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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  October 27, 2011 11:00pm-12:00am EDT

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assain ysi sa >> bl: oe agn thnati isl las ng b oagthti out slver esidt oba th timase orutr ddafids dobth.thim o >> n muaar qdafiie af d. nua dea qfi >>ill:auti, yoare out eer tea no in ze, t >>l: ti yofacte btins rig e to now z t ct bsig caowionsy clos caponinserves cans osapinrv >> bl: h i'mill reil. th ks fatchg usonig. threpu ic b h'ml il th par f onhechusig thpurink fox ws parlnmongikel publ priry versnk as x p hean cn inhengel blri v leas he c 220n er mt romyith wtea giricht 2 momh 2% rick errygi atch 10% the st otheandites ck areryt in sgle0% e o deits.dis re se ieres ng t en se fro d s. miche bamann and i govesnor t rry conrvates rly tro thche bbannndovran's y onat r t eagin ndth b rectanne's en thoh hern ca n eberin ctne hoerca nunnir nonaditnal campgn h pulary ishe
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sty ofheace thunionitl fmp. h ptaris taystofehu f t "neyork imes" t rerts at cai has t jnetrkesix res pa wkersai in wampsreas jt d iopa wrsn comned. pse sry gs ono s thaiot sampaomnd. i s gon dis sganid inha thepa ixtre. is nibe tint ast ayeheres are. unni t difasrencbetwn thre a natial a niifnctwth ste-b stat ti a llinamonepubcans accoing s-bat a inonubnsnn/" me cog magane pl an ne hamhire romn is/"t ga pl 40%neamainre at mns 13% sout car0%ina,ntomne 25,3% utara, cn 5, floda c rne0% %. cai lo 18%. rd in iow rneyaiolls %. inowt ryls 24 hernain 21% bu 24er m cai hayayn hav a1% secr bu weangain mit maiay av romn a andhat i ric crea qstio gov normn pndryt i iic rget pg ro.ey a q hasioovr p i llio of llar to pendet onro aas verting. iof aro nd. peny is higightg rt g. mney bigweakss apeisisto igofht cnginisind. eyig ak>> h doou ctonge, t th age cind. 50 o hro 60, ce,th pitioge o
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0 oife,0, siti ps oniouns o pitioe,n tion nstradionamarrge? mea pio tseren'inor adnarr ? issu ea bl. tn' , toor su bhang ttoset a of ng t 6 tls aou aouf eed to know abo t t >>ill: ow, ere ow a cbonce at rkerryill tecome the >>w bel:, riene cfe rryl botom herhen ca and aracbeenbama. oteer overr'scaollndacumbe hav maen slo teo rise eveernsfterl hbeav un iledisloax pn t elieris thveer wk. h un buedperr i p in eter o wth i w a will aburessrrelynampan int w i a thmont to me. ll cou do assypainnorms amagth tnto . miou romoy o eve tormag miermaom o cainf heve choes t do so. liti is ma ctact inhe spoho. t d d the a seo. v ytis cct hdpo. thts c aing wn t s roa v hd th's t cg t moao. nofor eop sry th t tonht m retion nojoinr g usrom seactonn. rareo taon sho star ndinus autmr ofheigct bt rataellehoar ofut theof b zingaurale o irahahe rst a whadid y ngrahink of ihahe " w yot tim a"ha d yrepoingnk of oherm cai "yoim tod? eypog ud anymo ormaiourcod.
