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tv   America Live  FOX News  October 27, 2011 1:00pm-3:00pm EDT

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mprofm. d n' in's jedia: tt's od t ga mear. than for oinije ts t evybodr. joan "amorica nive" s rts ght noevod men: f newjolertamroma " ss het no mpai me few trrtl,mtexas govnor rickaierryappantly getngr xa rey toitchov sre of cktherypaly etupcong gopretoch sdebaofs aere stum ingco ghtipin hba a fir fe w umgerfoance ti but uld h hisecisirn cos hife fowithce vers? t d lcom is "amisicaoslive ever ne, thm vs?egyn om ama st o r twer mon, s agoyn th ktexay.s vern cam olazitw inton go eth rpublan re, xa im diatrnyamzi nt sumi ont run r rbl s ratus im atw hesrailg he an cmin tunr sus by 14 phecente poilts ihe t c last f new pol p annthe ispo i t te pnts behndla fewolmittnis rney. te pny asribueh hisall histt r y. ruggng date a pburforisncesl s d noe lrn gg to dy fre t pores pe y cano tat t lofr texas pevernca t wil timi hisas fute rn deteilmiis aearaes. ut ris irewt isdeur f n awsra. s ew digil potics ed for o ts n breang ns. gi poris,cs gusd o at's tone eaappr nch. s,u 's augher] >>eporr: t t's that oneay tdo i gh w, o>>or ts t. atne c trse, ihers
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oot debang a thether cse,notrs debang. rickbaerry awhenheeerrant for vern for isba. crent ckryen terinnor rn orxas,e di't d catent at aller and ed t fac tha his s,di de a oppontal dclin od teleaacha hisis x po rurns d inoeais erete for r nswhy woun't date. te vioury, tt's t gog y oout workere. de. heas t ou trtics ate go som rk e.eseebat. he t ice om rticarlyn laceeat. le icly ce io, soharola, l the stes tt heust wi ioso stol he ver w lst the in t havwi s caaigno er w fwardn av so h s goto ca sogn b frd thin ther hmay go an o op brtuny beuse publans are iner liy lean ftigu witall opunbee bls e ll i the fguitl bier th h gonon he somof tsei debthes h on escial theast ne om tor ebperrto b outf a esalhe ct ple. gyn:f ecom therr but a publan ce.omie, he n: ingom ehaveo do omebl debmiinghe agai t sogbody o's ryvedo me skled atebg deting aiso whdy kinof a s msage do skd te ng nd tthe ericwh pinople a to mgedo gop ters hat te he'ic potle teven gointo bhero p srsowate'upen at lin b thr g sebat? at >>
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rport: weth, as gthe perrat >> r camrtignweas peints rr outhen you' talamng anut 16 pts detesutn u'er 1alweek a 1ndtdes iclud someebat tha 1ekrenot gog to b i theudmillns and memillatnsha of vtwershatoame ton fo bhe thellnd llst date th you ere v rsrtte fohe oder ding,ethou bure yeah thk heunser theg, riu tt heah oks ke h 'sth ruheinshe sred.i the d ifhat come ps rt o hru sd. ift me the p o perr nrati th ashe seous oubl rr nmegyti is ere th qstioabou wh the motatioses able? gy s e caus qtheio coupaign antswhhe us otio a lievthathe r son us's ne cig tsgointo u cess ilyartipat evin aat rn nf tse is inhe's v yssyrtat abusyand f t ha yous's v now, syd buncaouofrimies dw,aucus nc toorry aout.ims w ishat difrentromcu a to ry thether at. p istif canntdatem a>> repter:ell, ertahelyer u now hante were o bebleepr:l, tato gaway itow th i urerebee th gmittay roey wodth lke ioe foow stht --ttowo l meghey'all folike s--o ll it. gy' l at's he d tykeo secet of thes. 's detes. d thcandecatesre afaid es em bausehey ve a des. thnd les ad to b selosey they a likto get teir l
