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tv   Americas Newsroom  FOX News  October 27, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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opeou sh jo us cor wox ce & w erien"pe o us g onr t our& w sitor ten oafterri the sho won tur sw. wit t fi teut theestho tat y san fi giveour ttt t y t d ve ver h nu. >> tretcn: s you d hu torrow >>tc sou ll: rnin evebodyto ow fox ws art n c ythi : invedy sto x a n che hiinto trai bronnew x polng mber-- t cai ai traonw and w nuolershow he' er tai takira theop spoin t d nuswe' ki henomitionpo did tyoneall is one goodorni'm bil l mion d nel ne od nimmer how u dogil tay? mara: gd qstio billerdica w do t i? >> martha: go. we leo qio ll cantio wn w i did m ca:l w l ingsbut hisioone, we w did c gs not s goode,orni, evybod i'm d rtha no mac llum od niyou'ev gotodhree'mepare pollout ere haat shoacum m veu'otee marh in t llt e ld.ho hi sport ve min has t l hi srt quauple overhe lt twas mths,euale leers mi l romtwy slhtly md has, put aot o stan betleen hmiselfomndsl ly ri haerryutho's a the o a an et h10 plfcentight owrirynd 's thhe's t aay thi s s ck pntht th t up bille wawithhiean sst
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nit onanni. he s s heupeeli t llwathn heat rom ingnionniow i he she litop tier. atm g i lien: i k w th thepr. bl's e ony blik,: kth seahe w bs on big,ut iidn' b kno itea wwas at buntihat lg,t in'not s b tibate t and did t fe ls ii wate abl d d fe t elain the i wabl attas tdequely, eecauin asou khew, you onl taet 3quy,au condtoas kouesponl. buthe od 3 ns nds po coinuebuoe dlectt b ny sang y hav't rea thecoue dct planyou b hav't rea tsa yaveahe an anuysisavea t the ct tt i ve a andireis, clr msage aut e ti a w i reuldcl mge aress a tse i crisd we ce is ass t ronatg withhe arica ise p iple, d i ink at t rt haat drivth it aca pe, l. i bik : al t rhaht now ivt sphen has br lks i bialown, r senrow s eniteror t habr ieekln, en stanrd aox er txewkl an a contbuto how u do g? >> gg, ll: w do h >>ow g tl. : h frtrunr? t >>he'she fntruer b a ten usfrun >>'s fruront bnner he's en frorunn i ternter of'sop ld b n iro ternn of ter oth thise nofds l b n
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to i beer suc ssfu lik tthhioney n caaignto bnfraructe,uc fu ikearlstateyrganatio cabut gnrtaiy, tre'soract deny g thrl he'at a pularanio t ai t 'sn, a whai indnyth mose' par tereing outis aha suort dos thioll hat re g tit su ct eshil tfter hs c me seral ff thaerave h m gott a l of sel covhaage, etherend tt lflsewre ov e,er t pas w ke. bi: wh's tt tewl t yas? wk becae i ok a somebifwh tt t thollsnd i yhink the ca foi s ameut tre a th ficlse. i nk ihe fo meahey' t a snnin up icand wn t sroupind ea trng ty' fin sinp omebd y. t >>upeah, tnk tt's tr tin righ i meeb, wh was r>>llyh, t t s inrestg inhis polgh one me thewhindiass i ry fou in st inmostsntertingn thol e hepolldiwas ie faou thaif stu aserngthepubcansf th lls faha areas entsiasc abtubnsheth ospe of e cntnasab esidcy oromn pef esidcy operr cy pr idenid f oermnhan hal id o rrrespd th thewoul bepren f nthusalsticbout tha sp thhe anulthateometng caususmuchicf thutpollhag th we'an seeatroadet usows chatthhell eney athe'eead enusia s nebout a012 resis on he rubliennia si of eut2edge but sion rli hey'siotf geecesrily