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bu i wa you ud amooncaple lerc bu forwaou o viers tapight l or ura,ecau o manofie the havet re i tht a we a,auan wilheave thve there tuble a whe didou tnk othe pieil? e>> bical theth heece, tle whid t oeie? quo ng balhe e,most a luo onony us st fol th camign l kinf o iny ol aos. ere e mothntsamheren hein i candatesuppod tohow s. e upmoforsnstaree, anvent ndespotow whertherupare rlotta a ofnt tentl big dors w cerlder e traisa lo of o mey a nt sombiow ds w thcampgn c for ts tistlo tf m aent takgom thlacemp or t thgs l te tt. t akand,ook,ill, wcete th kno l t abouthe med d, rk,htsl,hat w theyovenohese ypes oufeed r sties. t ey le t ey repte osees the type ofsts. sto les. tep od prty mheh pevery cpaigto. is gng to pr m encnter stoes ry ke cig thi g t ey a alws goinc to erto affe who feehiike t ay'relws oi o der vald oroteing fehoeesee tre righ r analtheyorill bngrumpy ae gh ppy sanreeyl the btori mpwithhe aress evy camy ign. sheri ngrithss bhmaneverry toamn. so extt h ri had to dl ban witry t thes types osoxt hadssue t d nol at w eslsope kno oshat iue you no c
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e seous out w runongnoort iou priden whi you can ses exptt un th medo ump onprenhiheseou tanes xp t tthngs,ouedave tp benblese t runour cam tigns, ien tbee ficit, a unrofeionaram n i maer. yo kno erybo i goi toci afena umbland maeryo. iyo goino e tbo ioio foething butbld hatyo c't ioi b t route, rfoht? canngutehet c i b n nor l ut r ? for an tain c ipaig th's nor wre w a . r and te "n yorn tim," y cig th ow w w asurpsing d "norim y i goi to ver at rpng ale. cainas t be ioi reaoor r i a . bil all ightin t bbecae wenly eave t mons w bere the i irst ilotellht cawey ton nuar3rd behe iow st yoknowaboue two ard onthandow yoow ou wouple of day thifd hernain o yleasf saiday er emnoyee i gss y o wld s didde i tee a thr.emee g y w ree di i iand t ahree inewhr hampire. don'e knowf t it'see te. i w hardo get nsidmpe. asebn'l.ow t s w all t i rdhink cetid ccludeb thll hern ca isnk probly c reurpr cedud tn anneout th erca th iehat isroyhere eprs o t an et th polt .s re >>ill:oingn no oforwo e ool ree eks >>atl:ngno hisr pol o numbs ha bee cmbin e s he iis'tol a mbrofehaionaee cin e ilitian. >>ill:ait,ait,ait,fena
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laur >> h didnti. mov in he>>l:t,t, t,begiing a w t t ur wou h dn haov ln mt peo e t gig t wnke t ouuld er g to eha llace meo tre t ehe was d g ao ce >>ill:ait,ait,ait. weas heerma a cnn tue ay>> l: t, het, wilt. s ak or hema hself cnnue e ilis. s t if am andite hlf and e my pl . numrs if rism gdindnd i'doin w l inmy t pumis datesi t mo thai'nin s weopline t wking fo me. des come moha s w itng doe't t efoe. lmeg tim ton. itoe t hi l peoe wimoav 9% unployhint reoe in w ts% couny. a t ofuneoploy rikein to t wor un a ofple t foror rman cn.or it sds a an mesge. >> ion't cnow. if wer ses. doi i t'tsw. iferould ndletiffeointly t if y werdoinit y would ndlet dleferetlynd fe lyithe one f yerin us you has r le fort dre offi. heheill eve tansw thas asqueson f ror fi h self.hel t sw >>haill:nter ting nd test f mitot. hlf look>>whatl:er thengnew trk imesmi saysll w. ca say we dok't katw fhew es ure. ys w onca theick payry d k fe. onhek p fro tre iso dot tt rk prynd mi mneyro t m eis thadon jus t r p poli cal valrmi eyere. me soouha hav rkus per a hee li l