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tossagout ere aore seey ik coetroll tsettrg, b thag dot e are becse t ycollhaveott b ansrth o tohe arica ec pe tle. rportve: extlyight.ns now,hatto acape. err rsrtexy htyingoo w,t otlitslysakerr an a umenng li lywhy s shod be runeng forn aen esidt, smeth g he y hoailbe untoor ut othe box therid s wasthheizzil t ot o muceox eak eren hcameasout.zz he'sryintoutuc meeatut k hme t. ere,hese hin'sint at e,sen rning biraphal, siti radsng aou himsf outhertryi biph, titos a enga in e rmse.ouer yi if ey mhandthisit cou gan r be vy di.if m mendn: wl, yis knoou it' v inrestdig wh thesortf me w y y tono cont'olho's gog toinstbewhhert kinghem estitos,onho's otheytoe gog tollow thself ng m tito s do ross eyromgoyoutoowth lf ow, eems s lido ssomu , ms medli stragy. 's wked llorthered poticis in he para. wll wd sewhaterappe witthis po cirticinar w chri tha you >> rseportat: ypeitisinde. ic omegy. whado y riha thouk, f rks?rt y dees h hav the gyrighhato ybailth f ?out? will ht efavct the you'ghil go gt? to vi pllrryef t hisu' ce? go lemeovi py knois ?ellyoxne .comle
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esidt oba's caaignno s bn tting newly meneageom th> weeidas tobs precadentgn s b tng puewes seme ne conthicee trentdeas withpu s non repted wning ttase th can'twait takeep lisdn. wng t >>ut sten wee non' gngit to wketisthou. >> we'ren net waingor con gress. w [alausou 'rwe c n'twaaitgoronssongrs to do[aus its b. c theerand plau] grto weaid w can s ait r erngred toauelp smlwed want sine es, reopsm c'taitor ne, c t creangly dyunctnal ngre to its jobealy buremeer wyt ict sld,e reo ts n't st wobt bu mer w coniess s causwe c't wai fort w congss thelp ourons falies us c anouraircono. ng twe clp't wrt fo thafaescti. an r i'm tnooin wai or c wfoit.hati m men:in aiellyou th.k tha's a me colldinad meuage at he k whe huse sha deced t p cooutnamee whow? he ec tin f pe inu s, ktl ve jinw? poi ut fwhat he calnu k a j jor oble withoiheat epresent'al cpaig aush his r le thwarng tohe v ers est' custigsh is ahd. rnto vs st ll, w devepmenah no in t > , ystveiousenno dis pearce t of la iin.t us heis parenthut ng out l i. t medihethis pornntg,ancengut aut t
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hedu d ne diisrn conerence tay and dune wa-thrgh oonen t t irwn d milyome.wahr o t re tlyuree capinrw th onlyhee. pants muc asre therecan hlocaouns . on wea as alsuctoldhat thehe parecas sanownshat twey wi alsld t sphek toheolic a in re busawt twi ly sp itoic abu vestatoreet rtaicondionseing set bystor et thos pents aindnsng ace etllagr traing os pdevetspmen nowrom th e bragkingewsra deg. ve trene? owm >> rthorte younow, me n,brng s whe theoffed th tr o tr >> th rhouste todouw,me the m iawhhefeth t o scmblebeca e th wasthgoinus od to behe pl m suatihere sclenecathasin came goein abed al p stihere dia,heyhare t t meoe aideoalso haso b a,yre coo tinat. eo bu th as b sdenloo inat inubus,h thattoey j st th canledheour tthto j c ed use,hey thand ncelr the e,y postour ess nferce a el en iued th stament st r sayis , aneri'm a qotin he: iedhtant yianm qine
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>> rorte bablisa be ssin nowor aost ur r teab wes,sa anthee pents in andow torn as at akin awenereak ptsnd unl ea yrn n axtineek. we takn concted tun kaeaas n ty pice k.partnt ski tfn isoned wld tkaffec th p ie tervrtwki morr wit w lisdsec btherth i rv th5 and 8-yrrar-oitis brhers b er th sa o,than-y-o th iervir'srs stthl a gosatheattoeys agr th soomorw th ievi st brahersoe atos ingrrvie d anwillso sormitth arrs adna samine. iean thll the s'sit thessuof t a am parestheinhe hetervwedu aga. t re acein thrvdga the-olic say e th o hednotic age toay b t terv wed paradly. et lawrsgto b yhey wi rv bd ra th.o n awnt te ey witervwed bthou thrth n tattoeys esen and the rv dod t waou toth beinte iewe tos byennd he thcurrt do inwastigoive ame tewe beuse eyby belve t sethrrt denctivig have alreyade upbee theielmind that e rentdeareivavre de guty. so t eindt nte gu. tpares and piceppe to sll bre at somhatndof p ace pe stdoffere, s b megt.omt a babyisa s be stffe,issg weg. r ju abo bya 25be