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t repuican pmaryy'oteresly puan p paryicullynthuastic er out divialandites pa thiulsointhu ti billall ightt vi sodiermas hiain, hnts n lll ht aolitian,e' adma hisn, h n ling ith priteaitn, > no i wt to alk li iaboutheri ssuese. no wtok oueecau soci isssuereot eve on t maphisau cisss yea and u lo atve thataps we fod laeaeste ay, isd lo tthetecono folate, s everwlminy, we aheno o niona serwrityinand mentnedwe he the cialssue dow n tnare atsetyd ntd e 6alerceue. ow t th pla to rmanain' 6ce o and itlso ays n' mitt roey's trenreh, d.s it ito s it t? annow therore o's and twoen d it>> ihinkhat'ight an w rmanheain o rignd, itaswo i nk t'tereing,isteng tht an hin sigit s f-asressmeg, onte t hi nnitlastightheree sa s theas rmesonne's dng wellitsstecauht hre saks sahe rn s clea dand dect - ll usiau h s cls r an dect lanage ead d t abt thissu thasieopl cl an d cat mosane aut. thinthatab ethctlysuhaplight d i ink caat'soshy hs a. inat e lybenettedo mu froht i bek g in's h the need en t las deba wbereinhe itas -eb. tasbais 9 wlanas beatit up - bnd he' h 9n twe itatow, ep fact b
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the' it t houch wet , tentn gact himven m etht portity exphint. anntyes,gaeimnould m onl rt exy ain xp ans,nldnl 302exn inemen butetill nothel02s goa cnce inenut ll expln iturth and noelgo ce thk pele fd it plitthnd apalin bill the xt bth stope to fit wrien o tapsin lle bto iohow ri lo o itillastnd wil t it lt. iw stepn halos outofltil wash gton thanyou. l rthaso wve g ephaou t 9, shon ranht?u. ha wen r gk per's fla t tax r? propal rerlaax romy's 59 oint op pl, th replicaom s caidat comg ouwith59nt seral oposs replly tthepca onecahingathatomsouth selearl osre t on arica 'nengindstnd at itoar try on acaods i rormry th hugax ceystewe rm haveere d gethe thug c econy ba onte tck. vee gee whado oter on thiban t. abt thedeas abo thehaer hi oposs so abth far as we'lboshowou nhe poll numb s anostalksooar 'l rowgan' nol rmer conombc adanserlk out e pls onhe r tan'e, bausehat'real erat inos aladr t pl aboon. bi: su is.ta bset'al i almeanme, me pboe, bisus. an, p foews.m/nerk -- fos. "ameca'sewsrm" a ourrk - qutions ts: you
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ppor ame's fsrt aaxur quon t plaou weigin or and fte'll bng y la e re ltsig ler ithendll b y sh. it a b parreof os l ie sh po ing. it b'll arow y o tho rests re. rthaand u cachecpog. l yt whhoe nees ggrich . i ha d he'scaecicke up ittle whne g ic eam,e's in iird p'scekep tl doub digs inost the m,s pos wen ed see pg,dgin g ubig int ouherick pry.powe e riee pers rinllyakin ouck anfforout ere p try. rier r yto cine ba in is tng ansoort we'e ry see h h ds, c bubathen t forr hou spee'eree h h ys h delie s swbue andorrou pe stdy igointo b wha h iewins shis ce fnd hst. iin ta b aha nss fiste h ta >> te ihink -nkinauble] we -nt tkeepovin rwarau e] mart : a e ttle toughepo in he himhere but thin heot ar his p ntrta legh heim re acro .t in ngrie cdits hisis p ren ro dete erforiancend c htsis cont rct fmeri de ffoce h his ight ntump f theri f pos. bis :htp he als ron pau po bi proming astilscutsonf heau ected a om thag tits inchede eed slasng dense s andin ha ll bow pncsidebama
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as dse sin pl b p.dema form sectaryf dense plbert geslrea. rm caecing ryveredee cs rt gea catarophca. g re la nig c durg "scial port in t centarph laig surt,"sal pa rrtpond ten s>> i tpank anydy who r catnd rof i t nk w it i tny hocataatroph is at's ppenf g to tur d wt an iworlfinaial stemnd pa of taph is 's ento d oan mrlitarnal em paf i endi. i o dot cu mar defse, cut milidiry idocupendg,hichef, ut don't om my li vwpoind ch helpur def t weye alarou voi t worlpef. spwedingal lotouf t mon. or bi: spngotf cgresan pl sa on he wld nbi maktheuts ife chouges it pouldsaake w n ericaka weeers if cntry ugmartt:lde hs onof t icwe reblic c prerydent l rt candatesho h noteen h on te spe in his ollreicrent ndes h ot nmber spbut inckislantom isangi er t in tsto r ie. wee gogig toalk him out y, w tt he expts toappe r f we himgoto ik im the t whe mingxpebat , anto howpe f toim i gehis hempai ngatanowooing we'rgoingeto ts k toaiim congp. >>allngight 'ra liinle b t of tood n s co th morng o the>>l ecomyht li bf n wthorross o deesti proctco gd numrs upss dtiro 2% andgdum p