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lrhas toe. soav rer ae takseo onhe gshat a inrontakn gt a o innt h h haseft o hain h one asetty muctoncerati onomne n heould sta t e gotyucfterce ti he an aittlene it.heldta t but o seeoeer t the ahey'tl gog to.pend tirime t aee ty' gotond te a ney onevalng mt romy and at'sy goi to n a proalem m tforom romy. >>d a'suall donoio hink isro pe aps r thend gng tombe >> a allon probnkm fo i s heit i g tnterting bl, obfo o ry. i entrere tongy th b betng o trtoth sitet ame o is gng t benit e to and e sotto g ten entre tond hastoomne2% l elytr bas thne ly nomee. rmanthain wayown a mneyoms.ay ann ayn a ey -- pry way dow - p >> bl: iay not bter.ow >> b iot erade bil thi b on r.e inrnet ere >>u cactuay bet ede ilhin inet e caua rlet monen w is ing t r giv ne u be os ws g t-2iv-1 be o romn is ttintheost
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tion. >> mns inboutet 62% on lo, pey k wshat>>e hasut t to2% sco b ainstlohepe ktas toco b auyst who lessometng czy happs a t of peoe thk he wio bess theet c omin . ppa itofouldeothhe wiehe cnge. ngri couin be itld t new ce. oiceri ou ea loof ppleooki at tew ce longri p. e pey hato srekitig. heame ri o latpeinha s t. gam withhe la thee pla o at a t o peo team re th t ting tice now la th'sa oeoood. t g bil if m gocernorow perth i'm lkingd.t the ilf goor fie. er goveor p ry's m l supngrtth som of i wt toie her n cven. p 's itidn'up go toom mit i w rney. o >> heroesn c titnkn'o homan in it is gng t be ry. th hsn nomee the hn thi s g m tteomneth is ingom to hi b m thenes g n inee. >>ill: havto g bo where e suort nee >>l:av wen g i do wt thk roey ppl su at ing voten fdo ricthroerry p ev if au sle h reg toty gointo gover fic to ricry ev perf . sl h >>e probly t thi s th in cai ger o ic pbabl goier to >> unrelroy hi hithelf erai tim and whi pbl ioio nr li caiaot ahi if hinkim and hit of i peoeo i liai tnk per ank th ks ioff neoe i cai tainer pporrs wthl ivent nlly tai himn away. got takordown wnty he t t d and
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m ay. t traiakeverwnhingowardomne t d thend uoteai flierngar fpperne and e pele tnk he suld he saiteli fer ndthat lon tpee t h ago sdbout hai romn . at sehow on pla te o atgohisut la poimn. se w >>laill:here ore ltss tn 40 la oi ys. got>>ol: hrery l it t40p. . >>otill:ill h oeilltcomoll qutione wod li >>l:l you ollmol consqueronwoliesidfox ws wtou wood be ns youirsthoicidx w i tv wobeoustic i tv news. giveou t rults ws torro ve trbar rts wters haspeci o tro ar w rs biionaes enhileasomeci on oe le are bina eleenemoning mele ire amerona. g sh iwille her ersix adershllill comlledo learabousex er a x er vyl omed aroux v the ploy of e moh is. spk ca frocapil one oyf mois sparcashivese the st r ardsspcaropion of a sml bunessredicardarshes e rds it' ahard or msmcrewbuo kess updi wird 2% sh bk t'rd m ewke evep purwiase,% very bay. veure,ry 2.cashack. tt's ttinthe r pret hig2shk. t s
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ued h lato h e thmeanfto lvee whmeshntd hthan lon evn athe re olage of 1. evat role 1 fe wl plned. w pl wt a ymonjame advir cado f you wa onme vica fou >>ill:ore restas t occu walstre connues aboua den >>l:e st t cual pretestons taesn ou dto ctody to t t pstta lock cdyo t citytree in nnecon wh t wi tho arrted ick akla tyeen ec w wihorrd cafornla. fascatcarn scerics. rbar walrs haspeci ic arllioalire cretwhathey knowhat asn chaeourci le io wile etaty r owt ha onr l 0/20il r mswaltns jos usromhe 20 abc sdios in w yo mslt m goodimin abere s aos ricn yo erics ar cin t new eveod iny no e a >>ic absutel icar t ewspeang ove min nooney i>>bsopeel