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men:racethan jubo you25 're ing a getnto ts mece an ter aboou e g eto t 1:n rethe rbo e pants ve e rito 1: sawe'rnot oinghe t spk tpas ri yo ulesse gsa'rt ng tto chspse t w yo uthess queione g a.h >> w m ntime braueneew a rerts ou>>todaon t sta mim ora eeconsy. rst,oun udaick t inta c sume o endi ove the onastwell t, u k nfew cmontme. e le thadiveest 3%ll gwth woment afte a nelelyhatagnt3% x gh me mohs, 's n thatetne higag t it hi erhanmo, 's nhabeenig and ere re it slhtlyhi fern erics gentingn d e theslly f unemoyme linlast eekic gng firstimee unployntlaim emmein st ppinek slihtly rsnotme enoh,noyim weve to ggesthat hininlily the mber vereo es stiat abo h ic. 400, 0.e er and nallti badboews te usinmark. 0, e nu er o ad ericlls wads te gnedinurchrke conacts nu o a ic wfallg fothe trdstra htedch on tsnth wnnear llfoe 5 t inra ptemr. h ar chles yne 5n fox bus essem tworanchch, ans hee s he ox toive uussome orch peranectin h toe t ue. almeigh soertihe gdp, t t al gh ogrow in r natn's gwth, eres ip, and tut i own at s pepect ge foh, .e ind i 2pe5%ct fo's ret od
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coaredo 2pections t 's n theindfhing coed that goito ctns prel u nhedutng bu allatoisumm lo it spr aut u a bulmmot uble adip a cessn. e st k maleet wp crhing pe less feeng rlly w rhe lt thcreng pe wesee rwhaty b ve bn l caing hthe stoe atrkets airt bag ingenailto rall et a i'mrt sing eatg nils rom ll mmpans li sg t nom cerpiar anli mpans th do tings c pimachesool oalanth oere tegs get r ch fiolernasl d ty.e theotiowe'r nt a douefina di d i. feheio e'rreme goo a wreou not,nd idi ink avefe e memethoog weould wuildn. t, i k men: nve, wh is is tng thwe ld ldout e mag3% numeer nhenwhs t itomeso t ag gdpnu n're t tere.iteso y doe nd todp the at e tlease. the say do nto >>ell,here cer inhathing ashe weeed ay doever da>> we'l,reer ing eatng a ctain wed amouo oferdae' foodthers ce aig at bass cin ouat wfl ke yo ecomy od er cegoin as neeto g outf a wkeoco in he aee gut a crea job and lot peoe h look at th 3 eaobercndtot nber eo a po t whoketh y actlly 3 srtrct to c nater bs po wh egyn: yt's cttualy the s
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creaon o jobs nd ce ettg in n: s e rialthe di ctio ea o bs >> rht.ttg causini dot th k anriody' i ioppywith were >> r ar. usdothany' tay. yth w e bodyantsarhis be th stat quo t. remedyer tts pres dentealki abt brhking he batom duoust me t recyclnt andki abbr ing bcrin andstay doclt brndk it ife brndkit l 'sdo brebritite. at ifbr theboom l yo re ght, where rhttomyc th poiwherat le t whyo i t, w r likebouthis hatthooier manyewh i pele he gin ke auts at an ink opleeed unpersta hgi th ame acaork at k le d cauntalita wor, an wth're me rkthe cp. calior couan actllyurn we thi e thg arnd. c gyn: o whouoctyn youhi atibut thar th. incase o n:whatiosou atproduttivi? welth thenc's ae ocoupio ingset'se el hee re a of tuporld don gs 'sthinat hny pt.nt i e ref t storldof tons gle h t in p i rest f thworl be or com tg ongl h t to t dege 's steen thmingrle omon.on l we ocus tneg r lly ough isn ng we ern rope. jap and weus r y gh thers br il tweere'n peapnd etna amere'a.chin the 's erbr te'fric i dot tnank tre's bee thise'inhe ch uardicobil y in dothe t t 'srld eveeis isty, a the udilin nt wet weave. dev , yo knost asthenigh no olk wwee. soutrn, yono lotf that sghuffno k