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en whavehe neekl 2nd joess mberthatam wve nkl joins erat02,0 peoe filog unploynt befit,0for eo eil vy fit te ov the urse f thuneek.oy bit r w, t t is abo vfi the tov he numb thasesth need fk. a tis bo hehethy e nomymbhaee f. strt vney ancr hefy emy arne& coany"stn th vy nc x buness netrk ne strtoy"th gdp isbuss aays et lile stobbl sodptimeit gss as evis fli bl com someack, gs wellis kn b wha doom wk,ake s l the w nberskn b ha>> motha, w'm gng t p e a ilen e you fe nrs ma, g t p ts a eou fe ursd! t yei a ke tt 2.5 gdp sd ye a grow rathat' t a.5ightdp tick rom e raow ofat t'owth earer ithehtear. it mns nckm raf th darble- ipe r.receion. md ifou d n witn tse d e- nuers,ouee t tcen. if dit t spenng auall incnuaseds, t reasably ell. en a ll thnc youed tow i ashelyl. euroan dthtoueal, w tch i takea grt de o ro dtl, w presre o ame ca'skegrde o nancl stem, the ve es o t thselvme a's gre big nc sm, heiloufundthatakes hethlvreig prsureff ous,ndat thres in th pr wreklyhr unenloymt clms nthber,hichas n good wutyotneym cl nr,erriche, nhat
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od yoveotrit yo isally o wall strt.s your01(kis gngly t oo lltr straht uat t o ningur(k g tbellhis rnin and ra umart t, yore gng t ong lls in snd rtyo g t s ,000n t dowones dustal arageery rly is m00ning tmartow:es r lly?st a ge yesyou y re. mrthang i rt goio ry? es smi! . bui'm t gohag to imileoi o unl itappemituar bu>> im willgotole hapn. maunha: itu kn wha pe happs wi thear t ngs, ill we aaysaphink wma: knoknha pp wiich hey thmark is tos, atos gnk w andnohey sta h th loorkngs at s ethi dowthe adnd buyyou' rig ttare'soo go shiowe buu'ig t's go tumbrt ofews, avinthinicel tbrof ghers, uart how ineinhingelo er dierentoda thanrtheyw ngre a cple ofays go?diendaan y any ndam atal ange cef her sin t ecomy youe sing? in erms fy aml geer tcoanufturiou sg inms o jobufrirowt >> n it's nhe omerin b ecomy wteate g th wal nt' n reetri rly. at hps. ecy teth douale-dip et recsion th r.lear h. elps ou dithe g de iseconhe thuropnar depseal. e des th's bn hgingopn devel. eryb y focertthnly be hng
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st f ds, yb whefort they f gotiing s be d extrely hetens andhet appeed w weretin thg ebe clif oftry nsnd pe w catretropth in if ropehichouldash at oprossnntomeri. wepe, nochtheylde goah al sso wheerri it stiwesno oreygo nois iheelevt, ty'vet t a tialr now the no marts i loev it, tourve stos ar a ow gohegp. maha: arar t m,loeryt,rtoar ort gormooks ma: t dyent. r t tksay! entyour urs,nywa dt. strt, ank u ve muc t>> s!e thi . tyr mas,ha: waod thaveou here hisornist, k veuc as shi malway: t ve t's ke resnothni lk atshis bs nber,hereay > s we a nownd whath the l at nus ers ould nr,re be, or aow hahe wh's csided aealt nus lde, econy. wh c asdee saa earlter, g bran on new assa farings, g for anew unploy fnt, gs02,0or - 402,0, sfor heahyunoy, ,0 -econy, umploent aims need2,o be sr eaell onelow ulot ms edbe l 37000. at'she bchma numr ow weee hing 're ing 37 0. sta see g he's. b maum bu take looweathis. h g e is iga rely ntertatingeehe bukeoo char you's. got ireerng dembe 200 at ar thu'begioting dbe tha 00 untploynt c ims werthgig ha on 317 00unoy ba cser i '07 so on17 you'ba gothat numr i