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yoare king lot fea ooney m iney yoe incoyoe ngot boof ey thn i yocooo unsicitth iestinial it ia ver goonsittial i boo er oo bil tha yous. wters i aooreci e th whe yil talhaou to the wrs bil onais. i >> acith yheh. y al >> b l: y tald tohene gilai >>on pl y mitell, b yalto cfoun gr, th's t p haiprayeoplitandl, cun th cmetith teoplaiay rplht?d >> l me ll y why wth p ckedtipl ese peoe. r? lese e ys a y youhy wre pd eeo rig e wi a theouarchndverying beg a blionre i aostig wi ahech ry digy wo. bebuta we bon c ise at ourdiwoeopl ho te c stted om ver humepl st d begiveings youumentied j ngigs uaul. he udoleepntiis cith j hisol. uecau heepad c soh ltle hi ney. au willeell u abt eh of s lemerief. buy.whate lll ab w eted of as tef owbu youat fr peoe whod ade it t ou f thselveo. th areeot i bkers theyre n hed thlv re ey a peoe brsho w eey ned trepneur wun had ailu aeo o w epur wucceedadlu who wl teouce maybwhatt tes aho aho givi wteack. sideybtheyat t a hpen aeery vik.
11:14 pm
inderesteyg, eertaing hn ypeop. >> bl: y don havto t l in mestbout eta tgm. peop can atchopour b ypecion.av t t ththemmeut oit t is, opanistechrci th em ese o ople sucs,ededtenur e leuc caedtaliic stem,ll rig? thave sen the t. ca lire i swhatm,hey didighat yth e min t lehen fro t iat y >>idt y miep.lero bil in ur o lif >>soe li tha that. all ositile.n o if's a li phaitiv >>atll oity. a >>ill:ut t subct o pmoneivnow n amera oasaken >>l: tub on oolit al newerenmplition >>onit y. >> bl: y are weahylion woma i'm wealy y b yreea gou ma m altart -- ur fher s a ltle git more ertvate- he as fr a le kinof a re sho ete b ineshe guy. losin a evehothin bes bil losy.t eryth g, rosht >> thavetinelpe me bec seil ios eth r had eec wn't,ou knoadh wl i k.i wot's kay, wt, ino w i d't - i wodsy, t i that parof t sto d o - i d ese ople t too . at arey h t toto o wk. >>e ill:le wanto aoo hou, o yofeel guiybout w m ey?>>l:an a causi do, t fe guiyyoelui ut abt mey. m ? i ge lusdofeui awa ifabano m. g somhingyounow, l waand ifave iomnguw,h, m i avede i
11:15 pm
-- didn me feeuilt aut becse i wor- d fdnee i lt i di a't ht anodyo ge ec ior f it. >> i did t tdink hanyge we shod fe t.iltynd tt's>>id notthat te e rche arehoalkifebout ty th are tots sayotgt tt a o he re kiyou o ha madut i tthre oay b tn a o succsful houl feelu haad iuilt at t oy're say bg i the reccululel ltrtai aspts o turre sietyay i ere eyhe fl the we aispaken o s adtyntag o e fere eyhe f wle thahingen shou chaade,ag whe ohey e fhang w t ouha heeith difrentyhingin govement o w dfere tthngsif nt ng the fincialrea tha ve nt shou o be dre cha ted.s hein ala no-- whaare ou aeha.apitisti no we sociy. a >> bl: mt ofhoseeopl it tidon'ant us b ci they ant b mofsepl us n't bs e b eyt asisialiic. s i d't tnk tt's bue is li. bi. d i tn't tink s at's te. bi>> b l: rlly?i t k i t'snk tre a all diffent oups that e ma hing bnd t ry ary? ayin t w te all ed tffhavet ps somt t arme othemon'tin w wt tve cngesom somefhem,ngou. oem't wnow. c>> besl: h d to meenerizem, abouanyroup butw. b hto theer thee at i comougy acrups tut u >> ion't thenk ty arhee sayg iom cr we t uant i't t tar sayialitionwe weantt catali wip oute slionon't t want abody o becaliiputeucce'tful.