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ey me moy ut, ontheyereot shipatng c sl tof lan mmo amica.oney e al her at h e,ip cto thgha pele d't geama. . al er h seeccupwalltreehand pe d gele likeoh aneeup wll ieed me moke peoe inhis cntry got w uphis rnin ame wen moeoins c ry otwork- gyn:ups uhinuh. aen orouldike t rk tho whon:hidn'. a loingorlde tfor ob. ho ho the int n' ae're boterg off r th we ink b. e t brffre oviou y, stthle k ote. ooust anhere were c be, an bure w e c the's ough sis ofe, le buthateould th cas pultghhissiof lthin megy you e alat aboldmakialt s be on in e st kgyoualarkebo--ki >> ie go toben t l youtke some iing,go'm exced. tyo i'vemeg,adexc.eoplsouch mon in th veastde reepl weks.hon inmegythhy st i nenef ws. gy th?y n [lghte >> wve g to t yoontheh st. [lgyn:te'm on of t w g lo kyyoe . es, don'have oneyn:n thon t stk lmark. ll, was , ann'veey opethtion st at rulterkin t > , asnpeondeat oft rte t leaswo rderatro agattsf ovseen y th depaasment of er rohomend seagrity soovow cenld tthpantf helan me curise chity not he pi edso c t uphe pne a hallean t
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.s.rihiot h pi atrneyener abo it?up p a thle t doj.was ateyer pboportt?ly th erseng tojs opatio fas s an fuous. prt ll nseolit toopioaslai an sheus. ner di it. nit >>henaihedid youneirstdipeat. th >> n ic hde out stnddoustea riou h >> don belt ve ie ev spe ou >>onel iev spoen spwith eri hoer po abt fae an fthiousri why isho it tat yabu dofatanave f us e hyisit t ydot detail men: sretanapotanon dil e hoseat befe me sta coressponalnopane estehoay.atef so w partnthe aisecoss alne te re. flag w- w rt didthese rse a aedreflagag w orickid up e rphon a rept, yag rcidekheadp us, on mor epnd p yic dechieadare king lot > , o m at p day teriee nng otaq war oet i s yriouy i uredr beten copsar i d a cupy roteouy iroupedet opis ts fai a py wa untte youear thupstor t dai wantou wereth senorur fr > she o czywe sashcam f vios sh o buthe wom c aesteforshm drivvig drk an bueomople? ater she y be pri ivdraninnele e beri >> inne6 yrsforki s a i poli yffic, i don ev ki
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rell hing a bjec liuchici ona steev ofre und hss og a ec ch st ndour o and aeingrivi. r ndngvi oki goo y lossomeeigh u noced! the clkihes ooe to big,y osso ime donghing em. nod! hoth'd ycl do s ? toeatg,g rit, w ile gonin.g . ho y o femaat annrincer w peo ge . whchoo morwholgrai nd tweigless maan tnnse wer doneo. whooorolai multrain heer ts...igss t won fivwholgrai 1 caries ltiner.. ivolai 1aes ery me aocalusins ops itdoor
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y aalin opitor crees anotr laop b re ot laor h bes a thermploe, h it a notertlo goodor bines it itot goo odr th benties com nity itoo th bantiof aomricatywe k w thimpa tha locabusisses an aca k haven counits. thpaha ca thsi's wes we tend .8 blion vecoit th we nd b on to sll biness acro theount s b es so f thi yearro hent becae thmoree he the fhi ar the re whelpake oprtun y po ibleca threhehe e wlpe opunpole lok atll ts stu foroffe. h the's ns.rencpress, pres taers,iltelo. at t tuorfe it can tht res ly esaot ns,rly tes co lica d s shpingit, ough itn re cmealishpid. is hase. ny coca n wprioshity ngil f, t rghe bos fr thpost seraice.pi s as nioy f rif fitboit sfrips thywhest in er te. cou ry fr a w fl ra. f it ss hen tou fa fl tha is sy. st ws ie hearall y! m soo amd! hs . t i arl soam! i mn noampe exted. ll, rt oamp. mnopeexd. , re olly pnd o in twee ha yoever thoht aut daf? rey o ee yothinthat oulhahelpyo er ho a df? eah. prorityinailatlat ulte lp shiing artat jt $495 h. pr tyl ot y fr the post serhice.g rt j$4 a spleway shi ofrhester. sey hi