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stealy07oisin theru's thottumeak, 659 00ea in ekly laimertherth the yosee k,eret59 cesown dlyereimerehe are yoe e c tayn e 2,00re but e yeow le t reesen whe you ant 00 be ft a hyelthy lcono. sot lks areenheou ift his f hhyrend noems be oingn tso l a rightfs decti.nd cents ews t we'lghsee w th marts dti nts y. op. st rt s s th'l'ree thoingar high, heays w re aop st sth goeg toaveng smis ghhen ous w a face tay.gotoemi ou mr. mmer billcewhenarne at, ve t p. erer llennelkke! , > ne tw scriny pn a! ne depamentcrf enygy ln tend for a pant comenny l head by andor blionre o of rsia,om houadyommi aee bnts on o now ra,oumi whe $70 llios in tpayew ney s coitteto a heproj t 0 tiot touldye befit a y cote a ru ianojt tld sel bit c panyrun rkinout mic sgan. gohat? darr clny ia isur inuestt icn. go in t? mines s rr sta i tisedst f n more n tint. s al quetaionsbout tast f reriou tand at's alue nsut hatenin theris aery ated arinon t hiloud 's yehaerdain we'ler see ahethy or edt she in t ilgot y nswe. yeda ma ha: 'l teet dthsr eemsh lik t a loofwe : ll: tst a d cplemik of
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rthathat j t thloto. : a c e benninf we hhae a att mo j comthg i "ameca's nsroo. hobeabouint t s? h a mot maomied d fa i me's n oo pelty hoder ouesid tt mad fa obams heth ce la we'rhearpeg thy is r id dden am meahere cndla i'rsarths gettg a t of atttion at nen houea hringhis i tta oftt mooning. atll: nu beit iou hngs ngremanmo paug. : rben, h i was ing re offnau ausin r the h s gesidt anthe iteff ainhe use idowinanthee e sds fe clsine wfare s >> we donelie in cl lkinto ppl w likre w oney'rie stun i in som piklass 'r d thgovetuments he i toomelp themssith thethventhe age topheife. itha,heivesou bade e. poles it desad bol i ss sialnres i anc, i doe't s wsk. bi s: thle isesore an ioe tt. cong u w bithise trifipane toebat t tha co u top. tfi maneha: w preure ntoatha top opadmi straon omaicia: to re eme can aut wt th op kn abo the g miunnira oiao op catio athat wastheen tkndbohe g doni to e opio datthn t otwo rderdoo ages d. for oouo to erave o dea gethe entsnd t. have orevero d ce versionea e tsith ticaver
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hold abo crs fasn &h fur us ldbo as isotalnacctablur isalcc bl ♪ i tnk ' grame bowlnd son n ♪ ♪ t i'ra♪ c spy akeswl scall ng my♪ame ♪ cy esll mye ♪ yaaaaay♪ honebuncs ofats. ur gins me geth♪ foraautriayon ♪nencofs. in p gfects armo with greor tasri. pctmo wi rehoasy bu hes oat hobus at
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winhowlg ] inwl] [ tenici ] a youusy? manamentt nt or ese w tetenicacimanu as.ouy? nantt o e tecanu hey ed y to ansle em to ptugue. y yo sl m pgu by torr. tr [ le aounc ] dati ows 's bter r xex [ anc d i o masge tir b glr bal xeblicions so ey c foc on ildi ma am tinbi s.gll icns wit xero you e re coc n dir r l bunessambi itrooure rbuss
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rthayou' hea of mmunies ing wnhi fastight th onehas hau'enineain af un s g litehil manstr,ht homwner th innehain e arett was ngto teayanom er e ci chaed iin ettasto draige stem d nothey ve a ciha i l dsli . ai s lom at noese eyctur on a eir han. lli one loust e hasurn alrdy bn ran st, eity e efusg taslr b lp a nowhey' , yuing us t>> wve ind aowy' of aeadyng lostheir wdfnvesent. a dy ese usesre stir wthle. wee ju tryg toeseep t. roofe ver esr hea i me wle twere'sju nryto insp ance ofr ea pr ecti theme h tses.'s rthanswow,ce wha a prtihe hs. siatio ha w,the hatyenie the chaes theyay t proem w siio e ere ienghe borehaheir ey tro w aina pject e billwatcthat blayeir o na pct ll tch?aty o >ood thi weon't liv > d the hipublean'tivandites ing g wiheir lantho > bl refo theaxdis g wi n is pic fo ahein s man sm. s cdebas wee wahed. a s buwhato voanrs tnk abt thdiff ent ba pwenswad. wh ask whabu kinatvof tlan abthfft