11:16 pm
>> ill:nthey en'taying a dy thate theyant e gornme tcel. co rol>>l:y 'tin t at eyt gome col s tcessnd strite t sucss. u sea difrenc b sweenss ese oplen ri t ameucca. seaifndnc benhan e le in gecandme itablowg n thin up caus e gd theta gernmt owsayse an't ive inu ap usuch as whe used g tonmive ys you'te a ey ah goi w d wecau these owantehatou aoi soc wlism auyou hee a iffe nce nttweetthe o gups. we e nocsmreec nd wu areafee eee g s. not whawas ee o ner ec coun wy yore sai t has e o >> bl: i ly. un yo glan hasts b i. pro ems.he veir mo of ebl couriesn t ansro s. ster wormof oues pmari t hav thr proems. it's noteror tt i n' priav thros. 'sotee ti the dieren. i n't ink eryarchhe was a siali ountdi. en wh thei t k antysch c ngesnwa ta slint whhe finatial rld yb c somes t ingshat hel tm get nal obs.d omdon'thintheyre gs sting el t uet makmones.hen u aren'ineyo s g goodecau most oakhem wneld n likereo w k.od aumostosf th o wou likm to wake ke wney. st ostthemthouldike ouiko suppet thr y. oemamillds.e i d 't lppethhis bnketil d l e indisment bil may b theetcan g dinto ilay
11:17 pm
wohen for hernain. onof t woorer pple whon. ason tiven pcapielism badhoame i bnie en mado thi thu all pism radht?e i w, y beent pson d dohi youhull r ?inteiewe mad yf whoutt p an vou mera o yo teon'twead wut a ra hyoe't any tualie the h.e why d yodo thany >> t alhe c eras y yo areha n tllow in the ison casnd ntherrere tap nown e on cord ns. er beie mapoff n me clect llsnd rde be mf m cct s rorde i tnk ts is uai rde t t ts sectric uournists you n co in tth aad a tr par an wrinythrngts dow u co bun you a can a cen w hpaan perith recowder. thbu's nu somanhing chat'm in w ch gef. ec thr.'s th nomngtnomet ngch th tha >> betl: moff ld y. >>et mfiniha. doffold b mf thi ys th i>> m coulwritdownndniuote him ffd hith actl uland itat iwnwhatte dim. i wi i h a tlamer d iat dure. wi h bil onef ththin tha er he td you wee. dsn't allyileelnehatthinadhabout t tyo w pele he d't def udedly l theuteels t badhis fpeil gote ef edstro d an urne onlsad himuts f eot peoe -- heroan qtenen ttimou to oodornieo-- aricaas q i t
11:18 pm
de rh p pletod ricnir. aca thisuys r peic ncisst. hes isocioth. he not n. ss >>hat'hea difrent tng. io he.ay b eototh. >> t' manyif casnt heays t.hat the he b was ged.h. heanasasesthe grey. wau kn, he g. k the pple' moy. rehe dn't nt t knhedmit kt pe'hat mo wa doin d tert bl t this anait t oft wa tinseer pplhian ft of tt t ey p suld fl gui fy,t t. t he ted tretu the mey sd fui somemes. tey dn't nt t t ttuhe m mon. ey syed th h mes. becse dt t th thoht ty wouon mak mo s andd h morec thhooney tou ak>> b l: ymondor d't spathe withim dey y. you b ysked whahe d s saith i'th d y ouedha rorti. ai >> b l: dyou i'mpatze wh hiat all >>hen m rti rep tingn b du at wmeth g, ion'thill m e>> n charterepngn judents thu i't can mympaize wit h t sarr ud mats he d ter bleuanhingpae it twhat w ting ma ay der iethis isng w h at w t is.g somef th this h iis sai isere w azinto ms. thame hethhis hai haper e beg i pri n binause morheha e fit tiap be i in ri y brsse he ffilsti fe. n is t ye ffrai e pe le l.k u s to him ai espeally he ypeng leopl u oheim pely ypl thi s
11:19 pm
hat' wngn pron. hiis ia chce tt'see w rtra of e ich t>> bel: iouldave ne it, ra f o. ay.s. w terss b ilde t,lway watc wrsay "/20" tcridanigh for e "0" bilonaidaghor scial john stoilelai n qui a sal hnto n lliouiire. a alst talkg abteopl ioe.arni al ney. forclkg siabh grers topl leani y. ab t ex icitrc ssi.grs o ck iaea momt. abexit s. iom 4g theext olutn wiress chnogy. 4ghet ut wiir advs ced nower,. the rizo4g l netrk mes yourusins rufast:
11:20 pm
widvd r, e zo let m urinrust smarhone lapps taets,obilhotsts. arneaptas,ilts. t noall creed eal. nol re e. amonthe jor rrie ly vizon 4g twor is00% e, one r ie vong or is% thgoldtandd wiress chnogy. thand ldile ndher rrie mayir s havenoimit. lteovere, d e r ieayve itvetezon er the arge ltnetwk inmeri ven hege lttwinri and er-gwing wi veron 4lte, d -gng yocan ventew ws to uradeour sine wier 4e, ing al-t e gryop men ingsnt wfrom emot ulocadeons,r ne g -tgr mevigso coerenomngot camobis, cret-ca paynts, vicoenbirecaays, ghtng-fa dowoads and cesso th sandtnof faowsineds app d ssthnd pl, venezon pps e laest lectn plven of 4lalte t vicect and e mo 4g e corage for ur b 4inese ce d mog coge r all b ameesca's aste mosteliae 4getwo. l me'ste stia4gwo no wder re biness ooseeriz wiress wr bes se izthir anysther wilessarri. thnyerwissri rizo zo
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11:22 pm
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11:23 pm
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11:24 pm
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11:25 pm
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11:26 pm
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11:27 pm
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11:28 pm
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11:31 pm
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11:32 pm
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11:33 pm
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11:34 pm
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11:35 pm
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11:36 pm
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11:37 pm
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11:38 pm
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11:39 pm
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11:40 pm
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11:41 pm
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11:42 pm
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11:43 pm
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11:44 pm
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11:48 pm
andet hn hl coal waing oundnd ind tnsut inhe h carldoaut wag nd i t inarurni >>ill: card ou >>l:arouur tuip n a pumin. >> turps atu n pularum. i ur a irand. p ar >>ill:ack nter iiseall a cardird. o >>l:k erll turp. ar yes,t i o th was moraur s, i th talasngabouora llown. al michl jaouson d spoy hi thr ow dec eschjan dgopo wh hihrec w thrier"" ♪his "thller "thller ri "" ght, o on♪s i goi to seth er thu frer t betabou t, theonoio se stke ♪fr you t kwbe it'ouhe st thr ler,♪ ou rill k nigt' ♪ ty're fhtin for yrhrr, l ellig tre f ♪in insore y l thrler, thrler. >>ill:♪ cannsohrr,hr tr.t. [ ught>> ] l:an >>ight >>ill:his ek f tbes [ rehtrted hat>>icha jachton was t >> tl:s f esning reedthaac eas t t eng enteaine rakg i $170 illi lasteyearneak ane. i wh70hliasar decsednterineras a a. diwhant numecr 2der
11:49 pm
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11:50 pm
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11:53 pm
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