$16923 i uned vatioy. >> you69houl i't aveun viohat- >> thgoveor sting theouul etryi to t cos ant-he rst ing thuve saynghe i y yicanno cascoinann acat on.g at cnged yre. but hesennreascall. ced. ut se grdfatred to ion polies aontrts, belie. gratd o n li a
7:13 am
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7:14 am
7:15 am
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7:16 am
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7:17 am
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7:18 am
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7:19 am
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7:20 am
op w fothe yericha peooe nd ay pecietly wn yong poi oon foe ic eoghtl anrea, empl ment sci wyooi o tl ceptanle aa, youave plnt onom thas trug ingpt aoue nd om w havehareecand ropeugg teeting,e ha to gureut how w veecd pe get etg,hinghaso re dow . >>e di'tavaoldetf ng ngre in e fit twdo >>arsdi hodoesldexpln th ? ren fi tw ste is n thers cck ndhoese l he reathy -- he'frigened stishe he ea>> --corde'g toigedy elist we he acmplied 1%f rdto what e tri to hacli 1 f an a area, at tha yourio od ver. muchor jnings live a>> y abea, ha>> houe a gater ch jngve ybey, ha gys. mewhiltraitah ad s.r s ma ownmetoriloingaiigah >> one two, hree smanrngig neo,ee fighfor . thiss so ghr ladyke. isso sr kat igha sk d threalatife sr tt meha th e sthryal poseble srxt. tt m shld theach ser boffengose ssont.f howsh t ch bfete? yoonhaveo he thistorfow t? yovehehior
7:21 am
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7:22 am
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7:23 am
7:24 am
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7:25 am
tie >>'ryekin ay onect oth r l e migh ms k ahersf,ne the o res granwho ngh rsoutsndinhees an o coac i uerstnd, wm katis chtsacteinis bad on ac ust w welce tooth u. tichte >>awho douldaveon w o a one lc to onh on? s>>heo ldwoeuld. w o ane >> u coond oot.on ? i cld sot but s canhe wo mod.. co t. te us c sututan tmois amang teory sat'sinal com tthe tg y 'salom te whsc hap.ned thi small girl choli colwhge bapckd hinma llthe 's? rl >> cliol b1971 >> ihinkhat e ? >>71t wa inkt litle vinewa pitvidee and ne don wa toffen abody pdendon wit twatoen but a tdyre we the ait t t t wh a ericsut o phidelpa thatent thateamitho beinic ocruid.hilp ipent att haamho who in letimuind i ant lot mon to getho tha limne. a we ct eonohere katha r ush ce e. we cver cllre heratoac h c ush. cald h mrs ush nde rhe c ll ers inachargand ph.yed and al hrsh she acheand y eain rgd late pd ndwe a c ebrae ng ahedavinea the teme oour afe. so u we c a praayer ain o thi e o r team. o w mawe nat pnal erampiship o did u wihi
7:26 am
th >> bmaathel fipitip one id swi he o we fus on, >> bght?i anthe neam y i bt on th f , fihtls y hadost tane b y bth 32 intsrior fi ynow,adt t b2 tsortie,his w, yr fir g moe buou'r be,il fors ir thismobu you e a 'rllegbaskball b il orayer >> inow. know the isrds e al laidu a egt.skll er d i' iw. a ays wownted oe s al id peormn s ome i' so as o wed lel pe anmdo sethg s i s a seo thea or mar an l plad an s thbas stbal in c aleget mii. eamaan >> lao youlay sal cheregemi i thi mo e. >>ouyah. re andou m ihi eacotheon t. mo >> .is nd m amostac dhedn't appe f yobecae amaz gly,nd sst d'tpe sa fy, y wer yoiagncaed whazy, s canc. >> kno sa >> yhow ere yogn w wh kinof ccer wasnc it?>>no >>w yo itas t mt whin crbittsweest? me. wasitodgk t's mttympheeao a the me me. i as asgkph fiingut a e at ias b iked his re wathe mefi tge i iound butd s rat iad hodin's ndwahee t e sa i timend fnd o m i shodting'schede wathe sam saim time f o mound outshngedwae wt myam cemo me scndduleas gnguto beo w itmy co sc le g cocidebut bem chberst our direor kt men a codet chrsur thanullyo becse t ware the kme a st projt. >>anlyoec howoeswa shehe
7:27 am
? >>she'ojgrea >> evowybodshe wh w fou out >> the'e waeagointo ba mie evodh ain,ou wanutthisne tplay thwain b me. m at o to ay m n,i saanis t forayt at.. o o want m somodyh cansaortsht! t.mebo thacan y youano >>y moer s i tbohan hethert. ou nit.go pr ably>>hat mos th shight he coerlime. shsaidyou ow, tie ootsni prjustlyike t thghyo >> come shidowu , e >> stsshe'one ste reat yojob shsow a se'eateautul iobides she sh outde a a don areat jo utwith ie thhe utfilm aon >> wtat hajo thh yonelmn to w da inour fe? i c ychedefor 33oears d a st. inr ? jos, cedutger u3versy anrsd a s the iverty o ilnois jo i wawithhege urs1992anlymp tea e er oilis wath and 92enmpea retnedo m aa mar a d ias t veetd o m esidt fo advceme and maa iw i' mov t on vd'm go g idfo todvmeuild m o wn i'ovn ogompa itil m o nsulpant a speingnd - >> syou allyaven ul am antedpeo mug. - su lyen amd edmutie, conatulions t you. cnot it t s ee thie, mov on ul nsd i thoug mayu. hen ce get t hi cl mer, ovat il get i anugay advce n gepy nt me cl, i soet tnn i n hedv peoe o nver my mehous >> i ti h lkingeo fward oor ting y my ks tohe musie i this lng frd