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p they whrefeskhain5 peent sayn a at rat wit ey nofepetay dea ctioat. it atohe botm,ou fdedio at pernt s aot natna fles tax erart s lferat is s aax t fmer lrs a aganconoc f advrer. eak at dn fous wh woulanthe noat rate bdv. k d favfoed b whule atmerins, b youelie? >>ell,ecau av eve bone kns itri, uorksie. >>l, evauyonenowsveureurre knit ks syem d sn'tork.ev ne wsll: re the >> se th sy d'tk. do. : youave flat sinehe rate syou tht wh you en,o. you ouy yoe atineax, u on'tteu whou ehaveo u yo he lyer,, 't accovetantdefeedncom h lr, spec list thaco sntefeouom huge aunts of ecsthamone se ge aditstsall fis psecuon stf, a thane goes ay wi a ftax ts andl pcu e ryonst ahaoe a pays tirwi fair sndre eon thugho thehole ys t r soces billhow uld at cthngeho he lee ecomy, es art ll w >>d c ite wouecy,ncree th grth re ofhert cono t upouore cthneserowth gr r ratof no d i'real up s ciousse.wt what we oweri' talatesn sus ewh '80 w iner tesn '83 '80n grth res ith u.s 83 wentay, y ' gr r up, i 1.s% nt , grow in 'p, 184 was
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own a 5 ' 1/, 6 rcenasrowt 5enorus gwth. that whawe nee1/6 en andwt fla t or gh.ill i orathaee us dla it t reayl wil a us decrattliket,ea tooby th w. il bi: i aow y'reoingo de at keke tt armentnd ioo th w bi i r yeolling wha we fnd tarnt i theea pty lihae a f he publans pke it. mocrs ar a a 2perct, bls readg le tt. rig crar a 2 rc publans, aadleig7 peent, bls, a inpendts, gherhape t, decrat at4, and t in nda, artyers deattumbeonend a t ty 49 pcent be ewhats th ae difrenc do u thk, i thos pnt atthoterif nc o>> wl, i th ioshink rigow erthe w i demratinkig ldersp is e baing e flem taxtind so lrsis th efor thebag flax demorats aren sho ngthorheheirrueemts enelin towds t flaho ethinthe mocric nuers ll re up inow t tla ove x. ine cr nu50 ps cent rand upthin ama ve opping a fla ax pntd in will eal a s oppgla dm. jey brn, lll on 12, rann d jethebrrima dem 1ratican imar agaest blma clton aemti rea ft ar tga. b th e bclt onn ea er. f
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anhe t wenth bonrom e eig h in an thraceo send ienthe ram, anhe wldaveigin thce beat bil cliseon h iee raan we nodone at sileli he oer tuffnone s the mocrs lo thelat o taoondff r ublie nscrlo he tador i billta you wonr whher rli no wash gtonoras i i illou themono chwhger if inoeedshon i ey'rconvced it. >> heyemch do. f ll: e idlat 'rnvd ax >>y o. 20erce or : ss satew llet20cer oint s it wld imine a t of et dectiont cretts w ina of exptio, it ouldlsodeio re elinatthe ath t ex io itcapildl gaos ta el andat te h t divends pigandtand t thas whe yowoulivargudsehat supp sidha whyoulouldgutnvigate the onomy a in pp aid ldat'shat ings usig te ure om a stor aof t d. if ou l'skt ightgss t nown the ouorfox t d if lhtolliowhe hern cnoux hanow ne tli numerrne cn an shou whaldw rgue te' aum fntruert anou wue 24 rcen ffourruointaheaof mt roey. 4 eny is hat ppenurgntea m art >> bausee cam outro w.h is at latenax frtst. b se he ce ouamwithut w a at f. cre ble, couth re aly gd fl tax a thatree,as juaugh there gflax a
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imagatatioin t ju repuicanghrimae and at'seallcools th ag aliothe t pu oanermand 'sllol canthdate and meanalll oethemall o wa to tower res o aante d an oem l oade base thewao ers r o dese anheinitcomi frothe publans d i st le itan it mii throk the'reebatg e blght s suesi nd t l ebatit is vthy,th vereatg heahy t es t rry s goata ver gooneea wt ggrichas gy go aoo goo g onic caishas g gre ane roey hoo prosalshat on araialsos eryre goo miclero h ro lschmat is die farsondy goodooso yic've g a ma rs llyie f roer - od won yrfule- and g a ry huntroan - hunman onul nd vern of ohe bes ntunn everrn fif y saw ois pn, ises fa asti er bill you yke wawt yo pre i heing far >> o ifati llu woveyo heg i arand don' see oy wrd stufegoinon ithe publ ian p ty t td n'e w wou ufin ma i meeel bl p t uomfoableou and at r lly easemae. l bi: thk yo a uutfole of d ry se bi th yonashlle. a myleasfe. bi: ok. mart, wh's she. nex y >> mastha: tebiok i rtwh rning outex ma: t oecapil hi for ts i rng t oso-cpiledhior t sercoitte theyave ss tn a nth now com up w-ch ad scote ey re l, ta h w $1.2omrill wn cuain o buet, r els the.2llcu o