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drl do amanxacy wh the burl e yesid ht's toallyayin drtherdo ac whcarlhe witme n ids helyin forrer seor ad serrlit nnd duty chf or of stase to esidadtr d buy.h ofta o rl, idank u fo bingu he. u sathathe , k fo bg slon h untent nallsaat shlocases an unnt esllntiatrutaboutheobamahse esidcy.n wh is atesiautoueam tru? >>e's r idre. whcomfs tablru ? campgnin thane is>>s mforble mfbl mpinan govisning anortakee his wees focovng infr trucre.anke s heenteeoc fruc. to ashetegas andos geleand taedoasnd le abdtta infrtrucre a how weed tob havatempary prram fo fruc a ow w hiway condruct n. av ll, re'shemp prylem.rmfo hiyonct in 2 9, he'sprm. siyear hghway 2 bi camtoaniar d. hwa lapd.biam an sinc 20 predent oapma has t doannc the0 hearentifti o to et as do hghwa llheea psed. ti fa , inuneto a hwa o 2009 wi pd. faine mocr -- en o09 the docrawi airm of ehous cr- hetranorta don cramitt anunce he wrm reaf tus esen a anill,tahe ctt anminicerati w atteaked t. d siene thewe'vl, h no nititt d
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hiway llhic h sihe'vcaus h oconfion d hi uny rtaiyic a hong us ate ficis a in nfhen nprivaie seornd age've e ci h an eigh terr ivsextenons theve highy bi h, annow e gh prrridencomeandens he lec res ghsbianw ying canpr waienme fod ecs coress wellwait min e, mnganai fo esidt, y're e co pressdent ll it ind yo mshou havhave bee id ye e woing thrent mocrs yoou in av10veee and 09 wnwog y crontlledhe n congss toene d w thnhighy ynted ll. ng tcus thanerath tha givghgh us .hese s temhararythhaiveases. us men: y s it' lkese temry asogan.y mom me h y st' l o t o an kiheom h cuboarwhic is ck oof o anni oin our rtcu doearics not justy an mergnicy o or oeart. t >> rig . stan rg o buitxten tought.t. the pridenigt osours t buen t gh drafng oimpo ant er en olegiuratio tin cgresso we d upaf oith,pot ke giheio c esilede stulusill duph, t affdabl ed ca act illssthatusl tare ff blworkle ndcactmprticalstande un pulark yestday ere prs aca dtraoinar unla pie inst thy e a ao arcrot chiewspers outienth how thpres entothisps ts dsenged ho thwithesraq.t rns t te pridenid n dng spea to tth priq. minter s t priraqenetwe febary n 13tand ea t
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rithe iny thr he c le aqim weeby 3td sa y w e thhe w't h ce u. trm ps i if iq af r thsa w wend t hu.r i agreent at we iaveafth th youd t thend othe ret ear.weve the esidout dinot ta tohe oe e he of dung t at e iddit ta otireime yingo he f rkdu tut rraemen ree ng byo whi u.s oops oulde keraen inraqsy hi .s ffer psldgainke ira andinqyri er aniin jusrand fin iri astishi th thean pusside'sin iso st hisenged fr thhe ts mo pdeerm ngfr dloma t whimos somital our cotry. dmahiso gyn:al usedthe ur wooy. n: u "dedengad," ed in our iniopiecthis wk youalk"dga" in out he mo vatiioec bisin w ou kese ings t anyou y it oowsti b e gsan an u itdiffenceo s imohing at -- ffceoverng. whato yomeanmoy thng? at d -you ink goier on?. at >>yoook,anththinhe d u k oinn? >> idk,logu in heas ts heckst othin id guhe'dike he t gck oone,utin 'de he's g e,unenged. ke aook bpforxamp's thoil ill theend. ulf. ak pr itook mpm 55 thdaysl roml he theilf. spil unti heitk nall5sat wnysm he anmet wh anilti expetho ll kwt at t hecwas aningt won i xp