7:28 am
tg we mankso mu forrovihing a g rategoodamily v ie.we d. you e a >>ll rht. teodil .succ s to oth ouveco >>u. r . >>hankou vy mu. >>verydy i cctoh talng about >>nk vmu >> ryis i hern caal adith a gut okin have ou sn itercadh >> cano inthis. ve sit canake is cntryack. anth. ane cryk. >> at i thi cpaig tryg sayith thi ad? ihi cigry ayherm caihhid?imse expins xt.rm ai thas hi th remseber xpis ss e . o hahi john themr s o osse j nconser wchdogesti ntra ionssehat move ns wdo tiinkl andoublchin ranst ve that tuffklndblinever word so oulde ha govnmen atff er relatis thor all tos jk ldhaov enin aore retithll taturohn a etossurn shorr hass same be afr thbrea orhaam baf thea soho oder theerea tht cahelpoweostel andho derso ohe yrmy cheeal?ea thca lpyuey. otewoma] wer olesrol.nd r y cl? yu ma [an 2r yumes.l. [ 2iumot at wng dn'i? [ me anunce ] wa gre tas andholein atsi w '
7:29 am
m anhat cen hewa re low chossternd?leins oneyut c eriot he whoer ey cio t ua, we lievhon is t elusie tohe mita . u e evn s nd cmitmnt i not mitee si to t monea mil ary th. ctm it te teily . he se s of lueshat ive ur nion'miliary ssf esat e n n're tli oneywe ed
7:30 am
touilusaaank. tne e fr freto cheiling aa k. toredicar to ans, ur c mitfrnt tree helitg y, etetonsdid thrr fo ilies, cit te it eth fie iwitht eql. ♪ ♪ iisitthus oeqine . len wh mak ourank dieren ♪♪ it oe ewh akurk dien saa. wenowhat mea toerve a. wewt eaove i wodn'to th. y thchec , i uldn use th sine mis crit cd. wo'tth thec i dnsethinmicr ch, ar't y... sh. m rearchg a le. har y. tods's s cial. reche caa tal .e veure rd.od sal youcaarn l ubleveilese .on ery pchas oun lees im eessi chk is losmedi. imsi if u'reot ening doub milch...isosdi you' seting for lf.f re engubil.u'etgr .was at allyecesry? [ le aounc ] gethe nturcards lyes? t ca[ anc ge e urnd erdn dole mes n evy pu edo mat's in yr waet? evpu secovry for.e. haven aution 's ywa? ovor veauon
7:31 am
7:32 am
weome back you memb hamr ti? nothat claic vi o iwee byck u mbam m.c.tiammeis enogatla usedi iy as a e glitil ad ud ssupptersnclung hamr mseltiaday ppan rsfrluciscsam inelrim yor ees tfrsc legi to inm qur . chk itut. t gi qu chit. >>♪oo lit too lit tquit♪ >>♪ l o ♪ t l leg t it♪ toeg leg to it ♪ ego
7:33 am
>> i donet . ishe g con>>deri quioning? don'get . is g on >>riuig? n't e's >> runng. >>oo leg's to qt meann >> teg o le qt to mealose. t becse e leeetst don le to acrdinto wt i'lo . seenec e ee>> as accdingono a wi' yothinenthatd is onfu ang?ccng a og mayo thoinatuysisanfu? an. yothinthatnfus g?mahos so my ppl he bean try gyoinat toeconguesus m p wha i hbery tooneshaerma i cainayinin tt inrnet ad th camout thama inin t inetd fture his th am t cahaaignanag andhieff aff, flow frey this nam of maca blogn.agnd efif y wat ed itf, feow ds athamf ma teloimonl anthen owar y theat itd, hdoesomet dnghat y te doont seanin meny adarhe heset t doesome ymoki. dose mad oemeki ma blo re. nce nuar i'v had t ma lo prileg of bng t chif. e ar'v ad t stf fo ermaprcaineg b thiandhe stfo chieopermaingin offerf tdhe iendof geral cain .ieerg ffmorr, ontday osero t he nd gal
7:34 am
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7:35 am
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7:36 am
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7:37 am
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7:38 am
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7:39 am
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7:40 am
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7:41 am
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7:42 am
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7:43 am
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7:44 am
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7:45 am
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
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7:48 am
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7:49 am
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7:50 am
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7:53 am