9:20 am
drtic buts a, goi to ckls in,he defse dartmt drc a oio exemel conrned boutn, thef. dtm sohat'th p n?exeloned ut b hsarlg is th t sot' p hrlis -cha. t wee gog toalk him next billappla dakeep theha doweor agoy,tok im rig? xt llpldaepe doill? a at hpenshen u geig lostn th ohard? l? h nsn ge stth earrain ordine? one ll fm eocalraveeathne f gu ewaltht gu. t yes. wreesan't fin our w wa'tinurut . wa wee waing,nd it' gettg da. wewag,t' tt da
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bi: sohe cversion artelikehis. ney,et's app bi so cpickrsg! n an it eteed lkee ts.s: y,'spp operor, w in he w ldck ando w eget lt tf er, herin w markose en whallt nd his wi gotost er the rk re sll isd tr thealled t wiott he r orch d's trore forhe hel ble t itas csed. ch s at'sehenorel b ritenth cd. lled
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9:25 am
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9:26 am
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9:27 am
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9:28 am
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9:29 am
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9:33 am
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9:39 am
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9:40 am
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9:41 am
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9:44 am
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10:09 am
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10:10 am
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10:11 am
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10:12 am
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10:19 am
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10:20 am
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10:21 am
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10:26 am
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10:27 am
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10:31 am
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10:35 am
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10:36 am
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10:37 am
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10:38 am
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10:39 am
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10:40 am
ue t.t u fhiornkcect rllaiyhe pp it is i t u actll fy embolden i in a and eowerhe th'vmbedeeen an t o ttdk e oow he forc hereth wit a ttok tot oal eupl i mmun itrcin theeerehrtghot pl i shunte mil tro which arehrgh in f sh m ini proroximahiees. re a l in u f. ini percema have ee di l through tra uingndce av andin t woupo t. th realitys w h enhe mos t rli expe wtiy rorceenheost peti wod. r cewe hheusds o tros anywhere i hewoor it h o hurusds t ips san d irywcrhet a very itshor ot purerd o s te.crt proxerityy dorsn pr o nesrily t e.ualecur y. ox iithi asn small twa nr aes sri o u.s.ecur f cesihere re a s nmaotll in ag such tu.o f dceers iren. e rt n: you idghreehou t ion aq a in.ou h serve yd ourhr coun iynd e hthankerved yu so mhur coforour serndvi to oure ank coury s mash ame r avryouealer o and is cou ry grea tme gavylour indigs on l oeaft ts.our iig on o le babin we ank you. it'sle goodo heab w you yere a'soodo e we. ou bi:erreenoro no rtwearina bi
10:41 am
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10:42 am
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10:43 am
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10:44 am
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10:45 am
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10:46 am
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10:47 am
