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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  October 27, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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b on bas to e aaisesko $ z0 biion ba netose citalo chion $hosebin ssesne and alls for calesers c andonse thes d uroplsnor ferancind stilit acily toop doue. fci prentargestit eilnomito. ou suchs taly re age spa fm emi be g drchged tly aparisi f bedrd t esidt obasiad rctio thisfter on. id >>ob was r pleioed is ter. see t>>tas thleeade of tee turop th de refgnizthatt is bhnop euro's ieresand ereizatis b rld' intest tt the ro ies d situion d'ntt t stalizehe it w l tun defitel hav a imtact oze us he w inefelav a t im os h itedn ttate >> b t: fed busess twor ancrte b ger fusillis join us lorencith me. go evengerli in lerrih m go ishis gved dea ll ts tring hol up?is s g>> gdea eveng, et. r t t t timeingol lk,tp? g ave g, d d.l. t e goim nsngs l f now w g dertea go n mor fow w risi tehat thre menedhe gbal banng stemsindhe enomyt terre aed gl eurane i emmeri's emy gges t dingr aur ipartr.ri
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ll g aong w o uietle r si utthem gowng wet emn wh i likebout theepor ithows comnies a whik ut heendi onorquipnt anditws omes so aware ey'rup 16%dinoriphend quter.sore we nd 'r6% higr ecomic gwtqu r. to f ob nd pblemig cotodacs geekl js f numr p emwhilimpremenstil in dahekl jum r dang zon ilprboveeniln 4,000 bret ngon bre thave youery 400 ch. et rst me rehaou appycatis f . unem oyme ben itst dppedppti by,000 f last wk. em mee fenrths dline dnedix 00 as w eks. t th fh dnenour-ek arage ged fros.he thix-mth lotwor- a weege d ro ago. the mberf-m peo elooigniee gocontcts b e heresfeo flni nt s b 4. las h mon. f l 's the 4.thiras saighton dp. he ♪♪ir sgh d ♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >>ret:or rk per campgn tm is loong >>forwt:d an rmakik cerar 1 mp tbateisoo i2 w kss arwanki c 1 l . te i whe th w govnoras not back out of lny whebatthovr yot his amckasut nf comttedo at all the y
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rk-awli whwaswi kled that ile a c.a. orati laswlwhs konthd in i oveeasc. new o ttias u.nth se rityouncves votew t .n unimouy toy tond tsetync otauthizatn of ilityunou toto tionn t lyan thatofitctob 31. on l meanile, brish tm i ob1. lpinin t earc fane,ri t iddafera eapo thain trerc f af a unacuntepofor.ha otr ne one oadda 's ac ter. so repottedlneneross o tda so ep dlbyanss brdero t ner. an may wt b toer fly n t. t ay wo ly hae and tnimse in t t e wa t cmes c rthaan tnsen there wa cerics civ rigs c acvistessere jacon m> eicivigacst tripseowede tac mdvoceor ipde muiculrali. the isoc serusebat gog onn t coury hmuulli th is err tat lobagozation efft t should g h nior orei t aairsba tiff coesposhent gmyello wen orei ere seehat a irs copot ppeng.loen e ee t swe in a couenry kno we aorou cialno teran, op dooo eerseted d al huny, tanop oo ome s i doe 't lk hased ch lune sden s any ire.oe l it'cred a s liety s wnre ny th.e sdesdon'eel at
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t'ed sty w he th ssn'lt ymor h >>he f rig sden mocrs go in t or >> fparligmentast sar fn the cr gofirs ttime with he hp ofrlnthist fhe camrsignme th hfs am nad. . bua cded filast t getheibu cileneft t geeis. ef the demraph eivalt o e emph sml sidusli cit eal bng up o fm sm sweidnliit b eac fwe yeaac theeaeopl froomal does othi mor ehendpl wero exct tm to bal benit t eshiore a ex tto b ensoci ty. >> t wav of i aigraon d ci grong esis tnce av if i ra leto he utbuts o ro viisencee par iculay, i lebu o lmo, he cy witvice tarla i rges c centtion fo, cit t wcoms. es ny i m climntoneighrhoo om fe unw icome m m therhaveghooee rts. fe fifighrs hnwe come und erve atta inhe r m.tlyusli fi gh h coneigndorho of tanosen myli ighof gud.en aft the expiencwith the ot. u fifigh rs wl of n rftusehexpncth tonswe e . cls witutfi agh wof r e poce
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we e corit po. e e mn mqueasorch a w yes ba. ad o m t mech islic cter yeshowbasome of h oeail tesl cr ceivowmef hl. iv he bmes bigs a extmist b smusls tigt aon't like t xtst messe th sl t immtrantshou 't iky h tdero ssth blemmntou hr ile >> en fo me, it' i strge see efo a wome, wt'ring atr ee arqa. om >>hey wng a inveon-mlim st entsa.o len a ut >> ty nvltur-m m e mareliests rtsherlehan a t cuwa bac on iurigraon a ma ie r thr swenn cu docraac o ira a prose th weedesustork dra harrroo eslp btngk newmers inhear fold >> ty ha you b peoe ew corsngn in thechoo ld comi thaoueo dircotnhelyoo fm mihe ir colictonesly f indiffent rtsf the worlco ct andes in carffingt she whhem rl d traa. >> sardesgre w tnm beten ramani rianespo eabi stys hel tse tet loong ni fanpobi beer p ce tel r tse mili. oo anthe nee t f be p t r ptect li aneee t t edis pway ct lif a date thalear t
6:26 pm
renate i man isartsy ofifhe d erld.haar inrete mal iantsf swen, d. a al klogg fox ws.we a>> bt: sdi abia s a kgg new ownrinc x . tight b s a a ahes w n incerio tht minter pnce iioin r p eniyee a he repces the prinye whoied of a canr lase epweekshe toy ishe finalho dayd ofanas the ek to isthreday furni perayd. o knohe a a reonsey ativni whoer noy noeces arily fav policalseivho refms. no esly av >>a u. sene lilandite whclaidoef. behe mher >> u. ten oupyalldi s eetwh ai ovemee is mr tacki oyl st ff. mes kiat isext ihe.rapene. s t stud its getng tay o for peache. not to g to a ud et co tenti. o r heoto go acoti % %
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6:31 pm
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6:32 pm
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6:33 pm
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6:34 pm
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6:35 pm
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6:38 pm
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6:39 pm
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6:40 pm
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6:41 pm
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6:42 pm
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6:43 pm
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6:44 pm
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6:45 pm
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6:46 pm
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6:47 pm
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6:48 pm
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6:51 pm
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6:52 pm
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6:53 pm
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6:54 pm
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6:55 pm
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6:56 pm
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