enrsemt. i dersttnd hnecame go yoou 30thirthyelebtion i enem i rs h meilliyois imay. rrec ththebon >>that corct. li iy. ec you ow grch >> thiat he'ors. beorkiardor u ever ody'gr chenhirseme't. bemekihethd i be theery'enem prim y vor, wthert bth my ie coeaguhe in e imouvor w theer by co gunaten you ow, 's bnorkiou thi hahe tt cple otef u y, bars ki hi ite anklha a t theth ce o ndides have y. s i ane nklwt a ggrichethas bn on he id hivell. mi nelleachnn gic bn oious ison . coeaguof me. mileh rmanain wor ong iuss a co gu we m. so thi evebody s tryangn or i get a very we ndorsomenthive thedy rycan t al ult atelet t ry vos.or nt >>o lehes ta a l kn t thalltel t testox ns poecau vot >>leta l th tual has her n ca ostn npo t au no %. alaserca o t mi rom y, no20%. newt ginich miom 12%. ck wterryin h 1. ron ul 12%. doeshat ay yry a l?1 youn ook athe pol atest a y a jusdointhisrom e oukguat pol t>> i'l atell y what usinism grchenas a c di te m'lelf,ll yat willell u thhe oy gr en all tt maers c t mf,ne on lll th oecti day nd you ave tomas t ay cnfide in o youre a ti ay oueandite a c tinu cto bden ou a coiste in ur meage.di a an ci thnuk at bhe e of e co teday,n hat priry
7:54 am
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7:55 am
ourat minds li >>rehi o mg purmaryi s i tersre a fol areookg o to the pembery o rs aongrols orreok sena rs a sayg lo, wh dohebe yothinis a ggrodorandi te na a ayr usloo whnomiote? i thk it yoin b ase g oodour di pr ary iteus framilye? in youthit bse ostatr i'm om iinoi thaprt hy e aran earlou pmary so urat m ioiha p hmary wille inarch orl p ryoobvisly, pit drysn'take llinch mu senseor toviuppoy, or d e'torseeu sendide afr my stat sopo o e seimar i thk if ou id pafmarymysn'tat unl ju or julyar you avethif de pnitery muc'tmoreime t unju r ma up urlyimeouute as a dete ucree t candate,gain map emysf,ut havsg rufor fice ear nduppoe, isin theosts avimrtan and urur cear awaysposrememb tho etim anpeop who aved com on ays sonermbho raer tn lar. of oursop onhoeouomwin s er evybodwas th yra. tla ofrsn ll ev odyes ah y ma peopl hope at tye rahublians wl pplo ales t around the o rli w ndide whver at e s up esr ndbeinhe olet askou this. id whyestr day, ehenupitt mney amein meet wskh isuncide member sty, nof t eycongss, eu g eee a w quo toundeeer thnews pers ayinthatoung , fe g likhe knoed iuoout o thpark. thwsrsinat feik no at w it i abot thrkitt mney yeerda >> wlltbot ey i hinkye fdarst of l, wasnvit and w to ink t fret
7:56 am
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7:57 am
to g p himdeidli hi lencpo?'sstane wh e's e ee tiacyi gimanspency mincellealkiweig in the whs top theour. if y losspcyour he fo amile kiign he reon, n yop y osr hfo a frh? wh wou it tare, yoo brrgtou editack om t fr whouink?ta bbackr itk ma tss wl he youut.k? ck mass wheou. it 1% sh bk everhereevertime it% b 2% ogrocies. erreerme 3% ogas.utomical. oocs. no hps tjumphrou. os.omal th's 1cashack on oar. h tmpou th 1shk o.ton. osr! bacon wteveshe' eat on os 3%ack filng u w vee'at [ ma annncer3% nowk et il u2-3 isrceny.cashack. mannerow 3 enshk. it thasimp. malennouer ]pplynlin at itbankhaf ammpica ar y. leou ]lyin we'rtalkg 3% ack gast nk ama y 'rlk3%k as
7:58 am
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8:01 am
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8:05 am
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8:17 am
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8:19 am
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8:20 am
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8:21 am
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8:23 am
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8:24 am
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8:25 am
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8:26 am
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8:27 am
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8:28 am
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8:29 am
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8:33 am
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8:34 am
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8:35 am
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8:36 am
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8:37 am
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8:38 am
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8:39 am
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8:41 am
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8:42 am
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8:43 am
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8:47 am
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8:49 am
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8:54 am
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8:55 am
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8:56 am
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