th parceentsav ce plemi tiono t the p sicnee a owth tartshi pldremin ion oo be eic aow ten tohire p cebe i kansas tence i an ci whe scially trained ci winteiewers scily wer t tin. artha:oi bteyiers. th t t kip and kip eryndceoy . let ask you fst e whatceo yoy t nk alebouthesk ou cisi f thist. wa to sak t the latittle y b tsnk utagain. th ssiheyhire goingwaooo s i tthe l tlwithes ai inth proyfessiooils toto i rk witthhhldren aot. ross wh are thet oong fithren er thewhar a t lookingor a fth thatill ivehem he c lcrkiet lethhe tatyl cehe hefly cnd tcrhe b ab le it'she by c w tow. b they'son't bav anyingha givesow them ny eyonnformatinyoningt ha l eadi ng tvehem tohemny rticulor stiusct. t th ldi t only t peopleny who kicnow wh is usct go g othnnly pplehoho kw ay avgo somg o ideas fily.hoay om eas cfoable f ail it may be ty ha to speak cofo tabse boy m even t tyugh the y are tpeeryo yo bg. ma ha:enom, what i tsheourreak
10:48 am
on tersase? yo wh domaou t:nk, hatappened akre t? doasou te?nk t polewhreou tnk halipeng itel re >> hido t t tololic arere hahalili i ittell. >>ol a s ipionel i thi wt sms to fit here pion i tst sms t hato theitre verere may w h is som t st ohef v accide i nvolmang whe cld s tinlvat cieast i the child's moth . lv think tatt's wea the t poleice c ldefter t hi an t thi whahet iol s ofer eis theorasy f theanasha and at pha the m torheyrfhe s pandnicked b se pheha t t mhought pa wckasheegge tug recessn so w and perhagepsot r r osf n theso chi and w a then pha r c o coctedth hi th atobo ahen c ctsappea e. th that srt obof a hat t ppe.ef seat o we ftor wh t tseasey a howe f seh although i don think it tts weyl. thin these policho a l iki don t nk whis. as fa rinheolhemkianng ierew the chihild anfar it'an ng toll y appropreriaew. t hii bet wnha teyre iing to t tot llf thepp chiprldn.s t b w hasofthemin a to say t the hhildids mo m ft d s a anyinayidou seenyinid o did tmoheay d a ything tidyou . se maha: theinccen dt t tory hiholds true, ma: theen tse bsay
10:49 am
tor y have ld te,een t b sayethi becveause her st i tha she fl aeehi inec se hbed, t hest the boyl w aeeelso in tnhe d,room t wher toyhey ae ls i wo tp nd om hrdher screami an adhe wo sptand seardng aernd s rueanning ar ou thean hsehe. ifhere ssru toeang t a cirudeinarhe hse ifre tsheory, t my gut tlsde m nmie tor the g boysls heou b knowouomething t wto fure out if ower iom shiom tto curng o f they d spe s themhenhe babyir st wtht d missing. ishehemre goingheo beheha byirtisng. he g oith b story bhaseerhapshe rentare elling tmou thshou sayto a certainerhihaps o pentape nelwngnf tmati ouay has c ctae ouhi in bet wepehathemaoytis have lasede f. i eyethereoys g ng ve b leedk for ngconsiste beies wit tir first atemorentso s ns maytebe t w it t mi is t finstg to cemcotsomoe ay bestors o m e txcinusg toercoe fom at orso m heavexcus happed. maha: ank atoueruch. hav go t ho h yd.ou b hmaer: k toy. ereuc ishe go h yh to tipe isine. ey need t tips. bi:in do.
10:50 am
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10:51 am
someyou ink ur ks ar getng eugh getaes? emance sou k ye kh, marbe n . et e h tav8 ?fusi jui giv the a fl seing vegable ye m n siuiivhe fseg egle pl a fl seing fru. butplt ju f tasses lig fruru. tju as v8li wharus yo numr? v8hayoum
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10:54 am
ll weave a lobster t we av th h one stateoi linstg the fing atnother thatthhe hyrene s te sponsiinble fo t pso ni ngng a thenoerhat lirelio and onsifo psoni ctihe them ojobsnd th is conctutgastti n he myo. he is glbsas kneth osn c tt ut gawist n or e. goodhe is konening on dgtas . wi >> rororter:e.t o oiodnt west onileng virus wgasas a r natr:iona oloi w leir fea wr, tidat ynaorlk state goo ea r,fa tryin tto sid york steoo aryt st? >> it's n g fhe >> t'envisronment, f justhe otvi.nmust rep mik has botee.n hain lstot s epikn ng b isnd sound f mhaehaot yes. thiis wistou is lefefha em thye isot norma hi w >> iepo lter: latfy t thsor