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e gu of k meco. t ecs wg i cricize gurfotme . enga ng in wt,rize butitook h 55 dgason tutownok h wi some dy w d wa sm twn enoih to knowmehat we he arewasm uoingnoto onowt he re you nt t umakeure eng pridenhas eest on advce u t keom pe ple wi smitprens attt dv perte, a it pewi st dartmttt ppen herert- a t di'thapp dtm ere. en regyn:o yosee difrentipp n onhe caaign e. trl? n: yoe i anifhe wntteouseays on ait'sgnottr camigni ii s wseys omotn of he s mulu's iamni it inny ent, 'sotof servlug i tw purses inleas pomot en, rv imul i atwurs ttinreadyas p ot nfor ul aampgn inad rmp '. >> ' he oveseing ouonthe mpai trae. heesnguloveeettin airraorce he e orveettiti hatrc bs. or e prtiidenhas d a at fund biserincehe beg ningprens a of apl ery ur nderce da.egng heof hadapore y tan twe aany he ad e busdidin hs ttw re-ecti ny us cadaign h and don'thine-ti cagn t d n'inushe t
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1:22 pm
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1:23 pm
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1:25 pm
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1:26 pm
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1:27 pm
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1:28 pm
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1:29 pm
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1:30 pm
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1:31 pm
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1:33 pm
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1:34 pm
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1:35 pm
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1:36 pm
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1:37 pm
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1:38 pm
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1:39 pm
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1:40 pm
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1:41 pm
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1:42 pm
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1:43 pm
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1:46 pm
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1:48 pm
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1:50 pm
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2:10 pm
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2:11 pm
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2:12 pm
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2:13 pm
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2:16 pm
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2:17 pm
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2:18 pm
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2:19 pm
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2:20 pm
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2:21 pm
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2:22 pm
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2:24 pm
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2:27 pm
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2:28 pm
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2:29 pm
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2:33 pm
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2:34 pm
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2:35 pm
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2:36 pm
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2:37 pm
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2:38 pm
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2:39 pm
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2:40 pm
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2:41 pm
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2:42 pm
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2:43 pm
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2:44 pm
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