10:55 am
> cooecr: lat lsterman ss h poave b ee n e lmpsttymarns f hille with bick e lobstrs, fnd hs th blamg neighbori nobork r nd atse amgeibooralk lsr e a decade- ang loter e o lo te r reporter: y're cvi thathe lster are d.ngff be use epte a yevipesti de at lseerdre b dyng e s tae f newor >>eses tdet'sse b or sct. ne everory smer whe>> we t aorct h.ea er sme he winell a tse h pesticide ea ll into the sndt l a fog p r orin theheog a bddedk. ahe pesticide t aoed the s d ain st toid t comba test s n din vtoirusom th s storm v roff b ngsth s sthal doz rof bngsntlo island al d soun 12 years ant tloresl un we ,0 00 y rs opleorngre thee ob,0er00 le orindungry. he tay tre aes thaner 8 dury t t aes tconntinloter me a king t n yorkeibo nn ti stolopme u sing t n yk letha top pest uidng not veone in l te e ir estidta t e i
10:56 am
tasocies the knghe cies tng pestid toxicogy and st reaher ox at nd sto bok onhe n y side o t aoutnd stook o tnhis. s theere oou ts. h he b dedatial b nking ted patesiacilde to inobstger diff. es ci >>epter: t ty so it'sstise inaterff temperatu shat>>auepte ts ishe bste r dieerff t wemt.ra s do y sauhat. te >>reieis wagt.ree. dowith a week of t fhast rafall>>t'esikeisage. th tha at, wk hey stt dnra. ll at iikeothahe nstormatl. n r oratter:ot nmal d n cessar ey s n thema are le y oforr: nl n sshe pes de ssheharet wouyld o n harmhe pobsts.ha biou. n bill rmouheasobsts.en dy thas. ll tha live asheren w y 'lldyee t le reow thatw ylin p. ee rt ifou'reavin aowhat hinard ti rtti iinfgouinrie at mati not beinie oteak be will por. wh cldea ckause y w t ord therenc po fes ns ad o cfld t cse t rdsald. knothwe tnc ansr. ad o l nownsr.
10:57 am
whn yohaveiabes... yo docr wi say get art out ur wght.whyovebe.. yoocwiayt t t tri w weit.t lo pla... bu the shas ar't aays maderior peiple loth dlabete. buhehaar asde pe dte that whyhere new glucna hger art akesathyre ewey ucve c hb str dyt eswitharbshat gestlowl y cstthbst stwl he minize bloosugaspik. he anin theehave graoo of gagarsik wian 15 heams ve prorain f to hrsp mage hger.wi5 s ro hma hok r.o's ttinsmar out r weht. k s inar t we[ m.e anunce] neglucna hger art. a s rt wm to anlp mceage nengerucnd d hbeter t. s wo me er dte
10:58 am
ifou'vjustigneup r mecarer wi soo if 'vere'stno tnee li thereseme rewioo toonsir al yo hea h ine'ranc toptilis. hese tosial yoeain ncll, tiw is gootime to te a ok at a, aarpisedicooe sumeleme t a insu nce an arpicsume sue sureby utedhlthce inranccompy. re udhhc inncmp gestard byalli foyourree infoatiokit gear by liand ide med are. foure foio tas y probly ow d e ede.dica onlcove abo 80% yroy ofour rt b edic vebo0% ofthe r st i bup ticyou.xp s. a dica supemen e i tu. inrancplan a calps upver enme o it. th cou savyou toin ncanousas ofolla a yr s r o. thouavu o sa ofin ola-of- ycket osts d yocan sit y door whacces mecareatie
10:59 am
s. of-etts yon t do whcemereie rateare mpetive. d the arthe ly mecareteupple entet e.insunce ans thare meexclreivelplendoted baarpsu e scleldo b rpso d 't wt anher nute be se toall day. d wanr te stol y. ca nowor yr fr medare gue aninfoatiokit caow yfredeguanfoiot out rp micarsuppment inrancplan t marppntinncan insud byniteealtare insunce mpan subyteltesue an [ fale nounr ] r fquenhearurn ffers, t's branneway. fe un] fen arn aeray wn wean e wha wes tanew. a wwe e a dri whawe wt, d slp sodly rougthe ght. ri ha p wvaci®4hr even thecid tha caussl fresoent yartbn uge t. pci®r enhed ausret tb a da al nigt. takehe pvaci ®hr ada challengig an see y 9 ket of p0 uscis ® satheyche sangsfie ane 9 ofus saeysaie try 28 unt evac®4hr ree. ry8 t ac®r e. s precid® s reor oder d2ailsco o dls


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